Arsenal are screwed this season, time to put it right Wenger, before you get sacked.

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Only the most optimistic of Arsenal fans can think we’ll win anything this season or that we will finish in the top four, and if we do for what exactly? To watch the annual ECL humiliation like we did on Wednesday?

So the most important thing our club says we must do is to qualify for the Champions league, only to be eventually knocked out, great! Me, I think progressing in the Europa league may be a better idea, ManU or City will probably win it, they will certainly earn more than us and aren’t being laughed at by the whole footballing world like we are.

Yes we were truly crap against Milan, but be honest, our players just aren’t good enough, you can’t get rid of players like Adebayor, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri and replace them with Squillaci, Park, Chamakh, Benayoun, Santos and Jenkinson. And then expect to beat AC Milan, only a complete mad man would think that, enough said.

I honestly think Wenger plays players out of position and that’s why the likes of Walcott are rubbish, look at Cesc since he left, second top goalscorer at Barca, and surprise, surprise, no injuries.

Now apart from falling gates and disgruntled bloggers like me, you only have to read the newspapers to realise that this team Wenger has assembled is clearly not good enough.

So as he hasn’t the humility to leave the club, he has no choice other than to put this mess right. Yesterday Eden Hazard said this…

…’There are several clubs that interest me in England and Arsenal is really a part, of course, it’s always more fun when the football is beautiful. In addition, at Arsenal, there is a French coach and French players, as well as my compatriot Thomas Vermaelen’

So now he’s come out and said it, we need to go and tie him up with some kind of deal, agree a fee, stick it in a box and bury it in the garden. That could be done, there are ways around the window rules and we have a big enough legal team that could work something out.

Bargain basement players don’t work, buying Park alone should be a sackable offence, the money he has cost us in wages to get 90 minutes of football in 7 months is scandalous, to extend the contract of Djourou is just madness, but nothing is done and Wenger is never questioned, someone on the Arsenal board needs to explain that to me, and also why Man City are jealous of us.

When I watched that disgraceful performance and Wenger’s inability to get off his backside and shout, a part of me was just numb, if the board and the manager don’t care, why on earth do I, and maybe, just maybe this performance will either finally get Wenger sacked, or it will get him to start getting what we need.

He can’t keep blaming lack of money when he dishes out contracts to Park and Djourou, and to have a salary bill not far off of ManU’s is beyond belief.

I hope we beat Sunderland of course I do, I desperately want to stuff the spuds as well, but for the first time in my supporting career, and that goes back to the days of Bertie Mee, I don’t think we will.

And that is what? 7 barren years of Wenger, culminating with a contract extension for Djourou and watching the game at the San Siro with that same player gifting Milan 2 goals, said it all really.

And if you find that negative, go and blame Wenger, because unless he acts and starts getting the Hazard’s teed up, then we will lose our best players again this summer, what’s worse for Arsenal though, is they’ll lose the fans as well.

If they can see the empty spaces now, then they must know what they have to come, to have an owner that has several other clubs is not having an owner, it’s having a collector. I bet he didn’t lose any sleep on Wednesday night, I did.

Kroenke and Gazidas need to go, get Usmanov in, bring Dein back and buy in some proper players, and if Wenger won’t do that, then get rid of him too.

The spuds have got some American giant sniffing around, if that deal happens, they’ll get a shiny new stadium and the money to buy players as well, happy days. Don’t worry though, we have a sustainable model.

Apparently Wenger did his nut at the players after the Milan game and the Telegraph has said he is threatening a clear out, my arse he is, he is once again blaming someone other than himself, well he’s running out of people to blame, I expect when he finally decides he wants to leave, he blame Le-Grove, for all the pressure.

We told you in the summer to have a clear out, you didn’t and now you want one, what a joke, another lost season. It can’t always be someone else’s fault Arsene, man up stop acting like a big girls blouse.

Hazard has put his stake in the ground Arsenal, go and do something about it, do the same with Goetze, Podolski, M’Via and the best centre back money can buy and tell Robin sorry mate, you can stay. Maybe then we’ll have a decent team. And do it on the first day of the window, camp out on their doorsteps.

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  1. Eyeball Paul

    That list of players that Gambon put up perfectly illustrates the mismanagement at our club. The amount of money wasted on having all of these players must be astronomical. Yet only a handful are good enough. Pathetic.

  2. Bergkamp63

    You don’t think aresenal are trying to stockpile cash in order to replace the whole squad in 2014/2015 when the FFP kicks in do you ?

