Podolski Arsenal deal agreed. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T | Next up? A player from Ligue One

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Happy Friday.

Good morning friends of Le Grove. I’ve been off the radar for much of the week. Things have changed. I now live somewhere new. My laptop broke. My opinions on quantitative easing have hardened and Arsenal continued their excellent run with a hard fought loss at the Emirates last week. The last point wasn’t much of a change but I needed to shoe horn something about Arsenal in.

People have been asking me if I was able to attend the game. To that, I have to say no. Why? Because one of my pals sold my ticket back to the club accidentally, so I couldn’t get in on the day. A slight irritant on the night it has to be said. However, my views on the performance are similar to Geoff’s. I thought it was fantastic we clawed back three goals. I thought it was quite incredible we managed to keep a clean sheet and I was desperately sad the boys didn’t get more out of the night. People across the board all said the same to me after the game… ‘You were tired’… yes we were. It’s a shame we don’t have a squad to deal with the season this late on. It’s a shame all we had in the locker was Chamakh and Park Chu-Nooooooo. Still, the situation is what it is. I enjoyed the game regardless.

However, all of that feeling has subsided now. I’m glad we’re out of a trophy we had no chance of winning. In seasons past, making the semi finals kind of numbed the pain of not competing domestically. It made a season of hitting 4th place all the more easy to digest. This year, we’ve been in serious danger of not making top 4. I’m willing to sacrifice the Champions League for rested players and renewed motivation… and make no mistake, beating that Milan side by 3 is most certainly a massive confidence boost.

I don’t care that it’s take this long for the team to work out that they can be pretty damn good on their day. Simple fact of the matter is that the season is never three months long. I said back in December that I thought Spurs had been lucky not to pick up injuries. I said they were due a bad  run and sure enough that’s hit in like a freight train. Can it continue? Well, you’d hope so. It’s clear that on a pound for pound starting eleven, they have one of the elite line ups of European football. However, when players start dropping out of that team… they suffer. They’re falling into that trap now. At the business end of the season, we know Spurs are world class at choking like a bunch of… eerrr… not girls because that’s sexist… eerrr… not that analogy because that’s disgusting… jeez, you know what I’m getting at!

If anyone is going to balls up the run in… it’s the muppets down the road.

Chelsea will hopefully go into free fall. I can’t believe that once again, Abramovich has sided with the Chelsea power structure. He’s an absolute liability. You can tell that he earned his money through force over astute long term decision making. Anyone who can have a meeting with John Terry and take him seriously has to fall foul of the ‘fit and proper’ test UEFA put together.

In transfer news, all movements are pointing towards Podolski signing on for us. However, I have to counter this. We’ve been asking on Le Grove for years why Arsenal don’t tie up deals prior to the window opening. We’ve constantly been told that it is an imprisonable offence to sign players before the summer window opens. So I’m not sure whether the rumours can possibly be true? If they are, absolutely fantastic. Podolski is a big name, he’s powerful, he works hard, he can score goals and he’s more direct than a punch in the head.

I was told a few weeks ago that the next destination on map for the Arsenal negotiating team is France. They have a big name lined up from over there. I’m not sure if it’s Eden Hazard, but it might be when you consider his comments of late. My gut instinct is telling  me it’s M’Vila, but it could well be Gourcuff or Chamakh’s Romanian half brother, Tito the beast. Apparently he’s taken France by storm with his interpretation of matt paste hair product, his head looks like  block of concrete. Though it has to be said, his ability to make a 4  yard pass back to the person who played him in is not in doubt.

Arsenal are being shrewd if they’re moving for players now. It’s sending a message out to players like Robin and Theo. It’s telling them the talk of ambition this year is not total guff. It’s Arsene Wenger admitting he’s changed. It’s the club moving in a new direction. Well, I hope it is. I desperately want to know we’re in for some proper players this summer and I want to know we’re doing our business early. This squad needs 5 world class players. Once it has those players, we’ll be competing again. It would be nice if the Wenger of 98 has come back for a last throw of the dice. It would be fantastic if he left the next manager with a competitive team.

So in summation, things are starting to hot up heading into the home stretch. We might not agree how we got to where we are, but the simple fact is, this is Spurs greatest ever season and we’re 4 points behind them with more than enough games to chase them down, kick out their legs and pummel them back to their rightful place in the league. Behind us.

I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s all get excited together. In a big room. With our clothes on.

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Have a great day!


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  1. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    pedro… maybe true… but i can’t think that they will go out and buy massively… if they do then a few will exit out the door as well, Song, rvp, TV5 ?

  2. Bush Gooner

    Top 8.

    Hazzard and Gotze

    And all the money grabbing dross that are not fit to wear the shirt.

