Arsenal must take 3 points at Wolves | Mertesacker going nowhere | Yossi decision soon

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Wolverhampton Petrol Garage

Wednesday is here and we have a very important match to deal with all the way up in the midlands at a place called Wolverhampton. Quite literally, one of the worst places I’ve ever been. Outside Merseyside, there aren’t many places that refuse to let me pump petrol before I pay. Wolverhampton was one of those places. They wouldn’t even unlock the door at 0730 in the morning. I had to have my Ginsters curried steak slice passed through a caged window.

Anyway, the football team used to reflect the place. Nasty, agressive and oh so classy. However, Jez Moxley took it upon himself to sack the man keeping them afloat and in his wisdom, he decided to do it without finding a replacement. So, Wolves are rooted to the bottom of the league, the caretaker manager hasn’t a clue and it’s looking pretty certain they’ll be relegated.

Like I said yesterday, it would be a total shock if we didn’t come away with the points. We have plenty of players in form and I’d say we’ve probably taken a second wind of momentum after putting City to the sword at the weekend.

Injury news is looking ok. The biggest loss we have to the team is Koscielny. He’s out with a two match suspension. JD will step into his shoes and I’m sure he’ll do a great job. The last two times he’s had to step in, we’ve won. There’s a good defender in there somewhere, we just don’t see it when he’s stuck out at right back. Gibbs is out with a fatigued groin. It’s not unsurprising. What’s surprising is he isn’t out for 6 weeks. Santos will step into the fold. Gervinho is out with an ankle problem as well.

I’m not sure what the coach will do today. Most of us are eager to see Chamblerlain come in and show what he’s got. The boss doesn’t seem too keen. Is part of his mindset around that warding off the interest of the England manager? I hope not. Still, when the team plays as well as it does when we have all the old boys playing, why take a risk?

We don’t need explosive creativity today. What we need is a hard fought performance and desire by the bucket load. If we win the next two games, you’d have to say that 3rd place is looking as good as sealed. We simply MUST win tonight. There can be no excuses. Wolves are the whipping boys of the league. If we lose tonight… we might as well have drawn the last 3 games. We have to make picking up 3 bonus points against City count.

Arteta has the right idea and I’ve no doubt the youngsters will be looking to him to lead the way this evening.

“We’ve put in a big effort, we are in a strong position now and we don’t want to waste it. We had a setback at QPR and it says a lot for our spirit that we came straight back.

“Everyone was saying we were in trouble again because Newcastle look really strong, Chelsea have been winning and I’m sure they’ll be there until the end.

“I don’t think it will be easy, we have some good examples this year when we have dropped points against teams near the bottom.

“We have to go there with the right mentality and the right approach and sense of pride. When you’re playing away from home there are no easy games in the Premier League.”

Bang on my friend… we need to make sure the complaceny monster stays in the dressing room today.

The manager took time out to praise Sagna. He’s often an unsung hero in the side. What I love about him is that you get the same level of commitment in every game from him. He flies into tackles, he has a tremendous amounts of pace and he seems to have a lot of love for the club.

“I must say with the right back position I have been quite lucky because we had Lee Dixon when I arrived, then Lauren, and Sagna afterwards. They have all been real winners and extremely consistent. On that front we were very lucky.

“They are all real battlers, they are ready to die to win. All these players have been inspirational for everybody because their physical level, commitment, intelligence and desire to win is all there.”

I was also told on a personal level from someone who works with him on the charity front that he’s one of the nicest footballers to work with. He never asks for anything and always wants to do whatever he can to help. Let’s hope we have a rocket performance from him this evening!

There’s a lot of online rage about Balotelli and his lack of a suspension today. I can’t be bothered to get into it too deeply. He won’t play for City again this season, he’s ruined his career to a degree. I don’t know why people are constantly shocked at the ineptitude of the FA. Until they start ruling using common sense, we’ll always end up with decisions like yesterdays. I do find it amusing that you’re more likely to get in trouble for a bit of bad language than you are over breaking someone’s leg. Where is the sense in that? If you break someone’s leg in Sunday League in the Uk, you can find yourself in court and jailed. That’s how serious it is… Anyway, we’ve more important things to deal with.

