Juve want Song and he may go as he hasn’t won a trophy for 7 years, ha, ha how funny is that Arsene?

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Now wouldn’t that be amusing Arsene? Your new post Cesc poster boy for project youth wanting to leave because he’s fed up with waiting for a trophy.

So that would be something, Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor, Kolo, Cesc and now Song, all wanting to leave or leaving, so we get them all for years growing up and learning, and when they get good they all want to leave, because they all want what we all want, trophies. Now I’m not saying Song wants to go, but he did come from Italy and every time a rumour starts about a player of ours, they seem to be true.

Funny that eh Arsene? How unbelievably and hugely ironic!

Now as far as I’m concerned, get M’Via in and let Song go but you wouldn’t do that as you would probably put a youth player in there as learning from mistakes isn’t your strong suit, blimey we have Frimpong and Coquelin, why spend money that you can lavish on more kids that will end up leaving because they eventually want silverware?

The first half against Milan and the second half against the spuds shows us we are only a few top players away from winning stuff, why this board can’t see that is beyond me, if we brought in say three, M’Via, Hazard, Podolski or Vertongen, Goetze and Benzema or Hummels, Tiote and Cavani then we could clean up and keep our best players at the club, and maybe push on next year instead of going backwards, like we have been.

Oh well, we can all dream, and that would be mine. Next up Newcastle, we have them on Monday, so plenty of time to rest, beat them and we could be one point behind the spuds, wouldn’t that be funny, we could be in third spot before the end of the month, that’s what we need to focus on. Dawson is now out for the rest of the season and Lennon picked up a knock so that means they will suffer.

The BBC say that we are in talks to sign Podolski for £10.9 mil and a four year contract, not sure why they would be saying that when we aren’t even in the window, and as he is contracted we can’t do a pre-wotsit agreement, hmmm not sure, great if we are though.

Someone suggested swapping Theo for the unhappy Torres, in a heartbeat i would, in a heartbeat, I have been championing Theo for years now, but because our manager refuses to play him in position, he will never be the player I thought he’d be, so the chance to bring in someone who can score goals would do for me. Well rather that watching Theo continue to play like a drain out on the wing, shame but I put that one on the manager.

Out of interest, why don’t we have a sniff around Barca’s reserves, has Afellay had a game for them, there must be a few good players in all these Super clubs that don’t get a shout.

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Have a fun filled Fursday Grovers, no football this weekend but plenty going on all the same.

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  1. crypto

    foreign and unheard of.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joseph Kony in the Arsenal first team next season.

  2. dennisdamenace

    Good riddance to Mr.Average then.
    And one of the reasons we haven’t won anythig for seven fucking years.

  3. Kavit Patel

    The irony….Song, the one who members of LG are accused of being racist towards, wanting to go to Italy….laughable IF TRUE….ANY player who doesn’t want to be here…. bye-bye!

  4. dennisdamenace

    Podolski rumour resurfaces on BBC1 this morning, just when it’s virtually disappeared everywhere else………
    Season Tickets renewals due………..Check.
    Major player joinging rumour…….Check.
    I’m happy with my squad……………….Watch this space.

  5. Goon from BD

    Fuck Torres. We should do the deal for Podolski and get that Mati Suarez to replace Chamakh and Park. Sign Hazard or Goetze and get experienced players in DM and defense.

  6. Geoff

    Morning all, Torres has just been unlucky at the Chavs, before he went there he was one of the best in the world.

    Nicely said Dennis!

  7. Goonerfied85

    Morning all,

    A lot of places talking up the Podolski rumour, the BBC, The Gaurdian etc.

    I think it could be true to be honest, hopefully other signings will follow suit.

    Of course in the back of my mind I think it could be just to get the season ticket renewals up as well.

    I think the addtions we should be looking to make are;

    Vortengen (excuse spelling for all)
    M’villa ( or alternative world class defensive midfield)
    Cavani (Ideally although won’t happen or another world class striker)
    Creative Midfielder but not sure who
    Decent back up goalie not sure who.

    The above sigings is fantast football & very football manager but no reason why we can’t other than Wenger & the board not wanting to spend big.

    Ship out all the dross & get these in & we should be sorted.

  8. Hasaucha

    M’Vila is 21..Coquelin is 20..M’Vila is not exactly an experienced winner,is he? I don’t rate M’vila and there are many better DM’s available out there..

    Podolski looks like a done deal and would like us to sign Hazard similarly…Hazard’s versatility is exactly what we need.

