Podolski Arsenal deal agreed. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T | Next up? A player from Ligue One

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Happy Friday.

Good morning friends of Le Grove. I’ve been off the radar for much of the week. Things have changed. I now live somewhere new. My laptop broke. My opinions on quantitative easing have hardened and Arsenal continued their excellent run with a hard fought loss at the Emirates last week. The last point wasn’t much of a change but I needed to shoe horn something about Arsenal in.

People have been asking me if I was able to attend the game. To that, I have to say no. Why? Because one of my pals sold my ticket back to the club accidentally, so I couldn’t get in on the day. A slight irritant on the night it has to be said. However, my views on the performance are similar to Geoff’s. I thought it was fantastic we clawed back three goals. I thought it was quite incredible we managed to keep a clean sheet and I was desperately sad the boys didn’t get more out of the night. People across the board all said the same to me after the game… ‘You were tired’… yes we were. It’s a shame we don’t have a squad to deal with the season this late on. It’s a shame all we had in the locker was Chamakh and Park Chu-Nooooooo. Still, the situation is what it is. I enjoyed the game regardless.

However, all of that feeling has subsided now. I’m glad we’re out of a trophy we had no chance of winning. In seasons past, making the semi finals kind of numbed the pain of not competing domestically. It made a season of hitting 4th place all the more easy to digest. This year, we’ve been in serious danger of not making top 4. I’m willing to sacrifice the Champions League for rested players and renewed motivation… and make no mistake, beating that Milan side by 3 is most certainly a massive confidence boost.

I don’t care that it’s take this long for the team to work out that they can be pretty damn good on their day. Simple fact of the matter is that the season is never three months long. I said back in December that I thought Spurs had been lucky not to pick up injuries. I said they were due a bad  run and sure enough that’s hit in like a freight train. Can it continue? Well, you’d hope so. It’s clear that on a pound for pound starting eleven, they have one of the elite line ups of European football. However, when players start dropping out of that team… they suffer. They’re falling into that trap now. At the business end of the season, we know Spurs are world class at choking like a bunch of… eerrr… not girls because that’s sexist… eerrr… not that analogy because that’s disgusting… jeez, you know what I’m getting at!

If anyone is going to balls up the run in… it’s the muppets down the road.

Chelsea will hopefully go into free fall. I can’t believe that once again, Abramovich has sided with the Chelsea power structure. He’s an absolute liability. You can tell that he earned his money through force over astute long term decision making. Anyone who can have a meeting with John Terry and take him seriously has to fall foul of the ‘fit and proper’ test UEFA put together.

In transfer news, all movements are pointing towards Podolski signing on for us. However, I have to counter this. We’ve been asking on Le Grove for years why Arsenal don’t tie up deals prior to the window opening. We’ve constantly been told that it is an imprisonable offence to sign players before the summer window opens. So I’m not sure whether the rumours can possibly be true? If they are, absolutely fantastic. Podolski is a big name, he’s powerful, he works hard, he can score goals and he’s more direct than a punch in the head.

I was told a few weeks ago that the next destination on map for the Arsenal negotiating team is France. They have a big name lined up from over there. I’m not sure if it’s Eden Hazard, but it might be when you consider his comments of late. My gut instinct is telling  me it’s M’Vila, but it could well be Gourcuff or Chamakh’s Romanian half brother, Tito the beast. Apparently he’s taken France by storm with his interpretation of matt paste hair product, his head looks like  block of concrete. Though it has to be said, his ability to make a 4  yard pass back to the person who played him in is not in doubt.

Arsenal are being shrewd if they’re moving for players now. It’s sending a message out to players like Robin and Theo. It’s telling them the talk of ambition this year is not total guff. It’s Arsene Wenger admitting he’s changed. It’s the club moving in a new direction. Well, I hope it is. I desperately want to know we’re in for some proper players this summer and I want to know we’re doing our business early. This squad needs 5 world class players. Once it has those players, we’ll be competing again. It would be nice if the Wenger of 98 has come back for a last throw of the dice. It would be fantastic if he left the next manager with a competitive team.

So in summation, things are starting to hot up heading into the home stretch. We might not agree how we got to where we are, but the simple fact is, this is Spurs greatest ever season and we’re 4 points behind them with more than enough games to chase them down, kick out their legs and pummel them back to their rightful place in the league. Behind us.

