Last chance saloon today, and time for fan power Arsenal, don’t let a Yank club collector grind us down.

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I have to say I hope you all take what Arsenal are saying about transfers with a pinch of salt, they are liars and they do this every year, and every year we fall for it, he thinks he can throw you all a scrap and you will feed off it, like grateful dogs, well this year I hope you don’t, I urge all season ticket holders to think hard before you part with your money because it’s not going on your team, it’s going on wages.

How the hell can Djourou get a pay rise?

Same with the merchandising, meat pies and drinks, though I can understand excessive drinking at some of our recent performances. If the new kit is that one with the black armbands, don’t worry, no bugger will buy that anyway! And that’s how out of touch our American and French owners are, they don’t realise we actually like red and white kits.

Moan over, we are still all Arsenal fans and we all still want our team to win, despite out nutty manager doing his best to destroy his legacy and our team

Today we play in the last trophy we can win, against Sunderland at the Stadium of Shite, a week after beating them in the league, can we do it? You bet we can.

Let’s start with my line up for today, presuming they are all available.


Sagna Song Vermaelen Gibbs

Coquelin Arteta Bennayoun

Gervinho RVP Oxo

Now a line up like that may do it, Song has been rubbish as a DM in my opinion but Ok at centre back, well twice as good as Djourou and Squillaci combined, that’s for sure.

Mertesacker is out for the season and Kozzer is out for today, so a strong back for is what we need, screw their feelings.

Ramsey needs to be benched and I feel Yossi has something to prove and he can’t do worse, Coquelin deserves a chance and Arteta is all we have left.

Time to get shot of Theo from our line up, even I have lost patience with him now, give Oxo and Gervinho a go and Robin of course to feed off them.

It’s our last chance of anything this season, I don’t care if we don’t qualify because I’m sick of Europe and Wenger’s sucking up to it at the Panacea.

Go out there men and fight for your future, because if we lose this game, it doesn’t look good.

Have a great day Grovers, a lot depends on this game. Our whole season I think.

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  1. SUGA3


    last chance saloon trophy wise it is!

    and frankly, we do need a result, or it will be a whole week spent sharpening the knives before the next Sunday…

    good piece overall and I agree that both Ramsey and Wanutt need to be dropped…

  2. gunnerfanatic

    i agree with the transfer rumors its always the same this time of the year but you are being a little bit harsh on song

  3. asdasd

    Someone should shout this at walcott,”Either you proof your worth to us for contract extension or prove your worth to your future employers”
    This guy has shit written all over his face

  4. Geoff

    Morning all, if anyone thinks Song has been worth it they must also believe that Djourou and Theo warrant pay rises, me, I don’t.

  5. scott

    Time to sell walnut.
    Can’t believe all the propaganda coming from the club regarding future transfers. They’ll just say this August “we was in for many top top quality players, but with the euro championship the inflated prices were too high. We can’t compete with oil rich or Russian owned clubs”

  6. scott

    Fergie offered welbeck £40k per week new contract. And Walcott demands £80kpw. HELL NO!
    buy Dyer or Sinclair from Swansea

  7. sean

    Who cares who is first??? Get a fucking life lads. There are bigger issues at hand.

    I really don’t want to see theo’s fucking face today. Sick of that kid.

  8. HendonGooner

    I think that it is time that a season ticket renewal boycott is carried out by all Arsenal season ticket holders. Refuse to renew the season ticket until the club carry out a major investment in bringing in 7 or so quality and experienced players.

    C’mon Le-Grove, help to get his “protest” up and running.

    It’s the only way the money-men will take notice.

    And c’mon all Arsenal season ticket holders. Lets stand together with one voice.
    Lets tell the club that we are no longer going to put up with Wenger’s “moneyball” madness…

  9. paul mc daid

    Heartbreaking to watch our club dying before our very eyes,Arsene Wenger, PHW,Ivan the Clown and Stan the Wank are clueless,gutless losers and have to be removed before the rebuilding can commence,60 professionals on our books off which 1 is world class ,5 are good and the rest average at best is an absolute disgrace,15 years after Arsene Wenger arrival and not one player,Robin included would off got into the team he inherited,thats criminal,millions upon millions off pounds are being wasted on and by incomponent fools,its sad. and pathetic.