    The way we are going we would have enough cash to do a Real Madrid without borrowing a penny.

    Either that or we are intending to pay off the stadium debt early ?

    There has to be a reason for amassing so much cash ?

  3. Ricky

    Hazard alone is not going to make much of a difference anyway. The whole midfield needs shuffling.

    It’ll take 5 years to get this team back on track with wenger buying one good player a season & not selling.

    Never gonna happen.

  4. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Great post Geoff. Everything you say I agree.Especially the point about qualifying for the champions league. Whats the point every year when we never challenge for it. I must admit I’m on the AKB side of the fence, but do think he has to wake up and smell the coffee. I’m not renewing my season ticket. I lost sleep over the last defeat.

  5. Ricky

    The funny thing is, if diaby came back for the next game he would stand out in this midfield & ppl will say he’s going to be the next big thing.

  6. TT_

    Ricky February 17, 2012 15:24:54

    The funny thing is, if diaby came back for the next game he would stand out in this midfield & ppl will say he’s going to be the next big thing.


    Until he does his calf in the 88th minute and is out for 3 more months.

  7. gambon

    “Either that or we are intending to pay off the stadium debt early ?”

    Fuck sake cant we just ban idiots that say this?

  8. GoonerT1m

    they dont do themselves any favours with the poo on

    pictures of everyone smiling and laughing in training, much pictures of Assene than the actual players

    djourou, seriously is anyone interested.

  9. gambon

    Gooner DNA

    Its not as clear cut as that.

    In the last 3 years we have made about £70m in retained profit. You are allowed to spend what £39m in a 3 year period, so theoretically we could spend £109m on July 1st and be fine.

    That said you dont have to pay for a player in 1 go. 99% of transfer deals are paid in intsallments, which means you can sign £100m worth of players, but only spend £40m right now, with the rest paid over the next 2 years.

    Put it this way, we can spend what we need right now, both in terms of FFP and how much money we have.

  10. GoonerT1m

    cant help thinking that one day we will click on and see DD and AU shaking hands.

    we can dream, we can dream.

  11. TT_

    GoonerT1m February 17, 2012 15:34:16

    desperate attempt from TH to rally the team and the fans.

    o dear, good times lads, good times.


    Just read that … nice to see he still says US and WE …

    But he’s right, our form is rubbish but there is no reason we can’t get it together for a couple of games in the FA cup and win it.

    We all know, we fucking need it.

  12. Ricky

    Let’s say for example, say I have an mortgage on a house that cost 200k, I earn 20k a year, my mortgage costs are £400 per month electricity & gas £100, telephone, broadband & tv £50..

    Does this mean I have to shop for food at netto & clothes at asda or tesco & by my furniture 2nd hand off eBay?

    A mortgage for a house for the average working joe would amount in costs no different to what the stadium does to the club & it’s owners.

    If anything with the clubs resources they would find it easier to pay off the stadium debt then a normal person who pays he’s mortgage, bills, food & clothes cost all on one fixed salary.

    People that use the stadium mortgage excuse clearly don’t know about the clubs finances so I would try schooling them or just ignore it as hard as it can be.

  13. incesc

    we arent going to win the cup

    football isnt complicated.

    what happens everytime we go out of europe?

    we go on a shit run till the end of the season., Bet your house on sunderland tomorrow

  14. ian southgate

    Why is Pat Rice still no2? AW needs someone to challenge him in some of his ideas,and move him out of his comfort zone. Why is our defence so bad after all this time?Why don’t we have a new defence coach with some input into players we need to build a secure foundation at the back?

  15. arsenal1886-2006

    Merchandising that is the one to hit hardest. The kit sponsors wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole if fans stopped buying all the new tops and such.

    Do not buy programmes.

    Do not use the club shop and stay out of the restaurants, turn up for the game 15-30 mins before kick off and stay in your seats at half time.
    Smuggle in your own food and share it with others if possible, that way you will make new alliances by the simple offer of a sandwich, let them know why you are doing this and they may well feel the same way and start doing likewise.
    Leaflet the fans asking them to boycott the club shop and restaurant, but support the team.

    Do not wear the shirt in the ground, wear something plain and simple. This will be picked up on by the media.

    Support the players on the pitch and throw in a few chants against the board, others will more than likely join in if it is not seen as an attack on the team. “Spend some fucking money” is journalistic equivalent of angels singing, they will probably have it as a headline in the sunday papers, “Fans discontent rising at the emirates”.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Damn, right on Geoff.

    Threatening a clear out? Wish it was PLANNING. I think any objective person would tell you an overhaul’s needed.

