Wenger baffles with team selection | Vermaelen switches off twice to cost us

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So there we have it, our seven game winning streak has come crashing down with an almighty thud against a team my QPR supporting guest blogger was almost certain they had no chance of winning. We’re at that point in the season now where you can’t look at that result with anything other than total disappointment. We should have gone out and taken them apart, instead, we put in a lack lustre performance and dropped three extremely vital points. Our cushion has now disappeared and we’ve invited a world of pressure back onto ourselves.

The selection was odd straight from the off. Why when you have the £15million Gervinho and the £15million Chamberlain in your squad you opt for Ramsey on the left is completely perplexing. Both of the latter are wingers, both have far more threat going forward than the Welshman. A decision that reeks of trying to be too clever… even though I can’t quite work out what he was trying to counter with his strategy?

Anyway the first chance of the match fell to Robin after a solid opening 15minutes, his freekick was hit low at Paddy Kenny who had no problem gathering the ball up. After that, QPR started to feel their way into the game playing at a higher intensity than us. Their first chance fell to Zamora when he leaped highest to head over from a Taarabt freekick into our box.

Their opener was a sickener. The ball was played from QPR’s defence right through the middle of park. It wasn’t even a well hit pass and it should have been intercepted by our midfield, it wasn’t, Kieran Gibbs played Taarabt onside as he picked up the ball, shook off Vermaelen who kind of gave up the challenge as he watched the Moroccan smash the ball past Chesney.

What a shocking piece of defending by the whole team there. Especially disappointing to see Thomas make such a weak mistake.

It didn’t take a huge amount of time for us to level up against the run of play. Robin Van Persie managed to bundle the ball through to Theo Walcott who was in the box… he turned and struck his shot at the base of the post, the second ball came out and he fired it into the empty net. A great finish…

The second half wasn’t really much better than the first. We lacked urgency and drive all over the pitch. Aaron Ramsey was showing that he’s still not being coached properly. I like him as a player, I really do… but as I said earlier on in the season, he just doesn’t seem to get told about the bad parts of his game… namely, that he holds onto the ball too long. When he zips the ball around quickly, he’s great. What he tends to do is run with it until he’s knocked over, the attacking advantage is lost or he runs it out of play. That’s a coaching issue for me.

Alex Song was demonstrating all my fears. He’s a defensive midfielder who can create. Not a great creative midfielder. All of this nonsense around him being like Cesc is absolutely that, nonsense. However, someone needs to tell him that. He was one of the worst offenders yesterday for misplaced passes going forward. He should not be the focal point for creativity because that’s simply not where he excels.

However, it is worth noting that he set Robin free on goal one on one on 58 minutes, the Dutchman fired a high shot, but Paddy Kenny pulled off a masterful save to deny Robin his goal. That was pretty much the turning point for us in the game.

QPR took the lead again after gaining possession after Chesney failed to communicate with Koscielny resulting in a throw. Joey Barton played in Mackie, Vermaelen ran out to challenge him, slipped, lost his man, Mackie bombed into the box, picked out Diakité who had no one marking him and bang… we were 2-1 down.

Where was our midfield?  Where were Vermaelen’s studs?

3 points dropped at a ground where we really should have been extending our unbeaten run.

So what went wrong?

Well, apparently an 7 game winning run doesn’t make you the greatest team in the world and it doesn’t mask the deficiencies you’ve had in your squad all season. We have a good starting 11, we just don’t have a great starting 11. If a few things don’t click out on the pitch, we have very little to call upon, particularly up front.

You also have to make sure if you’re banking your season on having a good starting 11, you actually play that starting 11. Fielding Ramsey out on the left when I can name 4 players I’d rather have there (Gibbs, Santos, Gervinho and Chamberlain) is nothing short of ridiculous. Still, I liked Wenger’s reasoning after the game…

 “The thinking is that he played there because I decided for him to play there,”

I like that line, we should all take that back to the work place on Monday, the world would be a better place. I think what made the Ramsey decision even worse is that it took until 69minutes to make a change. Surely Wenger could see what we were seeing? Why not make the change earlier? Chamberlain might be rough round the edges but he’d have given us more options and possibly prevented Song passing to Theo all game, which as an opposition gets quite easy to defend against… especially if Theo is having an off day.

Then we have Robin Van Persie. He can’t score every game, he really can’t… but we have no other option if he’s not on fire. I don’t know how many times Chamakh has come on this season, but I’d be interested to know how many times he’s come on and we’ve lost. He is our white flag, you know it’s time to switch off the hope button when he saunters onto the pitch. I know this is a bit out there, but wouldn’t you prefer to throw Afobe into the mix over a player who we know is absolute garbage? Even worse is watching Nik B score and assist against City. Our second best striker is playing for Sunderland. Go figure?

There’s also the Alex Song problem. He’s being compared to Cesc on the main website. He’s not the sharpest, he’ll believe those comparisons and the stats show it. He made 18 duff passes going forward. 18! That’s huge. Sure he set Robin off on a run, but 18 duff passes was the reason we used to get so annoyed at Arshavin. Song is a defensive midfielder, he should play as one. Yesterday highlighted why we need a disciplined one so badly this summer. Diakité should have had Alex Song hanging off his back or in front of him for his goal, not a million miles away telling Robin off for not calling him Zidane.

