Wenger talks about Podolski | Club insistent Robin is not going to City

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Welcome to Saturday everyone. It’s a bit grey and cloudy. In my personal opinion, I’d say that’s probably more the down to there being no Arsenal to watch this weekend. I feel grey and cloudy inside. Still, there’s plenty of news to chew through this morning.

First up, Andre Santos is available and fit after a few months off nursing an injury. I mentioned a few weeks back that he was running again. He’s over whatever problems he’s been having and for me, he should go back into the first team. I think he’s better positionally than Gibbs, I think he’s extremely talented going forward and I like his strength. We’ve really missed his presence over the last few months even though we saw little of him before he left us.

In other injury news. Diaby won’t be available this Monday. Is that news? Or a copy and past job from the last 4 years of posts? Yossi will be back if all goes well this weekend. That’s good news. He’s added a bit of edge to our midfield of late and I’m a big fan of him as a player. We’ve also had reasonably positive news on Jack Wilshere. He’s had another scan and he could make the move into training soon. Again, like I said a few months ago. I’m not fussed if we don’t see him for the rest of the season. I’d rather him fully fit than risk another long layoff. Monday will see the return of Arteta and Rambo. Good times…

More good news is that Rosicky is set to sign a new deal with the club. I had a think about this last night. He’s offered very little to the club over the years, but he is a talented player. We can’t keep binning off experienced names. So him signing on for 2 years, not one, is a good step for the club and the player.

Wenger said we’re nowhere near a deal fro Podolski, then went on to list all of the things he liked about him.

‘He’s (Podolski) a good football player, above all. He can play for us because he can play central, play right and play on the left. He has 96 caps for Germany and is 26 years old, which is the best age.’

You can’t really argue with any of that. You also can’t argue with Wenger’s insistence that he’s being signed to compliment Robin, not replace him. Wenger is clearly furious with Manchester City and their public flirtations with Robin. He says he won’t sell him there and that’s fine. However, I feel like we’re here every summer listening to the same rubbish.

‘He is professional. He is committed. We won’t sell to the highest bidder. What are you supposed to do when a player won’t sign a contract.’

It all gets a bit boring. If City come in with a £40million bid. He’ll go to them. Why pretend he won’t? We need to sell players to generate revenue for team improvements. If he wants to go there, we’d never stand in the way. Why? Because when have we ever been that strong in the transfer market?

Wenger seems insistent that last summer was not the fault of the club. I can’t understand how he can claim that on any level. We all knew Samir wasn’t going to sign when he didn’t sign the deal  off before the Carling Cup Final. We all knew Cesc wasn’t interested in playing for us. Most of us knew he wasn’t motivated… then he came out and admitted it in the press. I’m not questioning Robin or his motivation to the team. What I am questioning is whether the club have the balls to turn down a transfer offer that is 2.5 times what anyone else would dare bid.

Still, what we can be pleased about is the clubs strategy for keeping Robin is starting now. We’re winning games. We’re looking strong contenders for the top four. Now we’re signing up top talent. We need to keep on moving things forward over the next few months… because you never know what Robin might do.

Keep em’ crossed people! Oh, and hope that David Moyes celebrates his 10 year anniversary at Everton with a stylish win over Spurs today!

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  1. Mayank

    Good post. Agree with most things except the selling RvP to City part.

    The RvP deal will have two steps. In the first we will sit down to negotiate with RvP, whether the discussion will be completely monetary of inclusive of the clubs ambitions will be an important point.

    If the negotiations fail and RvP decides he wants to play for another club we’ll look to Spain and Italy first. City will be the absolute last option. Selling your best player to your rivals will completely relegate us to feeder club status. A summer after losing Cesc and Nasri selling RvP to CIty will be a big blot on Arsenal and Arsene.

    I don’t think selling him is something Wenger is even thinking about.

  2. Magnus kristensen

    Morning all, I’m flying into London tomorrow, and i thought i would have a go in getting sone tickkets for the Newcastle game. What Are the odds in buying tickkets outside the stadium before the game?, and what Are the average price per tickket? Regards from Norway!

  3. T Bone

    Morning shitcunts.