Two final things to talk over.

Wenger said Yossi gives balance to the side and he’ll decide on his future at the end of the year. He said it’s a global decision because he has many players out on loan. I think age probably comes into it and possibly players he’s looking to sign from elsewhere. He’s a top player, I’d be disappointed if he had to make way because we had to bring back an average loanee.

Second story. Bild reported that Mertesacker would be returning early. Wenger reported that he’s in Germany running, but not kicking a ball yet. He’s fine though. Also, there have been a number of reports indicating he’s being shipped out in the summer. Now, I haven’t had a catch up with Pam in a while, but everything I’ve heard about the German is glowing. He’s an absolute top professional. He’s loved by everyone and he gets involved in arranging social events outside of the captain. I’d be shocked if Wenger shipped on a defender who gives us something we’ve never had at the back… height.

Right, that’s it for today, enjoy the game if your’e heading up there, good luck with your illegal stream if you’re not!

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  1. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    every time we have the oppertuninty to go clear, break away from other teas we always bottle it, wenger needs to give a rousing speech to them at the start…

    hope robins drought dont continue!

  2. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    how the hell can the officals say they saew the balo tackle and not do anythingf… how can the fa say that its out of their habds?

    oh and derrys challenge is upheld! makes you lose all faith with the fa!

    really its putting people off football!

  3. PerSantosPak

    ‘good luck with your illegal stream if you’re not!’….. you almost got me there! nice post Pedro!

  4. R,S.P.C.Arsenal


    is that serious that you had to pay before you pumped?

    i was up there for the last game a 2-0 win, the last time chamkah scored…. ?

    the area was ok in the city centre, went for a curry which was horrible… tasted like it was an uncle bens one rather than freshly made!

    the ground is smaller than i thought it would be!

    dont go to sleep arse…

  5. Bush Gooner

    3 points is an absolute must tonight and lets hope there is no repeat performance of the QPR game.

    I would not start Ramsey for this game. His confidence is shot to pieces and the last thing you want to do is play him for 90 mins after his misdemeanour on sunday.

  6. BOOZY

    today we’ll be inundated with good football, my top 3 picks are
    wolves vs arsenal
    athletico vs real
    dortmund vs bayern

    i cant possibly go to bed 100% satisfied today.

  7. Bade


    So many talk and not mentioning Carroll goal?

    What the hell is wrong with you? It’s a one in year event, like a partial eclipse, you mustn’t overlook it


  8. andy

    pedro don´t you think there has to be some changes regarding suspensions after horrible tackles?
    you can´t just say it is like it is … it´s simply ridiculous – although I believe balo will not play in the EPL next year so suspension is not working really but you have to show other players that jumping in like balo did won´t work in the future … we are talking about big big injuries here and not just a 2 week break but 6 months or more – in my opinion fouls with feet/foot off the ground should be punished with red anytime

  9. Tunde

    I’lld never pay walcot a 100k not even in football Manager, for the life of me is he crazy surely 80k is even us being too generous, no?

  10. Azed

    Bade April 11, 2012 09:37:42


    So many talk and not mentioning Carroll goal?

    What the hell is wrong with you? It’s a one in year event, like a partial eclipse, you mustn’t overlook it

    We might just be treated to a Chamack goal or a Park Chu Nooo appearance..

    Am i pushing my luck?

  11. Bade

    And as we’re in the SHOCKING mindset, where’s that opposition’s view?

    Have you no friends in Wolverhampton? Looks like a very nice place, you should be socialising there more often me thinks.

    Or is it that lack of internet technology there that deprived the snippet …..

  12. rebelgooner

    i like the BFG , so please dont sell him wenger. as for tonight anything less then 3 points and that shower from the swamp will get a lift so kick them while there down and win the 3 games we have coming up before they play another league game.

  13. Bush Gooner

    Somehow i think “Le Madman” will tinker with the team again tonight. We may see Chamakh and Squillachi play tonight ffs..

  14. JAY2OH

    Come on lads, lets get the 3 points tonight and then follow it up against Wigan on monday!!! 3rd will firmly in our hands then!!

