Podolski Arsenal deal agreed. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T | Next up? A player from Ligue One

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Happy Friday.

Good morning friends of Le Grove. I’ve been off the radar for much of the week. Things have changed. I now live somewhere new. My laptop broke. My opinions on quantitative easing have hardened and Arsenal continued their excellent run with a hard fought loss at the Emirates last week. The last point wasn’t much of a change but I needed to shoe horn something about Arsenal in.

People have been asking me if I was able to attend the game. To that, I have to say no. Why? Because one of my pals sold my ticket back to the club accidentally, so I couldn’t get in on the day. A slight irritant on the night it has to be said. However, my views on the performance are similar to Geoff’s. I thought it was fantastic we clawed back three goals. I thought it was quite incredible we managed to keep a clean sheet and I was desperately sad the boys didn’t get more out of the night. People across the board all said the same to me after the game… ‘You were tired’… yes we were. It’s a shame we don’t have a squad to deal with the season this late on. It’s a shame all we had in the locker was Chamakh and Park Chu-Nooooooo. Still, the situation is what it is. I enjoyed the game regardless.

However, all of that feeling has subsided now. I’m glad we’re out of a trophy we had no chance of winning. In seasons past, making the semi finals kind of numbed the pain of not competing domestically. It made a season of hitting 4th place all the more easy to digest. This year, we’ve been in serious danger of not making top 4. I’m willing to sacrifice the Champions League for rested players and renewed motivation… and make no mistake, beating that Milan side by 3 is most certainly a massive confidence boost.

I don’t care that it’s take this long for the team to work out that they can be pretty damn good on their day. Simple fact of the matter is that the season is never three months long. I said back in December that I thought Spurs had been lucky not to pick up injuries. I said they were due a bad  run and sure enough that’s hit in like a freight train. Can it continue? Well, you’d hope so. It’s clear that on a pound for pound starting eleven, they have one of the elite line ups of European football. However, when players start dropping out of that team… they suffer. They’re falling into that trap now. At the business end of the season, we know Spurs are world class at choking like a bunch of… eerrr… not girls because that’s sexist… eerrr… not that analogy because that’s disgusting… jeez, you know what I’m getting at!

If anyone is going to balls up the run in… it’s the muppets down the road.

Chelsea will hopefully go into free fall. I can’t believe that once again, Abramovich has sided with the Chelsea power structure. He’s an absolute liability. You can tell that he earned his money through force over astute long term decision making. Anyone who can have a meeting with John Terry and take him seriously has to fall foul of the ‘fit and proper’ test UEFA put together.

In transfer news, all movements are pointing towards Podolski signing on for us. However, I have to counter this. We’ve been asking on Le Grove for years why Arsenal don’t tie up deals prior to the window opening. We’ve constantly been told that it is an imprisonable offence to sign players before the summer window opens. So I’m not sure whether the rumours can possibly be true? If they are, absolutely fantastic. Podolski is a big name, he’s powerful, he works hard, he can score goals and he’s more direct than a punch in the head.

I was told a few weeks ago that the next destination on map for the Arsenal negotiating team is France. They have a big name lined up from over there. I’m not sure if it’s Eden Hazard, but it might be when you consider his comments of late. My gut instinct is telling  me it’s M’Vila, but it could well be Gourcuff or Chamakh’s Romanian half brother, Tito the beast. Apparently he’s taken France by storm with his interpretation of matt paste hair product, his head looks like  block of concrete. Though it has to be said, his ability to make a 4  yard pass back to the person who played him in is not in doubt.

Arsenal are being shrewd if they’re moving for players now. It’s sending a message out to players like Robin and Theo. It’s telling them the talk of ambition this year is not total guff. It’s Arsene Wenger admitting he’s changed. It’s the club moving in a new direction. Well, I hope it is. I desperately want to know we’re in for some proper players this summer and I want to know we’re doing our business early. This squad needs 5 world class players. Once it has those players, we’ll be competing again. It would be nice if the Wenger of 98 has come back for a last throw of the dice. It would be fantastic if he left the next manager with a competitive team.

