Thierry signs off with a LEGEND stamp | Arsenal show how to smash a ball at an opponents legs

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Arsenal lined up exactly as I expected. Pretty much our strongest 11 were sent out to dispatch with Sunderland. Kieran Gibbs wasn’t deemed sharp enough to start which was probably a very good move. Our midfield saw Rosicky start over Ramsey and the forward 3 of Theo, Chamberlain and Robin were given another go.

The tempo of the game was high octane from the start. It looked like Sunderland were trying to land the first goal early on probably with the aim of sitting back after that. They’ve some very handy players and they didn’t make it easy for us. Their first effort on goal came from a wind swept corner of all places, Chesney had to readjust his footing to stop it from edging in.

We were having real trouble going forward. We couldn’t seem to penetrate their box with anything. From out wide, our crosses were pinging off the legs of players and the same was happening when we were taking long range efforts. The best effort on goal probably fell to Theo when he was fed in by Robin Van Persie… his shot was subsequently pulled wide of goal.

The game was relatively open in midfield. No one really took hold of the possession counter, when they did, they certainly didn’t produce much. Theo did bring a bit of humour to the occasion when he tried to replicate Robin’s Everton volley from a Song pass… the result was a shot a that nearly flew the stand.

The second half started out with more purpose. We were smashing balls into peoples legs with far more regularity. Theo Walcott and his final ball really were disappointing. Alex Chamberlain on the opposing wing was having an off day. Hardly anything was being sent his way… and watching Song take the lead as our creator was beyond embarrassing. He was losing possession and over hitting passes in a way only a defensive midfielder given that duty could.

We were let off the hook twice in the second half with two excellent saves from our keeper. One was a speculative shot from a corner that found its way through a crowd of players, the keeper got down well. The second came from Gardener again in similar circumstances but with a more ferocious shot. The keeper got down well, managed the bounce and got down for the second attempt.

The first goal tipped Sunderland’s way. Alex Song who was having a torrid game in the middle and lost possession, the ball made its way up our end, Sagna sped in and passed to Mertesacker, the German was running back and grounded his leg on the terrible pitch, he fell, McClean nipped in unchallenged, raced into our box and finished clinically. It was a freak of a goal and it felt very unsporting… but what are you going to do? Fairplay points don’t keep people in jobs…

Mertesacker looked in all sorts of bother. He was stretchered off, Ramsey was brought on and we prayed to the good lord we could turn something around within 20 minutes.

Well, someone was listening. Within minutes we’d levelled up. Arteta smashed the ball into the legs of a Sunderland defender in an attempt on goal, the ball fell to Ramsey, he struck it first time, the ball made it past everyone’s legs, but just to be a tease, it hit the inside of the post, danced along the line, hit the other post and dropped in! What a superb goal and oh so timely.

The boss brought on Thierry Henry to chase the game. His last Premiership game. Alex Song treated him to an over hit pass almost immediately, even the new calmer Thierry couldn’t hide his annoyance. Things were ticking over in midfield though, we were hunting out our strikers in the box, Robin went closest latching onto an Arteta ball into the box. His powerful header was too close to the keeper.

Wenger made his last roll of the dice an interesting one. He took Theo off for Andrey. The move didn’t bother me this week. Andrey is a quality player. He had to be able to deliver something this year and anyone was better than Theo. Well, Andrey had the ball outwide, he jinked in and made his way towards the box, he looped a cross around the full backs, over two defenders in the box and right onto the boot of Thierry Henry… the Frenchman slotted home and veered off to celebrate with the away fans!

What a way to finish your Premiership career… a 93rd minute goal to win the points on a wet and windy day in the North East! Totally deserved when you consider the way they scored their goal. Absolutely the right way for a legend to sign off for the season.


The way we won out may feel absolutely amazing but it still masks many issues we have with the team going forward. Some of those problems might get answerred with the return of Gervinho, but if I’m honest, I doubt that is going to help too much.

Quality of final ball…

The first major problem that we don’t really have any specialists in the team who can create openings. Aaron Ramsey tries his best when he starts, Arteta is a great passer, but he lacks adventure and his role doesn’t really seem to fit with playing lead creative. Arsene Wenger talked up Alex Song as a great technician when it comes to passing, but he’s kidding no one. The man is not a creator. Bigging him up to be something he’s not leads to games like yesterday. His sloppy play going forward put us under massive pressure on numourous occassions and his passing lead to their first goal and Mertesacker going off injured.

