Last chance saloon today, and time for fan power Arsenal, don’t let a Yank club collector grind us down.

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I have to say I hope you all take what Arsenal are saying about transfers with a pinch of salt, they are liars and they do this every year, and every year we fall for it, he thinks he can throw you all a scrap and you will feed off it, like grateful dogs, well this year I hope you don’t, I urge all season ticket holders to think hard before you part with your money because it’s not going on your team, it’s going on wages.

How the hell can Djourou get a pay rise?

Same with the merchandising, meat pies and drinks, though I can understand excessive drinking at some of our recent performances. If the new kit is that one with the black armbands, don’t worry, no bugger will buy that anyway! And that’s how out of touch our American and French owners are, they don’t realise we actually like red and white kits.

Moan over, we are still all Arsenal fans and we all still want our team to win, despite out nutty manager doing his best to destroy his legacy and our team

Today we play in the last trophy we can win, against Sunderland at the Stadium of Shite, a week after beating them in the league, can we do it? You bet we can.

Let’s start with my line up for today, presuming they are all available.


Sagna Song Vermaelen Gibbs

Coquelin Arteta Bennayoun

Gervinho RVP Oxo

Now a line up like that may do it, Song has been rubbish as a DM in my opinion but Ok at centre back, well twice as good as Djourou and Squillaci combined, that’s for sure.

Mertesacker is out for the season and Kozzer is out for today, so a strong back for is what we need, screw their feelings.

Ramsey needs to be benched and I feel Yossi has something to prove and he can’t do worse, Coquelin deserves a chance and Arteta is all we have left.

Time to get shot of Theo from our line up, even I have lost patience with him now, give Oxo and Gervinho a go and Robin of course to feed off them.

It’s our last chance of anything this season, I don’t care if we don’t qualify because I’m sick of Europe and Wenger’s sucking up to it at the Panacea.

Go out there men and fight for your future, because if we lose this game, it doesn’t look good.

Have a great day Grovers, a lot depends on this game. Our whole season I think.

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  1. arsenal1886-2006

    I went to my first game in 1972, I have seen some poor teams in those years but I have never seen a team lack fight like this one.
    That is what hurts me so much, the lack of passion and leadership on and off the pitch.

    It is clear that the players no longer feel confident in Wenger, and some players no longer feel confident in their teammates.
    Major surgery is needed to cut out the rot that lies in this squad. It will be painful for a few seasons but I can accept that if it means we get a squad who are prepared to fight for the badge and lay their bodies on the line. Most of my life has been spent watching mid-table Arsenal teams but they all had passion and fight, that is acceptable if you feel that the players are trying their best.

    We have some good players who need some quality players besides them. The good players are being dragged down to the lesser players level and it is hurting them as much as it hurts us. We are being made to look mediocre or worse by teams who we should be beating, not easily but beating nonetheless. We are supposedly the fifth richest club side in the world whatever that means, but we are being managed like a championship side getting by on a pittance.
    We have an owner who never says a word or is ever seen at the matches, a manager who is bereft of ideas and a PR machine that rivals that of the USSR in the 80’s.

    I do not have the answers to what is needed but that is not my job, that is for the board and the so called brains behind the club. Do I have confidence that they can fulfil this task? No.

    Since leaving HIGHBURY we have been declining into a poor mans version of Arsenal, the soul has been ripped out in the pursuit of sustainability.
    Surely sustainability means first and foremost sustainability on the pitch, competing on the level we used to in the years before we left our home. The club now places financial success above football success and that should surely be enough of a reason to get rid of the current board and management.

    The only thing that the move has achieved is the slow painful death of “OUR” club.

    Sorry if this does not make much sense but I am absolutely devastated and upset at our current predicament.
    I am sure you all understand and feel the same.

  2. Paulinho

    Goonermart – No one can touch Song’s dynamism. Scott Parker in his dreams wishes he had as many strings to his bow!

  3. lordbergkamp

    you can tell by rvp’s body language he is not enjoying this… he’s gone in the summer…

    then what Mr smarty pants wenger – what’s the strategy then?

    League one striker??

  4. zeus

    It’s too early for the season to be over. Glad I’ve been watching this funeral instead of this.

    That’s what now, 7 years without a trophy. Oh yes Gazidiz, we are indeed a well run club.

    Fret not chaps, rage and ire will be at its absolute zenith come the derby next weekend.

    Unfortunately the nadir has not yet been reached. We could have some arsenal ‘ultras’ in the stands at such point. Things are fonna get UGLY.

  5. Yippee Kai Yay


    Don’t forget his wonderlust pin up boy FFFFeeeeoooo as well.

    What an utter twat of a player.

    Has a chance to play up front, and it is at that point that he realizes he doesn’t know the offside rule, or what runs to make (channels / across the line / inside out, etc, etc) so does absolutely nothing.


    Just in a different place on the pitch.

