Dirty Harry does anal Arsene and Arsenal a massive favour!

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How so? Well let me first of all qualify ‘Dirty Harry’ before his lawyers start licking their lips.

Yesterday he won his court case against the revenue for tax evasion, well we live in celebrity Britain and like OJ in the USA, Harry is untouchable.

Although I do have some sympathy for him with the Revenue because I was investigated by them for 16 consecutive years over a P11D, funny enough it was the Arsenal box I had, and how 1/8 of the box was a benefit in kind, this resulted in them looking at everything over a long period of time.

It cost me over £30k in auditors fees but all I ended up paying them was £4,100, they just aren’t accountable, they are pathetic little jobsworths that can’t see the wood for the trees. So it cost me 7 times what I owed them to defend myself. And 16 years of worry.

They go after the soft targets and not the real offenders. The guy I was dealing with was in Newcastle, I asked him if he had ever been in a local Titty bar, I said go in one, there are probably 40 girls in there earning £70k a year tax free, leave me alone…

However, that was filling out a P11D incorrectly, not alleged tax evasion, so I have no idea what that was all about, all I knew was he got off and now he will get offered the England job, the most coveted role in sport, good to see the FA have learned their lesson…

Now the reason I call him dirty Harry, is because I think he will leave the spuds in the lurch. Not until May, and by then he will be taking over the England job and combining roles, which in turn will screw the spuds over.

And if he does that to the people that stuck by him through all this, his club, then in my book, that makes him dirty Harry. If of course he stays at Spurs, then he is a highly principled man and I retract the dirty Harry bit.

So how is that a favour to us and how does it affect our affected manager? Well Mourinho will then go to the spuds and Madrid will come back for Wenger, by then of course our season wil be over, and as we will have won nothing he will go.

We will then get a new manager who will have £120 million to spend on new players. I just hope the new guy can get shot of the crap we have and buy what we need in time.

All this of course is banking on the integrity of Harry, will he drop Spurs for England? As I write this our existing manager, Fabio Capello has resigned, it seems that he believed so much that John Terry was innocent until proven guilty he put that ahead of our fine nation, what a plank, good riddance.

He never considered the damage keeping him as captain would do to the team and their morale, but then he has done that before, Cappello that is.

I always believed Harry would do well for England and now he has his chance, let’s see how many spuds he picks.

I bet Terry retires now, because Harry will now have to drop someone that is apparently innocent until proven guilty, Harry can relate to that can’t he!

All the above is merely my opinion and there has to be an awful lot of luck working in our favour, but here’s hoping, I would of course like to win the ECL, the FA Cup and at least finish 4th, but that really is the stuff of fantasies so I’ll leave that there.

Let’s move on, we still have Wenger and nothing will change until May, so let’s talk about the FA Cup. Last night I was watching the Sunderland and Barca games by channel hopping, Seb Larsson is such a good player, but he was just another kid at Arsenal, further proof they don’t generally come good until they reach their early to mid twenties.

Still, we’ll be seeing him again in the North East as they are our next opponents.

Gervinho finally found his shooting boots and put Ivory Coast into the African Cup of Nations final, great news as it means Oxo stays on for a while, but well done Gervinho, about time you sprung into life and nice goal.

I still cannot understand why we sold Cesc to Barca with 3 years left on his contract and that still remains the dumbest business and footballing decision I have seen in my entire life, absolute madness, perhaps Gazidas, Kroenke, Hill-Wood or Wenger could come on and explain that, yeah right!

And then to sell him on the cheap, what a bunch of hopeless spanner heads. And then to miss out on Mata.

Interesting to hear Wenger telling us how good Hazard is and at the same time forewarning us unless Lille are as stupid as Arsenal and decide to let him go cheap, we aren’t getting him, then why didn’t we try 2 years ago, we all knew he was good then, and although they said they wouldn’t have sold him, we could have got him, no doubt, now we have no chance.

There are some players you know will be world beaters,  Neymar, Wilshere, Goetze and Hazard. There are some you think will be great like Chamberlain and Mata,  and there are some that will never make it, like Freeman, JET, Djourou and Wellington.

So why don’t we just go in with some stupid offers right now and try and land one of them we know will be great?

Growing superstars sounds good Ivan, but one in Wenger’s reign (Wilshere) is hardly a great record, so maybe we should try something different.

