Robin and Song can do no wrong! | Another Liverpool / Arsenal classic

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Most of my childhood felt like it was spent dreading playing Liverpool. Sure there were the heroics of 89, but I was only about 5 back then. After that, it felt like every time we played them, we’d take a beating. It was only yesterday I had a think about some of the absolute classics our two great clubs had been involved in over the past fews years. Yesterday I think turned into another of those for all the right reasons.

The line up was almost exactly the same as the one that turned out for the Spurs pummeling 6 days previously. We hoped they’d be able to match the passion and battling that’d been on show for the second half of the game. That wasn’t to be. The team of the first half of last week showed up and most of it was spend hiding behind a pillow shouting at the TV.

We had no shape in the middle of the park and we were letting Liverpool pass through us and around us. Liverpool and Luis Suarez were making a mockery of our back four especially from out wide where they exposed us time and time again with low crosses fizzed across the face of the box.

The first chance fell to us though. Arteta launched a superb 60 yard pass out to Theo Walcott, he played the ball away from goal, raced into the box and let off a fiersome strike across goal that was matched by an alert Reina.

Down the other end, Suarez was played in from a Reina goal kick, Koscielny misjudged the bounce, looking to play the player over the ball, Suarez beat him, luckily for us the keeper was on his toes, he raced out, headed clear as far as a Liverpool shirt and then dealt with the second duffed shot. Great keeping early on for us.

Our midfield were having an absolute disaster. They were struggling to cover the ground needed and they were all very sloppy in posession. Downing latched onto a Dirk Kuyt flick, he looked on for a strike on goal, but super Bacary Sagna flew in to rescue the day with a brilliant sliding block.

The next big talking point came courtesy of Suarez. He turned Vermaelen and Koscielny inside out with a deft one two… our keeper came out, spread himself to block the incoming shot, but the Urgauyaun had already decided he was going down, he dropped. The ref pointed to the spot. For me, if you need to churn out 20 slow motion magnified replays to ascertain whether there was contact, you shouldn’t be awarding a penalty. A hideous lack of sportsmanship from a man who doesn’t seem to care how he wins.

Anyway, we needn’t have worried. Dirk Kuyt stepped up to do the honours, struck to his left, Chesney guessed correctly palming the save back out, Kuyt followed in with the rebound, didn’t connect too well which allowed Chesney to get back across goal and turn the ball round the post. Exceptional double save-age.

A stony silence settled into Anfield, all this nonsense about the atmosphere being wild most games seems to be of a mythical nature.

Liverpool weren’t peturbed by their miss. They broke shortly after from their own half. Gibbs was no where to be seen. Song had to race back to fill the gap. He looked centrally to pick up his man, that allowed Henderson time to pick out Koscielny in the box who banged it home clinically. The Frenchman doesn’t enjoy Anfield! It was a bit of a horror show of technique, but these things happen.

Liverpool pushed on again afterwards again exposing the fact we had a left back who was wandering. This time Kuyt was found unmarked just outside the box, he fired a shot across goal, Chesney got down to it and pushed it into the path of Suarez who drilled a low hard shot at the base of the post. We were let off big time!

We weren’t out of the tie though. Down the other end, Bacary Sagna had the ball out wide, he looked pretty unthreatening really, he made some space, fizzed an amazing cross into the box where Robin was on hand to nod past Reina supremely! What made that goal all the sweeter was seeing Carragher pulling every trick in the book to put him off.

Liverpool had two more opportunities to pull away from us. One from a magical mazy run from Suarez, his shot finding itself tipped round the post by our in form keeper, the next was Dirk Kuyt striking the post for the second time! We’d go into half time feeling very much let off by Liverpools profligacy in front of goal.

The second half didn’t start too well, Suarez was in on goal yet again, his shot not equal to his run. Things went from bad to worse when Jordan Henderson knocked out Arteta with an accidental head butt. The Spaniard didn’t brace for impact which left him too concussed to play on. On came Abou Diaby. A man we’ve not seen for an age!