So in summation, things are starting to hot up heading into the home stretch. We might not agree how we got to where we are, but the simple fact is, this is Spurs greatest ever season and we’re 4 points behind them with more than enough games to chase them down, kick out their legs and pummel them back to their rightful place in the league. Behind us.

I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s all get excited together. In a big room. With our clothes on.

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Have a great day!


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  1. Goon from BD

    duvee- But he is a player with world class skill and a brain. A top class professional. I think it would be a good move as I think we need to get the balance right in the squad. Loads of our players are too young with not many role models to show them the way.

  2. dennisdamenace

    Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease stop with the beer talk, some of us feel like a gorilla has crapped in thei mouth!!!!

  3. dennisdamenace

    Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeease stop with the beer talk, some of us feel like a gorilla has crapped in their mouth.

  4. Matchy

    @Va Voom

    Lanbury wont make it at arsenal. he was loan out to play so to hv opportunities for other teams to buy him

    This is the same for Bartly. He wont make it at Arsenal.

  5. Kavit Patel

    gambonMarch 9, 2012 11:25:21
    Peroni is overrated italian rubbish/Erdinger, Asahi & Oranjeboom, Stella Black & Rekorderlig…….now we’re talking.

    Gambon, come to Kenya and try an ice-cold Tusker Malt….all the rest will be forgotten!

  6. dennisdamenace

    Kavit – 3 Kebabs? I duunno about that mate, but i’ve had 3 shits already…….
    Must’ve been a dirty glass 😆

  7. duvee

    Thats true Goon but I think we could get similar infleuntial qualities with someone a bit well younger and mobile. The man would be 38/39 when he joins us.

  8. AC Gooner

    I would give Rosicky a NEW contract.

    Maybe not an IMPROVED contract at 70-80. And not a THREE YEAR contract.

    I would certainly give him a ONE YEAR EXTENSION and say, “thanks very much for coming back and playing as strongly as we expected of you. Sorry you got injured but we stuck by you then, you owe us now.”

    He is the only one with speed, control, and guile in our midfield.

  9. jogo

    arsenal tom
    man utd spend pretty consistently which is why they’re consistently successful. liverpool have always spent money as have tottenham.

    lvpool and tots are also very successful clubs for the past 15 years, aren’t they?

  10. AC Gooner

    goonerkitt @ 10:15:08 is talking wise, very wise things he speaking.

    Seriously, somehow when I heartily agree with what other people say, I revert to Native American Indian lingo like in them westerns.

  11. Va Voom


    Your probably right about Lansbury.
    Just a shame to see an Arsenal boy who loves the club not get a look in while Wenger still persists with glass legas Diaby.

  12. Goon from BD

    duvee- Yeah I know but this season whenever he played for Juve he looked ten times the player than most of the Juve attackers on the field. He even played a midfield role once if I remember correctly and was pretty good. Still Conte prefers others as he can’t run….and Juve are where they are just due to hard work and the genius of Pirlo.

    The thing is….he could contribute a lot off the pitch. Owen doesn’t play but I think he has been a huge influence Hernandez,Welbeck etc. Even RvP can learn from ADP. He is free and one season won’t hurt.

  13. arsenal tom

    jogo… whats your point?

    i never said liverpool or tottenham have been consistently successful did i? nor did i say that they spent well…

    my point stands and is correct… they consistently spend

  14. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    would i be right in thinking that diaby is the most detested player at our club…. oh how different from 2006 (yes i know he has been there that long) where we all had sympathy for him after that dreadful tackle from dan smith!

  15. adi

    I doubt whether diaby is “the most detested”. If you look around on newsnow, you’ll see there’s actually quite a bit of support for him, and people still feel sorry for him. He should go in the summer, but i doubt he will.
    Most detested at the club? I’d say Djourou.