Thomas Vermaelen has to be the real scapegoat if there was one yesterday. One of the guys I sit next to at the stadium has been saying for a while that the reason we love him so much is because of the Keown-esque bluster he has about his game, not his great defending. It’s true. We do overlook the errors he makes on the pitch because we connect with him (same with the keeper). Yesterday he performed badly. He’s far better than that. He needs to tighten up and sometimes I feel he needs a bit more focus.

The most important issue to stem from the game today isn’t that we lost. It’s how we react to the loss. Traditionally, we tend to collapse after a disappointment. If we do that at this point in the season, say hello to Europa Cup football next season. If we can steady the ship, win our next two against Manchester City and Wolves, then 3rd is still ours for the taking. There will be plenty of twists and turns during the run in, we just need to hope Wenger has a plan to combat the confidence crisis he usually finds his team in.

Also, I hope yesterday highlighted the need for top quality reinforcements this summer. I hope it showed all the supporters who were thinking we’d be challenging for the title next season that we’re still a very long way off that. Wenger needs to address his squad issues or we’ll be in exactly the same situation again next season. We’ve all been taking the p*ss out of Spurs fans for thinking they’re world beaters after 3 good months, we’ve been guilty of the same because we’ve won 7 games on the bounce. We can still take third, keep them crossed the boys bounce back.

Oh… and come on the SWANS!

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  1. andy

    reggie57 do you see how the guys play in training? do you know if the ox has any kind of problem as he is not ready yet or gervinho missed 50 chances in training? you guys see players on the weekend or maybe some clips of the training ground but all in all you see them approximately 2 hours a week … have you ever thought about training sessions, which sometimes decide who starts and who doesn´t? yesterday was such a bad day by anybody that it doesn´t work to say it was AWs fault …

  2. Keyser

    Paulinho – As usual you’re talking absolute shite, if our midfield was Denilson,Diaby and Song you nutter, would I be half as critical of them ? No, because you’d be wondering why the fuck that was our midfield to begin with.

    You’ve obviously aged over the years we’ve talked on here and sorry to say mate, either there’s other variables to consider or you’ve lost whatever limited understanding you could muster, I’m guessing age does have something to do with it.

    Think about it ffs what we were missing yesterday ? Maybe we should begin with that ? Arteta played on the wing ? Do you think he could do that now ?!

  3. Keyser

    Also injuries in Rosicky’s case ? So basically you’ve just replaced age with injuries as to why they couldn’t muster what they needed yesterday.

    You’ve basically just excused them in different ways, or are you just looking in ways to blame Song.

  4. goondawg

    Did anyone think Mike Dean let them be too overly pushy and aggressive yesterday when another ref may have awarded us free kickson more than a couple of occasions? Even the commentator mentioned this in regards to Zamora chucking his weight around. Just bullied our team!

    Nah fuck it, we have a bunch of pussies in our team. Arteta subbing off was a horrendous decision because it seemed he was the only one in midfield properly getting stuck in. Rosicky and Arteta don’thave the legs to keep up with our system throughout a whole season.

    We need a system change, I would rather have Walcott doing his thing up front, because he clearly has no desire to track back and defend, which leaves poor Sagna in all sorts having to bear the brunt of it all. Well I’d rather we sold Walcott is such a pussy, he must be the worst player with the most unfulfilled potential ever! If he was a little braver and played with a bit more heart and desire maybe.. Ramsey was awful yesterday, but I blame Wenger for playing him out of position in the first place.. Unforgivable errors yesterday and laclustre performance cost us.. And I have a feeling end of May we will properly rue missing out on this game. Hope we do Chavs and Man city in, but they are big games. Disgraceful how we have succumbed to embarrassing defeats/draws that felt like defeats against teams like Blackburn, Fulham, Wolves, QPR, Bolton, Swansea this season.

    H Manchester City
    A Wolverhampton W.
    H Wigan Athletic
    H Chelsea
    A Stoke City
    H Norwich
    A W.B.A.

    Doesn’t really paint a pretty picture…

    ANywaysss enough Doom from me, C’mon you SWANS!!

  5. reggie57

    andy no i dont see or know what goe’s on on training but what i saw yesterday was a inept display from a team thats supposed to be cl contender’s!! and due to poor team selection on the great’s one’s part was a fucking shamble’s!!

  6. Keyser

    reggie57 – Mate, we simply don’t have the options, replace Gerv or the Ox with Ramsey, it’s not like putting Pires or Fabregas on is it.

  7. Paulinho

    “Paulinho – As usual you’re talking absolute shite, if our midfield was Denilson,Diaby and Song you nutter, would I be half as critical of them ? No, because you’d be wondering why the fuck that was our midfield to begin with”!

    Ha ha, you thick twat, you didn’t have much problem with the thought of those three playing together at the start of the 08/09 season. In fact you were positively gushing at the idea. Seems you’re grey matter has suffered a bit as well eh? Selective amnesia there Keyser?