Rosicky should really be taking a lead from midfield, but again, he doesn’t have that little bit of extra quality you need to carve out a role feeding in the wide players and Robin. Without Jack, or a Cesc, we really seem to lack sparkle in midfield. What compounds those issues is the poor final ball of the widemen. Now, I can forgive Chamberlain for having an off day. He’s a rookie. We’ll see plenty more of them before he’s 22. However, I can’t forgive Theo. He’s played over 200 games for his club now and he’s still aimlessly smashing balls into the box in the hope they’ll find someone. He should be putting far more though into what he’s doing and he shouldn’t look so pleased with himself when he wins a throw in because his cross rebounds off the back of someone’s legs.

His pace against Sunderland should be winning us chances in front of goal. Problem is, whenever Theo is played against someone who can match him for speed or intelligence, he really struggles to make an impact,

Quality of second striker…

Now, however you look at the Theirry signing, it has to be deemed a success. He’s won us 2 games out of the 4 he’s played in and he’s scored three. That said, it’s not much of a success if you’ve got to send him packing. Without him to call on, we’re really going to struggle when we’re chasing games because there is no one at the club outside Robin with his class on and off the ball. We’ve dropped an absolute clanger. Chamakh is highly unlikely to come back inspired and it’s clear that the manager and his scouting network made a huge error of judgement if they bought Park in for anything other than far east membership sales.

Still, we are where we are now. I’m guessing Wenger’s constant spin of the truth this week when it comes to money tells us he knows he’s cocked up and that the only way to save face is to muddy the water with financial inaccuracies.

Fighting until the end…

We have to give the team huge credit for not giving up yesterday. We might have been struggling with quality but I’d rather that than the issue of last year which was having the quality but lacking the bottle to push on. We have the core of a good team, it’s just a shame the manager tries to make things as hard as humanly possible in his bid to stay competitive. I’ve also got to give Andrey and Ramsey a lot of credit. Both have been under fire recently, both made fantastic contributions. Robin didn’t have a say in any of the goals yesterday… that’s progress kids!

The other massive positives from  yesterday are that Manchester United took 3 points off Liverpool at Old Trafford. Everyone is talking about racism again which will hopefully derail Kenny’s top four push a little further. Spurs also lent a helping hand by tearing Newcastle a new one. Adebayor managed to bag 4 assists and a goal last time I checked. Geoff called for him to be re-signed in the summer… it’s a shame really. I’ve always said a motivated Adebayor is a potent weapon.

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The great news is that we’re back in the top four again with a shared goal difference of +13 with Chelsea. We need to make sure we stay there… it’s a tough few weeks coming up.

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  1. Squirrel

    Spearing Squirrels? lol

    I think the fa stepped in to help jt out because he was the england captain(at the time) where as they couldn’t give a flying fuck about evra and suarez.

  2. AC Gooner

    Myachi seems to have put on at least 5 kgs of bulk since his arrival at Arsenal.

    Beans on toast, bangers n mash, full cooked brekkie? Would love it if he really works out for us.

    Please Mr. Coyle, work the magic, work the magic.

  3. Phil

    Hate to say it but Adebayor looked the goods yesterday. work ethic, pace strength and a good ball.
    Thank god Chamakh is back

  4. Cloggs

    Evra, Suarez both cunts.. speaking of… what did arry do to adebarndoor showing such pace yesterday? Attached a rolex to the opponents goal?

  5. Squirrel

    This race for 4th is getting exciting surely Wenger can get the premier league to make a big trophy for the winners like the championship play off final.
    We might finally get some silverware.

  6. hitman49


    geoff should ban you for that comment i’m offeneded..
    i’d like to ask you who fought for the abolition of slavery ?
    maybe a white english man..maybe the same one who pays you umemployment benifits.
    you are truely a mug

  7. Phil

    Just read Wengers comments regain paying off the stadium, and only spending what you bring in.
    Seriously ?
    Ivan pops up with an occasional gem, like City being jealous
    And Stan remains silent .
    What a sick menage tois they would have

  8. hitman49

    no offence to any one else sorry fellow grovers.
    but that comment he made to geoff was completely out of order.
    and even i was offended.

  9. Michael Fournier

    OK 3 points is 3 points does not matter how it comes in the end. But the winning goal shows what experience is worth. 2 experienced Quality players. It was a combination of Arshavin’s ability to play the right ball and Henry knowing where to be to receive it and having the ability to finish when he got it. That was not just a aimless cross hoping someone will be there.