  10. Alexander

    I’d keep Theo. He’s still only 22. Djourou however, baffles me. But maybe if we ship out the squid and bring back Bartley, he’ll be our 5th choice?
    Songs decent at dm and cb. He just needs competition for his place to keep his concentration.

    With our midweek routing and an organised, in form Sunderland… Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this game?

  11. tomb

    Great writing.True succinct and to the point. Lets not fanny around here , we are were we are because of fundemental issues becoming blurred regarding money and the team.

    FA cup would be a fantastic bit if silverware for us.

    Not sure we are going to do it today though.

  12. scott

    Sug he’s played regularly this season and will be a big part of Englands failed euro attempt this summer.
    Fergie obviously knows how to pay some players £40k and top stars £180k shame our board/ manager doesn’t.

  13. Moray

    who the fuck is controlling the contract renewals? So, we didn’t manage to keep Cashley, Nasri, Edu etc, but we have managed to re-sign Almunia, Rosicky, Diaby, Djourou…

    Shocking. We haven’t learnt a thing.

    We could pick up better than Djourou in the Sunday Leagues. Every time he plays he costs us the same. Worse than Squillachi imo (or at least not much in it)

  14. home and away

    Wenger has gone mental – but only because he has been allowed to by our absent profit motivated owner and our powerless puppet board –
    If we want real change at our club we must all focus on Silent Stan Kroenke he is the cancer eating away at our beloved Arsenal there will be an effect one way or the other with Wenger if Stan is gone – but one thing is 100% certain weather your a Wenger out or Wenger spend merchant he will not be gone or spend while Stan the wig demon is at the helm – so any attack on the manager in my mind just divides the fans and actually keeps him where he is and how he is – because it deflects attention away from the Yank . and his 2 useless American minions Ivan the terrible and Dick head Law !


  15. scott

    Wenger gave JD a new improved contract so he’s got another player who will continue to say Wenger is best man for the job.
    He surrounds himself with these shit players on huge salaries. When have you heard squid complain about lack of matches?

  16. Santos

    Isn’t Thierry trying to usurp Bob Wilson as the AKB chaiman? He just regurgitates those WengErism lines these days. He knows uncle Arsène is on the Verge of getting the P45..

  17. Nick Drago

    I’ve seen that arsenal shirt with the black armbands and black socks? That’s horrible!

    I wouldn’t give walcott 85p the way he’s been playing. We need a giant clearout in the summer and bring in fresh blood and start putting some pride back into the cannon that’s on the shirt.

  18. Aarsh Saxena

    Yes our whole season depends on this, our players need to stand up to the occasion and play like fighters, and it ain’t goonna be easy!

    And god forbids if our back four has any further injury problems, i don’t think we’ll manage to compete for even 4th…

  19. Mark S

    Not too keen on these live TV evening kick offs, never seem to do well in these games. It’s going to be wet, grim and ugly. We’ll probably go 1 up with loads of possession, fail to get a 2nd then the cunts will equalise, their crowd will get behind them, the ref will get caught up in the moment (giving us fuckall) then they’ll probably get a late winner. Could just be me being defeatist but hey, hope I’m wrong and we get through without any injuries.

  20. Moray

    Santos, don’t forget Wenger gave thierry a nice 6m payday while he mostly rested up injured for a year. Then he sold him at a knock down price to the team of his choice.

    He did the same for Cesc. How he got away with that I’ll never know. Sold one of the 3 best midfielders in the world for a pittance just to help his career, and to a team that was then a CL rival.

    He’s running the club like his own boy’s club. With our money.

  21. Alexander

    Theo is frustrating but he’s our 2nd top goal scorer and he’s well up there with assists too. I’d have him over Arshavin.
    . Well, not if we played AA in position, but that’s not going to happen.

  22. Gooner Glen

    I bet Ramsey and Walnut are played today and JD if fit! Wenger has lost it and we were lucky last time out at the stade of shite only to be saved in the 93rd min by our best ever fan/lover Henry! so if he doesn’t change it up things look bleak. God what I would give to see him change his tactics a bit! (Before you respond I know he doesn’t know how). Good luck today Gooners it could be a lovely or awful weekend hinged on this.

