Arsene… leave the commercial side alone! | Robin denies interview, not moving | Sunderland – Arsenal preview

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Morning everyone! Nothing like waking up to yet another lecture from Arsene Wenger on profit and how to run a good company. Yeah, Arsene is spouting off again in the press trying to justify his lack of expenditure by bending the truth about what has to happen at the company he’s running on a commercial level.

“We want to pay the debt we owe from the stadium we built, that’s around £15 million [per year]. So it’s normal that at the start, we have to make at least £15 million or we lose money.”

Oh Arsene, why do you do it? Why don’t you just leave the finance to Ivan and get on with your job. It’s not your responsibility to look after that side of the business. It’s your job to look after what happens on the pitch. Ivan sets your budget for the year and he’ll tell you what you can and cannot spent on players. I tell you who else could put you straight on your thinking about the stadium repayments… Danny Fiszman. He said this a few years ago…

‘There is this constant thing that the Emirates is bleeding the club, that we’ve got these repayments — it’s total crap – look at our accounts and you will see our net payments are £20m and the revenue increase from the new stadium is close to £50m. Explain to me how the stadium bleeds the club if it’s producing an extra £30m a year’

Well Danny, someone needs to explain that to Arsene Wenger, because after years of trying to put out the fire of fear around the stadium loan killing us, the manager is trying to reignite it to cause confusion and panic. The club DO produce profit, albeit through property and player sales and we have done regularly over the past 4 years… but we’re not investing it back in the playing squad.

We could also go into debt. Sure it’s not sustainable on a long term basis… but if the club decided they wanted to pump a £120million into player acquisitions to make sure there was an amazing team on the pitch by the time of commercial renewals, they could do that with little problem (when you consider we’ll have £77mill in cash sitting in the bank when the Queensland Rd development sells, we’re not far off). In fact, Madrid did something similar a few years ago when they tried to make it back to the top. They took out huge loans, brought in some major players, didn’t make it back to the top, but they sure as hell raked in the cash on a commercial front. Everyone wants to be associated with their glamour.

The trouble Arsenal have is that they made supporting so about business that the fans had to go out and educate themselves in corporate finance. Now we’re all educated, it’s becoming harder for Arsene to spin his nonsense because professionals who know the clubs finances better than the club can unravel what’s going on pretty damn fast.

The manager took a pop at the African Cup of Nations. He quipped that quality was low and that nobody was attending.

‘Can the people not afford to pay for tickets? Are the prices too high? There is a deep, basic problem with this tournament – there is nobody there.’

I have to agree with him. I caught the second half of Ghana vs Zambia the other day. The stadiums were empty and the football was terrible. Maybe the tournament is played too often? Maybe the Africans are numb to international football like we are in England? Either way, I think they’d benefit from playing it every four years over two. Good news is that Gervinho will be back soon. He hasn’t contracted any tropical diseases yet and he managed to score a  good goal the other night!

Arsene also ruled himself out of the England manager job…

“[Managing a national team] is completely different; it is more PR, more communication, there is less impact on the footballing side and less impact on building the team because if you have a good generation then you can do well and if you don’t you can do nothing. In a club you always have ways to build a team.”

I think all signs point to Redknapp. That would work for me. He’s desperate for the job, he’s worked hard to get it, he knows how to motivate and the players will love him. It’ll also unsettle Spurs in the run in. That’s going to be really interesting. How will their squad react to knowing Harry might be off in the summer? Quite often it has a negative impact on team unity. Suddenly not everyone is pulling in the same direction because they feel the manager isn’t. Hopeful speculation maybe…

It’s Sunderland up this afternoon… a big, big test of resolve for the Arsenal team. We need to start building out a bit of a run otherwise we’ll fast see ourselves dropping out of contention for the coveted money making position (<– that sounded a bit gross didn’t it). The team from the North East is resurgent under Martin O’Neill and they’re eighth in the league. Never mind where we think we are as a club, they’re contenders with us at the moment. That doesn’t mean we should roll over and let them take the points. We’ve got to go up there and play with the same authority we did against Blackburn last week. We’re going to have to play our expansive games and we’re going to have to make sure we get the best out of Theo and Oxo. Stretching them with pace will pen them in and make our job a whole lot easier.