That was the turning point. Our game picked up from there. The ball stuck with us for longer spells and there was a calmness about our play. That still didn’t stop Liverpool having chances. Skrtel padded down a ball into the path of a Liverpool player, our keeper was out fast but wiped out Vermaelen in the process. Moments later, Kelly missed a clear cut opportunity to score from 6 yards.

Our game started to pick up after that. Song found his touch and slipped in Gibbs, he waltzed into the box, but back to Theo who could only strike at Reina.

We changed things up again bringing off Benny and, sadly, Abou Diaby for Chamberlain and Gervinho. 8 minutes of injury time were called, you sensed something could happen. Near enough the same amount of time was added for last years dismal home match. Could we avenge that result?

Alex Song picked up the ball deep in midfield, he looked up, floated a majestic high ball over Robins shoulder, the Dutchman watched it over and placed a first time volley inside Reina’s near post!


I think everyone in the Gooniverse went completely mental… what a way to finish a game. The pass was expert, the finish sublime, the match was one for the ESPN Classics vault.

The ref blew up, victory was ours and Liverpool officially bailed out of the challenge for the Champions League spots!


Going to Anfield has never and will never be an easy task. What we did yesterday under immense pressure was absolutely superb. We didn’t sink when events conspired against us, we didn’t shirk responsibility or cower when changes needed to be made and we absolutely demonstrated our quality when it mattered.

Alex Song delivered the winning pass again. I think that’s his 7th assist in the league. I’m still not sure I’d have rated his performance outside that assist, our midfield was totally overrun for large parts of the game. However, what has become apparent is that he doesn’t like playing the holding role and that he does have a great range of passing further up the pitch. Does that mean he’s the new Cesc Fabregas? No. It does make things interesting when Jack comes back though. Does Song move into central midfield with a new DM behind him next season? Possibly…

I thought yesterday was the first game in a while I’ve seen the best of our keeper. He was commanding, brave, absolutely decisive in every way and he kept us in the game. An absolute match winner in the same way Robin was. He needs to use yesterday as his bench mark.

Robin Van Persie was once again the difference. As the fans sing it, he scores when he wants. Not only that, he scores how he wants. He knocked in a header early on like a classic English bruiser, then later on in the game he volleyed home with incredible precision. What are we going to do without this player if the worst happens next season? Either way, I feel honoured to have witnessed his goals this year.

Finally, for the sad news. Abou Diaby and Gibbs both left the ground nursing injuries. It’s easy to get angry about it, but it must be tough for the players. They are broken. You have to ask how long the club can continue relying on the both of them. That’s 100k a week we spend on two players who can’t be relied on. The real shame for me is Diaby… He’s immensely talented, I just fear he’ll never be fit over a sustained period.

Anyway, great credit to the team and the manager for delivering in the league again. These are massive games we’re taking points from, even bigger when you consider quite how bad we’ve been lately. Bore more later with talk of luck. All the league table will remember is 3 points to us. How many times have we been the team cursing missed chances?

As predicted, Chelsea and their spoilt brat players didn’t perform for a manager they wanted sacked. Hopefully they’ll fall away yet further when AVB is gone. Then we have Spurs away at United today, which I’m desperately hoping will be another drubbing. Then we’ll have the delicious proposition of being able to chase down 3rd.

Onwards and upwards Gooner’s, the sequence continues and bragging right with the Scouser’s sit firmly with us! 33 more points to play for! Buckle up!

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  1. gambon


    Not really. They were promising kids, especially Dos Santos…..who didnt make it at the highest level… most kids dont, which ive tried to explain for the last 4 years.

    Only difference is Barca gave him 2 seasons, where as Vela has been an Arsenal player for 6 seasons and counting, and is still eating up wages.

    A great example of the epic mismanagement going on at the club!

