£100million for Wenger to spend this summer + maybe £33million on wages if we’re lucky

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Where I keep the LG cash...

Well good morning to everyone! It’s Thursday, it’s balmy and warm outside and I’m writing this on a train that’s forgotten to turn the heaters off. It doesn’t matter though, for there is much news to consider today!

First up is the story that Usmanov is hoovering shares up faster than Adrian Mutu deals with a bag of Kensingtons finest marching powder. Yesterday he pounced on £230k worth of Rangers owned shares taking him slightly closer to 100%. only 69.2409029% to go sir!

I’m not sure what his long term aim is really. Does he sense he’ll one day be able to buy the whole thing? Or is he just out to annoy Stan? Either way he’s enthusiastic about spending a lot of money on an outfit that isn’t exactly profitable.

Over the other side of the pond, Stan Kroenke has set heartbeats racing by asking a senior source at the club to tell Matt Scott he’s cool to give £100mil to Wenger this summer to rebuild the squad. Now, I’m sure this information was passed on… you just have to wonder whether it’s news sent out to placate the masses?

£100mill is realistically what we need to make ourselves great again. Think of it this way. If we bomb off the dross, we could bring in £15million and we’d shave £25mill (+ the £8mill we lost off the wage bill from Sammy and Cesc) off the wage bill. We could sign 2 free transfers and buy four £25mill players. That would give us £33mill to divide up salary wise between those names. 6 players would change the whole complexion of the squad in a very positive way. For me, we should also insist the boss strengthens the backroom set up. Boro, Pat, Gerry, Tony… cheerio. Bring in some new blood…

Whether Wenger has the cajonas to make such a drastic move is another questions. You’d be surprised what the thought of losing a £7mill a year job can do to a man. That said, he bombed in January under similar circumstances. Also, it has to be noted that the last time he was offered £100million when Usmanov offered… he said he’d give it back.

I just hope the bulk of this additional £50mill isn’t being earmarked from the sale of Robin.

AOC’s dad has been talking to Talksport about the reason his sun joined us. Mainly because of the style and stature of the club. I’d probably factor in money and playing time as well. Apparently he wasn’t allowed to do a photoshoot for Disney as it was too close to the NLD… mickey mouse behaviour eh?

What? That was funny?

I had a quote attributed to myself in The Sun yesterday, it was around the stat about 5% of corporates attending 1 game or less last year. The context was that we’re not attractive to Goldman Sachs types at the moment. It came across like I was saying it more generically. However, thinking about it, we’re hardly attracting normal fans who’ve paid, so the comment stands either way. I go to every home game… the same can’t be said of many others. Both are worrying trends…

Also… I’m not a shareholder, though I tell the hostesses at the Arsenal AGM that when I’m acting as a proxy to Geoff.

‘I might not have invented Peroni, but I had a big say…’

I forgot to mention the first teamers put in the reserves the other day. Park, Chamakh, Benny, Andrey and some others were part of a side that spanked Norwich. Pretty humiliating eh? I hope that doesn’t mean they’re all playing on Sunday. Talking of which… regardless of form… I’m totally stoked about (that word was for the Aussie readers).

Final story of the day is the one about Andrey going on loan to Zenit. I’d be surprised. Booting out a player who can change a game when you’ve got a squad as small as ours would seem dim in the extreme. Dimmer than giving Diaby a £60k a week on an eternity contract.

What is it with contracts? They only seem to benefit crap players? You give a good player a long one and they can leave if they want to go home or win trophies. You give one to a bad one and they never leave!

That’s all… see you in the comments.

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  1. Radio Raheem

    I know for certain that a large percentage of JD’s new contract is for his media work…you guys should check out Arsenal Insider sometime, it’s riveting stuff. His delivery and timing are impeccable. I won’t be surprised if he picked up an award soon. His use of facial expressions unrivalled, makes Gary Oldman look like Gary Barlow. The lad is a dynamite in front of the camera and is worth all the ‘000s of pounds he is paid.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Unique Selling Points of Top 4 EPL Clubs 2011/12 to prospective new recruits

    Man City : Petro dollars top salaries and top players – young pretenders to the throne, the Abu Dabian sky is the limit and current FA Cup holders, AMBIITIOUS

    Man United: Current champions, Top manager who knows how to win at all levels, top players who know how to win ugly. AMBITIOUS

