Thierry signs off with a LEGEND stamp | Arsenal show how to smash a ball at an opponents legs

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Arsenal lined up exactly as I expected. Pretty much our strongest 11 were sent out to dispatch with Sunderland. Kieran Gibbs wasn’t deemed sharp enough to start which was probably a very good move. Our midfield saw Rosicky start over Ramsey and the forward 3 of Theo, Chamberlain and Robin were given another go.

The tempo of the game was high octane from the start. It looked like Sunderland were trying to land the first goal early on probably with the aim of sitting back after that. They’ve some very handy players and they didn’t make it easy for us. Their first effort on goal came from a wind swept corner of all places, Chesney had to readjust his footing to stop it from edging in.

We were having real trouble going forward. We couldn’t seem to penetrate their box with anything. From out wide, our crosses were pinging off the legs of players and the same was happening when we were taking long range efforts. The best effort on goal probably fell to Theo when he was fed in by Robin Van Persie… his shot was subsequently pulled wide of goal.

The game was relatively open in midfield. No one really took hold of the possession counter, when they did, they certainly didn’t produce much. Theo did bring a bit of humour to the occasion when he tried to replicate Robin’s Everton volley from a Song pass… the result was a shot a that nearly flew the stand.

The second half started out with more purpose. We were smashing balls into peoples legs with far more regularity. Theo Walcott and his final ball really were disappointing. Alex Chamberlain on the opposing wing was having an off day. Hardly anything was being sent his way… and watching Song take the lead as our creator was beyond embarrassing. He was losing possession and over hitting passes in a way only a defensive midfielder given that duty could.

We were let off the hook twice in the second half with two excellent saves from our keeper. One was a speculative shot from a corner that found its way through a crowd of players, the keeper got down well. The second came from Gardener again in similar circumstances but with a more ferocious shot. The keeper got down well, managed the bounce and got down for the second attempt.

The first goal tipped Sunderland’s way. Alex Song who was having a torrid game in the middle and lost possession, the ball made its way up our end, Sagna sped in and passed to Mertesacker, the German was running back and grounded his leg on the terrible pitch, he fell, McClean nipped in unchallenged, raced into our box and finished clinically. It was a freak of a goal and it felt very unsporting… but what are you going to do? Fairplay points don’t keep people in jobs…

Mertesacker looked in all sorts of bother. He was stretchered off, Ramsey was brought on and we prayed to the good lord we could turn something around within 20 minutes.

Well, someone was listening. Within minutes we’d levelled up. Arteta smashed the ball into the legs of a Sunderland defender in an attempt on goal, the ball fell to Ramsey, he struck it first time, the ball made it past everyone’s legs, but just to be a tease, it hit the inside of the post, danced along the line, hit the other post and dropped in! What a superb goal and oh so timely.

The boss brought on Thierry Henry to chase the game. His last Premiership game. Alex Song treated him to an over hit pass almost immediately, even the new calmer Thierry couldn’t hide his annoyance. Things were ticking over in midfield though, we were hunting out our strikers in the box, Robin went closest latching onto an Arteta ball into the box. His powerful header was too close to the keeper.

Wenger made his last roll of the dice an interesting one. He took Theo off for Andrey. The move didn’t bother me this week. Andrey is a quality player. He had to be able to deliver something this year and anyone was better than Theo. Well, Andrey had the ball outwide, he jinked in and made his way towards the box, he looped a cross around the full backs, over two defenders in the box and right onto the boot of Thierry Henry… the Frenchman slotted home and veered off to celebrate with the away fans!

What a way to finish your Premiership career… a 93rd minute goal to win the points on a wet and windy day in the North East! Totally deserved when you consider the way they scored their goal. Absolutely the right way for a legend to sign off for the season.


The way we won out may feel absolutely amazing but it still masks many issues we have with the team going forward. Some of those problems might get answerred with the return of Gervinho, but if I’m honest, I doubt that is going to help too much.

Quality of final ball…

The first major problem that we don’t really have any specialists in the team who can create openings. Aaron Ramsey tries his best when he starts, Arteta is a great passer, but he lacks adventure and his role doesn’t really seem to fit with playing lead creative. Arsene Wenger talked up Alex Song as a great technician when it comes to passing, but he’s kidding no one. The man is not a creator. Bigging him up to be something he’s not leads to games like yesterday. His sloppy play going forward put us under massive pressure on numourous occassions and his passing lead to their first goal and Mertesacker going off injured.

