Theo could be the answer to our problem up top, Bendtner madness and a warning to Ivan.

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I have said since we signed Theo he would one day be England and Arsenal’s saviour, not because he tore twitchy a new one on Sunday and not because Martin Samuel latched onto it, but because he started life as a striker, he isn’t a winger because he can’t cross the ball, Chamberlain and Gervinho can though as can the wing backs, so why not play him in the middle in a 4-4-2?

I have always said he could be the new Owen and after Sunday I cannot understand why Blind Pew (Wenger) can’t, the crowd have been on Theo’s back of late and understandably, he’s been crap, put him in the middle running at defenders and I think that will get us 3rd spot.

That way we could get Chamberlain and Gervinho doing what they do best, then we have Jackie boy to come back too so we don’t have the burn out concern. It’s clear that Chamakh and Park are no better than average French league players and we should admit to those mistakes and move on.

I need someone to explain to me why Bendtner was loaned out this season and not sold, his contract runs out soon and he can walk free, surely for all his faults he was worth more than Djourou, who has been rewarded for mediocrity with a shiny new contract?

Why didn’t we just sell him for a few million, at least we would have help add to the profit. Now he’s talking about going to Russia, would that be for free or do we get a fee?

Another example off Arsene’s football management madness, listening to Gazidas and his sustainability rubbish makes me so angry, it’s ok for us to scrape through and win nothing each year so long as we spend it on their inflated salaries. You are like greedy, selfish pigs in the trough.

Ivan it’s about entertaining the fans that spend the money that allows your sustainable plan, give us what we want, we only need three or four players, and that we can afford, what we can’t afford is another year like this.

Blimey if Wenger worked in the real world and not the La, la land of professional football he would have been sacked years ago, as would you.

All these clubs that keep going bust, go bust because of the wages they pay out and living way beyond their means, we don’t have to, just spend what we have, a football club making the profits we do is obscene. It’s ripping off the fans.

You can’t keep us perpetually in the dark and feed us shite, we aren’t mushrooms.

We will stop buying and stop coming and then the sponsor deals will dry up, you can only get away with disrespecting the people that pay you for so long, they may not be as educated as you and your chums are, but they aren’t stupid, and neither are the players, and if you don’t spend, we’ll lose them too, just like we did last season.

I watched England last night but secretly was more worried about Robin, seeing Parker get the armband over Gerrard was spot on and will screw his ego for the up and coming if his injury doesn’t.

Seeing Pearce emotionless when we equalised irritated me, he didn’t deserve a result last night for that alone, then after some Arsenal style defending, we let Robben in and that was that.

However the under 21’s was so different, we have the answer to some of our problems in Lansbury, why is he on loan and not at our club? He scored a wonder goal last night, for me he’s playing better than ever this season and is already a more accomplished keeper than Almunia, perhaps we should recall him although I’m not sure of the rules.

Boy, I reckon I could get shot of 20 players in our bloated and average squad that will never make it, how much money would that free up???

Be warned, the Ides of March are approaching, Julius Caesar was, but like you and the mad one, he didn’t listen, Et tu Ivan, Et tu!

Google it if you don’t understand, it’s just me being clever, ignore it Grovers, Ivan will get the drift.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    A strike force of RvP (contract sorted for 3 years), Gervinho, Podolski (be careful, can be as dire as Theo), Theo,Ox, Suarez, Matias and Olivier Giroud , add Hazard…would be most welcomed, add M’Vila, and a solid LB and we might be talking big next season.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Dan, i think we over estimate Busquets, cause he plays for Barca! Yaya is better than him, and we know why Yaya got the bench in place of Busquets. That being said, no reason why Arteta hasn’t gotten a look yet, very similar to Alonso, IMO

  3. kay

    I say this again… If we try to change the formation to 4-4-2 we need to buy 6/7 really good players.. But 4-3-3 if we get 2/3 really good players thats enough.. Why do you need to change the formation for One player.. Just sell him and he’ll thrive where he gets fitted in..
    Sell Theo and get hazard..
    Sell Ramsey and get Erickson..
    Sell Djourou (fuck with the latest contract) and get Verthongen

    Wont this team win us a trophy with wilshere getting fit??

    buy 3 good players and play them in proper positions and the team will be awesome..

    btw if theo deserves a a run of games as a CF in a 4-4-2 then might as well give park a a run of games..