Finally old boy Paul Merson got done for being way over the limit, he fell asleep and crashed into the back of a truck, not clever Paul, someone other than you could have been killed.

You and I had a long alcohol induced chat on the phone once ( you were drunk, not me), when you signed the ad I designed of you for my son, for JVC, I thought you were over all that, not the drinking, the stupidity. Still at least no one was seriously hurt.

That’s it for today Grovers, have a good ‘un!


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  1. tippitappi

    spuds will play hard ball with the FA for Harry you can just see the situation if it was that bunch of tossers dealing with it , what… 750,000 compo they’ed be doing back flips FUCKING WANKERS

  2. dennisdamenace

    Fuck sake Pedro, your comments box has reverted to being gash again!!

    No spacing between the previously posted comment and my answer….

  3. Leedsgunner

    Huh, am I missing something, why are we going over how AFC got royally played over the Fabregas deal? That particular morsel didn’t taste that great going down the first time why are we bring it up again?

    I’ll tell you this much if Torres was a British transfer record £50 million — AFC should start the bidding at £200 million. (Hey, why not pay off the stadium with RvP and we could name it after him…) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to go but I really can’t see him stay with 12 months of his contract to go. MAKE SURE WE DON’T GET SCREWED AGAIN. ARE YOU LISTENING IVAN?

    With regards to RvP, if he was an honorable man he might stay in light of the fact that the Club stood by him when he could hardly stand at all, but hey given the state of the modern footballer I think I’m asking too much.

  4. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – They invaded the islands, and yet they call us imperialistic…..

    Funny how they could’ve made a move for the islands anytime in the last 100+ years, but choose now, when there is the high possibility of oil….

  5. dennisdamenace

    Again, no line spacing between my two paragraphs.

    Where’d you get this service from Pedro, fucking Lidl???

    Oh, and the font colour in the comments box is woefully pale….

  6. Geoff

    Hey Dennis, let them bring it on, you and I could sort those tossers our with a catapult and a cricket bat.

    …in fact what are you doing this weekend!

  7. TT_


    Quite obviously your terrible browser. Looks fine here.

    Mind you I said that the first day this went live. It barely looks any different to be honest with all the tweaks people suggested. Aside from the comments that now almost match the background colour.

  8. Herkules

    As much as the Cesc situation sucked – i still think it was the only way out. Barca are the evil empire and they essentially screwed us – but his form under us was getting worse with every year he sat moaning and his whiny insistence on Barca made him untouchable for all other clubs. (I hope he breaks his leg.)

    Hard to blame management for that in my opinion although very EASY to blame them for signing 6 average players at above average salaries rather than 1-2 stronger ones at higher rates.

  9. Ché

    Greetings from the library. I actually come down on the side of Capello re. Terry/England – not often I disagree with Geoff.

    I just hope that when Gervinho comes back he doesn’t just go straight ahead of Ox in the pecking order – that would be total bollocks BUT I would put money on it this is what Wenger will do. Would be in complete Wenger style if he did drop Ox.

    Much Love



  10. Gavsagooner

    Yep, that’ll happen. A new manager will come in and the board will give them £120 Mill…Brilliant!

    Take a fucking tablet mate, the club will NOT spend any money regardless of the manager in charge.

    Until there is a major shift at the very top this frifty business model will remain…

  11. dennisdamenace

    TT – I’ve been called some bad things in my time, but a terrible browser…………..you’ve hurt me fella 😆

  12. dennisdamenace

    TBH, if the Manager appoints the captain, he should at least be involved in the process that removes him….

  13. midlandgunner

    next time wenger moans that the right players were not available at the right price tell somebody remind him that bayern have apparently signed shaqiri from basle for a reported 8.7m thats how you do business arsene before the summer without alerting every other club in europe no messing about.bayern could have got themselves a real quality player at a bargain price

  14. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    RSPC Arsenal; Nuudles!

    I think Bendy can in fact play against us! The PL rules are that a loanee cannot play against his home club (in the PL). In the FA Cup the FA rules apply and not the PL rules and those rules state that for a loanee, clubs must get the permission of the parent club for a short term (less than a season) loanee to play in the FA Cup. For a full season loan-player they do not need the permission of the Parent club. Bendy is a full-season loanee!

    The FA rules do not mention anything about not being able to play against the parent club.

    That’s my take on it!

