Juve want Song and he may go as he hasn’t won a trophy for 7 years, ha, ha how funny is that Arsene?

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Now wouldn’t that be amusing Arsene? Your new post Cesc poster boy for project youth wanting to leave because he’s fed up with waiting for a trophy.

So that would be something, Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor, Kolo, Cesc and now Song, all wanting to leave or leaving, so we get them all for years growing up and learning, and when they get good they all want to leave, because they all want what we all want, trophies. Now I’m not saying Song wants to go, but he did come from Italy and every time a rumour starts about a player of ours, they seem to be true.

Funny that eh Arsene? How unbelievably and hugely ironic!

Now as far as I’m concerned, get M’Via in and let Song go but you wouldn’t do that as you would probably put a youth player in there as learning from mistakes isn’t your strong suit, blimey we have Frimpong and Coquelin, why spend money that you can lavish on more kids that will end up leaving because they eventually want silverware?

The first half against Milan and the second half against the spuds shows us we are only a few top players away from winning stuff, why this board can’t see that is beyond me, if we brought in say three, M’Via, Hazard, Podolski or Vertongen, Goetze and Benzema or Hummels, Tiote and Cavani then we could clean up and keep our best players at the club, and maybe push on next year instead of going backwards, like we have been.

Oh well, we can all dream, and that would be mine. Next up Newcastle, we have them on Monday, so plenty of time to rest, beat them and we could be one point behind the spuds, wouldn’t that be funny, we could be in third spot before the end of the month, that’s what we need to focus on. Dawson is now out for the rest of the season and Lennon picked up a knock so that means they will suffer.

The BBC say that we are in talks to sign Podolski for £10.9 mil and a four year contract, not sure why they would be saying that when we aren’t even in the window, and as he is contracted we can’t do a pre-wotsit agreement, hmmm not sure, great if we are though.

Someone suggested swapping Theo for the unhappy Torres, in a heartbeat i would, in a heartbeat, I have been championing Theo for years now, but because our manager refuses to play him in position, he will never be the player I thought he’d be, so the chance to bring in someone who can score goals would do for me. Well rather that watching Theo continue to play like a drain out on the wing, shame but I put that one on the manager.

Out of interest, why don’t we have a sniff around Barca’s reserves, has Afellay had a game for them, there must be a few good players in all these Super clubs that don’t get a shout.

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Have a fun filled Fursday Grovers, no football this weekend but plenty going on all the same.

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    DDM, I agree but found it a little harsh on RVP. He has been fantastic and clearly love Arsenal but that said

    Theo to Chelsea / Torres to Arsenal
    RVP to City / Tevez to Arsenal

    I think would improve us massively.

    Disrespectful to RVP though?

  2. arsenal tom

    why sign tevez? so we can have the exact same troubles man city did with him?

    imagine we did that deal then he goes and fucks things up like he did this year and we play 6 months with chamakh or park up top!

  3. offthepost

    “if we brought in say three, M’Via, Hazard, Podolski or Vertongen, Goetze and Benzema or Hummels, Tiote and Cavani then we could clean up and keep our best players at the club” – this isn’t championship manager…

  4. Mayank

    Umm so we’ve got Podolski? Or do we wait till Koln or Arsenal confirm it.

    Great bargaining chip when RvP and Arsenal sit down to discuss the contract/

    Hopefully we get Podolski and RvP to sign in the first week of the window,

    Then we have the rest of the window to strengthen in other areas and negotiate with Song and Theo.

  5. dennisdamenace

    Joppa – Neither of those is gonna happen.
    What is more realistic is that RvP will go to Citeh, and we will cash in on him for £30m+, and that will sit nicely in the bank whilst we (still) pay for the most expensive tickets in World football whilst enjoying bumbling the talents of Walcott, Chamkh and Park….
    Contract extension for Wenger anyone…….

  6. Mayank

    If you think about it Torres and Tevez will both be typical Wenger signings. Torres moreso. But I’d only want him if we can get him on the cheap. Otherwise invest in central MF. M’Vila would be my choice.

    Actually is we keep everyone, sell a few players, sign M’vila and Podolski besides the one or two kids, I’d consider it a successful summer.


    Yeah agree DDM.

