7 behind the spuds, level with the chavs, this Grovers is do-able

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So of course the above is all based on us beating them both at our gaff, there’s no reason at all why we can’t, we already beat the chavs and the spuds were lucky to beat us when we were shite and they were flying.

After watching last night I got this sudden belief that if we can stay fit, if the right players return and if Harry goes and spends some quality time with his (so called) cockney mates, then we could nick 3rd.

Don’t forget the spuds will get injuries and they will blow up at some point, Ade has never gone so long in his career without being blown up for offside, so that can’t last (I counted 7 minutes last night).

So providing we don’t play like we sometimes do (badly), and we realise that this team will slide down the pan if we don’t qualify top four, then we have a real chance.

So Wenger is doing what Ivan and his cohorts have begged him to do and that is to start making it look like we are in for Eden Hazard, shame on you, shame on you, that just as season ticket renewal arrives, like clockwork you are out there bigging up the signings we crave.

If it wasn’t so sickeningly predictable it would be amusing, the fact that he has sailed through the last two transfer windows and bought no one of note and starts talking about the big name we all want just before he demands your money is nothing short of wicked, shame on you Arsenal, shame on you.

Anyway it’s time we told Robin to sign on the dotted line or stop talking about what a great team this could be, it will be a far better one with you in it mate, do something outrageous and show the fans the same belief they have had in you your whole career.

I have always had faith in your ability Robin, but last season I was calling for you to be sold because your injuries were becoming farcical, must the same as Rosicky, Diaby and Gibbs’ are.

There comes a point when you weigh up the good times against the bad, you have had just over a season of greatness, you look like the injuries are finally behind you and you will be 30 when your contract runs out, so do the right thing and sign on for the rest of your career, make an Eden Hazard signing part of the deal if you would, but time to show us how you feel.

Henry had to come back, and know matter where you go, you will regret going, money aside.

I think that would lift the fans big time, that would lift the team and we could kick on, time to pay back the rape allegations and the injuries Robin, time to become a legend. I think you will!

That’s it for today folks, have a good ‘un.

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  1. Pedro

    Gambon, we don’t need to make £20mill profit do we… we need to generate revenue… the stadium loan isn’t taken out of profit is it?

  2. Bade

    Arsene will tell you he’s after the top players, then we’ll get Free Chamakh and Park for two seasons, and he’ll play about 10 minutes of EPL the whole season

    Amazing how can people delude themselves that Arsene will ever change

  3. gambon


    Where exactly did i say 28-30 year old MIDFIELDERS win titles???

    Check the average age of world cup and PL title winning teams over the years, then come back to me with this obsession with 18 year olds.

    Who won the PL last year?

    Man Utd – Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Fletcher – Pretty sure theyre not 18 years old.

    Who won the PL the year before?

    Chelsea – Lampard, Essien, Ballack – Pretty sure theyre not 18 years old.

    Who are flying this year?

    Man City – Toure, Silva, Barry, Milner, DeJong – Pretty sure none of these guys are 18 without an international cap.

    Oh and while were on it, how many times have Cesc, Ozil & MVila won the league?


    Oh but wait, you dont even want them 3, you want Chamberlain, Coquelin & Wilshere, who are absolute babies even compared to the 3 i mentioned above.

    Like I say, you may be happier posting on young guns and watching U18 football.

  4. Barndoor Bendtner

    I LOVE OPTIMISM!!!!!!!!

    If you are a pessimist football fan you will undoubtedly top yourself before too long.

    YES! we can beat anyone here or in Europe.
    YES! we can still win the league
    YES! we have players that can blow the Spuds away
    YES! we have a great stadium that sells the best piss water at the highest price
    YES! we have a top manager that is either a genius or an unintelligible french fool
    YES! I am a Gooner and I believe in my team till the sea dries up
    YES! I will be disappointed
    YES! I will do it all again next season.

  5. arsenal1886-2006

    Good post Geoff, had to do a double take on the name of the poster though.
    I have to take Gambon’s side on this one though. Yes the result was great the other day but it was against a team who are without their captain and talisman and they are being ripped apart by internal unrest.

    Sunderland will be a real test of where we are heading A convincing win and I might start thinking of 4th, a defeat and we will realise how poorly judged our new optimism has been.

    Quote of the day so far for me.
    “gambonFebruary 7, 2012 09:46:24
    Haha Eddie, you are definitely gay arent you. Your posts resemble a 12 year old girl talking about Justin Bieber”

    Gambon is god.

  6. gambon


    Yes, I think wenger was basically twisting his words slightly.

    We need to make a profit of £20m or so in order to cover the costs of the stadium. So £20m pre-tax operational profit. The financing charges come out of this to give the net profit figure.

  7. WengersSweeties

    David Andreassen .

    Exactly, that’s what i didn’t understand, PROFIT!!

    Is he saving for a rainy day?

  8. ExiledGooner

    For what its worth I actually come on here to read Gambon’s postings….for all of you that slag him off, he seems to be the only one with black and white facts and doesnt appear to use FM2011 as a research tool on which players to get!

    Plus he is funny as fuck.

  9. albo

    Gambon – I agree with you on the striker front. It’s increasingly bizarre, and was only highlighted on Saturday when we were 6-1 up and STILL didn’t see fit to give Park a game.