    I have a feeling that if sufficient ambition is shown by the club over the next few months then Robin will stay. He loves the club, his family is settled here and he owes us and Wenger for sticking by him through his long lay-offs. Poldi is a step in the right direction, another 2 or 3 top signings and a new lucrative deal for Robin and I think he’ll sign.

  4. gooner-pak

    Last time RVP signed on premise tht he was promised top players will be signed tht didn’t happened
    So this time round maybe RVP will wait for club to move first before making any decision

  5. andy

    I really believe he will stay if he can see any possibility to win something in the next 2 years. He loves london, his family is happy here, he loves the club, the club helped him through his injuries …

  6. nin

    morning Grovers.
    arsenal will have no problem selling to city, don’t be so niave. but personally think van persie will stay on. he’s top dog at the club, a very good captain. if we finish the season strong and sign podolski then I’m pretty sure he would stay.

  7. Matchy

    What if Nasri told the club he will sign a new contract last year and did a runner at the end which he did when City came in and gave in at 180k a week.?

    Wenger will and has always protect his people at the club. Even if CEO or cheif negotiator stuffs up he will not go out and criticize them in public. He is that sort of character and man. He is a team player.

    Anyway, no worries. i dont rate Nasri anyway. He did not do much at arsenal … he played 4-5 games which stood out. The rest was crap.

    And this is for the new manager of arsenal GAMPON, the money manager and star poker player eazy2eazy.

    Bergkamp failed at inter milan. Inter payed 13 million for him from Ajax ….

    Arsenal under the previous bosses paid 7.5 million fro bergkamp which was the highest for arsenal at the time … the previous owners put their money where their mouths are and invested during this period of arsenal successes. Then they sold out for more millions which is perfectly entitled.

    During this period Italy was the country to go to … the english league was shit. To go from italy to england it means you failed.

    So get Gampon get your head an stop writing shit.

    in this world you go shopping at APPLE you get the best ipad and ecosystem.

    you go to tesco and buy shit you might end up with a bargain

    ARSENAL has been shopping at the basement. They buy basement players and take huge risk and hope they turn out to be the best.

    you buy 10 basement players you might get 1 good deal.

    you pay ten big shots you may get one who ends up like Torres and Schevchenko

    Newcastle is the same. they took risk and got some good returns. Will they ‘consistently’ do it over 15 years? CONSISTENTLY
    making money is the best way to succeed. GAMON money manager.

  8. Magnus kristensen

    Morning all, I’m flying into London tomorrow, and i thought i would have a go in getting sone tickkets for the Newcastle game. What Are the odds in buying tickkets outside the stadium before the game?, and what Are the average price per tickket? Regards from Norway!

  9. Magnus kristensen

    Morning all, I’m flying into London tomorrow, and i thought i would have a go in getting sone tickkets for the Newcastle game. What Are the odds in buying tickkets outside the stadium before the game?, and what Are the average price per tickket? Regards from Norway!…………

  10. charles

    He likes m’vila so he will probably sign him next if he does another big purchase by our standards. Maybe he will change the positions around a bit more? Maybe song will play in more foward positions and m’vila will be songs replacement and coquelin and frimpong cover for m’vila? Also maybe he will convert OXO to a more central role like he did in milan? Since if he does sign podoloski, gervinho will be relegated to the bench or maybe gervinho can go on the right and theo is relegated to the bench and oxo plays a more central deeper role?

  11. Bade

    ” i dont rate Nasri anyway. He did not do much at arsenal … he played 4-5 games which stood out. The rest was crap.”


    Yesterday (or the day before) you were defending Chamakh and Park as good players, even though both had a shocking stats and even worse impact. Now you’re slagging Nasri, who was 2nd player of the year last season?

    How consistent

  12. Phil

    Let’s hope Wenger’s comments about not selling RVP to MC remain true throughout the summer.
    And doesn’t turn into a ” we did our best to keep him but we couldn’t compete with the money”
    I will take a punt and take him at his word as a strong statement of intent.

  13. Sadam Mahessar

    Good post Pedro, don’t think RVP will be sold though, this time Wenger will actually make him run his contract out if he doesnt sign another deal, although if we do manage to sign a decent playmaker with Podolski, I am sure RVP will pen a new deal if he is being offered what he deserves. Huge difference between Nasri/Fab and Van the man.