    PS is anyone else sick of reading “we must respond for the fans” pages on, do they just reprint the article weekly using a different player?

  23. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    I like that “Moan over, we are still all Arsenal fans and we all still want our team to win”

    Couldn’t have said it better. Also i agree with you remark about song, he needs real competition and a few weeks on the bench might give him some perspective.

    I’ve also asked myself time and again what Arsene Wenger thinks about his legacy. I mean he must know that he’s undoing all his good work in the eyes of the fans. How does he feel when he faces up to other managers after building a team for 7 years and still ends up getting beat 4 -0. I guess all we can do is watch and see how it all pans out.

    Had half a mind to skip todays game i must admit. Sunderland will be totally up for it having rested through the week. they’ll be looking for revenge after that last gasp TH14 goal plus they’ll know were vulnerable right now.

    Hope we come out with a win cause its crucial for the north london derby. 2-1 to the Arsenal i think.

  24. somege at Arsenalone

    Le Grove..I wish Arsenal lose to Sunderland..And I hope they dont make the Champions League..Now ppl will shout saying I am not a true fan but often to take 2 steps forward you need to take a step back..Only more catastrophe will irritate season ticket holders not to renew..The only way for things to change at Arsenal is to bleed Stan Kroenke who I doubt even understands what an off-side is..Its money for him..If season ticket holders do not renew he will lose money and let go off the club..Thats the only way things can change..Season ticket holders must be convinced to leave it for a year.

  25. Jeff

    Maybe it would help to summarise our problems in a cold list in ascending order of severity. This is how I would order them; feel free to change it if you like.

    1. Crippling wage structure (i.e. undeserving players get more or less the same as talented ones)

    2. Lack of quality players in the team.

    3. Too many mediocre players in the squad.

    4. Too many tactical errors (i.e. wrong formation, wrong substitutions, wrong players in positions, playing the same way ALL the time, predictability)

    5. A very high ratio of bad signings to good ones.

    6. Lack of impetus on winning, no heart.

    7. Too many painful “nearly” high profile matches, semi-finals, finals going back over seven years.

    8. Lack of success spawning lack of confidence and no desire to win.

    9… any more

  26. TJKing

    I’m not renewing my season ticket this year. I work hard all year to pay off my credit card to watch that shit and to make matters worse he gives shit players huge salaries. I understand we need a JD as a 4th choice defender, fair enough, but £20,000 not £50,000.

    I’ve already started a boycott of sorts, I’m not buying programs nor am I buying any food or drink in the stadium and I’m definately not buying that horrible kit.

    What’s the point in buying a season ticket anyway when every game has gone on sale to red members? I do love Arsenal but what’s the point when the manager, players and board don’t seem to.

  27. sensible old chap

    Even if proper gooners like us give up season tickets etc – there will be a shedload of AKB’s and fake fans that snap them. People like those ‘untold arsenal’ maniacs can see nothing wrong with the situation and would blindly follow ‘lord wenger’ even if we were relegated.

  28. Geoff

    We need to focus our efforts on removing Stan Kreonke its as simple as that

    What is the benefit of having him as the owner if he doesnt contribute money to the squad????

    An average fan may as well be the owner.

    Money spend acquiring shares 400M +
    Money spent acquiring players NONE

  29. bishans

    February 18, 2012 09:41:26

    who the fuck is controlling the contract renewals? So, we didn’t manage to keep Cashley, Nasri, Edu etc, but we have managed to re-sign Almunia, Rosicky, Diaby, Djourou…

    Shocking. We haven’t learnt a thing.

    We could pick up better than Djourou in the Sunday Leagues. Every time he plays he costs us the same. Worse than Squillaci imo (or at least not much in it)
    it shows that wenger hasn’t learn anything over the years, so expect the same shit next season, the season after that and the season after that. To be honest i dont see us wining today but i hope am proved wrong.

  30. Foreheadinho

    You might be ‘sick of Europe’ but if we do not make the top four then our chances of signing world class players will be greatly diminished. That is a real concern because we need those top talents or the future is a continuing downward spiral.

  31. Moray

    is there really nobody at the club who can overrule the offering of a large contract renewal to JD? There must be someone between the absentee landlord and Wenger?