    Ba is a sensational player, but there has to be some question about those failed medicals. That doesn’t happen for absolutely no reason. Given your hatred of crocks, seemed odd to champion him, rather than say Cavani, as first choice.

    Though, like I say, from the looks of the other day, I’d say a lot of big teams have also missed a trick with Cisse!

  10. Lamia

    Because we beat a poor Blackburn side does not mean that all the problems and shortcomings highlighted over the past 6 years have disappeared. The way we go overboard after after one decent result is just ridiculous. The idea of us finishing 3rd is pure fantasy, we are not going to catch spurs. There is a stronger chance of them catching city than we catching them for christsakes. One decent performance and we are brilliant, lose to Sunderland in the next match and we are rubbish again. Lets try and keep things in perspective, we are playing for 4th spot which is achievable but we are not favourites for 4th.

  11. Bade


    Robin won’t sign and I can’t blame him

    Arsene will deceive him, just like he did to our previous stars and skippers

    And mind you all, the Armband is Arsene’s late years resembles the next player going out

    Remember Vieira, Thierry, Gallas, Cesc? And now Robin ……

  12. ExiledGooner

    Albo – he didnt fail the medicals he had, the insurance company that Stoke use refused to insure the player against his previous knee knocks.

  13. WengersSweeties

    I see gambon.

    Well he wont make a profit if he lobs out £30Million on Hazard.

    May the interest gained on all those banks we have money in across Europe (for tax evading purposes) could help pull of that transfer?

  14. saminator

    after reading alllllll your comments i’ve noticed that none of you has mentioned ramsey. did any of you notice that the wales captain has become the weakest link in our midfield? check it out guys.

  15. albo

    Barndoor Bendtner: YES! That’s what I’m talking about! BOOM!

    In other news, cos I’ve been in working lots lately, I went to the Emirates for the first time in months on Saturday. CLEARLY I am some sort of awesome lucky charm. All of you feel free to pay for me to go to all home games from now on…

  16. Matchy

    @SquirrelFebruary 7, 2012 10:06:27

    how can it be tapping up a player? the whole galaxy knows Hazrad is leaving Lille. And their chairman has been parading Harzad around like a pornstar for $50million a pop.

    and hazard has it in his contract with lille hie is leaving this summer.

  17. Matchy


    this guy has one game in the league mate.

    if arsenal wants the best striker to do the job straight away they go for cavani … he is proven in everything department.

    World cup player
    South Amercian Champion
    Against master of defensive systems in Italy for many years
    CL experience and ‘scores’

    Ba and Cissie they never played for a top club under pressure. When you are the huntered is different mentality and pressure from being the hunter.

  18. john lloyd

    As Hazard is suposedly mer ely a name to sell season tickcts why get your nickers etc? Just be grateful that M. Inerta finally listened to the whole world and spent a few bob. Maybe by going with the flow and gatheri ng Theo, Rambo and Exel, by popular demand, Richards, Reyes and Pennent will be forgotten? If they – and/or other potentials come good quickly, RvP may stick around, despite AW`s inability to buy the few class players we needed once again. Just don`t give me `the Board`s fault` again . As I`ve said before, if he wished he could have changed their policy pdq if he`d threatened to resign. To finish with an upshot, this crop from our juniors looks good. Cole apart, no stars have exploded onto the in AW`s time until Jack. Bentley may one day fulfil his potential but we appear to be harbouring some young hotshots, at last , both imported and home grown. Is this Bould`s doing?

  19. POC

    Great post Geoff.

    I think to suddenly think the penny has dropped for ‘young’ Theo it has not. I am 41 and the heavier side of 13 stone and could probably have put a few crosses in on Saturday. Theo had a great game against Croatia….that was 3 years ago.

    I would cash in on him and Arshavin and go and get Hazard. 2 Mr Average for a ‘super quality’ signing sounds like good business. For me the way forward is Gervinho, AOC and Hazard on the wings 3 top players to rotate.

    Lets not get carried away, we were playing a poor side on Saturday and were due some target practice, its been coming even if not painfully obvious.

    Looking around today on the blogs and newsreels I find it nauseating that AKB himself is saying he has to raise money before he can spend..it beggers belief eh.

    I made a point the other day that there may be more going on than meets the eye after another Gobi Desert transfer window. Is the grail to be mortgage free or are we a silent partner in the LA Dodgers?

    Cash is king and when those ST’s go up again Stan the Man will be laughing his socks again….

  20. gambon

    Just signing Cavani & Hazard would improve our attack immensley.

    Yeah they would cost £60m, but what do we expect to do, pick up Parks younger brother from Dog Eat FC for £300k?

    We could also sell Walcott, Arshavin, Bendtner, Vela, Chamakh & Park which should raise £40m, so the net cost of that improvement would be £20m.

  21. Goonerfied85

    I think talks of Cavani etc would be a dream but lets be realistic it’s not going to happen.

    We won’t spend anything over £15 million for a player.

    Nuudles I agree with what your trying to say & state with your teams & selection with being realistic.

    Gambon I think yeah Man U had experienced heads but they also had some youth in there, Chelsea were a strong side physically & could boss a game so that could make size relevant against younger under developed players.

    There needs to be a balance of experience & youth. I don’t believe a completely young team are capable as they are on a learning curve till they are in there mid twenties.