    Tottenham: Excellent team spirit which in turn has created a great team run playing attractive attackingbfootball; led by a capable manager who is a renowned man manager. Chairman willing to spend big to attract and keep the club’s top players. AMBITIOUS

    Arsenal: Modern state of the art stadium, club used to integrating players from all over the world, wiling to give youth players a chance at the expense of established players, flat wage structure where squad players are paid well in comparison to the teams stars in hopes of fostering team spirit (failed) Fourth place set up as the ultimate target rather than the importance of fostering a winning mentality. Result? Mediocrity and complacency tolerated. Chairman at the beck and call of the manager who sees no use in attracting top players only making them despite having funds. Best players unable to be kept and sold at under market prices betraying lack of vision and purpose. UNAMBITIOUS because 4th is best.

    If you were a world superstar where would you go? So it doesn’t matter how much much money the club has because under this board and manager THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY IT IS THE LACK OF AMBITION VISION AND BELIEF!

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    doubt it Arben,

    most folks would crumble…

    “Theo your my hero can I get a photo with you? I’ve got all your posters on my mums basement walls, technically speaking its my room, technically.”

    bosh >>>>> straight on facebook, “look who I met today!? did I call him a cunt you ask? fuckin oath I did!”

    celeb culture rules unfortunately.

  4. hitman49

    wenger out. ,,,,!
    no sorensen f@#k me he’s so shit it aint even funny .
    f@#king sorensen.
    plays for stoke ?
    your avin a buble mate

  5. Gunner2301


    Djourous been doing these little outbursts for a while normally after a loss before a game he’s normally the first to start talking about they’ve learned from past mistakes. Maybe that’s what Wenger based his pay rise on the fact that he was able to waffle eloquently.

  6. Dan Ahern

    2301 – haha, I actually did skim your link. But that arsenal.com piece takes the cake for its photo. Look at JD’s eyes… could be the poster child for substance abuse!

  7. Gunner2301


    Diaby if you average his salary at 30k pw for the time he’s been with us it works out like this

    52wks x 30000 pw = 1,560,000
    1,560,000 x 7yrs = 10,920,000
    for 109 appearances
    10,920,000/109 = 100,183.00 per appearance
    An appearance is 90mins so If you average his playing time as 45mins per appearance
    100,183.00 x 2 (half of the 90)

    = £200,366.00 per appearance of an average 45mins

    Bet you’re glad you asked.

  8. Gunner2301


    The words are not the same if they’re not accompanied by the dopey stare. Like he’s been abducted by aliens and just been returned all confused. 🙂

  9. Jeff

    100 million? Lies, lies and more lies. Any one with half a brain should take a glance at history and see it being played back to us like an old movie.

    Talk is cheap and there is never any shortage of it. When it comes to the season of action, (windows opening and closing), they all disappear like stray cats and go into silent mode, only to drag in later a mouthful of what nobody wants or needs. There’s a metaphor.

  10. Arben


    “Theo your my hero can I get a photo with you? I’ve got all your posters on my mums basement walls, technically speaking its my room, technically.”
    Hahaha Lol ,that’s funny we live in a crazy world with crazy people,

  11. Jeff

    A herd of wild horses couldn’t make Wenger spend large sums of money because it would mean having to get rid of high-earning useless players like Djourou who prostrate themselves before him evey minute of every day. I’d do that too if I knew if was worth 50K a week.

    In the meantime, the club, the fans and the followers of AFC can go to hell because after all what do they know? All they’re interested in are trophies. No, Arsenal are no longer a club of trophies. It has become an academy of failure at all levels. People’s expectations have been systematically lowered over many years and ambition eroded to its bare bones.

    The fact is very simple but so hard to swallow. Arsenal have grossly underachieved given its size, income and standing. That’s the stark reality and no amount of spin about 4th place is ever going to change that. The only trouble is that people have been brainwashed into worshipping something made out to be much more than it really is and for those who can see it, there is nothing but pain and desolation. For those who are blind to it, there is bliss.

    Soon 5th place will be a trophy and then 6th and then, as it is for many of the other clubs, coming in the top half will be the target and we should easily achieve that, even if Larry the Lamb was directing or managing.

  12. paul mc daid

    I would not give Wenger a 100 pound to spend,the man is clueless,wenger,the board,management and the coaching staff have destroyed our team and are well on there way to destroying our club,all off these losers have to be replaced,its a disgrace the wages and bonuses these gutless,pathetic,sad fools are on.