Rosicky should really be taking a lead from midfield, but again, he doesn’t have that little bit of extra quality you need to carve out a role feeding in the wide players and Robin. Without Jack, or a Cesc, we really seem to lack sparkle in midfield. What compounds those issues is the poor final ball of the widemen. Now, I can forgive Chamberlain for having an off day. He’s a rookie. We’ll see plenty more of them before he’s 22. However, I can’t forgive Theo. He’s played over 200 games for his club now and he’s still aimlessly smashing balls into the box in the hope they’ll find someone. He should be putting far more though into what he’s doing and he shouldn’t look so pleased with himself when he wins a throw in because his cross rebounds off the back of someone’s legs.

His pace against Sunderland should be winning us chances in front of goal. Problem is, whenever Theo is played against someone who can match him for speed or intelligence, he really struggles to make an impact,

Quality of second striker…

Now, however you look at the Theirry signing, it has to be deemed a success. He’s won us 2 games out of the 4 he’s played in and he’s scored three. That said, it’s not much of a success if you’ve got to send him packing. Without him to call on, we’re really going to struggle when we’re chasing games because there is no one at the club outside Robin with his class on and off the ball. We’ve dropped an absolute clanger. Chamakh is highly unlikely to come back inspired and it’s clear that the manager and his scouting network made a huge error of judgement if they bought Park in for anything other than far east membership sales.

Still, we are where we are now. I’m guessing Wenger’s constant spin of the truth this week when it comes to money tells us he knows he’s cocked up and that the only way to save face is to muddy the water with financial inaccuracies.

Fighting until the end…

We have to give the team huge credit for not giving up yesterday. We might have been struggling with quality but I’d rather that than the issue of last year which was having the quality but lacking the bottle to push on. We have the core of a good team, it’s just a shame the manager tries to make things as hard as humanly possible in his bid to stay competitive. I’ve also got to give Andrey and Ramsey a lot of credit. Both have been under fire recently, both made fantastic contributions. Robin didn’t have a say in any of the goals yesterday… that’s progress kids!

The other massive positives from  yesterday are that Manchester United took 3 points off Liverpool at Old Trafford. Everyone is talking about racism again which will hopefully derail Kenny’s top four push a little further. Spurs also lent a helping hand by tearing Newcastle a new one. Adebayor managed to bag 4 assists and a goal last time I checked. Geoff called for him to be re-signed in the summer… it’s a shame really. I’ve always said a motivated Adebayor is a potent weapon.

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The great news is that we’re back in the top four again with a shared goal difference of +13 with Chelsea. We need to make sure we stay there… it’s a tough few weeks coming up.

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  1. Naijagreat

    Deadly Goals:
    The last time Aaron Ramsey scored against man Utd…… Bin Laden died, Ramsey scores against Spurs……..Steve Jobs died, Ramsey scored against Marseille…..Gaddafi died, and yesterday Ramsey scored against Sunderland, Whitney Houston died… Just coincidence?

  2. Naijagreat

    after henry’s departure which of our dross strikers on bench can come in and save the day? Parked? Shitmack? we’re fucked

  3. kwik fit

    Ramsey’s ability to get people knocked off after scoring can not be put down to ‘ Just coincidence’.
    Do not be fooled by his puppy dog look’s.
    The guy is the ‘ merthatidville assassin’ 🙂

  4. Geoff

    Good post and a great summing up of Song and Theo. It’s time those two were dropped.

    What you say about Chamakh and Park was obvious from long before the
    window and unforgivable for our manager and CEO not to have addressed it.

  5. Namibiangooner

    lets hope AA23 kicks on from here. we really need our fringe player to chip in and produce the goods when called up on. we better hope Gibbs can stay fit for longer than a single half of football.

  6. Naijagreat

    Great Post! But I couldn’t celebrate the victory because it is not sustainable like our model! anyway am glad the chavs slumped again

  7. vladiziv

    “We have to give the team huge credit for not giving up yesterday. We might have been struggling with quality but I’d rather that than the issue of last year which was having the quality but lacking the bottle to push on”

    main reason I am enjoying this years’ team…
    I can live with lack of quality… not with lack of effort…

  8. Rob The Goon

    Great post!

