Wenger must be a sage, he is predicting a Manc title win! He can add that to shirt design.

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Okay, if you are all expecting a sugar coated Pedro post, look away, this is a Geoff post and I’m not on whatever Chamakh and the other useless Wenger signings are smoking.

So we all know the power Wenger wields at Arsenal but does he now design the kit?

If the leaks we see everywhere are for real regarding our new kit then it’s a disgrace and absolute proof if you need it that this club is rotten from the top down.

Screwing around with the design is one thing, but this shirt hasn’t been designed, it’s like everyone has been asked for their opinion and its been slapped together, its an insult to creative people and I know, that’s what I do for a living, if one of my staff put that forward, their feet wouldn’t touch the ground, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out I would have said.

Enough on that as I can’t seriously believe it will be our new kit and I don’t believe they would let Wenger loose on designing it, but it sure looks like it doesn’t it???

Can we beat City? You bet we can, but then I would have thought we could have beaten QPR to be honest.

To lose 9 games this season should be classed as nothing other than failure, forget the team we had, Wenger picked it, forget the fact that the others are conspiring to be as bad, that’s their fault and our good fortune, with the money managers get, not to mention the players, we should be doing better.

Wenger is making noises again about new signings, well he does that every year doesn’t he, then we get no one of note and everyone says he was waiting for the January window, then he buys no one, we get knocked out of everything, we limp over the line and everyone says he’ll have a clear out and use the money to strengthen in the summer, trouble is he never does, he weakens it by selling more players, well every year sing 2004 that is. Since he lost his marbles and bought into project youth.

Then he complains that Man City are buying all his players, funny that, I thought all of those players had Arsenal contracts, I wasn’t aware Wenger was made, under torture to sell them to Man City.

He does however strengthen his own pocket, as well as that of his players, every year without fail, he also makes sure the fans pay more as well, but we should be grateful because we qualify for the Champions league, you know that trophy we have no chance of winning because we have a manager that never buys the talent we need to do that.

Back to the City game, yes we can win that, we are at home, we almost beat them away, we’ve had a week and a day off and we can’t play that badly again. Then everyone will forget last week and we’ll be gunning for third place again, the only trophy left.

Wenger is backing the Mancs to win the title, hmmmm 5 points clear with 7 games to go and the easier run in, he really is a footballing knowledge isn’t he! Makes you wonder why we weren’t going for the title instead, we could have bought Jones and Young had we done our business early, but we decided the second week in August made more sense.

Well we need to have a good look at next season, Ryo isn’t the answer, he’s still a kid like Oxo, Jack will be a great but he’s still a kid too, we need some ready mades and we need some trophies, because no one in their right minds will be buying shirts, not unless we stick Messi in one of them, that’s for sure, you would think the board would know that wouldn’t you? They really haven’t got a clue.

So now we have the spuds level with us and Newcastle 2 points behind, blimey, if we don’t watch it we could end up in 6th and all those players we will never buy won’t want to come because we aren’t in the competition we will never win, now how’s that for sods law!

And that really illustrates why we should spend some money on decent players when we need them, if we beat City on Sunday we should sneak through, but we need to win, because after this it’s a couple of bottom feeders followed by the chavs.

Enjoy the game Grovers, it will soon all be over and we can at least look forward to watching Jack, Oxo Theo and Gibbs in the Euros, with them in it and playing in their real positions, maybe England can win it! Who knows eh!

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  1. kwik fit

    The night before the cup final was always SPECIAL…so good but sometimes we just remember the stars the moments ….guys tonight’s the night!!

  2. kwik fit

    Matthew harding stand at the chavs is fucking nothing repeat fucking nothing to our privleged fucking club.
    Chelsea fucking football club are fucking light years yes fucking light years away from our club! Arsenal are the fucking bees knees!

  3. skandibird

    Loving the KwikFit tonight;
    loads of ”rumours” re Dempsey from Fulham, I did say last summer we should go for him, he might be 29 BUT rather have him (experienced 20 goals this season alone) than the sicknote that is Diaby (never mind Chamahk) ….. £10mill is quoted and I reckon he’s well worth every bloody £.

    I also hate Chel$ea, how do they get away with it every time? That 1st goal was SO offside it’s bloody ridiculous, Wigan deserved a draw but wasn’t to be, and who scored Chavs second goal? yes, that man Mata who we should have bought in the summer and not dithered about money as per usual. OH how I love to whinge late at night….. good night all, see you tomorrow before & after the game – night night

  4. Rohan

    I mentioned the legend that is Dempsey a couple years back and was hounded out by gambon and his gang….

  5. kwik fit

    I listen to Gambon cos he has and opinion and it’s also trendy or so he thinks! 🙂 But many times he is right and many times his wrong . So make up your own mind!

  6. incesc

    my 95 year old grandad is coming round mine to watch tomorrow, he took me to see my first arsenal game at highbury, his dad saw us at woolwich back when we were woolwich arsenal

    good times, i hope we win