  6. Arse&Nose©

    Gunner2301 February 18, 2012 19:08:44

    Isn’t it telling that it’s the Sunderland players that are consoling AOC rather than his own team-mates. FUCK THE LOT OF THEM!!!!!

    says a lot about team spirit in our squad

  7. K.C.

    UGLY. Not just loosing football, but ugly football. The AFC no longer stands for Arsenal Football Club anymore, it’s Arsene Financial Club. Stop going to games for the rest of the season if you want change. Form giant crowds just outside the Emirates and harass anyone who tries to enter. Something must be done now.

  8. pharo9ja

    one day Arsene wenger you will see what your stuborness caused a lengendary status you could have had. Your feats will be forgotten forever but your failures will be cited by every manager. You think you are encouragible Arsene,naaah you just destroyed your career and any iota of a chance to be a legend. Your statue will be spat at!

  9. Graham O'Keeffe

    I hate the cunt. I hate the cunt. I hate the cunt.
    I hate the cuntI hate the cunt.
    I hate the cunt. I hate the cunt.
    I hate the cuntI hate the cunt.

    Arsene if your reading this (which I very much doubt as us fans know nothing about football as your such a football genius arent you YOU SENILE FUCKWIT) I hope your happy as this is what you have driven me and so many of the arsenal faithful!!!

  10. Dave

    Let’s run a review. Started shit with top players leaving. Signed new players, hit a good patch. Went to shit in Christmas again. Top players probably leaving.


    RVP should go. We need to completely crash before anything changes. If we hit top 4 this season, AW will call it a job done. We need to not just miss top 4 but hit 6-7th at the end. Have RVP go.

    Then the board will remember this is a football club.

  11. Herkules

    Why does everyone think the board cares about the Spuds game enough to sack the coach. The season is over – the board doesn’t care about the Spuds – unless Wenger resigns he’ll stay put until at least the Summer.

    Wenger runs the board – he dominates IG – I have a really hard time seeing them taking him down. The only person who can make the change is SK and I suspect the gravity of this disappointment is not as strong for him as it is for life-long fans.

    So unless a golden opportunity to bring on a new CEO and Coach presents itself to SK – I’m not sure he’ll do anything at all… Unfortunately this is Wenger’s club – and I have a hard time seeing him stepping down.

  12. Doublegooner


    You and mates up for meeting ?

    WTF are all you big mouths on here ??



  13. gazzap

    tell you what. Sunderlands second goal was offside. When Larsson shoots there is a Sunderland player in the middle in front of Ox that is offside. Tv haven’t spotted it.

  14. goonermart

    Paulinho, yeah ha ha i know what you mean

    Yes Yippee Hopefully theo moves to liverpool and takes his biggest fan with him

  15. Geoff

    I can’t bear to watch us anymore, what the fuck do the board say to each other.

    In the summer, well Arsene says we won’t sell Cesc or Nasri, following week, fuck me Pete, that was close, 8-2, still Arsene will put it right, he make some top signings…

    Happy Christmas Stan, enjoy your holidays, we’ve only got Fulham and Swansea and Arsene say if we lose those he’ll buy a left back and more…

    What the fuck do those cunts say now? Bad luck Arsene, it wasn’t your fault. Cunting cunts.

  16. follow the money

    yeah Geoff the timing of the announcement of the Djourou extension was a major fail but like I said, maybe he is the only one they can get to sign an extension. Fab and Nasri may have started a mutiny of sorts and everyone–whether they are good or merely think they are good like Theo–want to jump ship. This possibility is looking more and more likely in my opinion

  17. Midlandgunner

    No passion whatsoever with ten minutes to go you would of thought we were 1-0 up no urgency at all to get forward absolutely piss poor

  18. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Good night all and thank you for the conversations. A nice distraction from an otherwise very painful match today.

    Nothing will change, the AKB’s will declare one of all too many excuses for our demise. Wenger will remain Wenger and…nothing will change.

    On to the next game. My Arsenal, right or wrong.

  19. Dave

    We play a 4-3-3 to suit Fabregas. He’s gone and we don’t have the quality to play 4-3-3. We have flank players who can’t cross. Central players who can’t fire the through balls. Defensive midfielders who cannot hold the ball.

    This team has to completely crash. I hope for Spurs to give us a 5-0 hammering. And then more. Hopefully Milan follows with a big scoreline again. AW and the Board’s thick headness must be broken and if it this means we have to crash to zero I’m all for it.

  20. gazzap

    just noticed its Spurs, Liverpool and then Milan. Whats the chances of 5 defeats in a row? Call me negative but I can seriously see that happening.

  21. patthegooner

    The only way out of this is to sack him or for him to walk.

    Otherwise this decline will continue. Why carry on down that route. It is time to stop the rot. There is no possible return to greatness for Arsenal under this man. The only way he could do it would be to spend money and he wont. He is so sucked into his own project that he cant see the wood for the trees.

    And it cant stop there. It is time to call for Usmanov. It is time to get rid of the yanks et all. Kroenke (who will still stay silent) and gazidis need to go as does PHW.

    New Owner, New Board, New Manager, New Coaching staff and new players.

    And I dont even think we need that many players. I think we have good players, it is just they are trained and motivated poorly and are instructed to play in a formation that suits ghosts of players past rather than those on our books at present.