  8. kwik fit

    No point picking out individuals from yesterday’s debacle. Collectively we were well below standard. No one was even average. Let’s hope and pray that this was only a temporary blip cos the next seven are like cup final’s. Not that we have much recent experience of them.

  9. Keyser

    “Ha ha, you thick twat, you didn’t have much problem with the thought of those three playing together at the start of the 08/09 season. In fact you were positively gushing at the idea. Seems you’re grey matter has suffered a bit as well eh? Selective amnesia there Keyser?”

    See, there’s the real Paulinho, the demented fuckwit who’s heart left with Hleb.

    Gushing ? That’s exactly why you’re a complete div at times, you’re obssesed with blaming someone for Hleb’s departure, did he peak at 30 ?!

    Where was I gushing ? We had Fabregas back then, we’d bought Nasri, there was still hope for Rosicky, Eduardo to come back, Ramsey.

    If we had Diaby,Denilson and Song out yesterday who’s left to look for ? Rosicky’s 3 years older, Arteta’s peak was probably a few years ago, regardless of your bollocks, then there’s the OX and Wilshere.

  10. Keyser

    reggie57 – Whoever Wenger picked they weren’t going to set things right yesterday it would probably have been just as tough, It’s the options we should blame Wenger for not the team selection.

  11. Va Voom

    My patience with Song is at its limit.

    He needs a proper dressing down like a couple of players in this team, he has some fantastic qualities which make him a terrific CM but his positional awareness is awful, his choice of passing is sometimes breathtaking but alot of the time needless and dangerous.

    Would love to see M’vila and Song as they would bring out the best in each other.

  12. Leedsgunner

    Sounds like it was a bad day at the office for everybody concerned — but I think it might be a blessing in disguise as hopefully the boys will come out fighting against Mancini’s goons. Shame, we’ve thrown three points away but to be honest it just proves that the mental strength of this team is not “all that” despite what Wenger says… Ramsey should have never started yesterday…

  13. reggie57

    Ah yes keyser but if wenger would have done his job right in the first place like re-investing in player’s and not on his favourites wage’s we would have more option’s!!

  14. gambon

    I love the way people think a little shift in formation will change everything.

    You want us to be better? We need a better manager, better coaches and better players.

    Swap Theo for Hazard, Ramsey for Dempsey, Song for Mvila, Chamakh for Cavani and you will see better results whether we play 442 or 11422

  15. kwik fit

    Va Voom

    Would rather see M’illa and Le Coq in the centre next season.
    Both Mobile and quick over the ground, everything Alexander isn’t!

  16. Paulinho

    keyser – So you were fine at the thought of two of them playing together(which they did consistently from 08 onwards and again you had no problem), but three of them was the tipping point and enough to provoke such a response along the lines of “wondering why the fuck that was our midfield in the first place?”

    Right, that makes sense.

    Nope, I remember it quite clearly. The players were not that important in your view, it was the genius Wenger ‘system’ that created the the good football.

    Don’t worry, If I believed something as stupid as that I would probably try to deny it later on as well.

  17. Long Island Gunner

    Love the stuff coming from Gambon, especially, and a few others. Agree that Wenger tried to be too cute by half yesterday with Ramsey (who MAY become a top EPL footballer, but is not there yet). So many things brought up with this game, I see 2 tactical areas that are just creaming for attention for the past 3 – 4 years that this match highlighted.

    #1 – Defending in isolation. The greatest “problem” with Vermie’s slip and mistake is that there was no cover. Kosc should be cover as should Gibs on the 1st goal when Vermie gets tight on his man. But in order for that to happen Song must be dropping into a deep DM area so he can get closer to the Kosc CD position (And Ramsey or Arteta must be sliding back for Gibbs as he leaves his wide man) and offer player marking / Balance as Kosc covers Vermie. NEVER happens unless we are conceding equal or more position to the opponent – i.e. Barca, Man Utd at times and others that hold the ball as well as we do. HUGE problem that must be addressed in either a system change or a top flight player that can do this on his own by reading the game, opponent and ebb and flow of the match.
    #2 – We play a system with wingers. That means wingers generally provide service from the wide areas to the center channel. For the to work you need players in the center channel to be able to use the service to create shooting chances. Apart from RVP – who do we have that is going to consistently threaten the goal with shooting chances from the center channel? Rambo? Mozart? Arteta? (if you say Song, you are disqualified for not reading #1). I saw some great stats above for shots taken and shots on target for YaYa Toure and others. Anyone care to make a guess which top 8 team has the fewest shots on target from central mid players this year? last year? the year before? Anyone wonder why we can’t “break down” defenses that sit in time after time or that we “overpass” around the box? How many years has that been said about our play.

    Kosc, Vermie, Merte are all going to be fine – especially if we get Song to play a bit more of a “support” role in the center of defense. The wing backs – when healthy – are fine. The wide attackers committee of Gerv, Ox, Theo, etc. are fine. Jack – if he is done with his injury issues – will play the role he played last year between Cesc and Song just fine (and Arteta and Rambo will add depth). But if Arsenal are to play at the top of the EPL level – where we expect them to be – we need those 2 positions (plus an under-contract and healthy RVP) to be at a World Class level of performance across 50+ games per year. Think Viera / Edgar Davids and Bergkamp / Cesc if you must but that is the issue we face in our current framework. Everything else is simply garnishments on the main course.

