Juve want Song and he may go as he hasn’t won a trophy for 7 years, ha, ha how funny is that Arsene?

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Now wouldn’t that be amusing Arsene? Your new post Cesc poster boy for project youth wanting to leave because he’s fed up with waiting for a trophy.

So that would be something, Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor, Kolo, Cesc and now Song, all wanting to leave or leaving, so we get them all for years growing up and learning, and when they get good they all want to leave, because they all want what we all want, trophies. Now I’m not saying Song wants to go, but he did come from Italy and every time a rumour starts about a player of ours, they seem to be true.

Funny that eh Arsene? How unbelievably and hugely ironic!

Now as far as I’m concerned, get M’Via in and let Song go but you wouldn’t do that as you would probably put a youth player in there as learning from mistakes isn’t your strong suit, blimey we have Frimpong and Coquelin, why spend money that you can lavish on more kids that will end up leaving because they eventually want silverware?

The first half against Milan and the second half against the spuds shows us we are only a few top players away from winning stuff, why this board can’t see that is beyond me, if we brought in say three, M’Via, Hazard, Podolski or Vertongen, Goetze and Benzema or Hummels, Tiote and Cavani then we could clean up and keep our best players at the club, and maybe push on next year instead of going backwards, like we have been.

Oh well, we can all dream, and that would be mine. Next up Newcastle, we have them on Monday, so plenty of time to rest, beat them and we could be one point behind the spuds, wouldn’t that be funny, we could be in third spot before the end of the month, that’s what we need to focus on. Dawson is now out for the rest of the season and Lennon picked up a knock so that means they will suffer.

The BBC say that we are in talks to sign Podolski for £10.9 mil and a four year contract, not sure why they would be saying that when we aren’t even in the window, and as he is contracted we can’t do a pre-wotsit agreement, hmmm not sure, great if we are though.

Someone suggested swapping Theo for the unhappy Torres, in a heartbeat i would, in a heartbeat, I have been championing Theo for years now, but because our manager refuses to play him in position, he will never be the player I thought he’d be, so the chance to bring in someone who can score goals would do for me. Well rather that watching Theo continue to play like a drain out on the wing, shame but I put that one on the manager.

Out of interest, why don’t we have a sniff around Barca’s reserves, has Afellay had a game for them, there must be a few good players in all these Super clubs that don’t get a shout.

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Have a fun filled Fursday Grovers, no football this weekend but plenty going on all the same.

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  1. zeus


    Its hard to improve on Madrid’s quality at present. They can only play 11 at a time after all. With the right additions, we can match them.

  2. fanboy

    “However they cannot all go to Chelsea, it is as
    simple as that. There are top players outside of the
    ones Chelsea want to buy who are good enough for

    Like Park? Squillaci?

    Or should that have read “There are top players outside of the
    ones (other clubs) want to buy who are good enough for

  3. gambon

    Good point Jogo

    Lets not bother buying anyone, sell all of our players and close the club down.

    You sir, are one of lifes losers.

  4. Samir

    I’ve had enough of us going for sub standard players!

    This season we must do it the easy and simple way…And if another club join the bidding…Let’s outbid them!

  5. Leedsgunner

    BBC reporting that Poldolski is signed and on his way… I’m sure it’s been repeated here many times, I really hope Poldolski is not a RvP replacement but rather a signal of intent to RvP (and hopefully others AFC is about to sign that it means business now.) Refreshing isn’t, getting your big players signed in good time?

    Gambon, I salute you for your comic genius @11.44 re Theo Walcott contract negotiations… I’ve not read something so razor sharp hilarious! Well done sir!

  6. JJ

    Geoff – I have to agree. Vertongen or Hummels are a must for next year.

    The Dutch and Germans are the up and coming best in the world right now. Sure the Spanish ARE the best but their “DNA” makes them cry-babies who always need to be near their mummys and we don’t want those.

    Arsenal were dominant when we had a core of French World Cup winners. Why not build the team around a similar core next year?

  7. Gunner2301

    Geoff great post. I like the final killing off of project youth with the sale of Song it would make my season.

    There is however a small matter of Djorou (I think I deserve a testimonial) 8 years and counting new contract till 2015 hiding away in a cupboard somewhere. So we’re not quite there.

    Love the suggestion of Torres for Walcott. I’d do a straight swap. Torres is quality just lost his way whereas Walcott never had it in the first place. Plus he won’t demand to be a starter. Very nice backup option to have and he would suit our play.