    And more than any defender,we need Tony Adams..Our defenders are not bad – they lack organization/discipline which Arsene knows nothing about..Even Song will start playing like a top defensive player with Adams as the assistant manager..I like the way he hangs out at Arsenal these days which is surely too frequent for a visitor..

  9. ardentgooner

    Never really find a post not good here, because they are the only things I look forward to every morning, but the headline and half the post is entirely based on speculation/rumor. Not good.

    Come on LG, keep up your high standards, since when did you make a post out of a rumor and not a single quote from our player regarding the issue!

  10. Goonerfied85

    I can’t comment on creative midfielders as I have not seen much of Hazard or Goetze to be honest.

    I have seen only 1 game of each playing & have to say Goetze looks better to me, I think Hazard is a sell out & will go to the people paying the highest wages although that can be said for most footballers these days.

  11. ardentgooner

    Agree on Theo though. The guy needs to be Sold. Has been nothing but below average for us.

    For this summer all I want is Arsene to get rid off JD. The guy is liability re-defined. Has to be the worst player in the history? but then I think Almunia would give him a close run for that title.

  12. northern Gooner

    If Song goes to Juve its not because of their success; they haven’t won anything since 2003…So the reasoning for going there can’t be trophies

  13. Rutu

    Podolski rumours are almost everywhere. Still you never know about Arsenal anything might happen.
    Podolski is top quality can play anywhere upfront.
    Only worry is hopefully he should not be the replacement of RVP.
    So much like Wenger if RVP leaves he will say we have Podolski as replacement.

  14. Rutu

    Juve are a very strong team this season they still unbeaten I think in the Serie A.
    Though are trailing Milan I guess.

  15. Walking Wounded

    Whatsup Bitches!!!

    Although the transfer window is shut it doesn’t mean you can’t make deals, you just can’t finalise them. I think Podolski would be a top signing, because he had immense talent, which is stagnating with the average dross at Cologne. Playing (hopefully) with the likes of Jack and RvP would see us get an extra 20% from him.

  16. Goon from BD

    Juve are on the rise though. They have a quality manager in Conte it seems. That team really aren’t as good as the results- they are 2nd in Serie A and unbeaten. Once they qualify they will most likely spend big. And I think they will try to sign Robin but I think Robin will stay.

  17. arsenal4ever

    Podolski is done just his signature is missing. BBC is slow on this. Local press in Koln said he will join and they have best contacts to the club.

  18. Geoff

    CB whatever gave you that idea, it’s in the press and deserves commenting on, if you had read any of my posts over the years you may have worked out this is what I do.

    I don’t think I forced you or any of the numb nuts on other blogs to read Le Grove, did I?

  19. Albo

    What a bizarre post – based completely on a bit of non-news that’s hardly been mentioned.

    Particularly bizarre as there are pretty reputable sources confirming the Podolski story. You’d think that would be the one to lead with rather than the needless Song nonsense…

  20. goonerkitt

    So Mancini has just paid a large chunk off our debt by “declaring an intrest” in RVP. As Robin isnt blessed with Barca DNA I can see a bidding war starting, which as we all know is likely to get our board as wet as a bunch of sex starved nymphos. He will be sold by september for as much as we can possibly screw out of them. If the board do go down this well trodden path, then they really are the biggest bunch of cunting cuntflaps there has ever been. Ever!

    Ps. They really are a bunch of cunts.

  21. stu

    podolski at 11m is an absolute bargain – affellay would be a great signing – however he has had a knee injury – another player that has struggled is nuri sahin who went to madrid, has also had a knee injury but is now fit, but still isnt getting much game time – could be a good replacement for song – if song goes!

    we need to get rid of the deadwood – squillaci, almunia, bendtner, denilson, chamakh, park – get rid, get them off the wage list – sell them at whatever as it will help create more money on wages!!!! we didnt pay a fee for bendtner and chamakh, so selling would mean a profit – get somesort of clause where if they get sold on we get 10% of next fee etc etc

  22. Geoff

    Just for the record, Bastia is in Corsica and even in Napoleon’s time was Italian, I never recognised France’s claim to it.

    Albo, I would love it if Song left, love it, so the story interests me, if you would prefer a Podolski one, go and salivate on the BBC website.

    That or write your own post and I’ll put it up on here at the weekend.

