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I don't like the vase...

Well, well Ivan. This is interesting. If I was to make analogy, this morning, it feels like you’ve been caught out by your wife (see fans), and to make it up to her, you’ve left £100million transfer fund on the kitchen table, frozen her season ticket price and flown in her old man who hasn’t seen her since October.

Romantic, yes. Enough? Well, no. The season ticket question shouldn’t have been on the table. If we’d had a good season I’ve no doubt it wouldn’t have left the table. The £100mill? It’s just a broken promise until the cheque has cleared. The old man coming over? Well… we all know he doesn’t like being here.

How did they coerce him into coming over?

‘Stan, guess who’s in London this weekend?’

‘Well jeez, I have no god damn idea?’

‘Try Billy Beane, Stan.’

‘No freaking way Ivan? Call me a jumbo… I’m coming over!’

I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t appreciate the circumstances. It shouldn’t take a crisis at the club for Stan to come to a game. Freezing season tickets shouldn’t be a PR coup and leaking £100mill transfer budget stories to the press really isn’t cool off the back of similar promises over the past 3 years.

There’s not point in moaning. Though I will say I’ve heard mutterings of us moving for targets now. Big targets that will warm the cockles of your aching, transfer staved hearts. The names are not confirmed, but figures wiser we’re talking in the M’Vila / Gotze price range. We’ll see though. I’m not sure the club knows what it’s doing half the time.

The England squad was announced yesterday. I’ve never been less inspired. I was pleased Chamberlain wasn’t included. He’s a great talent, but please, he’s had two good games and his inconsistency at a major tournament would only see him pilloried by the media.

Still, at least Frazier Campbell is in there… just like David Villa! Theo also landed a call up. Wow… good times. He has to be careful though, old Pearcey messed up his confidence a few years back and he’s barely progressed since.

Your fault Stuart. Your fault. (By the way, nice shirt tie combo. You look like my Grandma dressed you)


In other news, there’s a little something called the North London Derby at the weekend. I’m totally psyched for it (<- for the Americans). Back in the day, it was a standard 3 points. Thierry, Bobby, Freddy and Paddy loved the occasion. They felt our passion and shared our disdain for the bad men of north London.

Now? Well. I’m not so sure. Does Alex Song really care? Will Arteta be able to connect with Sunday like he did for the Merseyside occasion? All big questions. You’d have no doubts around Frimpong, Jack, Robin and Thomas… The rest? Well, it’s up to them to show some fight.

Sunday is also a massive day for the home fans. We’ve been deflated this season. Sometimes singing and making noise has felt like the last thing we’ve wanted to do… that can’t happen on Sunday. We need to tear the roof off the stadium. We have to show the same effort off the pitch as we’d like on it. It’s going to be massive… and I’ve got a good vibe about the result. One of the best.

Finally, two bits of whoring to tell you about. 1) I did a podcast with the Arsenal America team last night. Myself and Tim Stillman from Vital Arsenal spoke about the club and the troubles we’re facing up to. 2) It’s not confirmed yet, but there might be a piece on Soccer Saturday to look out for…

Right, that’s it. It’s Friday… that means you let the jokes roll… get going!

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  1. Gunner2301


    Your comment about RVP and Arshavin. I believe that it has a lot to do with the mentality of the player and whether they can self motivate or otherwise let things that are going on around them get to them, or they have the ability to lock it out.

    RVP can do that Fabregas could also when he chose to but there are others that can’t pull themselves out of a dip by themselves and I believe Arshavin is one of them, for whatever reason. Sometimes we just want them to man up and separate other things from their game but not all of them have that mental strength, regardless of what Wenger says.

    He’s not a bad player but maybe he needs all things around him to be in harmony otherwise it unsettles his play. We know he has the ability but struggles to show it.

    I believe once he returns to familiar surroundings he will show more of the player he was. We just have to keep an eye on him. I don’t think he was happy and I do believe he will speak out about what has been going on, we just have to wait it out.

  2. Mark gooner

    Just another example of wenger letting a player go for the players benefit ONLY

    Sunday really could be the lowest point in his and many gooners arsenal supporting life
    I want change to happen as much as anybody but fuck all that talk for now, scum on Sunday is massive for pride, after that then its back to crying out for change but come Sunday lets do them cunts

  3. Bade

    I went to an audition for role in a movie the other day

    They asked me, “what acting experience do you have under your belt?”

