Gotze rumours fueled | Jack back before season ends | The fixture run in for the challenging three

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Well, 2 days on and I’m still pretty overjoyed at what happened on Monday night. Who wouldn’t be? There’s more work to be done though. In my eyes, there are three teams going for 2 places and this is how their fixtures look.


  • City (A)
  • Spurs (H)
  • Villa (A)
  • Wigan (H)
  • Fulham (A)
  • Newcastle (H)
  • Arsenal (A)
  • QPR (H)
  • Liverpool (A)
  • Blackburn (H)
For me, Chelsea have the toughest run in out of the lot. They’ve got to play Arsenal, City, Fulham and Livepool away. Not to mention the additional local derby day game against Fulham. They’ll also face a stern test from Newcastle and Villa. Not a nice run in. Plenty of potential point droppage there.


  • Everton (A)
  • Villa (H)
  • QPR (A)
  • City (H)
  • Wolves (A)
  • Wigan (H)
  • Chelsea (H)
  • Stoke (A)
  • Norwich (H)
  • WBA (A)
Arsenal don’t have the easiest run in. What we do have is the blessing of form and players returning from injury. City and Chelsea are going to be massive games, but they’re at home, so a massive advantage there. Stoke away always has potential disaster written across it, but if we have a first team out, hopefully getting bullied won’t be a big deal.


  • Stoke (H)
  • Chelsea (A)
  • Swansea (H)
  • Sunderland (A)
  • Norwich (H)
  • Bolton (A)
  • QPR (A)
  • Blackburn (H)
  • Villa (A)
  • Fulham (H)

Spurs seem to have the easiest run in on paper. Chelsea are pretty much their only tough game left. They are playing a lot of problem teams though. Sunderland away is never an easy day out as we’ve experienced in the cup. Norwich and Swansea are tough teams to play against and London derby matches can always throw a surprise.

All in all, 3rd place is still Spurs to lose. A top four finish for Chelsea would be massive, but let’s be fair here, they’ve certainly got the player to do it. Have they got the manager? No. Have they got the team spirit? Hopefully another no. The run in should be exciting regardless.

Amongst all the excitement, many people have asked if I still have the same opinion on the manager. Of course I do. People quickly forget why we’re in the position we’re in. It’s like Arsene has gate crashed a party with all his mates, trashed the place and now he’s getting all the credit for a marvelous clean up operation. This season was preventable and if the demise of our rivals has proven anything, it’s that with a little bit of TLC this summer, we could have been pushing for the title.

We can all be defeatist and complain that City have far more to spend on us and it’d be a valid point. However, they also have far more to spend than United… and when you look at things closely, City’s wage bill is only £40mill a season more than us and ours is now only about £10mill short of Uniteds… and we barely have a player on over £1o0k a week! Imagine how efficient we’d be if players were paid what they deserved? Imagine how much better we could be if Wenger made signings like he did in the dying days of the transfer market in June (Minus Park)?

If Wenger gets us to third, I’ll be over the moon. That shouldn’t be vindication. That should be the warning sign that we can’t continue to be complacent as a club. We will get left behind at some point and with our continued poor performances in Europe, there will come a point when top four isn’t enough to reap the rewards of European easy street. I understand the need to be in the Champions League, but we shouldn’t be using it as a way to make kids rich. We should be using it to establish ourselves as a European powerhouse. Otherwise, the whole exercise is pointless from a sporting perspective.

Still, things are looking up on the transfer front. It looks like we’re tying up a deal behind the scenes for Podolski. We’re at least making the right noises around Gotze and as I’ve said before, there are strong rumblings around the club that we’ll be looking to France for a big name. If we wrapped up 3 big signings before the Euro’s, signed up the biggest name of the summer for another year and added some much needed quality to the squad… I honestly wouldn’t care who was manager. All I ask as a fan is that the club learn from their mistakes. If Wenger is the man to lead the charge for a new era for Arsenal… marvelous. All I know is we can’t possibly have another disaster summer like the previous one… hopefully the club know that and they’re not pulling the wool over our eyes to ensure season tickets are snapped up (which they will be regardless).

