Last chance saloon today, and time for fan power Arsenal, don’t let a Yank club collector grind us down.

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I have to say I hope you all take what Arsenal are saying about transfers with a pinch of salt, they are liars and they do this every year, and every year we fall for it, he thinks he can throw you all a scrap and you will feed off it, like grateful dogs, well this year I hope you don’t, I urge all season ticket holders to think hard before you part with your money because it’s not going on your team, it’s going on wages.

How the hell can Djourou get a pay rise?

Same with the merchandising, meat pies and drinks, though I can understand excessive drinking at some of our recent performances. If the new kit is that one with the black armbands, don’t worry, no bugger will buy that anyway! And that’s how out of touch our American and French owners are, they don’t realise we actually like red and white kits.

Moan over, we are still all Arsenal fans and we all still want our team to win, despite out nutty manager doing his best to destroy his legacy and our team

Today we play in the last trophy we can win, against Sunderland at the Stadium of Shite, a week after beating them in the league, can we do it? You bet we can.

Let’s start with my line up for today, presuming they are all available.


Sagna Song Vermaelen Gibbs

Coquelin Arteta Bennayoun

Gervinho RVP Oxo

Now a line up like that may do it, Song has been rubbish as a DM in my opinion but Ok at centre back, well twice as good as Djourou and Squillaci combined, that’s for sure.

Mertesacker is out for the season and Kozzer is out for today, so a strong back for is what we need, screw their feelings.

Ramsey needs to be benched and I feel Yossi has something to prove and he can’t do worse, Coquelin deserves a chance and Arteta is all we have left.

Time to get shot of Theo from our line up, even I have lost patience with him now, give Oxo and Gervinho a go and Robin of course to feed off them.

It’s our last chance of anything this season, I don’t care if we don’t qualify because I’m sick of Europe and Wenger’s sucking up to it at the Panacea.

Go out there men and fight for your future, because if we lose this game, it doesn’t look good.

Have a great day Grovers, a lot depends on this game. Our whole season I think.

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  1. Jeff

    Many people here are of the opinion that Wenger will not resign because of themoney. I really don’t believe that to be the reason. I think it’s pride. Resigning is an admission of failure and he’s never been able to do that. Never. It’s his way or no way.

    He’s cornered himself into such a position now that if he went out and bought someone at 20M or 30M, the press will have a field day and say he’s succumbed. Wenger will not have it. Resigning has the same effect. Admission of failure. He won’t have it. If his stubborn attitude actually won us things, everything would be OK but it isn’t. In fact, it’s driving us to the gound and now the spate of bad results and being ousted from the top 4 looms over him like an axe.

    Written in front of him is a question. Do you admit you were wrong? Never comes the answer. Very well is the reply and as the losses pile up and the trophies disappear from sight, the axe falls a little further.

    He will not admit failure. It’s that simple in my opinion. I am beginning toy with the idea that he might in fact be suffering from some sort of mental illness and it seems to be getting worse by the day.

  2. follow the money

    I believe in protest DG don’t get me wrong. There’s not much else to do, and at the very least it will let other fans know that some are not willing to just sit back and watch Arsenal continue to go down the shitter. I’m just advocating managing expectations, so the protest doesn’t start off all on fire and then fizzle out as protestors leave as they understand nothing is changing. Anyone involved has to understand the difficulty of the road ahead and be prepared for it. That’s all. Because with the current set-up at Arsenal, it very well could take us getting relegated before anything changes

  3. Doublegooner


    Its a fair comment, but lest at least have a meeting as I am advocating & see where it goes.

    There is a massive groundswell which will hit an all time low by 3pm next sunday.

    We are watching a club fall before our eyes. At least if fans show their distain, this must have some effect more than doing nothing.

    Missing games. turning up late are well intentional, but don’t hurt Kronke.

    Lets at least try & get fans meeting & see where it goes.

    email me :

  4. GoonerGaz

    To those thinking the problem is deeper than the manager, you may well be right, but at least if the board do bring someone else in who is just as tight as wenger, then I won’t care too much as long as:
    1) he isn’t tactically inept like Wenger is,
    2) appoints some decent backroom staff.

    The personnel on the pitch isn’t that bad, obviously we do have some dross, but Wenger seems to get the worst out of Everyone.