    Why are we trying to scratch around to buy players on frees and haggling for loan signings, just to blow a few million a year on a player that is nothing less than a liability? It is winding me up just to think about it.

    I just wonder how many fans will be won over here in Asia during this summer’s tour with the style of football we play?

  32. Geoff

    Greatly diminished! Ha, ha why Foreheadinho, we don’t sign world class players period.

    We sold 3 in the summer, Clichy, Cesc and Nasri, and replaced them with what?

    Santos, Park, Bennayoun, Mertesacker and Arteta.

    Park has played one half in the EPL and Mertesacker was only signed because he fucked up with Squillaci but never admitted to it.

  33. Lamia

    Despite the disaster in Milan the fact remains that we are still in 4th place and that is all that matters to the board and wenger. He sees this as a successful season. Our main competitors Chelsea, who are in crisis and liverpool who only have one decent forward (suarez) who can score goals, so 4th spot is still there for the taking. So wengers job will be safe thanks to the fact that our main competitors are crap. Wenger has succeeded in lowering our expectations, which was his intention. We are looking to benayoun to improve our midfield (can you believe this) Would he have gotten in our squad a few years ago. We have players on our books who we can’t get rid of because no one wants them. We send them out on loan, they struggle, and because of their high wages we are stuck with them. What do we do with these players, cut our losses ?. We are now a 2nd tier club signing 2nd or 3rd tier players. Some might argue that this is our rightful place but were we not told that our move to the emirates was to prevent this and we would be competitive. Do we not pay the highest ticket prices. Have we been conned or what.

  34. Brian

    Arsenal make £30more per year from the emirates than from high bury. Have over 20years to pay . Money in bank £160 million ,in two to three years money in bank will exceed debt. How did we buy world class players when we did not have Emirates revenue ?

  35. Arben

    Morning grovers,
    I think is time to drop Chezzer and play Fabianski ,Chezzer head has become too big for his shoulders,

  36. Taxi for Wenger

    Makes my blood boil thinking that fuckwit clown Djourou is playing where the likes of Adams Bould and Keown once were. And a new contract as well fucking shambles fuck you Wenger

  37. skandibird

    Geoff; Totally agree

    ”No wonder we concede ” – that is an old story now, we ALL know about the training that doesn’t happen, even past players have said so in previous interviews . I personally can’t be ‘arsed’ anymore.

    I wonder, is this the worst season for many a year so far? I can’t seem to remember feeling like this for a very long time about MY beloved team.

  38. Bade


    Good one, though you’r living in the past if you think we’re in the last chance saloon, we’re already past it

    I used to be excited in match day, no more

    I feel numb, I know I’ll watch the game eventually, but with no excitement or anticipation whatsoever

    Arsene is very close of totally terminating out beloved club, but we have a spineless board and a nuttier owner than the manager himself

    This will end in agony, Arsene will be remembered as the worst manager of this great club. That’s for sure the case for me already

    Monaco were lucky to have a sane board who sacked Arsene before his megalomaniac project ruined them totally. But we seems not that lucky.

    Fuck positive, fuck it all.

    Arsene, what have you done to our great club? you nutty donkey

  39. Gooner Glen

    Wenger – It’s how we respond that matters!! (About the 10th time this type of page has been on

    “Disappointments are a part of the game but we had previously always found the resources to get up again when it was down. That is what’s at stake tomorrow.”

    You can take from this paragraph what you will, but to me it suggests Wenger doesn’t feel we do lack in quality but in fact its mentality that is our issue! He surely can’t be this deluded can he?

  40. David Yadid

    Anyone else fear that it may be too late?

    We won’t win anything now that will keep Robin at the club and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as much as I wish he hadn’t opened his gob, spoke the truth when he’s told Robin that if he really wants to win something, he’s not going to do it at Arsenal. For a player who wants to win something, club loyalty is only going to satisfy you so much, it got to cesc in the end, surely it’s eating away at Robin. I wouldn’t blame him if he leaves, it’s a waste of talent when he could be playing alongside Europe’s elite and instead he has to deal with Theo and stare at Djourou’s defending.

    Wenger Out, more protest needed to save our club from mid-table mediocrity. Liverpool changed, and when it didn’t work, they changed again, and slowly they are getting back up – we need to do the same and avoid their mistakes, NOW.