  3. The Prophet

    Pedro, great post but you could have said “chockers like the South African cricket team” or “chockers like the All Blacks”…….

    5 signings…..that many?

    Are you including LJW *tongue in cheek*

    Up The Gunners!!

  4. duvee

    Need a keeper, get rid of Almunia.
    I think we need one back up centre half and get rid of DJourou and his mate Squillaci.
    I’m going to give Gibbs till the end of the season to prove himself so holding off on a left back.
    We need an attacking midfielder, not sure if he would start ahead of wilshere/ox (Benayoun will probably go although I’d like to hold on to him) don’t think Ramsey should play AM, think he is more of the Arteta type position
    Need a starting winger(Podolski), get rid of Arshavin.
    Need a back-up striker, get rid of chamakh and Park.
    So therefore in my view,
    We need a winger(Podolski)
    Bob’s your uncle, Frances is your aunt

  5. Pollux

    Great post. We’ll see if wenger is a changed man this summer. I’m not giving him the benefit of doubt though cos I have been con by him for many years. So WENGER OUT!!!!

  6. GoonerM

    The main thing us fans need to know this summer is what cowboy Kroenke has planned for the club. I’ve never seen an owner say practically nothing but if he talks to the fans and explains his vision for the club not vaguely with sound bites but in detailed manner then I’m sure most Gooners minds will be at rest. I’m tired of hearing about self-sustainability, we’ve £100mill+ in the bank and I’m sure the loan deal on the stadium is similar to a mortgage were we pay monthly and have to pay it of by a certain date. I’d genuinely like to know why we’ve got such a huge cash reserve if we ain’t buying players or paying of the debt all in one.

  7. Shivam

    We dont need 5 players. We dont need a winger, Podolski will cover for RVP as well as winger’s injury calamity. We have Gerv, Theo, Ox for wingers. We dont need an expensive winger.

    We need a CAM. Bring back Bartley and we are covered at the back. Nothing more needed IMO

  8. Gunner2301

    Great post Pedro. Welcome back. We thought we’d lost you to the media whoring 😆

    Lets hope Wenger has turned a corner and Podolski is the first sign of that. We need to show RVP that we are serious about being challengers in order to keep him and get our signings done early so we can have a good pre-season. No more repeats of last Summer. I hope the Club have learned from this.

  9. sabeel

    I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s all get excited together. In a big room. With our clothes on.


    Haha….Great line…. 🙂

  10. Doublegooner

    Rosicky to get a new contract:

    3 fucking decent games in 6 years, just as his contract needs renewing.

    £70/80k a week…NO THANKS..

    Lets save the money for new better players for next season.

  11. Shivam

    @GoonerM – We dont have 100mill with us. We have 50 mill more or less, that too is a fall back for the scenario that we dont qualify for the CL, which will cost close to 50mill

  12. @cynorix

    I believe the podolski story to be true. All we need now is a direct attacking MF and sell players like Djouru, squillaci, denilson, chamark and park

  13. Gunner2301


    I couldn’t argue with you on that one. It does look cynical from Rozza after lying dormant for so long, but I do think he’ll get a new contract. When does Arsene ever do the logical thing?

  14. adi

    Big player from france….. Valbuena?? Marvin Martin?? Gourcuff?? I’m pretty sure its much likelier to be one of these over m’vila or hazard.
    M’vila would be brilliant, song out and m’vila in. Get in Podolski and Yarmalenko/Suarez and its gonna look much better much quicker. Hopefully diaby can pull off an rvp-esque recovery, coz i don’t think he’s gonna be sold.

  15. Hasaucha

    Very refreshing post,Pedro..Well done..

    I think that french individual is Gourcuff – a talented player,can’t get games,one of Wenger’s favorite,not very expensive ..Fits the bill perfectly,doesn’t it?

    Podolski,Hazard,Vertonghen,Tony Adams then we’ll compete..

    I seriously don’t think we need a DM.. And oh,Gibbs is shit – he’s injured again..

  16. luke

    agree double. Think its time Rosicky says goodbye. As well as Almunia, Squidlachi, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, and more loanees. We need to free up some wages!

  17. RockyPires

    Javi Martinez looked class last night, spped of thought defence to attack, real player, tough, tall uncomprimising, fast feet, astute tackling.
    Get em please.

  18. Gunner2301


    I asked you about Etienne Capoue yesterday didn’t see a reply from you. Do you know him? Is he any good? How does he compare to MVilla?

  19. John Gee

    Your Comment Here
    Pollux, well you nearly have your name right !!! When will muppets like you realise that Arsenal have one of the best managers / coaches in world football. I cannot imagine who could replace him. Forget Guardiola, Mourinho etc, they would never comply to Arsenals Financial Plan. Be very careful what you wish for.