  16. arsenal tom

    i dont think anyone detests diaby, but its hard not to be frustrated by him and his situation. even when he stayed fit for most of a season he was irritating because of the lack of consistency in his game.

    denilson however is a lazy mouthy little cunt

  17. Kavit Patel

    gambonMarch 9, 2012 11:38:37
    “Tusker Malt” may be the best name for a lager ive ever heard.

    mate, it tastes immense! not sure if available in London, though you can get the regular Tusker Lager (which I don’t prefer as much) in some restaurants

  18. Matchy


    March 9, 2012 11:19:34
    MatchyChamakh has 2 goals in over 40 games.And you are saying hes a good player.Is that the definition of good? Anyone who doesnt cost £30m can only be expected to score 2 goals per season?You are insane. Chamakh is the worst player to have ever worn an Arsenal shirt.

    you still dont get it do you? you play poker and you play against amateurs at $10 a pop table. and you win.

    you move to $1000 a pop table. they are different league players. and you lose.

    Does that mean you a shit player?

    PArk cost $3-$4 million .. there is a reason why he costs that much.

    Dzeko Cost $25 million .. there is a reason why he costs that much
    Berba cost $30 million there is a reason why he costs that much and there is a reason why he sits on the bench.

    There is a reason why Man City is on top of the League because there is a reason why their bench cost more then the arsenal first team.

    It doesnt mean that players who cost $3 million or even $200k cannot step up are not quality players at the $1000 a pop table.

    Bergkamp was a reject from Inter Milian. Bergkam didnt hit it off in italty when he went tthere from AJAX did he.

    Henry was reject from Juventus.

    Am i saying Chamck and Park is in the same league as bergkam and henry? Of course not.

    Most of the times you will win the race when you drive a ferrari against a Range Rover.

    is it 100 percent of the times? NO. Cost you might drive the ferrari and crash.

    Hence Chelsea won the league a few times. And Man United always there and looks like Man City will win it too. They spend money on proven players. And if the players dont provide they go to the bench and get another $30 million players on the pitch.

  19. T Bone

    Morning shitcunts.

    Can we all just agree that Chamack is a waste of space and Walcott is a gutless, prancing nancy boy who isn’t much more than a glorified sprinter?


    If we get Goetze and Hazard – trophies

  20. adi

    Walcott will stay, as unfortunate as that may be. He’s still a starter for us(i have absolutely no clue why), and is very highly rated by rvp. For vp to stay, walcott will have to stay. That’s the unfortunate truth. If rvp leaves, however, walcott should be the first to be thrown out.

  21. Geoff

    Sorry Grovers, been away for a while ordering my new iPad 3 as I haven’t got one.

    Very complicated but it does stuff, I’m hoping I can make us a decent DM with all the gadgets they have on it.

  22. gambon


    You dont get it.

    There is no “Player of the year who cost less than £3m”

    Or “Champions League for teams that spend less than £140m on their first XI”

    Everyone plays on the same level for the same prizes.

    Excusing a player being shit because he is a bit cheaper is pathetic.

  23. leon

    so wenger may be signing this striker in trhe summer so what its to little to late for he should have signed this player in the summer and evon if it cost 25 million you get if you claim to have real ambitions of winning things.and its not just lack signing is problem is the fact this has no real tactics with current squad playing 433 just does not suit them.if you compare arsenal to man cuty not only have man city only conceded only 19-20 we have conceded 37-38 and they have scored almost 20 more goals than arsenal that tells me that they are far far better than use both defensively and attacking as well most due to the fact wenger has no tactics

  24. gambon

    Lol, and as for Bergkamp being a reject….

    We broke the fucking british transfer record to sign him. Lets not pretend we picked him up on the cheap.

  25. kapslock

    jogo – you said it yourself, all ”decent” signings. However, Arsh was a great signing at the time to be fair. I agree some signings have been decent but we’ve also seen some terrible decisions. There’s been no sort of ambition to go and get those two or three special expensive players that would make us world class.

    We have 2 world class players in our squad – RVP and Sagna. Not good enough.

  26. pontus

    5 world class players? We don’t need that many. Add a creativ CMF and a versatile defender to the signing of Pod and we’re sorted.
    We need to get rid of more than 5 players though:
    Vela (who I love but still)
    Diaby (cos of injuries)
    Park (or maybe not, he hasn’t played for us yet)

    We shouldn’t forget that we have top quality guys coming in:
    Lansbury (I hope)

  27. leon

    sorry the fact wenger has players like almunia sculachi dj park chamakh are any were that squad he should ashamed of him self.so he may be buying this player i should jumping for joy no hell no.and the only reason wenger is doing this is out fear of losing rvp as he knows without this team be struggling to stay in the top 10

  28. Kavit Patel

    George Hurst a co-founder of Kenya Breweries Ltd, was killed by an elephant during a hunting expedition in 1923. In memory of his tragic death, this famous lager beer that he had helped create was renamed ‘Tusker’.