    Fuck me, its not fucking rocket science. The whole world sees it

    Bar that French CUNT Wenger

  22. f4phantomphreak

    I agree with the above poster, I too have not ever seen an Arsenal side so careless in their attitudes, it’s like all they want to do is show up and then get paid. If I and I’m sure many of us acted that way in our daily jobs we would be canned (fired) on the spot!!! I’m not upset at the owner, he is only doing what they ( board) want him to do, keep his mouth shut and let King Wenger run this train wreck into the ground. Well another year w/o a trophy and I suppose Europa League footie is next, well that is if we’re lucky enough, then what will AW say, WHAT???

  23. IG


    Come to think of it, we did see his best today… single handedly conceded the first goal… lol

    Cant stop laughing at his comments!!

  24. charlesbronson

    I have had a shit week at work, I mean really shit. And now this.

    I said this before, we are fucked now. We need virtually half a team. If not, more. these cunts just won’t sign any players, any decent ones. Instead, they will sign unknown cheap young players and hope they come good so they can sell for a profit.

    Who blames Cesc for leaving? Nasri even? I wouldn’t blame RVP WHEN he leaves.

    The board, you are cunts
    Arsene, you too, because you are in this with them. you are just throwing your legacy down the shitter.


    I’ve said it before and will say it again, the only thing to do is to stop going to games, buying shitty burgers and merchandise…boycott the stadium – let the board and Wenger know this is totally unacceptable.

    It’s the only thing we can do. We are not good enough on so many levels….soulless.

  26. Doublegooner

    Thanks Evan,

    email me your mobile. How many of your mates would come ?

    I have a few other names who’ve emailed, lets at least start the ball roling. Even if it means only 50, its a start.

    I’m 52,, have loved this club since the mid 60’s…ITS PART OF MY DNA..

    It’s heartbreaking whats happening…& so fast.

    Geoff: Can you put some of us in touch with each other ??

  27. Gunner2301


    My sentiments exactly. If they lose but go down fighting you can excuse it but not what were seeing here. Simply not good enough for a Club of Arsenals stature. There’s only one person to blame for this.

  28. Al

    I had no intention of going to the game against spuds but now I am definitely going in my wenger out tshirt and am going to throw abuse at the man from the first minutes to the end of the match and I dare an akb to say something to me

  29. Doo Woop

    I think wenger wont walk not even if we lose 7-nil against tottenham

    this is how much of a cunt he is and how the rest of the cub is Arsene’s bitch

  30. follow the money

    Arsenal 1886-2006 good post. I base my criticism of Arsenal and Wenger especially on the unfortunate truth of modern football–money talks. When you look at things in that way–and it has been proven to be accurate much more often than not–how rich a club is correlates to how good they are and wherr they stand in league and world rankings. Arsenal are the fifth richest club in the world. They should be the fifth best club in the world. At least. Anything short of that is massive under-achievement and mismanagement

  31. Yippee Kai Yay

    Nothing will change.

    Next week is just another game, when you own a club.

    Just wait until the announcement on financials, this year promises to be the best year ever, according to the CEO’s report no doubt.

    I’m with Double Gooner. Direct action is now the only way to get the feelings across.

    But in can’t just be LE grove visitors, it needs to be a united fan base.

    And it needs to have a clear mandate, otherwise, as someone pointed out this week, it will fall flat on it’s arse.

    It needs to be coherent, uniting all disillusioned fans, and planned and executed.

    I still like the idea the Swedish (?) fans had, when protesting about modern football and the marginalization of the fans. Silence for 15 mins and then erupt into a cacophony of noise, and flag waving.

    The problem with wanting vacant seats, which would have far more impact visually for next weeks game, is that there are still too many willing to go and sit through 90 mins of this shit, and that is still their right as they paid the money for those seats.

    It needs to be visual, what ever ‘it’ looks like, but it needs to be next week, because after that the next game is away, and then Milan at home, which will be like a morgue the way things are going.

  32. Doublegooner

    Monkey, dont be a cunt 🙂 !!

    Email me & be serious !

    Lets get some of us together. The agenda has to be set & get a bit of publicity with the right message others will join.

    There are 000’s now who are fucked off with Kronke & Wenger.

  33. LeMassiveCoq

    @Rob Green

    Great point.

    RVP is not a leader. I expect his attitude stems from the fact that he no longer cares and is thinking of the £££££££ at RM or MC


    I’m not too fussed about the not winning a trophy part if the boys give their all but when I witness what I have countless times then something has to change. Alex Song for me sums up all that is wrong with our club, sometimes he can be good, most of the time though he is lazy, average and prone to mistakes.

    Not good enough. You know my thoughts I want an English spine, with a manager who is young and progressive. This club has become a corporate cow only interested in money. Where is the soul of the club these days?

    English spine
    Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams, Bould IN.
    Board OUT

    St George flying again.

  35. Doublegooner


    If we at least start getting Gooners from LG, it’s a start.