  2. goondawg

    I agree with gambon as well. Need to finish as high as possible. Fuck thel eague, nasri can win it for all i care.. knowing that spent most of that campaign on the bench is satisfaction enough. If utd score one more goal, we and the spuds are equal on goal difference. It’s all about 3rd baby

  3. jack


    Im in total agreement with you. however he will only buy cheap dross to get us back in to top 4 again if we finish 5th. I will only care about top 4 spot if he will spend on quality players to fight for title again, if he doesnt spend, i dont give a fuck where we finish

  4. Ja_Gunner

    Zues Dos Santos has fallen from grace at club level.but he is still a main man in the national team…

    But Vela has fallen from grace all together I guess…

  5. gambon

    “if he doesnt spend, i dont give a fuck where we finish”

    Agree with this. No point being in the CL if you are gonna go out in the second round every year.

    That said im just hoping we finish 3rd and Wenger leaves by his own choice. He looks like a sick old man, and knows a lot of people think hes a cunt.

    Then a proper manager would show ambition and sign players like Hazard, Cavani.

  6. Gunner2301


    Your two statements:-

    “I’d rather get 4th than the CC and the FA Cup combined. CL football is, IMO, essential to be able to attract top players.”

    “I do readily admit that our current team lack the world class players we had 8 years ago”

    Contradict each other. Which top players are you talking about? Since we moved to the Emirates we got Arshavin, who else? This attracting top players nonsense has been lifted straight from the Arsenal PR machine, it’s bollocks.

    Why is it necessary to play in a competition you can’t win i.e. CL? The amount we pay out in wages we should have the players to challenge in all competitions and a domestic cup is a cup nonetheless.

    Being financially solid benefits who exactly? The fans? Possibly everybody involved but the fans.

    ” TV5, PM4, LK6 are all top class CBs” – So why have we concede so many goals? 38 so far and will probably concede another 10 at least before the season ends. Last season 43 season before season before 41 season before 37. We are getting progressively worse.

    On the RVP question. Remove this last year out of the equation. Anyone based on that would have a right to question retaining a player who has shown he could only contribute for half a season. Economically it doesn’t make sense to do that and definitely not if he’s supposed to be your No1 striker.

    Imagine RVP had his usual season playing half the games due to injury. We would have been presented with Chamakh to save our season and would have likely ended up mid table. Wenger has been fortunate

    A. That RVP has stayed fit – because there is no alternative
    B. That RVP hasn’t hit a lean patch which strikers do

    In reality that is highly irresponsible from Wenger when he clearly doesn’t trust Chamakh or Park. Why have them on the wage bill then? What if RVP get injured for the rest of the season next game? The wingers aren’t scoring so where’s the goals going to come from?

    The other thing you need to think about is What are you going to say when Wenger sells RVP at the end of the season? Or is it only right that a player get’s sold when they’ve had a good season? They will all get sold at some point, we are Arsenal after all.

  7. incesc

    come on

    its vital we stay in the champions league whether wenger stays or goes or spends or doesnt spend.

    do we really want to be playing on spursdays in the europa?

    getting in europe might give us a very faint hope of keeping robin as well

  8. frenchie

    that was unfortunate. fucking about with the ball is never a good idea. when your foot is on the back of an opposing team’s neck, press harder.

  9. gambon


    While wengers at the club being in the CL is pretty worthless.

    We cant possibly win it with the lunatic incharge cos hes never heard of the word ‘defence’. The money is irrelevant cos we dont spend it, and keeping RVP is irrelevant as we sell our best players every year anyway.

  10. frenchie

    i will never be a proponent of failure in order to remove wenger. i would much prefer to see him stay and arsenal succeed than ever see arsenal lose.

  11. gambon


    I dont think you really understand the concept though do you?

    The fact that you wrote : “i would much prefer to see him stay and arsenal succeed”

    Proves that.

  12. jack

    Its only vital if we have a team that can win the CL . Otherwise , how is it vital? Yes, its vital for the board and the money men. As Gunner2301 said how does top 4 benefit the fans?

  13. incesc

    well shit teams have won it before gambon like liverpool but i guess they could defend a bit…

    I think the pretige of being a champions league club is very important for arsenal, we have fallen quite far in recent years, theres no need to fall any further and once you fall out of the top 4 its seems its hard to get back in even with a new manager, look at liverpool.