  22. Stian Van Zweden

    LamiaFebruary 7, 2012 11:29:02
    Because we beat a poor Blackburn side does not mean that all the problems and shortcomings highlighted over the past 6 years have disappeared. The way we go overboard after after one decent result is just ridiculous. The idea of us finishing 3rd is pure fantasy, we are not going to catch spurs. There is a stronger chance of them catching city than we catching them for christsakes. One decent performance and we are brilliant, lose to Sunderland in the next match and we are rubbish again. Lets try and keep things in perspective, we are playing for 4th spot which is achievable but we are not favourites for 4th.
    This sounds about right! Well said.

  23. gambon

    I think Arteta has demonstrated massively how important experience is.

    Is he of the highest quality? No, he has never even won a cap for Spain. What he has is real experience and calms things down when we need to. He uses the ball intelligently, certainly much better than he would have as a 22 year old.

  24. David Andreassen

    Goon from BD: Winterburn wen’t on TV the other day stating that he knew, 100%, that we had a BIG name signing wrapped up this summer as a done deal but it fell thorugh cause wenger couldn’t get the Cesc deal through in time to release the funds. Winterburn then went on saying that that makes no sense if we’re as flush as everyone says and then, in no uncertain terms, stated that he don’t think Wenger has the funds available that board (Gazdis) says he does.

    Now if that is right or just a sign that Nigel is a AKB I don’t know but I would I’m getting REALLY fckin pissed from not knowing.

    It seems to me way to many fans obsesses on who’s fault it should be (depending on allegiances) instead of getting to know who’s fault it actually is.

    Gambon: No way, that just can’t be? Interest payments doesn’t get payed from pre-tax profits, if so the UK has the weirdest regulations in all of Europe and I believe that financial statement regulations differs that much within the EU.

    Loans as well as assets are all over and done with when you start moving towards the bottom line. After pre tax profits, the only other charges to come out are the ones to the government in form of taxs….after that you’re left with the bottom line.

    Now I would believe Wenger twisting his words on any other subject (his handle on the english launguage rly is awful considering the time spent in the country) but when it comes to economics….rly? If he’s said that he needs to deliver 15-20 mil PROFIT I believe he knows what he’s talking about.

    I really wish those with the opportunity (AST, thoose attending the Q&A:s etc) as well as the fan base as a whole could really start putting preassure on the club to step up and reveal the real situation.

    I’m way passed the point where I gave a shit on who’s actually the bad guy and who’s not but clearly SOMEONE is demanding large profits on a regular basis and wheter that someone is Gasdiz, Kroenke, PHW, Wenger or all of the above I WANNA KNOW so I can personally book a ticket and go all Al quaida (the football versiont aht is) on their ass.

  25. Matchy

    Man United is very ordinary side …. they have one world Class player
    HOWARD WEBB. Why is this guy always get the nob to referee MAN U games….. and you know why. in every of these games he turns out to be the super star for man u

  26. Matchy

    Areta can walk into the england team anytime he wants. Just unfortunate fate is sometimes in life. He happens to be from spain.

    If the guy is english he would be world world worl world super world CLASS

  27. goonerboy

    Gambon’s first post was right- nice idea about Spurs but we are not going to overtake them- they are far stronger and better organised than us-with a lower wage bill. Sadly we don’t possess the defensive organisation or the threat up front to beat them- which is why we have lost the last 3 times we have played in the EPL. Strange when their manager can barely read and can’t write- but is 10 times more effective than our manager.
    I would dearly like it to be otherwise but this club has to experience the full wrath of angry fans before they will prioritise team development over profit..
    As for Eden Hazard- why torture yourselves- he will sign for Chelsea in the summer who are rebuilding with money and an idiot in charge. We only have the latter. There are other players- and we will have to wait.
    AOC is a good prospect that is all. He’s also just a kid. He has hardly played any games and it is not fair to over- hype him then rip him up if he can’t deliver.

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    im surprised that we need a profit to cover the stadium debt

    I would have thought those costs would be rolled into operational expenses.

    Profits are more likely required to cover the next cycles wage and operational cost inflations no?

  29. WengersSweeties

    Pedro February 7, 2012 11:46:50

    WengersSweeties, he will make a profit. £52mill in the bank + £25mill for Queensland Rd.

    You’re right, wonder why he tells us he would need to generate the money?

    Perhaps he’s referring to player sales too?

    I remember him talking this way about Mata though…..

  30. gambon


    Just read the financial reports on the arsenal website.

    Lets look at the 2010 & 2009 accounts for example:


    Operating profit: £72m
    Player Trading £13.6m
    Depreciation (£11.9m)
    Joint Venture £0.5m
    Finance Charges (£18.2m)

    Net profit £56m


    Operating profit: £70.5m
    Player Trading £2.9m
    Depreciation (£11.7m)
    Joint Venture £0.4m
    Finance Charges (£16.6m)

    Net profit £45.5m

  31. Goon from BD

    David- Oh……I read people claiming we had Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla deal almost done but they wanted to sell Cesc and Nasri first as they didn’t want to lose money. I don’t understand how we would lose money as I am no financial expert. If all this is true then its a fucking disgrace.


    We’d be 2nd in the league

  32. gambon


    Its all the same.

    If you dont include it in costs:

    If you turnover £200m and your expenses are £160m, you make £40m, then you pay £20m for stadium. Net profit is £20m.