  13. mjgooner

    Still cant understand how we ended up with the wrong “MEXICAN” despite Wenger’s eye for spotting talents………SMH

  14. luke

    Come on Wenger!


    Sagna-Per/Kozzer-Verm-Aly Cissokho

    Subs: Flapper, Per/Kozzer, Santos, Frimping/le coq, Arteta/ramsay, Girioud, Ox/Gerv/Hoilett/Hazard/Ryo/Podolski/Afobe

    In: Aly Cissokho-6million. Unproven, but athletic, pacy, strong, ECL experience
    Out: Gibbs 5/6million.
    In: Mvilla: 20 million
    Out: Song 15-20 million. Last year of his contract, not a leader/lacks winning mentality/imaginary friend passing.
    In: Hoilett, free. EPL experience.
    Out: Arshavin 8-12 million to Zenit.
    In: one of Goetze, honda, ericson, hamsik. 30-35 million.
    Out: Rosicky 6 million, diaby 6-8 million.
    In: Hazard 30-35 million
    Out: Walcott 20 million (40 if Dalglish wants him)
    In: Podolski: 15-18 million
    Out: Chamakh 8-10 million, Park 5-7 million.
    In: Olivier Giroud 10-14 million
    Out: Bendtner 7-10 million, Denilshit 3-6 million, Vela 5-7 million

    Net, this is only spending about 20-35 million. I know agents fees, etc, but come on.

  15. Gunner2301


    Totally agree. And all this bollocks about Wenger being this great developer of youth is the biggest load of cock. If you took the same risks at any Club you would get the same results especially if you play so many for so many games. He’s not doing nothing special there apart from cutting his transfer costs by selling this myth about promoting youth and keeping them together. It’s a big con to get fans to pay for his indulgence.


  16. Gunner2301

    That’s a question. When have you seen Wenger at other PL games? Other managers do it to sus out opponents. Is he really that arrogant?

  17. Jeff

    The other important point to make is that regardless of what is being promised, whether it is simply hearsay or half-truth, many of us don’t actually trust the board or the management to deliver anything any more. Many of us have lost the level of enthusiasm, the expectation, the anticipation and the excitement of the start of a new season.

    Why? Because we can predict the overall outcome with almost 100% certainty now and judging by the demeneour of some of our better players, so can they. The fizz has gone out and the flame is but a mere flicker. You can see it drain away at each game. We sometimes get a spark and score an early goal and then another one only to see it so easily cancelled out again by our abject defense. I believe we still hold the record this season for letting in more goals than any other team in the premiership.

    You really do have to be inexorably stubborn and incredibly intractable to ignore it. Something happened to Arsenal and what was once a happy, hungry for success, bubbling with exciting and attractive football, the envy of the world, has turned into a club that is bitter and twisted. These days we are pitied more than anything else. It is so, so sad and there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do about it.

  18. zeus

    SUGDjourous been doing these little outbursts for a while normally after a loss before a game he’s normally the first to start talking about they’ve learned from past mistakes. Maybe that’s what Wenger based his pay rise on the fact that he was able to waffle eloquently.


    Eloquently is a stretch. He is reading from a script. And he only got the job because Walcott annoys everyone now. The mandatory ‘give him a cheer cuz he is our only Englishman at the club’ went out the door when The Ox emerged and showed him up within minutes.

    Up you gooooooners!
    Down the sum.

  19. Gunner2301


    6 shots on target 6 goals between Milan and Sunderland says it all. The defence might as well have had a week off we would have saved at least 250k

  20. zeus

    Is anyone even watching M’vila playing? He’s been absolute shite.
    .Just kidding, but has anyone actually watched him.

    Still think we should be taking a punt on Nuri Sahin. Arteta should do the same job IN THEORY, but apart from keeping us ticking, he is incapable of making a defense splitting pass.

  21. Gunner2301


    I think he feels he needs to earn his 50k so has taken on additional duties, quite noble of him in some respects, the CUNT!!!!