  14. Sadam Mahessar

    It would be absolutely massive if Everton can get a result today, the way things have been going for us during the past few weeks, I am ready to take a bet on that.

    1-0 Everton, Yes sir.

  15. Bade

    I agree with the bunch of you about Robin

    I don’t question his love and passion for the club, he’s a true Gooner

    But in the other hand, he wants trophies, so I think unless he’s satisfied with the new look squad in the summer, he won’t sign. And I think it would be a blessing as this is might be the only way to force Arsene into spending

    As for Rosa, I wouldn’t give him a new contract, unless Robin is interested to keep him. Seriously, he had a few good games this season, but that’s what he offered us in the last couple of years, only few good games

    Had he been sensational like Robin, he’d be given a new contract.

    In addition, I’m suspicious about his attitude, now he’s playing hard to get the contract, but when he gets it, who can assure us he’ll keep his alertness and not sink back to the complacency he was constantly showing most of his Arsenal career….

  16. Sadam Mahessar

    And oh, if we are looking to replace Park, how about Odemwingie, Shane Long, Dempsey? Shouldn’t be too expensive and always do the business, all of them already have the PL experience and work their socks off all the time.

  17. Sadam Mahessar


    Can’t agree with you, we definitely need to keep Rosicky just for the experience he has, is scoring goals these days, is in a rich vein of form and we really need him to stay sharp if we are gonna make it to Top 3.
    Decent squad player to have, Ramsey is way too young and should only be a bench player, has a lot to learn.

  18. Bade

    As for Arsene’s comments, well he’s a well known liar so you can’t believe a word going out of his mouth

    After all, he’s the one saying we won’t sell Cesc and Nasri last year……

  19. Sadam Mahessar

    If you want to sell people and clear some of the dross off wage list. You already have Squillacci, Vela, Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh and Park and some of the youngsters who would never make it.

    Promote Bartley, Miquel, Joel Campbell and Afobe. Send Coquelin on loan for the first half of next season to Bolton if they stay up or Swansea.

  20. Bade


    He didn’t score a goal for more than 2 years, now he’s scored two, it’s far below The Arsenal standards in my book

    And as I said I’m suspicious about his motivations to play good those days

    There are plenty of experience players we can get, not that expensive, that are much better than Rosa

  21. sidney896

    I’d like M’vila next, good shout for me.

    If Podolski is the first of a few then I am chuffed. Got to keep pushing for third and get on roll that means pre-season is a regroup of a winning side, not a group of players looking to leave.

    Great post, Monday football sucks, agree on Santos but I’d also like Gibbs to get a good run. He won’t improve otherwise.

  22. Hasaucha

    Podolski’s attitude may be questionable but he’s a top player..His left foot alone is worth more than Park,Chamakh combined..So,if we can get the ball to him,his shooting ability is so good,goals will automatically come.

    Good news in the injuries front as well..Andre Santos shits all over Kieran Gibbs,even defensively..Going forward,he’s perhaps better than all our wingers bar. the OX..I’d make him work on his fitness though..Diaby,i read will also be back next week..I don’t care about Jack – he should not play more than 2-3 games this season..The lad shouldn’t go the EUROS..Overall,pleased to see the players back.

    And we should never sell RVP..He’s not gonna fade much with age because he doesn’t rely on pace like Henry did..His touches and movement will always be top notch..And we all saw how Henry won us games…For me,RVP should retire at the club like Bergkamp..

  23. Magnus kristensen

    Morning all, I’m flying into London tomorrow, and i thought i would have a go in getting sone tickkets for the Newcastle game. What Are the odds in buying tickkets outside the stadium before the game?, and what Are the average price per tickket? Regards from Norway!…

  24. Sadam Mahessar


    Yes, true but during those two years we had Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Wilshere playing some of the best football most of them have ever played, and I know Rosicky used to get action in the cup games but he had to play with dross like Chamakh, Bendtner and others.

    But yes, if you are getting me an experienced midfielder who is better than Rozza than I am all for selling him too, but when was the last time Arsene Wenger signed someone just for the experience they had? Someone last night suggested we should sign Pirlo and Van Bommel who are in the last year of their contracts, absolutely orgasmic that idea, proven winners, battlers, give their all and the youngsters can learn A LOT from such pro’s.