    If you DO include it in costs:

    If you turnover £200m, your expenses would be £180m because the £20m is included, and you make £20m net profit.

    Theres no difference.

  33. Pedro

    Lurch, it would just come out of revenue… I’m pretty sure paying off the debt early has not real benefit unless it’s Usmanov showing off.

  34. IG

    “As for Eden Hazard- why torture yourselves- he will sign for Chelsea in the summer who are rebuilding with money and an idiot in charge. We only have the latter.”

    Fantastic sentence. Sums it up about Arsenal’s or rather Arsene’s transfer strategy. We are so desperate to find a good player in our team that everyone is on Oxo’s head!! Our team is so pathetic that it makes Oxo look like a superstar… let the kid develop for crying out loud!!

  35. albo

    MatchyFebruary 7, 2012 11:53:04
    Areta can walk into the england team anytime he wants. Just unfortunate fate is sometimes in life. He happens to be from spain.If the guy is english he would be world world world world super world CLASS

    That is certainly true. Look at the unbelievable fuss about Scott Parker at the moment. It’s an incredible level of hype for someone who basically just breaks the play up and makes a nuisance of himself. (Don’t get me wrong – that’s a crucial part of modern football and he’s an excellent player, but when was the last time the BBC text service was full to the brim with accolades for Busquets on a CL night etc etc)

    Arteta is a far superior player and if he was English he’d be a 50 cap international. On the bright side, he’d also have cost £20 million more and would get knackered ever international break!

  36. john lloyd

    PS. In naming M. Jnerta“s more memorable ventures into the player market I ommitted afew of the less spectacular failures – I`m all heart – but I feel that ……………….Can`t recall his name. Little guy, Had hysterics I recall at Everton when we paid top dollar for the little fellow…..was it Jegger? Jeller> something like that, What ever happened to him, I wonder?

  37. Pedro

    Gambon, I think the point we’re trying to make is that we don’t make profit then invest it in paying of the years mortgage payments.

    We generate revenue to pay the cost of the stadium… then what’s left over is profit. Then if you wanted to build a medical centre the year after, you could invest that profit.

  38. Matchy


    Wenger has always been directed from the board to make money first. So there is money to be spent in the bank but his number task and directive from board is to make money.

    Self sustainabilty is about making MONEY ””FIRST”” so the owner doesnt need to put his hands into pocket.

    This has been the case since day “””””one””””.

    WHY is it so surprising that people suddenly this? Just because wenger has opend his mouth and not the board opened their mouth to say so?

    How can the previous owners walk away with big pay check and Arsenal share is worth what 15k a pop these days if your club is losing money?

    a company stock price is a refection to ‘a great degree’ of their underlying profit. Finance 101.

    Company Arsenal stock price is 15k from whatever it was 5 years ago for a reason.

  39. David Andreassen

    Gambon, exactly….but from that statement it sounds like the bottom line HAS to be +20 mil, something that makes no sense unless someone is stuffin their pockets? IF so it makes quite a difference, don’t you think? I mean, instead of a surplus on the 2009/2010 accounts of 100 mil that would actually mean a surplus of 60 mil?

  40. Mark Thomson

    Come on folks – a little reality check is needed here…
    Yes, we destroyed Blackburn, but lets not overlook the fact that they are garbage and were missing their best players in Samba and the Yak. Lets also not overlook the fact that our attacking 4/5 played as well as they have since Chelsea. Our shortcomings this season have not disappeared after 1 outstanding display. Show this level of performance between now and the end of the season and then we can begin to get excited! BUT…if we go back into our shell, 4th will become a wet dream and 3rd is just plain ludicrous.
    However, sustain this level of performance, beat the spuds, chelsea, liverpool and newcastle before the end of the season and 4th is ours to throw away. I honestly believe that the FA Cup represents a genuine trophy opportunity. We can easily beat what the competition has to offer, but again, we have to keep Saturday going………..

  41. gambon

    Yes Pedro, but thats all semantics.

    As a business we need to make £20m more than operational costs to cover the loan costs (its actually about £18m).

  42. Matchy

    Lots of people dont understand the difference. When they see a balance sheet their think wow they made lots of money. Hope this helps…..:

    The benefits of producing accurate profit & loss accounts and balance sheets

    Your profit and loss account (P&L) shows business performance. It measures how much money you have made, and how you made it, over a given period. Typically, this period is a month or consolidated months over a year.

    Whereas your:

    Your balance sheet shows the value of your business, at a specific point in time (for example, the last day of the month or the end of your financial year). It shows how the profits shown in the P&L have been used.

    Arsenal doesnt have $200 million or $100 million in the bank. At most they would have around $50 million after this financial year. (sale of fabby and nasri) But they also have sent around $40 million … so that leaves around $20 net. from players proit and loss. but they need to finance their Balance sheet ‘above’ from this profit.

  43. Stian Van Zweden

    Arteta is crusial for us at the moment becourse Ramsey, Walcott, Arshavin posess very little attacking treat and are giving the ball away far to often. We dont have the same quality we had before at keeping the ball and that is what he is good at. Sadly Arteta should have been bought to play with Cesc and then i think Cesc might actually still be here.

  44. Grassy Knoll

    I really truly and seriously don’t understand what Wenger could possibly disagree with in Gambon’s assessment of the squad.

    So what the fuck is Wenger doing about it – or any of it?