  15. Bade


    Erm…………. I wouldn’t call it achievement, more of embarrassment and Maradona had his countries’ revenge in 1986, surely you remember that game 🙂

  16. dennisdamenace

    Actually a lot of Welsh settled in Argentina, that figures, miserable bunch of underachieving hangers-on…….

  17. Lurch LeRouge

    he was involved DDM,

    from my reading he was given the chance to depose Terry, but he didn’t want to so the FA over-ruled, quite rightly I might add.

    We’re about to enter a very high profile sporting period for the country, the Euro’s & Olympics for starters.

    I don’t see how a country can be reasonably represented by an individual with this issue hanging over his head.

    I think the captaincy needs to held in a higher esteem if I’m honest, even if he turns out to be not guilty, the presumption of guilt is enough to tarnish the country.

  18. dennisdamenace

    For a player of Maradon’s ablitities, having to cheat to score is for me more of an embarrassment. So, he can keep his football win, we’ll keep the islands, and any possible oil too….

  19. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Cheers Geoff!!, the tab at the top of my browser reads “dirty Harry does anal….”” I got some strange looks from people who glanced over my shoulder at uni!!!

  20. Ché

    Lurch: I don’t think that Terry is an angel by any means but at present he is innoncent, is he not?

    Strange when Diane Abbot (MP) makes completely outrageous comments it is just laughed/shrugged off. If she can keep her job after the comments she has made then Terry can keep his until his trial proves any different.

  21. Pedro

    Che, should you not be looking at the bigger picture here? It’s not about being innocent. The whole squad knows what he said, he’s alienated himself with a bunch of them, he’s shagged his beat mates wife, he’s been involved in scandal after scandal…. Who cares about the semantics… Should he really be representing our great nation?

  22. Lurch LeRouge


    Technically speaking yes, but he’s not innocent in the court of opinion, he’s got priors and there’s no smoke without fire.

    The captaincy is as much a media position as anything these days and we have one of the most savage newsmedia industry’s in the world. Sport in very much an export industry and I think we need to assess the implications of the slur that the Terry Racism issue has on the broader package as a whole in foreign markets.

    We’re already desperately trying to jettison the cultural baggage of Imperialism, how does fielding an alleged racist Captain do anything for our broader cultural image?

    Its an untenable situation imho and Capello underestimated the levity of the situation.

    Keep him in the squad by all means

  23. Ché

    Like I said Pedro, I side with Capello/Terry until proven otherwise. The FA knew his baggage when they allowed Capello to appoint him captain. As un PC as this maybe I believe he is innocent until proven otherwise.

    May be too much a simplistic view but IMO has to be upheld.

  24. Lurch LeRouge


    Of course, as am I, but wouldn’t it be nice to host a World Cup now and then?

    There’s also a distance between being proud of ones heritage but humbled by some of the past behaviour in various colonial territories.

  25. Pedro

    Che, if you allegedly shouted a racist comment working in the private or public sector… You’d be suspended until the trial.

    Lurch has it bang on… In an Olympic year, that man as captain shames our nation.

  26. miki dora

    I don’t know what the debate is here? The guy is going to court in regards to racist comments as well as shagging a team mates wife. Why the fuck should he captain the nation and be representative of England at the highest level? What is that saying to the rest of the world in an Olympic year in one of most cultural diverse cities in the world.

    He should never of been reinstated anyway.

  27. Geoff

    Terry and his whole family are sleaze bags, if he had any pride he would walk away and think of his country, he doesn’t though, that’s why he knocked his best mates wife up, all he was bothered about then was the captaincy.

    How do you think Ferdinand will play with him, or any of the black players for that matter.

    It’s untenable, but then the Italians are racist to the core anyway.

    It’s not the racist accusations, it the fact he is the captain and no captain of England should be involved in anything other than tactics, that’s why I hate Beckham so much, he was only interested in himself, remember his haircut in Japan? Cunt.

  28. joe

    I think we had c.£90M in the bank at last count so it’s conceivable we may have £100-£110 now. The interest this generates reduces our interest repayments on the stadium by about £4M p/a.

    With the current board and philosophy we won’t spend that. It doesnt matter who the manager is.

    I know this website has nailed its colours to the mast that everything that is wrong is wrong because of Arsene, but weren’t you sickened when Kronke shouts out we’re behind you Peter? Peter Hill Wood? A trumped up financial director lost as a chairman. As much as i hate sp*rs he’s not fit to wipe Levys jockstrap.