  20. Shivam

    Double 2301 – TR7 has just shown that if he can be injury free he is an asset. We need mobility in the side, which neither Arteta, Song or Ramsey provide … Rosco brings that, and some pace and creativity.

  21. luke

    Shivam, “if he can be injury free” is quite an “if” for 70 or 80 thousand a week. There are plenty of mobile midfielders out there other than rosicky

  22. RockyPires

    I think if Rosicky got a one year rolling contract would be fair enough, he seems to be a good personality to have around and its only now he is reaching peak fitness.

  23. Jed

    So we’ve signed Podolski and are on the trail of a famous name in France. Remind me when the premium seats come up for renewal?

  24. arsenal tom

    clothes on? and i was just getting excited!

    m’vila would be a great bit of business.

    wilshire, ramsey, song, arteta, diaby (5 games) le coq and him would be a very strong midfield squad to chose from although it does seem to lack real creativity

  25. duvee

    But for Diaby I think it is almost time to retire. His muscles on one leg must be enormous compared to the other.

  26. Hasaucha

    Both Capoue and M’Vila are decent players…M’Vila is calm on the ball and keeps it ‘frustratingly’ simple…

    Capoue is lot more flamboyant and aggressive but error prone ala Song..For me,both of them aren’t complete players..

    There are lot of Spanish/Portuguese defensive players who’re much more superior technically..Those are the fellas we need.

  27. gambon

    Mvila is top class.

    Good & clean tackler, positionally strong and doesnt misplace passes, unlike Alex Fat Cunt Song.

    Interesting that there are certain people that rubbish EVERY player that is mentioned on here.

    Remember the cunts like Hasaucha talking about how shit Yaya Toure & David Silva were?

  28. Kavit Patel

    Our worst premiership season EVER, their best premiership season EVER…4 points behind them with 10 games to go…

    After thinking it was surely cancelled this year…St. Totts is well and truly back on!!!

  29. adi

    Rosicky is a brilliant squad player. And he’s finally coming back to his best. Why would you want to let someone like that go? Sell The others, who clearly don’t care/can never make it here. Get rid of chamakh, park, almunia, squid, Mannone, Fabianski, Arshavin, Bendtner, Denilson, Botelho, Vela, Hoyte, Watt and even lansbury.
    Buy 4 good players and promote youngsters like ryo(for benayoun), campbell(for park), bartley(for squid), martinez(for mannone) and frimpong.
    In: Podolski, Suarez(If that pre-contract report is true)/Yarmalenko, an experienced keeper and a cdm (M’vila/N’zonzi) if song goes.

  30. goonerkitt

    If we are very lucky we may get one of Hazard/Gourcuff/Goetze although the form and versatility of AOC may lead Wenger to beleive that he can keep the money in the bank. With Podolski coming in and Campbell (who should get his permit) due to return, we can afford to get rid of Park and Chamack. We could also give Benik Afobe a taste of first team action towards the end of the season and if he isnt quite ready loan him out to an EPL side next season along with Wellington (permit permitting) If Bolton manage to stay up we should send them both there to toughen up and prepare to join our fist team squad. We can sell the dross (we all know who that is) and make a decision on the kids. The kids that are abroad for permit reasons will be ready soon (Botehlo??,Gallindo etc) and if they are under 21 can be loaned to EPL sides without impacting the 25man squad rule. In short if we can get the attacking midfielder from the trio named, Vertoghen, a defensive midfielder (M’Villa/Capoue) and a good veteren goalkeeper as backup as well as cherry pick the most promising youth players then I can see only domestic/european/world domination (delete as applicable)

  31. Iceman10

    Mvila is def better than Song in the defensive role where if Song jus stayed we wud be better off…
    Gambon what do you think of Martinez?

  32. Kavit Patel

    If there is ONE player in the whole world who would be the perfect DM for Arsenal, it would be Yaya Toure.

    I don’t know HOW we did not go for him before City did.

    We needed him 2-3 years before City bought him, he would have been affordable and Barca did not really want to keep him…but it would have killed Diaby (who’s career died by itself anyway)


  33. Gunner2301


    Cheers. I’ll defer to your superior knowledge. I was thinking Capoues aggressive style and ball winning ability is what we could do with. MVilla I thought the same as you, a more solid looking Denilson, but not very dynamic. So Spain & Portugal it is then. 🙂

  34. Hasaucha

    Morning Gambon..

    How is your ‘Spurs will dominate us for years to come’ prediction going? Happy with how things are going atm?

    Steven Nzonzi’s a better buy than M’Vila..

  35. ashvin

    Hate to sound negative but can u imagine wenger signing both podolski and hazard?It’ll probably be one of the two.an early signing like gervinho last summer.lets hope the rest of the transfer window doesn’t resemble the last.