  22. luke

    Jeff, I think last season clinched it. Losing to Barca (that one wasnt our fault, ref was bribed), Newcastle 4-4, Liverpool 1-1, but most importantly, Birmingham 2-1 final. It was as if the players had accepted that what the press said about them, that young inexperienced teams wont win, was true. Then it was all downhill, cesc/nasri, retarted panic signings. We call could have seen this comming when we got arteta and yossi when we needed hazard and goetze. When we got eisfeld when we needed full backs, a striker, and a CAM for the first team

  23. luke

    I would love Benzema and Sahin but why on earth would they leave madrid. Not to mention theres no way in hell we could match their wages.

  24. Ricky


    I’ve seen him a handful of times this season.

    Still don’t know what the hype is about tbh.. Would like to see him playing in a 442 or 4231.

    I’d much prefer Vidal or inler.

  25. zeus

    Inler is a no go. Could have gotten him after the last Euros and he didn’t want to come.

    We had Fabregas and co. Don’t think we were quite on the slide back then.
    That was when the ‘if the bought one or two WC players they could seriously challenge’ line was trotted out. We were a good side back then,

  26. zeus


    Thought the same of the 2 games I saw him play. If I’m honest, I’ve been thinking the same of Gotze and now, with Spurs being a side that is expressing interest in Hazard, and him seemingly open to such a move (with none of the big boys expressing an interest) I’m actually wondering if he is even that good.

  27. zacharse

    I’ve been calling around to some of Kroenke’s different businesses trying to get hold of an email address for some sort of PR person or someone connected to him that LG folks could potentially overload with opinions. Would anybody here be interested? I got hold of someone in the Kroenke SP{orts Group the other day that may spill the goods…

  28. Jeff

    It has now become obvious to almost everyone who follows Arsenal that our biggest problem is the crippling wage-structure. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs change it yesterday or leave. You cannot, cannot, cannot pay so many utter useless players such high salaries. What part of that does the board or Wenger not understand?

    If you do that, unless you have a bottomless pit and can bring in high-profile players as well as afford to waste good money on time-wasters, that’s fine. But we are most certainly not in that category. Up to now Wenger has been credited with keeping frugal finances and we could all blissfully delude ourselves that at least the money was being looked after.

    It turns out that isn’t the case at all. The money is being washed down the drain week in week out and it is putting the club into a lose, lose situation. Most of our squad aren’t good enough and others can’t be brought in because we can’t afford any more wages. Could there ever be a more clear-cut, black and white, 24-carrot reason for the situation we’re in and the steady decline in our fortunes.

    If you look at it, we have been coming 4th not because of the board and management but in spite of it. Nothing more than an earth-moving change of magnitude 10 is going to reverse our fortunes. Failing that, we will continue to descend even further until it becomes irretrievable. I don’t even know if we haven’t actualy already reached and gone beyond that point but the more details that come out about these wages, the more I have to adjust my assessment of how bad things really are.

  29. truthteller

    i hope you didn’t fall for this 100m pr trick? it is season ticket renewal time and really early isn’t it?
    you know why so early? they want people to renew now while we are in 4th spot because there a MAJOR danger we will have no CL footy. So, why risk it…get them all to pay now while there is HOPE of 4th spot.
    this 100m PR is all a trick to get fans to buy tickets that were frozen. not reduced but frozen…then they sneakily throw in a 2% increase in another section.
    Give with one hand, take from another…classy Arsenal indeed

  30. Ricky


    Hazard is a class player mate. Trust me!

    He would shine at arsenal.

    M’vila would be better suited playing in a gilberto role.

    Whenever I’ve seen him play in a 433 he looks uncomfortable.

    Just like song. (who looks bad in any formation)

  31. IvoryGoonz

    Just passing by. 😉

    Pedro, could you arrange for the comment box to empty itself on iPhones when you click it?
    Quite annoying to have to remove “Your comment here”.
    Or maybe it’s just on mine (wouldn’t be surprised 😉 )

  32. Samir

    I’m sure Song could be sold for around 10M?
    Arshavin for 10M
    Walcott for 20M

    Along with the rest of the deadwood (Does not need to be repeated as everyone knows who we’re on about)

    With Song gone…We could get M’Villa and a huge, experienced DM – Sami Khedira anyone?
    With the Walcott and Arshavin money….That could be put towards Hazard and Gotze/Lavezzi.

    There are SO many quality players out there….Wenger’s gonna have to sort this shit out! It won’t be very hard replacing the current shit with better players!

  33. albo

    I find it odd that you have been to the AST meeting and heard all that was reported about the finances, and then report without even a hint of scepticism that Wenger will have £100 million to spend!