  14. incesc

    and we have a couple of massively talented youngsters coming through like wilshere, ox and chesney that will benfit hugely from playing in the champions league.

  15. frenchie


    perhaps a poor choice of wording. it is not an issue of will arsenal succeed with wenger, it is not happening. my point is that i do not wish to see arsenal fail, if even to expedite his exit. i hate losing; it fucks with my heart rate and my wife does not put out when i am in a bad mood.

    so, yes, i understand the concept, i was inarticulate in the way i expressed my understanding. fair?

  16. incesc

    and wenger isnt going anywhere.

    kroenke doesnt care about football, its all $$$ for him. He was in london for the NLD and didnt even watch the game. What a cunt! Obviously the only reason he came was to look at the bank balance

  17. gambon

    Exactly incesc

    If you can keep clean sheets (as Benitez & Mourinho teams invariably can) you can win any trophy (particularly cups).

    We are basically a more modern & youth team version of Keegans newcastle c1996. Fun to watch but pretty inept when it comes to the basics.

  18. Hans Rott

    Last time I came here (about 18 months ago) everyone wanted RVP out because he was always injured and Song was on a par with Eboue. Rosicky too. And Koscielny. And everyone was screaming for the club to buy Mertesacker. And Wenger was stealing money from the transfer fund.

    Nice to see the new blog’s under new management.

  19. Gunner2301


    I’m not being funny mate but why is the CL important? We’re not participating to win that much is clear, it’s to see how far we get for the financial benefits. The financial benefits that are not re-invested into the team or even worse is used to pay shit players so much money we can’t get rid of them.

    For other clubs that are run normally and have ambition and don’t have it as part of their business plan to sell their best players every year, Yes the CL is important, but not for us.

    And like Gambon says if you can’t defend you’re never going to win it and the fact that we have been getting worse defensively and this manager has had years and years and years to resolve this makes it clear that Wenger will never win the CL.

  20. frenchie


    from what i have gathered, kroenke left before the game, which is even worse. he should know the importance of that match. not appearing there showed that he does not care.

  21. gambon


    Im not sure, in general of course i want us to finish as high as poss.

    That said i can understand why people would think 5th would be more beneficial in the long run.

    If I saw a leaked document that said we would sack wenger and bring someone top class like Klopp in if we finished 5th then i would absolutely think it would be best for the club.

  22. Josip Skoblar

    Not good for you ‘arry. That’s not what the FA want to see from you at the moment… I’ve always thought that he was a decent coach, not a top coach. To inconsistent in the long run.

  23. frenchie


    i might be amiss, but the qualification is important because arsenal as a business has staked its economic interests on the cash that comes from qualification. without that cash, arsenal the business risks failure (in the eyes of the board).

    gambon and swiss ramble could actually speak more intelligently on this subject. swiss ramble just published another excellent blog entry on the financials. gambon has done so in the past here on le grove.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    I’m once again impressed by Sir Red Nose: he’s got such an average team, but they’re challenging for title. That also shows how poor is the top 4 at the moment.

  25. frenchie


    understood. i simply cannot accept losing.

    klopp is definitely one subject we absolutely agree on.

  26. incesc


    the champions league is important because us fans invest large amounts into arsenal and if we dont make it, its even more of our money pissed up the wall. Its also important for fans around the world to see us playing in the top competition. Wenger wont be here forever and when he does go it would be hugely beneficial for the new manager to inherit a team that plays reguarly in the champions league and can attract top quality players.

    Its also a lot of fun watching us play in europe, huge 4-0 losses a side.

    remember the 5-1 at inter? henry’s goal in madrid? beating barce at home?

  27. Josip Skoblar

    Newcastle c1996 had such a brilliant team! Yes, I know they collapsed under pressure and lost to ManU.

  28. jack

    The only leaked documents are from the PR machine promising quality signings in the summer. End result – full stadium , same shit.

  29. Adam Bucci

    “Things went from bad to worse when Jordan Henderson knocked out Arteta with an accidental head butt.”

    accidental my arse. watch the replay, henderson went at arteta with intent, something he could get away with seeing the ref had his back to him.

    hopefully the fa will take a look at the replay and make the right call.