I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s all get excited together. In a big room. With our clothes on.

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Have a great day!


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  1. karaul

    news from czech website –

    Rosicky will extend contract for another 2 seasons, until june 2014.
    confirmed by his agent


    I don’t know what anyone else thinks but I am amazed at how most are saying it’s such a good thing if Rosicky gets a new contract.


    Granted last few games have been good but what about the previous 5 years? Are we all that fickle? Seems that way.

  3. Bade


    If you post via Mobile, it’s black (I’m not racist, hold on people)

    If you post via PC, it’s red

    Personally, I thought they should make it white

    Again, not racist, just The Arsenal red & white

  4. DaleDaGooner

    AC Gooner, gambizzle banished me to “Alabama” a while back, I returned the favor and banished him to Peckham…

    gambon, Yup! A slice of orange in that Bluemoon! Some say it’s a fruity way for a brewski, I say, shove it! Taste better than Peroni

    No offense Pedroni!

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Look, instead of replacing Song, just add on M’Vila (who i think is hyped, but decent), flog Denilson, and Song can be a holding MF and not defensive, he can still be creative while defending..

    I doubt we are buying up gun-blazingly, Podolski will arive, replacing one of Chamakh, Park or Arshavin, Arshavin me thinks…one i hope and realistically think we will sign, is Martias Suarez…but I can see the Ricky Alvarez thing happening…speaking of, how’s he doing with Inter??

  6. kwik fit


    You can’t deny that Rosicky has been sheer class over the past few games but it does seem a tad suspicious though.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    A Shift to 4-4-2 DIAMOND occasionally won’t be bad, certain games we can use this and revert back to 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, in the diamond form, the midfield 4 can be Song, Arteta, Wilshere and Rosicky, (all based on what we have currently) if you throw in the likes Gotze or Gourcuff, they’d play as the advanced midfielder behind RvP and Podolski

    But one thing i know, and this also addresses people that harp on about Vertonghen alongside Vermaelen, Wenger hates playing to left footers alongside each other, so seeing Vert and Verm in the middle won’t happen

    Podolski will take Arshavin’s position on the left of a trident attack.

  8. Gunner2301


    If he’s got a new contract after a few good performances, let;s see if he puts the handbrake on now.

  9. goonerboy

    Arshavin, Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela will be gone in the summer-in reality they were gone last summer-we just couldn’t get any money for them-they will be freebies. Not exactly good business eh AKBs? Benayoun and Fabianski will almost certainly go because they have not had enough playing time.
    I will be amazed if Park and Chamakh are still here at the end of the transfer window.
    We don’t need to get rid of anyone else-.we need to get some decent replacements. Podolski is a start. The squad is still very small for a team playing tough games every 3 days.
    Diaby is worth another year and so is Rosicky-even if one is injury prone and the other lightweight for the EPL.

  10. incesc

    inter milan are shit

    if we played them we’d have a trip to the nou camp next round

    saw you slagging off south east london the other day dale you fat cunt

    no offence dale

  11. incesc

    when has a completely rebuilt team under a weirdo manager ever won the league

    podolski could be another chamakh, hazard could get injured, mvilla is completely unproven…

  12. kwik fit

    Wenger: “Podolski can play for us because he can play central, he can play right and he can play on the left,”

    So there’s a good little supporter go and get your ST’s renewed.

  13. follow the money

    Did he really say that kwik? I’m so tired of Wenger trotting out that left, right and middle shit! Damnit. Why does he insist on moving players around and playing them in positions other than the ones they’ve been playing since they were three years old? Ugh

  14. kwik fit

    He also said
    ”He’s available at a reasonable price if we can reach an agreement but, at the moment, we’re nowhere near.”

    We’ve hear this shit so many time’s before. Yes I smell a rat!

  15. Gunner2301


    Given these statements, you would think that Podolski or his agent or someone would come out and say it wasn’t true. Not that I believe it myself.

    Maybe Podolski is happy that his name is used in speculation even though he might have no intention of signing for us. The more Clubs that appear interested the better for him really.

  16. kwik fit


    Better for him and better for Arsenal.
    Expectation’s are now high that we will spend and spend big. We have such short memories.

  17. Gunner2301

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t go to games anymore so it’s not like they’ll be getting anything out of me anyway.

