Short post on Wenger, Theo and Diaby

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Morning all! A very quick one from me today.

Basically, Wenger responded to my post yesterday stating we shouldn’t rely on Chelsea fatigue. Well, JT is out with cracked ribs… so I’m sticking to my theory.

The boss wants Theo to land double figures…and Diaby is thankful for Wenger’s faith.


Wenger also had this to say in the bad times earlier in the year.

“Of course you question yourself, and you question what you can do about it, even more than you do when all is going well,”

“When things are going well the players the press and the fans all have more certainty, and so it’s easier. But it’s these moments when experience helps, because it’s important not to question and change the wrong things.

“How do you know what is right and what is wrong? Well you just try to analyse the situation as well as you can. We do that as a group in the coaching team of course, and as well I go home and think about things by myself.

“Part of the job is to make decisions, and in the end somebody has to do that. You have to be decisive – it’s better to make a bad decision than no decision at all.”

“When you have 20 players of the quality we do, you cannot go too far wrong,”

“Any player who comes into the team is good enough. It’s more about the dynamic and the belief of the team that you can have an influence over, or the tactical aspect.”

I’ll leave you I chew over that snippet from Enjoy your Friday, I’ll be back with something more robust tomorrow!

P.S Check out this blog, very funny.

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  1. Bade


    Don’t be retarded, who said Pardew to Arsenal? Are you mental? I didn’t say Pardew to Arsenal.

    Arsene did worse than Pardew, but that doesn’t make the latter adequate to manage The Arsenal. That only highlights the need to sack Arsene as soon as possible

  2. Bade


    That “Arsene built the Stadium” is another pathetic excuse

    In all those years we had resources to be successful, in all those years we made NET PROFITS, that we could reinvest in the squad and Arsene didn’t do that

    We needed 1-2 player to win trophies, those small additions weren’t going to bankrupt us, had Arsene not gone crazy and sanctioned excessive salaries to underachievers, we could’ve fund those players even without enlarging the expenses

  3. goondawg

    Pedro, can we have a “Does Arsene Wenger deserve a statue?” poll. Would be interested to see the percentages in verdict with LG community