    I have to say i got it wrong with TH14, i seriously thought he was past it. But it was great to have him back and im glad he proved me and the other doubters wrong…

    Now time for Arsene to do the same!!

  9. Iceman10

    Its simple when a team plays us like Sunderland did Theo is absolutely clueless and useless…It will b interesting to see if we play Gervinho and Ox on the wings in some games…Wenger said Song wud rather attack than defend which says it all…the system is designed for one of the 3 midfield players to be a DM…sure he shud know how to pass but his main goal shud be breaking up play and quickly getting the ball to the other 2 more creative mids…if Song wants to attack fine bring in Mvilla and Song can fight Arteta Rosicky Wilshere Ramsey and even Diaby for those other 2 spots…

  10. Albo

    Would have loved to have re-signed Adebayor, but it’s hard to forget how much the fans hated him in that final season. Don’t really see him wanting to come back even if we’d gone in for him…

  11. Namibiangooner

    The injury to Per M was to be expected. he played almost all games since he signed. Kozzer must be approaching the red zone as well… i dont want that plank Djourou near the first team.

  12. hitman49

    a life of no quality is where we are !
    and where we’ll stay ! !
    we might get 8/9th if we’r lucky.
    lower and changes will have to happen

  13. Pedro

    Naija, I’m the same… give me a hard working player who puts a shift in over an amazing player who goes missing.

    Ideally you’d like 11 world class superstars out there… but lets not kid ourselves United have that… they’ve got a squad of players who will die for the cause though.

  14. Wavy

    So you are suggesting we bought Parkto get the Koreans et al to buy shirts and other Arse related products. I’m guessing that the same shrewd business/cash strategy was employed when Chamakh arrived. He was usered in because of the need to breal into the lavish bank accounts of the orange growers of Maroc!!
    Nice one. No wonder the season ticket prices are increasing, oddly sales must be a bit slow.

  15. andy

    I think theo/gerv and ox can deliver well for chamakh. The problem i see is he needs some games before he reaches his heights .. In case of injury to rvp i think aw will go for gerv/theo throughthe middle

  16. Arrys Twitch

    Boozy I agree with you, the man has done plenty wrong recently (6 years) and by no means inspires confidence anymore but Ramsey scored, combined with Arshavin who obviously set up TH14 football god. All off the bench…

    Big win for us, lets carry the momentum to Milan

  17. Matchy

    Nasri was the guy who was suppose to replace Fabby

    Wilshire was the guy who was to replace Nasri

    Areta is basically playing the role Wilshire played last year.

    He hasnt been able to be more up the park as there is not one better in the team at current playing in that position he plays. You can tell how the team missed him and lost so many games when was injured. He is the most important players in the team right now.

    So in reality no one replaced Fabby since he left. Because there isnt any guy out there in the market available to replace Fabby.

    Ram is not a holding milfielder nor is he a creative mildfielder. I am not sure what he is. At best Ramsey is a sub. Not a starter.

    Diaby is actually better then Ramsey. He can take on players and open up spaces and he has that physical strength .. if they guy was not so unfortunate with injuries.

    Walcot is shit. He has been in the team for yonks and he will not improve anymore then he is now cos he doesnt have a footballing brain.

    80k a week for the guy is a joke. at best 65k.

  18. Namibiangooner

    chamack never wants to get into goal scoring positions. he never makes any runs at all. he doesn’t even attack crosses anymore. we need to get his confidence back asap.

  19. James

    I see its not in ur capacity to give kudos to wenger 4 d substitution…We should learn to give praise as well as we give stick…Theo shldnt be playing all d games.he was a liability yest and xposed Sagna a lot!!

  20. LAzer

    Honestly didn’t think Song was as bad as everyone made him out to be. He played some good balls in and did well at the back after Per’s injury.

    I STILL think Arshavin should be given a 20-30 min look in playing the slot role. His engine is horrible considering Rosicky runs circles around him even after his injury problems but Andrey has more creativity on his boot and could do well to break park the bus teams from the hole.

  21. skandibird

    someone on twitter suggested that Thierry Henry should spend the last few days with Arsenal training Chamakh and show him how to score goals. Not such a bad suggestion in my mind.