  30. Bade


    Bang on the need for defence to go to the higher stages of the cups

    Mind you the only time we reached the finals we made an amazing run and didn’t concede in 6 games in the knock out stages (I think it was a total of 8 or 9 clean sheets)

  31. Gunner2301


    We need the cash because we fucked up the wage bill or should i say Wenger did. We should be round about where Spuds are maybe a bit more considering the players we have. In that scenario we can live without the CL money.

    It’s the reckless contracts that have been given out to nobodies that’s pushing us into a corner where we need to earn that much to pay the dross. If we get rid of the players Gambon listed the other day how much does that save on the wage bill? It puts us back in Spuds territory.

    You can say we are where we are, but Wenger with an economics degree putting such a structure in place that would spiral out of control is embarrassment of the highest order. I reckon Twitchy who can’t read or write wouldn’t have fucked up the wage bill like Wenger has and he needs to be held accountable.

  32. frenchie


    football is not communism, but wenger did not understand that. while he may have study adam smith and marx, he failed to study modern history.

  33. gambon

    The main reason i want us to ship out 32 odd players i it is the only way we can reorganise the wage bill problems we have.

    We have a huge number of kids & mid-level players on too much money. We cant ask them to take pay cuts so we have to get rid, and reset the way we pay people.

  34. Gunner2301


    If we’re going to be in the CL then we either need to be in it to win it or in it to earn enough money to re-invest in the team so we have a realistic chance of winning it. You can’t tell players that 4th is a trophy and expect them to have the mental attitude to win the CL, WTF is that about? Wenger has passed on a losing, let’s make do attitude onto the players he has nurtured. If we ever did win anything it would be inspite of Wenger not because of him.

  35. Gunner2301


    You forgot to mention that in gettin rid of the 32 and re-structuring the wages, we can’t leave Wenger in charge of wages because it’s obvious he hasn’t got a clue. Over values average players he has, but under values top players in the transfer market. The man is a fucking joke.

  36. Ice

    No the best spurs team of the last 50 years was greaves gilzean england robertson et al…..crock lesley king pineapple head left back ekotu and Defoe are a sad reflection of how standards have dropped….so too Song playing in mid for us….arry just announced that he can’t walk n chew gum at the same time without falling over….

  37. gambon

    Podolski would be a great signing.

    I often think of him as a more talented craig bellamy in terms of playing style.

    Perfect age, perfect stage in his career, vast experience.

    Hopefully Theos replacement.

  38. Gunner2301

    I’d be happy if we got rid of Theo, total waste of space, but I can see him getting his contract increase and being here as long as Wenger is. Only a new manager will recognise him for what he is and ship him out.

  39. Gunner2301


    I like Podolski but i’m not sure if he would be as productive as we hope he will be. Maybe our playing style will boost his output. We seem to have got into a position where we have 1 main striker then we groom 2nd in command to take over and sell the main one. If this is the intention and either RVP leaves this Summer or next, in that scenario I don’t think Podolski is the man we need.

  40. gunnergetyou

    People need to get real… We need to finish in the top four, Wenger will keep his job no matter what happens. Who’s gonna sack him, kronke obviously doesn’t give a fuck and he’s too stubborn to walk away. Gazidas has already said that finishing outside the top four won’t hurt us. That tells you all you need to know.

    The best we can hope for is that we somehow manage to keep rvp, we need to match he’s ambition, make topclass signings and get rid of all the dross.

    Atleast we know that podolski is pretty much a done deal and Steve bould is expected to be the new no.2. Hopefully he can help get some more discipline back into the team.

  41. gambon

    If we were to sell about 30 players, get a new manager & coaching team, and sign:

    – Backup experienced GK
    – FB who can play both sides
    – Starting dominant CB
    – Defensive MF
    – World class AM
    – 2 new strikers

    We could be a real force, without having to go crazy on the wage bill.

  42. gunnergetyou

    We won’t be getting a new manager anytime soon im afraid. Again the best we can hope for IMO is that wenger’s hand is forced in convincing rvp to stay he will have to spend money on top quality. Not saying that this will happen but it is our only realistic chance of success next season.