    Yes I know Arshavin gets a lot of stick but he is talented he has more creative ability then any midfielder in the squad right now he just does not get much time to show it due to his other quality (a lack of defensive cover). At the moment we don’t have the luxury of playing him unless someone else in the squad is going to sit back in that covering role.

    Song is supposed to do that but he is going forward more then Arteta. Some one tell song he is supposed to be the defensive midfielder. Lets put Arshavin in the slot he has shown more then once he has the quality to play that final ball that breaks open defenses like yesterday it seemed there was no way around Sunderland’s defense but it was just the poor quality of the balls out of the midfield that was the problem.
    And the Ox was not going to get anywhere trying to dribble his way past 3 defenders he needs to learn when to take on players and when it is better to do less and learn that sometimes you just need to do enough to make one foot of space to play that finishing pass or shot. Only the ball needs to get past the defender sometimes you don’t always need to dribble past the defender to beat them. He is young so I do not want to be too critical he is a talented player just needs to get more to his game learn that final ball is what matters. A lot of his ability to beat defenders now is dependent on his youthful speed and athleticism we saw how a organized defense and a strong experienced full back combined can nullify that. But it does come at a cost to the other team with Walcott on the right and him on the left teams can’t get their fullbacks forward. SO it leads to a stalemate like it was for most of the Sunderland game. With sunderland pinned back for most of the game but also with most of the space on the pitch at our end if they do get the ball forward quick and the team has a strong forward teams can easily counter we have a habit when we pin teams back to over commit everyone forward trying to break them down only to get caught Right now I really feel the weakest part of the squad is NOT upfront it is still in the Midfield Even without RVP with a quality creative midfielder any of our forwards are more then capable of finishing if we can get them chances at the moment RVP has had to not only be out leading scorer but also is also the provider when others score (only Walcott has as many assists as RVP)
    It was what Fab provided in attack that is missing if we had a fit RVP in the past seasons we had Fab we would have won trophies problem was this is RVP first season he has managed to play tis many games and also Fab had his own injuries so it was rare we had both available at that same time.

  10. AC Gooner

    “needs work but theres the opening stanza of something”

    the quote of the day

    keep going, Lurch

    you can come up with another line the next time Ramsey scores

  11. Grassy Knoll

    OMG – “Rambo scores, someone die”s – I used to enjoy coming here to read intelligent discussion – what a waste of space this place has become …

  12. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    “Problem is, whenever Theo is played against someone who can match him for speed or intelligence, he really struggles to make an impact, ”

    You’re trying to say theo never makes an impact?!?

  13. tippitappi

    I’m sure all of you already know but I have to say it any way slavery started in the middle east and the med the cradle of civilisation tribal britains were slaves its a human state of mind that could and would have been just as easily the other way round theres no moral high ground just oppotunist morality. Great win yesterday frenchy got it right for once laws of average I suppose WENGER OUT

  14. Geoff

    Grassy, don’t be a cunt for fucks sake, so am I supposed to hate the Romans because they occupied us? Or the French, or the Skandi’s, grow up.

    The reason your comment didn’t get on was because you used two banned words, we banned them to protect people like you, but it’s only people like you that ever use them.

    As for your comment about white English people, that’s racist, so you can fuck off, you’re now banned.

    Act like an adult and I’ll let you back on, but you can’t use the ‘N’ word, sorry, civilised people don’t do that.

  15. Lurch LeRouge

    lol Grassy playing his usual roll, the voyeur of LeGrove.

    brings nothing to the plate but naive humourless bullshit then feigns superiority, didn’t you learn last time I plastered your arse over the hallowed walls!?

  16. Geoff

    He keeps banging on about Alf Garnett like he’s our prime Minister, he’s also using the N word more than Eddy Murphy, what a wanker.

  17. Lurch LeRouge

    I’m not sure he’s ‘all there’ to be honest, missing the subtlety that satire brings to tearing down racist stereotypes signals a form of conceptual dyslexia I think.

    He’s probably quite good with numbers, but comprehensive reading not so good.

    Its this strength with numerical logic which heightens his disability to see grey areas, because numbers are absolute.

  18. James Taunt


    It was an okay-okay article today, nothing fresh there, a lot of things are repeated. Agreed that the team did not play that well but your writing could have been better. Maybe you were lazy or jaded. I am sure you would be your usual self tomorrow. At the end of the match I am as happy as anyone else but issues remain.