  36. Gunner2301


    I’d agree but once players have got that big we’ve got no chance. Would have loved him to have come to us but he always dissed the rumours as if he wouldn’t even consider it. I think he could see we weren’t competitive and selling your best players year on year doesn’t send out a good message so there you go. We have to move on.

  37. Kavit Patel

    I would keep Rosicky.

    He’s one of the most direct midfielders we have, none of this tippy-tappy crabbing nonsense.

    He’s been one of our better players since Jan (not only the last 3 games).

    I would give him yearly contract extensions like Bergkamp used to get. If you are fit and performing you get an extension for one year, and in that time you fight for the right to earn another extension.

  38. ashvin

    I would prefer podolski over hazard.hazard probably sees us as a place to develop.He’ll want to go to real in a few years.And there is no way wenger would sign them both.

  39. goonerkitt

    I think it would be premature to get rid of Lansbury. Ive heard from mates from the darkside that he has been performing well for the hammers. He is also good when Wenger throws caution to the wind and plays 4-4-3 (you will know when this has happened because they will have taken down the goalposts at the emirates and replaced them with jumpers!)

    I feel this is also a good time to remind everyone that Fergie is a cunt.

  40. gambon


    Really like him as a player. Is there a question mark over his pace/mobility though?

    Can definitely see Real being in for him with Alonsos age.

  41. goondawg

    Good post! Can’t Eden Hazard play in the CAM position?? He could be cover for various positions! Fingers crossed!

  42. Gunner2301


    What you gotta think about is keeping Rosicky as a squad player who’ll be on around 70-80k with no re-sale value? I don’t think that’s value for money. We could probably pick up a squad player for less than half those wages who would have re-sale value. That’s the kind of ball park we should be aiming for 25-30k if we want to reduce the wage bill. Young starters at ManU are only getting that so it’s not out of line with market rates.

  43. Geoff

    Good post Pedro!

    Torres for Theo
    Hummels or Vertonghen

    That 5 will do, bring back Mannone and sell Fabianski and Almunia, what’s the point in having a keeper out permanently on loan?

    Bring back Lansbury and Bartley and move all the other loanees on, they will never make it.

  44. kapslock

    M’Villa is quality would be a great signing.

    Though Bilbao were very good last night, especially the likes of Martinez, Llorente and Munian. One of those 3 would be a good signing also. I hope Wenger and the board have changed their ways but I’m not holding my breath. We’ve asked for these sort of transfers for several years but we’ve had to accept shit like Silvestre and Squillaci.

    Hopefully those inbred Stoke cunts can knick something at Chelsea and I can see Everton turning over the scum. We need to play every game like we did against Milan. I’d love to completely humiliate that cunt Pardew.

  45. Gunner2301

    Agree with you Geoff. I think Almunia is out of contract in the Summer anyway so will just leave, taking his hopes of playing for England and emulating Gordon Banks with him. 🙂

  46. Geoff

    Anyway, as I’ve always said, we don’t need a DM, three great midfielders should be able to do the job, Arteta does, Jack did, it’s a complete waste to have a player that just gets in the way and has little skill.

  47. Gunner2301


    I we had a back 4 like we did in the past I would say we don’t need a dedicated DM but I haven’t seen anything in the last 5 years (and goals against) to give me that piece of mind and confidence to say we shouldn’t have one.

  48. gambon


    I would say that we, more than any team needs a specialist DM, someone like MVila, Tiote, Parker.

    We over commit players forward all the time, our CBs are obsessed with being strikers (especially TV), our FBs want to be wingers, and we leave huge gaps in the middle of the pitch, as seen in the Spurs & Liverpool game.

  49. Norgun

    Pedro, no one can understand the Park deal. Could a reasonable explanation be that he was bought as Lille was fucking about with the Hazard transfer and that he will be used to wrap up the deal this summer? The guy has not played at all. Besides being crap, could it be to make sure he doesn’t get injured and hence risk the Hazard deal?

  50. James

    I’ve not always agreed with things written on this site, in fact the majority of time I strongly dissagree, however I would like to say the last few weeks I have enjoyed the blog. It seems blogs like this, and many others, have started writing positive things and I genuinely believe this helps the club. Fans read blogs, and if they read positive things, they start being positive. And when the clubs fans are all on the same page, we can really make a difference, as proved at the last few homes games. The infighting between fans was getting beyond a joke, and I feel it made it’s way into the dressing room. Yes we may all have different views on Wenger, some still love him, some think his time is up, etc… but he’s our manager, and the players in red and white are our players, so no point arguing about it now. It seems everyone has now taken the attitude “it is what it is, may as well support them” and it’s paying dividends. It is the clubs duty to make us proud, but we do also have a role to play in cheering them on and making the emirates a fortress. For the first time is ages, it seems it is again. I’ve re found my love for the club and the enjoyment of going, let’s hope we kick on, get 3rd and then really show intent in the summer and get some names in. COYG