    Still need Newcastle to pipe down a little though!!

  15. gambon

    Tonight we will see if this team is the basis of a title winning team.

    Blow this and most of the squad should be sold.

  16. Gooner S

    I agree, I don’t think Mertesacker is going anywhere. If Vertonghen is coming we will have 4 class centre backs, of which three of them can double up as full backs. That makes sense, the only thing we need to take into account is balancing the squad with the squad rules.

    Of course you are right about the FA but their decisions just beggar belief. It is crass stupidity.

  17. gambon

    Anyone read the article about Moshiri/Usmanov this morning?

    Very good article.

    I would love it if these guys were incharge.

  18. Khalid Mahmood

    Anyone watch the Messi goal last night?

    The link up play between Iniesta & Messi was just amazing and the finish was awesome.

    Barca are 1 point off Madrid now…..looks like Maureen has choked 😉

  19. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    I read that Gambon. You can’t go far wrong when your owners are genuine fans. Welcome on board lads.

    I like the fact that they said they would never sell their shares.

  20. Bade

    Now with a more serious note,

    This game is a classy banana skin, we should be aware

    Of course it’s the most casual thing, that the 3rd ranked team beat the bottom of table whopping boys. The problem is that such a thought might cross the players and the staffs minds just like it crossed the minds of most of the fan base and the pundits

    This is a complacency alert, if we can’t have 3 points out of this game, then this team spirit is severely deficient

  21. arsenal tom

    no ones even mentioning kaboul kicking out at holt either.

    the fa should be made aware of it somehow cos with ledley king looking fucked loosing kaboul would be massive for them

  22. Tunde

    That article makes a nice read… I’m almost starting to like this usmanov guy sounds like he genuinely likes arsenal.. Never trust the word of an astute billionaire though he didn’t get to where he is by being nice. 😀

  23. Big Dave

    AU and others only have shares at the moment and no more then that the only major one on the board is SK and he won’t dip his hand in his pocket for the club

  24. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    thatsa terrible pewdr, i remember similar in liverpool in the 80’s… wire gates at kfc… box atr the end to collect!

    how the hell fdid balo get aweway with the worst tackle equal only to roy keane on alf ingeraard is beyond me.

    totally dont understand football these days!

  25. gambon

    If Usmanov was incharge you can be sure our ambition would stretch beyond finishing 3rd.

    Also it would put an end to the pathetic signings of Silvestre, Bischoff & loaning players from our rivals.

  26. Ichiban

    Call me stupid but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Park on the pitch today. It’s a little unfair how few appearances he gets, even if he doesn’t do much wrong.

  27. colonel mustard

    just on Ballotelli – was’nt Robin a similar case a few years ago..just say’in. talented boy no doubt

  28. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    jay chelsea – newcastle is a big game … coming soon…

    would be nice to do the double over chelsea tho…

    any news of price increases next season?

  29. gambon


    Doesnt do much wrong?

    Well scoring goals would be a start?

    If he isnt playing what does that tell you about how shit he is in training.

    Stop being so sentimental. We only bought the guy to help Monaco raise some cash. Hes a championship player.

  30. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    still would be nice to have another forward who scores regulary… robin has been good, but this drought cants see others scoring…

    unless diaby is back in contention, and plays up front…

    could be his best postition!

  31. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Sentiments aside I think it will be a a scrappy affair. But hopefully an Arsenal win. Factors shit pitch , crap control , may affect passing game. Factor Wenger over tinkering with players. RVP needs to focus on scoring again not trying to beat Henry record.

  32. Ichiban


    Fair enough, but I’m starting to dislike the over-reliance on Robin. He’s definitely our best player but I wouldn’t mind seeing something fresh.

    Besides, if there was ever a game for us to try out playing with 2 strikers, this would be it.

    Maximum firepower for the whipping boys of the league anyone?

  33. gambon

    Yeah we need some goalscorers to take the burden off Robin, but we dont have them right now.

    Theres no point playing someone as shit as Park just because RVP is having to score all the goals.

    Chamakh & Park should never have been signed and should never play for Arsenal.

  34. nick Drago

    Come on gunners!!! Spuds and chavs both dropped points we need to win this!! 3 points please arsenal!!!!