  18. Va Voom

    Kwik Fit

    I just think that if Song had a player doing the running for him then you would see alot better player (But he still needs to address his choice of pass sometimes)

    But the way Le Coq is progressing it might be hard for Wenger to keep him out of the team.

  19. Keyser

    Paulinho – Seriously I’m beggining to pity you now, which isn’t good for either of us.

    “He played on the wing, so he’s still getting to grips with the position. He’ll always be limited though.”

    This is why you’re an idiot, and you’ll remain one until you let go of whatever bullshit that’s clogging up your thought process.

    “Nope, I remember it quite clearly. The players were not that important in your view, it was the genius Wenger ‘system’ that created the the good football. ”

    This is just embarrassing, the players were important, but it’s what they brought when they were together that was key, as highlighted by your idol Hleb,

  20. Byo

    Wenger seems to play Ramsey in the midfield(see Everton game) on away games, maybe to give the defense more spine. The effort yesterday was off all over the pitch. But to blame Ramsey for the loss is a bit over the top: where was the someone to track back on the second goal? Vermaelen basically gave away 2 goals.
    Can we also give QPR some credit, they are fighting for their lives.
    And how quickly we forget a team that just won 7 in a row!

  21. Va Voom

    Andy Carrol = 35 Million
    Stewart Downing = 20 Million
    Jordan Henderson = 16 Million

    Demba Ba = Ziltch
    Yohann Cabaye = 6 Million
    Papiss Demba Cisse = 10 Million

    Speaks for itself …………… Oh and long may Kenny’s reign of terror continue.

  22. Paulinho

    “This is just embarrassing, the players were important, but it’s what they brought when they were together that was key, as highlighted by your idol Hleb,”

    Yes, you unbelievably thick twat, you thought Song, Diaby, Denilson, Fabregas, “together” could replicate the sort of football we played in 07/08, which is of course is why your an unbelievably thick twat.

  23. Maciek

    Spot on Gambon!!!!!

    Sell Theo, buy Hazard. Recall Arshavin and play him in a hole.

    Buy Vertonghen and play him alongside Koscielny.

    Buy a PROPER left back who can DEFEND!!!

    Buy a world class cdm. and a world class playmaker.

    Aside from Podolski, buy andther striker.

    Sell the dross.

    And replace the manager. Wenger is past his best. Klopp for me or Guardiola. He would love to manage us.

    P.S. We have missed out on P. Cisse. He looks class. But hey we have Chamakh and Park.

  24. Keyser

    Paulinho – You lying cunt. Haha.

    “Nope, I remember it quite clearly. The players were not that important in your view, it was the genius Wenger ‘system’ that created the the good football. ”

    Haha, look at how quickly you’ve given up on that, you’re making up complete bollocks now.

    So you thought I wasn’t giving Hleb enough credit, when I was giving him as much as he obviously deserved, that’s what you’ve been upset about, you obsessive wanker, haha.

  25. Va Voom

    Can anyone really think of that many WORLD CLASS CDM?

    All I have is

    De Rossi

    Cant really think of many Genuine worldy’s

  26. kwik fit

    Shouldnt have been send off.
    The Newcastle guy is a diving cheat. This play acting must be takin out of football. Birch should be banned as well for the outrageous dive.

  27. Paulinho

    Keyser – You come across a bit demented there to be honest. Don’t make me start to pity you now.

    Still trying to explain how that quote means I’ve given up?

    And what’s the Arteta one supposed to mean exactly?

    You have this disconcerting of quoting things that do not support your argument whatsover, in fact they go against it. Very odd and bit dopey as well.

  28. Keyser

    Paulinho – Ah, nah, if it’s going to descend into the usual trade of insults because you don’t have a clue what you’re on about, then why not ?!

    At 30 or whatever age Arteta is you’ve managed to work out and excuse him because despite his age, which you say bears no relevaance anyway, you think he’s learning a new position, and despite you admitting he’s a limited player.

    So a limited player learning a new position gets a free pass from you well into their late 20’s, get it now ? and it’s why you’re a monumental mug, worm your way out of it mate, it’s why I pity you now.

  29. Paulinho

    Keyser – How is Arteta getting a free pass?

    They were all shit yesterday and overall they are all lacking. You’re the one giving the free passes. Song covering their deficiencies? Again with apologist crap when it’s someone who represents Wenger’s youth experiment.

    Don’t know why you’re so sensitive about it. Just admit you’re biased towards Wenger’s youth products and debates won’t have to keep degrading into petty insults.

  30. Arsenal Toujours

    He played Ramsey where?

    And Chamakh is our substitute? (Chamakh and Park subs against Man U.)

    And we lost the game againast QPR?

    Who is going to punch his fucking lights out?