    You couldn’t get a beer with a more exotic history than that! 😉

  29. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – A bit of a joke really, as there’s no 4G networks currently running in the UK.
    I don’t think they come online until late 2013…..

  30. kapslock

    Didn’t like the Ipad when it first came out. Bro bought the Ipad 2 though and I got to using it, it’s pretty nice. I still don’t see the huge fuss over it.

    Rather put that money towards one of thos mac book air’s.

  31. Kavit Patel

    ok back to Arsenal:


    Bartley (never gonna break through here)
    Benayoun (won’t sign permanent)
    Diaby (potential but perma-crock)
    Lansbury (won’t make it at Arsenal especially if he wants to be a starter)

    These are all players we don’t need. Their absence this season has made no difference apart from prevention of signing better players to take their place

  32. dennisdamenace

    Kavit – Cobblers!
    Double Diamond
    Proper beers……………………… 😆

  33. Rhyle Adcock

    As usual I’m cynical about Wenger’s ability to change – think we’ve struggled on the commercial / renewal front over the last few months and a nice statement of intent by leaking the news of a fantastic signing like Podolski should grease the wheels nicely

  34. Kavit Patel


    depends on your usage of the device.

    If you need to use a lot of Word Processor/Spreadsheets, Macbook is what you need.

    But for:

    Games (IPAD3 got better graphics than PS3/Xbox360
    Movies(better resolution than an HD TV)
    Powerpoint Presentations: (AMAZING ON THE IPAD)
    Random apps which you don’t need but are so much fun to have

    iPad is the way to go!

  35. Charlie

    @Kavit, you forgot Bendtner. He’s already said that he’ll never play for Arsenal again, which is a bit rich but not a surprising comment from him. If he scores a few for Sunderland might even get a decent wad for him.

  36. Kavit Patel


    oh shit forgot to add the greatest striker in the world, Nik B!

    He could go for 8-10m to a Bundesliga club….perhaps use as part of a swap for Goetze….£20m + Bendtner + Park + Chamakh….

    They’ll probably tell us to fuck off! lol

  37. Kavit Patel

    DDM – Carling is as appealing as the League Cup it sponsors.

    If you hadn’t had a beer (won a trophy) for a long time and its the only beer (trophy) available, you wouldn’t mind it 😉

  38. Kavit Patel


    It’s capable of using 4G…..but none of the networks have 4G….yet….their still on 3G (which is not bad at all anyway).

    Anyway you guys in UK have insanely quick internet so your wi-fi (which you will use the most) will be much faster than what the 4G networks will provide.

  39. Geoff

    I only got it for the google maps Kavit so I could use it as an accurate Satnav.

    Oh and so I could blog on the train!

  40. Kavit Patel

    Wenger: ‘I don’t have a lot to say about Podolski. If we sign a player we will inform you’ – http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/39978/don-t-miss-our-press-conference-digest

    At least he didn’t say “I believe we have enough quality strikers, we have Chamakh and Park (who is the Korean captain), we have Bendtner and Vela coming in and they will be like new signings”

  41. Kavit Patel

    Yeah so for what you got it for…..3G is good enough, and when 4G comes out you will have a device capable of using it.

    Googlemaps as the satnav is awesome…I don’t know roads for shit in london…..using googlemaps when I was there recently, I could get to anywhere I wanted to

  42. BOOZY

    wenger probably realises this is the last season he would be allowed to go trophiless – i think he would break bank for goetze or hazard.

