Wenger talks about Podolski | Club insistent Robin is not going to City

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Welcome to Saturday everyone. It’s a bit grey and cloudy. In my personal opinion, I’d say that’s probably more the down to there being no Arsenal to watch this weekend. I feel grey and cloudy inside. Still, there’s plenty of news to chew through this morning.

First up, Andre Santos is available and fit after a few months off nursing an injury. I mentioned a few weeks back that he was running again. He’s over whatever problems he’s been having and for me, he should go back into the first team. I think he’s better positionally than Gibbs, I think he’s extremely talented going forward and I like his strength. We’ve really missed his presence over the last few months even though we saw little of him before he left us.

In other injury news. Diaby won’t be available this Monday. Is that news? Or a copy and past job from the last 4 years of posts? Yossi will be back if all goes well this weekend. That’s good news. He’s added a bit of edge to our midfield of late and I’m a big fan of him as a player. We’ve also had reasonably positive news on Jack Wilshere. He’s had another scan and he could make the move into training soon. Again, like I said a few months ago. I’m not fussed if we don’t see him for the rest of the season. I’d rather him fully fit than risk another long layoff. Monday will see the return of Arteta and Rambo. Good times…

More good news is that Rosicky is set to sign a new deal with the club. I had a think about this last night. He’s offered very little to the club over the years, but he is a talented player. We can’t keep binning off experienced names. So him signing on for 2 years, not one, is a good step for the club and the player.

Wenger said we’re nowhere near a deal fro Podolski, then went on to list all of the things he liked about him.

‘He’s (Podolski) a good football player, above all. He can play for us because he can play central, play right and play on the left. He has 96 caps for Germany and is 26 years old, which is the best age.’

You can’t really argue with any of that. You also can’t argue with Wenger’s insistence that he’s being signed to compliment Robin, not replace him. Wenger is clearly furious with Manchester City and their public flirtations with Robin. He says he won’t sell him there and that’s fine. However, I feel like we’re here every summer listening to the same rubbish.

‘He is professional. He is committed. We won’t sell to the highest bidder. What are you supposed to do when a player won’t sign a contract.’

It all gets a bit boring. If City come in with a £40million bid. He’ll go to them. Why pretend he won’t? We need to sell players to generate revenue for team improvements. If he wants to go there, we’d never stand in the way. Why? Because when have we ever been that strong in the transfer market?

Wenger seems insistent that last summer was not the fault of the club. I can’t understand how he can claim that on any level. We all knew Samir wasn’t going to sign when he didn’t sign the deal  off before the Carling Cup Final. We all knew Cesc wasn’t interested in playing for us. Most of us knew he wasn’t motivated… then he came out and admitted it in the press. I’m not questioning Robin or his motivation to the team. What I am questioning is whether the club have the balls to turn down a transfer offer that is 2.5 times what anyone else would dare bid.

Still, what we can be pleased about is the clubs strategy for keeping Robin is starting now. We’re winning games. We’re looking strong contenders for the top four. Now we’re signing up top talent. We need to keep on moving things forward over the next few months… because you never know what Robin might do.

Keep em’ crossed people! Oh, and hope that David Moyes celebrates his 10 year anniversary at Everton with a stylish win over Spurs today!

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  1. Samir

    Arsenal Fixtures V Spurs’

    Newcastle (H)
    Everton (A)
    Aston Villa (H)
    QPR (A)
    Man City (H)
    Wolves (A)
    Wigan (H)
    Stoke (A)
    Norwich (H)
    West Brom (A)

    Bolton (H)
    Stoke (H)
    Chelsea (A)
    Chelsea (H)
    Swansea (H)
    Sunderland (A)
    Norwich (H)
    Bolton (A)-Postponed – new date to be confirmed
    QRP (A)
    Blackburn (H)
    Aston Villa (A)
    Fulham (H)

  2. Samir

    Knew I would make a mess of it…Ignore the last post…This one is correct! Sorry guys!

    Newcastle (H)
    Everton (A)
    Aston Villa (H)
    QPR (A)
    Man City (H)
    Wolves (A)
    Wigan (H)
    Stoke (A)
    Norwich (H)
    West Brom (A)

    Bolton (H) [FA Cup]
    Stoke (H)
    Chelsea (A)
    Swansea (H)
    Sunderland (A)
    Norwich (H)
    Bolton (A)-Postponed – new date to be confirmed
    QRP (A)
    Blackburn (H)
    Aston Villa (A)
    Fulham (H)

  3. arsenal1886-2006

    Isn’t it nice to see positive posts on a saturday. Just think if we had strengthened last summer.