    Arsene’s far from perfect so i can understand people wanting him out. But can you not see that a change of manager will not make everything right or have you simply decided just to bash Arsene regardless of what’s right in front of you?

  29. The BearMan

    Personally I believe Martin O’Neal would have been the better choice. However, it appears team England prefers the wheeler dealer.

    1. Should Harry make the same mistake as all previous English managers in the same job, by showing favour to club players they managed, England will not get very far.

    2. The reason England is always poor in the group stages, is simply because: (a) They always take along injured players, starting with a handicap. (b) They do not pick a squad adequate to compete against all the teams they would hope to meet.

  30. Dan Ahern

    It’s been reported that Guus Hiddink supposedly threw his name in the hat. I really don’t see how you can want Redknapp if Hiddink is willing to manage for you.

  31. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah Joe, the owner is a significant embarrassment.

    Ivan while not being a football man, is at the very least a smooth operator and doesn’t bring embarrassment to the club. Its been suggested by some on here that he lacks the personality to take us to the next level which is quite possibly true but PHW and S(a)tan Kroenke are made for each other, they’e a complete joke.

    At the last presentation S(a)tan spoke to the fact we’d be hearing a load more from him, well its been 6 months and not a peep, he literally has no clue how football clubs in this country operate.

  32. Arben

    FA are making themself looking so stupid ,they can strip off capitancy from Terry which he hasn’t been proven guilty yet ,and they can probably appoint Harry as the new England manager,to me it sound a little bid strange, if Terry brings bad reputation to England team so does Harry,I mean Harry is been cleared by court for tax evasion but everyone in this country know that Harry is a dodgy cheating scum. How would this people think if FA appoint Harry as new England Manager ? would Harry bring as bad reputation as Terry, in my opinion yes.
    FA are becoming a laughing-stock.

  33. Josip Skoblar

    According to The Guardian citing the Italian press, “the English could not stand Capello and Capello could not stand the English”.

    The paper also says: “He admired the British civic sense and discretion, less so the habit of sweeping dirt under the carpet and the tendency to play double games,” 🙂
    He’s off to Italy and his next job might be at Inter to replace Ranieri. I think that Capello will never set foot in England again. He won’t be AW’s successor…

  34. Lurch LeRouge


    As much distaste I have for Redknapp because of the rivalry with the scum I really struggle to see the relevance of your point?

    We like to think Redknapp’s a crook but HMRC have just spent £8M fighting the case, are we really to believe that you somehow know better?

  35. dennisdamenace

    Have you all forgotten that good ol’ ‘Arry is actually a Gooner, and maybe he’s waiting for Wenger to fuck off…….

  36. gambon


    Dont have to worry about tensions on the England team bus.

    Ferdinand, Walcott, Bent et al have to sit at the back anyway.

  37. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – heh, at some point you must’ve realised where you were posting that last Redknapp comment and smiled.

  38. hitman49

    if arry cant rread or write,how’s going to apply for the job ?
    and what does that say for us as a nation, we employ complete and utter retards for some of our biggest jobs ?
    i guess we have wenger so i guess YES!

  39. Keyser

    Kushagra – Right now I should be letting a stream of bile surge forth.

    I wanted to turn it off, but I just couldn’t, hours seemed to go by, 3 minutes in I managed to pull the power cord to the laptop.

  40. Goon from BD

    Don’t want to see Crouch or Defoe to be RvP replacement. Fuck him. Get Klopp or Loew. Gotze and Marko Reus are better than Crouch and Defoe.

  41. jnyc

    I doubt thattmaurinho would go to a club unless they have almost unlimited spending. More than spurs for sure. A bigger club like arsenal maybe if they guarantee him a certain amount in funds for transfers. But still a long shot.

  42. tippitappi

    Interesting what wenger said about Capello maybe it IS that old frenchie has the board in a stranglehold over decisions still loath the board though

  43. JJ

    So England want a tax cheat as Manager and can’t choose between a racist/adulterer, a granny-shagger, a tapped-up adulterer and someone who likes to beat up DJ’s who wont play Phil Collins, as their captain.

    Well done England. You should be proud.

  44. Dan Ahern

    jnyc – longer than a long shot. here’s a rundown of Mou’s recent jobs:

    Chelsea – virtually unlimited funds
    Inter – virtually unlimited funds
    Madrid – virtually unlimited funds
    Arsenal – HAHAHAHA

  45. zeus

    Mou works well with money.