    As you know DMs do you know anything about Etienne Capoue Toulouse I think. Been trying to get some info. Is he any good and how does he compare to MVila who I’m not crazy about if I’m honest. Seems to do the basics well but nothing exciting about him.

  8. frenchie


    agree that djourou needs to be flogged. the self appointed spokesman for everything arsenal is simple and awful. if he had the same ability to play football that he does to play talking head, i would guess he would be worthwhile–but he does not…bring back bartley and bring in vertonghen.

  9. JJ

    Frenchie – I think you missed my point (unless you were being sarcastic). I said to build next year’s team around German and Dutch players like we did with the French back in the day.

    Dale – You cannot defend Song and the ‘invisible friend’ accusations. Against Milan he played (at least) 2 passes up the middle of the park, under no pressure, when we didn’t have a player within a 15 yard radius. Everyone watching was like “who the fcuk was that to?”

    Gunner2301 – We can’t get rid of JD fast enough imo. He is shite, always has been shite and will always been shite. We drop points whenever he puts on his boots. Not to mention the fact that I want to punch my computer screen everytime I see him give an interview on Arse.com

  10. scott quiller

    Usually agree with alot you say but theo flatters to deceive. Played out of position or not if a player cannot score 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper he aint no striker on occasion his finishing has looked thierry esq but i could count on 2 fingers how many times thats happened. sorry have tried to keep faith but you can only give a light weight fanny so many chances, hope he proves me wrong but i doubt it.anyway hope he’s sold in the summer(like thats gunna happen)rant over. sorry can see talent there just dos’nt come out enough.

  11. Gunner2301


    Our goals against is evidence Kos, Verm, Per are not good enough. What are you using to judge them?

    Per to me is not the right player. Verm & Kos to me are to similar to play together and the whole defence needs to learn how to defend as a unit and I would include the wandering Cesc wannabe Song In there too.

    Fuck his assist stats. For every goal concede where he hasnt been there, knock one of the assist and see if it still looks good.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Or, lets forget Walcott skipping over the ball each time he’s supposed to just pass or out smart a defender, leaving the ball behind for the defender to casually pick …or him getting shoved off the ball, As much as we love RvP and faulting him would be blasphemy, he held on to the ball a few times when he could have slipped someone in, over dribbling in an area we need to be lethal…
    My point is, when you keep flogging the “Imaginary friend passing” then you’d have to bring up some repeated faults of some other players, who you’d ordinarily wouldn’t want to pick on.

  13. Frogman

    Gunner 2301: Kos, Verm, Per are not good enough. Surely you are having a laugh mate!! Ok Per is injured at the moment but Kos and Ver have been immense lately.

  14. Frogman

    If anyone is interested, The reputable fussballzeitung Kicker in Germany is reporting the Podolski to Arsenal deal is done and will be officially announced after the end of the season.

  15. scott quiller

    daledagooner he probably dose’nt want to pass because he knows they will just f it up anyway thats why we need more goalscorers he has confidence in! so he can pass to them and they might actually score!!!

  16. DaleDaGooner

    2301, that’s utter bullshit, Song’s assist are vital! I swear people just talk out of their arses, a lot of the goals conceded this season has been fault of flank play, when we had RB and LB out, or Gibbs inability (Santos) to retreat back to defend, Walcott getting dispossessed and not tracking back, Gervinho same, Arteta misplacing a pass, Vermaelen wandering way up front or Szczesny inability to stop long range shots…Rosicky giving away a foul at a dangerous part, Song doing the same cause someone lost the ball up front and didn’t chase back, Song doing the creative thing without need or because Ramsey is not capable of, Ramsey’s back heeling gone wrong or his back passes…I mean the list goes on…To pin it on one player is just being stupid….we’ve made some crappy defensive mistakes AS A TEAM. And the Milan game was a special case where bodies were being sacrificed to stop a counter, RvP dropped even deeper to defend, Gibbs stayed somewhat back.

    Song’s job is the same as Arteta’s, Rosicky’s, Ramsey’s, we play a system where all 3 need to assist in defense.

  17. Geoff

    Dale you should watch a DVD with me one day, count all Song’s tackles, then count all his missed ones, then count his passes, then count the ones that go to the opposition. (his imaginary friend) Lennie in ‘of mice and men’ John Steinbeck, you’re American, you may have read it.

    Then count how many free kicks he gives outside our area, all the same, obstruction because he gets skinned.

    Yes he’s had a few assists but then he ought to do something for his massive salary.

