Campbell thinks Bergkamp / Vieira could come back | Form suggests Arsenal have a good chance against City today

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Blind faith just knocked on the door and told me there’s a very good chance we could win today. I know you shouldn’t speak to strangers and you definitely shouldn’t believe what they’re telling you even if they are offering your sweets, but I’ve taken his good vibes on board and I’m feeling pretty confident of at least a point from today. In fact I’d say the vibe is quite strong amongst a lot of Gooners I’ve been speaking with.

The faith is justified to a certain degree. There’s only one team in better form than us over the last 6 games and that’s United. We lost against QPR last week, which wasn’t ideal, but let’s not forget all the goodness that went before us. We can’t lambast this squad as the most average for 15 years then act surprised when they slip up against weak opposition. These things happen when you’re not loaded with quality. In fact, these things happen when you are… City are in 4th form wise over the last 6 games. However, the really interesting part about their form is how they’re doing away from home. They’ve lost 3, drawn 1 and won 2. Teams they’ve lost against? Swansea, Sunderland and Everton. That gives me hope.

Something else that perked me up was watching their players fight on the pitch last week. Ballotelli is a very good player but he’s also incredibly selfish and absorbed in his own world of personal glory. The on pitch bickering and the rumours of infighting don’t serve up an image of a club united with the goal of winning the league. We need  to take advantage of those issues today.

Now, I’ve checked the stats for how we do off the back of losing a game. We’ve lost 9 times so far in the league this season. The only time we’ve gone on a losing streak after failing to pick up points is against Liverpool which was followed by an absolute drubbing against United. Then Fulham which was followed by 2 losses on the  bounce. We recovered from losing against Blackburn, Spurs and City with wins. So it’s feeling a bit 50/50ish today in terms of reaction. I think I’d prefer to be playing a big game today, something tells me the lack of motivation last week was the strength of opposition… hence the complacency. You can’t afford an attitude like that against a team sitting higher than you in the league.

We need to do two things today. Play at a high tempo from the off. We’ve had a tendency to be a second half team of late. We can’t afford to do that against City. Motivation needs to be there from the first whistle, not the second one after we’ve gone a goal down. We also need to defend properly. No sloppy mistakes. If we lose to a wonder goal, I can deal with that… if we lose because someone doesn’t have long enough studs, I’ll be annoyed.

We also need to have an on day so far as attacking play is concerned. I want to see Theo have a belter. Last time we played City he was schooled by Zabaleta all game. If he’s up against him today, I hope he skins him and shows the Premiership he is a good player who can perform against intelligent defenders. I don’t need to speak for Robin except to remind him that not scoring for three games is an absolute disgrace, if he doesn’t bag a hatrick to make up for it today, I’d seriously have to start considering my support for his contract extension.

Finally… Szczesny. He’ll have to be aware of a few things today. They will jump on any duff clearances he makes. They have quick thinking players who can have the ball in the back of the net in next to no time if a mistake is made. For me, distribution errors are a massive no no this far into a season. He needs to think about what he’s doing with the ball and he needs to cut out the little dinks. They’re not clever and no one in the ground thinks you’re cool for doing them. He also needs to get his positioning right and show total awareness around his box. City shoot on sight unlike us. That also means that Alex Song has to take a day off from being Zinedine Zidane. He needs to marshal just in front of his defence and he can’t give players like Zabaleta, Silva and Aguerro time to breath, let alone pick out their sweet spot from 25 yards.

Today is as much about discipline as it is about expressing ourselves as a team. The fans will play a huge roll in the outcome of the game. We’re at home, we need to let City know that with a hostile atmosphere like he have been for the last few weeks. It could be a magical Sunday… I want  the reason I’m hungover tomorrow to be based around a thumping win, not total depression.

Other News

I watched Oxlade-Chambermaid on the BBC yesterday having a chat about his time at Arsenal so far. He sounds motivated, humble and extremely pleased to be at the club. The folly of youth eh? Soon it’ll be big screen TV’s, blunts and bi*ches… but until then, we’ll just enjoy his enthusiasm for the game. It was interesting to hear him talk about Thierry Henry and how he couldn’t believe he was telling jokes with such a legend. He also had high praise for Robin… he said he laughs when they’re on the same side in training because the stuff we see him do in the crucial moments in games, he does for fun everyday. Arsene… listen to that interview and make wise decisions this summer. Kids learn from adults… not other kids.