  45. Bade

    Just to sum it up

    With much respect for Geoff’s posts when a gun pointed to his head, and Pedro’s almost relentless, we’ll finish out of the CL money spot

    Maybe this will shock Arsene, eventually

  46. Matchy

    Arsenal cannot make a living purely based on their stadium income and sponsorship income. (the lowest of low amongst top clubs)

    Arsenal basically had to rely purely on ‘players transfer’ … YES buy low and SELL high. to make money.

    Why is all a sudden Arsenal is going to china, going to korea, going to japan, going to Nigeria all of a sudden?

    They need to porn themselves just like Man United been doing for ages presaon tour. Just like Real marid, just like Barceolona

    i been writing for yonks ages on this web site arsenal doesnt have money to get to “””””piss””””””” with the with the big boys unless the owner put his hands into his pocket and pull out some bucks.

    Yes a few million buck in the bank and u wanna get Hazard? !@#@$#@#~

  47. Goonerfied85

    One minute it is Wenger not spending then it’s the board & now it the stadium holding us back.

    I think personally it is a mixture of all of them but think the stadium these days less so.

    I think the main issue is a manager past his sell by date but also a blinded & greedy board.

    Wenger does himself no favours either as he refuses to spend the money he does get given.

  48. gambon


    Deep down Wenger knows im right, but he would hate to admit it.

    He completely refuses to admit anyone could know better than him, and thinks a team full of african kids nurtured with “mental strengz” can win things.

  49. jogo

    “…Sunderland will be a real test of where we are heading A convincing win and I might start thinking of 4th, a defeat and we will realise how poorly judged our new optimism has been…”

    Wasn’t the 3-5 chelsea game the so called real test? I remember a lot are saying that before the game.

  50. Iccecream

    We could nick third? Lol pedro you’re delusional. You’ve been saying they will get injuries since the beginning of the season yet here we are mate. Fourth is our only realistic target this year.

  51. Matchy

    in order for arsenal to bank $20-$30 million in the bank every year they need to sell players every year. or they need to wait till 2014 when their current sponsor ship deals is over …. and get a bigger deal soemwhere. or they go to Venus to ask the goddess for a few more bucks

  52. Lurch LeRouge

    “Pedro February 7, 2012 12:06:07”


    Yes Gambon,

    its semantics, I think he’s likely also shifting the burden of debt away from his budget because the debt belongs to the PLC and sits outside his technical departments operational expenses.

  53. Alexander

    Let’s not use gay as an insult, please.
    Homophobia is the same as racism, so don’t lower the tone to that of the chavs and scousers.


  54. RGG

    Can’t see us signing Hazard but hope I’m wrong!

    We seem to only sign established players who the big clubs here & in Europe pass on (eg Gervinho/Arshavin) and hence are relatively cheap (ie not 20mill+) As soon as the Cheslea’s/Madrid’s etc start sniffing around that rules us out straight away.

    We could have got him 3 years ago or so when he was still unproven maybe for 10-15mill (ala Oxo) but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. (wish he’d spent the Arshavin money on him – but have to admit that is with the benefit of hindsight)

    As for Wenger’s comments – ‘it is imperative that we make 15-20mill profit EVERY season’ – Funny how he doesn’t qualify that statement with WHY.
    To accrue for loss of earnings should we miss out on the CL maybe? OK, then why can’t the profits from previous seasons be used for that? And maybe if he had invested more in the first place we wouldn’t be struggling to scrape 4th.
    Time for Gazadis to come out and explain exactly why we need to make 20mill profit EVERY year regardless of whether we finish top4 or not.

  55. Bergkamp63

    With regard to the stadium debt, I thought it was more tax efficient to have a level of debt anyway ? Most larger companies do this, it’s called Gearing, especially as ours is 5% and likely to have penalties attached for early repayment ?

    We should have pots of cash for transfers let alone the crap we need to offload, there is no need to hang on to all this deadwood. Even the crap players will have a market if we are prepared to cut our losses on them ?

  56. David Andreassen

    Matchy, I’m sorry but your way off. We have a massive pile of cash laying around (how accesible it is for player transfers I’m gonna leave unsaid however), somewhere in the region of 140-150 million pounds to be more precise.

    Gambon: Actually we only made about 12 mil in profits 10/11 which is significant lower than the 60 mil the year before that. I’ld guess that the last year is a better indicator of years to come since most of the profits the year before that stem from the HIghbury development.

  57. Jamal

    we as fans shouldnt be bothered about the financial side of our club but its come to this because of our shitty board, do you think the manc teams will be bothered about their clubs finances? no chance

  58. Ben Donnelly

    Erm £10 bet anyone? you’ll be reading Eden wants to go to Real as Zidane is his hero and Madrid is his child hood team.

    Not to mentiion….WE DONT HAVE ANY DOUGH. NONE. F-ALL. NO CASH.

    By the way guys we all have every right to boo, but how about a song first? if you forgot what real football supportings like come to an away match. see a shit loss at wigan, blackburn on a wednesday night. You wonder if the home fans have turned up or if they’ve re-erected the clock end mural most weeks.

  59. TT_

    dennisdamenace February 7, 2012 12:52:44

    Jesus! Is this a footie blog or a porno site for out of work accountants????



    Sometimes I do wonder if some people on here are capable of being happy, even if the jist of what they say may be true.