  43. Azed

    Until i see Podolski on arsenal.com, the rumour remains a marketing gimmick.
    Convo between AW and IG
    AW: How’s the ticket renewal sales going?
    IG: Ticket renewal is going well. That Podolski deal really got them this time.
    AW: Hmmm.. Ivan how did you know that Podolski would get them renewing?
    IG: Simple those cunts on Le grove have been clamouring for him all season.
    AW: Brillant Ivan i knew hiring you wasn’t a mistake.

  44. Geoff

    Azed you forgot the last line, stop kissing my arse, it’s clean enough you shameless toad.

    Gambon, how can you just have one? I can’t stop once I’ve had one.

  45. Rutu

    Excellent Post Pedro!
    I’m so hoping we have got Podolski.
    Its step in a great direction in showing the ambition and that we want to challenge for the next season.
    France M villa and maybe Giroud who knows?

  46. G STAR

    Geoff write the post against NEWCASTLE on monday, we have won the last 4 matches you have wrote the post.


    We are signing M’Vila from FRANCE.

  47. gambon


    Gotta pick up my new motor after work. Gotta be sensible.

    Will be in the boozer by 7 latest though!

  48. Richard Smith

    I was certain that Podolski had signed after hearing it on BBC Radio 1 while driving home yesterday afternoon, because, the BBC don’t announce anything unless there is evidence to back it up.

    I’m not so sure now, because, everyone else is questioning it.

  49. AC Gooner

    At the risk of incurring a full fledged Gambon attack (is there a term for that? Anybody?), I am going to spend the next 10 days praying to the Patron saints of bodily injuries.

    And then the new, uninjured, non-fragile, super Diaby will emerge – raising us through the table above Spurs (He only said he HAD a shirt given to him, never said he WORE it).


  50. scott

    My wife asked me how many women I’ve shagged.
    So I said, ‘I really dont want to answer that. You know I’ve had a past and I don’t want to upset you.
    ‘C’mon’ she said, ‘I can handle it!’
    So I sat there with her and reeled them off:
    “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,You,12,13, 14 & 15”
    I was right, she didn’t handle it very well

  51. kapslock

    Mike Sewell‏@BBCSport_SewellReply
    AW (translated) answer to German TV on Podolski: He says that it could be done in “the next 2 or 3 weeks, or possibly even sooner.” #afc

  52. Kethees

    Podolski singning & Wenger’ interest in all world best players are more to do with season ticket sales & contract extension than the actual intend of improving the team.
    Sorry to be negative guys but I can’t imagine an American businessman with non footballing based CE (marketing purpose only) will have any ambition or passion to win. Their only ambition is to make money, money, money & more money.

  53. Sadam Mahessar

    I think one of the reasons we are signing players before the season ends/transfer window opens has a few logical reasons:

    1. Prices of European players may increase massively in case they have a decent Euro.

    2. We might actually end up failing to qualify for CL.

    3. We have to make sure none of Rosicky, Song, RVP, Theo quit Arsenal, its absolutely pivotal to not let any of the starting XI go after what happened during the last window, and in order to do that, we have to show some serious intent to get Van Persie and Theo signing.

    And hence you see, Suarez is also a done deal i believe, he will replace Chamakh where as Prinz is a replacement for Arshavin. I would love a swap with Chelsea between Theo and Torres, that would be absolutely brilliant.

  54. Sadam Mahessar

    Don’t think Wenger would sell Theo if RVP stays on, RVP loves him and actually feels he is one of the better players at the club so I can’t see that happening if Van Persie is staying on, surely Podolski is replacing Arshavin.

  55. kapslock

    Marerk Hamsick extends contract with Napoli until 2016.

    Sheeeeeet. Would’ve loved Hamsik at Arsenal. Would take him over Hazard. Only player who could really step up and replace Cesc imo.

  56. Sadam Mahessar

    And Pedders.

    Who is the player from France you talk about? To be honest though, I would much rather prefer someone from Germany, if we cannot get Gotze, lets get Shinji Kagawa from Dortmund with maybe a swap deal sending Bendtner and another player going the opposite way. Or maybe Marko Marin from Mertz’ ex club.

    And please, for fuck sake, stop mentioning Hazard, the guy is another Nasri/Adebayor in the making who would leave us in a lurch again in a matter of a couple of seasons.

