There are loans and there are loans. Let’s look at Arsenal’s…

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First of all let’s talk about our loans, the biggest one is for the stadium and this one was necessary in order to bring in the income to make our team the best in the world of football. The downside is it seems we have to pay for it first. So this is a long term loan and an even longer term payback.

The next one is the players we loaned, the first was Yossi Benayoun, we got him from Chelsea to add strength and experience to our squad, him I’m not so sure about because he can’t seem to get a game, reasonable player but a little surplus to our needs.

Thierry Henry was a sop to the disgruntled fans, sure he was a legend, but it really shows how bad Chamakh is because Henry is scoring, and how completely useless Park is because our stop-gap 34 year old loanee is getting games over him.

Still he is Korean and buying him in theory reduces our loan, the first one that is.

Make no mistake though, Henry was a cynical ploy to disguise the fact Wenger was not going to buy a proper goalscorer in the window, quite shameless really, but that’s our Arsenal these days.

Then there are some of the players we have loaned out, Bothelo, Galindo, Bartley, Lansbury, Ryo, Campbell and Wellington, them I can understand as they are gaining experience or because of permit issues, but players like Vela, Bendtner and Denilson I don’t because they are clearly not wanted by Arsenal and we couldn’t sell them (and we tried), so why don’t we just tell them to leave when their contracts expire?

So without sounding negative, if we added that lot to the players that would never make the team like Squillaci and Park, players that are just not good enough like Chamakh and perma-crocks like Diaby, I wonder how much money we could save in salaries and how much money we would get in fees for them.

Unless of course there is some super clever reason we have these players out on loan that I don’t know about?

People were moaning about Steven Hester, the RBS boss and his bonus, but he runs a bank and earns less than Diaby who doesn’t even play. (They both have something in common though, they both work for banks)

Finally why has Almunia still got the number 1 squad number when he is only our current number 3, and he hasn’t been near our first team for over a year, in fact he was even a loanee this season.

It’s like our manager can’t bear to part with some of his favourite players. And someone needs to explain to my why we just extended the contract of Johan Djourou, nice bloke, not a bad centerback back up, but he is what, 6th choice? And we all now how good he is as a full back back up, don’t we.

Anyway the good news is we have Gibbs back in contention and Jenkinson returns to training next week. So if Gibbs can slot in to the left back spot and last more than his customary 17 minutes, then we look to be close to having a good team to put out for the important next few weeks.

The bad news is Chamakh is fit again so unless something happened to him in Africa, then we can expect to see him getting in the way of any goalscoring opportunities that come our way. Hey, he may go back to that player we had for a month last season, who knows, I sure hope so because we have no other options.

The next 2 weeks will make or break our season, this Saturday is a massive game for us, a win is essential.

I just hope that Gibbs has been doing what Sagna has in his time off, watching the team from the stands and learning how to defend, he is great at going forward, but not so good at staying back, so we can only hope.

I think if we play a forward three of Robin Theo and Oxo, they will be terrified, if we put Rosicky in the midfield instead of Ramsey, I think the passage of play will be too quick for them, that’s not to diss Ramsey, I really like him, he needs a breather though, so this is my team for tomorrow.


Sagna Kozzer Vermaelen Gibbs

Coquelin Arteta Rosicky

Theo Robin Oxo

I would put Coquelin in the midfield and rest Song, Gibbs straight in at left back and Vermaelen in for Mertesacker who I would also rest, this team has pace and the game I saw at Middlesbrough midweek showed me that pace is what will do for them.

I would be sorely tempted to put Arshavin in the middle and rest Robin as well but I can’t see him doing that, if he rested Robin he would use Chamakh, shame really because I think we would see the best of Arshavin running through the middle, almost in the hole behind Theo and Oxo.

No, that’s way too daring for Arsene, but with Milan and Sunderland coming straight after Sunderland he’ll have to mix it up.

Don’t read that last line after a few Cervesas, it was difficult enough to write!