  60. gambon

    Ben Donnelly

    So we have no money. OK then, can you explain :

    – Wenger said there are only 10 players in the world we cant afford.
    – Fiszman said Wenger could spend £30m on a player 3.5 years ago
    – Wenger said we have the money to overtake Chelsea

  61. Blanco

    Gambon – We could also sell Walcott, Arshavin, Bendtner, Vela, Chamakh & Park which should raise £40m,

    why would anyboby spend that much money on crap players. Just to get these guys of the payroll Bendtner, Vela, Chamakh & Park we would need to let go for free. Arshavin – maybe the russians might pay 10m but more like 5 and Walcott – well who’s going to give 5 bob let 5 mill for him. He has 1 year left on his contract- i cannot see Man city, Man utd or chelsea wanting him- so nobody else to spend lavishly. No European team would buy a guy who’s skill level is that of most European academy’s 15 year olds.

  62. David Andreassen

    dennisdamenace February 7, 2012 12:52:44

    Jesus! Is this a footie blog or a porno site for out of work accountants????

    Hahaha, brilliant. Perhaps it’s not only the board n Wenger who’s seem to have lost track of what’s important =))

  63. gambon


    They are all experienced international players, 2 of them are captains of their countries.

    I dont get where people get this idea we cant shift any players from.

    We turned down £7m for Diaby in the summer….TURNED DOWN!

    We managed to sell Traore for £1.2m, one of the worst defenders in Europe.

  64. Bergkamp63


    Those of us with a three digit IQ’s who have run a business don’t expect you double digit guys to understand big boys talk !!

  65. AJ

    According to rumors, the Arsenal are interested in 18 years old English central defender, Jamaal Lascelles. The player may cost about 5 million.

    Here we go again.

  66. Grassy Knoll

    The unanswerable question –

    if Wenger is such a good financial manager how come we can’t get rid of these players because of the stupid weekly salaries he agreed to pay them: (going alphabetically!) Almunia, Arsharvin, Bendtner, Chamakh, Denilson, Djorou, Fabianski, Park, Rosciky, Squillaci, Vela.

    A first XI of Clowns.

    Did I miss anyone?

  67. Bergkamp63

    There is a market for all players, it just depends on Wenger and wheether or not he can swallow his pride and offload his failures ?

    We already know the answer to that, much to our pain !!

  68. Super rob

    What’s with this Gambons solved the Arsenal financial riddle?! I think it’s been blatantly obvious to anyone including my dog that ww as a club aim to make a £15-£20million profit from sales every season,not to keep us going but to simply give us a parachute for the case of us missing out on champions league football,something that PHW basically admitted to a few weeks ago.Luckily we should easily cover this with Alnunia,mannone,squillaci,arshavin,denilson,bendtner all leaving plus possibly chamakh,park,botelho,eastmond,vela & fabianski so fingers crossed no big name forced sale will be needed. I don’t agree we should sell Walcott,fine Ox has started great but as usual when a young star comes through everyone jumps on the guy he’s replaced when wouldn’t it be better to have 3 or 4 players who’ve proved their quality competing for places rather than 2 guaranteed starters & post-good arshavins on the bench?Also to add I don’t think we should go for Hazard,he’s hyped alot by the media & is known to want to move to Spain eventually anyway.I’d prefer our money spent on a Darren Bent guarantee you goals type player & a playmaker that delivers final 3rd passes quicker than Ramsey who slows play by holding onto the ball too long/playing chipped passes pointlessly & backheels.Considering Diabys completely unreliable,rosicky you just never know when he’s gonna take another few weeks break & frimpong suffering his 2nd 9month injury before he’s even reached 20 you’d think that should be priority.

  69. Blanco

    we as Arseanl fans seem to spend as much time talking about Accounts and sustanable models as we do about the important thing of Football. When your coach is more interested in the bottom line – instead of the goal line – then he should go. He is a Football Manager – he should have a budget and fight for what he needs – not telling the board – what they can and cannot spend and what the wages should be.

  70. kapslock

    Blanco – Walcott was interesting Chelsea and Juventus in the summer. There will be plenty of clubs after him with a 1 year contract left.

  71. kapslock

    The point people are missing when talking about selling the dead-wood is the fact they are on such big wages. Transfer fee is not a problem it’s when you see someone like Chamakh on £75k+ that it becomes hard to shift them.

  72. Bergkamp63


    In cases where players are overpaid (and we do have a few of them !!), negotiation on the asking price to factor in this issue would normally take place.

    Like I said, there is a market for all players, it all comes down to price.

  73. gambon


    Not really. You pay them to get rid of them.

    Ie- If they are on £3m pa with you, and another club only offer £2m pa, you pay them the difference to get the deal done.

  74. dennisdamenace

    B63 – Hit a nerve there did i, failed business was it, never mind you can always deluded yourself into believing you know what you’re talking about on here and impress all your easily impressed kiddies…..

  75. zeus

    Walcott admits he has been as frustrated as anybody else over this period and believes the players are the only ones who can improve fortunes.

    “There are so many world-class players in the dressing room, so it is disappointing when we come back from Bolton with a 0-0 draw where we had a lot of chances,” he said.

    “It’s just been one of those frustrating seasons. Hopefully a lot of those frustrations came out against Blackburn where everybody stood up for themselves.