    “13 years of practicing law”, I replied straight away!

  4. JJ

    I love how follows the story from Rosicky saying “we all have to stick together” with “Arshavin joins Zenit…”

    The pic of Arsharvin also looks like he is saying “it was his fault”… he was probably pointing at Doodoo.

  5. mjgooner

    Everyday for the past 7 years I have struggled to understand Wenger’s way of reasoning…..and I have come to the conclusion that “we” as a club or the fans have “offended” him in some way and he has decided to “punish” us by ruining the club before he eventually leaves and when he does its going to take the next manager at least 3-4 yrs to get us back to the top again if ever.

    Recently all the list of deadwood being posted on all sites usually include Walcott, JD, Arshavin etc, but if the most ardent proponents of “Wenger Out” wouldnt want them to go now whilst we still have the 4th place trophy to win. So I dont understand why Wenger would loan out Arshavin now except ofcourse if its for the reason above.

  6. Bade


    I don’t think ‘Arry would go for it

    We’re in a bad shape, but even twitchy knows a Derby win can inject us with new adrenalin and momentum, after all we’re as dangerous as a wounded beast, we still have that last gasp to give

    The Spuds are on the verge of a very tricky series of games and they’re sitting nicely 10 points above us and would be delighted to be in the same position after Sunday

    The last thing they wish for is us breathing down their necks with a renewed belief and motivation

  7. Albo

    Whilst I TOTALLY agree the timing of this loan is just awful, I do find it weird that the same Arshavin who was been derided for months as overpaid deadwood is suddenly everyone’s favourite guy now he’s gone!

    In fairness, I’m sad he’s gone because I liked his character and his ability…but the size of his stomach at the moment is not that of a world class athlete!

  8. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Bade February 24, 2012 22:29:55


    No loss is acceptable in my book

    But this game has draw written all over it

    Sure the two managers would sign on a draw here and now, both are too afraid to lose
    Nah wenger isn’t scared to lose, he does it for a living

  9. SUGA3


    why do you resort to this kind of hyperbole? he is not all of the sudden everyone’s favourite guy, but he could prove VERY useful…

    it’s not a question of him being a superb player all of the sudden, it’s a question of Wenger being a lying twat…

  10. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Albo February 24, 2012 22:53:53

    Whilst I TOTALLY agree the timing of this loan is just awful, I do find it weird that the same Arshavin who was been derided for months as overpaid deadwood is suddenly everyone’s favourite guy now he’s gone!

    In fairness, I’m sad he’s gone because I liked his character and his ability…but the size of his stomach at the moment is not that of a world class athlete!

    You got it all wrong, its about prioritizing the team and a top 4 finish. Frankly no one would care if Arsh went in the summer but this timings not pretty. I mean its not like we’re 10 points clear in 4th place

  11. Bade


    I’m sure if our generous defence let them have their shout, they won’t be shy

    But I’m certain twitchy’s prime target is not to lose, rather than to win. Of course they’ll try to steal a goal, no more IMHO

  12. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Cesc Appeal February 24, 2012 22:11:35

    Wenger ‘I missed out on signing Gareth Bale from Southampton and opted to sign Walcott instead.’
    Gareth Bale was shown around Lodon Coleny, had meetings with Arsene, was an Arsenal fan from childhood and roomed with Walcott at Southampton, instead we put £12 Million down for Walcott and watched Bale slip to Spurs for £7 Million.
    It’s like Wenger is saying ‘in case you guys weren’t totally pissed off at me and the board already, in case you weren’t quite all the way there 100% to thinking i was a complete buffoon….Merry Christmas!’

    So funny i almost passed out from laughing!!!

  13. Gunner2301


    I agree he had to go eventually as part of the dead wood, but somethings not right in that whole Arshavin saga and I’m intrigued to understand what went on. I reckon he didn’t believe in what Wenger was doing and as the results have got worse and things have not changed he;s become seriously dissillusioned.

    We can’t get all nostalgic though if he’s dead wood he’s dead wood and it needs to start somewhere. I just hope there was some logic to shifting him out when Wenger did, because it only seems to be doing the player or the receiving club a favour not us. I would have been happier to see him go in the Summer.