  35. Bush Gooner


    I agree we need firepower but who will provide that? Manu have Rooney, Chipolata, Berbatov and Wellbeck. We have Park and Chamakh!

    The problem we have (and I cast the blame squarely at Wenger’s feet!) is that we do not have quality backup strikers to RvP hence why Wenger cannot even rest him. The faith and trust on our backup strikers has gone. We all know they are clearly not good enough in conjuring up a goal. Not even David Blaine can help them.

  36. andy

    gambon it´s not fair to say we don´t have other goalscorers as we would not have won 3 of our last 4 games where RVP didn´t score …

  37. Gooby

    Park isn’t doing well this season, it doesn’t mean he’s shit.

    Monaco have more money than psg now. CL football in 2 seasons i reckon

  38. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    Comedian ? alan davies has made a few comments that have got him in trouble with the liverpool and spurs fans

  39. gambon


    What an absolute load of shit.

    So why cant he even make the bench if hes so good?

    “RVP is undroppable” is a euphemism for “Park is shit” cos if he was good, like you say he is, he would be able to replace RVP and let him rest.

  40. Midlandgunner

    Come on you gunners will be there tonight but gotta sit in the home end next to away arsenal fans cheer em on lads

  41. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    i fully understand why they dont play on that day and support their decision.

    more so the FA shoul have made the chelsea spurs semi a midday kick off, the wpould have gone some off the way to helping the situation… anyway semis shoul;d not be played at wemberley. .

  42. BOOZY

    lewadosky vs gomez – lewadosky’s probably the most underrated striker in europe and gomez probably the most overrated.( with all his tap-ins)

    falcao vs benzema – mercedes benz

    robin vs fletcher – i’m not so sure.

    we need to score early today, the longer we take to score the more confident they become.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    6 points from the next two games are an absolute must and will put us
    in driving seat for a third place finish.

    Spurs have a relatively end of season finish, but the way that they are playing at moment there is no guarantee that they will win their games.

    Newcastle are playing really well, but they have a tough run of fixtures at end of season and most importantly their goal difference is much worse than the other contenders.

    Chelsea have to play some difficult matches including against us at
    Emirates sandwiched between Barcelona. My gut feeling is that they
    may land up falling between stools. At best they might finish fourth.
    Depending upon all three teams above them imploding is highly unlikely at this stage of season.

    I think that the story about Mertesacker leaving published by Mirror is pure fiction. We three to four quality centre backs at club particularly with injury track record in these positions. Wenger is not someone likely to offload a player after 1 year unless he wants to leave. That
    is not the way he works.

    I think that this story has been created because of the rumour circulating that Vertonghen might join the club next season.

  44. BOOZY

    Concerning park the chu, i’ve seen mr wenger do some crazy shit – i dont believe there is a striker worse than chamack, so the fact that chamack sees games and park doesnt, says a lot about the mind of that man.
    the ox is easily the most talented winger we have, yet he isn’t good enough to get games.

    Mr wenger is a sick man.

  45. Matchy

    @GoobyApril 11, 2012 11:36:29

    Park is a good player. He just need a chance. If he wasnt good wenger wouldnt have bought him in the first place. He scores all the times in the reserves.

    Chmack is a good player but arsenal doesnt 99% of the times play the system that will suit chmack.

    What happened to the savior and best thing since slice bread Demba ba?

    Seems like he went missing. Cant handle his new team mate cisses huh..

  46. gambon

    Haha Matchy spouting his normal shit.

    Park has scored 2, yes 2 reserve goals this season. The same as Gnabry.

    He must be good cos Wenger bought him? HAHAHAHA Wenger bought Squillaci, Silvestre, Bischoff, Jeffers, Almunia, Fabianski, Chamakh. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Wenger is overseeing a neverending trophyless period.

    Oh and Chamakh is a good player? HAHAHAHAHA, he has 2 goals in his last 30 games. That is some player.

    Demba Ba? Well he has 16 league goals this season. (thats 15 more than Chamakh & 16 more than Park). He also has 23 in his last 41 games since he came to the PL.