  43. follow the money

    I have watched us play this season with apprehension, certain that we would see a repeat of the last few seasons where we collapsed after a bad loss and stumbled and bumbled our way to the end of the season with Wenger droning on about mental strength–which the youth project has obviously lacked. The last two games have given me a glimmer of hope that something is changing–not because of Wenger IMO but because some of our experienced players–Robin, Sagna etc have finally matured–or at least it seems that way. Sagna’s refuse to lose attitude vs Spuds was something that has been sorely missing in recent years. That’s my hope–that our experienced players are going to take matters into their own hands. If we can reverse the trend of recent seasons and have a good run from not until the end instead of limping over the line I think it bodes well for the future, as long as Wenger signs some class this summer

  44. Zorr0

    Evening all,

    I can’t get to the Everton away game, but I can get a pair of tickets tomorrow. Anyone interested in a pair for the game, they seem to be £34 a ticket. Match is Weds 21st March.

  45. LeMassiveCoq

    Spuds imploding….Chavs have Di Mateo in charge till the end of the season…
    in the words of Clay Davis…..

    This could mean a 3rd place trophy!

  46. colonel mustard

    AVB comes out with plenty respect. Its obvious the player cliques could’nt handle the change. So be it. Wegner can be glad his pressure is about 0.000000001% of AVB

  47. gambon

    Should we not cancel Diabys contract due to him being a fucking injury prone twat?

    Im sure another team recentley did this with a serial crock.

  48. gambon

    Diaby is almost 26, has averaged 16 league games for us per season, with just 2 goals per season.

    He really offers absolutely nothing.

    its not like he just had injury problems in his youth. He has played 18 games in the last 2 seasons.

    Get rid. Pointless waste of wages.

  49. kiwigoonerz

    Love it how you bang on about how we spend $100k a week on two crocks, just as you used to do with RvP…. short memories

  50. Zorr0

    Gambon, I know what you’re saying, but there were probably fans saying that about RvP a season or so ago and look at him now. If he could just get over the injuries and get going he might still make it. Perhaps he needs a loan period away from us, back in Ligue 1 maybe, to get the games under his belt without the pressure of playing for AFC.

  51. Josip Skoblar

    Hazard had another great game yesterday scoring the two goals for Lille. (one pen and free-kick) Imagine him playing alongside RvP, the assists and the goals. It would be lethal.

  52. Samir

    Agree with that Zorro…
    Whenever Diaby does actually play….He plays amazingly!

    What about a loan out to Lille? To soften the Hazard deal?

    Add a quality striker (Cavani)
    A quality DM (M’Villa)
    A quality AM
    A quality CB

    And we will be right back up there!

  53. Keyser

    “Gambon, I know what you’re saying, but there were probably fans saying that about RvP a season or so ago and look at him now.”

    Very good point about Van Persie, wonder if anyone will hold their hands up ? Hmm.

    Not sure about Diaby, Diaby got injured playing for us, if his injuries are because of that then that’s a bit different to Van Persie who last got injured playing for Holland in a meaningless friendly.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    Sad about the chavs 🙁 ………………………………………………:lol:

    ………………..& what about the spuds.

    Mind the Gap, Stand Clear of the Doors Please…….”Arry is about to Bale out of WHL

  55. gambon


    Come off it, he has played ‘amazingly’ about twice in his Arsenal career. Fucking ridiculous the way everytime someone is injured they suddenly become amazing. Ramsey & Rosicky were both “world class” according to a lot on here, look how that worked out.


    I was saying that there was definitely a well known player who had his contract cancelled recently.

    I just googled and couldnt find it, but the likes of Chris Riggot & a certain Mr Hleb have both had their contracts cancelled recently.

    Just pay Diaby £1m and tell him to fuck off, assuming we cant get anything for him. We had a £10m bid for him in the summer and declined, shows just how mad Wenger has become.

  56. Keyser

    “We had a £10m bid for him in the summer and declined, shows just how mad Wenger has become.”