  14. Bade

    cesc appeal

    We have the best ever “almost signed” Squad

    Just to mention a few:

    CR7, Messi, Zlatan, Alonso, Yaya Toure, Mata……

    Bale is the last of my worries to be honest. He’s over overrated

  15. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Wonder why wenger says all this stuff about players he almost bought. What could it possibly achieve. Can’t he see that he made the worst decision by paying so much for walcott and not bale. I mean Bale’s going for £40 m now, walcott wouldn’t fetch you 40 quid. What does that say about his decision making?

  16. Gunner2301

    I’ll never forget how happy i was when i saw my missus walking down the aisle towards me. My heart was beating fast and the excitement was unbearable. It seemed to take an age but eventually there she was, stood beside me. I gave her a cheeky wink and said, “Get that trolley over here love, they’re doing 3 cases of Stella for the price of 2.”

  17. mjgooner

    Albo, I really find it hard to understand you too “most times”………..Arshavin has been poor for the last 12months, Walcott has been shite for the last 4 years, Ramsey has been average since forever, but NOW is definitely not the time to loan them out when we have the “4th place trophy” to fight for, thats all we are moaning about. Not that “all of a sudden” Arshavin has stopped being a lazy cunt, but despite his laziness he could still produce moments like Sunderland away……and this moments are crucial to 4th place. UNDERSTAND NOW.

  18. OPG

    Speaking of low there’s been enough low points collectively since the CC Final last season including the summer nevermind this big but overhyped game and it’s continued into this season in the last week.
    Deja vu groundhog day etc.

  19. PhilF

    100m to spend, but there’s no value in the market. We’ll get 20m for RVP and buy Yakubu for 2m, Dempsey for 5m and some Ligue 1 journeyman for 6m. Plus we’ll have Denilson and Bendtner back. Wilshire will be like a new signing. Top 10 next season . I wonder if there’s a trophy for that?

  20. Albo

    2301 – I agree it will be interesting to know the reasons, and I agree it will have been a case of AA wanting to go rather than us pushing him out. I know it’s not a popular opinion on here, but I do think, along with in general not being particularly happy here, the booing the other day will have at least helped push him to the door.

    And re all the other responses – yes I agree the timing is crazy, and frankly we come across as a bit of a shambles, but you can’t tear into players day after day after day and then moan when they are actually shipped off…

  21. Bade


    In the matter of fact it’s not that hard to spot it

    You just need good observation

    I always liked observing and analysing

  22. Albo

    Or perhaps to re-phrase, you have to at least balance it with the recognition that he was a player everyone had been moaning about being a waste of space and wages. Well he’s no longer wasting space and wages, so perhaps we should be careful what we wish for!

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    @Gunner2301 – that reminds me of my mate who went to see a cyclic. He said it was a waste of money cos the conversation just went round in circles.

  24. Gunner2301


    I’m not a big fan of booing individual players. There are certain useless ones where you can say they took the piss i.e. Eboue but considering that there might have been other reasons for Arshavins performances or lack of makes booing him even worse really.

    Yeah he’s been shit but he’s a quality player deep down and I don;’t think he was purposely not trying he was probably at a low point. I don’t know what depression is like but can you imagine having to play if you’re feeling depressed. Who knows.

    At the end of the day he’s paid well to do a job we’d all love to do and it’s hard for us to understand why someone wouldn’t want to give their all or cannot motivate themselves to. I don’t hate him and there’s many who are more worthy of the chop than him.

    I’ll remember his honesty and candid nature it was a breath of fresh air after all the clones and bullshit the club churns out. I think the time he told the ref that the ball hadn’t gone for a corner or something wanting to give the play back to the opposition. That’s what endeared him to us and what we don’t see in the cheating ruthlessness of the PL. Good luck Andrey!