  18. andy

    my feelings exactly about Rosicky …he’s been missing for the last 3 years, then all of a sudden his ‘great’ form coincides with his contract renewal. Pisses me off. Give him a new contract then sell him. Then again…at least he is trying harder than Theo

  19. Gunner2301

    Joke Friday

    A 93 year old man’s sat on the curb crying
    Passerby asks “whats up?” The old man moans “I’m 93,married to a 21 year old swedish underwear model who wants sex twice before breakfast and lunch, once before tea and suck me off twice again at night!” Passerby says “whats the problem?”
    The old man replies “I can’t fucking remember where I live!”

  20. Gunner2301

    Rosicky on 80k and now gets a slight increase? 😯 I didn’t realise he was on so much. Its a piss take. Given what Robin is on its a joke really. If I was RVP id ask for 150k on that basis.

  21. incesc

    i understand the frustration with rosicky playing well all of a sudden but i dont think he is playing for a contract. I dont think he is a dishonest guy.

    rather think he is a limited player nowadays that is playing for his career.

    he has had a shit time and he has worked hard and hit a purple patch which is fantastic.

    but essentially we need someone better than rosicky for 30 games on the trot next year

  22. incesc

    also think we should offer robin 200k a week

    dont buy into the argument that everyone else will want that.

    robin is so obviously head and shoulders above the rest, maybe it will act as an incentive to what they could earn if they play like robin

  23. Lurch LeRouge

    black if your login doesn’t include a url, red if it does.

    we can’t bitch about wanger selling mature players like Pires and argue against the contract extension to Roza with a straight face.

    Based on work ethic alone he’s worth it despite taking him 3 seasons to regain his mojo.

    Wise old heads around the youngsters is what we’ve been screaming for and now we want to jettison them?

    makes no sense to me.

  24. follow the money

    ”He’s available at a reasonable price if we can reach an agreement but, at the moment, we’re nowhere near.”

    I’ve heard that one from Wenger before too, usually before we lose out on a player.

    We can afford to replace our top six crap players making 50K a week with players of Podolki’s class who will demand 100K a week. That’s what needs to be done

  25. incesc

    shouldnt you be shooting roo’s down in Bunbury?


    Rosicky is a weird one, dont doubt his commitment but doubt his worth without a run in the team and as a game changer

  26. Lurch LeRouge

    well yeah that needs to be proved, can he bear an impact from the bench…. the recent goals suggest he can but we need convincing.

    Theres also something to be said for his ability to come on and steady a game with his possession and drive against tired legs. Combine his sub with a Theo/Miyachi type at 80 min and not only do we sure up tired legs in the midfield we retain an attacking edge.

    oh and theres no roos in Bunbury, its a shithole port town duh.

    shouldn’t you be gang banging hoodlums in Peckham? 😉

  27. Lurch LeRouge

    if Prince Poldi’s turned down the russian oil mob doesn’t that signal a deal’s been struck?

    else he wouldn’t have turned them down and continue to keep them interested?????

  28. incesc

    true, it was more Boyup Brook where the roo’s were. Couple of the locals used to go out on a saturday morning after gettin on it and kill wild pigs.

    loved western australia, Broom was the best place.

  29. incesc

    Think our squad is a balancing act

    we need 2 or 3 highly motivated players, and to use the youngsters well.

    Its easy to get carried away with Rosicky but we’ve had 2 good games and a fluke vs liverpool.

  30. gambon

    Subaru/Toyota coupe comes out in 3 months, ive heard from a mate its by far the best value car ever built.

  31. incesc

    If robin and verm stay fit and we sign a player on their wavelength in midfield you would have a proper spine.

    I’m not sure M’villa is the one. think he might be more of the same

  32. incesc

    I also think ferguson creates title winning side with worse squads than ours right now.

    its not a case of throwing 10 players at it. We need 2 strikers, a midfielder and some great coaching and some real motivation

  33. Richard Smith

    My believe about Podolski being an arsenal player is dwindling by the second, because of all the doom and gloom posts.

    I always thought I could trust The BBC.

    Why do we put ourselves through this?

    I can’t take it anymore!

    If you don’t know for certain if he has or hasn’t signed please don’t comment.

  34. Lurch LeRouge

    you’re in the wrong place with hormones like that Richard.

    The BBC’s been affected by the infotainment virus like any other. They use language to disassociate themselves from any factual credibility so its all, ifs buts and maybes.