  41. RockyPires

    I cant belive we are subkect to this shit from, Djororu youll se my best noe, if you were any fooking good Johan you had your chance to prove it against Milan, but not rather than the aggressive Djororu we were promised
    I did like the aggressive Djororu by the way and rated him highly, but against Milan on comes another timid sheep.
    Fucks sake I have being all week mourning the result like a death in the family and this is the soft shit we have to listen to.
    I agree with Geoffs team, I posted my reservation sabout playing Gibbs against Milan and my goodness was he crap. He left so much space, never closed, never looked aggressive, nothing left Verm so isolated and never was there any communication from him.

    Be great to see Coquelin in his real position, the kid is a good one.
    Hope to see big responses from YCheck,Bac,Verm,Arteta,Coq,Gerv,RVP and OXo.
    these are players who can do it and are good enough quality.
    Looking forward to seeing the front trio their very dynamic and should provide much support,penetration and assits for RVP.

    Come On Arsenal….

  42. kwik fit

    Apparently Cesc admitted that Arsenal do not practice defending.
    It’s all about retaining possession and attack. In Barca defending is seen as much an integral part of the game as attack.
    Can any AKB please comment and advise how Arsene is the future if his football philosophy ignore’s the art of defending.

  43. simon mcmahon

    Your Comment Here

    WeLl I’m still in shock that djourou gets a new improvef deal. !! A player never worthy of playing for arsenal! This management and board are fucking clueless!they don’t care a jot about the supporters! We need big fat and orange to take control and to invest in proper quality signings again ! I
    Seems. Ages ago since I remember the buzz I got when we signed db 10! Wenger out and take the. useless yanks on the board with you!

  44. Dream10

    Djourou is talking like he knows he will start. Think Gibbs, Ramsey, Theo, Chezzer will be on the bench for this one.

    Fabianski: Sagna, DJ, Song, TV5: Yossi, Coquelin, Arteta: Gervinho, RVP, Ox

  45. Taxi for Wenger

    Gooner Glen
    Trust me Wenger truly is deluded and Senile as well the guys a fucking shambles in years to come I imagine him sitting in a padded cell rocking back and forth muttering to himself QUALIDEE ABILEDEE ZE MENTAL STREENTH

  46. skandibird

    Just told Ibrahimovic (in swedish)I was disappointed with him supposedly saying that RVP should leave Arsenal #The Sun, he tweeted:-

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic@__IBRA__
    Fc Arsenal ( Come to dady )

    ha ha ha ha – he has a strange sense of humour…….

  47. Wengersbargainbasement

    Couldn’t agree more Geoff as far as transfer rumours go. It’s like the twilight zone. About this time very season (ie once it’s all started to go wrong), Wenger gets angry for about 5 minutes, threatens major changes, etc. Come May we hear it’s going to be a busy summer. But then what happens? Nothing. Or like last summer we panic and get a load of not quite good enough players that no-one else was in for. Having already missed out on this that really could have made a difference.

    Being cynical I’d say this pattern might be triggered by poor results but it’s really geared towards driving season ticket renewals.

  48. Geoff

    Robel, I told you before, you can’t come on because you insult people, I’m sure even you can work that one out. And this is Geoff, the bad cop.

  49. Jeff

    If we signed JD, it must mean we have no ambition. All the other rubbish players that we now have will probably be extended again – if AW has a job for life, why shouldn’t they have one as well?

    I thought I saw some signs that Wenger might get the rusty sabre out and do a culling but maybe that’s just to appease the season ticket renewals and fool gullibles like me. Once the renewals are done, back to business as usual.

    If anyone predicted a future like this 10 years ago, they would have been locked up in a nut house.

  50. Eyeball Paul

    Same every year, we have a squad high in quantity, but lacking in quality back up. Then blame injuries as though it’s completely unforseen.

    There are to many people playing every week who are squad players at best. Song being a perfect example.

    I like Ramsey, but he isn’t ready yet. If he was at Man Utd he would’t be a first team regular at the moment.

    Walcott is clearly never going to make it as a winger. He should be used as an impact substitute when we need another player up front, or when RVP needs a rest. If he still looks shit playing in his favourite position, get rid.