  25. Gunner2301


    Me and my mates are always texting each other jokes it would be easier just to copy and paste it using my phone, but as I can touch type at 45wpm I decided to type it all out just to keep my skills up. 🙂

  26. Gunner2301

    Just back from holiday in Thailand and l came so close to shagging a ladyboy !.
    Looked like a lady, walked like a lady, talked like a lady, kissed like a lady!…..It was only when she drove me to her place and reversed the car into the garage first time l thought to myself ”hang on a minute …”

    This isnt true by the way 🙂

  27. AA23

    Why does anyone on here take this Bade idiot seriously. he’s quite clearly retarded.
    Albo, good work tonight made Suga3 look like the knob that he is. He means well but took the battering he deserved tonight.
    Shame that dozy fucker Gambon isn’t on here, you could have schooled him again too, like always.
    He’s avoiding Le Grove because he’s devastated that the “120 Million we have in the bank!!” shit that he spreads has been officially blown out of the water.
    Keep up the good work Albo, we appreciate it.

  28. SUGA3


    fuck me, are you really that dim?

    whilst people moaned about AA’s performances, I don’t think there were many who would disagree with the opinion that he is still a top player, just a bit lost…

    waste of space and wages? how about we tried offloading some more of these, like Doodoo?

    oh wait…

  29. AA23

    Not pleased to see me after a year or so?
    I would batter you but Albo is doing a fantastic job of that and I don’t like to interrupt a teacher at work.

  30. SUGA3

    batter me? you?

    keep telling yourself that…

    funny that you pretty much only come on here at night, afraid that big scary gambon might rip you a new one much?

  31. SUGA3

    albo has been running around in circles, going on about how everyone is up in arms now that AA has been loaned out, yet there were some people who criticised him, as if these two were mutually exclusive, if you call that ‘battering’, then you are easily pleased…

  32. JJ

    I think Wenger decided he was done with Arsha after the ManU game. Personally, I think he let AA have it behind closed doors. A similar thing happened with Bendy after he missed the chance to progress past Barca last year.

    There are certain situations where Wenger finally draws a line with people. IMO Walcott and DJ have only been given so many chances because there is noone else (short of bringing someone up from the reserves). Squirrel is also a last resort. I think Wenger knows he is crap.

    The only reason I can think to explain the JD contract extension is that you can sell a person with a contract versus you get nothing for someone out of contract. There is no other logical reason.

  33. AA23

    we all know Gambon used to regularly lose his cool when I came on.
    go back and check, used to vanish when I was around.
    Do you wish he was here to protect you now?
    Don’t worry though, I have no argument with you.
    just laughing at you getting beaten up by Albo, but you did deserve it to be fair.

    Albo can fight though so no shame in getting done.

  34. SUGA3

    we have got peanuts for Cesc with 100 years left on his contract, remember?

    no, the deluded idiot is circumnavigating the bank’s requirements to invest the agreed % of transfer proceeds in the squad, plain and simple!

  35. goonerDNA

    “The names are not confirmed, but figures wiser we’re talking in the M’Vila / Gotze price range”

    So 100 million yesterday and this today, how much is the mighty PR machine paying you? because I’ve heard it all before only to be disappointed, maybe the PR machine isn’t paying you and your just lining us up for more depression which is equally fucked up.

    And the NLD, last time I saw the team they looked broken the manager doesn’t know how to motivate the team and the team itself looks shit, I swore not to watach them after last week but I’ll end up watching like a a stupid fuck.

  36. SUGA3


    protect me? bloody hell mate, did you bump your head while you were away or something?

    I can more than hold my own and I don’t think there is a single point I made today that was credibly negated in the slightest…

  37. AA23

    I’m only swinging at you because you are here to be honest.
    I’ve always liked your posts, you are a bit arrogant at times, but you hold your own and make some good points.
    I just love a row.

  38. jogo

    arshavin stays, Wenger ‘s fault.
    arshavin goes, Wenger’s fault.

    in any event, it’s all wenger’s fault all the way, right?

  39. Swedish Gun

    do you like drugs suga3?

    do you think it has a place here on this blog?

    do you think it has a place anywhere?

    do you think it makes you look hard??

    someone point him here

  40. sam

    Yep, I now look forward to the rumours the club puts out around season ticket renewal time.

    My only issues on the arshavin deal is timing. Whether he stayed or went is up to wenger but if you let him leave then do it in january so you can find a replacement. Who is responsible for making these terrible decisions? How does it make any sense? Ivan should

  41. goonerboy

    Another incomprehensible decision by Wenger and the Board.
    Why the fuck are we selling players at this time of the season, when they cannot be replaced?
    There can be only 2 possible reasons-that Wenger agreed a deal in the player’s interests only (not the clubs)- to give him more play time before the Euros-and our stupid tightwad accountant driven Board are desperate to get rid of anyone who earns 4m plus off the books no matter what the playing risks are in doing because they have given up on our prospects of the 4th spot.
    Incidentally, Kroenke is not even in London.