    As for protesting, I would love for the emirates to be half empty or even 30% empty for the spurs game, not sure if there is enough Wenger haters though.

    It would be good if Geoff and Pedro could or someone from LG could orchestrate a movement which is in sync with the rest of the blogs to get some real numbers involved.

  5. roaaary

    double…….as much as we all agree a protest is what is needed, the pure fact is that the majority of gooners are foreigners and akbs. will they protest or just show us as a minority of doomsday wishers?

    i think the only way the club wil lchange is when wengers contract expires

  6. AndyB

    I have given my spurs ticket away.
    I’m not going again until some heavy duty changes are made.
    Buy some decent players or fuck off, that was the whole point of the Emirates wasn’t it?
    A hundred fucking quid to renew my silver memberships, (mine, my wife and my daughter), and that’s without the seventy fucking quid a ticket cost. I don’t mind paying the money, but I’m not paying it to watch that fucking crap.
    He must admit his mistakes and rectify it or fuck off.
    Bring back Dein, he’d sort it out.

  7. follow the money

    Dein brought Wenger to the club. It’s incredible to think but more and more it appears as though Dein was responsible for Arsenal’s trophies and not the flapping penguin.

  8. Robert

    It gives me no great pleasure to say ‘I told you so’.

    Said we wouldnt score, and didn’t bother watching.

    Wenger should be sacked now. Not in a few months.

  9. GoonerGaz

    I’m loving the rumours on twitter that Wenger has resigned. I of course don’t believe it, but it gives me hope that there is some light at the end of that 6 year long tunnel.

  10. cowleygooner

    Gutted! I cant say anymore. ive run out of superlatives to express my complete and utter contempt for this continental cunt and his utter lack of leadership. Fuck off Wenger u CUNT.

  11. midlandgunner

    “I think it was a committed performance and we gave absolutely everything that was left in our legs,” added Wenger.
    is he for real what a fucking joke

  12. HerveDeNerve

    incescFebruary 18, 2012 22:28:04
    have we hit rock bottom yet?or do we have to wait it out for relegation?

    Rock bottom but still digging

  13. kwik fit

    The writing was on the wall when his prodigy left last summer. There was no way back for him and his team when he let him go. It is obvious now that he was the one player who kept us challenging. Yes indeed ,It has been downhill ever since Eboue left!

  14. Leedsgunner

    Deliberately stayed away from any coverage today in vain hopes of a good start to my weekend but like an idiot I checked the scores at 7 o’clock tonight. Exactly what went wrong? Or should the question be what went right? I guess I’ll have to wait for the car crash report tomorrow. Despite what they say mistakes are never learnt from are they? Sustainable business model the formula of stubborn losers.

    Thanks for the memories RvP I wish you all the best at your next club… You deserve better than Wenger. You deserve to be a winner.

  15. incesc

    having wanted wenger out for about 4 years, i must admit im starting to feel sorry for him.

    its painful watching him breaking down like this, i wish they would be more honest with whats going on, there must be more than meets the eye.

    2 huge huge games and 2 of the most uncommitted arsenal teams ive seen in 25 years. No game plan, shape, chasing down or commitment (wenger took theo off for this midweek im sure). French players leaving, last minute shopping.

    If wenger has had a breakdown, its unfair that his being hung out to dry like this.

    This team arent playing for him, thats for sure, i know he is to blame for buying them and training them, but the silence from the club and players on whats going on is deafening

  16. bushgoooner

    I will take the time to bid RvP farewell. If I was in his shoes I would not want to play for the manager and the absolute dross of players again.

    9 of the players out there would not get into sunderlands side now what does that tell you?

    My Arsenal has sunk to a new low and the blame lies with Wenger and the rest of the old greedy fucking bastards… We are now officially the laughing stock of the EPL.

  17. arsenal1886-2006

    kwik fitFebruary 18, 2012 22:47:42
    The writing was on the wall when his prodigy left last summer. There was no way back for him and his team when he let him go. It is obvious now that he was the one player who kept us challenging. Yes indeed ,It has been downhill ever since Eboue left!

    At least Eboue had some fight about him.

  18. I'm not sure what to say


    Count me in. I’ve just emailed you.