Sol Campbell said as much in his column for The Guardian yesterday…

‘Experienced internationals are what Arsenal need and it is strange Arsène has not signed more given he has seen the difference they can make. He inherited a squad full of such players; guys who were skilful but also tough and resilient, prepared to put their bodies on the line and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. They were the foundations of the success Arsène has had at Arsenal.’

Absolutely bang on the money there Sol. He’s also pushing for a shake up of the backroom staff this summer. With Pat Rice on the way out, it would be great if he could bring in an ex-player who remembers how Arsene did it when he was one of the best in the game. That person needs to be a big character, needs to have a balls to suggest changes and make interventions when the coach is making mistakes and he needs to be trusted by the squad. Bergkamp doesn’t work for me. He’s a super intelligent guy but I’m not sure he’s too different in character to Arsene. Plus, he doesn’t fly. Patrick Vieira would be a fantastic addition to our backroom team. He’s a legend amongst the fans, he’s a modern day superstar of global football and he’s supposed to be quite sharp. I’d prefer Steve Bould though. He’s done his apprenticeship, he has a presence about him and he understands the power of Wenger’s style as well as the brawn of George Grahams. That for me is the perfect cocktail of experience. Sol did kind of ruin any hope of change with this line…

‘Sadly, I cannot see this happening. Arsène is a single-minded leader who does not like to have anyone around who could threaten his authority, either by challenging his decisions or by being the person that will eventually take his job. But hopefully he proves me wrong and makes such an appointment.’

Still, we can hope he’s jinxing it and that Pat Rice isn’t going to be replaced with Giles Grimantube. Talking of Youtube, did you catch the Arsenal players mincing around with the ballet girls? Nice to see Song is as mobile on the dance floor as he is on the pitch!

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  1. Bade


    I wish we would

    Napoli likely won’t be in the CL next season, so they might find it hard to turn down around a 10m profit on Cavani

    He was bought on a permanent deal just for 15m Euros, so a 25-28m Euros should do the job

    Yeh, we’re at least allowed to dream

  2. Bade

    In the commentary they said he was, but in the other hand no one raise it in the post-match (at least no mention in so I’m not sure

    One for the Grovers stated the other day that those 9 yellow wouldn’t mind after March 31st, but I have no idea about it really

  3. Keyser

    According to Sky he’s banned, someone said earlier today was the last game for the amnesty and he’d have been fine, sore one that.

  4. Santos

    M’vila fits the bill y’all. I deeply wonder if we’re gonna stump 25 mill for the deal. It doesn’t look real

  5. Keyser

    If M’Vila’s a stronger version of Coquelin that’d be good, we could have games where we sit him and Song behind someone like Wilshere, as long as we get a wide player or midfielder who can play wide in the guise of Nasri we’d have a good change of angle to what we have now.

  6. Keyser

    Kwik fit – To be honest, happy he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves all it sets up is for people to wait for him to fall again.

  7. Bade


    Just checked the EPL site, the match report failed to mention Kozzer’s yellow

    Hope the ref will forget it as well ….. 😆

  8. zeus

    Still holding out hope for a Kagawa or Hazard.

    Never gonna spend on either of them AND M’vila in one window.

    We would have to lose 15-0 to Man Utd and the whole weight of North London slam on to Wenger’s shoulders before that happens.

  9. Samir

    Isn’t Koss banned for the next two games?
    After his yellow card today 🙁
    Misses Wolves and Wigan!
    Back for Chelsea!

    Also, if we don’t sign Benayoun….I hope Wenger puts a bid in for Dempsey! Quality player!

  10. AA23

    just watched the highlights a few times.
    Santos is a different class. Makes us a completely different side from Gibbs.
    He looks fat…
    and thick…
    but he’s got attacking football in his blood.
    We look way better with him playing

  11. Keyser

    Kwik fit – It almost seems like you’re in love or at least have a sizeble crush.