  25. Hasaucha

    Promote Bartley, Miquel, Joel Campbell and Afobe. Send Coquelin on loan for the first half of next season to Bolton if they stay up or Swansea.
    You sir want to send a very versatile player with one full season in france and decent no. of games in the PL already on LOAN but promote players who’ve barely played in the top division?

    I can live with Rosicky getting a contract…We have around 7-8 shitheads with no talent whatsoever,at the club..I can live with an experienced player with undeniable talent.

    No midfielder would have performed by playing 15min in the left wing all these years..Rosicky has been playing in his position lately and not surprising,he’s scored goals..

  26. Geoff

    Morning all, I don’t think Campbell can come for 3 years, like Vela, the only players we signed on an exception talent visas were Song and Ryo, ha, ha, work out the first one.

  27. Sadam Mahessar

    Don’t think we need M’Vila next, a creative midfielder next and we would be pretty much sorted for the next season.


    Sagna Verm Koz Santos/Gibbs


    Wilshere/Arteta/Ramsey CAM/Chambo/Rosicky

    Chambo/Theo RVP/ (Suarez) Podolski/Gerv

  28. Ricky


    There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get tickets of you go to the stadium early Monday night & ask around.

    I’ve done it a few times in the past & always managed to get one.

  29. Hasaucha

    Did we get a special talent permit for Song too? He has a french passport and even played for the french youth team..Not too sure..

    Campbell is already an international for Costa Rica and plays/performs for them consistently..He’ll be eligible for the permit next season,i guess but i am also sure he is currently not good enough to play for AFC..

  30. Sadam Mahessar


    yes sir I do, because Bartley has been at Rangers all season and its time we shipped Squillacci out and promoted Bartley to 5th choice CB.

    Coquelin has amazing potential and I am sure he will make a huge name for himself but I want him to play regularly rather than sit on bench and do nothing.

  31. Pollux

    Forever a seller club. There is not one season where we did not sell a big player. I cannot understand why we are like a feeder. You seldom see other teams targeting players from manure, citeh, pool and chelski. It’s always us. All thanks to a manager who believe in a screw up wage structure. Time to go pls. WENGER OUT!

  32. Hitman

    Giving Sicknote a new contract would be a travesty. He’s done nothing for two years. Only starting to play well as he is playing for a new contract.

    Time to get get of these mediocre mecanaries. AFC need to show ruthlessness and get rid. Make space in the squad for world class players. This will make statement of intent.

    Otherwise it smacks complacency and stagnation.

  33. Hasaucha

    There’s a reason Bartley plays for Rangers on loan and not for a PL side…I am OK with anyone playing in place of Djourou/Squilacci but promote Miquel,Campbell and all but loan Coquelin? Nah..

    Coquelin is already good enough to displace Song and that day will come next season..He’s not gonna learn much by playing for an inferior team..

    Miquel,Bartley,Campbell must all be loaned to PL clubs next season..Coquelin should play for AFC..I

  34. Ricky

    Magnus – I paid between 40 – 60 quid at those times but that was about 2-3 years ago.

    I’m sure you know prices vary but I doubt you’ll have pay much more then that.

  35. bankz

    I want Arsenal routing Newcastle wit a goal margin of 5 or more…………..make dem pay 4d 4-4 draw last season….same way Blackburn were made 2 pay wit a 7-1 whooping for d 4-3 loss on their ground earlier this season……

  36. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Have you tried alternate CD’s DDM?

    If that’s a no go laser and/or heads might need a clean.

    Worse case scenario is a genius appointment and a nasty bill for a replacement drive..

  37. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Sorry Matchy… We CHOOSE to shop in Tesco’s. It a policy decision not a financial imperative.

    Significant funds were available to the
    manager during the summer transfer window,
    as evidenced by the cash balance at the end of
    May of some £73.9 million, but in fact we were
    able to secure all of his main targets for a total
    outlay well below the maximum budget
    P Hill Wood Sept 2007.

    “We have substantial resources of cash if Arsene wants to spend it,” said Edelman. “If Arsene came to the board in January and wanted £40m for a player, we would have the money.”

