Yann M’Vila drops biggest hint yet | Wenger in brutal assessment | Arsenal refocus for City game

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Good morning Arsenal fans! Not much in the way of opposition results yesterday to raise the spirits, although the impending match against Manchester City should at least refocus the fans and the team for the coming week. We lost to QPR, it was a sh*te result, but we can’t afford to get down in the dumps about it. The City game is at the Emirates, we need to tear the roof off the place that game because they are in a world of trouble at the moment and we can most certainly beat them if we turn up and play like 3rd place means something.

I caught the extended highlights of the City / Sunderland game at the weekend. They were lucky to pull the game back to 3-3. Their defending was shambolic at times. If Nik Bendtner can make you look stupid, Chamberlain, Theo and Robin should have no problems. The big question is whether we have the mental belief to go out and take the victory. Arsene Wenger teams are notoriously weak when it comes to bouncing back from disappointment. We have no injuries of note, so for me, we have no excuses. We have to take the game to City, we have to try and play around them and we have to make sure the whole back 4 is focused.

People wondered why I didn’t include Chesney in my ‘Not Robin’ awards, the answer to that is that I don’t think he’s been that amazing this year. I know he’s a massive improvement on what we’ve had over the last 4 years, but 1)  that shouldn’t hide the fact he’s made some massive errors this year and he’s cost us at least 9 points 2) Emile Heskey would be an improvement on Chamakh, it wouldn’t lead you to believe he was world class though.

Even at the weekend it would be hard not to pin part of the blame for the second goal on his indecision that lead to Koscielny clearing the ball for a throw in (which lead to the second goal). He has the potential to be one of the best in the world. Of that I’m sure. However, he’s not been world class this season. His distribution needs addressing and I’d say his shot stopping is far from perfect. What I love about him is his command of his area. If you can deal with crosses, I’d say that’s 60% of being a great premiership goalkeeper. He just needs to look at the the other 40%, particularly his focus.

Wenger has taken time out to be brutally honest about the situation, which is actually quite refreshing.

“We have to go back to basics; that means to win football games and win your fights first.

“We have to play like we do. It is disappointing to lose a big run in the way that we did it here. At the end of the day the result does not lie. The focus was missing a little bit and the way we conceded the goals [was disappointing]. I felt that we lacked something, I do not deny that.

“We have been consistent recently and you have to give credit to the team. But in this game we were poor and we were not good enough.”

It’s not often the coach calls the team poor. He’s right though. My QPR mate couldn’t believe how lack lustre our performance was. He did note that Chamberlain clapped the home fans after despite getting some stick. He’s a class act that boy.

In transfer news, Yann M’Vila has heard about the lack of fun at the Arsenal training ground since Eboue left last summer and he reckons he’s the man to bring the back the fancy dress good times.

‘Inter, Arsenal, Real … I will take the fun everywhere!’

Exciting stuff. The man reckons he’s fun. I always worry when people describe themselves as fun. Generally, if you describe yourself as fun, you’re not fun. I’m not sure I’m comfortable about this signing now. He’s not fun is he? He’s a boring player… like Graeme Le Saux.

‘If the coach calls you and tells you he wants you to make you play, especially a French coach, it changes everything’

Still, I suppose he is an excellent player and I’m pretty sure Arsene Wenger is a French coach, so perhaps I’ll ease up on the personality stuff. It would be great to have a defensive midfielder who actually thrived on being defensive. We’ve missed a Gilberto, Flamini, Petit like player for a number of years now. Let’s hope we make a swift move before Madrid decide they need a 19th defensive midfielder.

Duncan Castles reckons we’ve been offered the chance to sign Jan Vertonghen for €13 million this summer. He also reckons we’re in for Oliver Giroud, which would be a massive improvement on Chamakh and Park Chu-nooo. I have to tell you, off the record, my Sunday league team are in quite advanced talks with Chamakh, there’s still questions over his ability to settle into the pace of the league, but it’s a risk worth taking. £50 a game we’ve got him on, he still has to pay subs though.

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I must say, I hate this time of the year when it comes to Newsnow. There’s always a new website set up purely to entice you with nonsense. You know which ones, don’t click the links, you’ll ultimately be disappointed and you’ll actually be feeding their revenue streams. Don’t get me wrong, I love a transfer story, but not when it comes from a site purposefully set up to dupe Arsenal fans into clicking through to their ad covered pages.

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  1. luke

    I have to say if Utd win the title, I wont be happy, but I will be the happiest ive been seeing them lift the trophy over city. fuck off city you fucking disgusting shits. Go buy a spanish team ya wankers

  2. goondawg

    what makes it even more pathetic is that ferguson will prob show us how to batter QPR on saturday! Credit to them, shit side, great battlers. Solid manager as well

  3. Josip Skoblar

    No, I only played amateur football in England! :-) I have followed the team since I was a young man. Haifa is my favourite Israeli city. I was following every game 20-30 years ago, now I occasionally read match reviews in the press. Last time I read about them, they were 6th or 7th, now Bade tells me they’re second!

  4. arsenal1886-2006

    Notice the pattern? Nasri and Clichy go to City and they blow the title, Fabregas goes to Barca and they blow the title.
    Arsene certainly knows how to instil a winning mentality.

  5. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Fuck me.. Blackburn 6 points clear of the R Zone 2 weeks ago.. now back in it.. That scrap is going all the way to the end..

    Not going to get into the love-in for Utd.. but Rednoses reaction to, was it Wellbeck’s backheel when they were 1-0 tells you the intensity and pressure to perform they work under.. Enuf said.. Cunts!

    Our Max points total possible and Utd’s now should tell everyone who doubts how much work there is still to do with our team, especially this summer.