  4. Dan Ahern

    Dale – Sorry man, Arteta’s just not that good. Which isn’t to say he’s not good, just not good enough to beat out the other Spanish MFs for a spot.

    You say we overestimate Busquets because he’s a Barca player.
    I say you overestimate Arteta because he’s an Arsenal player.

  5. Josip Skoblar

    I think Psycho won’t cut it for England. We don’t need this sort of 1980s managerial style. I don’t know what you think, guys. Am I being too harsh on him?

  6. kay

    Bergkamp told Arsenal Magazine.

    “He has been playing in a role which is very difficult,”

    “I think it’s easier for a guy like Robin or me to play behind the striker, and feed the main striker and sometimes get the space to do your own thing. But basically he is the one up front who has to make a difference, which puts a lot of pressure on him, but it seems like he can deal with it.

    “It seems he can make the difference time after time and in my opinion that describes a great player. It’s fantastic how he has developed himself, and players like that deserve trophies. So I honestly hope that comes soon, because his character and style of play is fantastic.”

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Dan, giving Busquets time after time, even in meaningless friendlies and ignoring Arteta, is not overestimating the latter, it’s being fair and recognizing that, everywhere he has gone, PSG, Rangers, Sociedad, Everton and Arsenal, he has been a shining example of a real pro….in light of his recent form with Arsenal, he deserved a call up at 29.

  8. Dan Ahern

    He’s not eligible to play for England.

    Sorry that you hate Busquets, but it’s larger than that. With Spain, we’re talking about the best group of midfielders anywhere. Again, no shame in not getting a call-up.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Dan, you are still missing my point, nothing to do with disliking Busquets, but a lot to do with a friendly versus Venezuela, surely Arteta could have been accommodated based on recent form.

  10. Bade


    Just checked Robin’s stats for creating goals (scoring assisting) per starts

    243 starts
    144 goals
    57 assists

    You can barely notice he had been crocked more than half a career

  11. Gunner2301


    Name 9 players that have featured outside the starting 11. It’s difficult but proves we don’t need a squad of 56 players when Wenger barely trusts anyone outside the starting 11.

    We had to go and buy Jenkinson from the championship for 1 million a guy who had barely played first team to backup Sagna. So we didn’t have anyone out of the 56 that is a RB?

    Someone needs to start questioning Wenger about the composition and quality of the 56 because why have them if we can’t use them?


  12. JJ

    Geoff March 1, 2012 11:36:05
    Only a fool keeps playing a player out of position when he can’t do the job.

    Too funny!

  13. JJ

    Dang it – Cut and pasted the wrong quote. This was Geoff’s comment that is too funny!:

    Anyone who doesn’t like Theo is a fucking racist

  14. Zorr0

    Nina Bracewell Smith has been made Honorary Vice President! What the fuck is that about?? Never saw that one coming!

  15. SUGA3

    konichiwa bitches πŸ˜‰

    someone said on here that he would like Theo to be the Arsenal saviour when playing against us, I reckon that funnily enough he would cause us a few problems with the suicidal high line we tend to play!

  16. SUGA3

    Three guys waiting for their babies to be delivered. A Manchester Utd fan, a Liverpool fan and a Jamaican. A Doctor comes out to all three men and explains there’s been a terrible mix up and unfortunately they don’t know who’s baby is who’s. All three men decide between themselves that each will go in and pick a baby to take as theirs. The Liverpool fan goes in first and comes out holding a black baby. “Hang on” says the Jamaican “He’s clearly my baby!”. “I know” replies the Scouser “But one of two in there is a Manc and I’m not fucking having that!”