    I’m at the point where I just want to punch Theo in the face.

    ‘So many WC players…………….,…….stand up for themselves…………….’

  76. PDT

    I hope Paris St Germain come and get Arsene this summer and Gazidis can be smart enough to break the bank and get Mourinho to come back.

    We can talk about players forever, but the problem is in the gaffers office.

  77. Leedsgunner

    For what reason do we have to make £15m to £20m a year in transfes? In these economic time AFC should be glad of making a profit at all?!? Surely the £60m profit we made from the Nasrigas deal could be carried over… It’s not like we spent big this January. I agree with today’s post… It’s all a ploy to justify an inflation busting season ticket rise (or in the worst case scenario to make up for the fact that we’ve missed out in the CL). Hazard is a missed bus especially with Real Madrid and City sniffing around. We’ll be overbid and outbid with regards to wages and when this happens we’ll be fobbed with the well worn excuse of “we tried and the selling club didn’t want to sell” rubbish. If we were serious about Hazard we should have done a cash (say £10m) plus player deal (say for Rocisky and Arshavin) with Lille last year. But no we screwed them over for a player who hardly plays. The evidence is there for all to see, AW has turned us into selling club rather than a buying club. By his own words spoken last summer we can no longer really prove we are ambitious club. It’s more likely I’ll win the lottery than AW spending big on proven talent. I’m just hoping FFF comes to our rescue!

  78. zeus

    Could someone explain to me how it is that we are in a STRONG financial position, but we have to make a 15m profit every season, ‘at season’s start’ as Wenger put?

    Gazidis and Wenger tell so much lies its not even funny.

  79. kapslock

    Gambon – that would be ideal but we never do it, why so many of our shit players are out on loan. Can you imagine spending £10 million on Diaby/Bendtner plus paying £60k pw wages on a 4 year contract. That’s dishing out a total of £20+ million on a cunt.

    PDT – Gazidis is as much of a problem as Wenger. The guy is out of his depth at Arsenal and needs to go.

  80. gambon


    Signing Park was absolutely ridiculous & nothing to do with football, that is now evident.

    So how much will it endear us to the South Korea market when we dump Park after a year cos he’s shit?

  81. PDT

    It’s Kroenke, not Gazidis. Kroenke is in the business of making money out of his sports investments. He has two new sports pay channels in this part of the world and he wants to own the content. I think he is betting that the top EPL teams will break away from the tv agreement with sky and start selling their own rights. He wants to build a fan base in Asia and Africa, so he can control the content and the communication (TV as well as Internet). Murdoch has patchy coverage, so here’s his opportunity to make some money.

  82. RockyPires

    I think we need an influx of Dutch into our club
    Rijkaard and Bergkamp at the helm
    A 4-1-2-2-1 System with

    Subs; GK (time to let Fabi go),Santos,Coq,Theo,Gervinho,Podolski,Van Wolfswinkel,

  83. Leedsgunner

    Tour to Korea will be a farce, unless AW plays Park more he won’t be a Gunner long enough for us to maximise on the exposure. Sadly he’s made Park into laughingstock…. Great PR AW and IG. You couldn’t make this up.

  84. dennisdamenace

    The continued overplaying of LJW has a direct correlation to Wenger’s insistance on funding an oversized squad of average teenagers at the expense of using a greater portion of our resources on the funding of quality, proven purchases.

  85. PDT

    I don’t think we will dump Park. He has to enlist in the army and serve for two years. Park could postpone it if he was playing, but since he is not, the army could call him up after the Olympics. My guess is that would give us an easy way out with the Korean fans.

  86. zeus


    Haven’t we been paying back on the stadium far above the required interest. Last time I checked we were under 100m remaining on the loan.

    How many times have Gambon and others argued that we we dont get trophies for paying off the stadium in record time.

    Surely we’ve alleviated enough of the debt to not require generating 20m every season’s start.

  87. PDT

    Anyways, I’m off to bed. This season has to be a train wreck, else we will have more of the same next season. Manchester did us a faVour this year by showing up the Emperor’s clothes.

  88. RockyPires

    I fear AW will sell Sagna this summer as in his head we coped without the Bac.
    He will say we had options in Jeninkson,Coqulein and Yennaris. I didnt want to kill Jenkinson he will say and accept a 7 million bid from Juventus of Inter.

    I could see Diaby coming back and having a good end of season and Euros to then be shipped off to Italy also . I know Mourinho is a fan of his so if Jose takes over in England will be intresting to see if he goes for Abou.

    But if we have “to raise 20 million” who have we left to sell??
    Mannone 500K
    Squillaci 2 Million
    Djororu 2 Million ( rise of Bartley or will it be Bartley for 2 Mill?
    Arshavin 6 Million
    Sagna 7 million
    Denilson 3 million
    Bendtner 7 million
    Fabianski 2 million
    Vela 4 million
    Hoyte and others 2 million in total?
    Chamack 4 million

    thats alot of players out so hope its reinvested

  89. gambon


    No, we have followed the repayment plan that was in place since day 1.

    We havent been paying anything back quickly, the cash is just accumulating in the bank.

    4.5 years ago we had £36m in the bank as of May 2007. In May 2012 we will likely have £200m.

    The cost of running the club hasnt changed that much in that time, so most of that £200m has no use other than earning interest.