    Arsenal have to keep RVP IMO. They cannot keep selling top players. What RVP has done this season bar Messi is as good as any other player in world football. We should be proud of that. Not RVP’s fault Wenger hasn’t brought in enough quality around him.

    I mean fkin hell Park and Chamakh and Bendtner….WTF?

  8. gambon

    Why would we want to negotiate with Theo?

    Theo: “Lets discuss a new deal”

    Gazidis: “Dont let the door hit your arse on the way out!”

    Theo: “But im only 2% away”

    Gazidis: “Why dont you go and write another shit book you little cunt”

  9. gambon

    If we clean out a lot of dross, and sign 5 top class players, as well as a back up keeper, I will consider it a good summer.

  10. Mayank

    DDM it’s unlikely RvP will leave for under £40m. Only 4 clubs can pay that now. City, RM, Barca and Bayern.

    RvP won’t go to City, Barca probably don’t want to spend that much on a striker. If Jose leaves Real and takes a few of his favourites with him Real will be in for him. I don’t think Bayern want a striker in that price range atm.

    So either RvP signs with us or he goes to Real for 40m plus.

  11. Robert

    Would definitely prefer bendy to be playing for us than shittymaker and rapedintheparkatnight.

    At least he won us a game or two.

    Poldi, m’vila, torres and another right footed defender= contenders.

  12. gooner-pak

    RVP should do what shrek did at OT..he did get paid but also forced management to sign players
    but then our management is too f***ing greedy and will sell rvp

  13. dennisdamenace

    Joppa – Mate, for the past x amount of years instead of building on the quality we do have, AW has been selling that quality just to underpin his own contract. He has traded on-field success with off-field profits. So, baring that in mind we should all fear the worst…….

  14. Radio Raheem

    Based on form over the past 12 to 18 months, and that’s how a striker should be judged (barring any long-term injury) there are many strikers I’d rather have than Torres.

    I’d rather sign Fletcher at Wolves than Torres,
    rather Soldado than Torres,
    rather Djeko than Torres,
    rather Dempsey than Torres,
    rather Bent than Torres,
    rather Doyle than Torres,
    rather Di Natali than Torres,
    rather Drogba than Torres,
    rather Henry than Torres,
    rather Defoe than Torres,
    rather Saha than Torres,
    rather Ade than Torres,
    rather either Cisse than Torres…

  15. Mayank

    Considering we keep the players we want to keep and sell the ones we want to sell, there’s not enough room for 5 players. 3 at most, a striker a midfielder and a back up GK if Fabianksi leaves.

    If we sign those players and get rid of some players we’ll have 2 good players for every position and players like COquelin, Frimpong, Bartley, Afobe waiting in the wings.

    5 players are completely impractical.


    Yep DDM. I certainly fear the worst every summer now. They buys last summer were only average. We all keep saying it but so much of a clear out needed. When Wenger thinks clear out he thinks


    etc etc RVP?

  17. Bush Gooner

    Radio Raheem

    Good point. We need to find the right balance of players with the right attitude and to me,Tevez, with all is unspeakable talent, would not be a right fit for us. Podolski will suit the system we play and I am kinda getting excited about the prospect of them playing together

    Tevez on loan? hmmm. I know for a fact he hates being a bench warmer so that will be a non starter.

  18. dennisdamenace

    gambon March 8, 2012 11:44:59 Why would we want to negotiate with Theo?
    Theo: “Lets discuss a new deal”
    Gazidis: “Dont let the door hit your arse on the way out!”
    Theo: “But im only 2% away”
    Gazidis: “Why dont you go and write another shit book you little cunt”
    Fuck me, if only LG was like Twitter, i’d be retweeting this little gem….
    Well said fella.

  19. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    dont want tevez at our club,, how eaisly you forgett the falklands.,…it was bad enoiugh with vivas! tut tut dear boys!

  20. dennisdamenace

    Mayank – £40m+?????
    You are assuming we have a proactive and dynamic manager who will get the best deal for AFC………..

  21. Bush Gooner

    Radio Raheem

    However, I would definitely take Torres on loan though once Chamakh and Park departs…

  22. Mayank

    With 3 players coming in say, Podolski, M’Vila and back up keeper we’ll have
    Szcz(Back up)
    Song(Ramsey) – M’Vila(Arteta) – Jack(Rosicky/Diaby)

    Plus Coquelin, Bartley, Frimpong, Afobe and a few more that are slipping out of my head right now.