  17. Gunner2301


    I’ve gotta disagree with you on Theo mate, and there’s not much I disagree with you on. If you consider what it takes to be a striker then consider the attributes that Walcott has and what he lacks. If you took away his pace what would he have really?

    Even if Walcott was a striker playing on the wing you would be able to see it because a striker could still do a job, Bendtner did. Theo might make it in a long ball team who can punt the ball over the top 50 times a game and the law of averages would allow him to score some decent goals even if he bottled the rest.

    He’s been with us for what 5-6 years playing in the first team? 200 games. How much have we sacrificed for his education, many a time we might as well have been playing with 10 men. I think he’s had enough opportunity (far more than many others) out of us and hasn’t given very much in return, time to move him on and bring in someone who can do the job I’m afraid.

  18. Gunner2301


    Wenger said himself in an interview that the speed of the game has moved on so much since he’s been managing the Arsenal team. He said when he arrived a striker had about 0.5 seconds to decide what he was going to do now it’s about 0.2 seconds . He said that’s why RVP is so good because he knows instinctively what he is going to do and can make that decision within the space of that 0.2 second window.

    Now consider Theo who has looked indecisive on the wing and often chooses the wrong option, is often disposessed due to his dithering, his inability to dribble past a man, fullbacks pushing him out wide to nullify him. This is in an area of the pitch where he arguably has 0.5 to 1.0 second to make a decision.

    The reason why Theo panics when he’s near the goal is because he has moved from a situation where he has had longer to think about what he’s going to do to a place where he has less than half the time he is used to having. Hence making the wrong decisions in front of goal due to panic.

    I can’t see Theo making up that additional thinking time in order to be a consistent threat up front as a striker. At best he would continue to be hit and miss. If you put him back in the Championship where he probably will get 0.5 seconds or more in front of goal he may well be a sensation, but not in the PL.

    Apologies if my fractions of a seconds are a little out I tried to find the original interviews but it looks like Arsenal are exerting copyright over Youtube posters so it’s no longer available, but it was the Q & A with Alan Davies who was talking to Wenger, Winterburn and Keown.

  19. Gunner2301


    I commend you on the double post today. A post and a podcast, what a treat. πŸ™‚ In this case quantity is good but not for the 71 on the Arsenal payroll.

  20. AA23

    Gunner 2301
    interesting point about thinking time re Theo but I think it works in his favour. he’s a very instinctive player and the less time he has to think the better he is.
    I agree with Geoff, play him in the middle, I bet he wont stop scoring.

  21. reggie57

    I swear those new Walkers mystery flavour crisp taste like my birds fanny, I thought it was just me but everyone in the pub said the same.

    Now thats what i call funny πŸ˜†

  22. Trickygooner

    The wife was in the loft today.
    All full of cobwebs and smells a bit.
    But she’s great with the kids.

  23. Trickygooner

    Gunner 2301,
    I appreciate what you’ve said, but top class midfielders think. With top class with CF.’s it’s all instinctive, that’s why they all miss so many pens. Pedders has the Owen – Wally comparison spot on. Neither of them could trap a bag of cement but both know where the bag is. I think AW has kept Theo out wide for too long, he needs to be put up top with RVP doing the Dennis role and if this means changing the daft 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 then so be it.

  24. JJ

    Theo would be useless as a sole striker because he has no hold up play and can’t play with his back to goal. He would only be effective if the opposition played a high line so he can run into space behind. Teams would quickly adapt and play deeper,

    That said, there is a case for him being part of a front 2. Like Geoff said, Gerv and Ox on the wings with Theo and RvP in the middle… I likey,

  25. JJ

    Another thing I noticed on the weekend is that tippy-tappy crab football weakens us more now than last year. Without the creative skill of Cesc/Nasri there is too much pressure on our back 4 to help in creating. They either get caught out of position and/or lose the ball leaving us exposed to counter-attacks. This is why teams only need 1 shot on goal to score against us. Often that 1 shot is 1-on-1 with keeper.