I’m not sure how Arsene will line up. I’m guessing he’ll go with a front three of Oxo, Theo and Robin… he has little choice. The midfield will probably revert back to Arteta, Rambo and Song… at the back, I’d hope to see a far more balance line up with Sagna slipping into right back and probably a continuation of Vermaelen, Mertesacker and Kosicielny. That’s a strong side. A side that should go up there and win!

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Right, that’s all I have for you… have a great day!


Wenger came out to deny the Marca story about Robin moving over to Spain with Madrid. The pressure is sure to ramp up over the next few months. We know it’s unlikely Robin will hang around for Arsenal to get their act in order, so we have to expect this. One line that did make me laugh was this one about Barca getting Robin…

“What do you think? Barcelona knows that they have a difficult job with us, always,”

Errrr… no they don’t. That much is pretty clear after the summer when they mocked us for getting Cesc on a cut price deal. Anyway, don’t worry your cottons… Robin said this on Twitter.

“Contrary to reports in Spain I have NEVER spoken to Marca newspaper and never gave any interview. Enjoy your day.”

Shame he didn’t deny wanting to move there!


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  1. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    We’ll smash through the 100m Gate Revenue mark this year… and took 44m in our last Highbury year and we have to read that fucking nonsense!

    It’s like saying the steward’s new high-vis jackets cost 20 quid each so we have to make a profit to cover that!

  2. Pedro

    ‘It’s like saying the steward’s new high-vis jackets cost 20 quid each so we have to make a profit to cover that!’

    haha! Great line!

  3. Bade


    Good read

    It took me time to find it, but here’s the proof for the bollox Arsene is in to. We’ve been generating profits, after the mortgage repayments, since 2004!

    2004: £8m
    2005: £8m
    2006: £8m
    2007: £3m
    2008: £26m
    2009: £35m
    2010: £61m
    2011: £13m

    You can find it in the …….

    So Arsene, Shut up and manage

  4. Foreheadinho

    Tough game. Sunderland have a serious run of form going (imagine where we would be if we had taken 22 of the last 30 points in the league!) and playing them away is always a struggle. We are going to have to dig in and work hard. They will be well organised and ready for our game.
    Anyone thinking of an easy win and resting a few players is not paying enough respect to Sunderland.

  5. coolasfox

    its a sad sad day when we are calling sunderland serious competion newcastle are ahead of us in the leauge where were they last season a few seasons ago looked like they were gonna be relegated but a few pennys spent and their battling for the champions leauge is arsene wenger really the only person in the world to see were in free fall this is a massive game so important to get a mini run before milan!!


    Very good post as usual! The only change in thye team chosen by you is Rosicky instead of Ramsey.
    Ramsey slow our attack,besides running in position inadequately,as happened against Bo;ton and Swansea

  7. Eddie Mcgoldick

    negative properghanda again… the way you bang on about wengers financials your turning this into a financial blog not a football one .

  8. Baafuor from Ghana

    The AFCON is crap!I just wish we stop playing it.Its a waste of time and resources.
    Rosicky should start today ahead of Ramsey,but my only concern is that Rosicky can not play two games in three days and we definitely need him to start against Milan.

  9. Sustainable model - my arse!

    Great post Pedro, when are the press going to attack Wenger about this bullshit and really question what he says, they can’t all be thick, surely?

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    Great post Pedro,

    I don’t know how these Journo’s live with themselves.

    Wanting to be investigative reporters yet being fed information they know to be nonsense but stuck in a system where they are powerless to ask penetrative counter questions.

    Its disgusting the power the clubs have over the sycophantic press in the football industry.

  11. Bade

    Though I’m not sure Lurch they’re really after those deep stomach questions, many of them are just happy of the title they’re given with the money and so called prestige ……

    It’s all part of the global shallowness

  12. AJ

    After what we saw yesterday, Wenger should take up teaching in some university. And he forgot that the profits and the ‘company’ would vanish if no one is interested in your ‘company’s’ product.
    Good read Pedro by the way.