Have a top and fun filled Friday Grovers, Pedro will return from Ireland to write a bumper pre-match post mañana!

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  1. Goonerfied85

    Wenger has come out & said that managing an international team does not suit him.

    I wonder why, it’s because you can’t hide behind financial figures when all you provide is shit you senile old fool.

    Wenger won’t manage a international side because he has nothing to hide behind & his usually lies & crap won’t be accepted.

  2. sixx pac

    There once was a fellow O’Doole. Who found little red spots on his tool. His doctor a cynic said “Get out of me clinic and wipe off that lipstick you fool.”

  3. sixx pac

    There was a young man from Cape Horn. Who wished he had never been born. He wouldnt have been if his father had seen that the end of his condom was torn.

  4. dennisdamenace

    There was an old man from Leeds
    Who swallowed a packet of seeds
    Within an hour, his balls were aflower
    And his bum was covered in weeds…….

  5. gambon

    The FA: “Erm Arsene, you have picked Abou Diaby, im sorry but you cant do this”

    Wenger: “Why not, you want me to play Lampard? This will kill Diaby”

    The FA: “No Arsene, you dont get it, he isnt English, you can only pick English players”

    Wenger: “I look at quality, not at passports”

    The FA: “Well, you dont seem to get it. Diaby is out, who do you want instead?”

    Wenger: “Mobongo Kakapo”

    The FA: “Sigh……”

    BREAKING NEWS: Wenger sacked after just 2 days incharge.

    The Sun: “Arsene, quite an embarrassing stint incharge for you? Can you explain why you chose to try and pick Diaby?”

    Wenger: “I have picked 50,000 players in my career, I dont have to explain myself to you”

  6. leon

    i used to buy into the nonense that wenger nershering young talent but that pr talk wenger is no fool he knows full well that top players no matter what there age 17-20 will always cost.there is reason why fergi paid 30 mill for rooney,why wenger paid 15 mill for chamberlain.there is an absolute huge difference between average top talnent and top top young talent.if you look at players like vela giles sanu sanchez watt jet landsburys fran merida these of standers of players that wenger has been blooding in these are average players nothing great at all. none these players can make t into first team squad. there very few players that are of same standers of wilshire or better because you have to pay top doller get them

  7. Tommi Gooner

    Gambon.. loving that joke bruv. ‘Super, super’ quality..

    Pedro – not sure on your call on Arshavin at all. Would you really rest RvP tomorrow or you just stoking up a debate? We need to win tomorrow, big style, we can’t afford anymore fuck ups. Arshavin hasn’t shown anything to suggest he’s suddenly going to come good again.

  8. Gunner2301

    Afternoon Grovers. Great post Geoff

    I can’t remember if Benayoun came as a CM or winger? Anyway I dont understand why we need him unless it’s to make up for the half of Arshavin that never plays.

    I have a real problem with Djourou besides him not being good enough. Yes he might be 4th choice but he’ll be on 40k+ having been with the Club 8 years or whatever it is. There won’t be a first choice CB outside the top 6 that will be on that kind of money,

    I think Arsene has made such a fucking mess he shouldn”t be in charge of wages or signings. He’s someone who needs a director of football behind him because he’s a joke.


  9. scott

    BREAKING NEWS: Ladbrokes have confirmed a dog named Rosie has just put £189,000 on Harry Redknapp to be next England manager!

  10. DialSquare

    I went to the cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on a grave. As I was standing there I noticed 4 grave diggers walking about with a coffin,

    3 hours later and they’re still walking about with it.

    I thought to myself, they’ve lost the plot …..

  11. DialSquare

    A mate of mine recently admitted to being addicted to brake fluid.

    When I quizzed him on it he reckoned he could stop any time.

  12. DialSquare

    Paddy says “Mick, I’m thinking of buying a Labrador .”

    “Really, …” says Mick “Have you seen how many of their owners go blind?”

  13. scott

    Had a Valentines poem rejected by Clinton’s.
    I mean, what’s wrong with;
    Roses are red,
    corkscrews are twisted.
    open wide love,
    You’re about to get fisted….??

