The reason Arshavin asked to move revealed | Another shocking piece of Arsenal mismanagement

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Andrey ordering cheeseburgers... just kidding, on his way to four goals!

Good morning Grove fans! So the news of Andrey and his move out of the country back to his homeland filtered through to the web yesterday. Personally, I was totally surprised by the exit considering the total lack of creativity around the squad. I hadn’t heard anything around the Andrey loan exit, but I was told something interesting after the Sunderland game that might have been the straw that broke the camels back…

After the Russian had come on late for Sunderland and set up the goal that took down Sunderland in the league, he was apparently a changed man in training. Everything he touched turned to gold, he was inspired all week. He fully expected to play some part in the Milan game because he felt he had his game back. He subsequently played no role in the mauling and he played no role in the game after. He did score two goals for the reserves in the week…

I believe that probably pushed him into making the move, much in the same way Nik B threw in the towel after showing great form in the lead up to the Carling Cup Final, only to be demoted on the day.

For me, it’s another example of poor management from Arsene Wenger. If he wanted to rid himself of Andrey, he should have made it happen at the start of January when there was a chance of replacing him. Sure the man has been off form this year, Wenger has played him and played him through the bad times. Even bringing him on in bizarre circumstances that were totally unacceptable for the player and the team. Why boot him out when he finally starts to show something? An inform Andrey is the difference between 4th and 5th… like he proved when he joined. Arguably, on his day, he has more talent in his feet than any of our wide and central players. I still think we should have tried him in his favoured position of the hole just behind the striker. If you have no creativity, what is the point in sticking with that, especially when it isn’t working?

His talent deserved more effort from him and it deserved more attention from Arsene Wenger. He’s the greatest player who never was. His exit is a sad one because he had it all. That shouldn’t be held up as a reason not to make bold moves. He more than justified his fee when he blasted us to 4th a few years ago. However, his stint will always be remembered as a failure. His lack of effort and disinterest turned the fans against him at times this year and that was incredibly sad to watch.

This move is yet another example of a club who don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing. Yet another example of a manager who lies to regularly these days. I’m pretty sure he said Andrey wasn’t going on numerous occasions. He even pronounced his love for the man twice. Now he’s gone. We have no replacement. But don’t worry about it people… we did it to help him get first team opportunities for his Euro 2012 bid. Just like we let Cesc go because he’s a Barcelona boy at heart… just like we’ll let Robin go this summer because you can’t keep an unhappy player.

Seriously depressing stuff. How about something amusing? One of our readers (@CaidenCeaser) said this subliminal message was wrapped up in his Arsenal merchandise package this week.

Save them on Sunday... inspire them!

There was an excellent blog put together by Arsenal Truth on the wage bill. You can’t help buy marvel at effort like that! It’s an estimate and it doesn’t take into account loyalty bonuses and other such things, but I can’t imagine it’s not a million miles off. It gives you insight into some of the problems we face as a club. We have players who are getting fat off wages they don’t deserve. There’s nothing more dangerous in any walk of life than a person who knows they’re earning far more than they should be. It’s interesting that a manager with such an idealistic view of the world couldn’t work out that money can kill a player just as much as a £10million player bought in to compete for a position in the squad. If you have nothing to aspire to… where does your drive come from?

Tomorrow is the North London Derby. I can’t wait for it. Anything to take my mind off all the off the pitch nonsense. Nothing but a win will do. Failure is unthinkable. I’ll be back with a robust preview tomorrow. Make sure you tune into Soccer Saturday between 1215-1245 today, I did a piece with @10Akhil about the future of the club and Arsene Wenger. I hope it comes out nicely and I appear more sexy to females.

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Enjoy today… I’ll leave you with one of Andrey’s greatest moments as an Arsenal player. Shot by me of course…

Megan Fox Drinking a Peroni from Pedro Le Grove on Vimeo.

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  1. Iceman10

    “If he wanted to rid himself of Andrey, he should have made it happen at the start of January when there was a chance of replacing him”

    I disagree. What we have seen during January is AOC proving he is ready to be a first team regular / in squad rotation. During January, the boss had a chance to look at both AA23 and AOC, as Gervinho was at the ACN. Now that Gervinho is back and ready to go, we have Gervinho, Theo, and AOC all ahead of AA23; with Rosicky and Benayoun able to fill in if required.

    Yes, AA23 made one good cross, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest that his level was going to return to a satisfactory level on a consistent basis; and definitely not to justify his salary.

  2. James Taunt

    Hello guys

    Mixed feeling about the Russian. Arshavin probably is the best Russian footballer of his times and a player with personality, so that is a rare breed. Over the last 2 years, he put in some abject performances and his departure was certain although the timing is questionable. But I would not forget him in a hurry, he did have a magical quality about him. Last season apart from the goal against Barcelona, there was another great volley against Wigan. I wish Arshavin the best of luck and I will be looking out for him at the Euros.

    Hard to say how much will Arshavin’s departure affect the results of the next matches, the team struggling with motivation and injuries. With four creative players, Cesc, Nasri, Jack and now Arshavin, not with the team, I think goals will be hard to come by. Wenger faces a tough time.