    Something has to happen soon, this is getting embarrassing…

  19. bushgoooner

    As far as I am concened you make your bed you lie in it. I have no remorse for wenger as HE knew Cesc and nasri was leaving and he FAILED to replace them with adequet players. The Mata deal was on the table and what did we do, absolutely nothing.
    Had we not lost 8-2 to the Mancs i am pretty sure he would not have bought anyone in August.

  20. bushgoooner

    Hold on a sec. What the fuck is Pat rice’s role there? Are you telling me that he cannot see how crap some of the players are? Does he tell Wenger that Walcott is not a winger and that JD is not a defender? What the fuck do they talk about at training? When wenger spins his lies to the fans what goes through his mind? I feel like calling Poirot and Miss fucking Marple to find out what is going on ffs!!

  21. gnarleygeorge


    Hang on who am I kidding 😉 Yes it is believable!!!!!

    I’d say morning to the AKB’s but they won’t be around 😆

  22. clubfoot

    Wenger won’t go before the end of the season, Kroenke won’t sack a man that has continued to get him into Europe with peanuts and taken the flack for it rather than out the board. Wenger was used to working and buying quality, he used to spend when Dein was around to push him and share the responsibilities.

    Without his wingman Arsene has nobody to chew the fat with, he now has a team of American businessmen/salesman/accountants looking over his shoulder with absolutely no idea about the nuances of building & maintaining a successful team on the pitch. Where he had constructive dialogue & mutual respect from a man that supported him as a friend and an Arsenal fan, he now has a bunch of suits chasing him around with clipboards, charts & forecasts.

    These fuckers don’t care how unhappy we are so long as their still employed to do their jobs, which they will be for as long as Stagnant continues to make a fat profit. They are doing what they are employed to do after all.

    Wenger has been working alone for sometime now, is it any wonder he’s gone into his shell and perhaps a little mad. If he shows any sign of weakness or self doubt the suits could pounce out of ignorance and fear, until then they won’t want to be the ones held responsible for making him leave in case it makes things even worse. Remember, these boys know nothing of football and Wenger is still highly regarded among his peers. They are safe in his shadow, he takes the shit for everyone after all.

    I’m as fucked off as the next man and agree that change is required and I’m also saddened to see a once great manager possibly going the way of Brian Clough. However to blame Wenger for all our ills is to ignore what’s happened to the club off field. Do we really believe that he has had all that money available to him in the years since we left “The home of football”? If so then he is no doubt massively to blame for our teams demise and should go. If however, we have been sold a big fat one from the likes of PHW to Kroenke and his “team” then maybe we should consider just where we need to be directing our anger.

    So who do we blame at the end of the day? A football man who loves his game and the teams his built, a man that has contributed and often too honest for his own good even to the point of protecting his bosses (admittedly one’s that pay him a fine wage let it be said). Or do we trust an “Enterprise” that’s sole purpose is to maximise profits for as long as possible before bailing when necessary with absolutely no regard as to any damage caused in the process nor the carnage left behind (Kroenke hit the fucking jackpot with Arsenal remember). Or is every cunt lying to some degree, suppose it has to be that in the end.

    If Arsene does go then it’ll be Kroenke’s men that have to replace him, is that a comfortable thought for anyone? Someone jokingly suggested Avram Grant earlier, well I wouldn’t be at all surprised with that from these guys. He’s also loyal, takes the flack, knows his place, works to a budget and won’t speak out of line , may not be that fucking good but hey who cares he’ll fill a whole till someone else comes along. “The fans? Aww fuckem they’ll get over it……next”.

    I’ve been saying it for years and been shot down as a result, only recently has it become acceptable to utter the man’s name (you’d think he was Voldamorte ffs) but I’ll say it again. The worst thing that ever happened to Arsene and consequently Arsenal is the loss of David Dein. He was our Daniel fucking Levey but better at it, a necessary evil with huge significance to the success in Arsene’s early to middle years. He left at a time when the team needed rebuilding aswell, shit & costly timing for all. He was a man who loved Arsenal but unfortunately got out of his depth at the wrong time and miscalculated badly. As Vice Chairman he served the club well until that point.

    Out with Team Kroenke and in with Alishair and back with Dein (who’d be a man on a serious mission I’m sure).