    Zeus – I’d have thought Wenger might go for another creative player before someone like M’Vila. Since when does Wenger prioritise defence.

  12. gambon

    I really think the MVila thing is bullshit.

    Ive never been a huge Song fan, but the fact is his partnership with Arteta is working well, and if it aint broke dont fix it.

    Wenger would never spend £20m on back up. The Vertonghen thing makes perfect sense. He could deffo become our first choice CB, and offers an option at DM.

    Vertonghen, Hazard & Podolski would give us so much more quality.

  13. kwik fit


    I agree Santos I think is quality. He could be our sagna on the left.
    He is totally unpredicable but he makes things happen . A little roberto carlos like if you like!

  14. Pedro

    Kwik, I think there will be more lost games for us… but I think we’ll take top 4.

    Kos missing for two games is a big miss… but if we play like we give a shit, we’ll be fine.

  15. Dan Ahern

    Pedro – Luckily the next two are Wolves and Wigan though. Against those guys Djourou will only make like 6, 7 mistakes each game. 4 points minimum!

  16. kwik fit

    Not sure if he is diffinently out pedro cos somewhere in my mind i think i heard that the 10 game suspension rule finishes at the end of march! Hope that it wasn’t the fairies told me that! Hold on a minute I did see Dale Winton today!

  17. zeus

    Kozzer is out. Had he avoided getter carded, the amnesty would have kicked in tonight.

    They said it in the commentary.

  18. gnarleygeorge

    morning all,

    Once arteta slipped that 20 metre thunder bolt into the old onion bag, the significance of how much of a hammer blow it was for Nasri’s mates became evident. And I received great pleasure from seeing the chaotic state of Mancini @ 1-0

  19. gnarleygeorge

    If I lost $50 down a drain I’d be quite agitated with myself. I wonder how those middle-eastern chaps feel having unwittingly flushed £400,000,000 down the kasi called man city.

  20. Dan Ahern

    For those interested:

    This is what the FA’s rule book says about Koscielny:

    (iv) If a Player accumulates ten cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the
    Playing Season and the second Sunday of April in the same Season, he will be
    suspended automatically for a period covering:-
    Two First Team matches

    Today was the second Sunday of April. Ain’t that a bitch.

  21. Samir

    Pretty sure Koss is banned. Today was the last game for the amnesty 🙁

    I loved how Santos went into centre mid when Benny was covering the ground out on the left…City couldn’t handle so many players up the field!

  22. goondawg

    Just got back. Still buzzing!! Oh my what a fantastic game. Where to begin? Apologies and respects to Wenger, made the most expensively assembled team look like the chokers parking a very expensive bus! Song had a brilliant game, I thought and was my motm, definitely deserves the plaudits and pulled out with some delightful passes whilst bossing the midfield! Expected that sort of game from Walcott, but felt he was unlucky not to score so meh….

    Love Artetas finish, when was the last time we had a player that took a few pops at goal from that distance. Made my eyes tear up. Who saw that fan join in the celebrations? hahahaha probably banned for life but worth it nonetheless.

    With Rambo, yes he missed a sitter, yes he should have scored, but let’s not forget he is a work in progress. He did try and score, did neglect RVP to prove to the doubters in his ability. This miss has probably not helped matters, but I like he tries to score and soon one will be hitting the back of the net. Obviously this wasn’t Kony’s time to die. And on matters of horribly eskewed misses, no one is crucifying Vermaelens miss from a yard or benayouns follow up. We won, let’s worry bout GD at the end of this campaign.

    So proud of the lads today, and also crowd was just fantastic. Emirates has become a fortress indeed.

    P.S shame bout Kos picking up a yellow, on the last serving day before amnesty kicks in as well. what a sour pill to swallow. However Djourou is not completely renderless to stop the likes of Wigan and Wolves. Let’s keep the belief and apologies on going off on one lol

  23. zeus


    Yes, did see that fan join in the hugging celebrations. How in the world did he get that far.

    Heh on kony.

  24. zeus

    Nasri really gets too much abuse on twitter. He’s a twat that left, leave him be.

    No wonder no one likes piers moron. Ashamed he’s a gunner.