  4. Gunner2301


    If Wengers watching video it must be Porn because it’s not any opposition teams. Pedro’s correct here’s the quote and I remember when Fabregas said it during the World Cup.


    As usual Wenger didn’t see it or hear it and he didn’t see Fabregas celebrating in the Barcelona shirt either.

    Wengers preparation amounts to telling the players “go out and play your game”.



    Even I am beginning to feel a little more positive. Noticed this last Thursday, It was kind of like I have been through every emotion with Wenger and he’s still there! Perhaps it was meant to be?

    Anyway come on you Gunners Monday night. Let’s catch those Spuds but let us not get cocky – wait until final nail is in coffin for that.

  6. Mayank


    I actually conceded that we don’t watch opposition vids. I was talking about video analysis. We do that, Wenger would always look at the tapes to find our weaknesses to try and fix them. Not the same as looking at tapes for the oppositions weakness. It’s a very negative style of playing and coaching.

    Also you’re comparing a national coach to a club coach. Their roles are so widely different there’s no point.

  7. Sadam Mahessar

    Our fixture list is not too hard but not easy either, Wolves, QPR, Brom away are all very tricky ties to go with Chelsea, City at home. But what i can take some heart from is that there would be no we have got an easy run in bullocks by Wenger and fans on here and in the press.

    Would 8 wins be enough to secure 3rd?

  8. Hitman

    Its Ok not watching oppo vids when your top dog or invincible quality

    But when your not that good or on poor form or cant defend or all of the above – it helps eek our result or avoid defeat

  9. iffy the goon

    Far as i’m concerned Hazard is desperate to play for Arsenal. Said it himself that it was a dream of his a couple years back.

    and then all this naughty flirtation with spuds….as if

  10. Gunner2301


    It wasn’t a comparison just what Fabregas stated as fact. Given that other managers know what our weaknesses are and exploit them readily you would think Wenger wouldnt have so many problems if he’s solely focussing on our deficiencies. I would have to ask what is he exactly looking at and is he seeing what we see?

  11. yloops

    [On Emmanuel Adebayor’s stamp on Robin van Persie] “I watched it when I got home and it looked very bad. You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes.”

    hahahah favourite arsene quote!!

  12. Samir

    Trouble is…We have some quality on the wings coming through (Ox,Ryo,Gervinho,Walcott,Podolski)
    Our main problem is defending…
    Sorting the defence out should be our priority!

  13. Leedsgunner

    Let’s not get complacent about our fixtures. In theory we should have walked the teams in January but that didn’t happen did it? We couldn’t beat Bolton or Wolves for pedro’s sake — talk about costly points dropped! One game at a time with this lot…

  14. incesc

    i think madrids win tonight put them in for the title.

    hard game, but pulled it out.

    find it hard to find reasons not to want mourinho anymore and i used to hate him

  15. incesc

    “for pedros sake”

    haha i agree leedsgooner

    every game is a cup final, we will drop silly points in the run in. Its not gonna be easy

  16. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Just popped in to turn off the lights!

    We really need to take advantage on Monday night.. Come out of the blocks as we did against Milan. Spuds have a relatively easy run in and we have a few awkward ones..

    I think the prospect of 3rd would help to loosen a few more sphincters in the board room with regards to players. 3rd is worth quite a few million more in the CL as half the UEFA TV Pool money is based on the finishing position in the home league. 4th is worth 10% less than 3rd.. that’s a few million towards a decent salary..

    Anyway, I dream, 4th is not secured yet.. we must focus on that and keeping the gap on Chelsea for now and keep winning games. Amazing that Spuds and Liverpool have both just lost 3 games on the trot! Chelsea not much better!


    Did gambon reach John O Groats yet?

  17. 87gooner

    I think the Hazard ship sailed a few seasons ago. I reckon Wenger would prefer Gotze. We have pacey wingers coming through, and for once they do look like they have real promise. Need a really creative player, as haven’t really replaced Cesc and Wilshere plays best box to box

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    “…..Jack Wilshere. He’s had another scan and he could make the move into training soon. Again, like I said a few months ago. I’m not fussed if we don’t see him for the rest of the season. I’d rather him fully fit than risk another long layoff.”