  19. Northbanker

    Can’t argue with Geoff’ decision but frankly use of ‘c**t’ should also be banned. no excuse for that in a grown up discussion.

  20. Northbanker

    Relived we’ve got 3 points from Sunderland and a win is a win. The lack of striking options is a massive concern and now exacerbated by Wengers apparent change of mind about how long to keep Thierry for. Only the other week there was talk of trying to extend it so what on earth happened here?

    now TH has gone and Jack clearly won’t be playing rest of the season we’re well and truly stuffed and it’s going to be a nail biting ride with only a glimmer of hope of getting top 4, whatever the league tells us now

  21. Geoff

    Grassy,you lying sack of shit (ok Northbanker) you didn’t get banned for defending Evra against racist abuse, you got banned for this…

    Why don’t you change your nic to ‘alf garnett’. And for using the “N’ work.

    Why don’t you stop trying to get on, you aren’t welcome, go to a site that tolerates what you do, this one and in particular me, doesn’t.

  22. Bade

    This Blog suck!

    Fuck me twelve hundred words, and you couldn’t mention Barca’s loss, the icing on the cake of yesterday’s?

    What a wanker!

  23. Bade


    Your posts smashed me, especially the one in the morning with the Rambo song


    Blimey, How did that phenomena slip under my radar??

  24. Bade


    Why do you even bother responding to those wind ups….

    Let’s talk about how shite Song is, the master of through passes

    Interesting no one came on here with his pass completion stats after yesterday!

  25. James Taunt


    Yes, I agree Barcelona losing to Osasuna 3-2 was another high point from yesterday.

    Also If I remember correctly, Osasuna were thrashed 8-0 by the same Barca earlier in the season. So there are no suprise results in football.

  26. frenchie


    i was saying the same thing all last week to a pal. i think he came around after his one man demolition, yesterday. inspired signing.

  27. Don Cee

    Two points :

    On Song and his passing your article is appears to not look at the full picture. Look at the overall contribution of the guy and you are telling me you really feel more confident with him out of the team than in it. Please! Who covers the ground, tackles more? Yes he makes mistakes but look at the overall not just a few stray passes. When the guy gets it right is is good. Look at the pass for Henry’s goal, VP’s goal, the pass to Walcott yesterday (which Walcott volleyed over). Yes he tries the ambitious passes which don’t always work but how many accurate passes did he make in the game (not %) but total. There is not other player with such stats so get off his back.

    Cloggs, on your point on Evra and the racist spic is a very very good one. I am a black man that played footy at semi pro level and you are correct, I got called every name under the sun, with the intention to be to put me off my game – simple. Whether they are racist or not was not the point. And i dealt with it in one of two ways, a) stepped up my game and smile when we thrashed the fuckers. For the really irritating, offensive idiots, they would find out how good at boxing and martial arts I was after the game! And trust me, next time we played that fucker kept his mouth shut LOL. Evra is a big man and he should know that the intention is to put him off his game. Clearly racism is not acceptable but as a footballer, you need to manage a comment about your race appropriately, by doing what he did yesterday, winning and laughing in the cunt’s face.

  28. Eyeball Paul

    Adebayor is always good when he’s new at a club. Once he feels that he has established himself, his real lazy nature emerges.

  29. Northbanker

    Ade has a massive attitude problem and not welcome. He is a good player but not great and his inability to work out offside is unreal. The problem was not getting rid of him but, like all of our other poached top players, we didn’t replace him.

    Still glad we didn’t borrow him and Spurs welcome to him. He’s Disruptive influence and will always be so

  30. Lurch LeRouge

    Ade was Mark Hughes signing, can’t see that working – Mancini will prefer his own men, Cavani etc…

    Besides can you imagine Ade and Balotelli in the same squad?

    blood would flow.

  31. Lurch LeRouge

    besides, does Ade still have attitude problems seems OK at the spuds?

    and is that really the problem or is it a failing of our management to contain and focus his attitude…. I don’t know. Bendtner being a superbrat surely didn’t help.

  32. kwik fit

    There’s no redemption for him after what he did to RVP and the celebrating in front of the Arsenal fan’s.
    The guy is pure 100% scum. Spud’s suit him perfectly.