  47. Paulinho

    “Park is a good player. He just need a chance. If he wasnt good wenger wouldnt have bought him in the first place.”

    Kaba Diawara

  48. gambon

    Wengers great signings:





    Yep, this guy knows what hes doing!!!!

  49. Matchy

    @gambonApril 11, 2012 12:18:55

    Hello my dear gambon, KRONKE jus called on the phone. He is still waiting for your $1 billion offer for ARSENAL. So you can do the sacking, sack wenger please.

    Can you please sack wenger for me too. i cant wait for you to personally sack him. PLEASE. You are disappointing me. You too slow and inefficent.

    And you are a little behind in your copy and paste and stats. Parks has score 4 goals in last 4 games. Sorry to pick out your ‘minor’ mistake.

    But seriously could you write me the cheque so i can hand it to Kronke. I hate it when he calls me constantly asking about my dear gambon

  50. Matchy

    @GambonApril 11, 2012 12:25:07







    AND that is? ”””””””””””’NONE”””””””””””””””

  51. Bush Gooner


    April 11, 2012 12:25:07

    Wengers great signings:——————————-AlmuniaSquillaci——–Stepanovs———-Cygan———Silvestre————Bischoff——-Denilson——-Baptista—Diawara—————–Jeffers———————–ChamakhYep, this guy knows what hes doing!!!!


    Dont Forget the rest of the dross that still gives me nightmares up to this day!

    Oleg Luzhny
    Remi garde
    Christopher wreh
    Gilles Grimandi
    Davor Suker
    Junichi Inamoto
    Rami Shaaban

  52. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    bush – luzhny was involved in the 6-1 hammering at OT but along with grimandi, wreh & suker had their moments so I don’t think they ought to be included. Inamoto and Shaaban were shite, bur Richard Wright & Tavlaredis were worse.

  53. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Pedro – Do you really have that much belief in Djourou? He hasn’t just looked shit at right back, did you forget the other games, most notably, the milan & United debacles!? The guy is just shocking and right up there with the Cygan’s & Stepanovs of our times. Bambi on ice is a disrespect to bambi!

  54. Matchy

    @Robin’s Choco Leg SpecialApril 11, 2012 12:37:09

    The last two posts were for my little dear gambon, just giving him some of his own medicine.

    nothing to worry about. RELAX

  55. CH 30

    Matchy what makes you say Park is so good? When we haven’t seen him all season. Sure a nice finish on the cup goal against Bolton. But that’s it. Reservestats is not really much to go on is it`?

    Or do you have access to first team trainings watching him every day??
    Give me ONE reason why u say he’s so good……

  56. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Fans in Korea are apparently livid with the treatment of Park and lack of playing time. The club have now cancelled our friendly there as part of our asia tour and will now add another date in Kuala Lumpar.

    Basically Park is shit and we’re selling him!

    I feel sorry for the korean gooners s they won’t get to see the van persies and wilsheres, but your captain isn’t Arsenal class. Get over it, move on!

  57. CH 30

    For Djourou i’d say there is a good decent defender somewhere. Remember he played against Barca in CL last year and was outstanding. But quaestion is if he can be more consistant. I’d say Squid is out and Djourou will be our 5th choice next year if Verthongen comes..

    anyways I think he’s time in the club is running out.

  58. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    CH – you don’t have a 5th choice defender on 50k a week, that is preposterous.

    Outstanding against Barca in the CL last year? I don’t remember that, selective memory perhaps.

    Djourou is over paid, over played and a clear indication that Wenger rewards mediocrity just because you’ve been with the club as a Wenger signing since a kid. He wasn’t good enough for Arsenal 5 years ago and won’t be good enough for arsenal in 5 years time either. All the bloke is good for is keeping the junior gunners slightly entertained with his diary for the website and that is about it..

    Powderpuff defender and mistake prone… Who in their right mind would im that sort of money? Only Wenger… Why?

  59. CP

    Great post Pedro,

    But really your analysis of Djourou even in his preferred position of centre-back I can’t say I agree – he is constantly out of position or makes the wrong decision at crucial times.

    He makes Frank Spencer look mistake proof.