  31. Keyser

    Paulinho – Come off it, they’ll keep degrading because you can’t let Hleb go, I never said the players weren’t important and I didn’t say those players could replicate the same football, it’s the idea that Hleb was the be all and end all of everything, and as has been proved time and again since he wasn’t.

    Someone who represents Wenger’s youth experiement ? Not Fabregas then ? See how can you in all honesty post the shit you do ?!

    I know exactly what Song gives the team, and now we know Arteta and Rosicky’s limits aswell, which was my point, Arteta isn’t sitting back to cover Song, it’s because he can’t push forward to support anymore.

    What you’re disagreeing with is the reasons for it.

  32. Confidentgoner

    Not trying to defend Song who was atrocious with his tackling, the analysis of the team yesterday will start with why the mid were not effective. The reasoins are 2

    a) Feo inability to beat his man, to cross and to help Sagna
    b) Ramsey played at left, but not contributing on the left, and constantly clogging our mid and loosing possession.

    As a result of a and b above,

    Song thinks he needs to create more to get a goal and by so doing, he leaves his position and of course the left side is also exposed. We conceed another.

    The Song bashing or Ramsey basing is unnecessary. All the blame lie with mr. Wenger. If he is this poor as a tactician, then I might make a move for his job.

    What does he tell Walcott? What does he tell Song. Why play Ramsey? I would have lined up like this


    Santos Song Arteata Rosicky Walcot

    Gibbs Verm Kos Sagna



    change Rosicky or Walcot and bring on Ox in 2nd half

    Remove Gibbs, bring on Gerv if necessary. This line up would have strenghtened our left and also kept our right strong. However, the players were lethargic and did not close down enough. Raises the question – what the hell were they doing during the interval to this match?

  33. Paulinho

    “it’s the idea that Hleb was the be all and end all of everything, and as has been proved time and again since he wasn’t.”

    How exactly did you come to that conclusion?

    What the 08/09 season proved was that he absolutely was when it came to our attractive incisive football.

  34. gambon


    I think you will find he’s a much better manager, look at the table.

    Wenger bought chamakh and park, Pardew Ba and Cisse.

    Wenger bought gerboue, Pardew ben arfa.

    Would pardew play ramsey on the LW? Doubt it.

  35. andy

    funny stuff here … after 5 wins in a row some guys of you said “don´t be too happy”, “watch out, 5 games doesn´t change the team” bnla bla bla
    now we had 7 games in a row and now one lost and what do you do? exactly you start saying everything´s shite again and lack of desire bla bla bla
    let´s face the facts: we took 21 of 24 points, in those 8 games we played everton, lpool and sland away and spuds and ncastle at home – 5 games, nobody would even have thought about 15 points – we did it (with luck). Now we´ve lost a game which should have been won according to the table and we didn´t … is now everything shite again? NO … NO … NO … ok it´s not perfect, as I told before, cause if we had won that we would have been able to drop points against “better” opponents like chavs, mancity or stoke away … but right now we have won our last 5 games against “better” opponents, so why not eliminate mancity and chavs at home, draw at stoke and getting automatically qualified for CL?

  36. Keyser

    Paulinho – Oh attractive football now ? See look how you suck it back to your love for Hleb.

    You’re still making excuses for him, you’re making excuses for Arteta, we’ve seen their limitations now, you just have to see it for yourself,

  37. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well yeah, that was my whole point that summer when he was sold. I said our football wouldn’t be anywhere near as good and you disagreed. What did you think I was arguing you plum?

  38. goondawg

    Our midfield is so shit and bereft of any real quality, that Song has to take it himself and provide cesc balls, when it is clear he is way over his head, and for every one peach of a cross, there is ten misplaced ones. I blame Wenger for selling our best players and not buying the quality needed, no the quality the fans deserved, the quality cesc left us for and RVP has been crying for Wenger to deliver. It is saddening that this just didn’t happen this year because Wenger’s beliefs are destroying the club and he is too stubborn to ever give way. I hope for his sake he sorts it out, there is no way a club of our stature and class, with a fantastic stadium, demanding the highest ticket prices, with a manager that is pocketing 7mpa, can put out such a mediocre side of average players that rely time and time again on RVP (who after yesterday could do a cesc and leave for trophies)

    Pardew has invested well, created a strong backline, play good football, and did sell his best players, but also bought quality as replacements. Wenger buys a bunch of kids on a hoe-string budget hoping the world is still going to turn. We lose to city and chavs, it is all going to crash and burn. With even Newcastle threathening to overtake us. They have done well and Pardew has been a better manager this season. Wenger is getting old.

    His quote on Ramsey ”The thinking is that he played there because I decided for him to play there,” just angers me more!! Even Santos would have been a better option if he wanted defensive balance for christs sake, the brazilian is a LB by trade with more attacking prowess.

    Ok… GO ON YOU SWANS!!!

  39. RCB

    Horrible day when you realise Alan Pardew is a much better manager than Arsene Wenger.

    Last time i checked Arsenal were 3rd. 5 points above newcastle.

  40. Keyser

    Paulinho – You’ve been talking a load of shit really, but you’ve got it back to Hleb, so congrats on that, we’ve seen how he’s done since he’s left, and he’s said his bit to.