  33. SUGA3

    good win y’day, ladies & gentlemen, not vintage, but good effort and three game changing subs!

    good read today too, and good debate, let me chip in:

    I would have Ade back, but would have to do something to keep him on his toes all the time, but he is a simple person, so I don’t think anything ut of the ordinary would be needed…

  34. Ja_Gunner

    Can someone tell me why we sold Adebayor?

    Imagine if now we had RVP and Ade rotating…and also playing together sometimes….

    Ade just needed some scolding and thats all….

    If he was dealt with sternly he would have put his head right and continue to perform for us…

  35. frenchie

    drawn and quartered, nailing a quarter on each end of the etihad with direct instructions for the pieces to not be removed until full decay.

  36. James Taunt

    Attitude problems are not okay with Arsene. He cannot take it, however, talented the player is.

    Arsene praises players like Denilson, Theo, Arshavin, etc because they listen to him. Besides most of the times, Arsene plays with kids who are still wet behind their ears, so less attitude problem with likes of Ramsey, Ox, Coq .

  37. Don Cee

    One last point on the Song slagging (I am not his brother or cousin btw lol), I just read the Opta stats. Accepted Kos and Arteta beat him on total passes and accuracy, but that is all!!!!! Go look for yourself. The stats show there are others you should be kicking out of the team before Song! We are all Gooners so let’s be objective and not emotional about our players.

    On Ade – a good player but not a great player. He had to go because his head grew too big and the reason he is playing well now is because he now realises that he is not as good as he thinks and needs to settle down, forget his own hype and start playing. We SHOULD have gone back in for him because he has learn’t his lesson!

  38. Bade

    Ade is shite, attitude and performance wise

    He will miss 10 setters on each goal

    Since he left us, what did he exactly do?

    $ity clearly don’t want him, then he was loaned to Real and they were reluctant to buy in cut price (15m)…. and on top of it all, now he plays for the Scums and even though he’s in a much better stats this season

    So all in all, he had one good year with us, nothing more

    The scientific name of the phenomena is “He had a Flamini”

  39. Cloggs

    We sold adebarndoor because, as Mr Taunt pointed out, he had an attitude problem, more or less like Anelka and Monsieur Wenger doesn’t has the abilities to handle nasty grown ups like Fergy does.

  40. frenchie


    there are those who hate to lose and those who just hate. i would prefer later. but sometimes competitiveness can be confused for attitude problems, depending on how it is displayed.

  41. SUGA3


    the individuals with an attitude are those who go for stuff, you know, get off the trees, invent tools or take the journey to the edge of the disc and the like 😉


    Park + Chamwank or Ade?

  42. Josip Skoblar

    Thierry is an Arsenal legend!
    Just watched a crazy Ligue 1 game: Lille-Bordeaux 4-5. Lile were 4-1 down in the 70th minute and managed to equalise in extra-time, to finally lose the game in the last kick of the game. Eden Hazard was MOTM and a brilliant free-kick. The lad can play everywhere: midfield or on the wing.

  43. frenchie

    when i think of bad attitudes, i think of the bartons of the world. i forgave rvp his competitiveness though it was frustrating to see him lose his shit now and then. eventually, he learned to harness that desire.

    but your point is well taken: there is a fine line between nutter and genius/competitor.

  44. Bade


    I rather play Afobe, or Eddie over those 3….

    Being better than Chamakh and Park isn’t something to show off with

    Even I’m better then them, now and here

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    I loathed Ade as much as anyone at the time… nothing’s written in stone.

    oh except the Egyptian decree outlining how slaves should be treated, in 1760BC.
    sorry Grassy, I imagine your reading and didn’t want you to think we’d forgotten about you.

  46. K.C.

    Podolski wants out of Germany come summer. I’d have him over Ade without question. Not to mention Podolski will come much cheaper.

  47. frenchie


    i think we would all have prince poldi. and if everything on twitter is to be believed, arsene bid for him at the beginning of the window but was too low.

  48. SUGA3


    and that is why he should have been dropped to the stiffs while he was still on 30K, this might have saved his wretched soul…

    *lights up*

  49. follow the money

    Cloggs hit the nail on the head, Wenger doesn’t know how to motivate “nasty grown ups” as he said like Adebayor and one must wonder if Wenger’s “we’re a happy family” ethos for team-building is another issue he refuses to look at. Seems to me the best teams have a good number of “professionals” who just turn up and do the job and don’t join everyone for cake and ice cream after the match.