  57. AC Gooner


    I hope you are right. Those would be strengthenings of the squad, no doubt.

    Saurez for Chamak, Poldi for AA.

    But we can also let Theo go. Too much miss, not enough hit for me.

  58. nin

    all these years the bastards have lied throught their teeth saying ‘we must wait till man city/chelsea complete their transfers as we can not compete with them’.
    Will be happy if IF we getr podolski but it still makes you wonder why the sneaky bastards treat the fans this way.
    Bottom line is a club wants a player they just got to go out and do it. everything else is just excuse making.

  59. nin

    and im not completely sure rvp rates walcott, from his comments it just sounds as though he is sticking up for walcott.

  60. Sadam Mahessar


    I agree with you, I would love to get rid of him if it means we are signing Torres, Adam Johnson, Ayew or Munian but there are a couple of problems with that, one as i sad Van Persie loves him, and two we are not too sure if Wenger will actually replace him.

  61. BOOZY

    hamsik is a good player, but overrated and overpriced at 45mil -a 20mil player at most.

    Now gokhan inler is the business, best dm in italy for 5 consecutive season.

  62. BillikenGooner

    Would buying Peroni at Walmart be a roundabout way to support the club?

    Walmart –> Kroenke’s wife –> Kroenke’s weekly allowance –> AFC –> Diaby’s pay raise.

    Wait.. don’t buy Peroni at Walmart.

  63. AC Gooner



    But I am giving Diaby 10 days of intense praying and then the rest of the season.

    If he doesnt jump out of his sick bed on the 10th day and we all rejoice, then we can get rid.

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    why anyone would buy a beer thats travelled 10000KM and expect it to taste good is beyond me. Besides, If the yanks are brewing it locally you have to wonder if its any good.

    Even a ding wil tell you they only like Peroni brewed in their homeland.

  65. Goon from BD

    Yeah, Hamsik is overrated. Love his hair but his face is a bit like Nasri and is a bit like him as in he is neither a central attacking midfielder nor a winger. He is also good at vanishing during games.

  66. Lurch LeRouge

    A man and a woman walk into a bank and ask to see the manager.

    They are ushered in and the manager, despite his professionalism, can hardly keep his eyes off the bulging cleavage and perfect curves of the woman.

    “Mr Wilson” says the man, “I have an investment proposition that needs £20,000. I presume, as I bank here, that will be no problem?”

    Smugly the bank manager replies, “In banking, one should never assume Sir. I will need to ask a few questions and run a few checks.”

    “Here’s the deal.” says the man, leaning forward. “No questions. No checks. £20,000 today and I will let you have my wife for one night and one night only to do whatever you want. And she is very.. adventurous.”

    Once again Mr Wilson mentally undresses the woman, licks his lips, loosens his tie and becomes flustered. After a few moments he buzzes in his secretary and they draw up the paperwork. He arranges to bring the money to the executive suite of the Radisson hotel at 7 o’clock that evening.

    At ten to seven, Mr Wilson nervously enters the hotel lobby and takes the lift to the 17th floor. He knocks shyly on the door of the suite and it is answered by the woman in a low cut short red dress and heels.

    “Mr Wilson” she purrs. “Have you got the money?”

    The bank manager shakily hands her an envelope.

    She smiles. “Then come in.”

    He follows the woman into the room and stops in shock. Lying on the bed is a hideously ugly woman in faded grey underwear eating a pie. At least 25 stone, she lies in a provocative pose showing unshaven armpits and bikini line.

    The man is sitting in an armchair with a glass of Scotch.

    “What’s this?!” stutters the bank manager.

    “My wife” says the man. “In banking, Mr Wilson, one should never assume.”

  67. sihle the cape town gunner

    clint dempsey anyone? he could replace yossi or rotate with ramsey in that CAM position….

  68. jack

    BBC RADIO . Arsene denies a deal has been done with Cologne to sign Podolski. I can’t believe some posters on here believe all these rumours after what the deluded French Clown has done to Arsenal these last 6 years. Who knows, it still could be on, but I’m a cynical fucker when it comes to rumours like this, as Mata was supposed to be a done deal. ST renewals more like.