    When we had £36m in the bank we didnt go bankrup or ever have to dip into an overdraft.

  90. dennisdamenace

    zeus – i couldn’t really say, but it’s structured just like a mortgage, only much larger. I believe that the £20-22m is a figure they must meet to make the minimum payment. They may even get penalised for over payment or even early settlement.

  91. AC Gooner

    Late on here today. Just saw the post and the Wenger noise about Hazzard.

    What is that all about?

    To make someone else overpay for him?
    To prepare us for losing a big player in the Summer sales?
    To tell us its the board’s fault that you never buy?
    To throw the smoke screen on your plans to buy Mkwando Diijeki for 1 €

    Made me wonder.

  92. ryan

    much of this talk of blame for the finances misses the point

    over the past few years everyone from the board to WENGER has said we have money to spend, if wenger wants a player he can have him, then wenger courts big names xyz then he doesn’t buy them, then he gets criticised, then he says SRY BOYS WE DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE ANY MONEY, IF WE SPENT ANYTHING WE’D GO BUST. then the next year he does it again

    if the money is all tied up LEGITIMATELY in real costs like the stadium and wages and we have very little spare cash then STOP FUCKING US AROUND AND SAY IT LIKE IT IS. stop LYING to get fans excited so they renew season tickets. if we don’t have the money then say it and then stop with the ‘we will buy multiple super class players’ every summer just to rush through some mostly underwhelming deals on deadline day.

    if the club was just HONEST then at least the fans could understand and respect that but you can’t say we have money one day then say we don’t the next then say we do, mwe don’t just as and when it suits you. FUCK OFF arsene because as much as you are the greatest manager we’ve ever had this DECIET dirties your memory as our club declines rapidly and you can’t make your mind up whether we have money or not (funnily enough the answer to that question is always whatever suits arsenal’s PR at the time).

    i’m tired of it. FUCK OFF.

  93. BillikenGooner

    Seems there is some disconnect between the 2 stories coming out of the club that:

    1) We would like to spend money but are right there on the edge of profitability and need to watch our incomes and costs.


    1) We can lose the 35mil from CL and be just fine.

    Does the second need us to sell half the team to keep the first in line? sheesh

  94. PhilF

    Wenger said, “You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds. I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.”
    Nothing about winning trophies then? And the market dictates prices, not miserly managers.

  95. DaleDaGooner

    gambon…if Yoonited signed Ox, you’d say something slightly different than you are gobbing out today..No doubt Hazard is a talent I would want at Arsenal, but if it meant Ox or Hazrad in reality, I’m with Ox….I don’t need to be a genius to know that Ox will get there and he wasn’t a waste of money after all.

  96. DaleDaGooner

    Having watched Park for all of say 70mins total and watching him play with some pretty unmotivated or under achieving squad players, is it right to say signing him was an embarrassment? I mean shouldn’t we be asking Why Wenger won’t play him in a 4-4-2 along side the better players, benching Ramsey…I mean what has Ramsey really do that Park would do worse?

  97. DaleDaGooner

    Why are we acting like we have not seen the man play in a world cup, captain a very good South Korea, single handedly try to pull Monaco up, and score a sweet goal in CC…i am not saying he’s good or shit, but i haven’t seen him get enough chances in the EPL to make a judgment on whether he is shit in the league or not.

  98. incesc

    i have never seen him play in a world cup, that i remember, or ever for south korea because i dont watch south korea because they are shit.

    i watch the champions league, not monaco struggling against relegation.

    i did see the carling cup goal.

    but obviously hes not good enough

  99. zacharse

    He is absolutely maddening to read his words. you can’t fucking trust a word he says. if he were to come out and explain any real reasons behind arsenals total lack of signing BIG quality players over the age of 22-23 in the last years then maybe the hazard PR would make a little sense. I came to LG today after being totally mindfucked trying to understand what the fuck Wenger is doing in the press talking about hazard AND generating profit, and of course, Pedro and Geoff have it together and see this a mile away. I don’t think there is a single reader on here who would not prefer Wenger ACTUALLY signed Hazard rather than disappointing everyone again, but i think the whole carrot on the string routine has gotten very old and only the idiots still believe the frenchman. plus robin hasnt shown any signs of extending

  100. Dan Ahern

    Couple of points:

    1. Geoff’s optimism – glad you’re feeling it! some people are saying we shouldn’t be optimistic because we just 7-1’d a shit team, but the point is that the teams on top of us in the table, Manchesters aside, simply aren’t THAT much better than us.

    2. Oxo vs. _____. Let’s all agree we love the Ox. But don’t be ridiculous. It’s shameful to compare him to Hazard and Cristiano Ronaldo already.

    3. Blanco: “We could also sell Walcott, Arshavin, Bendtner, Vela, Chamakh & Park which should raise £40m” Really? Let’s be optimistic about it: Walcott 12, Arshavin 6, Bendtner 4, Vela 3, Chamakh 2, Park 1.5. And we couldn’t even sell Squid in the window. We pretty much need to accept that our squad’s so bloated with dross that we’re not going to be making a lot of money off of it.

    4. Players’ prime. Saying you need 28-30 year olds is silly. Experience is valuable, yes, but age is too often used in its place because they often correlate. It’s the same conventional wisdom that says you need an “English spine” to win. False. You need good players to win, and those come in a variety of ages and nationalities.