  14. Pedro

    BREAKING: Kaka “I actually had a medical at Arsenal in the Summer mid-July, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it didn’t happen.” (Marca)

  15. frenchie


    upon further reflection, the photoshop also looks like an american football jersey. perhaps stan has a little carl lagerfield in him and cares to express himself in other ways.

  16. Ice

    Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
    Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’

    Ha ha ha…….

    Shreevesy tipped to sit it for red knob for the rest of the season!

  17. Ice

    Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
    Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’Ha ha ha…….Shreevesy tipped to sit in for red knob for the rest of the season!

  18. frenchie

    i wonder if dithering was the issue if a medical had taken place. that seems rather advanced.

    the bigger issue of concern for me is that at the end of august, kaka categorically denied all links with arsenal.

  19. Young_Matt21

    In accordance with the wishes of Pedro.

    I went to a zoo the other day that had only one animal, a dog.

    It was a Shi Tzu.

  20. incesc

    what ever happened we had a terrible summer and someones head should role really

    alvarez, kaka, carzola?, mata…

    who is fucking these deals up?

    i thought it was wenger pulling out last minute and not being able to make up his mind? read that a few times…

  21. AJ

    From the dot com
    The Club operates effectively with a robust, self-sustaining business and cash reserves for player transfers, but the Frenchman is aware of the need to keep on reducing their ‘mortgage’.

    “I am surprised that you are surprised,” he(wanker) said at Friday’s press conference. “Do you think the target of the Club is to lose money? That cannot last a long time. The target is to make a profit. It looks normal for any company in the world, so I don’t know why it is surprising. “

  22. Geoff

    Are you kidding Pedro, we could have had Kaka, if we got him then we would have kept Cesc, what a cunt Wenger is, we didn’t need anyone but he tried to get Kaka…

  23. Gunner2301


    I think Wenger checked his wallet and realised just like he did with Mata that he didn’t have enough money to buy Kaka. He obviously thought he was in Aldi.

  24. Bade


    What is surprising is how a failing manager is tapped despite major failure, promised a job for life, with a 7 millions a year salary for doing nothing but lying to the fans and to his leading players

  25. AJ

    You get real angry when you read that. He talks about the club as a COMPANY all the time. And ‘when a comapny does not make profit, it loses money’ etc typical crap talk.
    Somebody do something about the man, he is beyond recovery now.

  26. Sabeel

    “I am surprised that you are surprised,” he said at Friday’s press conference. “Do you think the target of the Club is to lose money? That cannot last a long time. The target is to make a profit. It looks normal for any company in the world, so I don’t know why it is surprising.

    “We want to pay the debt we owe from the stadium we built, that’s around £15 million [per year]. So it’s normal that at the start, we have to make at least £15 million or we lose money.”

    Wenger insists he does not feel that his hands are tied in the transfer market due to the financial requirements of the Club.

    “I accept one basic principle for every company; that you can spend the money you make,” he said.

    “It always looks like a massive surprise that I have to convince you of that. I think it is just natural common sense and logic.

    “It is mathematical logic that what goes out has to equal what comes in. If that does not work then the company loses money.”


    Thanks wenger for clearing up we are afterall a company, not a club…wengers myth busted again….shit

  27. AJ

    I read somewhere all that keeps you from being an idiot is a minute amount of iodine in your thyroid gland. So either wenger has no salt intake, or that which he consumes isn’t iodised.
    sorry incesc.

  28. Kushagra India

    A man came home from work, sat down in his favourite chair, turned on the TV, and said to his wife, “Quick! Bring me a beer before it starts!”

    She looked a little puzzled, but brought him a beer.

    When he finished it, he said, “Quick! Bring me another beer! It’s gonna start!”

    This time she looked a little angry, but brought him a beer.

    When it was gone, he said, “Quickly! Another beer! It’s gonna start any second!”