  51. swinner

    good to see you posting more often Geoff.

    can’t see us getting anything at sunderland today. wenger always throws the away fa cup games.

    get him out now.

  52. Bergkamp63

    Nothing much is going to happen with Arsenal for the next 2 years, they will wait for FFP to really kick in before investing in players of world class. They have no intention of paying inflated transfer fees for players.

    Wages will will slow down also, clubs like Man City will have to offload players for nothing because of the salaries these guys are on.

    Anyone who thinks Arsenal are going to change anytime soon are deluded.

    Get used to it and accept it, you will only be upsetting yourselves more if you don’t.

  53. Jeff

    Does anyone else find the backing of managers by other managers to be condescending and patronising. No manager in the premier league will criticise another when clearly they’re in trouble. It is obvious to everyone and his wife that they are laughing and sniggering behind each other’s backs when things go wrong but when facing a camera, it’s all stern face and having a go at the fans for wanting a change.

    Of course the other managers want to retain failing bosses because it suits them to the ground. Two faced backstabbers, that’s what they really are.

  54. Ricky

    & Geoff ,

    There is no such thing as fan power at the arsenal.

    The majority of our fellow gooners are happy to have a sock in their mouths & bent over as long as it doesn’t cause any conflict.

  55. RockyPires

    Actually think ghost of John O Shea will score and we will loose 3-1, first time I ever have backed Arsenal to loose but hard to see any daylight at the end of this Arsene tunnell.

  56. skandibird

    I think Yennaris should get more play time, he looked really the business in the last two games he played in, even Henry gave him accolade. Could he be any worse than bloody DJ?

  57. Bergkamp63

    I predicted a trouncing against Milan but confident we will win by 2 goals today.

    Then lost to Spurs !!

    and Liverpool !!

  58. PV4

    Have to echo Geoff’s comment. Kroenke is the cancer eating away at Arsenal. How he was ever allowed control is beyond me. He has no interest in football – only business and money. No investment in decent stars since 2006, PHW, AW, IG et al are crucifying this once magnificent club. I wake up every day now expecting the vultures in the media to be circling the carcass that was once the mighty Arsenal.

  59. gunnerfanatic

    yep good for aresene, he’s got no ambition, that explains why we ve this present crop of rubbish we call a team

  60. Albo

    Not feeling remotely confident about today. It’s a tough game at the best of times, let alone after we’ve played away midweek and been thrashed.

    Oh well, fingers crossed and all that!

  61. Jeff

    One other thing that bugs me is this insistence by Wenger to put in players in order of experience. Just like you do in an office: this person has been here 5 years, regardless if he can do the job or not, will come before this other player who’s only been here 5 minutes but is 10 times better. What is this stupid loyalty. Can’t we just play the obviously best players, in the right positions and with the right formation for once in our lives?

    Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we just play in order to win for once instead of in order to please the players. It boggles my mind. I cannot work it out, I cannot understand it or stand it.

  62. scott are handing out record number of complementary tickets for the Milan 2nd leg to make it look like the support is still there fact!

  63. SUGA3


    supporting one of the elite? the main fucking issue here is that we are dropping out of the said elite right in front of our very own eyes…

  64. Matchy

    Song has been Arsenal most creative player this season. So what is Ramsey doing on the field?

    But i think he is actually a better defender then his holding midfield role. In midfield because the guy loves to attack and make killer pass es and tries to hold on the ball too long. He often slows the play down. And also loses the ball. If you look at Viera, and D’villa they play simle one toouches to keep the ball moving but always in the most effective pass. Hence it speeds up the attack and keep the players moving.

    Arsenal basic game is ‘movement’ When the players are static they are not effective because they cannot hold onto the ball under pressure. Pass and move is when they are most effective.

    Song slows down the play at lot of times because he takes too many touches and running with the ball before passes.

    And often he goes wlkabout out of position and the defender has to come in to cover him. Actually Ramsey and Areta should be the ones to do that. Fill up that role. But …. Ramsey lack the intelligence.

    But why i think he is better as a defender is the guy has physical strength and he can be dirty. Just like he stepped on whats his name who plays for QPR earlier in the season. Secondly, when he plays as a defender he knows his main responsibility. Do not roam around just stay in that central role.