    Reminds me of what one of my favorite sportswriters says about the NBA: “You always trade four quarters for a dollar”! (pardon my Americanness for a moment)
    Meaning, you should always flip a whole platoon of decent players when you can get a single world-class player, because the impact is that important. Of course, that’s the NBA, with half as many players playing at once, but the principle’s the same.

  17. skandibird

    Can it be true that AVB has been sacked? If true, who on earth would manage the team? Hiddink is on his way to Russia, Mourinho busy @ Real, Redknapp busy @ Spuds, wouldn’t surprise me if the rumour (started on Twitter) is true, stranger things have happened.

  18. Radio Raheem

    So is this leaked rant Wenger had at the players and the alleged list of players ‘fighting for their futures at the club’ another poor attempt by our PR department to placating our restive fan base?

  19. Eyeball Paul

    They might as well just appoint John Terry as player manager. Every manager seems to end up being undermined by an owner who listens to the bitching of senior players, rather than just letting him get on with the job.

  20. Radio Raheem

    Hiddink appointed manager of Anzhi…at this rate we might see them in the champions league in a couple of seasons

  21. 5am

    Guys – thanks for the lists of wingers earlier on who you put as better than Walcott (agree about Bale and just about Ashley Young). Wonder how the stats tot up though cos, other than having a poor return for goals scored, would be surprised if Walcott’s not the highest on assists……..

    Not sayign he deserves an increased salary contract, no way, but certainly don’t think hes as bad as people seem to make out.

  22. Nickw

    Great post couldn’t agree more. Depressed by the predictability of it all and inability to do anything to stop it happening. No one at the club appears to give a monkeys about whats happening to this once great club, I include the manager, the players and the board in that. To them it’s just one long gravy train and they aren’t going to get off without being pushed off.
    Why AkB’s continue to defend someone who is so obviously ruining the club they profess to love is beyond me. Rewarding Djourou with a new contract is the last straw it smacks of nepotism and a total lack of ambition and judgment.

  23. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    I’m glad it’s an american taking over the spuds now they can start practising the self sustainable model. Hopefully they’ll take on a sizeable amount of debt and be forced to call in the administrator within a year.

    Also can someone please alert king kenny that walcough is available for just £20m. Considering what he paid for downing and henderson i’d say that’s a pretty fair price.

  24. youdaman

    I wish Henry would just go away. The love affair between Arsenal and Henry is just too much. The club is in crisis and all we have is Henry telling us how we are going to win some silverware. It’s all very sad. We are living in the past having had to bring Henry back. Can we just buy a few decent players and let Henry go and leave him with his legend status in the club. Can the club move on please. You don’t see any other clubs having this great love of previosu players. Arsenal are obsessed by it (e.g Pires, Sol, Alliadiare(spelling) etc). We are stuck in a time warp.
    We need to build a new geneartion of super stars.

  25. Mike

    50 grand a week for djorou – that is just one big joke
    Always injured and dodgy as hell when not
    Also regards theo Walcott – if someone comes in with a good bid in the summer we should bite both their arms off
    He’s not worthy of 90 grand a week
    Let Liverpool buy him – they love wasting big fee’s on crap British players !

  26. JJ

    Wenger refuses to accept that JD is utter shite and that is why we bomb out on Saturday and not make top 4 this year.

    He needs to play Song at CB and LeCoq as DM.

    Last week I said we were one defensive injusry away from seeing JD, now we are one away from Squirrel. We wont make Europa with those two.

  27. Yippee Kai Yay

    5am, your inability to acknowledge the vast number of player s who are better than Theo, based upon what the eyes tell everyone else. and insistence upon stats to support any proffered player as being better or not, indicates to me some form of bias.

    The reason I say this is because Theo can’t pass or shoot with any accuracy, he cannot cross particularly well, he has no vision and is effectively no better than he was on his first game for the club.

    For instance Theo has statistically speaking, 3 goals from 24 games so far this season. well considering one of them he didn’t even know about what exactly does that stat tell you.

    At this point in time, the players who are indisputably better than Theo for everything in the game include:

    Bale, Lennon, Guttierez, Adam johnson, milner (when he plays there), da silva (when he plays there),young, nani, valencia,mata, sturrige, etc, etc ,etc.

    And that’s just in the UK, fairly sure there are a bucket load on the continent as well.

    So take the poster down, grow a pair, open your eyes and see that he just isn’t good enough, he’s been dining on his hattrick for England (which ironically statistically speaking are his only goals) and the rest of the western world can see that a young player for arsenal has done more in a handful of games than he has in the whole season so far.