    You may surprise yourself.

  18. frenchie


    i get you point, but more often than not, BIFF comes out to play at crucial moments and costs arsenal. everyone makes mistakes, but BIFF cannot kick the ball or dribble past opposition.

  19. Keyser

    “Dale you should watch a DVD with me one day, count all Song’s tackles, then count all his missed ones, then count his passes, then count the ones that go to the opposition. ”

    Fucking hell Geoff, what’s that supposed to prove, other than how incredibly sad one man can be.

    You’ve got a DVD of Song clips ?

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Geoff, I’m in agreement that Song does some silly stuff, the obstruction-cum-tackle, the fouling near the danger area, the misplaced pass….but lets watch Ramsey, Walcott, Rosicky, and a few others lately, that annoying back pass that gets swallowed by an opponent, when they could have easily thread the ball to an open man, running and leaving the ball behind, thereby putting pressure on a waddling Song, the unnecessary back heels from Ramsey, Gibbs\Santos\Vermaelen leaving the left side exposed time after time…

    And I am meaning this are occurences (along with Song’s) every game.

  21. scott quiller

    U r right dale gooner perhaps if we defended more as a unit rather than individually so often we would’nt have lost so many games because of not tracking back and defending as a unit.

  22. Frogman

    Hello Geoff, I am not really a Song fan but I think you are over biased about Song. Strange that all of the football pundits on Sky always say how massive Song is to Arsenal?

  23. Keyser

    frenchie – No, he doesn’t, it’s just someone to pick on, he makes mistakes, so does every player, where we’ve struggled is how open we leave our defence, and half the time its up to Song to cover the whole of midfield on his own.

    Without Wilshere, No Fabregas, No Nasri, Arteta injured Rosicky trying to link up play where he can, we’re left pretty short in midfield creatively and Song’s done what he can.

    If he had any of those players doing something going forward and actually putting some effort ind efensively aswell, then he’d have the sort of season he had last year which was a pretty good one.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    The midfield in that game was attocious and non existent, we have to give the guy more credit, Coquelin, Frimpong can’t do it like Song, and I like Coquelin’s style of play better than Song…but he somehow does a hell of a job for us in the middle, even with Cesc in there, when we miss Song, we’ve not looked very solid.

  25. Frogman

    I think that RVP recently commented on the fact that Song was a remarkable player, as I recall RVP had nothing but praise for Song!

  26. Keyser

    To be fair I understand the Piers Morgan routine from Geoff and Pedro, news is slow sometimes, it gets people talking, I just don’t get how people fall for it time and again.

    Geoff picks on Song continously, not because he truly believes, you’d have to be a fucking idiot to believe some of the shit he comes out with, but because it’s something to talk about really.

    Heh, which It’s kind of futile to point out.

  27. Frogman

    Daledagooner. With all due respect we could have had five songs in the midfield against Man U and it would have made no difference as the whole team were total shite that day.

  28. Yippee Kai Yay

    Ha ha, loved ‘of mice and men’, and have met a few ‘lennies’ in my time. Fortunately most of them in Chav tops in the west end.

    Tragically I’ve been unfortunate enough to have met a few sporting arsenal tops, talking shit about how ‘Frimpong will be better than Vieira’.

    I despair sometimes.

  29. DaleDaGooner

    Keyser, my point exactly. People are missing the point that ALL 3 mid fielders are supposed to defend and create irrespective of static positions, it’s supposed to be fluid, so if Ramsey starddles up front and creates zero chances, back heeling the ball to an oppo, and isn’t hustling back to tackle, or he’s afraid to go for those 50/50 tackles, guess who is burdened to check the runner and tackle the ball holder? I seriously don’t want to pick on any players and would not like to make excuse for Song,….BUT he’s vital for us NOW.

  30. Keyser

    I wouldn’t say vital, the best of what we have considering we’ve got little to no continuity from last year in terms of names on the teamsheet, he’s got his weaknesses but then we’ve had problems everywhere.

  31. JJ

    Dale – For me it was the weight of Rosicky’s passes that he got wrong (admittedly on several occasions). Some a little underhit, some overhit. At least they were in the ballpark and he was somewhat under pressure.

    As for Arteta (in the first leg) he was doing a Denilson impersonation. Passing sideways and backwards with the odd ball hit over someone on the sideline. Nothing like what Song was doing. There was noone anywhere near some of his passes. I watched the replay over and over to try and see what he was thinking… and under no pressure. Very strange.