  23. Gunner2301


    You know something I was talking to someone about Rice on another site when he was due to retire the last time and I basically said good riddance he doesn’t serve any real purpose, but you get the same AKB type stance over Rice because he’s a legend?

    Well sorry. Pat was here long before Wenger he should fucking know better. He has seen the life blood drain from the Club watched the tradition and pride of the Club washed down the drain and not said a word.

    He is moreso culpable because he had his opportunity to leave and signal his discontent when the players started kicking off last year and maybe we wouldn’t be here with Wenger now. He could have made a big statement in that gesture indicating that he’d had enough. By staying he basically said he’s cool with it all.

    He decided to stay on for another year. Why exactly? What is he doing that nobody else couldn’t do. Or is it that Wenger needs that comfort blanket of absolute silence next to him on the bench?

    Regardless of the reasoning, Pat has dirtied his reputation by being forever linked with Wenger. He should have left when he had the chance and not just sat idly whilst Wenger set about dismantling the Club.

    Shame on you Pat Rice.

  24. Santos

    I© guess the headline tomorrow at ACLF will be; ‘Pheew, these cup distractions have ended, let’s focus on finishing FOURTH!


  25. Doublegooner


    You wanna read what the cunts on that little Arsene Cult site Untold have to say. They are beyond words.

  26. gnarleygeorge

    Yes Double, in Oz. Actually under, down under.

    I rally don’t think anyone @ The Club has the will to make the necessary decisions for it going forward. Like I said once before. To Stan & The Board, Arsene Wenger is like an old pair of jeans, a comfy fit. Him being around takes the pressure off them to be bold. Afterall, the AKB’s love the old pair of jeans as well, & they, it would appear hold the balance of power around The Club.

    I’m not trying to floss a certain bears ego here, or blow wind up his Arse(nal), but someone who speaks like Geoff is needed to blow the complacency, that is Arsenal’s top end, all the way back to La La Land.

    Most of them are the wrong side of 60 years old and the younger ones are in ther pockets. Its a recipe for disaster.

    That team won’t beat Spurs in a weeks time 😆

  27. follow the money

    something in the Daily Mail (I know I know) about Wenger moving upstairs and us getting Pep. Ah to dream…..

  28. gnarleygeorge


    Is the Pheonix about to rise 😛

    Pep in & DB10 as his assistant. But like follow said “Ah to dream….”

  29. scott quiller

    Why wasnt chamakh brought on ,o yea thats right hes shit just like the rest of them! a stricker that cant score just like the rest of the team he had more chance of scoring on the bench. theo non existant as per fuckin usuall. i give up!!!

  30. Doublegooner

    Daily Mail rarely get anything right.

    No way will Wenger move upstairs, he’ll fuck off & manage France after the Euros.

    Anyway, it’ll be time for him to go. No ‘Upstairs’ nonsense !

  31. Gunner2301


    I try not to reminisce it’s too painful. To see what we were and where we are now it’s appalling really no other words to describe it. I wonder what those players who are still working at the Club think?

  32. scott quiller

    Its almost to painful to watch ARSENAL these days.I wish i new what was going on behind the scenes 1886 whatever it is i dont think its the great team spirit theyve been talking about for months.

  33. Pacman

    incescFebruary 18, 2012 22:28:04
    have we hit rock bottom yet?or do we have to wait it out for relegation?
    If we get our usual form in the spring now we are looking at midttable!

    The early one and the one after new year is a new kind

  34. arsenal1886-2006

    Scott quiller, I believe that Fabregas and nasri leaving during the summer has had a massive effect on the few remaining quality players we have in the squad. Didn’t you feel disheartened and disillusioned when you saw the replacements?
    RVP must have felt the same. He has almost single handedly carried this team throughout the season and is now looking tired and dejected.
    I really do feel for him as I believe he really loves this club and it will break his heart when he leaves this summer.