    “That’s it!” She blows her top. “You bastard! You waltz in here, flop your fat ass down, don’t even say hello to me and then expect me to run around like your slave! Don’t you realise that I cook and clean and wash and iron all day long?”

    The husband sighed. “Oh shit. It’s started.”

  29. Gunner2301

    So Wenger is happy to say a company must make profit but he doesn’t see that 4th is a trophy isn’t a relevant philosophy for any football club or sport. Wanker


  30. Bade

    Amazing to look at our first team stats, just to realise how dependent we are on Rockin’ Robin

    Goals scored for us in all competitions

    1. Robin, 28 goals
    2. Theo, 6 goals!

    The whole team scored, in all competitions, 65 goals. Robin alone scored 28, 43% ! with the second best player sitting nicely on 9% …….

  31. AJ

    Not only goals but he has a good number of assists as well. Our midfield isn’t creative at all. But we have numbers, which is all wenger wants. If you just want people to stand there you can sign me as well, I will be satisfied with minimum wage and will also run about unlike diaby.

  32. Bade

    He had 7 assists, if my counting is right

    This season obviously the midfield is our weakest link

    Which again shows how dependent we are on Jack

    Luckily we had Arteta this year, I really don’t want to think about what would’ve been otherwise ……

  33. DaleDaGooner

    And the sheeps bleat! Djourou extending his contract? Whoopti doo, is this a reason for burn fire?? His 4th, 5th choice CB and people feel a need to announce it in every post… do me a favor

    Geoof, sorry, but you already know Wenger will field Song any chance he can.

    I don’t get the loan bit, Denilson, Vela et al aren’t good enough, we all agree, so instead of getting a free pay check, we loan them out and get a fee for their services. Vela will be sold, Denilson will be too or he’ll get loaned again..Barca has Keirrison and Hleb on loan for ever and they aren’t even good enough for their squad quality. This happens to all teams, so I’m not sure what the problem is with that.

  34. Bade


    I like Yossi very much, I know him since he was a 15 years old playing in Israel

    But if he’s brought to play and teach the youngsters out of his experience, then he’s not seeing the pitch that often?

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Truth be told, Arsenal has always been owned by Arsenal Holdings Plc, Wenger is running it like that, a holdings company…shame is, he would do better as a footballing director and let an on field manager do the tactics .

  36. Bade


    Arsene is twisting everything when it’s serving his goal

    If it’s a company you should ask how a manager who’s failing to win a trophy for 7 years, keep his job and paid 7 millions a year

    Such a thing doesn’t happen in a business company, but you won’t hear Arsene pondering this one

    The hypocrite cunt

  37. kwik fit


    His day’s of spin and counter spin are over.
    He has lost his credibility mainly through telling porkies.
    I can’t take anything he say’s seriously anymore.
    That said I think Stan must go before Wenger.

  38. jnyc

    Gotta say, i dont mind arshavin playing mid behind striker. Hes way more creative than ramsey, and can shoot when hes on. But prefer to see ox there one day. . In benayouns defense, he is a cheap insurance policy aginst injuries, but probably desrves to play more somewhere, im not sure what is his best position. BUT, as a fan u must love the energy and effort he brings. Really impressive. If he woudnt cost too much hes perfect to have on a squad.

  39. Bade


    He’s AM, the AA role….

    He’s done reasonably well for us, but didn’t get enough play time

    in 7 starts and 10 subs, he’s managed 3 goals and 3 assists

    Much better than Rosa, Ramsey and Song

  40. nishanth

    Can’t believe not one person has mentioned hiddink’s name for the england manager post.Much better choice than redknapp

  41. DaleDaGooner

    After Rosicky’s display, I expect him rested for AC Milan and Yossi to play the creative mid field role, Ramsey is just not up to it for that role, he should rotate with Arteta.

  42. JJ

    These games are too important to trial AA in the middle and I don’t trust Gibbs in LB either. I prefer Vermy even though it is not his preferred position. I think Gibbs will be a good LB in the long run when given time to get experience but we do not have the luxury of time right now.

