Wenger talks about Podolski | Club insistent Robin is not going to City

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Welcome to Saturday everyone. It’s a bit grey and cloudy. In my personal opinion, I’d say that’s probably more the down to there being no Arsenal to watch this weekend. I feel grey and cloudy inside. Still, there’s plenty of news to chew through this morning.

First up, Andre Santos is available and fit after a few months off nursing an injury. I mentioned a few weeks back that he was running again. He’s over whatever problems he’s been having and for me, he should go back into the first team. I think he’s better positionally than Gibbs, I think he’s extremely talented going forward and I like his strength. We’ve really missed his presence over the last few months even though we saw little of him before he left us.

In other injury news. Diaby won’t be available this Monday. Is that news? Or a copy and past job from the last 4 years of posts? Yossi will be back if all goes well this weekend. That’s good news. He’s added a bit of edge to our midfield of late and I’m a big fan of him as a player. We’ve also had reasonably positive news on Jack Wilshere. He’s had another scan and he could make the move into training soon. Again, like I said a few months ago. I’m not fussed if we don’t see him for the rest of the season. I’d rather him fully fit than risk another long layoff. Monday will see the return of Arteta and Rambo. Good times…

More good news is that Rosicky is set to sign a new deal with the club. I had a think about this last night. He’s offered very little to the club over the years, but he is a talented player. We can’t keep binning off experienced names. So him signing on for 2 years, not one, is a good step for the club and the player.

Wenger said we’re nowhere near a deal fro Podolski, then went on to list all of the things he liked about him.

‘Heโ€™s (Podolski) a good football player, above all. He can play for us because he can play central, play right and play on the left. He has 96 caps for Germany and is 26 years old, which is the best age.’

You can’t really argue with any of that. You also can’t argue with Wenger’s insistence that he’s being signed to compliment Robin, not replace him. Wenger is clearly furious with Manchester City and their public flirtations with Robin. He says he won’t sell him there and that’s fine. However, I feel like we’re here every summer listening to the same rubbish.

‘He is professional. He is committed. We won’t sell to the highest bidder. What are you supposed to do when a player won’t sign a contract.’

It all gets a bit boring. If City come in with a ยฃ40million bid. He’ll go to them. Why pretend he won’t? We need to sell players to generate revenue for team improvements. If he wants to go there, we’d never stand in the way. Why? Because when have we ever been that strong in the transfer market?

Wenger seems insistent that last summer was not the fault of the club. I can’t understand how he can claim that on any level. We all knew Samir wasn’t going to sign when he didn’t sign the deal ย off before the Carling Cup Final. We all knew Cesc wasn’t interested in playing for us. Most of us knew he wasn’t motivated… then he came out and admitted it in the press. I’m not questioning Robin or his motivation to the team. What I am questioning is whether the club have the balls to turn down a transfer offer that is 2.5 times what anyone else would dare bid.

Still, what we can be pleased about is the clubs strategy for keeping Robin is starting now. We’re winning games. We’re looking strong contenders for the top four. Now we’re signing up top talent. We need to keep on moving things forward over the next few months… because you never know what Robin might do.

Keep em’ crossed people! Oh, and hope that David Moyes celebrates his 10 year anniversary at Everton with a stylish win over Spurs today!

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  1. Charlieboy

    Been to the Chelsea game today, what a load of shit, if highbury was a library Stamford bridge is a fucking mortary.

  2. Mayank

    So the Newcastle game is a must win. Honestly though if we let this Chelsea side overtake us it’ll be a shame. They really are poor. That said I’d really like us to get 3rd and Chelsea 4th.

  3. iffy the goon

    aaah i knew sending super Nic b to sunderland was a wenger ploy from the beginning.

    Wenger you crafty ol dog, you. Lurch that’s funny by the way.

  4. iffy the goon

    lol @ RBC, racism is rather ugly, isn’t it. They should stick that pic alongside every “say no to racism” poster, let the kids know they’ll be that ugly if they grow up to be racists

  5. Bade

    So Bendy got us a goal against the Scousers, insuring their outing of the 4th race

    Hahaha, I should’ve asked to win the lottery

  6. albo

    Tell you what, every time I see Adebayor it makes me sad how things turned out with him, because he can be a beast of a player on his day…

  7. iffy the goon

    follow the money March 10, 2012 17:58:19

    The Spuds look burnt out.

    Just because they’re not ‘on fire’ doesn’t mean they’re ‘burnt out’. hehe

    Missed out on joke friday so that’s one for you guys

  8. iffy the goon

    wow…hoillet, hazard, rvp, prinz poldi, AOC, theo, gerv

    next season we’re gonna have some teams shitting themselves when the gooners are in town

  9. frenchie


    i really wonder if hazard is the target. i’ll take him, but i wonder if he is the one in france…

  10. frenchie

    i like scotty parker, but he needs to realize his homage to gary oldman in the firm is not cool…lose the wedge, fella.