    I hope that clears things up.

    You myopic idiot.

  28. Yippee Kai Yay

    the worst thing about the game tomorrow is that Sunderland would only accept a loan for Bendtner, so he is ineligible once again for them. That and now they know how shit he is, they won’t want to pay anything for him.

  29. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Gambon.. you mentioned earlier something about us having to spend 70% of our income..? Expand please, curious!

    Hazard going to Spurs.. I don’t think so.. They’re fully stretched financially. The on pitch success is distracting from this. He may not go to Arsenal but he’s going to be the subject of a bidding war if he moves and Spurs are will not be able to compete in that.

    However, notwitstanding the above they’ve used their money well and spent it aggressively to obtain success.. But, there is no more in the kitty! Unlike their N London neighbours….

  30. Yippee Kai Yay

    Thomas, how do you know there isn’t any more in the kitty for spurs?

    They de-listed recently I believe, and is popular press is to be believed are looking at stadium naming rights and a link up / acquisition with / by AEG.

    I personally wouldn’t bet against Hazard going to Spurs, they managed to land Van der Vaart for only £8mil. and if he is that good and barca / real / man u / man city don’t need him who is the next best, on current form in EPL or La Liga?

    Besides we all know they have dross to get rid of which could trim the wage bill, after all bentley is still there for starters.

  31. Albo

    Good news about Kozzer. Would be a serious problem if he was out for long. Still think losing PM is a big blow though. I know he had his detractors on here, but I think TV or Kozzer alongside PM is a much better balanced defense than Kozzer and TV together…

  32. jnyc

    Guys when i saw the line up at milan i thought very defensive, but i just cant figure out why verm n kos played so badly, and how they got balls so easily over the top. We have been much better dethan that defensively this season. Maybe verm re adjusting to cb? But kos has been our rock all season. Cant figure it out. But im with the sell walcott group. Have been saying all season. He and arsh will bring good spendable cash.

  33. jnyc

    Guys when i saw the line up at milan i thought very defensive, but i just cant figure out why verm n kos played so badly, and how they got balls so easily over the top. We have been much better dethan that defensively this season. Maybe verm re adjusting to cb? But kos has been our rock all season. Cant figure it out. But im with the sell walcott group. Have been saying all season. He and arsh will bring good spendable cash. Also, what was sagna thinking letting ibra run free and turn corner along the side,i couldnt believe it as i saw it happen! !!

  34. Radio Raheem

    All this post-Milan ‘TV-Koscielny partnership is shit’ sounds a bit reactionary doesn’t it? I HAVE SAID ALL ALONG, and still maintain, that our best CB pairing is Koscielny and TV in spite of what happened on Wednesday. The pair of them looked very solid early in the season. One can put TV’s lackluster performance down to his rustiness in playing that position – he’s been playing left back for over a month now!

    Give the partnership some time

  35. Bade

    Hazard won’t go to Spuds

    Too many big teams will be after him

    I reckon he will go only to a team that will play CL football with a shout to take it

    So he can be heading to Italy, Bayern or the Mancs. Maybe the Chavs if they get a CL spot. Not the Spuds.

  36. Gunner2301


    You forgot to mention AOC as well. Walcott should really be hiding himself in shame let alone wanting an increased contract.

    5AM wake up Walcotts shit has no skill no brain and should be at the Olympics I’ve always said it.

  37. Radio Raheem

    Bade we might not have the time but we also don’t have a choice except you see Squillaci and JD as viable alternatives. I think they’ll be better against the spuds Sunday week.

    For that match I’ll like to see us start


    Sagna Koscielny TV Coquelin

    Rosicky Song Arteta

    Gervinho RvP Chamberlain

  38. SUGA3

    konichiwa 🙂

    Mr Bear at his best!

    is it me, or is it getting funnier and funnier?

    Doodoo giving his customary interview about quality, Stan getting ripped a new one on that Rapids site in the comments section!

    getting at The Toupeed One is more likely to catch on than the Wenger Out stuff, talk about a big ‘fuck you’ to divide et impera strategy!

  39. GOONbubba

    Yep, todays post hits the mark.
    Awful times to be a gooner when just about everybody takes the piss out of the manager and players.
    All we can do is agree, and then hope and pray the twat manager goes in the summer.

  40. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Yippee, (Incesc..)

    Amid all the furore of their on pitch success Spurs have been a selling club this year. They have had to trim back on costs and the obvious place to start is the wage bill.