    I am sick to death of JD. How the feck does he get a new contract. Whenever I see his face on doing ANOTHER interview, I want to punch my screen!

  43. DaleDaGooner

    And i just remembered one thing concerning the Cesc to Barca for peanuts and Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid for mega bucks…we don’t know what happened or pushed the deal, but I’d like to think that C Ron, while he only wanted Real, Madrid were honorable and compensated Man U properly, if they new they could dishonor Man U, in such Barca fashion, they would have. Barca were classless in the way they conducted the Cesc business, they used emotions and they were relentlessly pursuing in the most dispicable way..No one in Madrid was putting the white Real jersey on C Ron after Portugal won a major comp on INTERNATIONAL TV. No players crowing for C. Ron…Real Madrid do business gentlemanly, They paid us handsomely for Anelka, they didn’t tap him up for nothing. They will pay us handsomely for Wenger, if he choses to leave.

    Again, Wenger’s only fault is he dealt with Cesc in an emotional way, instead of business….same way they’ve been sticking it to us fans, they should have stuck it to him.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    JJ, no trial needed, i can assure you AA will do better in the hole. He did well there in the Carling Cup, he did well as a lone striker, asking him to run up and down a wing is futile at this point, sticking him in dangerous pockets that conserves his fat ass is a better option, and he can’t do worse than Ramsey in front of goal. That slip versus Bolton is unforgivable. Ox would have scored that chance, Arshavin would have.

  45. DaleDaGooner

    JD’s contract fetches him maybe 40+ a week, what’s the problem? Shitty have worse on higher wages, same with Manure …if someone offered money for JD, better to have him tied up for a better fee. He can be another teams first choice in the EPL.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    In regards to seeing someone’s face, Am I the only one who absolutely hates seeing Wenger’s face in the training Pictures…fucking heck! It annoys me…what’s the point of showing 4-5 slides of the manager in training? I want to see each and every one of the players instead of him! He really runs things at Arsenal, you gotta give him that.

  47. JJ

    Dale – I know AA has played in that position and I have always said that he should play there as it maximizes its pluses and minimizes his weaknesses (defending). HOWEVER, (for me) these games are too critical to change the personnel/formation and risk everyone else not being able to react to change in the desired manner.

    We are not playing that many games right now so Song should not need a rest. Rosicky is getting better with games so I would just keep playing him with Arteta (who we missed greatly during our last barren run).

  48. JJ

    Dale – 40k for DJ is 40k too much. He is shite in every position. I don’t care if he is 6th back up to the water boy. He would probably fall over doing that job too!

    Save your breath. There will be no changing my mind on that dopey feck. As long as he is in the squad there is a chance Wenger will play him. I would rather that we be short and Wenger either pulls a loanee back, pulls from the reserves, goes into the transfer market or goes and nabs Rooney’s granny… ANYTHING but see him play for us again.

  49. Gunner2301

    Joke Friday

    In the sleepy village of Erbum near the town of Tillet in Hertfordshire, lives a woman called Linda Lykes.
    She is the land-lady of the local pub, The Cockwell Inn.
    For some unknown reason, she gets embarrassed whenever she receives her post:

    Linda Lykes
    The Cockwell Inn

  50. Lurch LeRouge


    if your out there?

    Like I said last week, it seems the 30% threshold doesn’t automatically entitle AU to the books because theres a majority shareholder.

    How does it feel being wrong?


  51. Bade

    Someone should check Dale …..

    His posts imply something isn’t working well in his head

    Or he’s magically healed!

    Dale, welcome back to sanity world

    Or was it Morpheus giving him the blue pill

  52. kwik fit

    Some of the posters on A cultured left bollock are celebrating the the following Wenger quotes;

    “I accept one basic principle for every company; that you can spend the money you make,” he said.

    “It always looks like a massive surprise that I have to convince you of that. I think it is just natural common sense and logic”.
    The AKB’s seem to get off on this type of Wenger shit.