  23. dom

    you people should stop assuming that we are not going to spend this summer, the board and arsene have publicly admitted that they will spend this has never really been done before, just halt your moaning until the end of the summer window. stop putting the moral down. would rather see m’villa at the defensive midfield than song though. RVP WONT LEAVE

  24. Albo

    Btw trying not to get too excited, but there is at least a logic to the Podolski story. If they get relegated he can leave for £6 or 7 million. So Koln could well have signed a pre-agreement letting him go for £11 million, given their precarious position in the table…

  25. Ken Washington

    I really love the Germans, get in
    Sven B/Lars B

    Bac; Hummels; Vermington; Gibbo
    Reus; Gotze; Arkwright; Oxlade
    Sir Percy; Podolski

  26. Phil C

    I fail to see anything funny in the situation we’ve found ourselves in with some of our developing players. The advent of the current spate of cash rich clubs who can apparently spend anything they want has put several nails in the coffin of the ideal of developing a home grown trophy winning team, particularly when it is based on young foreign imports who, by and large, have no real loyalty to any club, particularly when they’re having buckets of wonga thrown in their direction.

    I’d swap Walcott for Torres. Torres is proven class but going through an extended dip in form. He has shown a high level of talent in every facet of a strikers role. Walcott doesn’t have the balls to be a striker, no matter how much he wants to be one. I really despair of seeing him pulling out of challenges time after time and can anyone imagine him making an effective aerial threat? No tricks, no left foot, just pace and a reasonable right foot.

    Podolski, if he arrives should be a good buy, with any luck next year we’ll have Jack and Diaby back fit, Rosicky hopefully continuing to flourish and Ramsey learning to harness some of his skills. I’m hopeful RVP will stay and genuinely think we can be a match for any EPL club, as we could have been this season were it not for the shaky start and appalling injury luck.

  27. flinky

    Szczesny-Sagna,Koscielny/Mertesacker, Vermaelen,Gibbs/Santos-Songinho, Arteta/Ramsey, Wilshere/Rosicky- Walcott/Oxlade, van Persie/Podolski, Hazard/Gervinho. ohoho, very variable!

  28. Doublegooner

    Morning Geoff & Grovers;

    You can all sing this little ‘song’ to ‘he’s 5’4″

    His house is for sale
    His house is for sale
    he’s off in the summer
    his house is for sale


  29. goonerkitt

    Song would walk into any team in the world. This is a fact. Not because he is good enough though, its because he is a lazy fucker who cannot/will not run. On a school sports day he would be the kid who held the clipboard and the stopwatch. I was probably more of an athlete when I smoked 80 a day and ate kebabs (with chips obviously) and washed it all down with large quantities of beer (if it wasnt for my lifestyle I could have turned pro! LMFAO) Yes he can pass but he can also stand and watch an opposition attack unfold without being particularly bothered.

  30. nuudles

    Morning, you name “Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor, Kolo, Cesc and now Song”. Out of that list only Kolo still had the desire to give 100% by the time they left.

    Nasri only gave un 6 decent months, Clichy was horrendous in his last season, Ade was always looking for something better, Cesc was acting like a right brat in his last year and I still think Song looks like he does not care most of the time. Song can be fantastic if he concentrates on defence and chooses the time to go forward more carefully, I would like to see his pass completion rate as I think it should be by far the worst out of our midfielders.

    Le Coq already looks better to me, yes he is currently injury prone but when he plays he is far more composed on the ball, his passing range is better (ok have not seen him put through the killer assists that Song has, but the rest I would rate him far better) and he gives away far fewer silly freekicks.

    That said he is still some way behind a focussed and disciplined Song, but we dont see that Song nearly enough. M’Vila would be a massive inmprovement in all aspects over Song except I dont think he can fill in at CB like Song can.

    Podolski would be fantastic, add 1 more CM (like M’vila), Vertonghen and a CF (I think we should go for Giroud – Cavani is better but we will not pay enough for Napoli to sell him)

    gk: Chezzer, Martinez, Flappy
    fullbacks: Sagna, Santos, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Yennaris
    CB: Kozzer, Tommy, Per, Vertonghen (also fullback & DM), Miquel, JD (sell him, will not happen)
    DM: M’Vila, Le Coq, Frimpong
    CM: Jack, Oxo (also wing), Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey
    Wing: Podolski (also CF backup), Gerv, Theo, Ryo
    CF: RvP, Giroud, Campbell, Afobe

    That team would win trophies I would put money on it, my starting XI: Chezzer; Sanga,Koz,Tommy,Santos; M’Vila,Jack,Oxo; Theo,RvP,Podolski


    Good post Geoff, and it was me who suggested Torres swap deal with Walcott in yesterdays comments. I myself have championed Walcott plenty on here but I hate to say he just looks stupid a lot of the time with his decision making. I would like him played more centrally but it’s not going to happen with our one dimensional manager.

    I always want to keep the English players at the club so don’t mind Theo, Ox and Wilshere being in the same team – that’s a great thing for Arsenal. Gibbs I am not convinced about, then again I don’t rate Santos either.