    If the right agenda is set, word will spread. Easier now than when an action group forced the board to get shot of Terry Neil in the early 80’s.

    EMAIL ME !

  36. gunnergetyou

    There needs to be serious protest before Sunday’s game, followed by a proper spanking… Then Wenger will surely walk.. Not the way I would have wanted it to end up, but enough is enough

  37. gliners

    Squillaci left the field of play today because he didn*t fancy it! I’ve seen it in Grassroots football and Pub football, but not in the Premier League or FA Cup! You bet my bottom Dollar. And on that American note, fuck off Kroenke and Gazidis!!!

  38. Yippee Kai Yay

    Can I also add just for the record, that whilst people harp back to the last FA cup win. that had to have been the most boring Final I had even seen at the time (granted there have been other since).

    No ambition, no desire to win, just to not lose, until the pen shoot out.

    120 mins of pain. A lucky win, and undeserved one barring the fact that Arsenal has Lehman and United had calamity carroll in goal at the time.

    And I’d take that tomorrow over the crock of horse shit I’ve just witnessed this week.

    I may just go all North Korea over all media for the next week.

  39. Arse&Nose©

    RVP is playing for himself and his next big money contract. The club has lost it’s soul, they treat supporters like customers. They treat players like agency contractors. Is it any wonder that no one around the club looks like they give a shit anymore???

  40. blanco

    we all need wenger out t-shirts as the stewards will stop all other demos in the stadium. I have had a season ticket for 25 years and love Arsenal. I love the club but when someone is passed the sell by date – you have to let them go and move on. I will consider letting my season ticket go – but my son who is only in his 20’s is loathe to give it up – he thinks Wenger should go but loves Arsenal. Its tough I go to a lot of away games but this season has been a disaster. Wenger is the problem as O’Neil has proved the right manager can get the best out of average/decent players. Seb Larson proves Wengeer is an idiot.

  41. roaaary

    who decides that the results are acceptable and that wenger should stay? who actually acts as a boss and holds meetings detailing whats happening at the club?
    That game along with the milan disaster was so poor that no1 could back wenger. it seems like wenger is actually trying to turn us in to a shit excuse of a club?


    At risk of taking the wrath of Pedro I would take a defeat next week if it meant change. We finish 4th Wenger def stays on and cue another year of lies and bullshit. It’s not for me.

    Nope give me a 2 or 3 goal defeat next week and get it over and done with. Couldn’t really give a fck if people don’t like my view on it, it’s for the best.

  43. Ricky

    Double, I’m up for it mate.

    As long as its organised properly & we all have the right frame of mind.

    We need the backing of ppl like Geoff. & pedro even though I know he’s against protesting I think even he is having second thoughts right now.

    Ate majority of my friends & family are gooners & are all on the same trail of thought.. We needed a good turnout for it to be successful.

  44. CallItKarma

    Wenger’s been stale for at least 3 years, Eduardo’s injury and the capitulation as a result of that was the beginning of the end. I’m not one who wants to see Wenger leave, he’s been great but I really can’t see him doing anything for us anymore. The teamwe have at the moment is the worst we’ve had in about 15 years easily, I’m only 18 so I don’t remember much pre ’98 but it’s definitely the worst i’ve ever seen.

    It’s not even just the results it’s the complete lack of fight and over paid princesses like Chamakh, Walcott, Arshavin etc. that really kills me.

    We’ll probably get spanked by spurs and that will be the end of Wenger, there will be an absolute revolt from the fans when that happens and if Wenger is still in charge next year expect season ticket renewals to drop massively and attendances drop even more than they have done this year.

  45. SpanishDave

    Wenger cannot motivate dross, he has to go, but being a gutless greedy egoist he will do a Monaco, and our board will watch it happen. Big protest the next game please.

  46. Jeff

    It’s that same old familiar feeling of knowing that things will just keep getting worse. Almost like a test of our resolve to see how much we can handle. Falling from grace of winning the league to nearly winning the Carling Cup, to nearly winning the Champions League, to nearly knocking out Barcelona, to nearly coming second, to nearly coming third and somehow we managed always to come fourth

    Now even that is off that table. How will we handle coming 5th or 6th. Oh well still better than 10th. The next season kicks in and guess what, we’re fighting for 11th and then the season after that we’re fighting to stay up. If the current trend continues, we’re staring into the abyss.

    Will there be a rescue? Will there be a mighty clear out in the summer? Will there be 5 new world class players to grace our club? Will we change the wage structure? Will we spend the money where it deserves to be spent? Can we just let go of this insane “project” which is a total failure and getting worse with passing of each season? Can’t we just admit to being wrong and grasp the nettle
    and do the right thing? What is wrong with these people?

  47. Doublegooner


    Cheers mate.

    The whole idea is to get about 50 of us so we can do it properly.

    Wenger out. Kronke will be harder to get out, but lets look at the power fans have.
    000’S show our distain for Wenger, Kronke wont back him. Fans show their distain at how we are treated by the club. A CLUB managed by people who have no understanding of it.


    RAlly some mates & I’ll be in touch.