  35. Pacman

    GoonerGazFebruary 18, 2012 21:47:18
    To those thinking the problem is deeper than the manager, you may well be right, but at least if the board do bring someone else in who is just as tight as wenger, then I won’t care too much as long as:
    1) he isn’t tactically inept like Wenger is,
    2) appoints some decent backroom staff.The personnel on the pitch isn’t that bad, obviously we do have some dross, but Wenger seems to get the worst out of Everyone.As for protesting, I would love for the emirates to be half empty or even 30% empty for the spurs game, not sure if there is enough Wenger haters though.It would be good if Geoff and Pedro could or someone from LG could orchestrate a movement which is in sync with the rest of the blogs to get some real numbers involved.
    W@nger has lost the dressing rom many years ago.. Sometimes the players get som motivation like; he is going to be here anyway lets try., and then he comes with some stupid shit again, like against Milan, and the player have no believe in in it.. How can they performwhen they don’t believe in what he wants them to do. Many of our players see this and dont agree.

    Get him the fuck out

  36. scott quiller

    Totally disheartened.doyou remember the effect BERGKAMP had on the whole of the arsenal world when he arrived. think how the players feel now when they need word class players coming in an they get some 19 year old kid that needs grooming for years when the club is screaming out for ready made world class players now

  37. Pacman took away the comment section today..

    Bet their feeling the heat.

    Wenger said we gave all we had in our legs.

    Seeing Wenger moan at the sidelines is sickening to me..

    Try for just onces to motivate the team and give some ionstructions during a game instead.

    Wenger is a discrease

  38. zeus

    Cheer up u bastards!

    U should be glad, even City wish they were in our position.

    Only 5 clubs can beat us finacially FFS.

    U ungrateful swines.

  39. Moray

    I didn’t watch the game, as it is obvious what is coming. We are in our usual “crash” phase, though this time we are crashing from a lower position in the sky than normal.

    Also, we don’t have the players to scrape us points as we have had in the past, so this crash could be long and embarrassing. Also, we are seeing the injuries now happening to those players we have overplayed because of the lack of quality and trust in the rest of the squad. I fear for the club in this moment.

    We need to get Wenger out quickly, and urgently clean up the dross hanging around the club on huge salaries. If it costs us money to do so, then it is deserved for not imposing any governance on the arrogant and controlling manager. A caretaker manager will be fine to take us through to the summer when a good number of decent managers will be available. We then need to buy and buy early. Get a good manager and pay the necessary and we will buy good players, regardless of whether or not we are in the CL.

    Then Kroenke needs to step aside. Arsenal is not a franchised operation like many US sports. The fans will hurt him if he does not show passion for the team. Usmanov can come in and rebuild.

  40. Bade

    Morning Grovers

    So it’s all looking like last season, the crumble didn’t disappoint and came right at time. The injuries too

    So last season we were out of the quarter finals of the FA, lost the CC final, lost to Barca in the last 16 4-3 on aggregate, and were contending for the title

    This season we went out of the CC earlier, in the quarters, we went out of the FA in the last 16, and we’re going out of the CL in the same stage but in a much humiliating way, oh and we’re gunning for 4th, at best

    Last season we failed to reach our goals in the 4competitions, it will be the same this season. Sorry, it’s already the same, but the addition will be losing the 4th CL money spot

  41. Bade

    “We gave everything left in our legs”

    Ha ha ha Arsene, but you didn’t gave everything left in your transfer kitty, did you?

    You didn’t gave everything left in your brain, did you?

    Now face the facts and fuck off

    Keep the little respect you still have, don’t waste what it’s left ….. JUST GO!

  42. Jeff

    What is it with Arsenal and injuries anyway? Is it their diet, regime, training or is someone doing voodoo on us? For crying out loud, can’t we sort out this ongoing, never ending series of injuries that go on for months and months?

    Coming to the hierarchy at the club, we have this vicious circle. Kroenke owns the club but doesn’t really understand football or the fans. He just wants to know if profit is being made and if so, job is done. But we’re not winning anything. That doesn’t matter.

    The thing about Wenger is that he is an immensely proud man. He cannot change his ways because that would mean admission of being wrong. He cannot pander to the wishes of the fans or the press, however obvious and blatant they happen to be, because that would mean other people knew better than him. How many times have we heard it in interviews where he’s basically said he knows what’s best and that everyone else can take a running jump? He’s not doing himself any favours by remaining because Arsenal is no longer a club he manages; it has become an addiction for him. Every game seems to be screaming out “you’re wrong” and it’s hurting his ego so much that even he doesn’t know what to do any more.