    Anyone who says that’s not a competitive team is being a wind up.

  23. Radio Raheem

    Bush Gooner

    Torres on loan? Well ,maybe, as long as they pay half his wages. Having Torres on the team sheet would certainly inspire more confidence from the stands, even if it’s based more on nostalgia than reality. I’m not sure being a bench warmer will do his confidence much good though.

  24. Al

    I think the problem with the current squad is we do not have enough Sagna’s,…….. Players that will consistently give everything and achieve a minimum 7 out of 10 performance.
    Apart from RVP none of are other attackers are capable of doing that, personally I think it’s down to the fact that the other attackers we have currently with theo being the perfect example lack the heart to be anything special/great players……

    Hopefully this is not a PR stunt by arsenal to get fans to renew and podolski is the first of many,

  25. Mayank

    Besides Henry and Cesc we’ve got above or equal to market value for every player we’ve sold.

    Cesc and his mates had basically arm twisted us to lower the asking price. Remember the little strike Cesc went on? I trust RvP not to be such a treacherous little cunt.

    As for Henry I think the low asking price was our gift to him so he could complete his collection of medals.

  26. Geoff

    I’m amazed at how many of you guys don’t rate Torres, he is obviously hated by the Chav player mafia, but so close to hitting a hatful, with our movement he would be back to his best.

    I would have him in a flash.

  27. Geoff

    Mayank, Arsenal and it’s fans should come first, not Wenger and his unnatural feelings towards certain players

  28. Mayank

    Geoff is this about the Cesc issue? I agree with that. But the fact is there was a choice of having a 130k player on our books who wasn’t playing or getting 35m for him.

    Like I said if Cesc had even as professional as Nasri about the issue we could have got above 40m for him. But he wasn’t so we didn’t..

    Gambon if you think the team I wrote down is the 4th/5th best team you are deluding yourself.

  29. Bush Gooner

    GeoffMarch 8, 2012 12:08:42
    I’m amazed at how many of you guys don’t rate Torres, he is obviously hated by the Chav player mafia, but so close to hitting a hatful, with our movement he would be back to his best.I would have him in a flash.


    Torres is playing for a chelsea side who are struggling big time and their pattern of play is utter shite. He would have a field day in our side with RvP and Podolski next to him.. Torres all the way!

  30. Mayank

    The best striker in the PL the best RB in the PL the best young Keeper and central midfielders in the PL. Two highly capped German internationals. Two of the best English attacking prospects in years. The most creative DM in the PL.

    Still not better than Spurs.

    Well done Gambon.

  31. dennisdamenace

    Sagna Vermin Sakho Baines
    Hazard M’Villa LJW OxoCube
    RvP Torres
    Bench – Al Habsi, Kozzer, Merty, Santos, Cocky, Arteta, Walnut/Podolski
    Tada to –

  32. Geoff

    Mayank, he had three years left on his contract, here’s what a good businessman would have done. It should have been our choice, not his.

    Cesc, we aren’t happy with the way you handled yourself this summer, so we are stripping you of the armband.

    He would have been humiliated, so he would have…

    A) Refused to play. Therefore we could have docked his salary.

    B) Demanded to go on the transfer list. We could have either then had a bidding war, or sold him to the highest bidder.

    Believe me, he would have gone and frankly to cave into him was an embarrassment of unbelievable proportions as well as the dumbest business decision since allowing Flamini to walk and Diarra to go for £5million in the same 5 month period.

    Wenger and his team would all be skint in the real world.

  33. Azed

    Don’t you think the books Theo writes will actually lower the IQ of a child? I for one is not allowing any of my children near a book written by Theo.

  34. gambon


    The best striker? Yep, agreed. He wont be here next year anyway.

    The best RB? Yep agreed.

    Best young keeper? Well Joe Hart is twice as good right now. Id rather have the best keeper than “The best YOUNG keeper”.

    Most creative DM in the PL? Yeah but he cant do a DMs job, is fat & slow.

    All of this means nothing. Unless we change manager we will leak way too many goals, certain players will be run into the ground, and we wont get anywhere near the 90 points you can expect City and maybe UTD to get.