  22. LAzer

    Gervinho certainly makes the 11 as does Ox. Theo should be back on the bench. When Wilshere returns he starts no doubt with Song and Arteta. But if Per is out longterm I hope Vermaelen and Koscielny can carry on.

  23. terry

    Ryo played 45 minutes for bolton and looked lively…
    next season ox, ryo, walcott and gerviniho on the wings.
    guess arshavin dosent have a place in the squad.
    aslo diaby has been a crock all season.
    jd is very shaky in defence as well. squillachi and almunia are off next season
    nikki b, vela and denielson dont wana come back.

    there are some amazing players on free transfer. 3 who interest me very much are montolivo, de rossi and hoilet.
    if we let arsahvin, diaby, nikki b, vela , denielson, almunia and squillachi go.
    that would be like 7 players who are a pretty good pay scale out of our wage bill

    de rossi and montalivo may be demand pretty high wages but we can easliy accomodate them with those 7 of the bill.
    we could promoye bartley to first team slot song into the cb role.

    our first team could look like this.
    sagna kozzer vermy santos
    de rossi arteta
    gerviniho RVP aoc

    bench: chamak, ramsay, wilsahre, coquellen, walcott, bartley, jenkinson, song, gibbs, hoilet, mertesucker, flappy, rosicky

  24. skandibird

    the reason that the Arshavin pass worked so well yesterday is because Thierry is a ‘proper’ striker and hovers inside the box so there is someone to pass to, unlike other (not RVP) players in the team who only seem to circle outside the box (IMO)- very little point in passing/shooting the ball into the box if no-one is there. The Manager needs to instill a bit more ”get in the box’ mentality to team.

  25. Pollux

    Im happy that we won. However, it’s a joke for this great team to be aiming for 4th position and that’s what is happening. Don’t be fool by last night success. We know how poor we are in general and this team doesn’t have what it takes to challenge for the title in next 3 yrs I reckon. Wenger out!

  26. Frogman

    Namibiangooner. Per’s injury had nothing to do with how many games he played or approaching the red zone! It was a fucked up pitch and his studs stuck in the ground, that’s it, nothing more.

  27. Frogman

    Pollux: The Wenger out comments are becoming redundant don’t you think. Love him or hate him, he is going no where!

  28. David Andreassen

    Since both Andrey and Theo are rly struggeling to find any form at all and we now have another winger option in Ox, wouldn’t it be an idea to let Ox n Gerv take the wings, given that they’re actually not afraid to take on their defender, bench Theo to put some preassure on (pisses me of that he seems so confident game after game even though he doesn’t deliver) and try Andrey as the attackin mid? I bet it would give Andrey some newfound motivation given the Euros coming up and attackin mid is his position when playin for Russia?

    For the next Sunderland enxounter I would love to see us try with the following:


    with Song, Walcott n Ramsey on the bench.

    Might work, might not…but I’d rather see that Wenger tried a new approach and failed for a match than just keep banging his head against the wall with something that we know for a fact doens’t work..

  29. charles

    I am not going to slag too many of the players off. This is maybe a better way to see it.

    Ramsey was massively jaded, Rosicky stepped in for him and did a job up until yesterday. Obviously Ramsey came back for the last 20 minutes and then he got the goal.

    Oxlade Chamberlain replaced Arshavin and did a job for a few games and now Arshavin came back and got the Assist.

    At one point this season Song was the 5th top assister IN EUROPE (unfortunately he has a quota of 10 shit passes before a good one). Coquelin I think we all know can step up for him no probs.

    Theo just flatters to decieve can’t wait for Gervinho to come back … at least he can actually dribble past people even if his finishing is shite.

    The point I am trying to allude to is that maybe for the first time in a long time we are starting to get competition for places and as all of these players are Wenger favourites if they come on and have a good game next game they will start. Any money that Arshavin starts next for Oxo.

    I’m gonna try and see the positive here.

  30. Grassy Knoll

    If Wenger doesn’t try Gervihno and the Ox on the 2 wings AS SOON AS HE POSSIBLY CAN then he’s a cock-sucking coward.

    What does Walcott have to to get dropped?