    As for yesterday, like I said we saw Arteta’s limits.

  41. Paulinho

    Keyser – I can see why you have Hleb on the mind 24/7 and slip him into every debate in desperation. He’s sort of symbolic of the garbage you’ve been churning out here year after year, and encapsulates perhaps most succinctly the depths of your dirge.

  42. SpanishDave

    We forget how bad a tactician Wenger is. A Mark Hughes team will bully you. So we needed to use our pace to not allow them to settle. So he uses Ramsey, who will not get stuck in following his leg break. Ox would have caused them problems and if we scored first they would have to change tactics.
    How long has Wenger had to work this out, he really doesn’t get it tactically.

  43. Va Voom

    Long Island Gooner

    I was looking for current ones playing today.

    Is Seedorf really a Cdm? I would say he was more of a Cm ( But still a legend nontheless)

  44. Keyser

    Paulinho – He epitomises where you’ve dragged this debate, a lot of waffle without a point. Did yesterday show Arteta’s deficiencies ? Yes, is he limited ? Yes Paulinho said so himself.

    What are you disagreeing with ?!

  45. gambon


    What kind of retard are you?

    Newcastle were in the championship 2 years ago. Now they’re a few points behind us and pardew has destroyed wenger in the transfer market.

    Wenger took an unbeaten team that scored 90 points and now we’re complete also rans.

  46. Paulinho

    Keyser – You really contending that I don’t have a point? From you, the king of saying nothing?

    You can’t even remember your own arguments ffs. It’s embarrassing. Every debate becomes a molly-cuddling session, like having a conversation with an Alzheimer’s patient.

  47. alexanderhenry

    One bad game out of eight and a lot of you seem to be panicking. Finishing top four was never going to be easy this season, especially after the debacle last summer. Let’s be honest, it’s a minor miracle we’re in the position we’re in.

  48. Keyser

    Paulinho – You mean where you get flashed a photcard of a mousey haired Belarussian and you tell people ‘I saw that man play..’

    Go on take it back and sive through your shit into a concise sentance.

  49. Parken94

    Pardew will have to produce winning teams for a number of years to be near AW’s class – he has made a few good signings but it could easily be a one season wonder

  50. Keyser

    Paulinho – It obviously did to you, wait let me get the flashcard.

    – Paulinho “Oh Alexander..”

  51. Paulinho

    When the last time you remembered what your argument was?

    Nah, although the last page you might help you in that case.

  52. gambon

    When was the last time wenger produced a winning team?

    What a stupid metric to measure Pardew by.

    Fact is he’s doing a far, far better job than Lord Senile Bollocks.

    Imagine giving him our squad with twice as much money to spend. Pretty easy to see he would do a better job than Mr “third is a trophy”

  53. Keyser

    Who cares, what’s the last page been about ? Me dismissing any point you might’ve thought you had.

    You either can’t remember, or have such bad memories of it you’ve already erased it from your memory.

    Here’s a clue, “it isn’t what Arteta offers in defence, it’s what he should be offering going forward”

  54. andy

    watching spuds is such a disgrace… they play every ball to bale and he runs down the line … without him they would be in relegation trouble

  55. RCB

    lol gambon.

    I seriously doubt if u have an IQ above 25.

    “Newcastle were in the championship 2 years ago. Now they’re a few points behind us… ”

    It was Hughton who led them back to the PL. So credit goes largely to him as well for this turnaround.

    And ya they are still behind us u retard.

  56. gambon


    You are a proper thick cunt.

    Check where they were when pardew took over, its what is called progress.

    When was the last time we made ANY progress under wenger? Well?

    If he’s so good why did he decide chamakh was better than Ba?

    Why Park better than Cisse?

    Come on you spastic, answers?

  57. leon

    i have have being saying this for longest time this team is not well drilled organized team which why despite having very good defenders in mers kos verm sagna ect they have still conceded almost 40 goals. i would thought that wenger would get this much organized defensively particualy when he less attacking options but no has persisted with playing 433 gambling that they out score the oppisition what so very concerning to me in this game they still now dont how play off side thats how poor and totaly disorganized as a unit they are and i think it will much the of the same next season wenger buy 4 world world defenders but unit he gets back basics and gets this to learn how defend properly as a team how track back how to get men behind the ball nothing will change but wenger is to obsessed with getting the team play like barc or real madrid

  58. sam

    honestly wenger is an idiot. anyone can manage this team and reach the goal is clinching third place but this bungling clussot will make a mess of it till we end up 4th or even 5th.
    first you tell chamakh and ramsey their season is over, chamakh shoudn’t come back but ramsey should go on holiday wherever the f*** he goes he should be practising his passing skills. then promote ozzyaku, yes oghuzan ozzyakup for those who never heard of him. he’s arsenal best passer of the ball and still languishing in the reserves. then tell our number 9 its time to prove himself with 7 games to go, anyway park chu young could be useful squad player, his workrate is something we badly need right now arsene hates him because he’s obsessed with lazy players. its a mistery he doesn’t even get a place on the bench. next its number 14, time to sit on the bench and start every games with chamberlain till the end of the season.
    we cannot buy new players till july we can just change this squad for the remaining 7 games till the end of the season. kick out underperformers from the first team then review their position in the summer.
    btw, walcott is always better as supersub, starting with chamberlain and gervinho should be the best option right now.