    Still, swapping him for Torres would be a great piece of business. Torres is still quality.

  32. Pollux

    Top post. My views are podolski rumor is BS to entice season tickets sale. Song going is a possibility and that willbe another smack across wenger’s face. WENGER OUT!

  33. Geoff

    Ha, ha Double, if only! I’ve had a few AKB’s on today, Song is the AKB poster boy for sure, if he went, that would be it, all of Wenger’s kids would have gone, the original ones anyway.

    That sure gets their blood up!

    I let two on today as you may have seen, but I’ll be watching them…

  34. Albo

    Yes Geoff, I know you hate Song, but Juventus being ‘interested’ in a player is hardly news. Whereas the BBC (who hardly ever report transfer gossip) reporting that we are deep in talks about Pod and that it is ‘likely to happen’ actually is news.

    Of course you have a right to write whatever you want. But it doesn’t cover you in glory to seize on a pretty groundless and insubstantial bit of transfer speculation just because it suits your agenda.

  35. dennisdamenace

    dom March 8, 2012 09:49:24 you people should stop assuming that we are not going to spend this summer, the board and arsene have publicly admitted that they will spend this has never really been done before, just halt your moaning until the end of the summer window. stop putting the moral down. would rather see m’villa at the defensive midfield than song though. RVP WONT LEAVE
    HA HA HA……………..fuck me yet another Arsenal FC employee on here!!
    Geoff, please incorporate this ST prompting comment in the header of the blog……

  36. Geoff

    I don’t write to be covered in glory, I write because I am an Arsenal fan and don’t believe the bollocks the Arsenal machine leak to get season tickets sales.

    If we were going to sign Podolski a smart manager would have signed him in Jan, when we needed him, as you saw from the Milan game.

    But you Albo can’t see past the Arsenal bullshit machine.

  37. nuudles

    Ken Washington, Reus would have been the ideal CF/winger pruchase as I rate him up there with Gotze, Hazard & Neymar in “potential” and ability, he is really the one we should have made a pre-aggreement for but unfortunately Dortmund beat us to him so it is a no-go. Podolski isnt too bad of a second choice though. He would start on our left wing and I think his power will be very well suited to the PL. He is also more than able to be a very good backup to RVP at CF.

  38. lance peters

    i cant believe how blind our supporters can be. Song has got to be the slowest , most clumsy midfielder in england. he loses possesion too often and those crab tackles cost us so many free kicks. but he commits the foul in such a clumsy manner that the refs do not take notice.
    he must go along with almunia , fabianski , djirou , squilachi,denilson,bendtner,chamak,park,
    ramsey,walcott,benayoun. these players are simply not arsenal standard. dont tell me i’m wrong about ramsey he is a walcott in progress.

  39. gambon

    Song didnt come from Italy.

    MVila is MUCH MUCH better than Song & Coquelin.

    Podolski true? I dont know, but DDM makes sense, they wanna sell renewals, perfect time to drop a rumour.


    LOL, just read Dom’d comment 9:49 – Are people really that naive. Do they really believe Arsenal are going to spend? It fkin amazes me. People still believe Arsenal will spend!!! Hahahaha.

    HELLO – only way we spend anything is if RVP is sold – which Im guessing he will be.

  41. Doo Woop

    Podolski a done deal? We are the kings of falling apart in done deals… Dont hold your breath

    And what is this shit that Mancini wants Van Persie? Will he want to buy the whole Arsenal team in small dosis? Shouldnt mention that, Arsene might like the idea…What next? Change their colors to red and white?

    Too bad we’ve kinda became a selling clulb…

  42. Blakey

    Torres was one of the best… 6 years ago! he was shit at Liverpool for the last couple of years and carried on being shit at Chelsea. Liverpoool would have had a good deal if they didnt spend all their money on a fat pub guy and a racist as a striker partnership. And Geoff dont censor me! you are worse than the censorshop at Arsenal!

  43. Jerry T

    Podolski alongside RVP is a good move but as a replacement no. If we are to cash in on a near 30yr old RVP, which almost looks inevitable, then we should be using that cash to get Podolski & Torres. I reckon Torres would be great for us and alongside Podolski in a 44-fucking 2 they could tear things up.

    As for Song, well he can just fuck right off! Only Bendtner has a more deluded opinion of himself. Song may have the odd good game, or half game as it usually turns out, but he’s no better than an ageing Gilberto was. The boy consistently gives the ball away with casual and lazy passes but where as Gilberto would fight to retrieve it this fucker just shruggs his shoulders and leaves his back four exposed. The same back four he’s meant to be there to protect, no, this lad has very little skill and even less intelligence and is a decent squad player at best. We need better.