  31. Namibiangooner


    you are most likely to get injured if you fatigue than when when you are fresh.
    and i know his injury was caused by the bad pitch but it would have been as bad if we could rotate a bit.
    kozzer will get a frick injury very soon as well

  32. incesc

    what about getting afobe on the bench to come on in tight games, once he is fully fit.

    unknown quantity, obviously no where near ready but more chamakh???

    please god no

  33. charles

    Grassy knoll he is undroppable it’s like denilson mark II. Every 5 games he gets a jammy goal which hits of the side of his head and Wenger thinks he is amazing. OR he manages to dribble it past 1 fullback while we are 5 goals up.

  34. incesc

    or even walcott off the bench (i know, i know, he can’t finish) if gervinho and ox are on the wings.

    think gerv will need 2-3 weeks rest though.

    did chamakh score in africa?

  35. goonermart

    James February 12, 2012 11:05:59


    Ramsey was a forced Sub
    Arshavin has been brought on as a sub 11 times this year
    Henry played his last prem game.

    I’m sure wenger would have made these sub’s regardless of the score.
    Funny how people expect praise for wenger, but not critisim when things go wrong. Double standards.

  36. Lurch LeRouge

    think Theo’s getting a bit of undue stick.

    yes he’s one dimensional, everything is reliant on pace etc… last weekend we saw a return of some form in an expansive game for him, positive signs.

    yesterday we saw a team effectively park the routemaster on a pitch that no sprinter could get purchase on, clearly it not only effected Theo but also the Ox and Sessegnon, there was no pace on show yesterday.

    short story, stick Gerv on the bench – let him reacclimatise to our game and the subzero temperatures and let Theo regain his confidence. I expect him to have a big game on Wednesday against an ageing Milan.

  37. Naijagreat

    What exactly is Theo? as a winger he is erratic, in front of goal he is shit! what went wrong? isn’t he suppose to be ‘the bomb’……………. Wenger Virus,

  38. kwik fit


    Agree that Afobe may just be the unknown quantity we need in the latter part of the season.
    Chamakh has had his chance and failed
    Park never gets his chance for a reason
    Next in line is a fit Afobe.
    He looked the part when he got the chance in pre-season before his injury.

  39. Sadam Mahessar

    Someone mentioned De Rossi on free in the summer, I heard he signed a new contract didn’t he?
    So he won’t be available, but there are quite a few other free agents who can come in and do a brilliant job, Drogba to replace Park, Podolski/Huntelaar/Burak Yilmaz to replace Chamakh.
    Than we need to sell Bendtner, Squillacci, Fabianski, Chamakh, Park, Denilson, Vela no matter what, even if we have to sell them for free, we deseperately need this dross of the wage list.

    Keep Djorourou, he is a good enough 4th/5th choice CB, get Bartley in, Mertz, Koz and Verm are good enough for CB rotation. Send Carl on loan for 6 months and than its him and Sagna for RB. Gibbs and Santos for LB.

    Coquelin and Song for DM
    Ramsey/ Arteta and Wilshere for CM
    We desperately need a brilliant CAM, someone like Gotze, Kagawa, Willian of Shakhtar.

    Theo/Ox for Right wing, Gerv/Ryo for the left. Have heard we want Farfan from Schalke, he wouldn’t be too bad on the LW himself

    RVP/Podolski/Drogba and we would be pretty much set to go without even having to invest too much in the squad, just need to make sure we prefer quality over quantity, clear out the dross and some good management.

  40. TOMTOM

    Ferguson is a hypocrite
    Why didn’t he sell Scholes and Keane for not shaking Viera’s hand?
    Suarez’s “guilt” was not proven. If one of your loved ones were to be sent to Jail because of somesone’s words, though not proven, you won’t be sitting on your high horses.
    Worse still, one of the judge is the accuser’s friend.
    It’s your word against my word and ones word was deemed more credible
    With this insistence you and your manager plot to condemn my name, cause distraught to my family including my black grandfather.
    You shoul be thankful I did not slap you. Why would I shake your hand?

  41. Sadam Mahessar

    I wouldn’t mind if we sell Theo to Liverpool and sign someone who has more end product and isn’t too fussy, how badly i wish we had Valencia, he would have been lethal with Chamakh in the box, the failure of Chamakh should equally be blamed on Arshavin, Walcott and wenger as much as Chamakh,

  42. Alone + Easy Target

    Per Mertesacker @PerMertesacker_

    Thanks for all your messages. Now off for scan. I fear the worst. Could miss the rest of the season. #SchlechteNachrichten


    Bad news indeed. We’re getting even closer to the disaster that is Squillachi.