    Still think we can have a reasonable run-in and go down to the wire for that 3rd spot. But the gap above is still massive, and Jack coming back aint gonna breach that alone.

    Going to light a few candles now that every big named player we want will want to join us!

  6. kwik fit

    I think Villa could be in big trouble.
    They have lost the spine of their team,,,,Dunne Petrov and Bent
    They may not win another game. Didn’t mind Villa until Mcleish appeared on the scene.

  7. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And City look like off-loading Tevez, Balotelli and Dzeko in the Summer! They’ll be definitely looking at the Emirates calalogue of Strikers.. Chamakh, nah.. Park.. nah.. hm that Persie Van Robin fella.. hm.. wouldn’t be suprised if they offered us a cash plus Dzeko deal!

    Hope we can hold our nerve and win that one.. and sign big.. The 3rd spot will really help make that job a bit more doable.. C’mon!


    Pedro says: April 2, 2012 11:16:49

    Joppa, I’m not sure anyone mirrors your thoughts of having an all English eleven at the expense of quality.

    Pedro, you are talking nonsense, I have never said that. What I have said is that Arsenal should have a core of top English talent mixed with the BEST foreign talent.

    Q: Ask Alex Ferguson if a core of Brits has been important to Man U over the last 18 years? What do you think his answer will be?

    When I see the like of Ashley Young banging in the goals and also Baines at Everton, Cahill etc and then look to what we have it gives me the hump.

    In my opinion Le Grove should be putting pressure on Wenger not pandering to his ways. The performance on Saturday should tell you all you need to know about how far away we are.

    When is Geoff going to post?

  9. jack


    We could be in big trouble, but by the time we play citeh, utd could (will) be 8 pts clear with city in dissaray, we can capitalise. But we usually bottle it.

  10. kwik fit


    We need some of the aggression and effort that was shown against the spuds in each of the final seven games.
    We’ve bottled it in the closing stages of the past 5 season’s. Surely we can’t do it again…….can we?

  11. jack


    we can…

    United play with aggression and effort to win the title.

    Will we play with aggression and effort for 4th place trophy.???

    with the spuds and chavs back to winning ways and confident i feel we have to beat the chavs and a draw with city might get us top 4.

    If we repeat performance like QPR, were fucked.

  12. Rohan

    arsenal1886-2006April 2, 2012 22:00:01
    Notice the pattern? Nasri and Clichy go to City and they blow the title, Fabregas goes to Barca and they blow the title.
    Arsene certainly knows how to instil a winning mentality.

    haha, that made me chuckle at least

  13. skandibird

    Yepp! You really have to hand it to ”those bastards” – I much prefer ManU winning EPL than bloody Manc$ any day or Chel$ea for that matter (who I hate with a passion esp John fu*king Terry) – Samir Na$ri leaving AFC for silver wear, what silver wear? HA!! As for those ugly twats Balotelli & Dzeko, I hope they are smashed to pieces by the Verminator . Ah well, that’s my dream and wish anyways

  14. Herkules

    i think it will be quite a bit of fun to be the team that knocks City out of it once and for all… I really don’t see us losing this weekend. I think we’re stronger than we were when we lost 1-0 and despite last weekend debacle our form is still stronger than theirs (plus they’ll be in shambles knowing they’re probably out of it now anyways)

  15. ianwrightggg

    how good did gallas look against chelsea and swansea, far better than verm has, why did we sell him to spuds, why didnt we sign parker 2! were gonna collapse and finish 5th behind chelsea

  16. Samir

    I’d take Dzeko…For 15M ish
    M’Villa -20M
    Gourcuff -12M

    …….Vap Persie–Dzeko–Podolski…

  17. zeus

    Why in the world would VP be a left sided forward? Better to play him as a #10 behind Dzeko in your hypothetical lineup.

  18. zeus

    Strengths: Robust in the challenge, M’Vila is happy to put himself about and fears no-one when it comes to making a tackle. He boasts a fantastic work-rate but is by no means just about lumbering physicality; he possesses superb vision and can be instrumental in building-up attacks from the back.

    Weaknesses: M’Vila struggles when taking on players of genuine pace and, though it is not an integral part of the role he plays, his eye for goal is pretty poor.

    Career high: Winning his first full international cap in August 2010, less than a year after making his debut in professional football.

    Career low: Missing out on France’s squad for the 2010 World Cup despite being heavily tipped to make the cut after being selected in the final-23. Though not being involved in Les Bleus’ shambolic campaign in South Africa has hardly adversely affected M’Vila.

    Style: Tough-tackling, committed, hard working, a similar player to Claude Makelele.

    Quotes: “Yann has really shaken up the hierarchy here. For a youngster, he has an unusual level of maturity in his game.” Rennes manager Frederic Antonetti shortly after M’Vila’s debut in 2009.

    Trivia: M’Vila’s brother Yohan is also a professional footballer for Ligue 2 side Dijon. He has been called up by the Congo national team but is yet to make an appearance.

  19. Bade

    I’d take the same result from Milan’s last visit to the Nou … 2-2 with a Milan equaliser on the death

    Oh the joy if that happens


    As usual very good post Pedro.
    Irrispective of what we expect for next season,I think the first priority is to finish above the neighbours,to make the big mouth VDV swallow his own words that they are going to finish above Arsenal
    In my opinion to achieve third place is first and foremost leave Ramsey out of contention for the last matches.
    He is creating a lot lot of congestion in the middle of the park,and causing us trouble,because he can’t play outwide,and a manager of the calibre of Wenger knows it,so why sticking to play him,besides he is slow,and looks careless when loosing or passing the ball