  44. goonerkitt

    We can sell a whole team this summer:

    Plus countless kids who are nowhere near making the grade and some kids on loan abroad who may never even step foot in this country. We could free up at least 10 spaces in the squad and reduce the wage bill massively. I understand there is a case for walcott, gibbs and possibly djorou (does he count as home grown he seems to have been at the club forever?)for the homegrown rule but the rest can go.

  45. andy

    first of all I wanna say acc different German sources Podolski/Cologne and Arsenal have already agreed any terms so it looks like already perfect
    secondly I would love to see Torres at Arsenal – he was a real threat at Lpool and I think AW is capable of getting the best out of him again
    Due to some interesting reports of German sources it looks like Pod is going to earn 100k a week which is a sign to everybody – I have already heard from different persons AW and the board is thinking about changing their wage structure to ensure further improvement in the squad and this number encourage me to believe it´s true. Chamakh looks like to sign for Fiorentina this summer and Pod is a player who loves to play 4-4-2 … it will be interesting to see what happens – I go for a new 4-4-2:
    sagna, kos, verm, santos
    song, jack, ox, walcott
    pod, rvp

    bench: fab, merte, gibbs, jenk, coqu, gerv, ryo (I love this guy, he is going to help us a lot), art
    To be honest I don´t see further improvements; With this squad we are able to rotate midfield with coqu and arteta in the middle, gerv and ryo on the wings, you still have mertesacker on the bench for games against stoke … hopefully we don´t sell any important play “fingerscrossed”

  46. Geoff

    I posted his comment Dennis, he’s the one I’m watching!

    Gambon, as I said earlier, when Napoleon was born, Corsica was Italian, Napoleon couldn’t even speak French until he was 13.

    I also said I never recognised French sovereignty over Corsica.

    So Bastia for me is in Italy.

  47. gambon


    “you people should stop assuming that we are not going to spend this summer, the board and arsene have publicly admitted that they will spend this has never really been done before”

    Well matey, lets see:




    So you might want to rethink that pathetic post of yours.

  48. ATID

    people consider arsenal a young team, yet have this misled belief that walcott is one of our experienced players. theo is still very young, so young in fact that there are 23 players currently on the books older than theo walcott, yet he has around 50 goals from 250 appearances mainly as a substitute winger, he also has around 50 assists. His stats are far better than players like eden hazard, juan mata, antonio valencia, nani, gareth bale, arron lennon, samir nasri, adam johnson, james milner, stewart downing, luis suarez, daniel sturridge. I just dont get what people expect from a 22 year old playing out of position. this season he has already broken his assist record set last season and is only 5 goals behind his best goal tally also set last season. the kid is improving and certainly doesnt need to go somewhere else when he has another 10 years left in him.
    As for players whingehing about not winning anything, they should take a damn good look in the mirror and ask them selves why. Song was a complete donkey for 4 seasons and was lucky wenger showed faith in him, nasri, flamini pretty much the same. Van persie, & rosicky have only just dragged themselves off the treatment table in the last year or so and as for Abou “serial fraudster” Diaby, he still cannot be bothered to admit he is a benefit cheat.

  49. Albo

    1) Podolski isn’t a done deal til he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt
    2) But this isn’t ticket selling rumour mongering. If anything, this story comes from Germany, not here. And once the BBC report it you can bet its more than rumours.
    3) Geoff – Just because we want him in January doesn’t mean he’s for sale in January. Podolski don’t want to leave mid-season. Simple as that…

  50. Geoff

    Albo Barca wanted Cesc, he had three years on his contract. Oh and they wanted him 20% less than what we asked, know what? They got him.

    Don’t tell me we couldn’t have got Podolski, watching Chamakh and Park trop on when we needed a goal against Milan made me realise Wenger’s time has long gone.

    As far as the BBC are concerned, they probably got the rumour from Ivan’s team, stop being so naive, he does it every year.

  51. dennisdamenace

    Anyone else expect to hear very soon the announcement that Podolski has signed a new and improved contract with his current club?

  52. gambon

    Gambon can never be owned, Gambon is more than a person, its a way of life, an idea, a zeitgeist.

    Geoff, splendid answer. You learn something new everyday on LeGrove.

  53. Geoff

    Ha, ha Bade, it would worth it, we would start winning trophies again, if I could say my work here is now done, I would be delighted!