    If our central midfielders traded crab football for quick, ATTACKING, pass and move plays, then the back 4 (especially center halves) can concentrate on defending more. That is what we did in the second half against the Spuds.

  26. Trickygooner

    My next door neighbour is having some building work and asked me if I minded him having a skip outside his house.
    I said do what you like mate it’s your house.

  27. Gunner2301


    I used to say that about Walcott too. You can see he is a Michael Owen type on the shoulder of the last defender, out pace them and hopefully he would get plenty of opportunities like that, but he would struggle to play up front on his own. The reason I’m so down on him is that he has stagnated albeit not in his preferred position.

    There’s a reason why Wenger is keeping him out wide and I’m not someone to agree with Wenger. If I was Theo and being played like that when my preferred position was up front, I’d show some balls and move on to another Club. Then you have to think who else is going to take a chance on him in that position?

    We’ve given him a chance on the wing for almost 6 years and I believe that Walcott has had the net benefit not us. So your advocating we give him more chances in another position, which he may or may not be successful at?

    Why exactly should we persevere with him in that way? I don’t understand the love for him. That’s akin to Wengers persistence with Diaby or Denilson. Come to think of it Denilson was played out of position, the Cesc role was his favoured position. After all we went through with him nobody was advocating giving him a start in the Cesc role we just wanted him out.

    Yes Wenger may have ruined some careers, Arshavin, Walcott, Denilson etc but players should take responsibility and move on like Arshavin, Denilson. Walcott is using the safety blanket he has at Arsenal. Many a Club would have binned him by now and if he moved on he would most likely struggle at another Club and he knows this.

    The Club should call his bluff on his fucking 80k, but they’ll give it him, because they are weak when it comes to negotiations. I would sell him and bring in someone for that money who is ready to play. What do we have to fear? Walcott coming back and scoring a hat-trick? With his record the odds on that are so great, we should worry more about Ade.

  28. Gunner2301

    TrickygoonerMarch 1, 2012 22:27:28

    Was that a joke? I spent the last 2minutes looking for your punchline. You need some coaching mate πŸ™‚

    My missus tells me she can tell how good a film is by how many ti

  29. Gunner2301

    ok I’ve started so I’ll finish, without my fucking mouse sending automatically.

    My missus reckons she can tell how good a film is by how many tissues she goes through when watching it.

    Funnily enough I have a similar system πŸ™‚

  30. Gunner2301

    McVities have just brought out a new biscuit range called “CLITORIS CREAMS” They guarantee one lick and you’ll wanna eat the box (although the ginger ones are an acquired taste).

  31. Mike

    Yeah 442! Big man little man! British Bulldog! Just get stuck in! Only foreigners dive! Scotty Parker is oh so very very brave! ‘Arry for England! Italian football is boring! Nobody in the German team would make the England starting XI !

  32. LAzer

    The summer will play out like this…

    We will drag our feet all summer on Rvp’s contract, guessing he will want top top money for one last big contract and then he will get frustrated and leave for a meager amount upfront. Say 16-20 mill.

    We will bring Miyachi and Campbell back and Afobe will be promoted.

    We will buy… one. Will get outbid on Gotze, Hazard, Podolski, Giroud or send in pathetic offers no one will respond too.

  33. comeonarsenal

    it really confuses me when people say about walcott ‘if you take away his pace what does he have’…its his MAIN ATTRIBUTE lol its almost like saying if you took away fabregas’ passing what would he be good at.
    Theos always shown glimpses of being able to finish i agree and think he should at least get a chance to start up front with rvp behind him. when he plays with confidence he really is a danger.

  34. comeonarsenal

    btw i dont have any love for theo and admit hes been fuc**** shite this season after ample oppurtunity. but at the end of the day he is not a winger, things a winger should be able to do are expected of him because he plays there although they shouldnt be. heis a striker. smacks a bit of deja vu with arshavin even though he was a lazy c**t, end point is if you play players continuously out of position their not going to excel and confidence is only going to take a negative hit.