    This has gone totally unnoticed. They sold 9 players this season for 39m. They have 22 players out on loan, including experienced players like Bentley, Corluka, Bassong, Pienaar, Jenas.

    They only spent 8m on players in (Parker 6m and Coulibaly 2m). The others have been either loan or free transfers.. (Bloody good ones mind.. Adebayour, Friedel, Saha). Ade however, still adds 3.6m to their wage bill if reports are correct that City pay 100k of his 170k per week.

    This is all entirely in keeping what is published in their last accounts. They are operating to the maximum of their financial resources and this season are 37.1m down on revenue because they do not have the CL money they got last season for the first time. Their wages shot up from 67m to 91m. Their operating costs are 131.2m (including wages). Their total revenue was 163.5m incl CL 37.1m. They don’t have that this year. Remove that and now their revenue is down around their operating costs. They have had to make this up by selling. Cash in the bank = 20.7m. Profit before tax = 400k.

  41. Dan Ahern

    Geoff – re: Hazard. Obviously he likes us, but why would he agree to some sort of pre-contract? Makes no sense for him until he can be sure he’ll play CL football. Not to mention he’d probably be keen to feel out the RvP situation and see what other targets we have. Point is, as it stands now, we’re a risky club to go to.

  42. Herkules

    Our defensive woes begin in midfield
    Our offensive woes stem from midfield

    Without Cesc, Nasri, and Wilshire we absolutely need 4 midfielders on the pitch at once… but alas – we have a really poor coach who can’t seem to see that.

  43. J.P

    My god that was hard to watch tje last night why o why is wenger still sticking by the dead wood players we have ther is only 6 of those players who started that game the last night that i would keep and for some strange reason all of those six played terrible as well!!! time for wenger to go and get the likes of David Moyes or Pep in

  44. Radio Raheem

    Bade true they were, in fact, the lot of them, were…problem is we have little in way of alternatives. Who would you suggest start?

  45. follow the money

    I haven’t looked at the website in over a year in over a year. I just got tired of the always positive news. But whomever is running the show over there, the website AND the club have a major PR problem. Giving Djourou a contract extension? Really? And then trotting him out to be the player to rally the fans for Sunderland? That’s a major FAIL and whoever thought up that idea has absolutely no idea of what’s going on with Arsenal fans right now.

    Something to consider; maybe they gave Djourou an extension right now (and no one else) because he’s the only one they could get to sign? Maybe the others that have had extensions offered to them don’t want them, or are looking for something better? It’s possible. It wouldn’t surprise me in fact if the useless Walcott is looking to get out like Cesc and Samir did. This is not outside the realm of possibility given how Wenger has allowed the club to deteriorate under his invaluable guidance

  46. Sustainable model - my arse!

    Just got in, fucking hell Gambon you are on fire today.

    Why doesn’t someone in the press pick up on the 75% thing or do a piece comparing now to his time at Monaco instead of the lazy anti Arsenal shit they pass as journalism now.

    If the paying over the odds for Park from Monaco thing is true is this not exactly the sort of financial doping the French twat is so against?

  47. Radio Raheem

    Not a bad team Bade. I too would like to see more of Benayoun but I’m just not sure Wenger is convinced about him and I’m not so sure about playing or experimenting with Coquelin in the middle in such a big game.
    However, I am more open open to the idea of trying Coquelin in place of Sagna in some matches. Coquelin, I feel, is more technically efficient (to borrow a Wengerism) in the attacking third. Assou-ekotto isn’t very good at defending, Coquelin will be better at taking advantage of that

  48. Radio Raheem

    Rosicky needs a break from time to time which is why i think he shouldn’t play tomorrow.

    Note: I don’t think Rosicky is good enough for a title aspiring team, not as a regular starter at least, but we can only make do with what we have. Ramsey and Theo are woefully out of form or simply not good enough.

  49. Sustainable model - my arse!

    From an Arsenal point of view misappropriation, from a Monaco point of view in the same boat as the Ethiad sponsership at City

  50. goonermart

    Bade- Pedro starts on me if i am negative, so i was trying to be positive 🙂

    I want the senile cunt out as much as you do, and i see nothing but doom until he is gone. The scum are going to fucking gang rape us, milan will feel like minor finger up the arse in comparison.

  51. zeus

    Link to these figures?

    I’ve stopped giving a shit, but I’m curious as to how much money is on the books. Everything about the Arsenal is so secretive.

  52. Pollux

    Top top post. I really felt a lot better after reading this. Wenger has to go… He has completely lost it. No matter what’s the result against the black cats, it’s the same 2 words “WENGER OUT!”