    Edelaman was saying in 2007 that if Arsene wanted 40m for 1 player in Jan 2008 he would have it! That was with 73.9m in the bank at the end of the season.

    We now have to listen to bollox and misinformation that with 160m in the bank at the end of last season that we have to keep it for ‘cash flow’ and we cannot spend it all. Of course we need cash flow and cannot spend it all. Oh, yes, and ignore the 55m pre-approved overdraft available as mentioned in the last annual report.

    And more nonsense about that having to cover the player’s wages too! Well, yes but only up to a mute point relative to this year and simply from a cash flow point of view. Wages are paid from income. So future wages are paid from future income. This year’s wages are paid from this year’s income. It’s as simple as that. We either have it or we don’t. The club looks forward and decides if our wage bill can rise based on future income predictions. And 30m expected in property profits in the season 2012-13 is an example of looking forward to income streams for which they can plan now to spend.
    Podolski reportedly will be on a salary of 5m per year. Let’s see some of the spin that says 20m of that must come out of the 160m to cover a 4-year contract. That’s misleading and simply not the case. If Wenger signed someone in Jan, then we must have the income, or ability to pay him out of this year’s income. Only if we make a loss, then the cash balance will reduce. Cash flow will fluctuate over the season and readjust at the end of the season when we get large chunks of cash in from the PL broadcasting deal, UEFA etc…
    So let’s not forget that the decision to shop in the Tesco bargain isles is not forced upon us. And yes, Wenger bought some good ones too… The OX being an example, but he did cost us 15m. (12m plus add-ons, rising to 15m)

    And yes, costs were lower in 2007. But not so low as one would expect. Our wage bill then was 90m on a turnover of 200m with a playing staff of 52 and 374 employees. Last season 124m on a turnover of 255m with a playing staff of 70 and 454 employees.

  38. Geoff

    Hasaucha, I said Song, then laughed, he was even worse in those days, getting him a permit was beyond a joke!

    Pedro, I don’t think he has played that many and I think there is an 11 game minimum.

    Not wholly sure though, but given he was playing for Costa Rica when we signed him and we had to ship him out to Spain, says a lot.

  39. Geoff

    He knows when he is wrong and when he is right. That’s what Fabregas said about Wenger.

    What a prick, so we sell Cesc at 25% off and with three years left on his contract, sells Nasri at the same time and both 2 weeks into the season after he told the world if Arsenal sold them, they wouldn’t be an ambitious club.

    And he replaces them with Arteta and a loan player that couldn’t get in the Chav team.

    That shows you how right Wenger is, what a stupid thing to say.

  40. Zorr0

    See you’re in a good mood this morning Geoff, even your new ipad not cheering you up!!!!

    I remember being at the Cottage when Song put in one of the worst halves of football I have ever seen. Not only did he get subbed, but he never even came out to sit on the bench. He got some terrible stick that night, just as bad as Ebway v Wigan, but obv a bit smaller because of us being away.

    Anyway, I’ve got 2 spare for Everton away, 70 quid the pair. Will drop you an email shortly so any grovers interested can drop me a line!

  41. Jamal

    santos is better than gibbs imo, we could tear the barcodes a new one because the spuds managed to score 5 past them and the form we’re in at the moment i wouldnt bet against a 3-0 or 4-1 win

  42. Pedro

    Arsene Wenger doesn’t get paid £3.9million a year. He gets close to £7million.

    That list is a nonsense.

  43. Josip Skoblar

    Yes, there’s indeed quite a gap between the £7M figure quoted by some in England and this list. Who is correct? How to know that?

  44. sidney896


    I ordered mine on Apple site and delivery states 16th March, launch day, where did you order? Or is it a funds based delay?

  45. Leedsgunner

    Although the Podolski rumours are very promising I’ll only believe it when I see his name on the dotted line. Call me a pessimist but we’ve all seen duplicity from Wenger and Co before. As well as recruiting new players I really hope the club is serious about shifting the deadwood…

    Squillaci, Chamahk, Diaby, Almunia, Mannone, Djourou, Arshavin they all have to go. Park sadly has been criminally been underplayed and mismanaged — but he’s gone for military service at the end of next season anyway… (and by the way Arsene, what’s this about 26 being the best age? If so why haven’t you played Park more? Why don’t you just come clean and admit you did bought him to help your old mates in Monaco? You are so full of it! How do you stand the stench from your own mouth?)