  51. goonerkitt

    Fergie is a cunt
    Redknapp(snr) is a twitchy spiv cunt
    Redknapp(jnr) is a cunt on a stick
    Bale is a cheating cunt
    Lampard is a fat ginster loving cunt
    Kroenke is a rootin tootin yeehah gun shooting cunt
    Rooney is a granny shagging cunt
    Mancini is a greasy tapping up cunt
    Nasri is a money loving cunt
    Terry is a racist cunt
    Mourinho is a smug cunt

    I make that a collection of eleven cunts, which if you look this up in any dictionary worth owning, is commonly reffered to as a ‘Tottenham’.

  52. Kavit Patel

    Yeah with our dodgy back 4 we would need a proper DM to protect them.

    LB is the weak link for us….Gibbs is decent going forward, but still pretty unstable while defending.

  53. gambon


    Wenger bought Park to help Monaco out, as they needed money.

    Wenger has a list of priorities, and winning games is at the bottom.

  54. Arse&Nose©

    Happy about podolski if its true but surely this means a wide player has to move on.
    We have:

    arshavin (loan)

  55. Kavit Patel

    LOL., I post that then read this

    Orbinho ‏ @Orbinho Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

    Arsenal’s Premier League win % with Gibbs or @Andre_Santos27 starting is 73% (W11 D2 L2) compared to 33% without either (W4 D2 L6).

  56. Matchy

    Park and Chmackkk are good players.

    The problem remains with the systems and arsenal players on the wings. Mr Walcott cant pass and cross the ball. Gervino is the same.

    It is difficult for Park to play because Van Persie is on fire this year. It will be the same for any other strikers in the world in the same team as Van Persie …. They will find it hard to get a game … and people expect them to just come into the game with 5 minutes remaining and score a goal … ?????????? And if they hey dont they are shit ….

    Chmack was bought in the team when Fabby was in the team. Fabby can pin point and deliver the final balls to Chamack … at the moment no one at arsenal can play that final pass. Except for Song.

    I will say this. Podoski is a replacement for Walcott. Not Van Persie. Even though he is left footed but he can play on the right middle up front alone as a striker as he is physically strong unlike Walcott he falls over 90% of the times. And they guy actually has football intelligence.

    But he didnt do well at Bayern because they coach at Bayern at that time didnt play the systems that fitted Podoski. Its the same for Messi. He plays for Argentina and guess what he cant deliver most of the times. Argentina doesnt play in the same manner and setup as Bacelona. Its the same for Ronaldo. He is shit when he plays for Portugal. Its not that the player individually is shit. But they cannot perfrom and deliever in a system that doesnt suit them.

    You can say the same for Walcott, and Chamck. But Walcott is worse because he has not intelligence.

    As for Song and M’villa. M’villa is very effective and efficient and can increase the arsenal attack with the speed in his passing and thinking. Actually he would walk into the team at Barcelona easily. He is perfect fit for the style and type that fit their system.

    Song is better up front near the goals as i believe he can cause defenders lots of problem due to his strength and this season he has brought another weapon to the conversation, his final through ball.

    I believe that m’villa would be the guy arsenal will look at … because its this middle of the park … have lots of problems for the back four hence lots of goals leaking through. This has been a problem not just for this season but many seasons before this.

    I think that creative MF … arsenal wont get Gtoze nor Harzard …. Gotze is not interested in coming and Hazrad i think is out of the clubs money RANGE.

    They will put Wilshire there.

  57. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    so gibbs keeps his record intact of not playing more than 3 games….cut the loss, ship him out!

  58. gambon


    I think there is one of 2 possibilities.

    – Podolski is RVPs replacement. People dont wanna believe this is happening but fact is there is a good chance.

    – Walcott is off.

    Wenger hates competition for places. Podolski will deffo start left is RVP stays, and I cant see him fucking Gervinho off yet as he is wengers wet dream (Raw, flawed, french/african who orobably calls wenger ‘dad’).

  59. bambang asubentley

    just get verthongen, hazzard and goetze……. and we’re in seven heaven…….. btw, if… and only if… wenger can seduce mr kroenke we can get wenger most wanted player————>>>> NEYMAR……!!!! brayyyy…. just imagine if this boy in emirates… maybe in 2 or 3 years (with hazzard, goetze, and wilshere in the middle) he can eclipse Messi..!!! piye… brayyy..????

  60. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    no one would take him on loan as he is injured all the time dead money…

    no gibbs is best putting his name down to be a steward next season, i can see him in a fluroscent orange jacket!