    Cynical credentials aside, if its of any comfort I tend to feel that the Podolski show is coming to The Arsenal and Wanger’s being coy out of respect to Koln.

    He sits in an efficiency bracket thats too tempting for the old frenchman.

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    Richard Smith

    Podolski to Arsenal got headlines on Fox Sport News here, & they don’t do that unless its going to happen.

    Got to get top 4 tho.

  36. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Morning nobs!

    Howdy Lurch.. Never got the chance to wish you Bon Voyage… Good luck there with the settling in!

    I’m believeing this Podolski story. Transfers can be agreed outside the window but cannot be implemented. Reus to Dortmund an example.

    Reus has agreed to sign for Dortmund in the summer, The clubs have agreed a fee, and Reus has signed a pre-contract agreement. AND they’ve made this public. Usually such agreements are kept quiet. Reus had a buyout clause so even if his club (BMG) didn’t agree, he could have forced it through once Dortmund met the fee.

    Approaches to Players
    1. A Club shall be at liberty at any time to make an approach to a Player with a view to negotiating a contract with such a Player:
    1.1 if he is an Out of Contract Player, or,
    1.2 in the case of a Contract Player, with the prior written consent of the Club (or club) to which he is contracted.

    However, I would like to see a signed pre-contract agreement which would copper-fasten the deal and prevent it being scuppered by another club. Without one, the deal can be hijacked at the last minute.. Say by Vieira!

  37. Lurch LeRouge

    Cheers Thomas,

    good shout on the Reus deal…. doubt it matters that we finish top 4 with Prince Poldi, the wage and our history should be enough for a player of his risk/reward value.

  38. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    If he turned down the Anzhi offer.. and if we believe Per’s quoted comments about the text messages between him and Poldi then I think this deal is very much on, and does not matter where we finish…

    It’s a significant deal IMO as it signals a reversal in approach and a big step forward in the right direction.. (really hope Pedro’s intel’ on the big French siging is spot on).

    And if it continues in this way, with another few.. (hmm 1, 2, or even 3!) (class) established players coming in this summer then we are moving in the right direction. We all know this season is a right off, but the contrast to where we were this time last season and now, and the ‘mood’ of the fan is interesting.

    As I commented after the summer window the problems were too great to solve in one or two windows. However, if we see signs of addressing the problems then we have to temper our anger and citicisms! Much as that pains some of us!

    Wenger doesn’t do ‘I made a serious error of judgement’ too often and if he shifts another few of his proteges in the summer then we have to read that for what it is. And if we still have a few ‘for fuck sake, he’s a waste of salary’ type player still around we have to accept that this also 🙂

  39. Lurch LeRouge

    if he signs the requisite quality and we go into the season with 18-20 quality first teamers – not potentialists – then its reasonable to allow any manager a couple of FFS He’s A Waster’s, Campbell’s, JD’s, Jenko’s to pad out the squad.

    breaking the back of this infernal socialist wage structure is really the prime directive, but the players who earn the top wedge need to perform or it all goes pear shaped quickstep.

  40. Magnus kristensen

    Morning, I’m traveling to London tomorrow and i thought i’d have a go in getting a couple tickkets for the newcastle game. It’s sold out, so my question is: is it difficult to buy tickkets outside the stadium before the game? And what Are the average price per tickkets? Regards from Norway.

  41. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Essentially our problem Lurch. We don’t have enough top wedge players.. (quality wise not salary wise!). We need a few in to reduce our dependence on mediocre, not the finished article, Jenks type of players.. The closer we move to that situation we will see the situation improve.

    I’m quite far from the ‘we can win the league next year with 1-2 additions’ mindset. But would be in ‘I do accept we are moving in the right direction’ mindset if I saw, say, 2 more top-drawer players come in with Poldi.

    We would then marginalise some of the tits now making the bench and hasten their departure.. even if we would have to wait until next Jan for that!

  42. Daniel Wong

    Beat NU and Arsenal will be only one point behind. Easier said than done. Pardew stll harbours of thoughts of cl soccer and won’t let go without a fight.The firs goal will be crucial but not decisive. If NU score first expect them to play anti soccer.
    That’s where Wenger tactical plan comes into play. If he charges headon,it will leave big gaps at the back for NU to exploit.There must be a balance between attack and defence.I fthe gunners score first Pardew will have to play football. I see no reason why the gunners can’tprevail if they convert their chances.