    I’m mixed about Rosicky. It looks like he’s coming back to form to the player that saw him play so well for the Czechs about 8 years ago… and capture the Golden Boot in Euro 2004 but what if he’s injured again? Then he would have lost any resale value whatsoever… is this what the sustainable business model is all about? Throwing your money down the tubes? Why not use the money for Rosicky’s wages to better use? What about Rodwell or Fellani? Plus, from what I’ve seen Ryo seems like a similar player to Rosicky anyways…

  46. Josip Skoblar

    I believe you, dear Pedro!
    As Geoff says, there must be bonuses on top of the basic salary. Anyway whatever the true figure , it’s still staggering amount of money to manage a football team!

  47. Ice

    Pedro I know from within the club that Arsene Wenger is on 8 million with 7 million paid off-shore…..as I have told you guys before

    Also he will not move Diaby on as he is quoted saying he is the best French player after a run of games

  48. ian

    Hi i really like your post. your right in many things but i think us gunners should slow down abit, first like last year all this talk of transfers, i would like to wait till the pod signs before running away with these reports we have all been disapointed before remember the Mata story.
    Second lots of us were saying we have 50 mill to spend on new players after Cesc & Nasri left we didnt Cesc or Nasri didnt put in Tranfer reqests so Cesc ithink had 3years to run his wages would have had to be paid by us as of Nasri although only the remainder of his short contract but these boys are on good money plus it was reported that Barsc only coughed up half of Cescs fee the rest in dribs & drabes, so things arnt always as clear as clear.
    As for RvP he loves Arsenal we love Robin but hey if Man C or anyone else wants to offer the reported 40 to 50 mill surely we have to take the Money, dont get me wrong i love RvP and dont want him to go but in just over a year he will hit 30 yrs what if he has another bad season in & out next year we will all say we should have took the Money & with Mr A.W uping the biding with he’s not going nowhere. bit like the Cesc thing,
    Come on you Gunners

  49. incesc

    Just been in Charlton and seen a pimped out motability scooter, covered in arsenal stickers, driver in an oldschool arsenal kit, blaring out dirty dancing.

    come on own up.

    who was it?

  50. incesc


    i really dont see why we would have to sell him if big money was offered

    his influence on our young team is basically priceless even if he gets more injuries.

    we have started to make some small forward steps as a team recently, selling robin would be disastrous


    Morning. Pedro, I can’t understand how Rosicky is worth a two year extension off the back of three good games. The previous five years had been mostly injury/dross. I understand the experience argument to an extent but for me he should be sold for what I see as an extremely poor return from him in his 5/6 seasons at the club.

    My bet is that after he signs the new deal he will fade/be injured/palmed off at the end of next season.

  52. Gunner2301

    Pedro another great post when there’s not much going on. A mark of talent.

    If you haven’t realised already we’ve been a feeder club for years. All our top players have left us to go to top teams.

    We don’t bring in top players from other top teams. So top teams benefit from us not the other way round if that’s not a feeder club I don’t know what is. We can live in denial all we want it won’t change whats going on.

    The biggest sign of that is the club selling to City over the last few years to help City overtake us. How shameful is that?

    That’s like a business man saying to a competitor I know your fucking my wife but I’ll turn a blind eye because I know your the man to do a deal with.

    So please don’t talk as if we have any shred of integrity left when we don’t. These are the things that I have been going on about that needs to be reversed, that takes the soul and identity out of our club that can’t be resolved with a derby win.

    People need to wake up and see what’s happening to the club and not just on the field but things that affect the very fabric of what we used to be.

  53. leon

    i dont see how arsenal will be able to keep rvp that just my opinion i think he will go real madrid.i just think lure of winning trophies and get a much better salary he is 27-28 now so he will wont some silverware which he wont get at arsenal

  54. incesc

    Fábregas was the best player at Arsenal. It has taken him time, he stresses, to adjust to a new kind of disciplined position. “Barcelona have a very specific system and you have to stick to it. Everything is very studied. For my first games there was an adjustment because I was used to my role at Arsenal, where I could move wherever I felt I could make the best contribution.