  48. Bade

    This is total shambles

    You Brits should boycott the club


    I hope ST holders like you don’t go to games anymore this season

    This is the best way to send a clear message to the club

  49. vonhedis

    I agree with you. We have to act as fans. I have supported Arsenal since the mid 80´s and I´m getting sick and tired of this team. The sad part is that I used to feel anger evereytime the team lost, I don´t anymore. I watch everygame with a numbness and just waiting for the team to concede goals. I´m from Sweden so to march a protest is a little hard but there´s other things we fans abroad can do.

  50. Dan Ahern

    Wenger doing himself no favors at the presser…

    “I get offered a lot of advice from people who have managed zero clubs and people who have been in charge of zero European games.”

    More arrogance, just what the doctor ordered 🙁

  51. azed

    I’m 100% behind you. I stay in Nigeria and can’t do much from here but you’ve got my support.
    Please in need someone to punch the idiot who puts up that IAWT banner in the face.

  52. Yippee Kai Yay

    An objective, a considerate purpose which unites rather than divides is what is required.

    It has to be communicable, it has to be considered and sufficiently self-deprecating and respectful not to come across as an 8-year old saying ‘I don’t like it anymore’ in a foot stamping way.

    What do people want:

    removal of wenger?

    The sad fact is that the board has set the tone. unless anyone ITK (pedro) knows different a change of manager will have the same objectives of the board, steady ship, keep profile up, keep fans coming through gate.

    Removal of board? difficult to do if they don’t want to go, especially if they have no justifiable reason to go. i.e. they are still making money.

    The prem is a massively expanding growth market they only have to be in the EPL to make more money.

    As I have pointed out before it is a ‘cash cow’ in every sense of hte word.

    Stan’s personal wealth increase by circa $300K last, now that isn’t cash that is value of assets and the growth in valuation of AFC Holdings was responsible for well over 75% of that capital asset increase.And he had to do sweet fa and it was not related to success on the pitch (as there wasn’t any).

    Reality check is folk, he doesn’t want to change. And won’t unless his hand is forced.

    So what ever plan is put in place I would suggest a notion of ‘small change’ and fan engagement first off, as anything else will be seen as too radical. and likely to be dismissed as such.

    Once the idea of change has been accepted, what that change looks like is merely an issue of quantum.

  53. skandibird

    That does it for me (the game I mean) – how can the club justify wages, how can the Board justify itself, how can the CEO justify himself, how can the players justify anything they have done this week, how can the Manager justify his tactics (or more lack of) how can I continue to support a club who so blatantly don’t give a shit about their fans?????????????????????????????????????

  54. Doublegooner


    You are right. about the a new manager would be a Kronke pupett

    I want theremoval of Wenger – but as i say, you are right, my agenda is aimed at Kronke. This will unite more fans.

  55. Arsene's Straightjacket

    Well there’s a surprise, we lost. Did anyone honestly expect anything else? Once again we were outmuscled, outfought and outspirited but a hopeless Wenger XI. Wenger is complete and utter joke. I haven’t heard his post match excuses but I’m guessing it’s either:

    1. we were tired from midweek
    2. we are suffering with injuries OR
    3. the pitch was not good enough

    God I am SICK of watching Arsenal under this clown. He needs to do the right thing and leave or he will drag our club down even further.

    Charlieboy – good comment about no one consoling poor Ox. That tells you all you need to need to know about this “team” and the spirit out there. Leader anyone?

  56. Jeff

    Maybe, like the board, we just have to accept that winning a trophy of any sort isn’t important. Perhaps it is a bad illness that will take its own sweet time to pass so that the club’s natural state of existence is restored to actually winning things coming before making a profit. What can I say.

  57. BOOZY

    Well, no need complaining now, this season would surely end.

    time to get behind this team we love, no excuses for not qualifying for champs league with chelsea still in 2 competitions, and as we currently occupy fourth spot, we have to cling on to it with our lives.

    spurs next – that in its self is all the motivation this team needs.

    I’m sure wenger has seen his folly, i sure he now realizes everyone has been right all along.

    finishing above spurs would be a trophy for me, and it is fucking possible.

  58. Herkules

    There are some truly misinformed posters here… there are thousands and thousands of people on the waiting list for season tickets – there is ZERO risk of the club taking a revenue hit from sales of tickets. The only real risk they face of losing revenue due to poor performance is retail sales and tv revenue.

    There is also ZERO risk that a major corporation won’t back the kit in a huge way in 2015 – regardless of performance.. a few bad years don’t ruin the games premier brands (look at Juve, ‘Pool, etc).

    Also there is ZERO risk that we won’t be able to attract a good coach and great players – regardless of performance – because of the amazing stage we offer in the second largest city in Europe.

    The business model itself is not in jeopardy. The long-term health of Arsenal is not at risk – but if we want short term results we need a better manager.

    Surely SK – who is not really into EPL – must take his advice from someone. Whoever that person is – that’s the one that needs convincing.