  60. Ben Donnelly

    Baptista had something. he had effort, power, a proper tryer, was exceedingly unlucky in front of goal. just didn’t click at arsenal. the others were and are shit though. except grimandi he’s my hero. 11 grimandi’s and wede be mustard.
    4-1 tonight

  61. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    in defence of wenger and it pains to do so…. you could knock up a mock team of sir alex’s vlunders over the years… its all a big gamble!

    there are plenty of good players who have come through, we just choose to remember the dross!

  62. Bush Gooner

    Robin’s Choco Leg Special

    Grimandi was not in the same class as Adams, Dixon, Winterburn and Keown. No one mentions him when it comes to Arsenal’s legendary defence but that goes down as a matter of opinion.

    But Suker and Wreh stays due to their stats.

    1999/2000 – Suker 22 apps – 8 goals
    1997/2000 – Christopher Wreh – 28 apps – 3 goals

  63. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Arturo Lupoli was a youth player I always had high hopes for. Reyes was the one who could’ve been a legend here, but cried off home back to spain and then his career nose dived… He even scored the league winning goal for real one season if i remember correctly..

  64. gambon


    Absoltely. When did i say Arsene is the only manager to sign shit players.

    I only brought it up due to Matchys ridiculous assertion that Park must be good cos Wenger bought him.

    I have proved that wenger signing someone in no way is testament to their quality.

  65. CH 30

    agree his nowhere close to be worth 50k a week. But with a solid defender next to him, how can boss him. I reckon Djourou is an ok 5th choice….

  66. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    bush – those stats aren’t that bad considering most of those appearances are from the bench (unless those are games started stats).. 8 in 22 is a decent return (1 in 3 almost)

    Grimandi wasn’t in the legendary mould as the other aforementioned players but he certainly wasn’t on the cygan, stepanovs, silvestre shit scale..

    To each their own I guess…

    Nelson Vivas is another that will divide opinion.

  67. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    CH – He was a disaster at birmingham and has been a disaster for us. When his name’s on the team sheet it fills me with the same dread Cygan and Stepanovs used to give me and 9/10 times it’s justified. He has that mini run of decent games last year with Koscielny, but even Cygan looked the part in a few CL games..

    Djourou is a championship class defender for me and his recent contract extension just baffles me.. What has he done to earn it?

  68. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Rather have Bartley as 5th choice.. Had enough loans, english, big, aggressive.. Ticks all the right boxes..

    a 4th or 5th choice shouldn’t be on 50k a week.. Wenger, for an economist sure loves to piss money away on ventures that are not worth pursuing.

  69. Fatboy

    For those who use Arsenal Player I hope you are similarly dismayed as lots of The Arsenal brethren with regards that utter ball-bag Stewart Robson who does the match commentary and yet in spite of being employed by the club sticks the knife in at every opportunity. It’s not the biggest issue in the world but he is a total douche and utterly inappropriate for this role at the club. To this end we have a petition going to see him ousted.
    If you agree please could you take 2 seconds to sign and (even better) please RT if you are on Twitter.

  70. gambon

    It does make me laugh when people say “why do we need Vertonghen”

    Well firstly, certain people who know football rate him higher than Vermaelen.

    Secondly, Squillaci last year, and Djourou this year have been our 4th choice CBs, they have played 55 times between them in the 4th choice role. So 28 odd times.

    Lets also not forget that we have seen both LBs injured.

    He also wouldnt be 4th choice.

  71. Bush Gooner


    Nelson Vivas. Hmmm. he was a hit and miss player. Wenger used him sparingly (Approx 40+ games in 3 years). He had class but not as bad as the Stepanovs of this world.

  72. EL PIGE1979

    Stefan Malz was a personal favourite. Showing Wenger knows how to operate in the German transfer market.

  73. Paddywhack

    Reading about all the shite players AW has bought I cannot see the name of Nelson Vivas, anyone remember him. I do.

  74. Alopex

    Djourou’s contract extension was automatic, as he played a certain number of games. It has nothing to do with how much Wenger rates him at the moment.

  75. Rob The Goon

    Good post

    I must admit I slated Sagna a few weeks ago because on a one or two occasions he showed a lack of desire but hes back showing the form we all know and love!