  54. Bade


    If they got relegated they will sell him with less money? I’m not sure

    Maybe they will get more, even if they’re relegated, if he’s having a blinder Euro’s

  55. Kavit Patel

    Podolski has always reminded me slightly of Van Persie (since 6 years ago in world cup 2006)….I think its coz of his bullet left foot (Podolski’s looks more powerful than Van Persie’s)….now imagine having two of those in our firing line!

  56. Azed

    If we are snooping around bigger clubs for talent, then Nuhu Sahin tops my list. Him, Jack and a new DM.

  57. Pal

    Really, this qualifies as a post? is Legrove running low on ad revenue or something? Its a terrible over spoken piece of gossip with regards to Podolski and about Song, you must get me whatever you’re smoking bro..

  58. Radio Raheem

    I am usually cynical about these stories but I’ve got to say that the Podolski stories rings quite true considering it’s made the BBC and teh Guardian seem to be going for it in a big way.

    Honigstein is one a few journos I still find reputable, he tweeted these,

    – interesting figures from Cologne tabloid Express today. Podolski fee (only) GBP 10.3m but wages 140k a week.

    – those wages are likely to include a sizeable sign-on fee, by the way

  59. bnsb

    If Song’s out, then LG traffic will decline in a half
    You should be praying he’s staying Geoff

    If Wenger leaves LG will cease to exist 🙂


    Forgot to mention this, and you can tell me if I was out of line.

    I am from Welwyn Garden but my boy and his my are from Stevenage. Obviously my boy likes Arsenal same as me but also follow Real Madrid because he loves Ronaldo. Boy is 10 btw. Of course we go and see Stevenage now and again each season.

    My boy’s mum managed to get sort some tickets for the Stevenage FA Cup replay at White Hart Lane in the home end (through a friend), I went nuts and refused to let my boy go. I think this is totally justified. I did not want him sitting with scum home fans at WHL – it made me feel sick thinking about it.

    I got told I was being pathetic, but still he didn’t go.

    Was I being pathetic? Because I can see why people would think I was but the thought of my son with home fans at WHL was enough to make me row.

  61. Gooneroo

    We need to stop thinking about finishing above Spurs. All our focus should be on the next opponent because we no longer have an influence on the scums season.

    And didn’t Song come from France???

  62. Aarsh Saxena

    Haha i dont believe that they are giving podolski a 100k a week, if that s the case then Rvp shd be given 150k to 200k a week….

    And I don’t think Song will leave Arsenal, he owes a lot to Arsene. And I am quite sure he will and should sign a new contract with the gunners….

    And if Podolski is coming to Arsenal, does that mean Gotze or Hazard are not? Also, we have players like Vertonghen, Affelay, M’Villa, Matias Suarez, up for grabs only if Arsene splashes around, but Arsene won’t for sure..

    Offload – Almunia, Denilson, Bendnter, Squillaci, Park, Chamakh, Arshavin

    Get – Vertonghen, Hazard/Gotze, M’Villa

  63. dennisdamenace

    Joppa – NEVER!
    In fact i find your approach exceedingly lenient.
    I would take the cane to mine for showing ANY Non-Arsenal tendencies!!

  64. Albo

    Bade – Podolski has a release clause in his contract that is activated if they’re relegated.

    Geoff – Barca to Cesc is a completely different situation for a number of reasons. Crucially for our argument, Cesc wanted to go. In January Podolski didn’t. He was worried that moving clubs mid-season would affect his form and threaten his Euro place. He was also concerned about the impact that missing the winter break would have on his tournament.

    Transfers are more complicated than saying ‘if this deal went through, then so can that one…’ Funnily enough you can use Cesc to argue in the other direction. The season before he wanted to leave and Barca wanted to sign, but Arsenal refused = no transfer…

  65. Joseph Antoine

    Why does everyone keeping talking about Djirou? He get’s on my tits just like any other arsenal fan, but Le Boss just gave him a new contract.

    He won’t sell him !

  66. OzGooner

    @ Joppaaaa. You got to lay down the law. Man. Who wears the pants in the house? And one day your son will Ty for showing him the right way!!

  67. goonerkitt

    I think its only a matter of time before the club start phoning season ticket holders up.
    AFC: Hello, is that the Season Ticket Holder?
    STH: Yes.
    AFC: I’m just calling to let you know its renewal time.
    STH: Is it really. So soon. It seems to get earlier every year.
    AFC: Does it. I didnt realise. Did I mention that the price is frozen sir?
    STH: Really, I’m club level. I was told it was going up?
    AFC: Did I mention we are in the market for super super players?
    STH: I am not sure whether to renew. We havent won a thing in seven years.
    AFC: If you order your ticket now I can personally guarantee Podloski
    STH: Its an awful lot of money
    AFC: What about this then. On top of Podolski we are also offering a 50/50 chance of getting Hazard?
    STH: I was thinking of taking the kids to disneyland instead
    AFC: Hi, I am the renewals supervisor and I am authorised to offer you the following. If you can confirm your renewal right now sir I will give you Podolski, Hazard and M’Villa plus Robin Van Persie will sign a new long term contract and the Manager will start making tactical substitutions before the 67th minute and a pie, filling of your choice. Do we have a deal?