  59. Lover of Arsenal. Hater of Arsene.

    @Double, Monkey et al. Not in UK but support your course wholeheartedly. Day by day the AKBs are reducing and I believe that now it remains only a few morons, most residing on Arseblog. Get Wenger out asap. It is possible. He met us here…..and he has done enough pissing around to deserve us seeing his back. And the best sentence I’ve heard today, even if he gets a statue, ‘Your statue will be spat at’. Tell us who are away how we can get involve with spreading the news. The best initiative I’ve heard this year.

  60. zeus

    It just goes to show how good fabregas was for us. I hate looking back, but even when we were spineless at times, we were always pretty on the eyes.

  61. Arben

    Can you imagine Spurs coming at our ground beating us and laughing at our fans who they will be screaming and booing our team,that will be double victory for them, that will be their bigest achivement in their history for many years to come and I’m very sad for that,But if wenger resign that day i will take that so be it, that will be the end and the new era began.

  62. Yippee Kai Yay


    You are spot on, the problem, it would appear from those itk, is that the person he is taking advice from is Wenger. And so the circle completes itself,

    As I said, reality check is needed.

    If the cycle is to be broken either Stan needs a different adviser, or something needs to massively adversely affect revenue, it won’t, as you rightly say, be tickets as they still get snapped up.

    It would more likely be TV revenue. or commercial deals affected.

    However, there is a caveat that without CL the quality of players and manager the club can attract will diminish somewhat. That is a real prospect right there.

    It wouldn’t surprise me, as I said back in Nov, if Ivan is the one to have to fall on his sword in the summer. The issue then is what difference that makes.

    However to sit back and do nothing is to watch it all fall over itself, if a fall is far enough, the club could yet be the next leeds united (not immediately but over a number of seasons it is still a possibility).

  63. Arsene's Nurse

    Anyone who has played football for any length of time will at some point score an own goal. No player who suffers that ignominy ever means to do it. I’ve seen many and scored a couple of crackers myself, but when it happens a friendly arm around the shoulder is always offered not matter if it’s a real doosy. There are always words of encouragement . At Arsenal it seems you are shunned.

    This happened earlier in the season too. Players who accidentally put the ball in their own net were left in isolation. That shows that there is no leadership, no camaraderie and no team spirit. It’s doubly disgraceful when it’s a youngster left in that situation in front of thousands of people (and a vast television audience).

    How low we can slump is anyone’s guess. I’m numb to it all rather than angry now.

  64. Monkeyjeffrey

    Unfortunately we will probably get jammy and win the spuds game and then everyone will forget about protesting . It will be like ground hog day

  65. BOOZY

    And i’m not akb joppa.

    But really what’s the point complaining anymore, i’m exhausted.

    At the end of the season wenger could be gone, but more realistically i think we would see a new wenger who knows he has really fucked up.

  66. JJ

    Is anyone really suprised? As soon as I saw JD on the team sheet I knew we were going to lose. When Squirrel came on, it was just a matter of ‘by how much?’

    Arteta and Ramsey were terrible again today. Our forwards never get the ball.

  67. Mark gooner

    Usmanov needs to save us, he is the only one that can topple kronke
    If he doesnothing then even with a new manager not much will change as gazidis and kronke have a bigger hard on for “sustainable model” then even the deluded manager does

  68. JJ

    Our defense has been terrible for years. The difference this year is that our midfield is terrible now too. We have no unit to protect the defenders and help get the ball forward. All out midfielders do is pass sideways and backwards.

    Next year we will lose RvP and that will be the end of us.

    Stubborn, stubborn Wenger. He simply does not possess the tools anymore.

  69. Arse&Nose©

    We need to look at the bigger picture.

    No point in having a protest to kick Wenger out, the board will replace him with another manager who penny pinches.
    Do you really think the injury problems and our financial strategy will change?

    The problem is deeper than the manager.

  70. Doublegooner


    You UK or London based ?

    If you are genuinely fucked off, lets get us guys together use our brains together to let Kronke know ITS TIME TO STOP TREATING THE CLUB LIKE A BANK..


    email me :

  71. jack

    roaaary February 18, 2012 19:43:58
    who decides that the results are acceptable and that wenger should stay? who actually acts as a boss and holds meetings detailing whats happening at the club?
    That game along with the milan disaster was so poor that no1 could back wenger. it seems like wenger is actually trying to turn us in to a shit excuse of a club? ======================================================================================

    The fans that were shouting “theres only one Arsene Wenger” at the match today decides that Arsene ,results, stan, ivan, top 4, ST prices, jd payrise, walcott, diaby,squill etc etc etc etc etc etc are all acceptable. It really tells you what we are up against when The AKbs were praising there hero after that display today. The AKBs are simply destroying this club as much as Arsene is. fuck them and fuck Arsenal , as it presently stands.

  72. Monkeyjeffrey

    Bade I agree boycott is the only way but how many will do it . I saw on here he other day an idea not to go into the ground for the first half , I thought that was a good idea and would send a strong message but we are still a minority and given recent attendances no one would notice
    We need the bodies to do it, how we get them is the key

  73. Wenger out NOW

    This board and CEO Think spurs are in colorado. They won’t even relise how big next week is!!