  35. Azed

    If the Podolski rumours are true, then we can all say good bye to RVP. I don’t understand the Podolski love on LG, he wont cut it in the EPL. The guy looks like a sulker to me.
    Plus i don’t think he can handle the pressures of a big club(assuming we are still a big club.)

  36. Mayank

    No way we can get Theo to sign a new contract if we’re buying players for every position he can play in. Hazard in means Theo out. We can’t get Podolski and Torres. Podolski’s will not be leaving Koln for a second time to sit on the bench.

    Also we’re not going to be playing 4-4-2 for most european or away games. No top team in the world will.

    Gibbs for Baines will be a coup and a half. But If Santos is fit I’d rather keep Gibbs. He’s a gooner to the core and can be Englands new RB if he can get over his injuries. If RvP’s taught us anything is to be a patient.

    Also, Kos, Verm and Per are 3 of the top defenders in the PL to relegate two of them to the bench will be overkill imho.

    I stand by my original statement of Podolski, M’Vila and a GK.

    Your team has the better players but is a) expensive to assemble and b) will leave players like Gerv, Kos, Theo, Arteta, Ramsey out in the cold. Not to mention the fact that it requires an outdated system and will probably require a transition year with 7 of the first 11 having played less than 25 games together.

  37. gambon

    If you wanna get close to the league:


    Sagna———Hummells————Vermaelen————–New LB




    Theres an argument for a new GK as well.

  38. Mayank

    “Best young keeper? Well Joe Hart is twice as good right now. Id rather have the best keeper than “The best YOUNG keeper””

    So we should sell Szcz and try to buy Hart. I honestly don’t know what you mean by this statement. We have the best young keeper in the PL and he’s a massive gooner. how does it matter if there’s perhaps 2 better keepers than him in the PL?

    Song is a better defensive midfielder than what 15 other teams have. And the most creative one in the PL.

    So if we get a new manager with the 3 players I’ve listed we can compete for 1st? Good at least we agree in principle that we’ll have a very good team.

  39. gambon


    Man City have the best attack in the league, the best defence in the league, the best keeper in the league, and arguably the 2 best players in the league.

    You think we can sign Podolski & Mvila then overtake them, especially with the senile defence dodger?

  40. Mayank

    Haha! on the one hand you think Song is fat and slow on the other you;ve kept him in your team that’ll beat City.

    I see absolutely no reason to buy both Jovetic and Hazard. Nor Hummels. Verm, Kos and Per are good enough to compete Bartley and JD can compete for the 4th spot. And with Ox and JW being future world beaters getting two 22 year olds makes absolutely no sense.

  41. kapslock

    Song is bang on average and slow as shit. So what if he’s got some assists this season? The only reason he has is because he keeps plodding forward all the time when really he should know his role – a holding midfielder. If Arteta did what Song does and plays in more of a free role he would get as many assists if not more. However, Arteta has a brain and knows his position in the team and is extremely disciplined. Song just seems extremely thick.

    The problem with players like Song in our team is that they know there is no competition for their spot so they can be lazy and labour around like fat cunts.
    I wouldn’t mind moving him on as long as we got a replacement in the M’Villa type or if we want to bolster our squad buy M’Villa and put Song on the bench. He’d be a very useful squad player.

  42. Mayank

    Fuck Arsene being manager. I’m talking about the team we can have next season.

    Compare the City team and the team I wrote out player by player and you’ll see that we’re not as far as you think. We’re better in some areas and they in some.

    If you go by the numbers Liverpool have the 2nd best defence in the PL. Are they closer to having a competitive team than us, Utd and Chelsea?

  43. Radio Raheem

    Maybe so DDM. Did you read it?

    It’ll feel bad slating him after reading that article but come the summer if he is not ready or doesn’t look like he’ll be ready then Wenger’ll have to make a decision.

  44. dennisdamenace

    Radio – He’s a Spud loving £50-£60,000 a week fucking leech on our resources…….
    Feel sorry for him? Not in a million years……..

  45. Mayank

    Also that’s not how football works! Utd have a much weaker team than City on paper. City have better players and subs in literally every position. Yet Utd are just 2 points behind them.

    You don’t need to have the best players in the PL to win it, you need the best team. And it’ll be easier to have the best team if we keep some consistency and try to keep as many of the performing players of this season, for the next.