    Its only a matter of time…

  68. Radio Raheem

    I can understand why some have chosen to to be ‘hyper-cynical’ this time round though – far too many false dawns – they’re only trying to protect themselves.

    My worry with the Podolski transfer is that we might have to sell a big player to balance the books.


    LOL DDM….. It would be so nice if Arsenal just won a fkin trophy for some of these young fans though. Stevenage have won 2x FA Trophy Cup (or one wi n,one final), back to back promotions while Arsene has being playing god these last few years.

    Having said that Arsenal didn’t win a trophy until 1987 (I was 13) so all is not lost.

  70. Bade


    I think the Poldi story timing seems suspicious, even if the sources are more reliable than Goal.com or Caughtoffside …..

    Not to mention it’s absolutely contradicted to our way of doing business

  71. dennisdamenace

    And, for the record – Song did NOT come from France OR Italy.
    He came from the land of shit psuedo-footballers.

  72. Ryan

    I’d have Torres all day long! Great player, wasted where he is..chelsea can’t play good football that’s why he’s not doing well! (Long ball
    specialists). I totally agree with you fella, their trying to get us to renew season tickets! Those dirty rats. Don’t believe the hype! We have to wait until the transfer window opens or more like closes, to see who we sign. If we sign anyone!! Long ting!

  73. gambon


    Im sorry, theres this thing about me, where i cant stand retards bullshitting on public blogs, so im gonna fuck you up.

    Theo vs Hazard debate.

    Well. Firstly consider Theo is a striker, Hazard is a midfielder. Comparing the 2 as equals isnt massively fair, you wouldnt compare David Silvas scoring record to Mario Balotelli. Also Theo is 2 years older, and 2 years more developed. Finally Theo plays in a more attacking league, for a more attacking team.


    Little Theo

    39 goals, and 38 assists in 211 games. Thats 0.18 goals, and 0.18 assists per game.

    Eden Hazard

    41 goals & 30 assists in 180 games. Thats 0.23 goals and 0.17 assists per game.

    OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR. 2 years younger and clearly more productive in a more defensive league.

    Lets look at some other facts.

    – Hazard was young player of the year in 2008/9
    – Hazard was young player of the year in 2009/10
    – Hazard was senior player of the year in 2010/11
    – He is almost a cert to win it this time again
    – Walcott has never won a thing individually
    – Hazard has led his team to a league title

    So….pretty conclusive.

  74. Bade

    “Bade – Podolski has a release clause in his contract that is activated if they’re relegated”


    Do you know if that clause says he’s released for nothing? Or in a minimum asking price written on it (if you know)


    I’m going to wheel it out again….

    “Anyone who doesn’t like Theo Walcott is just a fkin racist”

    And you can that to the bank.

    I still love you Theo!

  76. CB

    Geoff, you know that isn’t what I posted, what I did post was not abusive (ie did’nt say ‘sad bastards’ but made the point that this post wasted Arsenal fans’ time (such as a troll would)and asked for something with substance. Give the link to ‘the press’ article if one exists and that would help. I haven’t seen one.

    If you are going to post then write your own replies and reply to them…

  77. kapslock

    David Ornstein‏@bbcsport_david
    Arsenal agree deal to sign Podolski from Cologne. Not complete (need to sort terms, medical etc) but likely to go through #bbcsportsday #afc

    David Ornstein doesn’t bullshit either. Great signing. Now time to get rid of the dead wood and get in some more quality.

  78. hitman49

    morning all..
    if song goes could we arrange an open top bus ride around islington ?
    nothing new here..

  79. duvee

    Seen M’Villa play couple of times and I would rate Song as better than him. Don’t think we need a defensive midfield chap. It’s more the guy in the hole that we need. I reckon Goetze should be the shout.

    Goetze, Podolski and centre half. Maybe your man pogreybniak as back up for VAn P as well. And I mean back-up cause Van P ain’t going anywhere!!

  80. Geoff

    Albo, Cesc wanted to go? So fucking what, I want the Bank of England to give me a billion quid, but they would say no, just like we should have.