    Good point Pedro, if he comes back, England will then want him to play, & there is no use risking him getting an injury, just so he sits on the sidelines for another long period. England have no chance of winning, let alone coming in the top 4.

    Happy anniversary David Moyes 😆

  19. Kay

    Morning Grovers…

    Wake up to see shits and scums bottle it up…. Great morning..

    COYG finish the geordies off.. Long time coming.. They have to pay for that 4-4..

    BADE the Man… Spot on predictions yet again….
    St Tots day is with in 2/3 weeks… 😉

  20. Bade

    Morning Ranger Grovers

    Hope Bendy will keep nicking those goals, as well as Vela, they both on loan and they both have another 3 years left on their contracts, so we want them to be as appealing as possible for this summer sales

  21. Bade

    Cheers Kay,

    Well I have meself the last prediction, a hard fought win over the Geordies will do for me

    Don’t really care who’s going to score, though I have a feeling Rosa and OXO will be on the scoring sheet

  22. Bade

    I watched the highlights of the Real game of yesterday

    When you’re on the winning side, things seem to work for you wonders

    Betis played very well, they deserved a blatant penalty they didn’t get, and Real fluked their 10 successive win, and the 19th in the last 20 games!

    I’m rejoicing Cesc’s failure to achieve a league title, hopefully Real will win La Liga this season and the next one as well, while we win the league next season, so we get the league title before that greedy bastard

    Sorry for being like this, but I just hate Barca and hope that greedy bastard got a lesson for being so unfaithful. Well, showing Barca the finger is always great, they’re too arrogant

  23. Bade

    Reports about Red Nose attending the Lyon Lille game aren’t a good thing to start the morning with

    You have to wonder what was he doing there? Surely they’re planning a big money splash on a player that Red Nose wanted to see with his eyes before throwing a 30M?

    That made me anxious to be honest

  24. Bade

    Anyway, I don’t like the fact Red Nose attended a game where one of our obvious targets played

    Even if he wasn’t thinking about getting him and he just happened to be there for some family matters or just to go to some fancy restaurant you can’t get a reservation to any time you like, it is still bothersome

    After all, Hazard might caught his eyes, just like Ronaldo. He should’ve been ours, then a meaningless friendly made Red Nose snap him right from under our nails and the rest is history…..

    So people on the club should be alerted and must finalise that deal as soon as possible

  25. iffy the goon

    Why does it seem like Arsenal’s no longer interested in hazard? And who is the player in france that we’re after?

  26. iffy the goon

    Wenger’s french, he should have french spies, pretty ladies that’ll turn fergie’s head and make him sign aye kanout pelay instead of Hazard.

    What exactly is wenger doing anyway?

  27. Lurch LeRouge

    can you really see Red Nose courting a player personally!?

    Never happen, he was likely on a jolly. besides hazard wouldn’t be a priority, they need dynamic powerful midfielders before tricky versatile wide forwards imho.

    top class replacements for Scholes, Fletcher, Anderson, Carrick… then they can think about wide playmakers.

    first thing on his list should be a keeper and a CB if he’s turning Jones into a DM .

  28. Bade


    It’s 16:00 your time zone, no?

    Anyway I do agree there’s no logic, but in the other hand, you never know, as the Mancs lack a good AM as well

    As for keeper I’m not sure he will be looking for, seems De Gea starting to pull himself together, he was immense against Bilbao, and I have a funny feeling he’s starting to settle down there

  29. Lurch LeRouge

    Yeah Bade 1600

    De Gea will always look good in Europe, its commanding his box in the EPL and communication he’s shit at and I don’t recon he’ll crack that even with more weight on his bones.

    TBH i doubt we’re even in for Hazard, all the resources will be for a Cesc replacement and a Poldi.

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Morning Grovers..

    Indeed a positive period. I think I said a few days ago that the Carling Cup final day was symbolic. Last year it fucked our season and carried on into this one. This year, we battered the Spuds and I think it will prove to be a watershed. The moment when we got our mojo back so to speak..

    However, interestingly at this point last season we were 2nd after 27 games with 56 points and 4 points behind Utd. Now we are 4th with 49 points after 27 games and 17 points off the pace. Funny how a good sequence of games lifts the mood!