  50. Bade

    The Brits should be ashamed of the Suarez/Evra the cunt thing

    It all screams out of gross double standards and sheer hypocrite

    Well I will never shake that cunt’s hand ever!

    By the way, what happened with JT? for how long was he suspended?

    Where there any apologies requested or any high tempo rambling from the press in other cases? Say the Nasri/Gallas, or the Bridge/JT one ….. and you can go on and on

    The thing is, did Rio shake Suarez’s hand? Mate of mine who’s a Scouser’s fan (poor bastard) said to me Rio and another Mancs player didn’t shake his hand and no one talked about it …. I’m not sure how true those things are as I didn’t get into it too much,

    It’s all homo’s controlling the game who caused the nonsense… Opps PC alarm!

  51. SUGA3

    Wenger did not seem to mind Nasri talking shit about joining Yoonited and being called a cunt by the fans, which never happened with Ade?

    he wanted to keep him, even if it lost him 25 large!

  52. Lurch LeRouge

    not in the least bit ashamed Bade, this country is responsible for a load of cultural export… some good some shit.

    what does Israel contribute to the cultural stage that I would have seen lately?

  53. Bergkamp63

    This is something I was asking around about a few days back as you can see below from my blog about shares trading hands in recent weeks so there maybe some truth in it ?

    Usmanov Shares Posted by: Bergkamp63 (IP Logged)
    Date: 10 February, 2012 12:38

    Does anyone know from AST ? when Arsenal are releasing their half year results ?

    the recent 2 shares bought by Usmanov to take him to within 25 of 30% of the club. How do we know he needs 25 and not more or less ?

    The recent purchases show a number of shares changing hands, how do we know Usmanov didn’t buy any of these ?

    10/02/2012 11:31 2 @ 1,400,000.00
    03/02/2012 10:38 2 @ 1,600,000.00
    03/02/2012 09:03 13 @ 1,400,000.00
    01/02/2012 15:39 1 @ 1,450,000.00
    30/01/2012 14:10 2 @ 1,520,000.00
    30/01/2012 13:45 8 @ 1,470,000.00
    30/01/2012 13:42 2 @ 1,500,000.00
    30/01/2012 13:10 2 @ 1,500,000.00

  54. Bade

    Yeh Lurch

    But as you can imagine, I’d blame the Colonial Brits for all Israel’s complexes

    After all the British mandate started it all …..


  55. SUGA3

    and there was me thinking that it was enough not to be a pigmentally challenged kiddy fiddler like Jacko to save you from the nasty jokes when you die 😯

  56. Bade

    Seriously Lurch now

    I’m dubbed as anti-Israeli as I’m very critical of all what happens around on the Levant, so basically you’t bursting through an open door there ….

    But let’s keep politics aside, football make me miserable enough in the last couple of years (Thank you Arsene for that!), so no thanks for extra salt on wounds …..

  57. DialSquare

    Bobbi Brown has been found dead in the bath with a load of prescription drugs and a suicide note saying “Two can play that game”.

  58. scott quiller

    great game yesterday(towards the end anyway) I keep saying it but the lack of firepower up front is scary if robin has an off day we’re more or less screwed.theo is a real worry after 200 games has he really become an ARSENAL 1st team player not in my opinion. No goal scorer in midfield one upfront wenger really needs to buy a goalscorer in the summer.

  59. Ricky

    Evening freaks!!

    Watched a weakend Milan side win a tough away game to udinese last night.. Udinese have only dropped one point at home all season & that was against juventus.

    The rest have all been beaten… So I’m expecting a very tough game this week.

  60. Thomas

    Still want the old senile to get sacked. It’s just a never ending cycle and has been for the past seven years now. As soon as we’re on a really bad run and fans are losing hope Wenger gets bailed out with a couple of good results but in the end we end up winning fuck all.


  61. 779

    James Taunt:

    “Arsene praises players like Denilson, Theo, Arshavin, etc because they listen to him.”

    You are just crazy.

    Arsene praises Arshavin? Putting him in at 87th minute?

    If I was Arsenal player I definitely would not want such kind of “praise” from manager. All Arsene do is just blind gambling on Arshavin, letting him enter when the result is in trouble, never when a game is won. Does he let Arshavin enter with Blackburn?

  62. Ricky

    I’d rather go support the yids then sell shares to kronke.

    & any fan of arsenal that sells shares to kronke should be booed out the ground!