  59. gambon

    Of course rogers is better than wenger.

    We however should be targetting a top manager.

    Klopp would be a fantastic choice.

  60. RCB

    Ok So Arsenal havent made any progress yet thay are above Newcastle. Yet we are still better than newcastle.

    Yes we have not progressed the last few years. I am not denying that. (Wenger is totally responsible for this)
    But dont make it sound as if Pardew would have won us the title if he was the manager.
    U seem like a 12 year old with Down’s syndrome with that argument,

  61. andy

    well plastic bottle how come mancity didn´t, man utd didn´t (they got look) and the chavs didn´t? well this game today was one of the worst I´ve ever seen swansea playing … I don´t know why – maybe the yids are so strong (laugh hahahahahah) – maybe they just have a day off – like we had yesterday

  62. DaleDaGooner

    God help us, we have a manager that leaves you scratching your head with stupid stubborn tactics that just everyone knows won’t work

    Why this obsession with Ramsey in the game at all cost? Leaving Gervinho, Benayoun and Ox on the bench???

    Why persist with a 4-5-1 when a 4-4-2 diamond can do wonders? with the selection available.

    Sitting on hands, Subbing consistently until 69mins

    When was it obvious that RvP was struggling up front by himself…

    Like i said, I’d moan when it is necessary, and from go, i knew we would lose that game, Ramsey isn’t ready for this team, Gibbs isn’t the answer, he has made Vermaelen prone to error with his MIA game on the LB position. He’s always not there leaving TV5 looking like a Deer in a lamp.

    Bad tactics, can’t continue like this.

  63. andy

    how come fucking yid at left side can jump in with two feet off the ground and didn´t even concede a freekick against him?

  64. RCB


    The Retard resorts to cheap insults whenever he finds himself losing an argument.

    And yeah u dont seem like my mum. U seem more like this.


    Or it could be either ur mum or dad.

  65. goondawg

    Brendan, Pardew, O’neil – Progress

    Wenger – Regression + selling best players at discount rates + bumper pay contracts for Denilson and co.

  66. ritesh

    What reinforcements are u talking about when there is no commitment.

    TV has always been a clown.. he rushes to the opposite penalty area coz he is shit in his own.

    The commitment from the team was not there to stand up and fight yesterday. They are not winners, and this showed yesterday. Wenger can give them technical ability and build great players but he cannot give them a winning mentality.

    This team has not got it.

  67. kwik fit

    What’s all this crap about Pardew. The guy got lucky this season. Next season when the honeymoon’s over well see how he does with the players when they want to leave for ‘bigger’ club’s .

    I wouldn’t have him near our club.

  68. goondawg


    I saw that, sly bastard ASSouu ekotto jumping in two-footed like that and then feigning injury.. Right under the fourth official as welll.

  69. DaleDaGooner

    Ramsey should not be started, he is a bench player, that comes in in second half…Gibbs also, he’s left that Right Wing open every time. and Kos has surpassed TV by a lot in terms of CB stability.

  70. gambon


    I totally agree Pardew won’t make us world beaters, when did I EVER say he would.

    I’m not saying Pardew is great, however Wenger is an awful manager.

    We need better than both.

    Remind me, when did wenger ever make us world beaters, he’s has 15 fucking years to try, and now we have a team that thinks 4th is a trophy. Hardly the tag-line for a team of “world beaters”

  71. Bergkamp63

    Wenger is starting to remind me of Hitler in his final days,

    His grip on reality is getting weaker by the day !!

  72. DaleDaGooner

    And on a serious note, Geoff lay off Alex Song’s back, start asking questions about Ramsey, Gibbs…we were short to players yesterday for 70 mins…A left back and A left midfielder going forward, Ramsey didn’t do anything defensively (Watch Gervinho in the last game he started, saving Gibbs arse time and time again) We can’t keep blaming the 7 million a year man, these players need to ask themselves questions….Gibbs was found out yesterday, and Ramsey didn’t do anything to defensively or attacking…TV was a clown for the 2 goals conceded, but you have to ask where his left back was, my blame to him is TALK TO GIBBS!

  73. jack

    would anybody swap Wenegr for Pardew right now?

    I would…

    Cant stand how that french wanker and the board have brilliantly deluded so many fans into thinking that 4th is a trophy and is the best we can achieve. I will never forgive the cunt. but its also obvious he has transmitted his mental delusions onto most of our fans.

  74. RCB

    Managers better than Wenger

    1) Mourinho
    2) Guardiola
    5)Van Gaal
    6)Klopp (not sure)

    Maybe few more..

    Pardew or Rodgers??
    Definitely No

  75. DaleDaGooner

    Hopefully Chamakh is out and not allowed back…he went to a SHISHA bar with Adel Taarbt to “smoke” after the loss, I guess he’s already on his way and couldn’t be bothered.