  53. follow the money

    I just can’t get over the Djourou contract extension. What has he ever done to deserve it? It’s simply mind-boggling. I hope we have a clear out. But I will be terrified if Wenger is left alone to rebuild the team. I think has lost his eye for experienced quality, or forgotten it somewhere. Without someone like Dein to do that stuff I think a Wenger rebuild could be a major disaster

  54. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    I guess those mertesacker haters will finally realise his importance to this side now that he has been ruled out for a while. His ability to organise the defence brought about some sort of calmness. If i recall correctly most the goals at swans and what not came from the right wing and not his. He will surely miss him but then we’ve got 50k a week djourou so we should be fine.

    If all else fails the squid will be waiting for his chance to prove himself. Seriously, i think ignasi miquel is a much better option at the back than squillaci

  55. Eyeball Paul

    goonermart February 17, 2012 18:57:13

    Bade- Pedro starts on me if i am negative, so i was trying to be positive 🙂

    Hope you’re still brimming with positivity from the Sunderland game. I know I am.

  56. goonermart

    Can’t see how he can Bade, I’m sure this is the end!

    Yes Eyeball Paul, I thought it was an outstanding victory for the mighty gunners. more of the same at the weekend please after our midweek ‘blip’ 😉

  57. Ricky

    gunnergetyou February 17, 2012 20:28:15
    Can’t wait till Steve Bruce takes over from pat rice… He aint gonna put up with no bullshit


    Am I missing somthing?

  58. Burakkīchan™

    Okay So Wenger is not the perfect coach, we get it; but to suggest that everything is his fault is totally out of order. That was meant to be our first choice back four at the San Siro and rightly so, they have proven themselves before but on the big stage they choked and that is hardly down to AW. You can moan and say ‘well if he bought better players then…’ Or ‘if he managed like this then…’ But the bottom line is that when the players don’t perform, its them that need to check themselves. Although I would like Wenger to get more quality for next season. I believe we will finish in the top 4 and if we beat Sunderland then maybe the FA cup; we could take Chelsea any day.

  59. Squirrel

    Wenger is going to wield the axe and drop under performing players? Looking forward to seeing the likes of flappyanski Squillachi arshavin Yossi then

    All the talk of arsene having a mass clearout and signing hazard and world class…..heard it all before no one will come in
    A 4 nil win over Wigan Or someone shite will have everyone jumping up and down singing his name again
    Really fucking bored of it all right now,we are proper fucking shite just like everton villa etc

  60. OPG

    I was worried about Mertesacker’s injury record, can’t imagine if Jagielka had signed what with the players that were in the squad at the back already with their own injury problems.

    Do the players really think they could just turn up against Milan and did Wenger think his team was good enough or prepared enough mentally and tactically?
    I know English clubs have had a good record against Italian ones but wow what a reality check they gave.

  61. Squirrel

    Also this problem is not resolved with buying more players,arsene is tactically inept has no leadership skills or man management skills,he just tells the players to go out and play same system same mistakes,we are losing it doesn’t matter we will continue to play our game our tactics

  62. follow the money

    for those that recall I said something before the Milan match about how last summer I had been wanting Wenger to sign Van Bommel who was on a free and not to be surprised if he destroys us. This is the key problem at Arsenal isn’t it? We could have gotten Van Bommel on a free but Wenger refuses to pay the wages he wants. The wage structure is a serious problem.

    The Bendtner/Denilson saga from last summer was obviously meant as a message to the players to live up to their potential and give maximum effort all the time or they will be loaned out (or sold if we can find anyone dumb enough). We have to consider that the players DID get the message and that this is actually the best they can do. Wenger must face the truth that even if Milan was a collective under-performance all his little darlings are NO WAY as good as he thought they were. Some people already knew that….

  63. luke

    We need a left back, a DM, CM, CAM, Winger, and Versatile striker.

    Criscito, Yann Mvilla, Honda, Goetze, Hazard, Podolski.

  64. follow the money

    agreed about the tactics Squirrel. It was probably even that way with the Invincibles etc but being experienced veterans they knew how to adjust tactically in game without being told. We also had a more traditional captain then who may have told the team to adjust. Now we have what?? VP is a good player and decent captain but why can’t Wenger choose or sign a captain using the historically successful method–a DM or CD? We have so many problems it’s ridiculous; the captain issue, the wage structure, tactics, transfers, coaching, the medical team….the mind reels

  65. BacaryisGod

    I’m not overly optimistic, but I still don’t see why we can’t finish in the Top 4 particularly with Jack back for the end of the season.