    Would anyone else be interested in coming along to the end of season celebrations? Think about it, we have:

    4th place trophy (hopefully)
    Big profits

    Also there will be an open top bus parade of card board cut out ‘dross’ players we can all wave a fond farewell too.

  47. Radio Raheem

    If last last season is anything to go by then I’ll be expecting 1 or 2 more signings in the £10m range followed by a few departures.

    I expect to see Chamakh leave, Bendtner, Arshavin, Vela, Park (out on loan), Squillaci, Benayoun will return to Chelsea and then a bunch of reserve team players which should balance the budget in wages at least.

    I think RvP will stay but another first team player would leave just not sure who. Theo, Song or Ramsey?

  48. albo

    Bade – yeah, it is a buy out clause of something like 10 million euros if they’re relegated. So makes sense for them to try to get a deal done now if they’re worried they’ll drop.

    Geoff, letting Cesc go for cheap is a TOTALLY different debate to whether we could have got hold of Podolski in January. For the record I agree that we let Fabregas go too cheap (not that that’s what we were discussing).

    Doesn’t change the fact that Podolski didn’t want to leave in January and Koln didn’t want to sell…

  49. Damn_Gallas

    I think we should look forward to next season.. If the podolski to arsenal rumors are really true, then we would have signed a great player and that would only persuade important players like song and RVP to stay on.

    For me RVP has been the player of the season. Just behind him, would be our creative but midfield lynchpin alex song. Szczensy would be third. These are important players and we should hold on to them. Even if it means paying RVP 140k per week, we should!! RVP loves arsenal and arsenal should love him back!!

    Our squad is nearly there. Miyaichi would be ready next season, alex chamberlain is a massive player already, wilshere is just like a new signing!! Rosicky is finally back to his very best, and arteta has been doing very well for us!! Let’s not forget that we have Coquelin and frimpong too!! And hopefully ramsey can improve and be the player he was before breaking his leg.

    Upfront, with podolski joining, I guessed it’s the end for chamakh, Arshavin and bendtner. Hopefully these guys are sold ASAP!! RVP and podolski would be the main strikers with gervinho and Walcott, miyaichi and ox delivery from the sides!!

    In defense, with verminator back in CB, I feel better. And with mertesacker still to be back, I think we would be fine. Just sell scquallaci, and promote Kyle Bartley!! Left back with Santos and Gibbs, we are safe. And right back with sagna and jenkinson we are fine too!! Dun forget we have Coquelin, and just hope he stays!!

    Therefore, jus sell chamakh, Arshavin, bendtner, DIABY, denilson, almunia and scquallaci!!

    Persuade RVP to stay, sign podolski. Sign yossi benayoun.. And we need just one more creative midfielder!! Hazard gotze?? Too expensive?? What about di Maria and ozil from Real Madrid??

    Arsenal will be back!! Who needs cesc fabregas and samir nasri??

  50. Geoff

    Wenger never gets shot of shit players, he sweeps them under the carpet so we don’t notice, Senderos, Eboue,Hoyte and Bischoff to name a few.

    He keeps players that never play or ever have any hope of playing like Almunia, Mannone, Denilson, Bendtner, Squillaci, Chamakh, Park, Vela and so on.

  51. Matthew Thomas

    Szczesny shouldn’t be speaking about chelsea, He is talking about players that have won far more than he ever has.

    Also i prefer the chelsea way of doing things, we should seek to emulate it. They have had far more success than we have had recently.

  52. gambon


    You are just a typically sentimental fan.

    Our CBs are fine? What the ones that concede 38 already, vs Man Citys 19?

  53. kapslock

    How anyone can sympathise with that Diaby cunt is beyond me. Not only has he admitted to having a Spuds shirt and wearing it but he’s managed to drain the club of £60k/pw. Of course he’s not going to fucking retire when he earns that sort of money for doing fuck all.

  54. AC Gooner

    Kavit Patel March 8, 2012 10:23:18

    Podolski has always reminded me slightly of Van Persie (since 6 years ago in world cup 2006)….I think its coz of his bullet left foot (Podolski’s looks more powerful than Van Persie’s)….now imagine having two of those in our firing line!