    As for Bennayoun i dont rate him at all. But he is suited to 442 and not 433. Bennayoun was effective under Benitz and they played or revert to during the game to 442 up front and Bennayoun usually comes on as sub late in the half when they are chasing.

    At Chelsea Bennayoun was not effective too when chelsea tries that 443 hence the loan to Arsenal.

    Bennayoun is very similar to Ramsey. Average player who is not good at anything. A squad player but definitely not a starter.

    As for Cop i think he is very promising. Better then Ramsey in all departments. Because he can tackle and create. Actually i think he is better than Sagna when he played in the left back role. Sagna has his attributes but he cannot make intelligent passes to when he plays in the 433 system. 433 system is a very complex system. You need players with great intelligence and technical abilities to play. Barcelona has players who are exhibitant of these qualities and in their big wide field stadium they often win because they have the extra spaces to exploit to their advantages with players playing simple one touch and move football.

    The reason Chamak is not as successful as when he was in france is because arsenal have no full back who can cross the ball. Sagna and Gibbs (when he plays) can run and overlap the wingers but they cant deliever the crosses.

    And the wingers at arsenal also cannot cross the ball. mr walcot is one example. Ok walcot always want to play as the striker role but again in the 433 system he doesnt have the intelligence to play that role. And in front of goal he panicks. Not a sign of a natural striker.

    I just believe they players at arsenal in the first team is played out of position because of this 443 infatuation. I have yet to see a team in the EPL who plays the 443 system and win the league.

    Hence the arsenal defence will always be under pressure no matter if they buy the best defenders available. Because the 3 mildfielders instead of 4 midlfielders.

    Everytime arsenal plays Man U .. rednose stack the midfield and arsenal loses out in midfield and they counter attack with rooney or ronaldo before.

    Against AC Milan it was the case. Arsenal had no midfield. Defence under attacks after attacks. When you have players like Ramsey and Song and Areta in midfield away from home in the first game. Hey lets realise that Mr Ramsey isnt exactly strong. Why not play 442 or 451.

    Until the club can buy that super midfield player then revert back to 433?

  65. Albo

    SUG – relative to the entire gamut of professional football clubs, it’s probably fair to describe any team likely to play in Europe as ‘elite’ in some general sense

  66. WengersBargainBasement

    The Deloitte report in the week had us at the 5th biggest club in Europe by revenue, again. There’s such a huge disparity between our revenues and our team performance. Someone should total up income / revenue to performance in league and champions league over the last 5 years. We must be the worst performing team in Europe on that basis.

    How Wenger and the board can lord it up and smugly preach prudence over our financial performance is beyond me. There are plenty of other clubs out there remaining competitive whilst living within their means – and in most cases means vastly inferior to ours. Look at spurs, liverp

  67. WengersBargainBasement

    The Deloitte report in the week had us at the 5th biggest club in Europe by revenue, again. There’s such a huge disparity between our revenues and our team performance. Someone should total up income / revenue to performance in league and champions league over the last 5 years. We must be the worst performing team in Europe on that basis.

    How Wenger and the board can lord it up and smugly preach prudence over our financial performance is beyond me. There are plenty of other clubs out there remaining competitive whilst living within their means – and in most cases means vastly inferior to ours. Look at spurs, liverpool, all the clubs in Germany etc

  68. LaurenceGooner

    It’s all about a legacy – Henry left on top, Vieira left on top, Bergkamp left on top and Adams left on top…..all remembered for the wondrous things they did in the red and white.

    Wenger’s legacy looked strong – everything was good and Arsenal, well we were a dominate force. Nowadays those I fear that although the memories are good, Arsene’s legacy will be us looking back on a failed 6 years

  69. Matchy

    i hav written many times if you want to get rid of wenger or even make some improvements then the boss (kronke) has to reach into his pocket and get some money out.

    Just like liverpool ownsers and practically the who EPL teams even QPR new owner reached into their pocket to buy players …

    The only guy and club or owner in the EPL who has not put his hands in the pocket to invest in players is KRONKE.