  66. Mark S

    Even if Jack does get back he’ll take a few games to get up to speed, by that time the season will be over my friend. That’s also assuming he does actually recover and also that he doesn’t have any further setbacks once playing. Might aswell right him off for this season with regards to making any meaningful impact to our inevitable fate.

    Besides, either Pearce or Arry will crock him again in the summer no doubt.

  67. Nick Nick

    Was looking at an old photo to cheer me up late on Thursday night after Wednesday’s horror show in the San Siro; a photo of Dixon embracing Petit; ah! Petit, Pires, Dixon, Adams, Seaman, Bergkamp, Henry, Overmars, Viera – brings tears to my eyes. Walcott, Rosicky, Arshavin, Djourou, Vermalen, Artetta (yes even him). They also bring tears to my eyes but for a different reason. Methinks that a wholesale clearout is long, long overdue. Pains me to say it but I fear another early cup exit coming on sometime soon in the North Eastern part of England!….unless of course some of these players decide to ‘turn up’ for the contest.

  68. Ché

    DISLIKES: Arsenal fans who say “Come on you Reds”…lazy fcks, it’s Red and Whites.

    Arsenal fans who use COYG. FFS…everyone knows it started as a Spurs thing, let them c**ts have it and try and think for yourselves.

    Jesus fck!

  69. RCB

    FA Cup: Sunderland v Arsenal – Preview
    Wenger: “We have put together a good series of results”


    the madman has totally lost it

  70. gnarleygeorge

    If Queens version of Bohemian Rhapsody is Arsenal under Arsene Wenger pre 2005, here is the parity to Arsenal under Arsene 2011/12.

    Bad News

  71. SUGA3

    the propaganda on is sickening:

    ‘Suddenly the FA Cup has a new significance for Arsenal.

    Because it is now the team’s best chance of the silverware this season.’

    I mean, what the fucking fuck? best chance? how about ‘the only chance’?

    then again, they need to toe the line set by our idiot CEO when he spoke about us being in three comps, eh?

  72. SUGA3

    g’day gnarley 😉

    nah, I am just losing the will to be pissed off at something I can’t change, that’s all…

    it’s kinda boring to watch the same annual car crash unveiling before our eyes, once again, the cycle repeats itself, the difference being the decline in quality, they don’t even pretend to be willing to compete for any trophies whatsoever…

    AKBs will roll out the argument about what the Wolves supporters can say with them not being anywhere near a trophy EVER, but then again, we are not Wolves, are we?

  73. SUGA3

    and once the wheels inevitably fall off, they will also talk crap about hindsight, conveniently forgetting that ‘we told them so’…

    yawn 😉

    one has to wonder, where is our friend medfly?

  74. gnarleygeorge

    In a democracy, when a political party that has been in power for umpteen years continues to make excuses for below average performances, they get voted out by the electorate.

    In a dictatorship, when the person incharge keeps fucking up, they answer to no one.

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Which one is Arsenal F C?

  75. SUGA3

    and one has to wonder, where are all these mugs talking shite about S(a)tan being the great sports fan and going into the ‘la-la-la-la’ mode when getting the record of his ‘franchises’ pointed out to them, clearly showing that the only ambition is to make money!

    the fans need to unite against S(a)tan, we can drive him out back to the States if we stand as one!

  76. gnarleygeorge

    …………….but hey I don’t live in a dictatorship! So I will have my say.

    Buy some decent players Arsene you silly old pigheaded fart. You are giving me the shits mon ami & a few more of those of the Red & White persuasion.

    Stop being a stodgey old fart. Loosen up, & get in some decent core players. No one fears Arsenal anymore. Your piecemeal attitude has turned Arsenal into a laughing stock. Either put up or shut up. Its quite simple really.

  77. gnarleygeorge


    You know there was a time I would get up at all hours to watch Arsenal F C, & go back to bed after still hyped up after a sensational performance.

    Now, i still get up @ all hours, but I’m falling asleep all the time on the comfy couch. I’m finding the excitement has gone.

    I’ll still keep getting up to watch though, i can’t help it, but I’m not happy with the way things are going @ what I class as the greatest footie club in the world.

    Someone please do something before its too late 👿

  78. SUGA3


    it’s very similar in my case, minus staying awake at ungodly hours to watch this…

    yes, the excitement is gone, I remember sitting glued to the telly with my heart actually pounding before the Real Madrid CL game in 05/06 season, now it’s more of the ‘dead man walking’ feeling ahead of the game against the quality opposition…

    yes, there is the occasional fluke win in such games, but…

    this is a season of firsts in many aspects, my ‘first’ this season was switching the channel before the game (B’burn away, I think) ended!