    The battle here is still very much for 4th and Chelsea are still very much in the picture. But I do like Szcz saying he hopes we get 3rd and Chelsea get 4th and he won’t even mention the name of the other team in North London! 🙂

    Still work to be done with this team. But we can still enjoy our moments this season. Happy to be a fan and enjoying the recent results. Looking forward to tomorrow night and looking forward to games with some hope and confidence… finally.

  31. Mayank

    Ah… Vacation or vocation? I guess you have to get up super early to catch the matches. Watching PL is alright here CL is a right pain. I think it’ll be worse there.

  32. iffy the goon

    We’ve got some seriously tough games left this season and spuds seem to av played most of their big games, but is it safe to assume that the lower placed teams in the league won’t be pushovers come the business end of the season? I feel we really need to be newcastle, and it’s not gonna be easy

  33. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    haha Lurch… Sadly NO! It was a quiet evening poking around t’interweb thing! Unfortunately!

    But you know the point being made! Pedder’s smartest blogger! Hope you left a crate of apples for him before you departed! 😉

    We critique…ers! eh.. I couldn’t come up with another word.. are often accused of dooming too much. Just making the point that I can savour and relish results and support the team, whilst also pointing out the shortcomings of the Board and Manager!

    I’m on a high since the mauling of the Spuds. I have a cunt of a Spud ‘friend’ who’s been giving me shit all season. After the result all he was saying was.. ah fuck off.. we are still 7 points ahead.. catch us if you can. Not a hope, hahaha. W A N K E R!

    Can’t wait to get in touch with him if we win tomorrow and.. say, 7 points did you say?

    Not as doomfull (another made up word) and pessimistic on the transfer saga as others. Really do think we have turned some kind of corner and will buy (quality) to strengthen. Which is why grabbing the 3rd spot would help to loosen the purse strings and not actually convince them that everything is rosy.. Hmm am I being too positive????

  34. Lurch LeRouge

    Vocation/Family – returning to roots.

    yeah its painful CL finishes at 6am. there are workarounds of course, early night/longday etc…

    lets not get ahead of ourselves though shall we 😉

  35. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Anyone see the report in the Dubai National that the deal has been done between City and RVP and salary agreed.. (220ish k per week! gulp!) Makini’s comments don’t seem to support that.. but not happy reading.. No quotes of course. Just ‘sources close to the club AND player’ mentioned!

  36. Mayank

    Haha I’d probably give up on CL with that time. Staying up till 3am for CL matches is the most I can do. It has its benefits though. I’m normally very sleepy by the end of matches. So the Milan, Utd and Barca matches were easier to forget after a nights sleep.

  37. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And also reported that we in for Goetze with a bid of 25m.. and Vertonghen for around 10m.. Mail on Sunday and Sunday Mirror. BBC Gossip.

  38. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Lurch I had a long dormant account and opened a new one recently just to follow Pedders and a few others.. I don’t have much to say… but I’m there with my full name: @BrendanHassett

  39. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Cheers Lurch… I just signed back up around the time of the 6-monthly and didn’t want barge straight in and challenge the AST! Even SwissRamble said they were being too conservative! So I’ll choose my moments! 🙂

  40. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    On another note… just to keep the flow going..

    Anyone see QPR’s disallowed goal yesterday? Unbelievable decision from the linesmuppet.

    Has fair play and sportsmanship gone out of the game completely? What would people say if the Bolton keeper had come clean and said: Yeah, goal, it was over the line?

  41. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Do you remember Robbie Fowler at Highbury about 15 years ago.. coming clean when Seaman brought him down (NOT) and Fowler told the ref No penalty! A rare moment of true sportsmanship.. but sadly out of place in todays game..

    I can imagine the rage such an admission would receive if one of our players did it in a CL Simi-final and we had a chance of a PEN will 5 mins left and the score 0-0!!

    I also remember the club.. offering Sheffield Utd a replay in the FA Cup after a dubious goal (Freddy( after our players carried on playig and didn’t kick the ball out of play when they had a man down.

    Just thinking aloud! Goal-line tech has to come in.. and more.. incidents in the area and other decisions need to be covered too

  42. Kwik fit

    Stonewall Pen not given …now there’s a surprise.
    10 point’s every season. If it was for the Man u favouritism we would have won at least 8 premierships!