  32. Yippee Kai Yay

    Song is an interesting player to chose to either love or loathe.

    For all the good he does with assists (and some assists are exceptional so of course RVP the beneficiary will be pleased with his performances this season), the occasional ‘mazy run’ and the odd decent defensive tackle there is a ‘but’.

    When he appears disinterested, he can be anonymous for long periods of time, and watching him jogging back half pace instead of busting a gut when he lost possession is galling, and his concentration does let him down occasionally.

    It is easy to see why people would sit one side of the fence or the other. In part I guess what it is you are comparing him to.

    I personally think he is a useful squad player, but the lack of competition means he can afford to be complacent and know he will still be starting XI. He’s ok but could be a lot better if forced to be.

    But then the same could be said about many players, if they were in a man red / blue team they would have no choice but to concentrate and give 100% every game.

    That’s what genuine competition for places does to a team for me. It doesn’t accept the 90% effort as a baseline.

  33. Dean

    Theres an interview coming up on Talksport with Didi Hammann where he

    talks about Podolski and apparently it will raise eyebrows at the Emirates.

    Could be an interesting listen even though it is on Talkshite im sure Hammann

    knows more about him than any of us do??

  34. frenchie

    “where we’ve struggled is how open we leave our defence, and half the time its up to Song to cover the whole of midfield on his own.”

    you just described the requirments of a defensive midfielder. he is the bastion between attack and defense. his late heroics aside, song does suffer from wanderlust, which places the defense at risk. is song the root cause of arsenal’s poor displays? no. does he contribute? yes…as do theo, rambo, et al.

    do not misinterpret me, i like song. i just wish he would think less of reiventing the dm wheel and more of following in the footsteps of gilberto.

  35. Geoff

    We just aren’t as smart as Keyser.

    I say Song is shit because I think he is.

    Average at best, as for the pundits thats say how good he is, those same people said at the start of the season it was crazy to say Wenger had it wrong, they don’t say that anymore do they?

  36. Keyser

    “more of following in the footsteps of gilberto.”

    You mention Gilberto, well the key there is Vieira one of the most physically dominant midfielders the premiership has seen. Surely you noticed the drop off once he left to whoever played next to him.

    Do we even have as diligent and hardworking a midfielder as Ljungberg on the wing or in the wide forward position ?!

    How many teams rely on one midfielder to cover the whole of midfield anymore ?!

  37. frenchie


    when attempting to use me to write your manifesto, you should consider the entire post. note: i distributed the ball dropping to number of individual players, unlike song who distributes to BIFF. 🙂

  38. Keyser

    frenchie – and yet for some reason we discuss an individual.

    Maybe all footballers are jammy and they’re just incredibly lucky to find teams suited to their needs.

  39. Dean Tharme

    Theres an interview coming up on Talksport with Didi Hammann where he talks about Podolski and apparently it will raise eyebrows at the Emirates.Could be an interesting listen even though it is on Talkshite im sure Hammann knows more about him than any of us do??

  40. Dean Tharme

    Theres an interview coming up on Talksport with Didi Hammann where he talks about Podolski and apparently it will raise eyebrows at the Emirates.Could be an interesting listen even though it is on Talkshite!

  41. Keyser

    frenchie – I was thinking more me, and why I’m not playing for Arsenal. I can do the Elastico, I can almost do the reverse Elastico, I once chipped a goalie who was standing tall in one of Hayes ‘Goals’ 5-a-side goals ands cored with a scorpion kick when I was about 14.

  42. hitman49

    i’v been out all day found a bus !
    i’ll pick you up as i’ll start in hertford..
    anyone else please leave your details

  43. Gunner2301


    I agree with you on Song. Why nobody notices or wants to talk about the free kicks he’s been giving away outside the box for seasons now I don’t know, you could put your house on it. Last season he was a major reason why the defence was put under needless pressure and we conceded on a lot of set pieces. Song should be in the WWF with his wrestling moves I can’t recall seeing such an untidy tackler who prefers to climb all over his opponent and expects to get away with it. In this respect Le Coq is miles ahead of him.

  44. kwik fit

    Hammann on Talkshite reckon’s that Podolski is not going to be a good buy at 10m. What does he know anyway!
    On a lighter note,United are getting out played by Bilbio.

  45. DaleDaGooner

    Lmao…Sporting Lisbon?? The Mighty City that Gambon use as a yard stick for how we should conduct business, struggling in Europe…even Manure is struggling.

  46. Samir

    I’ve watched Bilbao alot this season…
    Marcelo Bielsa really has transformed the club from top to bottom!