    He cannot change. He simply cannot change. I don’t believe a single word of it when people say it’s about the sustained model. That is just a screen to hide the ego which is eating away at him and the club. It is a classic example of past success inflating you ego to such an extent that you no longer believe you can make mistakes and any negative results must be the fault of “other factors” like referees and injuries. He can’t really blame the players too much either because HE bought them.

    I am beginning to realise how big a problem we have. It is a humongous one. We can compare and contrast other managers till we go blue in the face but the story is the same. If your team performs well and meets its targets you get to keep your job. If not, it’s goodbye. Arsenal is the only club in which this does not apply and therefore goes against grain of every logical and ethical sinew in our bodies and we suffer because there really isn’t a great deal we can do about it.

    There are thousands upon thousands of people on waiting lists for season tickets. Every game is pretty much sold out (regardless of whether or not people can be bothered to turn up). So, what’s the problem?

  43. Moray

    4th is well beyond us this year. Still, a big change is required and it will take a very bad season to effect that change.

    Though the new contract to JD suggests to me that Wenger is still very much in charge. I don;t think anyone else on the planet would offer him a new contract for Arsenal.

    If it is true that Gazidis was on holiday with his family when we played Milan, for me that is unforgiveable.

  44. Jeff

    As far as the rest of the season is concerned, I think it is safe to say we’re pretty much dead and buried. We haven’t got a cat’s chance in hell now of making fourth. It’s not being negative, it’s simply reality. Even the players look like they’re fed up and that goes for the few good ones as well as the rest.

    The gasget’s blown and we’re mixing oil and water. Other cars are overtaking and laughing at us when they see Wenger in despair, staring at the smoking engine with open bonnet and refusing point blank to call the AA – and I don’t mean Andrey Arshavin either.

  45. Bade

    “We gave everything left in our legs”

    So what that should tell you Arsene? It should tell you your team is crap and not good enough, if everything left wasn’t even enough to beat a very average Sunderland side

    But that should’ve been the case in the summer Arsene

    That should’ve been the case in January

    Yet, two transfer windows you’ve been given to address our problem and you failed to do so

    So don’t moan about mental frailness, our tired legs. You should’ve rectified the so obvious lack of quality in the squad, you didn’t, so it’s not the time to feel sorry for yourself

  46. kay

    People don’t curse RVP.. He has carried us single handedly to where we are.
    Imagine without him we would be in say 16th or even 18th.

    RVP would even feel he has been cheated by wanker.. he always liked arsenal and wanted replacements for Fab and Nasri.. Replacement for fab is what is required to cut open teams like sunderland yesterday.

    Nasri is selfish.. As was Fab.. But had wanker signed a couple of class players Fab would ve stayed..

    Its all because of that Idoit Wanker… I wish he gets a sever illness problem which would make him go out of Arsenal.. He should not interfere in Arsenal anymore.. Agreed that he gave a lot for the club.. Look at the players he had at that time.. they deserve equal credit.. HE would not have achieved it if not for some really good players..

    Wanker OUT…

  47. Bade

    You felt in the Milan game and yesterday, there’s something going in the minds of the players

    It’s not only the fan base who lost any trust in Arsene, those are the players who don’t believe in the manager anymore

  48. kay

    Look at martin o niell.. We re laughing our ass es off at players such as richardson, larsson.. he brings the best out of them.. wanker does not have what it takes to bring the best out of players.. don’t say he got the best out of henry, veira, bergkamp.. they had unique talents, technique.. wanker is lucky..

  49. Bade

    So now officially we’re 7 years without a trophy

    7 years!

    And if Arsene keep his job, there will be 8, 9 and 10 trophy-less years

    Don’t kid yourselves he has any chance of waking up

  50. kay

    Yes Bade.. We can clearly see whats going on in the mind of RVP and co.. How can players who have talent play with dross such as djourou squid at the back..

    And wanker is the sole resaon for vermalens demise in the last few games.. he continously has played him in LB now and he has lost touch of the things that he used to do as a CB.. Wanker is the reason for everything..

  51. kay

    At the start of the season Gervinho used to run at the defence like hell.. YEsterday you could see how bad he was..