  11. iffy the goon

    Arry earns the same as Wenger…and for doing what? What has he acheived in football.

    Harry Redknapp is football’s most overrated manager. Much like the English press does with young players, they’ve tricked arry into believing his own hype.

  12. iffy the goon

    Well i don’t like hughes because he’s a rubbish manager to be honest..plus he’s always got lots of shit to say about Wenger. Not that i like Wenger so much these days but you get where i’m coming from.

    Only thing qpr means to me is one less london rival in the league but yeah i guess qpr and leeds seem to be missing ingredients in the pl for a while now.

  13. iffy the goon

    btw has anyone really watched m’villa play, i saw a game couple days ago and he was just average. I don’t think he’s any better than alex song

  14. incesc

    rather go to qpr then some shithole like hull with a load of inbreds getting all angry and shouting same old arsenal always cheating every 5 minutes.

  15. frenchie


    i watch him play. he is good, but does suffer from a severe case of crabs…would prefer vertonghen to fill in that dm role.

  16. incesc

    Pulis for the “hes not that kind or player” bollocks.

    disgraceful for a manager to act the way he did after ramsey had been so badly hurt, did he even apologise?

  17. Mayank

    Lurch, because it’s be impossible to get Theo to resign if we’re getting Hazard. A swap wouldn’t be a bad thing necessarily but this summer I want to see zero first team players to depart and a few additions made in weak areas.

    Two seasons with the same squad is something we haven’t seen in years.

  18. iffy the goon

    You know incesc qpr have backing now, big backing. Soon they’re gonna be challenging us for champs lge. I say nip it in the bud if you can.

  19. Mayank

    Frenchie I hope the target is M’Vila. Or If we’re looking to play jack in a deep position Gourcuff.

    Hazard is a dream player but I don’t think we’re weak in the wings.

  20. Monsieur wenger

    U ze my arzenal have shown ze mental strength zat totznham zont have.

    I willz tell youz a zecret djorou iz my lovez child from anz affair I had wid a swizz rapper n u noz once u Goez black youz Neva cum back zeee my love 4 french africaans ๐Ÿ™‚ toodlezz bitchezzz I’m nt buying any1 dizz eurozzz it will kill bendtner anz Denison wenz Dey cum back jajajajajajajaja

  21. incesc

    from the beeb

    only once in the last three-and-a-half years have Everton lost after taking the lead in a Premier League match at Goodison Park – the 2-1 defeat to Bolton on 4 January.

  22. Mayank

    Four roles? Isn’t it CF, RW and LW?
    Theo, RvP. Gerv, Podolski, AOC, Hazard, Ryo, Hoilett vying for the top3 places. With RvP guaranteed a spot when fit. Can’t see it myself.

  23. Lurch LeRouge


    what am I missing?



    Theo wants a central role, piss or get off the pot time, besidesif he wants that he has to be prepared to be behind RVP.

  24. Mayank

    I think we’ll beat Everton if we play well. They’re fighters for sure but lack guile. We have to match their grit on the day though. Can’t have too many excuses either if everyone is fit we’ll have ample rest.

  25. iffy the goon

    Mayank March 10, 2012 18:30:06

    Four roles? Isnโ€™t it CF, RW and LW?
    Theo, RvP. Gerv, Podolski, AOC, Hazard, Ryo, Hoilett vying for the top3 places. With RvP guaranteed a spot when fit. Canโ€™t see it myself.

    Makes me wish Arsenal didn’t sign Gervinhio

  26. Demon

    Am position should be filled by people with guile and vision which wilshere and rossicky fit

    The cm role should be filled by a box to box player ala Ramsey and song…… I dnt lyk arteta never have

    Dm should belong to mr coq as he will be world class in a matter of years with frimpong as the deputy as song has lost his discipline 2 b a dm

    I quite fancy hoillett hazard is a bit overrated I would much rather go for eriksen and robben with podolski as a backup striker

  27. Mayank

    Will we apply 4-4-2? Especially with so many direct wingers? Man City always play Nasri on the wing when they do a 4-4-2 and he’s MF player.

    Also, Tevez can hardly be counted. Even so they’ve not been able to keep everyone happy. Despite their bumper wages.

    It becomes more plausible if we move AOC to CAM starting the end of this season. And Theo actually shows some traits that are required of a CF.

    It’ll be a team and a half though.

  28. Mayank

    I haven’t given up on Gerv, he’s got the qualities for sure. But can’t see him becoming a fixture with the ACN taking place for the next 2 seasons. Shame.