    Muniain will be a star! He is already one hell of a player at only 19!

    They have everything! A tight defence! Great midfield topped off with Llorente upfront!
    Top team!

  47. kwik fit

    United’s squad is pretty poor . How they are only 2 point’s away from city is one of the great conundrums of the 21st century. Is it anything to do with favouritism I wonder.
    10 Point’s a season me think’s.

  48. kwik fit

    Herandez may just have come throw his honeymoon period in the premiership. Seems to have run out of form.
    History is littered with young player’s who make a initial big impact and then fade away. Tranny Jeffers anyone?

  49. goondawg

    Yeah i think we should learn how to cross the ball to a proper target man before we buy llorente. Just look at chamakh to see how well that turned out! But still rate llorente and munian is quality as well.

    I missed the city game, did they really play clichy at rightback? lol

  50. goondawg


    1. Evra loses boot
    2. Ref awards free kick other way halting uts attack
    3. Bilbao score

  51. goondawg

    It wasnt even a pen from where I was sitting (on the couch) player in question was outside the box, though his hand was in. Dunno what the rules say

  52. Gunner2301


    Can’t see RVP at Citeh no matter how much noise they;re making it would be like Henry going to another PL team it wouldn’t happen. He could go to Barca or Madrid though. I don;;t mind Citeh pushing any price up in a bidding war though if he does decide he wants to leave.

  53. kwik fit

    Hope Rosicky doesn’t sign a new contract at least until the end of the season. Keep him hungry for a new deal. If he get’s one now he may go back to the ‘old’

  54. Gunner2301

    I’m a little split on Rosicky getting a new deal. If he was negotiating with me I would be asking him where he’s been for the last fucking 18months and why all of a sudden has he started playing out of his skin as his contract is running down.

    Don’t get me wrong I used to love Rosicky as a player but if that;s what he has done i.e. been a deliberate lazy cunt and decided to turn on the style now in order to get a new deal then we should get rid of him. What;s to say he gets his deal and then falls back to sleep again and we barely know he exists?

    He’s 31 now If Wenger can apply the 1 year rolling contract rule to Bergkamp then he should apply the same rule to him, which should keep him on his toes.

  55. goondawg

    Well rosicky has been on the sidelines good part of two years.. and before playing second fiddle to nasri and cesc so …… At least he’s regaining some of his form. Back in the days lil mozart was one of my favorite players! What he did for czech was amazing.

    Also anyone hear rvp agents welcoming Ac milan speculation. They need to b taken to one of those fields somewhere and shot. 🙂

  56. Gunner2301

    I was a big big Rosicky fan but he disappointed me big style after coming back from injury. I take you’re point that he wasn’t always first choice but Nasri wasn’t always playing great.

    None of the midfielders were outstanding over the last couple of years apart from Wilshire last year and Cesc intermittently when he wasn;t thinking about Barca so I believe had he shown some form he could have eased his way in, but he had his contract already and didn’t have to worry until it was coming up for renewal. Cynical I know but it could be true.

    isn’t Darren Dein RVPs agent? He’ll definitely be on his way then. I just don’t understand how he could be agent to our players engineering moves away from the Club and his dad was vice chair. It;’s like Ferguson with his son.

  57. JJ

    Diaby: “I get injured,” he went on. “It’s a fact but when people tell you you’re fragile, it hurts.

    Oh, the irony…

  58. Adam Bucci

    oh this is wonderful. both manchesters, facing elimination from europa, leaving only the league as a prize. for the first time ever, i actually won’t mind if united win the league if it means city ends up empty handed and humiliated.

  59. goondawg

    Ha very cynical of rosickys intentions. People knocked him before when he didnt look back after that free kick knowing “they’d scored” but remember after the final whistle against ACMilan, when he collapsed to the floor, exhausted yes, but also devastated! He ran his heart out, and ppl here also said on that performance alone deserves a contract renewal. Some gooners honestly are very fickle lol. I think we should keep him, because it’s not good for a teams stability to get shot off the old guard straight away. Looking at utd as key example. Otherwise the youth stars will be looking at dunderheads like walcott for the wisdom of an older experienced player. And we can not have that!

  60. Gunner2301


    “It’s a fact but when people tell you you’re fragile, it hurts.” He said ….