  43. Pedro

    TomTom… he said it and he was found guilty… he should have shook his hand. It was a massive PR gaff for him and Liverpool.

  44. hitman49

    why do you have to shake hands ?
    who says you do never did in the past.
    think its about time it was stopped.
    we have racists,wife and girlfriend shaggers,coke heads,drunks,wood beboxers,
    i’d never shake those hands all the cheating that goes on and you have no idea where they’v been

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    tend to agree TomTom,

    2 sides of the story & I think everyones a bit quick to jump on the fergie bandwagon.

    While racism is deplorable and Suarez’s diving over here and cheating at the WC are ugly, Evra’s a proven cock of the highest order & theres nothing he loves more than starting fires.

    When the incident happened in United’s box don’t tell me Evra wasn’t psychologically needling Suarez to put him off the incoming cross.

    I don’t blame Suarez for refusing Evra’s hand one bit.

    Should never have been a handshake to begin with, its a stupid rule.

  46. TOMTOM

    You can clearly see Evra lowers his hand when Suarez comes to shake his hand, and rightfully so as anyone else would Suarez continues past, its only after this does Evra make any attempt to shake Suarez’s hand, at this time the moment has passed and Evra knows it, it was manipulated by Evra….

  47. goonermart

    Surprised it bothers you so much about my lack of positivity.
    I enjoy the result but not the fact that it overshadows how poor we are.
    Can’t see me being very positive while wenger is at the helm as I belive we are in serious decline. I love the club but not the way we are being run.
    Good for you that you are so positive.

  48. yhemini

    i don’t know why most of u on here criticize song so much, dat guy has bin instrumental 4 arsenal. True dat he may av had some off games but his importance in d team cannot be over emphasized. We really need a 2nd striker dat can match VP. Just imagine it was chamack coming on ystday for the OX, ow wud we av felt? Wenger shud be blamed 4 dat. And park i don’t know wat else 2 say about him cos for me wenger hasn’t really given him a chance.

  49. Geoff

    So Suarez called Evra a bad name, fuck me he didn’t murder his family, big fucking baby, he said playing us was like men versus boys a few years ago, nasty little cunt, he can give it, but he can’t take it.

    If I was Suarez walking off the pitch when Evra started geeing the fans up, I would has smashed his nasty little head in.

  50. Cloggs

    Great post Pedro!
    Henry’s goal saved my weekend but I couldn’t surpress some sorta sad nostalgia watching him saluting our fans.. short revival of a dying echo from the past.
    Anyway it’s nice of the chavs let the door open, so we’re back in and yes we *must* stay in.

  51. yloops

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at Ryo’s bolton performance…. hes doing what he did at feynord in the premier League!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. BOOZY

    i really dont get all these positive and negative perspective everyone seems to be identifying with.

    Just say it as it is, no positives, no negatives.

  53. Dream10


    no problem with the handshakes. The FA said no to the handshakes in the QPR Chelsea match to protect one of their crown jewels (John Terry).

  54. goonermart

    Yloope, nice one. Ryo looking very lively and dangerous. Looking forward to seeing him in the future. (that’s positive right? 🙂 )

  55. Grassy Knoll

    Geoff – I assume from your comments that you are a white englishman – and have no understanding or comprehension of the misery, death, theft, and impoverishment that imperial racist arrogance has caused throughout the world over the past 400 years, starting with slavery.

    Whenever I hear a white english person defending racist abuse – my blood runs cold at your ignorance.

    Why don’t you change your nic to ‘alf garnett’.

  56. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post. Good conclusions but I can’t see anything that’s going to remedy that before the Summer and not even then.

    Big test to see if we can keep top 4 because around this time we tend to struggle. We are just 1 injury to Robin for the season to unravel, but that’s Wenger loves to ride his luck. I think this season is when his luck runs out.

    RIP Whitney Houston

  57. yloops

    Yeh gooner definately, the wings at aresenal are ddefinately sorted….. oh how i wish we still had fab thats all the team needs

  58. Geoff

    Grassy Knoll, no I’m black actually, but yes I am English. Unlike you though, I don’t remember 400 years ago, save a lot of white people were probably up chimnies.