    RVP’s left leg is more of swivering fencing sword and he has much more bend on his shots.
    Podolski’s shot is much more direct, more like a cannon shot.

    Hoping for the best, I think it would be great to have someone like Prinz Poldi at Arsenal.

  55. AC Gooner


    Letting a 10yr old anywhere near shite hole lane after dark…

    …and you risk losing your child to social services for irresponsible parenting.

    Stevenage, aye? What happend with Luke Freeman last night? Why no play?


    AC I couldn’t tell you about Luke Freeman. I only get to a few games each season when I take the boys I coach at Knebworth to games. Proud of what Stevenage have achieved though, and did you know they are completely self sufficient! No debt there!

  57. lastmanout99

    How about going for Lucas Moura who plays for Sao Paulo,Who i think is better than Neymar.The kid’s got loads of speed ,great technical ability and he looks like he can handle the physical battles of the EPL.He can play centrally and outwide.
    He’s got all the raw attributes, some good coaching and we’ll have a world class player along side wilshere
    He will not come cheap though we’ll have to bid above 25 million for his signature.
    He’ll be worth the big bucks if we get him.


    Is anyone else feeling this or is it just the near arrival of spring?:

    I am finding myself getting a little optimistic over the recent results! Am I just falling into the trap again?

  59. dennisdamenace

    Ho dear fucking Lord!!
    I’ve just had the World’s messiest shit, and it bared a striking resemblance to Chamakh’s dodgy barnet………

  60. albo

    gambonMarch 8, 2012 13:44:31
    MayankYou are just a typically sentimental fan.Our CBs are fine? What the ones that concede 38 already, vs Man Citys 19?

    Those kind of stats are so pointless. Look at the back 4 and the midfield that conceded 8 vs Man U for example. Not to mention months trying to play without full backs?

    Pretending that in the modern game, defending is down only to 2 centre backs, and that the goals conceded tally is all you need to judge their effectivess, is just a bit stupid. It is so over-simplistic it might as well be pointless…

  61. dennisdamenace

    Simplistic or not, our goals against stat is getting worse every year, regardless of the personnel.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    Now go back 3 years on the trot, every time Song is missing from the mid field, how have we done?

    I bet if he was playing for some team like Rennes or Montpellier or Man City before their boom….we’d say “Look, we could just drop 20m and get Alex Song of so so team” That’s what you lot like doing on here….

  63. dennisdamenace

    So, without Song we’re shit…..
    With Song we’ve won fuck all for seven years, and ship an inreasing amount of goals with each passing season………
    I’m liking your logic too….

  64. DaleDaGooner

    Matthew ThomasMarch 8, 2012 13:42:10
    Szczesny shouldn’t be speaking about chelsea, He is talking about players that have won far more than he ever has. Also i prefer the chelsea way of doing things, we should seek to emulate it. They have had far more success than we have had recently.


    Sums up today’s Arsenal fans thinking…this is how gambon sounds. People aren’t even proud to be Arsenal fans, win or lose.

  65. DaleDaGooner

    yeah ddm, it’s all down to one player…I love your logic…i simply asked you to check and see if Song is a dire as most say…I’m not saying his Messi, I’m just asking why some people think he isn’t an important player for us….but i like your logic…Cesc played for us, and we won shit for 7 seasons, Gallas and Toure too, Like i said, your logic makes more sense.

  66. frenchie

    i would not say that song is the main reason we continue to ship goals, i place that responsibility on song’s invisible friend–he simply cannot control song’s well executed passes. i think we need to flog brian, or whatever his name is and bring him in a new biff (best invisible friend forever).

  67. frenchie

    vertonghen, capoue, m’vila…or even on of the growing list of argentinians with whom we have been linked. i still prefer vertonghen given his ability to play most anywhere in the defense.

  68. frenchie

    i think i read a while back that we were linked with javi martinez. i would be happy if we pried him away from bilbao.