  76. andy

    unbelievable challenge … the other guy had so much luck he has seen it coming … if he stood on his feet he could have said bye bye to his fibula … ridiculous and nothing happened … but when kompany made a real good challenge against the utd guy in the fa cup he saw red … ref decisions are so poor it´s simply ridiculous – not pro one team, it´s overall simply not good enough – there has to be a clear rule saying double feet challenge = red or = yellow or = if you hit the ball, it´s ok … you can´t let people decide – the guy of swansea didn´t fall over and yell but I bet 100 € if the fuc*ing yid was fouled he would been yelling on the floor …

  77. andy

    dale I don´t think ramsey is a bad player … and I don´t think pep would think so – playing him in the right position would be nice 🙂 btw. this system worked against everton

  78. Ezenta Kaycee Peter


    i can see us selling vp but i cant see the board sacking wenger………..you have criticised wenger for not being consistent in the past seasons……pardew and rodger are doing great job for this season……..will they achieve it season in season out….i dont think so…….pat rice will retire at the end of this season…..let pray that the new no 2 will inject some new ideas and not be a yes man

  79. DaleDaGooner

    andy…Ramsey is not a bad player, no, he’s just not good enough at the moment, the game vs Everton, we won, 1-0, very close game if you agree, we got a way with it, and this time, adding complacency in the mix and QPR wanting it more, we lost. Ramsey didn’t do grat in that Everton game……look at all the games we lost or drawn, Ramsey has been involved and relied on at key positions.

    He should be subbing for Arteta in the second half, not for an attacking midfielder or a left winger\attacker…he isn’t an attacker, so why play him as such?

  80. Rob The Goon

    Swap pardew for wenger…

    What utter nonsense!!


    Its funny how people on here were saying Song was one of the best midfielders in europe when le grove done that poll…hmmm

  81. goondawg

    Real managers aren’t afraid to cut and mix the team up when all is not going well. Proper managers won’t overpay dross and keep making same mistakes over and over again. Wenger mollycoddles this team way too much and lets his emotions get in the way of doing his job. This I fear is holding us back, when we should really be challenging on all fronts. Not playing babysitter till a Big Club swoops in for our stars.

  82. Josip Skoblar

    Just watched Lille beat Toulouse 2-1. Hazard was unplayable today. One goal and one assist. He has a Cruyffesque technique. The Lille guys were giving him the ball and he embarked the whole Toulouse defense with him. I’m angry that Wenger no longer seems interested in him. He’s simply the hottest talent in Europe at the moment.

  83. DaleDaGooner

    I’d get rid of Arshavin, Park and Chamakh, bring in Hazard at all cost, RvP, Podolski and Walcott as strikers, Gervinho, Ryo, Ox on the right, Hazard owning the left.

  84. goondawg

    Inconsistent refs have been killing the game for a while now. I can’t complain too much because every now and then a drenthe occurs and we get the three points needed to mask Wenger’s failings. I really hope he delivers and makes me eat my words, by proving his worth when we take Mancini’s lot

  85. andy

    well dale as I said once before – we all don´t know how players do on the trainingground, so it´s hard to say who should play and who shouldn´t … As I only see ramsey play 2 hours a week and AW + staff see him play every day my opinion is a little bit based on short moments
    I believe ramsey used to be the next “fabregas” … he was talented, played really well and started to get in our first XI – then he broke his leg – he worked hard to get back and his working rate now is way higher than before – but he is not concentrating on his talent to play the last ball BUT working for the team … he is not a number 10 anymore, he´s likely to play arteta position in my opinion … I can see wilshere and ramsey starting next year together in front of mvila/song

  86. andy

    I don´t really mind if refs decision go this way or that way … It´s simply far away from good enough to referee EPL – we are talking about players losing the ball to often or don´t score at certain times but I can´t remember the last match I watched and didn´t have any complaints about a ref decision … I know the game is fast and it´s hard to get offside right anytime but I am talking about decisions regarding brutal fouls or ellbows or even little emotions like TV or headbutt that never was like pepe reina

  87. andy

    well guys if schalke fail to get qualified to the CL directly I can imagine huntelaar will be to sign for us – perfect fit

  88. gambon


    He’s beoming world class in the last few months isn’t he? So many people on here said I was silly for saying he was better than Theo, now they look a bit stupid.

    He is easily worth spending £35m on.

  89. Arben

    To those cunts who want Pardew in charge at arsenal you must be on fucking drugs right now ,I know Wenger is fucked up,but comon fucking Pardew,there are much better managers then this cunt.

  90. jack

    That Pardew comment got good reaction lol

    Tbh i dont like him, but he made better fucking choices when buying players than wanker did.. and they are not a bad team NOW.

  91. Josip Skoblar

    I agree with you. I’m surprised he’s come that good that early. I thought he would a great player but not an exceptional talent. He is now. I watch all Lille games this year to assess his form over a long period of time. He’s great 3/4 games on average. He’ll be quieter the fourth game but then, out of the blue, he’ll do something technically breathtaking leading to an assist or a goal. Come on Wenger, the lad said he wants to come to England!!!