    But money is important for his management style. Remember when the rails started to go off at Chelsea, he had that embarrassing interview about omelets.

    One of the worst analogies ever heard.

    Comment box acting up……

  46. JJ

    Dan – AFC may not have the funds of those other clubs but we do offer one thing the others don’t… a job for life. He may like that perk considering where he has been.

  47. Dan Ahern

    JJ – hah, good point. except he’d quit after half a season after the board tells him he has to make 20m profit before spending 3m to drag Ricardo Carvalho along with him again

  48. Gunner2301

    I believe in innocent until proven guilty otherwise were gonna see innocent people judged by the media everywhere. I don’t like Terry but I prefer the law to be equal for all.

    On Diane Abbots comment I disagree with you. Just because it’s not politically correct to say so, what she said is factually correct.

    If you understand who has control in this world you will know this is true. Obama is just a puppet like any other political leader.

  49. tippitappi

    so Maradonna got revenge for the Falklands so what you can’t compare the two thats a dozy comparison and he still had to cheat

  50. Hitman

    So a manager loses his job and a football team are without a manager 4 months before a major tournament.

    Well done you Anton Ferdiand you loud mouth tosser. Hope you are pleased with yourself. I aint going to defend JT’s alledged racist comments.
    But Ferdinand started it!! Offensive and personally abusive comments about JT and his family. Far worse than anything Terry said. And Terry end up in the dock!
    If you make abusive comments about someones family , you deserve what they throw back at you.
    Same with Evra who started it off making defamatory comments about Suarez’s sister – far more hurtful than anything Suarez said and Suarez gets th 8 match ban.

    If you cant take verbals, dont start it. You shouldnt run off like a little girl crying racism.

    Pathetic and unseemly. They both should have ended the matters on the pitch.

  51. Eyeball Paul

    I appreciate the innocent until proven guilty argument. The only problem for Terry is that everyone has already seen what he said.

    It was a bit stupid reappointing Terry as captain in any case. He’s obviously a complete toe rag, who doesn’t give a toss about the feelings of anyone except himself. Using a racist insult doesn’t necessarily make someone a racist, and I don’t believe Terry is. A criminal prosecution for what he (allegedly) said is also completely over the top. He should have just owned up to it, and apologised. I don’t think that showing contrition is really part of his make up though.

    I find a couple of other things quite interesting. Terry has been stripped of the captaincy for alleged racist abuse, yet the FA have appointed an interim manager who has done exactly the same thing. The other thing is which paragon of virtue will be appointed as the next captain. Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, reads like a who’s who of premier league scumbags.

  52. Arben


    As much distaste I have for Redknapp because of the rivalry with the scum I really struggle to see the relevance of your point?

    We like to think Redknapp’s a crook but HMRC have just spent £8M fighting the case, are we really to believe that you somehow know better?
    Lurch LeRouge,

    HMRC have lost £2 billion recently from small bussineses on unpaid tax because they have lost data and records. Anyhow i still think that Harry in somehow has managed to escape the charges that should have brought into just because there is different rule for some people and another one for the others.
    Harry is been saved this time from people with big balls, to me he is still a dodgy cunt.

  53. DaleDaGooner

    Dan AhernFebruary 9, 2012 18:14:22
    jnyc – longer than a long shot. here’s a rundown of Mou’s recent jobs:Chelsea – virtually unlimited funds
    Inter – virtually unlimited funds
    Madrid – virtually unlimited funds
    Arsenal – HAHAHAHA

    Only flaw in this joke is, he actually started out with a team without unlimited funds in Porto, no?

  54. kwik fit

    ‘arry is my hero. He fought the law and the law didn’t win. He is a later day robin hood. A guy who take’s from the rich and gives to off shore bank account’s. I truly like the non cockney gezzer.
    Now ‘arry to make you a super human gezzer please leave the tiny tott’s.

  55. Eyeball Paul

    Gunner2301 February 9, 2012 18:36:49

    I believe in innocent until proven guilty otherwise were gonna see innocent people judged by the media everywhere. I don’t like Terry but I prefer the law to be equal for all.

    On Diane Abbots comment I disagree with you. Just because it’s not politically correct to say so, what she said is factually correct.

    If you understand who has control in this world you will know this is true. Obama is just a puppet like any other political leader.
    How is it factually correct to use a sweeping generalisation about white people?

  56. DaleDaGooner

    Let’s see..