  13. Blanco

    With the form Sunderland have and our recent away form – a draw will be a good result. We have lost to Fulham, Swansea and drawn with Bolton. We as fans may need a win, but realism a draw will be good considering our crap away form. and the genius of the tactical Mr Wenger. Playing differnt formations to confuse the opposition when on the road. He must be worrying about his bonus – as 4th is like winning the Prem. to him and he may not make it.

  14. Hasaucha

    Need to win today…And too bad we’re gonna see Ramsey play today despite all the good work Rosicky has done..Ramsey is too selfish to play as a CAM and slows our game down…I’d actually like to see Rosicky play today and Ramsey against Milan..

  15. azed

    Are the journo’s banned from asking questions like “Mr Wenger if you are so concerned about the finances, what is the work of Ivan the clown?”

  16. Bergkamp63

    I can see this being a tough game today, they know we have Milan in a couple of days and will make this a physical encounter for us.

    I wonder how many will be up for this not wanting to get injured and blowing their chances for that game ?

  17. Goon from BD

    Must win game.

    I guess Ramsey will start. He better improve after the rest otherwise we could struggle with his crapiness. We do have to take a slight risk and rest Rosicky today because we are going to need him against Milan. Song could do with a rest too and start Le Coq. TV and Kos the Boss in cd.

  18. incesc

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaassive game today

    season back on track or was last week a blip

    we need a 100% allover performance, get infront and wear sunderland down they had 120 minutes midweek. Good time to use the wings with sagna, walcott, gibbs and the ox.

    and dare i say it ramseys energy after a rest


  19. incesc


    a point isnt good enough for me, we have a really tough run coming up.

    all though half of them will probably be thinking about the midweek game

  20. Sihle

    hi all, first time commenting on here but i’ve been a regular since jan 2010.good to hear van persie’s comments althought they dont really guarantee anything but it’ll be a good morale boost for the boys.Got a good feeling abott today’s game.We should get the three points considering our nearest rivals have arguably tougher fixtures (although sunderland is on form).
    As much as i love sagna i would love to see couqeulin continue at RB for at least 60 minutes, that boy has really been phenomenal this season.

  21. Ricky

    Nothing this club do is good enough ATM incesc…

    Just be lucky to get something over nothing out of this game.. One thing for sure is they will be playing to win.

  22. Robel

    Hi everyone, I dress up in girls clothes, why? Because I am a fucking weirdo, Geoff says.

    Oh he also said to say I talk out of my stupid arse and I should fuck off, so I will, sorry for bothering you.

  23. kay

    God please make this happen for another great week…!

    3 Goal win for us…
    Loss for Chavs and citeh…
    Draw between pool/manu and spuds/castle…


  24. Geoff

    What the fuck are you doing changing my team from yesterday Pedro? I said rest Mertesacker, play Gibbs, rest Song, play Coquelin and rest Ramsey and play Rosicky, can’t you read?

    And if was really brave, rest Robin and play Arshavin in the hole.

  25. Northbanker

    Suddenly Rosicknote has a load of supporters after a couple of half decent games. A large number of you were saying the complete opposite a few months ago. Imo hes a good squad player but injuries and age have taken their toll. He can still put in a decent game every now and again, nothing more.

    Ramsey has been a tower of strength this season and has looked the best player in many games. Yes he does have parts of his game he needs to improve (shooting esp) and personally I would prefer to see Ramsey and Arteta swap roles.

    But let’s get behind him rather than knock him because he was a bit sluggish recently

  26. Turn

    managing a national team is more about PR? excuse me, Arsene – i count about four comments in this article alone, and.. and when has a national team manager spent more time in a year answering questions and rationalising his absolute fuck-ups, and attempting to remove attention from on-the-pitch performances to the country’s FA’s fiscal performances…. compared to a premier league manager.

    answer me that you tit.

    go Gunners!!!

  27. gunnergetyou

    Massive week for us… Time for Wenger to earn his corn, its actually quite scary… When was the last time we successfully came through such a big week at this stage of the season? Im struggling. Lets hope they dont bottle it again.