  3. Bade

    OK then

    Good morning Gooners

    We had a shite year to be honest. Apart from Robin’s amazing fitness, nothing really went our way, it’s time to kick this season on

    Thrashing the Scums, you can’t find a better way to kick your season on a crazy momentum

    Come on boys, it’s almost all we’ve got left for the season

    The Scums aren’t, and will never be, the Gunners, or the senior team of London

    Time to put those cocksuckers back to bed

  4. Ice

    Let the inquests begin

    Followed by the exits

    A sad day is about to dawn

    More embarrassing excuses

    Song ambling around the pitch on dope or coke

    Van Persie protecting a suspect hamstring ready to pop

    Ramsey in hiding scared he will make another stray pass


    Ex players unable to watch the tragedy unfold

    Mc klintock George Radford Kennedy from above Geordie too Dennis tony Romford pele….Don Howe bertie mee….

    Song and Walcott ? You are having a laugh….please

    There used to be a team here….

    There used to be kick bollock and bite

    Now empty suits on 80k

    Kids with no sense of history or local pride

    Peacocks in multi coloured boots lead by midgets

    PS who is this G Star?

  5. Bade

    Indeed, we lost too many players, but we have enough pride and quality to win this


    Classic 4-4-2, that’s what we need really

  6. abhay

    it is pretty obvious why wenger did not send him out on loan in january….. gervinho was at the AFCON, and chambo was not yet ready to play all the matches, so we needed arshavin. now gervinho is back and chambo is in fine form, so the russian will get fewer oppurtunities, and being the russian captain this does not suit him for the euros.
    i am quite certain that he will return to arsenal next season, as wenger loves all international captains and is particularly fond of arshavin.

  7. Geoff

    If that was pretty obvious and having Gervinho back means we didn’t need Arshavin, why not sell him now then, we still can?

    We could also get rid of all the other shit players we pay a lot to and don’t need.

    Squillaci, Park, Chamakh, Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou, Diaby, Almunia, that way we wouldn’t go bankrupt as Wenger keeps warning.

    Unless someone can tell me why we keep all the above on such huge salaries and don’t use them, save Djourou and we all wish he didn’t.

  8. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Morning ladies…it’s sunday and we play host to the worst collective pieces of garbage to ever roam a modern city since the Italian gargabe debacle. The spuds are coming over. If we lose, Wenger should do the honorable thing, like those japanese warriors do when they fail their masters.

    Of course i mean he should resign, not do anything stupid like kamikaze or anything like that

  9. Geoff

    Iffy, I would suggest he commits seppuka though, that’s what the Samurai did when they lost their honour.

    But Wenger doesn’t have a hair on his arse, he has no pride or humility and only cares about himself.

    A kamikaze attack on the directors are wouldn’t go amiss but like you, I can’t condone that!

  10. paul mc daid

    All this talk about us not paying the big wages does my head in,we pay the big money,its just that we pay our rubbish way over the odds,its outrageous the wages average players get paid by us,Wenger,PHW,Ivan the Clown and Stan the Wank are clueless,penny wise and pound foolish,this regime has to go,now.

  11. Bade

    In spite of having a cuckoo manager, I believe the boys will be up for it today

    It’s the London Derby so the intensity is there, the motivation as well as the will to win. So all this things that our fail manager fails to give to the squad, will be injected to them due to the stature of the occasion itself …..

  12. patthegooner

    Massive day for for all today.

    I cant remember a time I have gone into this fixture feeling less confident about the result. Spurs are favorites at our place!!!! Wenger should be sacked for that stat alone.

    I notice overnight he is pushing back on the money thing again. Seriously Arsene, if you dont want to spend it, fine but fuck off and let somebody else in to do it. I would not mind so much if he wasnt so generous with the cash when it comes to renewing his failed experiment contracts. It is going to take years for Wenger’s successor to sort that mess out. Although it should not be Wenger or his replacements job to do that, and that is partly why we are in the mess we are. To have in excess of 70 Professionals on your books is scandalous.

    Yep, if we lose today, that might just be it. Dreams of 4th will ebb away, the fanbase will be lost to Wenger and the attending Kroenke will not be able to ignore the abuse being aimed in his, Gazidis and Wengers direction. It is fine for Arteta to come out and say its the players fault, but bollocks is it. Champagne Charlie had it right on SS yesterday. The fact is they simply are not good enough in the first place.

    So come on Arsenal, you need to raise your game today and start showing some bollocks to get yourself out of this mess. Just appearing like you actually want to be playing would be a start.

    Simply put, this is the last chance saloon today, Losing or even drawing is not an option

  13. Wardo

    Come on pedders wake up.
    Bet a few peroni’s were consumed last night.

    Wenger banging on again about spending within our means. we are not moaning about you doing that at all! Just have a loil at jd today and have a think if you could of freed up a littles funds there by……………. Eeeeeerrrrrrrrr not giving out new contracts to shit players. We have spent money but not on what we need.

    Possible win today and I hope we do but, Arsenal still needs sorting this summer

    Come on u reds

  14. Wardo

    How do you refresh the comments section from iPhone? Other than post a new comment or go all the way to the top of the page I’m at a loss

  15. Gunner2301

    You can;t Wardo that’s what you have to do. A nice refresh button by the comments box would have been nice, but Pedro and Geoff did a hell of a job getting the new design out, it’s a minor inconvenience, maybe for version 2.0

  16. Confidentgoner

    Started the game looking not up for it, but perhaps the thought of loosing in front of 60k fans must have got them to ratchet up their performance, even Theo was unbelievably good.

    The problem with this team is certainly not a lack of talent, but a lack of will and effort. And tactis. What we got right today was making sure Ramsey did not start for us in mid. He is not yet upto it.

    Well done to the Arsenal and that includes Mr Wenger!