    JT – Dodgy with stadium tour scandal, Dodgy Pops, Dodgy with team mates wife, politically wrong comments against a darker skin player.

    Gerard – Beats up people that displeases him.

    Rooney- Trick and granny shagging, adulterer

    Lampard – former fatso and dodgy, possible adulterer

    Ferdinand – Dodgy with dugs, flashy and too self centered,

    Harry Redknapp – Tax dodger, dodgy period!

    Looks like England might need fresh faces for this one.

  57. dennisdamenace

    gambonFebruary 9, 2012 17:22:50
    GeoffDont have to worry about tensions on the England team bus.Ferdinand, Walcott, Bent et al have to sit at the back anyway.
    Who the fuck allowed them to ride in the bus in the first place? Surely they should be travelling on the roof with all the other unwanted’s 😈

  58. DaleDaGooner

    Dan AhernFebruary 9, 2012 19:29:18
    Dale – only flaw in your retort is, the joke says “recent jobs”, no?


    How recent is the Chelsea gig to discount the Porto gig? why remove that fact?

  59. Gunner2301


    Look into who has real control of events that are happening currently and that have happened in the past any major event. Don’t look at the puppets look at the guys pulling the strings.

  60. frenchie

    pink boots charged with vandalism?

    i am curious if there is any clause within his contract prohibiting criminal behavior and allowing arsenal to rescind his contract if convicted.

  61. Eyeball Paul

    Gunner2301 February 9, 2012 20:12:14


    Look into who has real control of events that are happening currently and that have happened in the past any major event. Don’t look at the puppets look at the guys pulling the strings.

    That’s all fair enough, and I don’t disagree with you on that.

    That isn’t what Diane Abbott was talking about though. She was admonishing a black journalist for questioning the viewing of black people as one group or community.

  62. Santos

    hope that cunt bendtner never comes back to arsenal.. of course they are shit, diss arsenal,fucking want to leave and get to regret it like that miserable sod hleb has always done. i hope he fucks off with his mates diaby , denilson, almunia and shitmakh. all these overpaid spoilt brats who are heaping this club with shiteness boil my blood. now even djourou is about to sign a contract or has he?

  63. OPG

    Like we’re going to break the transfer record for Hazard, Feels like it could be a smokescreen, they could go for the Mata’s or even the Shaqiri’s of the world but more likely to see lesser known gambles.

    I’ve been reading about Denilson who’s been playing recently and the Sao Paulo fans don’t see pleased with him, I wouldn’t be suprised he’ll be back next summer.

  64. Gunner2301


    Diane was talking about divide and rule, a tactic used by those in power to divert attention away from their agenda or not allow those who may be affected to organise in order to resist that agenda.

    If you read the New Statesman article on the affair (you cam google it) they say that she would have been better saying “those in power” which i would agree with.

    An example of this could be Wenger and the board at Arsenal creating division amongst the fans to further their agenda.

    If you take this to a global level White people are ultimately those who wield the power and divide and rule is a tool they use to divert attention away from that fact an whatever agenda they might have.

    That’s not being racist its just showing that you don’t believe what’s placed in front of your eyes and you understand what’s going on even though the majority don’t want to acknowledge it.

  65. OPG

    The worst timing for England to lose their manager unneeded drama months before a big tournament that I can’t think of many ready to take on the job other then Hiddink otherwise they’re stuck with Pearce. As some people around have suggested it’s what the media deserves after being so negative offer Capello depsite him being more successful than many including Schteve McClaren which was a huge mistake from the FA but he’s English so nevermind..

    Cesc would struggle to get into the Barca team eh Mr Hill-wood? 15 goals and 13 Assists so far.

  66. Phil

    Surely you should expect some values as captain and manager that inspires respect.
    Terry should never have been re appointed captain, and should have had the character to resign. but it’s obvious that character is one thing he completely lacks.
    an embarrassment as a national captain.
    Whilst ‘arry might be a decent bloke, and got off in court, you can’t have him as manager. Everybody knows, or at least believes he got off lightly. still leaves an proud hanging around the office of English manager.
    mind you after wasting a fortune on Sven, and Capello, you would fully expect the FA to appoint him.

  67. Dav

    Exactly what were Arsenal supposed to do about the Cesc situ? Selling him with 3 years left on his contract was stupid????
    what would you have done Geoff? Sell him with 5 left? Or make him stay for the duration, unhappy and then he’d just walk out anyway?