    I haven’t checked for the last 5 mins, is wenger still there?

  74. follow the money

    Herkules yo9u make good points but that doesn’t mean a fan revolt can’t effect change. I disagree that the club will be able to get good sponsorship deals if they continue to suck. Look at Liverpool, Adidas bailed on them because they are not in the CL. We blew it the last time we negotiated sponsorship deals and we look set to blow it again. Look at Man U. They were smart enough to not let Ronaldo go until they had their AIG deal in place. I seriously doubt Nike will renew with us–personally I don’t care about this as I hate Nike. But that’s not my point

  75. Bade

    Arsene said : “it’s how we respond that matters” and I think he’s right

    Though the “we” for me refers to us, the fans

    How we respond to this shambles matters

    Boycott the club, don’t attend the Derby, let it look like 2 thirds empty

    Maybe that greedy donkey will leave then

    He’s Persona non grata

  76. Mike

    Adebayors gona get a couple against us – I can sense it .
    I get the feeling even if we get dicked 10-0 by tottenham , wenger will STILL be backed To stay on.
    This is all such fucking bullshit !
    I’d have George graham back tomorrow I swear to god .

  77. DustyDwyer6MPS

    I was disgusted with the players today and embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan for the first time in 24 years (88). The way they carried themselves, complained and dived / were weak on the ball was a disgrace. The players were doing everything as inderviduals and trying to get something free out of the game rather than backing eachother up playing as a team working for the ball as a unit and giving options to the man in possession… Sunderland were fantastic no complaints and no excuses hands down deserved that victory.. The pitch was not great but that went for both sides.. I thought for once Webb was very kind to us..

    A team made of glass and inderviduals rather than team mates..

    Those players all seemed more interested in looking for a foul and then making stupid challenges than actually playing football… Verm , Sagna and JD were somewhat lucky to even be on the pitch at 90mins wrfeckless sellfish attitudes all over the place…

    Ox I do feel sorry for and you can see he was just losing the will out there and i cant blame him for that when the so called qualidty around you is a shambles..

    70% possession with 1 real shot on goal (Gerv) plenty of sideways and back passes… no plan b … and no one willing to make diagonal runs or offer something different…

    Still we all already know everything that was going to happen no suprises…

    Just disgusted embarrassed and ashamed to be an arsenal supporter today…

    Arsenal FC will not be getting another penny from me until I see change..

    AKB s jog on … AFC most expensive tickets jog on …. Those wages and players are a disgrace.. Spoilt brats everywhere… AFC has died this season …

  78. Gunner2301


    You’re right we should be prepared to take short term pain for long term gain so if losing at the weekend means Wenger would walk, I’d say that would be a price worth paying.

  79. Jeff

    Thinking about it logically I think I can see a major reason for all of this. If the chief seniour executive of Marks and Spencers made mistake after mistake and the board decided to keep him anyway because they thought he was sustaining the model, would we care? No, because to us M&S is not a football club.

    But to the owners, Arsenal is first and foremost a business that happens to be a football club. Not coming to the games, not bothering much with the press and all the other things that irritate us about Kroenke must really confuse him because he’s reading the balance sheet and can’t see what the fuss is about.

    Arsenal must be the only british club whose owner doesn’t actually care a jot about the “game” itself. Say what you like about the owners of other clubs who spend fortunes on their teams, but the difference is they come to the matches, they enjoy the spectacle and they want to win – whatever the cost.

    That’s the crucial difference. Now Wenger used to think winning mattered but having 14 consecutive years of presence in the Champions League has blinded him to the fact that presence alone is not enough. Money alone is not enough. Success, in the eyes of the fan, is measured by winning trophies and beating the opposition.

    The analogy between M&S and a football club is unfair. If you don’t like M&S goods, you would have no trouble going to Tesco or one of the other retail giants. But what does a fan of a football club do? They continue to support their club come hell or high water and that my friends is exactly what Kroenke wants and will get.

    We are the only club whose owner has absolutely no interest in the emotions of the paying fan – just the money. While there may be a few dissenting supporters, the season tickets will be renewed, all the seats will be sold and there is nothing you or I can do about it because there aren’t nearly enough people who feel strongly enough to relinquish their beloved Arsenal and their highly treasured season tickets.

    Basically, we’re in horrible marriage and divorce is only possible if our other half leaves because we certainly cannot and will not leave.

  80. JJ

    Just saw the article from JD on – “You will see the best of me now”

    Sadly, today probably was the best of him… and he is still shite.

  81. roaaary

    i think everyone on here feels the same pain and annoyance that nothing can be done about it.
    At chelsea at least the fans know if results are poor they make changes.

    problem here is that its so obviously piss poor. i want to know who the fuck is singing one arsene wenger? are you fucking stupid?

    i cant actually support this club anymore while it is being run like this. i dont mind bad results or being out played but the neglect shown towards fans and our history is what makes me sick. fuck you arsene, fuck you ivan and fuck you stan.