  69. Geoff

    Dale but you can’t drink beer on Sundays, not even the mini bars in hotel rooms have alcohol in then in Alabama, I asked why and they said because God says it’s a rest day, how fucked are are those people.

    That’s like not drinking because Donald Duck says you can’t.

    I’d sooner have beer on Sunday than 4G!

    Fuck me I had to join a tittybar (1$) on the City limits to get a drink, then it was full of tattooed rednecks and I feared for my arse. Still beer won out and they stayed away.

  70. Geoff

    Lurch I would have punched her in the mouth, head butted him, taken my money back and urinated on the fat bird, then I would have said have that you smart arse cunt.

    Great joke though!

  71. AC Gooner

    cape town gunner,

    I would take Dempsey in a heartbeat. For Chamakh or Park – either way, massive improvement, figther, he works his socks off. And he scores goals.

  72. Arse&Nose©

    Dempsey is the type of player our squad needs. Not super super class but has ton’s of spirit and work ethic. He would be a great squad player, has great stats, can tackle, good at set pieces and gets goals.

  73. sihle the cape town gunner

    a midfielder who consistently scores goals is one thing we have lacked this season, with dempsey you are guaranteed 10-12 goals a season and thats just at fulham (NO OFFENCE).i personally would love to see him in an arsenal shirt next season.
    hopefully we’ll let a few players go in order to free up space for him in the 25 man squad…

  74. Bade

    As for Arsene bequeathing his successor a competitive team, I would like things to be different

    I’d like Arsene to go this summer, keeping some of his legacy alive, then we give the new manager the money to build the new team, not Arsene’s team

  75. follow the money

    kapelock just because Hamsik signed a new deal doesn’t rule out a move. Nasri signed a new deal with Marseilles a month before he came to us so Marseilles could get a higher transfer fee. It happens all the time between clubs that are on speaking terms.

    Can’t see the Podolski rumour being a marketing gimmick. Surely they aren’t so daft to try that. If it doesn’t happen now the fan backlash would be ugly

  76. Dan Ahern

    So, so far our rumors are Matias Suarez and Prinz Poldi. I’d like to see some midfield targets, personally. I wonder if Wenger’s thinking that Ox will play more MF?

    Hm. Maybe:


    With Podolski shadowing/finding room in the hole. I dunno.

    Probably more likely:

    Ox/Gervinho/Suarez/Ramsey represents a real bench at least.

    I’m having trouble thinking up an optimal lineup. There are lots of players that play similar positions, and no DM to rely on beyond Song. (Who can’t really be relied upon, at least not alone.)

  77. kwik fit

    follow the money

    Can’t see the Podolski rumour being a marketing gimmick. Surely they aren’t so daft to try that. If it doesn’t happen now the fan backlash would be ugly

    Wouldn’t be so sure !

  78. Ice

    Confirmed: song bombed out at the end of the season replaced by a proper midfielder ala van bommel…..paddy Pat replaced by euro Wenger mate….poldi becomes instant hero as he fights like fuck….Chamakh goes into the mint tea business in Fez….Walcott signs for Aston Villa….Gambon says something interesting!

  79. JJ

    Pedro – Nice post. You have got stop making me lol at work. My wife and kids wont be happy with you if you get me fired!

  80. Bade


    One thing You get out of that joke, is “Assumptions in the mother of all fuck ups”

    I assume you know which movie this coming from 🙂

  81. Dean Tharme

    Love your last comment i actually feel optimistic for the first time in 6 years.

    Amazing what a good signing can do.If its true.

    Or am i falling into the AFC trap again! Doh!

  82. Richard Smith

    The BBC don’t report bull shit.

    They would have done their own investigation rather than use a report by one of the major papers like everyone else does.

    Surely the fact that the BBC have reported it means it is a done deal?

  83. goondawg

    Wenger reiterates he has no plans to sell rvp, even if podolski’s arrival is imminent! So poldi’s been given the green light, but what happens when another club tries to hijack it like we did with park and lille. Reports say he turned down a big-money move to anzhi because he believed wenger and arsenal would help him further his development. So sounds promising! Can’t wait to see him line up at the euros!