    Look at OX.. same as gervinho..

    The reason is the fragile defence.. even the players don’t trust players such as djouruo and squid..

    and Wanker extends djorous stay..

  52. kay

    Even as a fan i feel happy and proud to wear the arsenal shirt..

    But the players don’t have the same feeling and Wanker is the sole reason for the same.. He has let them down..

  53. Bade

    Yes Kay

    All this season people were hailing the spirit and the attitude of this team

    It was indeed great spirit and winning attitude for large parts, but I said this won’t last and the lack of quality and depth will kill this spirit

    It was for all to see it in the last two shameful defeats

    Had Arsene brought 2-3 we would’ve been in a much better shape and position, but again he screwed when it mattered

  54. Bade

    Now all this is happening when we’re facing a tough series of games in the league, and it’s surely not the good timing for it, but we brought this on our selves didn’t we?

  55. kay


    When people ask me “Why do you like Arsenal?”
    I d say spirit passion and style of play..

    What can i say now? We don’t have both..

    One of my lifetime wishes was to come to emirates to see a thumping win against the spuds/mancs.. it would take 3 yrs of savings for me to make that to happen..

    But now i think its a waste of time and effort..

  56. kay

    How is wanker able to give all these excuses and get away with it amazes me..
    Look at all the other clubs..
    Even wolves had the balls to sack mick..

  57. OPG

    Yeah feels we don’t or rather the squad put together by Wenger has the quality this season but my main frustration goes back to the summer rather than January dallying in the transfer market that led to the failure to strengthen the first team with the highest priority targets.

  58. Bade

    Well Kay

    I understand you fully, and agree with it all

    I used to visit London each year to watch a game. It was costing me fortune every time, as much as a season ticket price and even more, because I was getting my new Arsenal merchandise as well, year after year

    But since the start of this season I boycotted the club, so I didn’t travel to watch a game, I didn’t buy any merchandise

    It pain me to see what’s happening to my beloved club, but it seems as the only way to kick Arsene out

    Total boycott

  59. kay

    But Bade the AKBs are a majority and somehow turn to the stadium.. Fuck all the AKB’s..

    Minority don’t want arsene.. Even if they don’t turn up to the stadium the attendance would still be 60K..

    Its our fate to see all these happen..
    As you say everyone of the minority should boycott and even if its 30 % as time goes on the board will realize i suppose..

  60. Bade

    The problem is much bigger than one display or one player

    The manager, who was so dominant for the club, just failed in a rather glaring way that no one can deny now, so it’s affecting the players

  61. Bade

    I’m not sure we’re that minority any more, Kay

    Even so, a 30% boycott will be enough to scare the board and alert them

    And by the end of this season, when we’re going to crush out of the CL, more angry fans will join aboard

  62. Bade

    I have to say all was predictable, but I’m still disappointed. Even hugely disgruntled … Why?

    Because after all I’m a fan and I can’t help it, this nasty hope will always sneak back to my heart during games, always hoping to be found wrong, and always hoping the team will surprise me with another blinder performance

    Any true fan can’t really get this out of their hearts, no matter who hard they try to

  63. paul mc daid

    Need a clean sweep,Wenger,rice,primovic,phw,ivan the clown,stan the wank,all have aided and abetted in destroying our team,and are on course to destroy our club,what these losers are doing to Arsenal Football Club is criminal.

  64. Evan

    Depends on what you call a crisis.. we have a very promising group of young players who have just signed contract extensions, you do not see how hard they train and their commitment, yet you openly slate them which ruins there confidence, get behind the team for fuck sake!!!

    We have players out on loan who are gaining vital first team experience, which done jack the world of good. Bendtner,Denilson and Vela have done remarkably well and will only strengthen our position as an elite european footballing power

    We have players like Diaby and Wilshere coming back from injury, who mark my words will comeback stronger and establish themselves as World class players and yet everyone on here saying we need to spend 30 million on players like Gotze and Hazard, where will they play??

    Gervinho has looked very promising this season, next season you will witness the real Gervinho and yet everyone is slating his first fall season, what does this achieve? He has just helped his national team get into the finals of the ACN and yet he not good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt?