  28. Rob The Goon

    “The trouble Arsenal have is that they made supporting so about business that the fans had to go out and educate themselves in corporate finance.”

    Good post!

    I never used to care about the clubs finances until the spin doctor started mentioning it.

    Surely we have raised enough money to pay the stadium off…£15m a year is peanuts for a club like ours. We raise on average £30m a season on player sales. £3m per home game and sponsorship…plus £70m in the bank…

    Not forgetting we have 2 BILLIONAIRE owners?!

    Where is our money going?!

  29. gunnergetyou

    Is rosicky becoming the new hleb? He keeps good possession, but has no end product, no assists, no goal threat, no killer instinct… Infact he hasn’t actually scored in around 2 years

    On his day Ramsey will at least cause problems in the final 3rd.

  30. goonermart

    why would anybody be surprised by the crap spewing from wengers cake hole, he’s been like that for years now.
    I agree with Lurch, the press should cane the fucker. I’m surprised they let him off the hook so easily.

    Tough game today, we’ll see if we are a one match wonder or not. I’m expecting a draw, anything more will be a bonus.

  31. arsenal1886-2006

    Fantasy Land.

    Glazer to Ferguson. Alex we have 30 million in the bank, would you like to buy players or invest into the shareholders profits? Well Malcolm, I believe that the money would be better suited going into your pocket as I think that a few years of not competing is good for us. 4th place would be sufficient in my eyes, if Arsene thinks it is a trophy then it must be good.

    Real World

    Glazer to Ferguson. Alex we have 30 million in the bank, would you like to buy players or invest into the shareholders profits? What a stupid fucking question, give me the money or this team will finish runners-up or worse. I will not accept 2nd best and I expect to be able to compete and win in the biggest competitions. We are first and foremost a football club and therefore our duty to the fans is silverware, profit comes from winning not losing, fucking wanker! get out of my office.

  32. goonermart

    who gives a fuck about 14 years of champions league? We haven’t won the fucking thing have we? 14 years of champions league and now we are competing with Sunderland and Newcastle!

    Wenger WAS GREAT, THE BEST, but he isn’t any more, he’s SHIT

  33. Turn

    then Wenger lost his beans, Robel. he’s a grown man, and i won’t fucking defend him.

    we all know his pedigree at Arsenal. the problem is… we also know how long its been since that pedigree got a renewal. so, fuck him

  34. Geoff

    Robel, it wasn’t Pedro, it was me, go somewhere else where all that shit you peddle will mean something, it doesn’t here and comments like yours aren’t welcomed.

    This is an Arsenal fan site, not a deluded Wenger lover blog from the other side of the world.

  35. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Why does wenger always speak from a philisophical point of view. I mean the question about England must have been straight forward enough. If he wanted to elaborate more on it couldn’t he have spoken about the team and its potential or its shortcomings, and not about national teams in general. Why does he think he knows so much about football and that its his job to educate everyone.

  36. James Taunt

    Ramsey deserves another chance in place of Rosicky. Kos and Verm as CBs if Gibbs and Sagna can play FBs or else we have Coq in place of either one of the FBs. JD just signed that new contract and should feature at least on the bench.

  37. kay

    f**k with CL spot for 14 yrs without winning it.. As a manager its ur job to win it and not use it for generating money.. this is what happens when accountants manage a football club..

  38. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Is it me or do the journo’s these days tend not to ask the right question @ the right time, it just feels like these interviews and press conferences should be a bit more insightful. I guess questions are being moderated or something

  39. kay

    why the hell do these guys think a man is more than a football club..? be it a
    manager or even a player who is a legend..
    Is he more than the club itself???

  40. Moray

    goonermart, good point. The Champions League makes no difference to us fans: we sell our best players every summer and replace them with kids or has-beens, our squad continues to get weaker, we don’t win anything….the money is disappearing into somebody’s pockets – and they are the one who will be crying once we lose that revenue, not the fans.