  69. DaleDaGooner

    This “Song’s invisible friend” is grossly being exaggerated now… I mean the guy is one of the names mentioned in the completed pass category……The AC Milan game saw Arteta give away more passes int he first leg and second leg, Rosicky in the second half gave more away…

  70. BozinT

    Both Song and Theo, and their inconsistency, have made me dread the one moment and cheer them the next. You see Song walking around the park like he doesn’t care a bit, and then he pops up with some game winning assist and you can’t slate him. Same with Theo, as everyone is on his back, he produces something and you think we be better having him than losing him. He then goes on the next game and does fuck all, and then we have the same conundrum. I hate us selling players and ending up playing new players who try to fit into the system. I say, like many, sell the regular dross (Almunia, NikB, Vela, Chamakj, Park, Densilson, I’d sell JD and buy a back up, etc.), we seem to got onto Podolski, buy M’Villa (I haven’t seen him, but you lot say he’s pretty good) and maybe Goetze, Hazard or some other player who can also play a forward and we are good. Then again, what happens when we get Ryo back, he looks pretty good also. We get Jack back and all of a sudden we got a bunch of players who might not get a shout. Lastly, I thik we must keep RVP, he’s been extremely good for us this season, and he’s gotten us where we are now. If he insists on leaving then I’d like Cavani probably.

  71. RockyPires

    Gourcruff if no Goatzeee
    Rodellega/Van Wolfswinkle/Odenwingeeeeee

    thank you were back challenging for all competitions

  72. gambon

    Szczesny is a bit gobby.

    I like the kid, i was talking about him before anyone on here.

    That said he has been very average this season. Needs to get his head down and work hard to be the best.

  73. gambon

    If you were to suggest buying Messi Albo, Keyser & Mayank would find some reason why he couldnt improve Arsenal.

    They would say Theo is better, because Arsene believes it.

  74. RockyPires

    Promote Miquel/Bartley.Hardovic for Defence
    Promote Oxo., Ozoi and Coquelin for Midfield
    Promote Ryo for wings
    Use Theo up top

    GK Ches Robo
    RB Sagna,Jenk,Kos
    CB Kos,Mert,Bartley/Miquel
    CB Verm/Verthogen/Djororu
    LB Santos/Gibbs/Vertogen/Miquel
    CM Arteta/Song/Coq
    CM Wilshere/Milner/Ozio/Rosicky
    RW Affelay/Milner/Theo/Gerv
    CAM Gourcruff/Oxo/Affelay/theo
    LW OXO/Gerv/Santos
    CF RVP/Podolski/ST like Rodellega/Van Wolfswinle/afobe

    that looks more like a squad to me

  75. AC Gooner

    Just finished watching the extended highlights.

    at 91 mins, when Song refuses to pass short left to Park or short right to Rosicky but instead tries a long john songhino pass to Gervinho and we lose the ball….

    Thats when he really frustrates. Granted, I think he nicked the ball off Van Bommel shortly before, but he needs to stick a little bit more to the basics and stop trying all the Hollywood shit all the time.

  76. dennisdamenace

    And, i’m not saying he’s a bad player, i’m just stating that he’s part of the problem, he’s an integral part of a team that is not successful….

  77. RockyPires

    JamalMarch 8, 2012 15:08:27
    did you see messi’s 3rdgoal last night …. fucking sublime, how does he do it???

    He copies CARLOS VELA……

  78. Jamal


    gambon, Rocky.,,,,

    Messi doesnt have ze mental strengz to play in the PL, im sure carlos vela would do a better job than chamug and park

  79. RockyPires

    Two Marquee Signings in addition to Podolski would be
    Arjen Robben – Rowing with Directors at Bayern – Possibly available
    Michel Bastos – Tired of French Ligue – Needs a change.

    Robben would be a top signing with EPL experience, Bastos is a fine player.

  80. gambon

    Pedro hangs around the sky studio trying to get on sky sports TV.

    He has a 5 year plan to be the new Tubes.

  81. Jamal

    Talking about sky sports, have you seen the headline ” RVP agent welcomes milan talk” FFS, better be bullshit or were fucked

  82. Pollux

    Beware beware… Has it been Announced on arsenal.com ? So long it’s not, Podolski can and will be mata-ed. Forget Abt him guys. Concentrate on what we already have. JOEL CAMPBELL the new Paulo wanchope! He will be ready for us surely next season. Cannot understand the slate on SONG. He is versatile, strong, have an eye for assist and seldom gets injured. To me, He is a valuable member of the 1st eleven. Theo on the other hand can fuck off. Players that depends purely on pace can’t last when he gets older. You need a footballing brain as well. Classic eg is giggs. Full of pace when young, visionary now. Anyway, WENGER OUT!!!