  61. The BearMan

    Not yet my friends! Yes, we have beaten some damn good teams to date, something we can be proud off. But this is an endurance race and I will say mentally we are in a better position than we were in the past six seasons. However, now it’s about finishing like potential champions.

    What Arsenal needs above all else is a game changer and the one player capable of that role, noone has mentioned as yet. The player’s name begins with “S” . The Bear rates him even higher than Hazard.

  62. gambon


    Park has played 7 minutes all season.

    You are defending the indefensible. He is absolutely awful, and has looked massively out of his depth when he played in the CL against Marseille.

    Last time i checked Welbeck, Hernadez & Berbatov have all played a lot more than 7 minutes.

    The City strikers also seem to have shared duties fairly well. Pretty sure Dzeko hasnt played 7 minutes.

  63. Emmanuel Daramola

    For Arsenal to have 5 players come in this summer, then we must match the book as we cannot have more than 25 players registered in England

    We need 5 players in…. 5 players out (aka the dross)

    Players in…
    Podolski; Goetze; Hazard; Vertoghen; M’Vila

    Players out…
    Diaby; Squilacci; Djorrou; Chamakh; Arshavin

    Possible Formation next season if we get these players:

    *Sagna* *Vertoghen* *Vermaelen* *Santos*

    *Arteta/Goetze* *Rosicky/Ox/Hazard*

    *Walcott/Gerv* *RVP/Park* *Podolski/Ox/Benayoun

  64. jude

    @double Gooner!!

    U obviously r silly!!! Was it his fault that’s he’s bein injured for two seasons plus!!! U don’t knw ur football!!! Little Mozart deserves a new contract! Sell bentdner, Denilson, almunia, squilachi, chamakh, park (though, he’s nt bein given a chance 2 prove himself) arsenal fans need 2 stop spewing crap esp bout their best players on d pitch

  65. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    look if someone offers you tripple the dough … you will leeave how ever much you love the club!… he is only human after all!

  66. gambon

    And as for defending Chamakh, you are talking about a player that has scored 2 goals in over 40 games, and one of those was against Leyton Orient.

    Peter Odemiwinge doesnt have Cesc behind him, he has done vastly better, Demba Ba doesnt have Cesc behind him, he has done better. Pogrebnyak has scored more in the last week than Chamakh has in the last year.

    Also he didnt have Cesc behind him.

  67. Bob N7

    Agree with most posters…get rid of dross to free up squad and then target two areas…..
    Effectively upgrading Walcott and Arshavin with one outstanding player who is also comfortable as an ACM. Then we would have the Ox (also fitting the bill) Gervinho(give him the benefit for 1 more season) and Podolski(if rumours are right) and one new arrival to cover the wide attacking options.(I’d give Ryo the first half of the season on loan before having him back).
    Joel Campbell seems to be progressing nicely and having played and scored for Costa Rica, hopefully will get the permit so CF covered(Podolski a given?!)
    I think DM is covered by Song(I rate him even if a load of you can’t), Frimpong, Le Coq.
    All-rounders in midfield- Arteta, Wilshere,Le Coq, Diaby(!?), Rosiscky(?!)

    Defence- all okay( Is Bartley good enough to be in the mix?)
    GK – Tidy up the back up.

    Most of the work is going to be getting rid of a long list of players.

    I’m really optimistic about the future! If we can get CL qualification this year we will hopefully have learnt the lessons of last Summer’s transfer window debacle. Buying 2/3 top class players in the right positions will push us to the top again!

    Come on you Reds!

  68. BOOZY

    if we are interested in anyone in france – its marvin martin.

    marvin martin would be wearing the arsenal jersey next season.

  69. adi

    Well, i reckon we’ll be in for one more front-3 player. I doubt it’ll be hazard, he’s too expensive(for wenger, at least). I guess it’ll be matias suarez (good player, possibly great). Ryo, joel and bartley will be promoted. I don’t think we’ll buy a defender at all. Maybe a midfielder. I think song’s going, and n’zonzi/m’vila will come in(hope…..no, pray for the latter). Get shot of the dross, get in a keeper and that will be it for the summer. Anything less will be highly disappointing. I’m prepared to be disappointed though, 7 years of apathy make one used to it.

  70. Hasaucha

    Gambon – just because you think Song is shit,don’t go around listing all defensive midfielders out there and claiming they would improve us..Tiote and Ramsey are the two midfielders to be dispossessed the highest in the premier league..You don’t like Song losing the ball,you won’t like Tiote being dispossessed either…

    M’Vila is better than Song but he’s not worth 20M..For 20M,we can easily sign spanish/Portuguese defensive midfielders who are much more accomplished and technically solid players than your despised ‘french africans’…Keep in mind,M’Vila hasn’t played at the highest level ..