    You’re better than that ffs, it’s like you think we managed to cheat someone into a 10m bid, even if you aren’t taking the piss and actually believe that, it shows you how fucked up football is right now.

  57. Samir

    Gambon – He has had various good games!
    He was MOTM for France against Uruguay!
    I remember him having stormers against Porto, Fenerbahçe, Villa, Newcastle…And finally, that game against Man United (Despite the own goal)

    He might prove us all wrong if he can get over the injuries….But, if he cannot – I agree he should go!
    A loan might do him good!

  58. Keyser

    Riggot for Burton Albion ? Thought you were going to say Hargreaves, heh, who just had his contract run down.

    Wenger said something interesting in that if Diaby still believes in himself he’ll still give him a chance, it’s interesting in that I think Senderos gave up on himself and that’s why Wenger wouldn’t allow him another chance after he went off to Milan.

  59. gambon

    Erm Fenerbahce was a good game, yes.

    The rest…..are you sure?

    Which Newcastle game?

    Man Utd? You just said, he scored an own fucking goal. How on earth can that be a good game Unless what you were trying to say is he did some good tippy tappy ineffective bullshit.

    If it wasnt for him we wouldnt have lost.

  60. Keyser

    Newcastle where we on 3-1 I think, both Villa games, Hull at home, Everton away where he set up Van Persie..

  61. gambon

    Haha apparently this Eisfeld kid has basically been injured since we signed him.

    Wenger does it again.

  62. gambon

    So if you set up a goal youve been ‘amazing’?

    That Everton game didnt he and Denilson play together in the middle and they were shocking as a pair.

  63. Keyser

    “So if you set up a goal youve been ‘amazing’?”

    Fuck me, I told you you’re not even trying, If you score an own goal and it wipes out anything good you’ve done, then Yeah, if you set up a late equaliser when your teams been up against it counts for something.

  64. Zorr0

    OJ, get in touch with Pedro for my email address, I’ll get the tix tomorrow then we can sort it out after that.

    Diaby has everything in his locker to be as good as Yaya, just his injury record prevents him from getting his game together and in the groove. What I don’t understand is how AW could have stuck him in the squad for yesterday without any match time, even for the stiffs in months!

  65. Keyser

    Dont think we had much choice, he gets injured playing first team, gets injured in the reserves, he must’ve been training with the team at least, and did alright when he came on.

  66. Gerry Gooner

    Glad you highlight the issue of 100k on Diaby and Gibbs and the fact that through no fault of their own they cannot be relied upon. If they were at another club I think they would have been shipped off at this stage. When we bleat on about our full back situation and injuries really it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gibbs is injured given that he is rarely fit.

  67. Samir

    Calm down gambon 😉

    In that United game…Diaby dominated the midfield!
    And Koss scored a own goal yesterday….Yet, he was still our best CB!

    All I’m saying is that….If Diaby can get over these injuries – he could be the bee’s knees!

  68. gambon

    Cant agree.

    Hes average at best when fit, and never fit.

    Most importantly hes eating up wages. If we had offloaded him in the summer we couldve bought Mata.

    When we dont sign hazard, who is really becoming world class, because we dont wanna pay £120k pw, its gonna be trash like Diaby on the wage bill to blame.

  69. Ricky

    Alan Pardew is such classless, gutless wanker!

    Have to say if that was le senile acting like a muppet he woulda got a touch line ban for a few games.

  70. Ricky

    Oh yh, forgot one little thing……


    Look over your shoulder spuds.. There’s a big red monster breathing down your necks.

  71. gambon

    In 2006/7 our wage bill was £90m, and we paid Henry £200k pw.

    The idea we cant pay RVP a serious wage and still bring in top class players is ridculous.

    Listen to that R5 debate and what Christian Purslow has to say.

  72. Dan Ahern

    If you raise RvP up to 150k pw for, say, 4 years, you’re only committing 10-12m more over the life of the contract, or an extra 2.5-3m for 2012-2013. If a 2.5m outlay prevents you from signing another quality player, something’s seriously wrong.