  25. goondawg

    Hahaha Piers is a slimy tool most times, but I do enjoy his GOONER POWER meme he has going on. Especially when he gives twatty mercenaries a piece of his mind. Na$ri gets 170,000 per week, he isn’t no Darren Gibshit, he’s man enough to take a lil hoo-ha from twerps now and then.. Remember that utube vid that came out, when I think it was scouse fans driving up near Na$ri’s car, and drove off with “top of the league” as his parting snide dig.. Hahaha who’s top now Na$ri????

  26. goondawg

    Think I’ll join in and start trending #LeMercenarie

    haha Piers with a french proverb roughly translated – You don’t know loyalty if it slapped you on the ass!

  27. incesc

    the worst thing about nasri is arsenal fans sung his name all fucking season and he went on tv in france first opportunity in the summer and tried to get a move to man u. I tried to explain to people today why we booed him more than clichy.

    he mentions our past french players to piers morgan but being french is the only thing he has in common with henry, viera and pires. in every other respect he isnt worthy to wipe their arses

  28. goondawg

    incesc 100% agree.. After last year’s public courting with all these clubs, can he really be surprised to find the fans that once revered him and held him in high esteem (I should know, I have french roots and used to think he could be the next Zizou) hate him now?? He left for the oil cash, when we needed him the most. All that years of loyalty and faith, and he pissed it all away. DICKHEAD

  29. Rohan

    Did anyone get why Nasri went off on one about French influence and history at Arsenal? What the fuck does he have to do with that? Even the likes of Wiltord and Cygan are legends compared to him.

    The fish-lesbian hybrid. Arteta looks like a god.

  30. goondawg

    Jesus, Mancini has the nerve to say he needs more money for more quality signings?? How many of the Wenger-haters would like him to go replace Mancini? With all that money chucked at him, he would be unstoppable playing that brand of football we saw on display at the emirates…..

  31. Keyser

    Ivanovic punched Maloney yesterday didn’t know that, did they show it on MOTD ? What has happened in recent weeks it’s like referees and linesmen are imploding, bad decisions all over the place.

  32. Dan Ahern

    Rohan – so far as I can put together, it’s because Nasri tweeted “Vous ne savez pas la loyauté, si cela vous tape sur le cul” (You wouldn’t know loyalty if it slapped you in the ass) and Piers’ replied “I understand this in French” (maybe he meant “I understand this IS French”?). And that’s when Nasri went on about how Arsenal’s manager was French and so were their best players, the last player to lift a trophy was too, etc.

    I’m not saying Nasri’s in the right here, but Piers Morgan DID take a bunch of money to go to the US. Plus he just tweeted:
    “Piers Morgan ‏ @piersmorgan Close
    I’m now trending in UK for single-handedly taking on Man City. Seriously, Arsene, just stick me upfront, I won’t let you down. #GoonerPower”


    Shorted version:
    Nasri blows.
    Piers Morgan blows.

  33. Rohan

    Chavs were incredibly lucky to get a result yesterday, Keyser. Incredibly so.

    Their run of wins really is papering over true cracks and lack of quality. I can’t wait for the Chelsea game. We’ll absolutely tonk them especially with Koscielny back.

    I was a bit worried about van Persie’s form in the last 3 games but I’m not worried any more. He was desperately unlucky not to score and the movement was back. On another day, he’d have had a hattrick.

  34. Robert


    Should have been 5-0 though.

    Great defensive effort.

    Rosicky is just immense. His passing has gone up to world class level. Great pace and dribbling too.

    Shit for Gibbs. Has been decent.

  35. Keyser

    I think Van Persie could be tiring and it shows the level he’s played at this year, or since last January, people look at players nowadays with their goal a game records and think this should be the norm when they’ve also got ridiculously talented teams and squads around them.

    It shows how fine Van Persie’s margin for error has been he’s literally been the breadth of a goalpost away from winning/ losing us points, in the last few games he’s hit the post, goalies have pulled off quality saves and he’s been pretty close to the offside line, we’re just lucky others have stepped up to help him out.

  36. Keyser

    A game at a time, Wolves away gives me the same feeling QPR gave me really, still not sure how we’ll do, things have changed soo quickly this season Citeh were supposed to walk the league now they’re 8 points behind in second.