    As he skillfully pulled out a suitcase of £50 notes from under his bed and reached for his counting machine. 😆

  61. Gunner2301


    We can’t get sentimental. For each of those moments we can point out days where he’s been non-existant, let players ghost past him, walked back instead of chased back and lets not forget the 2 years without a goal. Before the last few games I had him on my list to get rid of in the Summer, but I would give him a year on year like I said just in case he was playing us.

  62. goondawg

    Diaby is a legend. Who knows a better benefit fraudster than him? Not me! What a trickster! Skillful on the pitch as well when he can get his arse off the injury table. Having spent all that money musta knackered him out one-time!

  63. JJ

    Gunner2301 – Maybe Diaby fractured his jawbone while frowning upon hearing that people were calling him fragile. That would hurt.

  64. Gunner2301

    Diaby was caught with his sleeping bag outside Zara menswear in the January sales. He’d been there since Boxing Day 😆

    I agree he is skillful when he’s on form but like Walcott and others that are so inconsistent I’m done with them they’ve rinsed us out enough and given little in return. They are fortunate Arsenal are the ideal ‘mark’ for a trickster.

  65. JJ

    I wonder how long Diaby’s hurt feelings will keep him sideline for…

    It is sure to be a recurring injury given the crap our fans give him.

  66. goondawg

    When has rosicky ever done a song? I recall him in games the one thats over-zealous with his slide tackles and running back trying to win the ball, Yes agree on the shooting part, I was the one screaming the loudest when he opted to kick it with the outside of his foot and maybe sentimentality played a factor when I just thought “ones bound to go in, and it’ll likely be an awesome goal” lol. I advocate getting rid, but only if wenger buys suitable replacements. That injury did have repercussions to his game, but it looks like he’s getting there. The push for third should reveal more of this and will prove to me and you of his hunger and grit hopefully.

  67. JJ

    It sounds like Diaby is a Christian so for the good of my soul I will forgive and forget… I hope he has an RvP-like season in 2012/2013!

    Unless he was talking about Allah when referring to god… in which case he can rot in the treatment room until sold or his contract expires.

  68. Gunner2301

    I agree we would need to replace him if we were getting rid, but nobody else is moving the ball as quickly as he has done the last few matches. Ramsey should have stayed at Cardiff they’re about his level. Actually i’d take Whittingham over him right now I don;t know what Wenger sees in him. He’s another fortunate one living in Wengers protective shadow.

  69. goondawg

    I can’t understand ramsey. He looked so good before the shawcross incident, even after he came back strong. And we used to cheer his clever back heel flicks and admire his skill. Now it seems everything has gone to shit. I hope this is a brief rut and he comes good. Becoming national captain went to his head. Too big a weight for his boots! Though he is young, and have him then henderson in my squad. But I wonder how long before the baying crowds of gooner faithful call for his head ala walcottt style.

  70. JJ

    Are you serious? Henry and RvP muslim? Henry maybe but a Dutch muslim? You’re having me on…

    Ramsey is a prospect who was thrown in the deep end. He was fighting above his weight and got burned out.

  71. Gunner2301


    I’m already calling for his head. He’s not Arsenal quality. He’s another one Wenger made a mistake on but will be played to death so he can prove his point. Thing is Ramsey could be with us a very long time so I’m a bit concerned about his presence in the team. At best he should be a bench player but like I said he’s not Arsenal quality.

  72. goondawg

    Lots of people convert to islam nowadays, including rvp!

    Aaron Ramsey still has time to prove he is Arsenal quality. There is still room for improvement. At the moment I agree a bench part role is suited to the young welshman. If he keeps working hard, which he does, then he has it in him to be Arsenal quality. I’m more concerned about almunia, chamakh, squillaci and even Parks presence atm

  73. Gunner2301

    I agree. WTF was the Park signing about? The Asians will hate the way we have treated him and he’ll probably bad mouth us when he leaves and rightly so. Weve put his international career in jeopardy for no good reason by the look of it. We shot ourselves in the foot twice. Once with Lille the other with the far east.

  74. goondawg

    Yeah Wenger really did a number on us by signing him. The only winners were Monoco who apparently were strapped for cash. Ahh Wenger ever the charitable caring man. Hopefully Lillle will forgive us and let us do business regarding Eden Hazard, And the far east can look at Ryo as their trophy boy!

  75. Geoff

    Vikram, read the post, he came from Corsica, when Napoleon lived there it was Italian and Napoleon spoke Italian, in fact he didn’t speak French until he was 13.

    Then the French took it over, but I never recognised their authority, so as far as I’m concerned, Corsica is Italian.

    Please don’t question me again.