  42. Bade


    You lonely spastic cunts

    Posting from your mobile in the middle of the night, you even don’t have any friends who accept to host

    What a poor dimwit

  43. Bade

    I fucking wish I could Double

    I’m based abroad, hence why I didn’t send you an e-mail

    Used to fly to watch a game each season. But since the start of this season I’m boycotting the club

  44. Geoff

    Just read we got shot of Arshavin, scores two goals and we move him on just when we need him, Wenger never liked him.

    Another great Wenger decision, muppet.

  45. Doublegooner


    I must be honest & say that I dont have any magic formula, or what we can achieve from a meeting.

    My main gist was to see how with some brains how we could put some ideas down how paying fans across the financial spectrum, could set out a message to Kronke that we will all hold back on renewing or/and reducing / boycotting spending on the club until the board demonstrate a policy of real investment in players & reveiwing the wage structure.

    90% want to see us compete, wearing the shirt with pride.

    10% are more concerned with us not going bust & get excited by ability to make profit.

    I say to them, Don’t support The Arsenal…Fuck Off & support a Hedge Fund.

    We at least have to try something so thats why I’ve been rallying on here & all credit, many of the guys have emailed me.

  46. arcastic

    For me its another poor piece of business from Wenger, Arshavin has been off form for most of the season but he has class and could come on and change a game unlike the other dross on the bench. He should have kept him until the summer.

  47. Geoff

    Morning double, email Pedro at the le-Grove address and he will email you my address by return, no I won’t be going, not sure I can even bring myself to watch a Wenger team anymore.

    I know Arshavin hasn’t been putting a shift in but he won’t ship out Song, Djourou or Squillaci will he, just the one player that can turn a game if he wants.

    I just won’t feel it’s my team again until the unsackable one fucks off.

  48. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    its strange the way Arsene treats these players, like he fathered them. I mean if he’s so open to letting players leave whenever they want, why don’t they reciprocate the same to him. Why doesn’t Almunia just say ok, i see you don’t need me Arsene so i’m cancelling my contract with Arsenal so you can pay my wages to someone who really deserves it.

    This is the real world, and players have to respect their contrcts whether they like it or not. How could Arsene be so blind ffs. Men i just give up, i don’t know whats happening any more. Everything seems to defy logic. If we make top 4 this season then hats off to Arsene Wenger. That will undoubdtedly be his greatest achievement ever

  49. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Arsene doesn’t want AU in because the pressure to win things starts all over away, plus he’ll have to relinquish lots of the power he currently holds.

    PHW doesn’t want him cuz he couldn’t care less if Arsenal won nothing for 20 years.

    The others, well, they’re just scared for their jobs (i imagine gazidis wouldn’t be in mexico while Arsenal was in milan if AU was at the helm)

    I really believe Usmanov will take control of Arsenal, sooner than later because these types of men, men who made something out of nothing, they usually don’t stop until they get their way. Kroenke is a trotter that fit the bill of an Arsenal boss, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about cash. And Alisher has cash, lots of it.

  50. SUGA3

    just out of curiosity, I have just checked every last post of mine from last night and I have not mentioned anything mind-altering once, which brings me to the following joke:

    A policeman with a sniffer dog came up to me the other day and said, “My dog tells me you’re on drugs.”

    “ME!?” I said, “You’re the one with the talking dog!!”

  51. follow the money

    Iffy that’s what we’re gonna have to do, pray for Usmanov. The Arshavin move might be Wenger’s attempt at clearing out players who laze and don’t stay fit but unless he’s prepared to apply that consistently thru the squad and banish every under performer to the reserves or give them away it’s not gonna work. Giving Doodoo an extension and raise totally ruins that if that is his plan.

  52. SUGA3

    it’s much more simple than that, IMO, AA came to Wenger and said he needed playing time ahead of the Euros and Wenger has once again put a player ahead of the club by letting him go, instead of being ruthless and telling him that if he wants to be on that plane, he has too shape up and he will get the playing time then!

    but no, Wenger would rather get rid of the problem, what’s new?