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Finally, before I go… Jack could be back next month. Superb. Keep your hands off Stuart Pearce, your side parting is fooling no one! Oh, and we’re going to Hong Kong on a preseason tour… superb!

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  1. Harry Redknapp

    glad chelsea are through, two more big games will heap a few prem draws on them, cant wait to see who they get hope its madrid

  2. Gunner2301


    I wouldn’t expect them to be at a reserve game I suppose it’s whether they feel to go or not, Eboue used to attend reserve matches regular I think. I would expect him to show up on Monday though. As for the Chelsea love? Maybe he’s getting bored 😯

  3. incesc

    “Drogba, a disgrace of a human being. To quote John Aldridge “My wife was hoovering on Tuesday during the match. She accidentally bumped into the TV and Drogba fell over.””

  4. BOOZY

    if chelsea manage to avoid the big 2, they could get to the final, and if they do get to the final, anything is possible.

  5. BOOZY

    if chelsea manage to avoid the big 2, they could get to the final, and if they do get to the final, anything is possible.

    but this champions league trophy has madrid written on it.

  6. jack

    A resurgent team with confidence can beat anyone. And we celebrated being put out by Milan.

    As someone said earlier Arsenal PLC 2012

  7. Kwik fit

    John Terry: “players have no power here”. *watches John Terry bark orders at the team from the bench*

  8. DaleDaGooner

    before you go getting sour here, would Chelsea beat AC Milan 4-1? Think…this is Napoli, we would have beaten them based on tonight’s display

    I ask where the Hamsik lovers are

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Does anyone remember when Wilshere told Frimpong…”Respect your future captain” …… No wonder he wants Chelsea to win..

  10. DaleDaGooner

    incesc, no one is arguing that, yes that’s how the competition works…AC Milan beat the team ..nearly, put in front of them.

  11. Dan Ahern

    Just read up on all this Dave Richards stuff. So he starts spouting off about how FIFA stole football, about how the English and Germans like to have a pint, and then goes off and fall into a pool? Reads like a comedy routine! Haha

  12. James Taunt

    If Berba does not work hard, then his life will be made hell by fans, the foremost example being Arshavin’s case. Most of the fans expect either goals or the player should be visible giving his all. Berba looks lazy and I would be very surprised if we buy him,

  13. James Taunt

    Looks like the manager’s change is working for Chelsea. In hindsight, it looks like AVB was too young and not ready to handle the big boys at Chelsea. Di Matteo is letting the old guard run the team and Chelse look resurgent at least for some time. They might pose problems for Arsenal’s run in but the positive thing is at least they are likely to beat Spuds which was difficult when AVB was around.

  14. reggie57

    What a shit night/day to be a gooner!!! them chav cunts thru and celebrating wildly especeally a mug like terry !!boooooooooo

  15. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    If Berba’s happy to sit on the bench behind RVP and Podolski I’d have him as a direct replacement for Chamakh/Park! But not as an excuse NOT to go and buy a top talent approaching peak.

    However, I think he’ll drop down a tier as he wants to play. And as he’s 31 he’s not exactly on the up! But if he won’t accept a bench spot at UTD I don’t think he’ll accept one with us.

  16. Sadam Mahessar

    What the fuck is wrong with Jack Wilshere? Last season, on pitch and in news, he had a passion to die for, but this season he has been making a complete twat out of himself, haven’t seen him at the games at all, for all the doubts regarding the attitude of Cesc, Nasri, I clearly remember both of them being at every game which they weren’t even featuring as well.

    Every Arsenal fan hates Chelsea, can’t fucking believe Wilshere would say that. Disgrace

  17. Sadam Mahessar

    Berbatov would be good with RVP up front when we are playing 4-4-2 at home? Could even work with Podolski.

    But I would rather Giroud, Ba, Dempsey though, purely because they play with a passion and work their socks off every time they wear their clubs shirts.

    P.S : Fucking hate Wilshere right now though!