    It seems comical that you have written ‘Whether Wenger has the cajonas to make such a drastic move’, rather than ‘whether or not this is a total load of nonsense made up by Matt Scott’. Surely the latter is the first and most obvious analysis of the story?!?

  34. zeus


    That actually explains alot, Recently been seeing a few ‘your comment here’ posts.

    Thought it was some new annoying shit like the ‘I used to be (insert random shit), until I took an arrow to the knee’.

  35. kwik fit

    It’s all very well saying we should offload this guy and bring in so and so.
    Two small problem’s i’m afraid;

    1 How do we offload crap on high wages?
    2 How do we attract quality player’s with no prospect of trophies or CL?

    It will require a complete change of ownership,direction and management in order to achieve this imo. It’s Status Quo will the set up as it is.
    No Change = No Change

  36. zeus


    With some of these players we are just gonna have to bite the bullet.

    Can we seriously expect to make anything off a Denilson sale? or Vela, Almunia, Bendtner or any of the other shit players we could only get on loan last summer.

  37. zeus

    United are really under the kosh here. Ajax rightly have a penalty claim for handball turned down, but from the resulting corner, De Jong has a header brilliantly saved by De Gea as he pushes the ball over. It’s been all Ajax so far.

  38. Jeff

    Sometimes I get a bit worried about these videos of players scoring sensational goals. Last year, when we bough Park, you could find many videos with him scoring for fun, gliding on the pitch, taking on players and finding the back of the net while playing for other teams. If you do a search, almost every player (even Walcott believe it or not) has such a video compiled in his name. Basically videos aren’t a reliable guide as to player prowess. Park appears to be a million miles away from kind of player portrayed in his YouTube videos and he isn’t the only one.

    Real pedigree is few and far in between and costs money. People aren’t stupid to sell you a top class player for peanuts. Their owning club knows their value and so does the player. We have to be honest about it and say that if you buy a player for 10M, he’s going to be average unless you’re lucky and he suddenly, miraculously turns into a much better player, but how often does that happen?

    So the moral of this story is that you have to have a recruitment policy that is flexible; not static and rigid like our one. Once in a while you have to spend big to bring in class players. You also need to promote from your youth as well as keep a healthy supply of middle-tier players who are hungry to get on and prove a point at every opportunity. We don’t have enough of such players.

    Our latest purchases resemble something out of a visit to Argos on Christmas Eve, quickly flicking through the pages to see what we can find for a tenner and hope the person likes it. What are the chances of that happening? It’s ludicrous; the whole thing is a shambles and it is no use pretending otherwise – which the board and management are very good at doing.

    The experience with Arsenal is that new or existing players seem to get progressively worse or injured soon as they join while drawing huge salaries. What is that all about?

  39. kwik fit


    That’s part of the problem wenger is reluctant to sell these player’s below ‘his valuation’. His valuation’s are set too high when selling and too low when buying. The guy considers himself an economist . LOL
    He is no more that a tight git!

  40. zeus


    Hell now. At every major platform he has failed to impress. Diego only looks good in youtube clips.

    He failed when he made the jump to Juventus, he has failed at every attempt by new managers of the Brazilian NT to stake a claim to even a squad place.

    He doesn’t have to temperment to be the big man, the go too guy. He aint no Brady or Manning.

  41. _paul

    Ricky, Vertonghen ran out of defence and left a huge hole for utd to score tonight. Did the same last week. He’s good on the ball but positionally poor when i have seen him, I think he is too similar to kos and vermaelen, we dot need another technical CB. Subotic is a better fit in my opinion.

  42. Gunner2301


    He was alright for Bremen (I saw him play for them while I was in Germany) maybe it’s problems settling, plus he fell out with Wolfsburg so that won’t have helped.

  43. Gunner2301


    High wages and long contracts is based on keeping them at the Club so Wenger isn’t looking to sell them anytime soon, which is part of the problem. He’s paying for perceived potential and will keep playing them to try to prove himself right. He’s reluctant to let them go unless the fans start booing the individual player.

  44. follow the money

    Ricky if we go for a defender I think Hummels is the one. As to the Arsenal Truth post about the wages it may not be totally accurate but we do know the wage bill is 130 mil. Any way you divide that up amongst our players and staff is gross inefficiency, especially when you consider that probably only about 5 of the 71 players are good enough

  45. Ricky

    Ur right Paul but apart from the goal utd hardly had a sniff.