  73. gambon

    Pogrebnyak has just joined the league, and showing hes much better than Chamakh, but no Wenger knew best.

    Dempsey has proven himself over and over in this league, but no Wenger knows best and signs a mug from South Korea to help his old club out.

    He also tries to convince us that Arteta was some kind of strategic signing rather than a panic buy reaction after Cesc went, but for some reason it took him 6 seasons at Everton to decide to buy him, and he decided to buy him with 2 hours left in the window.

    He has completely lost his once good judgement when it comes to buying, which is the main reason hes finished.

  74. Dan Ahern

    I don’t wanna jinx us, but Spurs lost, Newcastle drew, Liverpool lost to us, and Chelsea lost AND fired their manager. March is already a massive improvement!

  75. follow the money

    Yeah gambon I agree Wenger “seems” to have lost his eye for players with Chamakh and Park etc. And we all know he’s stubborn. Since he’s going nowhere we can only hope he sees something in how our veterans are playing that makes him reconsider the kinds of signings he makes, more veteran star types and fewer kids and bargain basement junk from Kajeereestan. I won’t be holding my breath. But I have really been impressed by the never say die attitude of the team the last couple games. During our collapses in recent seasons this time of year we have seen zero games when the team fought back like vs Spuds and very few games where they were outplayed like vs Pool and kept plugging away and got the win

  76. Keyser

    I listened to the 5Live show and was pretty disappointed to be honest, they pull out the same smaller wage bracket thing, but don’t really come up with anything new.

    No real comparison to other teams and no real surprises. It’s almost pointless there’s still a pretty large gap to teams above us and 4th is about where we should be if you take wages as a rule.

  77. Keyser

    I don’t think we’ll get a completely accurate report until after the Milan game, might be us trying to at least get some edge, doubt either will play, they said Arteta’s concussion was pretty bad.

  78. Doublegooner

    Evening Grovers.

    I’ve a nice little song we started on saturday.

    ‘Arrys Twitchin now, he’s twitchin now, hes twitchin now, he’s twitchin’

  79. Ed

    @ Gambon:
    ” He has completely lost his once good judgement when it comes to buying, which is the main reason hes finished.”

    Have you heard of:

    Jack Wilshire
    The Ox

    If you judge Wenger on his ability to make a profit on a player.
    Net spending (at the time of player purchase) to the current value on the above players. NO OTHER MANAGER in world football comes close.
    So when he does (from time to time) picks up a dud/injury prone player of talent the upside in profit always outweighs the down side.
    Take Chamake for example – when Wenger sells him in the Summer we’ll make a tidy profit off him in the region of 3-5 mil.

  80. jnyc

    Gambon right on, please podolski replace walcott. More than anything, i want us to be active in the window. (if we dont blow 4th or 3rd place, that would be a disaster for recruiting). Active meaning sign podolski early, get rid of theo and some dead weight. And sign at least one true star ( gotze, hazard, mvilla ) obviously extend rvp.

  81. Ed

    @ JNYC –
    We spent almost 75 mil last summer – You think you know more about (gotze, hazard, mvilla)than Wenger & his vast scouting network who would have first noticed these palyers at 14-16 yr olds playing for their countries.

    If you could summarise the strenghts and weakness of each player in detail, focusing on how they would contribute to the system that we play (provided you know what system we’re playing).

  82. gnarleygeorge9

    Its times like now that make following The Arsenal worth it. A chance to ridicule clubs lower on the “food chain” like tottenham & chavski 😆

  83. gnarleygeorge9

    So who will coach Chelsea now. I guess the decision comes down to one man only. Mr Roman “I have completely no idea” Abromavich.

    And how comforting could that be for the fans. Well, for Arsenal fans its a complete hoot.
    Chelsea are controlled by an idiot really. A total dumb phuck who has the patience of a 2 year old when it comes to anything chavski.

    And so to Juan Mata, the man who publicly turned his nose up @ The Arsenal post signing with the chavs. Kiss my arse you little dickhead. You weren’t good enought to wear the Red & White anyway 😆