    Hence even the lower teams in the EPL are harder to beat these days because they are investing $

  70. SUGA3


    here we go again, it’s about time someone rolled out the same ol’ washed up argument (used only in emergencies) about the poor supporters of the Wolves and Rotherhams of this world who never have a chance in hell of winning ANY trophy…

    *plays the violin*

    it’s like clockwork. this is hilarious 😆

    SUGA3 February 18, 2012 07:20:48


    AKBs will roll out the argument about what the Wolves supporters can say with them not being anywhere near a trophy EVER, but then again, we are not Wolves, are we?

  71. Albo

    No SUGA. We are not Wolves. I think that’s the point of the article! Leading to a misguided sense of expectation, exceptionalism and, entitlement… Your posts encapsulate all three rather nicely 😉

  72. Aarsh Saxena


    Unless you didn’t realise, Arsene played a 4-5-1 against Milan. His tactics were spot on, with Rosicky giving cover to Gibbs on the left. He stacked the midfield given Milans 4-4-2, and we still lost. The balme is defnitely with the players.

    Also, how can you say Song holds up the play? The guy has been the defensive rock of our team, and his main duty has been to track back and give cover to our centre backs. If not for him, we would easily have conceded more goals.

    And fyi, sagna (clichy previously) is known for his attacking mindset, and frequent crosses. Yes i agree that our wingers have only pace to offer, but our full backs do exactly what the 433 demands – track back, attack when the opportunity arises and get some crosses and passes going (may be it has not been so true wit TV5 as our left back)

  73. cygans love child

    It’s almost getting to a point where I can’t be bothered to moan about these problems because they have been around for years and nothings going to change. I might as well do something I enjoy rather than going and wasting money watching arsene-al

  74. Bergkamp63

    Sagna did not track back against Ibro and his crosses are a joke !! Like the rest of the team !!

    The midfield have no craft and definetely no steele. Against the likes of Van Bommel they were impotent !!

  75. dave

    I don’t care about top 4.

    1. we don’t keep top players
    2. we don’t buy top players
    3. wecannot win CL.

    I am season ticket holder for 40 years and now reminds me of the last days of George Graham.

    Personally, I would have rathered stayed at Highbury and continued to be a football club rather than being a commercial business that we have now become

  76. cowleygooner

    Hope someone at Arsenal is watching soccer saturday!
    The Merse Charlie Nicholas and even DB10 are ripping the team and the french retard a new one!
    Pay attention Wenger u stubborn cunt!

  77. Eyeball Paul


    I was gutted when I found out that Piers Morgan was an Arsenal fan. He’s arrogant, spiteful, and pompous. I can’t stand the bloke.

  78. Matchy

    Aarsh SaxenaFebruary 18, 2012 12:23:27

    That is the problem Aarash, Rosicky giving cover to gibbs …. Rosicky is a creative midfielder. Rosicky was playing as that attacking midfielder. difted inside more often then not so gibbs was left by himself on that wing.

    Gibbs just landed back from space after gong to venus for medical leave. So that selection for me was wrong.

    I did say song is a better defender and also mentioned he is Arsenal most creative player this year. But i believe he is better at defending in the central role because he wont be running up and down the whole field and trying to figure out in his brain what he is suppose to be doing .. Holding fielder or a creative attacking midfielder. HE is confused. This confusion slows down his thinking and execution of play.

    The invincble team defense will have problems if they have guys like Ramsey and Walcot sitting infront of them .. The first line of defense is the front three. and the next three.

    When henry went to Barconla he was told to up his fitness because they expected him to run and chase. Hence he got so many injuries and didnt really played that many games !

    Walcot cant defend as i have yet to see the guy chase players. Gerv is weak at defending. And when you put ARSAVIN and telling the guy to run up and down the pitch …. sighh..

    Pedro in the barcelona team and their wingers are their first line of defense. Ienesta runs and even messi runs and chase like anything.

  79. SUGA3


    what sense of entitlement?

    you mean, feeling entitled to see the rich club acting like one?

    not insulting fans with new contracts given to the likes of Doodoo?

    shall I carry on?

  80. Bergkamp63

    I gave up my season ticket 5 years ago because I knew this stadium move would result in 10 years of misery before we could seriously compete again.

    It’s not rocket science.

  81. Geoff

    If we paid what Wolves fans do I wouldn’t complain, also if our manager got what their manager did I wouldn’t complain, nor the players, finally their manager didn’t get 15 years did he, and won fuck all for half of them.