    “Here, it’s completely different. Everyone has their own place and it’s important you stick to your position. It took a while to remember stuff I’d learnt as a kid at Barcelona. But the memory is coming back and I’m improving game by game.”

  55. arsenal1886-2006

    dennisdamenace March 10, 2012 11:06:03

    What year macbook pro and what optical drive do you have? I would guess that you have a Matshita uj868 and if so they are all giving up after a couple of burns.
    Apple deny it is firmware related and Panasonic who own matshita do not even answer your emails.

    Here are some forum posts on the issue, mine is completely wanked.





    Or you could get an external optical drive (CD/DVD Burner) and copy the discs you need to USB or ext HD. Then you take the ext opti drive back to the shop and say it does not work with your mac and get your money back 🙂 . Thats what I did.

  56. Pedro

    Thanks Gunner2301.

    Incesc… a round about way of saying the Arsenal players don’t get assigned roles or tactics.

    He landed himself in trouble for that 2 years ago when he said we didn’t do video analysis.

  57. Mayank

    No Cesc, at Arsenal you were the top dog and had a free role, like Ronaldo does and Madrid and Messi at Barca.

    Either that or we play an even more open style of play than Barca, which is ridiculous.

  58. Mayank

    Wenger has always been a big fan of video analysis. He says that’s what he does in his spare time. If I remember rightly he said that Aragones gave them Don Revie style dossiers on the other teams. Which we obviously don’t do.

  59. incesc

    also says hes surprised how hard barce are pushed in training.

    its so frustrating, with some effort this team we have could really be challenging.

  60. leon

    i think arsenal try to copy barc to much the fact the teams that have dominated the prem since 2005 have manu and chelsea and niether team were great passing teams chelsea were extremly good defensively and score abit manu are a very direct team that use lots pace along the flanks and have very good strikers both teams very successful in their own right so you dont need to be a great passing team at all.

  61. Pedro

    Mayank, watching videos of obscure football games in your spare time isn’t video analysis.

    Wenger doesn’t do video analysis. The players can request it… but there’s not focus on the other team. That’s always been his philosophy.

  62. Mayank

    However Barca do train for, it’s sure not stamina. I’ve never seen them really push for a win if they’re not winning by the 60th. I think it’s cost them the title this year.

    People equate us to Barca but I’ve always seen our style being more like Real’s. At least it is when we’re effective. The over-complicated passing bit was an aberration if you look at the length of Wenger career.

  63. Mayank

    Not obscure games Pedro, our games. He even mentioned it about the Utd game, that he had to wait a while before he could watch it. But you’re right I don’t think he watches any videos of our opponents games.

  64. dennisdamenace

    arsenal1886-2006 – Mine is a late 2008, and yes it is the MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-868
    By everything i’ve read recently, it looks like i’ve paid for a £2000 laptop that Apple have decided to supply with a two-bob drive……
    Looks like will have to pay for an replacement/upgrade….

  65. kwik fit

    Bolton have not really given RYO the ball. Any time he get’s it though he create’s danger. I think he could step in to the squad easily next season .

  66. albo

    Mayank/Pedro – I think you’re both right. We do TONS of video analysis of our own performances. Were not so likely to look at footage of coming opponents by all accounts…

  67. albo

    kwik fitMarch 10, 2012 14:34:26
    Bolton have not really given RYO the ball. Any time he get’s it though he create’s danger. I think he could step in to the squad easily next season .

    We watching the same game? I was thinking it reflected well on him how often they trusted him by passed it out to him. But agreed, he did great, especially in the final quarter where I really felt he came alive

  68. goondawg

    Definitively deserved! the way he runs his heart out to defend and spurs attacks on! I hope theo was taking notes! Think it was tactical of Coyle playing him on yhe right to peg bak Traore as well.

  69. AC Gooner

    Gary Neville saying Ryo was man of the match

    after nothing coming off for him for most of the match, then got behind his defender twice, then made the match winning assist

  70. Mayank

    Good to hear about Ryo. I do want Bolton to stay up for the simple reason they’re a great team to develop our kids.

    Between him, AOC and JW one of them will surely develop into a proper world class player.