    My gut feeling tells me tonight will be a tight game…but I hope i’m wrong!

    Also why would we want to get rid of Mertersacker?!

    Ive always said some of the criticism leveled at him is very harsh…some people are comparing him to stepanov!?


  76. arsene nose best

    if sagna is out tonight i can’t see us winning,jenkinson,santos and djourou at the back is a disastrous combination,we just about get away with vermaelen and koscielny in there,oh and gibbs.

  77. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    i think the scouting team should be refreshed every few years… so is pat rice retireing? who will get the poispon chalice, sorry assistants role!

  78. Rob The Goon

    “Grimandi was not in the same class as Adams, Dixon, Winterburn and Keown. No one mentions him when it comes to Arsenal’s legendary defence but that goes down as a matter of opinion.”

    For me, Grimandi earned legendary status when he took out edgar davids (while playing for tottenham) when through on goal in the dennis bergkamp testimonial…

    I know it was only a friendly…but it still counts when the spuds are involved!

  79. Honest Bill

    arsene nose best

    I share your fears on tonight’s defense.. It’s scary just imagining the disorganised rabble..

  80. arsene nose best

    transfer spending table since 2006-2012

    # 2006 – 2011 Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season

    1 Manchester City £531,670,000 £103,300,000 £428,370,000 £85,674,000
    2 Chelsea £282,300,000 £126,400,000 £155,900,000 £31,180,000
    3 Liverpool £309,640,000 £226,330,000 £83,310,000 £16,662,000
    4 Tottenham £243,300,000 £170,100,000 £73,200,000 £14,640,000
    5 Aston Villa £168,800,000 £100,400,000 £68,400,000 £13,680,000
    6 Sunderland £146,900,000 £84,225,000 £62,675,000 £12,535,000
    7 Stoke City £72,725,000 £17,520,000 £55,205,000 £11,041,000
    8 Manchester United £217,200,000 £165,600,000 £51,600,000 £10,320,000
    9 Bolton £91,150,000 £41,150,000 £50,000,000 £10,000,000
    10 Fulham £80,175,000 £34,075,000 £46,100,000 £9,220,000
    11 Wolves £45,725,000 £9,775,000 £35,950,000 £7,190,000
    12 QPR £35,750,000 £2,050,000 £33,700,000 £6,740,000
    15 West Bromwich Albion £53,485,000 £41,360,000 £12,125,000 £2,425,000
    14 Everton £72,750,500 £63,750,000 £9,000,500 £1,800,100
    15 Swansea £12,355,000 £6,860,000 £5,495,000 £1,099,000
    16 Norwich City £10,275,000 £9,500,000 £775,000 £155,000
    17 Wigan £66,500,000 £70,000,000 -£3,500,000 -£700,000
    18 Newcastle £103,100,000 £122,450,000 -£19,350,000 -£3,870,000
    19 Blackburn Rovers £36,852,000 £65,690,000 -£28,838,000 -£5,767,600
    20 Arsenal £85,150,000 £116,500,000 -£31,350,000 -£6,270,000

    West Ham £111,970,000 £74,225,000 £37,745,000 £7,549,000
    Hull £26,100,000 £9,225,000 £16,875,000 £3,375,000
    Middlesbrough £103,100,000 £66,600,000 £36,500,000 £7,300,000
    Birmingham City £64,875,000 £71,850,000 -£6,975,000 -£1,395,000
    Burnley £13,440,000 £13,575,000 -£135,000 -£27,000
    Blackpool £5,450,000 £8,450,000 -£3,000,000 -£600,000
    Leeds United £3,600,000 £14,800,000 -£11,200,000 -£2,240,000
    Portsmouth £77,100,000 £107,520,000 -£30,420,000 -£6,084,000

  81. Rob The Goon

    R,S.P.C.Arsenal April 11, 2012 14:14:26

    wolves have to turnn a corner soon… tonight worries me…


    You’re not alone!

  82. Bade

    Tonight’s line up


    Yossi to get 35-40 minutes in the second half, replacing Ramsey

    Chamakh to collect balls, Park – Cones

  83. arsene nose best

    r.s.p.c.arsenal,i think likly to get one big result,doubt they will turn a corner now,we are just the team that they are capable of getting a result against,much like q.p.r did.