  29. Mayank

    I think this team can compete

    Song/Coquelin/Frim – Arteta/Ramsey – Jack/Rosicky
    AOC/Theo – RvP/Podolski – Gerv/Podolski

    Since Podolski’s playing 2 positions there’s space for one more attacking player.
    With Diaby and Ryo we also have some emergency cover.

  30. Geoff

    I look at how slick Fellaini and Parker are and the I think we have Song.


    What chance do we have of getting rid of Squillaci, Djourou, Park, Diaby and Chamakh.

    To be honest I think Gervinho is a waste of time as well.

  31. Benjamin

    Wasn’t Podolski average at club level only a few seasons ago? He was disappointing at Bayern and only really found his scoring boots this season. Fantastic scoring record at international level though.

  32. iffy the goon

    hmmm….seems gareth bale’s been a bit shit this season, plus diving et al

    The game is hotting up, needs another toffees goal to cool the spuds down

  33. Mayank

    In the last 2 seasons upto now Theo’s had 41 G+A in 75 games. In the same time Hazard has 43 G+A in 89 games. Yes, Arsenal and a more attacking team and France are a more defensive league but I still think Theo gets too little credit for the one thing he does do well, have impact.

  34. Mayank

    Also Hazard may be younger but Theo has only played 4 more games than him overall. Nevermind the stop start nature of his career due to injuries.

    I should stop before people start mistaking me for Theo’s PR agent.

  35. Samir

    We should go back to the 2 DM’s…Shore up the defence a little!
    If Song wants to leave and Juve want him…Let him go and put in a bid for
    Imagine a 4-2-3-1 of:


    What a team that could turn out to be…With a quality bench!
    If we were to bid 18-20M for Fellaini…Everton would bite our hands off with their current financial problems!

    And as for everyone going on about Hazard, Gotze etc…We don’t really need either do we? Our defence has let us down this season! With Wilshere back and AOC in the frame along with the addition of Podolski…I’m sure we’d be firing them in and less reliant on RVP!
    Even M’Villa…He isn’t really needed…Le Coq could learn from Fellaini!
    Could only two players in the summer really transform this team?

  36. Sadam Mahessar

    Come on, stop it about Hazard already please. One, we won’t sign him. Two, if we do he will fuck off in 2-3 years time for Madrid anyways, much rather the Black Messi than him

  37. Gunner2301


    I’m going for Wellington Silva for the exceptional talent visa. If I’m right do we get a quiz night once a week? ๐Ÿ˜†

    Ps. don’t think i am by the way.

  38. Benjamin

    i wonder if we could snatch Nuri Sahin from Madrid hasn’t had any game time and we could get him on the cheap. Surely playing for Arsenal is better than warming the bench at Madrid.

  39. Sadam Mahessar


    if we do and manage to beat newcastle by a two goal margin, the scum will be shitting themselves, it would be absolutely fitting if arsenal make it to 3rd, and chelsea get 4th.


  40. Gunner2301

    Well said Thomas. Always a good breakdown of the finances for the dummies. It makes you wonder if we need the 160mill for cash flow, have we had 160mill or even 100mill every year for the last 6 years for cash flow? Don’t think so. Bullshit and it smells like it.

  41. zeus

    Hazard this season

    26 games – 11 goals – 8 assists.

    Walcott this season

    26 games – 5 goals – 7 assists.

    *League appearances.

  42. follow the money

    yeah Bade something strange is going on. Usually this time of the season we see the opposite of we have seen lately. Maybe it’s those solar flares

  43. Bade

    In two week time the Scums play away to the Chavs

    Maybe the Chavs will be only 1 point adrift of them after that one, and we’ll be on 3rd already….

  44. Mayank

    Zeus I know Hazard is the better player. Or at least the more natural footballer. I just put these stats up from time to time to rile up the Hazard lovers. I find the fixation on a player who has very little chance of coming here unhealthy.

  45. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    If we win…sorry, WHEN we win on Monday, if someone going to work out when
    St Totteringham’s Day will occur ?

  46. Bade

    Hahaha Kwik

    I’m just going out to have some….

    And today I banged on my predictions, both Scousers and Scums bottled it, and Bendy treated us with the winner ๐Ÿ™‚

    How great to be so happy when your team didn’t play,

    Roll on rejoicing other’s failure

  47. zeus


    I think its likely Hazard will end up in the PL. And if he does come, its morelikely to us IF we want to play ball.

  48. Bade

    Right Kwik

    We have to be 100% focused against the Geordies

    I believe we didn’t beat them at home last time we host them, and 3 league games in the trot that we fail to beat them

  49. Bade

    Ok people

    i leave you now

    Keep it lovely eh!

    Afterall second great weekend in a row isn’t something we experienced that many lately