    Who the fuck is Cesc, greedy cunt was quick to leave Barca in the first place and sign and lucrative 8 year contract, and when we win fuck all wants to slope of back to a team that does win things.

    And our spineless manager lets him go, and cheap, can you not see the stupidity in that?

  81. gunnerfanatic

    i don’t see a 10m signing as an incentive to renew season ticket so it has to be true….wenger does like em cheap don’t he? thats why we are always linked to 10m pounds bids

  82. leon

    there is no dought tht wenger is going keep rvp he will not only have to double his wages but will have to show serious ambition.i dont think rvp will stay there just to many top teams out their and they will pay top doller.wenger had had the funds to buy some top players in the summer but once again he blew it


    LOL Hitman. Imagine that, we get rid of all the dead wood and as well as having a open top bus parade to the town hall for winning a trophy (finishing 4th) we compliment it but waving cheerio to Almunia, Chamakh, Den etc.

    I would fkin love that!

  84. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    Geoff did we not nick three kids from barca l;ast season… no doubt he will promote on of themn, groom he to be taken back to spain in 4 years… if song wants out let hime go… good 15m…

    rvp 45m. that makes up the dhort falll for failings.

  85. CB

    Gambon – I take your point on Hazard, he is good and may well be better than THeo, though it is hard to compare given his position.

    However in the Golden Boot each goal is doubled for PL goals whereas each French goal is times 1.5 ie the French league is easier. And if you don’t believe that look at the PL records of two very good players in that league, Chamakh and Park. So it would be useful to take that into account.

    Theo’s record at 22 compares favourably with RVP’s at 22, if you count goals and assists at that age per game.

    And I’m not a Theo fan, just would like the comparison to be based on proper data and thought.

  86. Radio Raheem

    £10.3m will be under our 15 million euros record so it makes sense. I’m surprised other big clubs didn’t join in.

    Personally, I’m not too fussed by the price tag just as long as the player can deliver…Podolski seems to have done so this season. Why did he flop at Bayern?

  87. hitman49

    we could have card bord cut outs of all the failiers .
    we’d better have a fleet of buses in that case..
    how do you carry 4th place ?.
    would you have a pic of leauge positions ?


    Hitman LOL….also don’t forget we have to have a giant profit column banner riding on the bus too.

    4th place trophy – We could ask the AKB fans to design this (Wenger has to give final approval of course) and then mount it at the Emirates and have it written with the other honours around the ground.

    I’m well up for being part of this great celebration come season end.

  89. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    geoff , we will not sign m’villa, has he not just beenm caught up in the french scandal after hiring two brasses ?

    arsenal will not sign him now!

  90. goondawg

    Or we can buy sakho, hamsik and neymar! How about Arturo Vidal, dembele and Gameiro? This is fun.

    No seriously i’ll be pissed if podolski is signed so we can all wave goodbye to rvp!

  91. christopher wreh

    song came from sc bastia in the project youth motherland. Not the cheating diving bribing league

  92. Radio Raheem

    Been saying this for yunks but I think Clint Dempsey will be a decent squad player. 18 goals for an average Fulham side ain’t too shabby.

  93. goondawg

    R.S.P.CArsenal all the more reason to buy him, he won’tknow where to turn in france with that scandal. Arsene could give him a new lease on life and we may get him cheaper if his reputation has been tarnished.

  94. Bush Gooner

    Radio Raheem
    March 8, 2012 11:07:16

    Tevez has too much baggage and he would want something like 200k per week.


    Bush but if and it’s a big IF RVP elects to leave as his contract is winding down then surely City could move Tevez this way and sort the wage thing as part of the deal? Unlikely but if RVP doesn’t sign a new contract then he would go for around £35-40M

  96. Josip Skoblar

    It’s looks that you’ve finally given up on Theo. I have too.
    I’d swap him for Torres without any hesitation. Torres is class, he is just unbelievably out of form and playing for a team in decline. He could get back to his bet level with us whereas Theo will never come good because he is technically very limited.

  97. Radio Raheem

    Bush Gooner that may be the case which is why the £10million will be a nice cushion. Like you rightly mentioned he has got baggage and I think that baggage will weigh down on his wage expectations.
    But, I’ll keep RvP though. Tevez doesn’t come across as an inspirational leader like RvP does and can’t see him staying longer than 2/3 years if his past record is anything to go by. It’ll be great if we got on loan though like the spuds did with Ade

  98. goondawg

    Do we really want tevez? Guy would up destabilising the club, crying about the weather or missing his kids, or the ladyboys in argentina. And we all know Arsenal are a selling club, They would never stand firm like man city