  79. Jeff

    I suppose getting as close as possible to the final of the Champions League would be better than getting knocked out at this stage but given everything we know (i.e. the bleeding obvious) what do you think would have happened if we lucked out and drew or won the Milan match? How many more times would we have to luck out?

    Consider it as a blessing in disguise because the pain of being knocked goes up the closer we are to winning something (e.g. the Carling Cup). With the current
    players and this setup, the probability of winning something is simply non-existent. We couldn’t compete with the top boys last year or the year before that or the one before that. Now, we can barely cope with even the mid-tier clubs.

    We have actually been extremely lucky to have come in the top four over the last 3 or 4 years. But this year, our luck is running out and it isn’t being helped by selling good players and replacing them with talentless termites either and hoping our luck holds out.

    I despaired seeing Rosicky lunging wildly at the ball in a seemingly spectacular volley only to see it bobble towards the corner flag. My heart sinks every time I see a useless, clueless back pass by a mid-fielder who cannot for the life of him see or execute an incisive pass forward. There was some sort of a lethargic spell on the players as though they were moving through treacle. Walcott could neither run with nor keep the ball for more than 5 seconds. We lost or gave away the ball too often and left huge gaping spaces at the back putting ourselves at the mercy of any through ball that carried a 50-50 chance of beating the offside trap. It is sad and soul-destroying seeing a club like Arsenal lose its way to such an extent over a number of years.

    It really is a huge untenable mess which has been growing and growing and growing. When it will explode: we don’t know, but I don’t reckon it’s that far now.

  80. SUGA3


    well said!

    I often catch myself screaming ‘pass the ball already’ at the TV or the PC, seeing how, say, RvP makes a run, but the person on the ball does not see this happening and carries on running into a blind alley…

    if I can see this, then the coaching staff paid stupid money should also, surely?

  81. SUGA3

    or, if the coaching staff can see this and they try to improve the players in that area, if there is no reaction, why persist with players that are – let’s call a spade a spade here – too thick to understand this or just not very good?

  82. SUGA3

    there is no real competition for places and hence no accountability, take Song for example, he knows he will get selected for the next game, no matter how shit he plays in the one before, we have been there with Adebayor, look how that panned out!

    the manager deprives himself of the ‘stick’ that way, he is not in position to say ‘OK, that does it, you shitcunt, have a long hard look at yourself in the stiffs’

  83. Paddywhack

    Your Comment Here
    Someone mentioned “coaching staff”. Who are they? Do they actually exist? I mean, you could not call Pat Rice a “coach”. During games he never seems to leave his seat and now Wenger is doing the same. The very first thing that must happen is to bring in new coaching staff, some of the old guard like Keown, Adams and Bould and then bring in the likes of Bergkamp (and perhaps Henry) for the offensive side. Another thing that needs to happen is that Wenger needs to realise he is the Manager and not the CEO. At ManU SAF just gives the Board a list of targets he has and they provide the money to get them. He does not get involved in the money side. Wenger missed his calling, with his economics degree, he should have joined Barclays Bank, he would have made a good Hedge Fund Manager, he has lost all credibility in beijng a football manager. I was reading reports today in the peper and it seems that reporters are actually feeling sorry for the old boy. Gone are the days when reporters hated AFC just because they were winning, now they are sorry for us. Still, like most bloggers here I’m just pissing in the wind. I come from NI so don’t see many Arsenal games but I do think those season ticket holders have more power than they might think. It is time they put pressure on the money hungry board and boycotted the buying of season tickets until they get ansswers as to what is going to happen in the purchase of new players.. It’s time this American got the message. One person I think should share some of the blame is Lady Bracewell-Smith, didn’t she sell her shares to Kroenke, she must have known what a bloodsucker he is. And there is only one way to get rid of him. Empty seats at the Emiratres, that will make him and Ivan sit up and take notice. I fear for todays match at Sunderland, I don’t think there is much point in the manager rollicking players who are just not up to it. All the rollickings in the world will not make mediocre players into better ones. And one last point, I hope RVP for his own sakes moves on, He is too good a player for this AFC and there is no hope of AW buying better players. I’m afraid we are a mid table team for years to come. COYG – always an Arsenal fan no matter how bad they become, Oh for the days of Bergkamp, Henry Adams, Bould etc etc