    Get rid of your chip, that makes my blood boil.

  59. Cloggs

    Instead of calling Suarez “a latin cunt” and getting on with the game Evra jumped on the “racist” bandwagon..ffs crying “ooh dear he called me negro and now my life’s in shambles”. Now he’s expecting a handshake from the guy that got stuffed with a 7 match ban? Don’t let me laugh. Red nosed Fergy the arrogant cunt who should shut up about unsportive behaviour; He’s the one that refused to talk to the BBC for years.
    @Grassy Knoll,
    I think you never played footy otherwise you should know what players sometimes say to each during the heat of a game.

  60. Grassy Knoll

    Not many videos available on youtube of Alf Garnett abusing ‘those bloody coons’ – but there’s millions of them! I grew up being forced to watch them every fucking night … not re-writing history are we? And for god’s sake, Evra’s a right coon isn’t he?

  61. Eyeball Paul

    goonermart February 12, 2012 12:39:44

    Wonder why the fa agreeded not have the hand shake at QPR v Chavs but were happy to have this one.

    That one was down to the FA, yesterday was the Premier Leagues call. Definitely time to do away with it though. It just seems to cause more problems and embarrassment. Players should be able to shake hands or not if they want to, without it causing a big palaver.

  62. Lurch LeRouge


    yeah, drop it or shift it to the end of the match – give the players a chance to earn each others respect by playing with honour during it.

    A handshake at the beginning just means fuck all really, and yeah anyone who’s played a contact sport will tell you that.

  63. Eddie Mcgoldick

    Right can you help me out here. the term Nigg*R reference to blackk people is racist but how can kanye west use the term he doest get riddeculed for it.

    i believe white folk should be allowed to use it if black people use. whatever the terminology


  64. goonermart

    Cheers Eyeball Paul. Agree Lurch, just leave the hand shakes to the end and then they can shake hands with who they want.

  65. Cloggs

    Suarez should have shaked hands with Evra while saying; “Sorry if I did upset you by saying the obvious and calling you a negro” 😆
    Then again Dalglish could have avoided it by getting him in as a sub.

  66. Eyeball Paul

    Grassy Knoll February 12, 2012 13:11:58

    Not many videos available on youtube of Alf Garnett abusing ‘those bloody coons’ – but there’s millions of them! I grew up being forced to watch them every fucking night … not re-writing history are we? And for god’s sake, Evra’s a right coon isn’t he?
    You mug. That was satirising that kind of bigotry.

  67. potter

    When henry joined The Arsenal he was sat down and told to watch videos of Ian Wrights movement in the penalty area. Perhaps it’s time to get them out again for the likes of Chamakh , Park and Walcott.

  68. LAzer

    Dogleash wasn’t the brightest starting Suarez first game back away at Old Toilet. Still the handshake thing is such a bore. If he didn’t want to shake his hand big fuckin deal.

    Bridge didn’t shake Terry Scum’s hand for shagging his bird and we all said he’s justified. Suarez admitted his racist slur and got punished for it.

  69. LAzer

    For Gervinho I suppose it would be nice to win a trophy but Zambia makes a better story. Esp after their heartbreak in the final in 94′, remarkable as it was they made it despite the horrific incident.

  70. AC Gooner

    Wenger will never sub AA for Ox again. Too painful.

    But he could start Ox and Gervinho and bring on AA for Gervinho.

    I personally would love to see ox and gerv on the wings with RVP up front and AA in a central role for ONCE and just see what happens.

  71. AC Gooner

    By the way, Arshavin MADE that goal for Henry. Delivered the fooker on to his foot. Wish we had more strikers who actually make runs to the goal.

    Where is that cheeky bugger James Taunt?

  72. LAzer

    I agree with Andrey in the hole, he just won’t last the 90 like he doesn’t on the wings. Even Rosicky has a better engine then him. But his 20 mins of creativity could be worth it vs teams just sitting back. He offers nothing in protection of the midfield or tackling though.

  73. Geoff

    Hey Grassey, what sort of person forced you to watch till death us do past then, perhaps that’s who you should direct your anger at.

    And where the fuck did you live that it was on every night, I only got forced once a week.

    If you really don’t like nasty words, write to Eddy Murphy, Idris Elba or Morgan Freeman, the use the all the time.

    Or is that double standards?