  53. Bade


    My dear love

    So you’ve been holding this in your belly, my poor boy

    And by the way, Like Arsene, I’m never wrong 😉

    This angry Brit blog says What I did the other day, only I said it in a better English (As always :lol:)

  54. Lurch LeRouge

    Bade, just came across it then – only published today.

    no, the other day you quoted corporate laws that stipulate that he HAD to make an offer and IS entitled to view the books, you might have left a loophole in the event I found evidence, but I’m still feeling righteous nonetheless! haha

    this pretty much smashes your theory to bits and is consistent with what I said first – ie what you disagreed with.

    and I can call witnesses!

  55. Bade


    Now the family’s demanding aggressively my full attention, so I need to go

    Probably the weekly moaning about why I’m not getting married, of course they won’t bother themselves to actually connect it to the chitchat they always had before, about how she and he got divorced, those couple are in rift, she’s living with her parents, etc ……

    Oh well, I’ll be listening then say I’ll think about it, honestly

    And Lurch

    Don’t remember my self posting about the ability to see the books after the 30% threshold last week

    Anyway I will be back in a hour or so… hopefully. Then I promise to read the whole link

  56. frenchie


    he is well suited for the dom role. fucking tease.

    i fail to understand how they bite on his last word, given the appearance that many of them on aclf are into autoasphyxia.

  57. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    hmmm… Milan look decimated by injuries.. Boateng, Nesta, Abbaiti and Pato are touch and go, but they are without gattuso, flamini, yepes, merkel, strasser & cassano…

    They haven’t won this month and aren’t the force they were. We really should be coming back to the emirates with a lead imo…

    I don’t know why people are spitting blood at wenger’s comments. It’s all verbal excrement as per usual. The journo’s let him off far to easy and anyone with any sort of mental tact wouldn’t buy into such evanescent bullshit. The fact he kept refering to the club as a ‘company’ made me giggle. He’s completely lost the appetite for winning and it’s only hurting teh fans on the pitch and in the pocket. Wenger nowadays is nothing more than a book keeper posing as a football manager.

    On Djourou… sigh… He’s just dogshite and not arsenal level, but we all know that. It looks like the only reason he was given a contract extension is so he can keep doing his fucking diary for the Gestapo (

  58. jesse

    i can’t see him putting sagna and gibbs both in at the back, sagna has yet to regain his form and gibbs will have definitely to get a few short appearances in to regain a first 11 form. i hope rvp and oxo get a rest, i would hate to see either of them get banged up for the tough stretch of games we have coming up

  59. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    ”one of the best 4th choice centre backs in the premier league” Jesus H Christ 😆 That’s a damning indictment if I ever saw one…

  60. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I’d rather give Bartley the 4th choice spot… What does Djourou’s extension do to Bartley & Miguel… Miguel will probably go on loan next season, but Bartley is ready for the step up surely now with all the experience he’s picked up with Rangers…

    Don’t even bring Squillaci into it….

  61. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I’d love to be on 40k a week for doing a shitty diary and being made to look a right cunt by any winger or centre forward that’s even a 1/4 decent.

  62. kwik fit

    Djourou was ‘under the radar’ in the early part of his time at Arsenal because of all his injury’s. He was alway’s given the benefit cos he ‘had potential’ but didn’t get a run to prove if he was quality or not. Last season and this has proven beyond all doubt that he is not anywhere near the standard required. So what do Arsenal do? Yeah that’s right give him a new improved contract 🙂

  63. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    kiwk – Did you see him on loan at birmingham? Fuck me he was so shit they sent him back early after he’d picked up a ‘knock’…. Djourou’s never had potential from what I saw. He always looked like alummox, a bambi on ice and plays a man’s game like a fairy. Soft in the tackle, soft going up for headers, he’s just a moist, flimsy player that has neither the quality or grit to be anywhere near an arsenal first team…

    Lansbury (not convinced) and Bartley have done well on loans on more than one occassion yet can’t get a look in. Wenger is a manger with his favourites, of that there can be no doubt.