    Chelsea were in control against Benfica for the most part, they resorted to the Mourinho default, but even with a man advantage they couldn’t keep the energy levels up and were hanging on in the last few minutes, if we beat Wolves and Fulham do us a favour, they might think going all out against Barcelona is their best hope of making the Champions League and rest players for our game.

  37. goondawg

    Chelsea players will probably have never known “on the backfoot” like they will when Barca & Arse come to play!

  38. Rohan

    I thought this was the best complete midfield performance we’ve given from start to finish. It’s telling how good our defensive system looks when the midfield does their job.
    If we add a couple of quality additions and some squad players, we’ll be right up there.

    We had 7 points from 7 games at the beginning. If we had gottten 15 points right there with a proper pre-season and not had the ridiculous full-back crisis and lost to the likes of Fulham , Swansea, we’d have been within 3 points of United.

    Pretty ridiculous really. We really fucked up last summer. It’s a wonder how Arsene has brought this bunch this far really…. We just need to push the boat out that extra bit and go all out. Let’s have a squad for once

  39. incesc

    KeyserApril 9, 2012 01:33:27
    Ivanovic punched Maloney yesterday didn’t know that, did they show it on MOTD ? What has happened in recent weeks it’s like referees and linesmen are imploding, bad decisions all over the place.

    its a fucking referee prolapseapocolypse out there

  40. incesc

    spent years wanting rid of wenger and hating out players like diaby and denilson.

    this new team is different.

    love em.

    bring on next year, arteta and wilshere,


  41. zeus


    Agree. Still have a few elements that letme think get rid, but there is a sense that for a few faults, everyone is committed.

    No one wants away (hopefully RVP still feels this way) as has been the case for the past few years.

  42. El Tel

    Cheney is a legend already but a fool to drink from the botte which a Shitty follower threw on the pitch.

    You never know what He could catch from this plus what if another idiot does the same thing but pisses in the bottle first.

    He did try to give it to the Rf but a Shitty player stopped him.

    Our Fans were awesome again today and if they keep up the noise levels you never know how our players will raise to the occasion.

    Well pleased we beat the Northern Chavs but gutted that the cheating Mancs won again. They really are unplayable in our League. Cheating cunts.

    I spoke to Neville before the game and told him that his pals had cheated their way to a win again. He just laughed.

    Let’s see how fast that awful refereeing decision at the Old Bog gets swept under the carpet.

  43. jnyc


  44. jnyc

    Observations -santos looked a lil sliwer than normal, before he went down to injury, he was improving defensively and spark going forward. He is a real danger for the opposition.

    I like ramsey as a late sub to maintain posession, and help on defense. He will start
    to score a lil. But i see his future as a holding mf anyway. Great energy, doesnt need to be very creative there. And mikel cant play as many minutes as he has this season, he needs to be rested more next seasonn. I love his work, he is sooo solid, rarely makes mistakes, sacrifices his body. What a signing! even without the goals he would be great. Anyone wanna thank the boss for getting( although sooner woukd have been better )
    and song a few more nice thru balls, including rvps missed header. But still a couple lazy passes that lost posession. Its feast or famine with him.

  45. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Morninnnnn’ 🙂

    Top performance, all over the pitch. Seeing the passion of what it means to play for The Arsenal now in faces wearing the shirt..

    Chamakh for Captain….
    Really.. Leave it out with calling the players cunts and saying you hate them… OTT mate. Saying a player is not good enough for Arsenal is fair enough. We all have our favourite exit candidates. Ramsey made a god-awful greedy call when he had the best striker in the Prem to lay it up to, but save the hate stuff!

    Quote of the weekend? Martinez..
    “Someone asked me is it time to bring in technology, no it is time to bring a referee or linesman who knows the rules. We don’t need technology for that.

    Spot on!

  46. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    Run upstairs and call Daddy Pedro from his bed.. and while you’re at it.. clean up these empty Peroni bottles from all over the living room floor.

  47. Ste

    Just clear something, it was Oxlaid that Ramsey should have passed to (edge of the penalty area) not RVP. As he was running up with him. RVP finally caught up when we went to take the shot.