    We all know the problem with def. players who try a lot of things,don’t we? Capoue is no different..He tries a few things due to which he’s prone to errors..But he’s much more aggressive than M’Vila – in your words a terrific ball winner.

  71. gambon

    I think the front line of a 4-3-3 should be made of 2 strikers, and one creative midfielder. This gives you more flexibility and means the CF has support from a more orthodox striker, and it ensures there is creativity in the final 3rd.

    IMO Hazard & Podolski wither side of RVP would be absolutely perfect. Hazard is more a midfielder than striker, but he is very pacy, explosive & makes things happen in the final 3rd, but he can also come inside and create like how Pires used to.

    We should break the bank to sign him. £30m-£35m, no problem at all, do it.

  72. gambon


    Its quality that matters, not trying to be cheap and sign “nearly men” for a fraction of the price.

    Imagine City had tried to be cheap and sign Park instead of Aguero! LOLOL!

    MVila fits the bill perfectly. £20m is not a lot of money any more. There can be a question mark over the spanish & portugese, they dont always settle well, they all want to play for Barca/Real. They hate the weather.

  73. adi

    What about valbuena? Good player all round, likely to be available, and tiny. Right up wenger’s alley. Others to consider:
    Marko Marin(Werder): Good player. Playing out of position at werder. Per’s ex-teammate.
    Andriy Yarmalenko(Kiev): Linked with a move to arsenal in the last 2 days. Brilliant player, if youtube is anything to go by.
    Lucas Moura(Sao Paulo): 20m player from brazil. Brilliant, explosive.

  74. Hasaucha

    Gambon – March 9, 2012 10:59:22

    You’re right there..We need that kinda setup…

    But ours is hardly a pure 4-3-3..They don’t fucking press…Even when its evident what we can do by pressing from the top and attacking,the manager doesn’t bother…Fucking clueless manager.

  75. KEN
















  76. gambon


    Christian Erikson as well. I can see a few clubs fighting over him.

    I believe Alan Dzagoev is out of contract this year.

    Stevan Jovetic is awesome.

  77. Goon from BD

    I think we should splash ze cash for a hodling midfielder and an attacking mid/inside forward- Javi Martinez or M’vila and Hazard or Goetze. Sell Thicko and Diaby.

    Loan Gourcuff for a season with the option to buy. He and Rosicky(if he gets a deal-only a year maybe) can share the attacking midfield role till the Ox matures a bit(I feel he is gonna end up playing there).

    Sell the shit players and add one or maybe two top class experienced players to help out for a season. Van Bommel and Del Piero are free agents at the end of this season I think. They are winners with loads of experience and are leaders. They can contribute in games when needed, improve training and younger players would have top class professionals to learn from.

  78. kapslock

    Adi – I agree with Lucas Moura. Absolutely brilliant talent. I can see him making big moves in the future.

  79. arsenal tom

    gambon is sopt on about 20m not being that much anymore.

    5-10 years is was pretty serious money but even then man utd were doing 30m on ferdinand and veron.

    wenger never really going about 12-15m has everyone thinking that 20m is 40m.

  80. adi

    Jovetic signed a contract extension this year, so he’s unlikely to move.
    Eriksen is probably better than both hazard and goetze. I can’t believe how i forgot him. The only reason we know more about hazard and goetze is coz their leagues are better. If he comes, there’s gonna be a real chance of project youth finally succeeding. Eriksen, Ox, JW, Szczesney, Coq, Ryo(if he bulks up a bit). That’s lethal support to the main man up front.
    Dzagoev is the man to go for. Out of contract? Snap him up asap!

  81. duvee

    I don’t agree Arsenal Tom, when things were good football prices were hugely inflated. Clubs had more money etc. They don’t have as much anymore and are still stuck in this inflated mindset. In 2 years time €20m will be the same as 12 years ago.

  82. Matchy


    March 9, 2012 10:46:51
    MatchyPark has played 7 minutes all season. You are defending the indefensible. He is absolutely awful, and has looked massively out of his depth when he played in the CL against Marseille.Last time i checked Welbeck, Hernadez & Berbatov have all played a lot more than 7 minutes.The City strikers also seem to have shared duties fairly well. Pretty sure Dzeko hasnt played 7 minutes.


    Dzeko plays in a team that cost more then the whole arsenal club …. he plays with players that supplies and creates plenty of opportunities for him. You put any players in that city team they will do well.

    Welbeck, Hernadez & Berbatov … well these guys they play in a team that has Young who can cross the ball. And actually with very good pin point rate (not walcott)

    Berbatov sits on the bench and he cost $30 million for FEG (money management 101)

    Wellbeck has been at Man United all his life.

    Park has been at arsenal for 6 months. Pays two-three games. Most of these games he played were with ‘reserved team players’ who can supply balls.