    Walcott has had a very good season, his injuries seem to have cleared up and has really been a driving force this season, he will be the next player to put pen to paper and sign an extension, this is exciting news

    Regarding RVP, he loves Arsenal he will not leave, OH 2B a gooner

    Sorry i wanted to see what it was like to write like an AKB


  65. kay

    And Bade Its FORWARD!!!!!!

    Let wanker or the board give one fucking reason and convince us its true… They can’t.. Wanker and Board OUT

  66. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Its clear to see where Arsenal’s problems come from now. The people on untold Arsenal are truly shocking. Arsenal in a way is lucky to have such unwavering support, but at times like these, that support works against the club. I don’t think even relegation could turn an AKB, they are simply unwavering in their support for Arsene.

  67. Amit

    Wenger has created a mentality among his players that even if you do not win its ok…and that is the biggest mistake which is hampering our progress…the day you think winning a trophy is not a critical parameter is the day you should fucking get out of football…this applies to all the sports not only football.

    I think Wenger should have a look at this famous interview by Ayrton Sennaa…You compete to win and always aim to finish as number 1, nothing more nothing less!!

  68. Doublegooner


    Morning to you 🙂

    I posted on Untold last night out of intrigue, go on & have a look at how the ‘cult’ followers have attacked me…Hilarious.

  69. follow the money

    haha iffy yeah the link you put up was online gooner they have some ok stuff. Untold Arsenal is simply bizarre. Really out there

  70. Jeff

    A word about AKBs. Their stance isn’t one that is supported by logic. The argument goes something like this. If we are successful, all credit to the manager because we know he’s a god. If we fail, it’s down to injuries and other factors – always period.

    The same sick delusion that has infected Wenger has also infected them and there is no cure.

  71. Zothani Simelane

    Evening to all the Gooners.
    I am of the opinion that Arsene Wenger is not going to resign as a manager of the team because that would be more like surrendering so as much as I rate him as one of the best managers, I guess it’s time the club gets a new manager that will bring a winning policy which is clearly no longer existent with Wenger. You cannot go 8 years without winning a cup and tell me you still a good manager, NO! Good managers win trophies and league titles and Arsene can no longer do that and his attitude of know it all of late is not going to help his cause but will expose him to be the worst.

    I am a big fan of the guy, big time, but because I want my team to go back the lory days, I believe he should be recalled from the position. I mean, as much as we do not have any experience of managing professional clubs or qualifications as managers but we know something about the game. The game is not only known about those who are privileged enough to be associated with it on a professional level, we also can see things.
    As a concerned fan, last year I sent the manager a wishlist of players to be signed for this coming season. I still do not understand why Arsnal all of a sudden fail to sign big name players like it used to whereas the money to do so is there. I recommended that the manager sign:
    1. Samuel Eto’o
    2. Bastian Schweinsteiger
    3. Wesley Sneijder
    4. Yann M’villa
    5. Phillipe Mexes and
    6. Tshepo Masilela.
    My reason for this was, Arsenal lacks a strong Midfield that it used to have during Patrick Vieira’s time and a guy like Yann M’villa would give the team that stability in the Midfield. Arsenal should have signed Yaya Toure before he even joined Barcelona, he was the perfect man that could have replaced Vieira because of his Physique, height and speed and would have given the team a perfect balance and would have recommended players like Fabregas and Nasri. So, seeing that we missed out on Yaya, I have been impressed with Yann M’vila of Renes with his vision and work rate and would have perfomed better than Alex Song. Bastian Schweinsteiger would have completed our midfield and would have guided a young player like Jack Wilshere to be a world class midfielder. Phillipe Mexes would have given us stability at the back especially since Tomas Vermaelen is as injury prone as he is. He is a quality defender and we would have signed him from AS Roma before AC MIlan signed him. Samuel Eto’o and Sneijder need no introduction.

    So, going forward, I guess the manager should be fired and about 6 to seven players should be signed strengthen the team. To me the players that are of arsenal material are: Robin Van Persie, Alex Oxlaide Chamberlane, Mikel arteta, Bacary Sagna, Tomas Vermaelen, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey. I havent been convinced by Gervinho though I think he is a good player. Wojciech Szczęsny, Laurent Kocielny and Per Metesacker havent lived up to my expectations.