  71. albo

    AC GoonerMarch 10, 2012 14:43:25
    Gary Neville saying Ryo was man of the matchafter nothing coming off for him for most of the match, then got behind his defender twice, then made the match winning assist

    91% pass accuracy, 11 crosses, 7 key passes, 2 dribbles, 1 long ball, 1 interception, 1 assist.

  72. tippitappi

    just a couple of things

    1 interested to see how rosicky performs over the next few weeks now he’s secured his new contract

    2 A dereliction of duty by the club as far as on field matters go if VP is sold by the club (not sure they have the will to resist)

    3 come on you toffees

  73. arsenal1886-2006

    dennisdamenace March 10, 2012 14:33:17

    Do yourself a favor and get an external drive DVD/Burner, the drives in MacBooks are crap basically. This is where I my hard drives and other bits.


    Back up all your files and stuff onto a separate hard drive using Time Machine and also onto another drive for safety incase of time machine failure and ease of access.

    You can also remove your optical drive and install another hard drive in the bay.

    You can then use the SSD for your operating system and your other internal hard drive for storage and files. I am looking into doing this myself, a friend has this set up and it is lightning fast with start up and shutdown, load times of applications is instantaneous and it just runs blazingly fast because of the write speeds.
    You can get this kit and an ext optical drive for the price of a new internal optical drive for your mac.

  74. albo

    kwik fitMarch 10, 2012 14:44:23
    I think he’s a future star albo. Ps only seen the second half.

    He’s got plenty to learn of course, but he looks very useful. Great feet, great energy. Also decent at picking a pass. Doesn’t always go for the easy ball (so occasionally gives away possession), but I was impressed by his vision today.

    And Coyle seems to be an excellent guy for improving these players…

  75. arsenal1886-2006

    Would love to see Theo’s face after watching Ryo today.
    The contract negotiations should be fun.

  76. albo


    I wouldn’t get too carried away. Theo probably knows that Ryo will get here, not be the best player that ever lived and so get booed soon enough…

  77. arsenal1886-2006

    Your so cynical Albo, you are right though.
    Personally I would give him another loan year under Coyle or a similar type of manager. He looks promising and seems to have a bit of the OX about him.

  78. AC Gooner


    I am happy to hear that.

    Watched it on a stream intermittently, only from 40 mins on or so.

    Even put him in my fantasy football this week.

    But what I actually saw, I had seen better.

  79. albo

    AC – for me he tried a lot in the first 3/4 of the game. Lots of ‘nearly’ passes, and Qpr players getting lucky feet in when he beat them. (So I can understand why you might not have been so impressed)

    But in the final 1/4 of the match he basically won the game for them. He was the key creative outlet and came alive in a big way. Not only created the goal, but lots of his work down the wing took pressure off Bolton when QPR were pressing for their own win.

    Worth noting that, had he played for Arsenal, he’d probably have had his confidence shattered by 70 mins cos everyone would have been groaning and jeering at every misplaced pass!

  80. jnyc

    Ryo gets me excited even more than ox. I still think gunners are being too tough on gervinho, he has great skills and createa alot of opportunities in the box for others,( like getting it to rvp for chance to tie with milan! ), but i wish he would go for goal more often. But theo must go, he will just be in the way of all i mentioned above and podolski too. He will cost too much for someone who doesnt start every match, and we could use the money from his sale to get creative midfielder, which ramsey has shown he cant be. I like rambo to rest arteta with energy and effort. And i agree santos was a real bright spot and surprise before he went down injured.

  81. iffy the goon

    Anyone who thinks this podolski deal signals a departure from Arsene’s ways is deluded, it is simply a continuation of the same. An good german international hot shot striker for less than the market value of strikers these days is hardly the turnaround that shows intent. It’s being done earlier than usual for considerations other than footballing ones.

    I’m excited by it like most gooners, but i’ll only be convinced that we’ve turned a corner when i see a good player that arsenal paid the going rate for. That to me would signal a realisation that the footballing side of Arsenal is now as important as the business side to the board.

  82. Mayank

    There can still be space for Podolski and Hoilett if we sell Park and Chamakh. Chamakh has lost all semblance of touch and confidence and with Leo Miyachi doing well we can still have the asian market if we sell Park.

    Our frontilne will be improved 200%