  82. Monkeyjeffrey

    Im 52 years old and an arsenal supporter all my life and I can honestly say I have seen worse teams but never such a lack of passion and fight. We really are fucked and it’s going to be a long road back and the sad thing it I fear its still along way to the end of the road we are on
    Other have said it, just look at the way none of the players consoled ox. Where’s the team spirit and comradeship
    We’re fucked
    I ve been married and divorced twice and I loved both those women with all my heart . Now I couldn’t give a fuck about either of them , I wish I could do the same with arsenal

  83. kwik fit

    “I believe we had a spirited and committed performance. Sometimes you want to give credit to the players even when you lose a game and I think today is one of them,” said the Frenchman.
    “We had a difficult week. We had three away games on three very difficult pitches. At the end we go home tonight with many injuries and out of the cup.
    “We had to chase the game with already not fresh legs, the schedule was just too difficult for us.
    “It is always easier to defend than to attack. If you look at the amount of possession we had today it would certainly be massive. I felt that we were a bit unlucky today.”
    He added: “[It was] 100 per cent a penalty and I think that was one of the decisive moments in the game.”

    Wenger is spot on in his assessment. Once again it a cruel twist of fate that beat our boy’s. Fate really does have it in for us!

  84. lordbergkamp

    You’ve got to hope we finish outside the champs league. As that will mean the board will need to put up or shut up.

    They either replace the 40m in lost income with their own money or cut the operating budget by the same amount…

    Then they choose – cut the budget every year or invest to get in the top 4; but at least we, the fans, will be able to see the agenda being driven by the board…

    And if they want CL football and don’t think wenger can deliver it – he’s history. They have not loyalty.

  85. Gunner2301


    You know why he’s said that? Because after the so called bollocking he gave them in mid-week he can hardly say they haven’t listened to a word I’ve said.

    He’s going back to his “I didnt see it” attitude because he can’t have been watching the same match we watched.

    He’s basically given up and all were gonna get now till the end of the season is a glossing over of the bad performances.

  86. follow the money

    I admire the sentiment behind a protest but they usually don’t work, or the powers that be at the club find a way to defuse them. Look at how the Glazer protest went at Man U. All the scarves, petitions, attempts to organize a group to buy out the Glazers…none of it came to anything. And they were organized. Then again, Man U never stopped winning. Nevertheless..I think any season tix that are relinquished will be snapped up immediately by tourists and corporate scum. I really see no way to force change. The stadium could go a season half empty and it still wouldn’t be enough because PL teams are going to be raking in money from Asian and African markets soon with the rumoured tv/internet deal. We have to simply pray that Stan sells to Usmanov. That’s the only way we will see a change in manager and some quality signings. The conditions for a Liverpool-type force out of the owner like they did with Hicks etc do not exist at Arsenal. With us it would be like Russian peasants trying to force out Stalin–the upper echelons of Arsenal are too united in their self-sustaining garbage and too fond of their money making scam

  87. leon

    i was to suprised by the result at all.this team is not well drilled organised team its all about 1-2 touch football and the players we have are not great passes but there is nothing wroung that if you have right if you have system that suites the players have not other way round arteter song ramsey are good hard working playerslike and much better suited to playing in a more direct style but the way they play now is very one dimentional and easy to read. they have good quick players in theo givenho chamberlain ryo and they had tarket man and focus on being well organized because they have players who play cbs position in song verm kos mertaker but wenger so invested in this 1-2 football and passing the ball all the time and they dont knwo other way to play.this team is not the strongest team mentily i fear they might slip down the table as they did last season.

  88. Jeff

    Quite extraordianry really when you think about it. We have resigned ourselves not only to accepting and expecting to lose but actually wanting it just so it gets bad enough for Wenger to leave.

    I remember watching with disbelief the Man U game when we got hammered 8-2 and thinking that this surely has to mean some huge dramatic change will take place and found myself happy that the heavy defeat could have some a meaningful purpose. I was wrong; utterly wrong. We went out and bought a load of rubbish but even then I was actually quite happy because something is always better than nothing; right? Wrong?

    That something cost us very little in monetary terms but untold amounts in competitions. Then January came and went and we saw Henry pop up for a few short weeks. That was the answer to it all. Nothing permenant and nothing concrete.

    Just because we find ourselves fourth now, and that only because of other clubs failing, it doesn’t mean we will stay fourth. For the last 7 years, this is the part of the season where we start to wane and disappear into a dark tunnel because injuries, fatigue and failure begin to drain away any hope.

    I honestly cannot see any way out of this if we keep the current regime of management and players. It is now so obvious and without a shadow of a doubt, that sweeping changes are required in both camps if there is to be a turnaround of any sort. But, I have to say though that there is nothing to suggest it will happen either now or any time under Wenger’s management.

  89. Doublegooner

    Follow the money:

    Our circunstances are different. We probably have some of the wealthiest fans in the country. I believe alot of them will be considering not renewing their boxes.

    Us ‘ordinary’ fans can still protest. Fans have spending power.

    If you dont believe in a protest, any other ideas ?