    I think verthongen brings something different to the table with he’s leadership qualities & versatility.

    He’s a player I’d rather have as our DM then song.

  46. follow the money

    Gunner2301 and even booing the player doesn’t work as we saw with Eboue when he had his horror moments a couple years back. Wenger just gave him a rest and then brought him back later–tbh he was much improved but at any rate it’s just another example of Wenger playing players who aren’t good enough that cost us points and giving them way to much time and chances. I see nothing in Wenger’s dealing since that have led me to believe he will change his methods at all

  47. _paul

    Ricky, thats true Vertonghen is certainly a good player. Good in the air, in the tackle on the ball and a strong leader which arsenal need and I’d certainly love him in the squad but I think if we do go for a defender it should be a different style of player. He’s certainly an option though, with the right guidance and playing with the right player he could be very effective

  48. _paul

    In DM id like to see tiote brought in. He has pl experience and brings that aggression and determination to the midfield along with his quality. He’s been doing very well at newcastle and I think he could do well alongside wilshere next season

  49. Gunner2301

    follow the money

    I agree. I dread to think of Arsene spending 100mill and fucking things up again. I’d rather he didn’t spend anymore let him do what he’s doing with his squad and when a new manager comes in he’ll gradually get rid of them. If one thing needs to happen by the time a new manager comes is the wage policy needs re-structuring. If we could do that between now and when Wenger leaves at least we can see that there will be some hope.

  50. OPG

    Vertonghen will probably be off to City unless Barca want him, although Lescott is doing alright this season domestically.
    £100m your having a laugh, like Djourou playing the players PR rep..

  51. Ranj

    Why doesn’t the board just say, “It’s not champagne and cavier you mugs need to get used to not having, but you better get used to finishing behind Spurs every season. We’ve already sorted our excuses after all, we’ve been doing it for the past 6 seasons & no-one cares”.

  52. DaleDaGooner

    Would be nice if Man Uniturd, Spud-muffins and Chavs all win nowt, and we come 4th…..at least we’d all be 1 giant EPL bowel movement. And we’d be armed with 100m next season..LMAO

  53. Dan Ahern

    So who’s going to start at LB vs. Spurs? Gibbs isn’t fit, right? Jenkinson? Supposed to be back I think, but at LB? Throw Yennaris over there? Miquel? Ugh. Goddamn this season is frustrating.

  54. David


    Anyone knows ive defender JD for years on this blog.

    But I, Even I know it is absolutely scandalous for a player of that limited ability to be given a pay rise.

    The reality is that Arsene has been rewarding mediocrity on and off the pitch.

  55. Pedro

    David, I hope the fans are as motivated as you are on Sunday… we really need to get behind the team… sunday is war!

  56. albo

    David – at the risk of seeming naive, do we know that JD did actually get a pay rise? Or was it just an extension on his current contract? (I actually heard a rumour that he had taken a paycut, but I’ve no idea if that’s true!)

  57. follow the money

    I don’t get it. Over at ACLF they have noticed the same problems we have about the squad, the signings, the tactics, the players, but they simply refuse to assign any blame to Wenger. Even though Wenger came right out and said he is in charge of player valuations. Face palm

  58. Munitionsman

    Team for sunday. As it is wengers last game in charge I think it should be his all-star 11 that is fielded. Will have to bring back all our excellent loanees but its a big game.

    CFJ JD Kol gibbs

    The Arsene Knows all stars will be unstoppable!!!!!!

  59. luke

    Ahhh the Wenger memories. Senderos, Bischoff, Hoyte, Denilson, Ebway, almunia, fabianski, fran merida, nacer barazite, carlos vela, Mikel Slyvestre (a person favorite of mine) havard nordveit, and welcoming park this year. Makes me teary thinking about all the memories.

  60. Bade

    People don’t delude yourselves Arsene’s Arsenal career would be affected by Sunday’s result

    Probably no one on the board, nor the owner, will attend it, or will know about the result

  61. dennisdamenace

    Let’s be honest here, we could lose 8-2 at home to the cunts on Sunday, and it will have no bearing on Wenger’s position at the club.
    He makes money. EVERYTHING else is secondary to that.

  62. dennisdamenace

    Fuckit, even if we were to be relegated, so long as that fraud continued to turn a profit he’d keep his job.

  63. alan b'stard M P