  83. gambon

    We shouldve just signed Mata last season, Hazard this season, and we would have the best frontline in the PL and maybe Europe.

  84. Pollux

    RVP likely to sign on for arsenal for the sake of his sons who are settled and have already started schooling in London. I can’t see him leaving even if we drops out of top 4. Look at the number of times he hinted that he will stay. As long as arsenal pays him reasonably well say around $120k a wk. I can’t see why he would choose to unstabilize his settled family. Don’t think this man is of ade or Samir type. He has way too much class. WENGER OUT!

  85. fanboy

    March 8, 2012 14:58:43
    If you were to suggest buying Messi
    Albo, Keyser & Mayank would find
    some reason why he couldnt
    improve Arsenal.
    They would say Theo is better,
    because Arsene believes it.

    How dare you try to compare my Walcott to Messi? Who the hell is messi? Just because he can dribble a few players, score impossible goals, make any defender look like a fool and just generally play like a foot ball god doesn’t make him better than Wally.

    He is shorter than walcott, has no premier league experience or mental strengz plus he isn’t english anyway. Leave off!

  86. Pollux

    Last but not least, theo for Torres? Done deal if it is up to me. Torres would be back to top form and his usual classic self if he plays beside the new legend #RVP and new midfield maestro #JW. Look how much he prosper with Gerard supporting him. Chelsea midfield are all cunt and its no wonder Torres ended up a twat.

  87. Azed

    Buying Messi will kill park.
    Messi also plays without the handbrake and i don’t think AW likes players who play without the handbrake.

  88. Josip Skoblar

    The Podolski deal is confirmed by ALL media (UK, Germany, France).
    Now read this:
    “Arsenal also want Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Götze, and West Bromwich Albion’s Peter Odemwingie. ” (today’s Guardian)
    If true, this must mean that Arsene has at last learned from past his mistakes.
    Wait and see, obviously…

  89. gambon


    Until i see the likes of Gotze in an Arsenal shirt i wont believe he has changed.

    Podolski is a great start, and i do believe its a done deal, but there is still at least a 50% chance hes replacing RVP.

  90. BillikenGooner

    Either Wenger and the board/club has to finally admit their failed system/plan and go out of their way to show RvP that we are making changes and are going to sign top players, not just talk about it (which would lead to these pre-deals being done).. or…

    They are truly the biggest shits on the planet and have no problem with taking the money for RvP at the point when we is worth the most and continue on with what has happened the last handful of summers. A lot of talk, a few crap signings and extensions to players that should be kicked out the door.

  91. Mayank

    If its just Podolski there’s no way he’s being brought to replace RvP. Simply because first Wenger doesn’t plan for player departures till the player has had his pictures taken with another shirt.

    He always believes he can convince them to stay till the last minute.

    Secondly, Podolski simply can’t play the CF in our 4-4-3. He’s one of the most direct players I know. Wenger would always want a striker/playmaker in that role.

    However if he buys more attackers i’ll seriously start getting worried.

  92. Mayank

    Gotze now seems more unlikely than ever. I always thought we may buy him and Jack could continue playing deeper. But now with AOC being a a future contender for the CAM position and the fact that it’s also Jacks favoured position it seems unlikely that we’ll get him.

    I’m hoping for M’Vila.

  93. jogo

    gambonMarch 8, 2012 15:49:27
    We shouldve just signed Mata last season, Hazard this season, and we would have the best frontline in the PL and maybe Europe.

    right, let’s sign messi, cronaldo as well. And aguero and rooney also.. easy, right?

  94. jogo

    They are truly the biggest shits on the planet and have no problem with taking the money for RvP at the point when we is worth the most and continue on with what has happened the last handful of summers.

    Maybe the biggest dumbshit is the ones who keep moaning, mocking, insulting, suffering but keep giving their hard earned money to watch this team.

  95. jogo


    even with mata and hazard and vp, we are the best in europe? doubt it.

    cause if not chelsea, city, barcunt, realmdrd and the likes will also buy someones. Dont you get it?

  96. BillikenGooner

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are talks in upper management/the board about how we need to get as much for RvP as we can to make up for our laying down like little bitches to Barca over the Cesc deal.