  41. Moray

    iffy, if they don’t toe the line, they don’t get invited back. Ferguson is a great example of this. Bullying reporters. It works both ways: look at the case of Beckham – everyone knows about his shenanigans, but he gives a good photo so nobody in the media says anything.

  42. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    AJ February 11, 2012 10:36:06

    Must win game today. I bet all my money on wenger making a substitution at 67 minutes.

    Anyone willing to take you on must be out of his mind

  43. gunnergetyou

    Lol… Champions league makes no difference to us fans?? Guess you won’t have any complaints seeing us lining up for the Europa cup next season if we’re lucky, I guess you mean the money makes no difference

  44. goonermart

    Exactly Moray, well sell our best players anyway, we don’t use the champions league football as a spring board to improve. We lost cesc and nasri even though we are in the fucking thing.

  45. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Good read on Usmanov posted by pedro

    “We may never know whether Kroenke would have taken Arsenal private, but as supporter feelings do not appear to be high on his list of priorities it’s a possibility. It appears that he views supporters as a necessary evil and small shareholders as an unnecessary irritant. I would love to be proved wrong.”

  46. kay

    “Meanwhile the apparent stagnation in the boardroom does not appear to be helping the manager or the team.”

    It does not certainly help the FANS…!

  47. craigy

    how can anyone defend suarez the guy is a complete cunt and a cheat, a disgusting human being, i cant stand evra, but at least the guy had the decency to shake that cunts hand after being abused by him,

  48. Mykelgunner

    A must win game.I hope theo plays well today and rosicky should start ahead of ramsey.

    L’pool-2 man u-1(evra own goal).

  49. kay


    Ur predictions on this three??

    2 Goal win for us…
    Loss for Chavs and citeh…
    Draw between pool/manu and spuds/castle…

    Last week u got only one right out of three..

    I happily wore my jersey for the first time in my office..

  50. gnarleygeorge

    Somethin decent that came outa Italy in 1991. Suga might be in the house. Anyway, its the very same year Arsenal only lost one game, @ chav ville 2-1 under Choochy Graham.

  51. Bade

    True Kay, albeit I said in the Chavs games I wasn’t taking Webb into consideration, and I had 2 of 4 (us and Geordies)

    I reckon a draw at OT, and Shite hart lane as well

    Reckon the Chavs will win it, though I’d happily take your view on it

    And feeling as well we’ll rip Sunderland apart with a big win, or just a tough 2-1 like we did at the Villa

  52. gnarleygeorge

    You know, when you look @ Man Utd & the players they have, they are about as scary as the Indian batting line up. But the thing about Manchester Utd is that that club has a winning culture, unlike (Indian cricket). Arsenal had it once but it has been eroded away over the past 6 years.

  53. gnarleygeorge

    Mnachester Utd’s team list doesn;t strike fear into me, but they continue to win. Thats coz they still have a winning culture around the club.

    As for Tottenham……………………………………………. 😆

  54. gnarleygeorge

    Where is Dial Square?

    Hey Dial we’re looking forward to getting our Ashes back next year, chamoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  55. Ice

    Two REAL teams playing in manchester….kicking off in tunnel….passion, fight, aggression…..all traits my team lacks in abundance at the moment (see soppy Song)….BTW heavy reverse today,players not up for the trip yesterday….Arshavin may not be involved today after taking the piss yesterday…

  56. gnarleygeorge

    No, Utd have a lot of over rated players who play under a highly rated manager, who has created a winning culture, 2nd to none. Thems the facts

  57. gnarleygeorge

    There are a good many Arsene Wenger lovers, some call them AKB’s, who see no wrong in him, but SAF would buy & sell him @ the one street corner.

    As for ‘Arry Redcrap…………………………….. ;lol:

    P.S & they want him to lead England PMSL

  58. Gunner2301


    Another great post. Those of us with a bit of common sense have been saying we have money to spend and Wenger is just bullshitting us.

    Soon we will have 200mill in the accounts. Why? Are they intending to pay off the remainder of the loan on the stadium? Is it even possible to pay it off early?

    That would be the only acceptable excuse for the hoarding we’ve seen over the last 7 years.