  84. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    rob a few weeks ago… wigan dead in water… a win or draw makes all the difference!

    i worry that we wont turn up… qpr, birrmingham!

    man city whne the opperersistion are good we are up for it!

    tonight is hide behind the sofa time!

  85. Freddie

    Read the blog for ages Pedro, first time commenter though. Have to say I’m more inclined toward your posts, but I guess Geoff brings some balance.

    Just wondered what everyone thinks of the confirmation that we’ll be touring Malaysia and China again this summer. That and the trip to Nigeria, plus the tournament we have to play with Southampton as part of the AOC deal makes for a pretty hectic summer. I’m personally pretty happy that someone has finally had the balls to tell Wenger that training in a scene from the Sound of Music does nothing to boost our global brand. If we continue to make inroads in Asia it can only be good news for the commercials – that is if we actually perform on the pitch.

  86. Rob The Goon

    teams/players always seem to break a record when playing us or break their bad run while playing us…

    20,000 PL goal scored against us

    Taarbat scores his first PL goal against us

    do you see where im going with this???

    Dont let it happen tonight!!

  87. karaul

    Anyone looking forward to dortumnd vs munich game tonight?
    80 000 people, should be a good game. I plan to watch 1st half, than our game starts. Dortmund are much more likeable team than Bayern (would love to see Klopp as next Arsenal manager). Shame Goetze still isnt fit for today.

  88. jogo


    “Powderpuff defender and mistake prone… Who in their right mind would im that sort of money? Only Wenger…”

    I wonder how much David Luiz get paid?

  89. andy

    klopp next arsenal manager? wahahah I would love to see geoff´s face if a coach joins arsenal who loves the youth system even more than AW … all the guys playing for dortmund right now except of gundogan were bought as youth players or are academy players … I would love to see gambon´s face 😛

  90. Negation

    The fact that park is being called rubbish after only playing 6 (i think) games – and scoring one goal shows what Wenger’s indecision and tactical ignorance can do to a person’s reputation .

    Where is the proof for him being pants? He is regularly left off the sheet for a person who has scored once in 17 games this season. And we all know that being good or even peforming well has never been a factor in Wenger’s decision process for playing a player. Or by that logic Ramsey would be currently better than Oxo and Gervinho.

    We’ve become so hungry for arsenal’s success – and rightfully so – that we don’t even give people a season before concluding that they are rubbish

    And Chamkh…..I wouldn’t risk my reputation defending him, but we are talking about a manager who always has the team playing the same way, putting in a player who is used to a different style and hoping he can give the team an ‘extra dimension’ all on his own.

    Worse thing is, wasn’t Park supposed to be the reason why the Hazard deal with Lille became rocky? Is so, then what was the point of signing the guy you don’t even want to play?

  91. Pedro

    Negation, simple fact is, if he were a better option than Chamakh, Wenger would play him.

    When has Wenger ever been afraid to field a player he thinks has a gram of talent?

  92. Bush Gooner


    Tonight’s line up


    Yossi to get 35-40 minutes in the second half, replacing Ramsey

    Chamakh to collect balls, Park – Cones
    They would make a complete balls up of that too!

  93. Bush Gooner

    I hope Wolves bad fortune does not decide to turn the corner tonight! This bears all the hallmarks of a Wenger clanger by completely changing the starting line up. If he does, Le Buffoon still has not learnt from the QPR game where one change caused the team to be disjointed.

  94. Bade

    “Pedro April 11, 2012 14:57:17
    Negation, simple fact is, if he were a better option than Chamakh, Wenger would play him”

    I’m not sure about that Pedro
    Simple facts is, he signed Chamakh and loaned Vela and Bendtner, both are doing significantly better than Chamakh
    There are enough examples of Arsene’s misjudgement, Denilson, Almunia….

  95. andy

    I really liked wolves but after mccarthys sacking I´m happy they will get relegated … hope bolton stays up and take 1 – 2 players on loan for the next year to get them some playing time like frimmers, coqu, miquel?