    Park is a good player. He is not a great player. He didnt cost 30-40 million. He costs 3-4 million.

    As for Chmak he is a good player. He is not a great player. He came for free. DZEKO cost Man City $25 million and sitting on $100k a week plus wages.

    You are comparing a ferrari with a british landrover. (sorry its no longer british its actually indian)

    stop twisting what i write ….

    and for the last time. i will tell you this. the club will not go out and spend $30-$0 million for player. Did you #@$@ read Gadzis comments? We make stars, we dont go out to buy stars’

    If you cant and dont understand what that means then forget it.

    With Kronke and a top 20 billionaire minority owner on board will ARSENAL ‘afford’ a $40 million player? of cause but guess what.. the majority owner mr kronke has a business plan. We only spend on what we make and this will not allow Arsenal to spend $30-$40 million player who will expect to be on $200k a week.

    GET over it.

  83. Azed

    W.T.F do you mean by Valbuena? The guy is not even a patch on sicknote and you mention him as a possible signing??
    Too many people here smoking the wrong sh*t

  84. BOOZY

    I’m not too thrilled about podolski signing – because if we keep getting linked with average players like mvillas and marvin martins, and city getting linked with rvps and neymars, and chelsea with hazards and united with goetzes, we would always have top 4 as a trophy.

  85. Kavit Patel

    Pedro you are cruel, watching that Peroni bottle on the top of the screen pop up every time I refresh the page is like torture while sitting in the office!

    I want one NOW!

  86. Va Voom

    Allright Lads

    Prince Poldi is a great signing (If its true)
    IMO we only need 3 more players and would love to see Bartley and Lansbury get their chance.

    Vertonghen is a must buy (versatile, tenacious and a leader)
    I was championing M’Vila but now I would rather Have Javi Martinez who looks pure Class (In fact I wouldnt mind a few Bilbao players, Herrera, Amorebieta Areola Llorente and of course the Basque Messi MUNIAIN.

    And a CAM preferably Goetze but thats more unlikely than Hazard.


  87. gambon


    Chamakh has 2 goals in over 40 games.

    And you are saying hes a good player.

    Is that the definition of good? Anyone who doesnt cost £30m can only be expected to score 2 goals per season?

    You are insane. Chamakh is the worst player to have ever worn an Arsenal shirt.

  88. dennisdamenace

    Fuck Peroni!!
    I had nine pints of draught Peroni last night, and i feel like dog shit right now!!

  89. adi

    I said he’s right up wenger’s alley….. I thought it counted as a joke before the serious name throwing

  90. arsenal tom

    duvee… the clubs that had money still have money though… im talking top end clubs – the ones we should be competing with for players

    man utd spend pretty consistently which is why they’re consistently successful. liverpool have always spent money as have tottenham.

    wenger is still spending the same amount on players he was 5-10 years ago… gervinho was roughly the same amount as wiltord!

    i know that relatively speaking 12m was allot more money back then but it goes to show that when we’re linked with 20m players we think its HUGE money when its not really,

  91. Kavit Patel

    So what if Park and Chamakh can’t get enough game time due to RvP’s brilliance and have zero confidence.

    Any time either of them come on they contribute fuck all to the team.

    Compare to Berbatov….he’s getting practically zero playing time this season and he’s still managed to score 7 goals in the last 4 games he’s been involved in

  92. duvee

    For example look at Rangers, I think they signed Tore andre Flo for £10million in the early 2000s. Oh how they would love £10million now. Same goes for Portsmouth. You will find that over the next couple of years that clubs are going to start falling due to ridiculous prices they were paying. £20 million will rapidly seem like an absolute fortune for most clubs.
    I can see Liverpool and even Tottenham going into free fall soonish!

  93. jogo

    Though Bilbao were very good last night, especially the likes of Martinez, Llorente and Munian. One of those 3 would be a good signing also. I hope Wenger and the board have changed their ways but I’m not holding my breath. We’ve asked for these sort of transfers for several years but we’ve had to accept shit like Silvestre and Squillaci.

    I thought arshavin, per, verm, kos, santos, arteta, gerv,ox , ryo were decent signings? seems you dont think so.

  94. Hasaucha

    City didn’t spend that much money on a decent player,they spent it on a world class player…Aguero was/is one of the most dynamic young strikers out there…

    I am not against spending 20M on a good DM..But not on someone who’s not worth it..20M+ is for players with CL experience..

    M’Vila would be like City spending 20m+ on Papiss Cisse..He’s a good player no doubt but no 20m+ player..

  95. gambon

    Peroni is overrated italian rubbish/

    Erdinger, Asahi & Oranjeboom, Stella Black & Rekorderlig…….now we’re talking.