7 behind the spuds, level with the chavs, this Grovers is do-able

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So of course the above is all based on us beating them both at our gaff, there’s no reason at all why we can’t, we already beat the chavs and the spuds were lucky to beat us when we were shite and they were flying.

After watching last night I got this sudden belief that if we can stay fit, if the right players return and if Harry goes and spends some quality time with his (so called) cockney mates, then we could nick 3rd.

Don’t forget the spuds will get injuries and they will blow up at some point, Ade has never gone so long in his career without being blown up for offside, so that can’t last (I counted 7 minutes last night).

So providing we don’t play like we sometimes do (badly), and we realise that this team will slide down the pan if we don’t qualify top four, then we have a real chance.

So Wenger is doing what Ivan and his cohorts have begged him to do and that is to start making it look like we are in for Eden Hazard, shame on you, shame on you, that just as season ticket renewal arrives, like clockwork you are out there bigging up the signings we crave.

If it wasn’t so sickeningly predictable it would be amusing, the fact that he has sailed through the last two transfer windows and bought no one of note and starts talking about the big name we all want just before he demands your money is nothing short of wicked, shame on you Arsenal, shame on you.

Anyway it’s time we told Robin to sign on the dotted line or stop talking about what a great team this could be, it will be a far better one with you in it mate, do something outrageous and show the fans the same belief they have had in you your whole career.

I have always had faith in your ability Robin, but last season I was calling for you to be sold because your injuries were becoming farcical, must the same as Rosicky, Diaby and Gibbs’ are.

There comes a point when you weigh up the good times against the bad, you have had just over a season of greatness, you look like the injuries are finally behind you and you will be 30 when your contract runs out, so do the right thing and sign on for the rest of your career, make an Eden Hazard signing part of the deal if you would, but time to show us how you feel.

Henry had to come back, and know matter where you go, you will regret going, money aside.

I think that would lift the fans big time, that would lift the team and we could kick on, time to pay back the rape allegations and the injuries Robin, time to become a legend. I think you will!

That’s it for today folks, have a good ‘un.

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  1. arsenal4ever

    great post. And Wenger again tells he needs to make profits before going into market. Hope the people arent blind and will wait first before renewing their ST!!

  2. abnet

    How i love it when ever Goeff start being optimistic again, Do you when you wrote the roaring post pre-chelsea game we all know what happened that day .
    And 100% agree on this post if we win the next three game we sure are in a shout for 3rd or may 3rd already the end of next month

  3. gambon

    Think this Eddie McGoldrick might be a lunatic.

    Nice idea that we can catch Spurs, but theres absolutely no way we will.

  4. letom

    ok, I will say something crazy now – I actually think that we don’t need Hazard, Chamberlain has huge potential, even more than Hazard had at this stage of his carrier and let’s not forget Walcott if he could be this good (and he can, he’s still very young) as he was on Saturday then the Hazard buy would be a waste of money, a lot of money, for that kind of money we could get a decent back up for Van Persie, finally, and a creative midfielder, which we need so badly, because Ramsey is not ready, yet

  5. Dan T

    We have been waiting all season for Spurs to crumble, time is running out. Lets not forget Newcastle here aswell, they have gone through their bad spell and come out the other side. If they maintain form they could sneak into 4th.



    chamberlain can play left he can play right he also looks like can play in the hole.
    this player is something big arsneal football club needed.

    I am buzzing about this KID. he is the real deal

  7. Dan T

    Lets not forget we have to beat Sunderland 1st, not an easy game. I know it’s nice thinking about the possibility of us going on a winning run, but I wouldn’t build your hopes up too much. You will only end disappointed.

  8. gambon

    CHamberlain is absolutely nowhere near Hazard right now.

    Hazard is the best player in the entire french league, won the player of the year last season, young player of the year twice in a row, and was close second in the player of the year in 09/10 at just 19.

    He has played 174 games, scored 38 goals, and is showing real improvement year on year.

    He also has 25 caps.

    Comparing the 2 is ridiculous, but absolutely typical of Arsenal fans who all seem to be obsessed with youth.

    AOC has played 5 PL games, he is currently a nobody with a lot of potential.

  9. gambon


    Let me guess.

    You told everyone that Denilson would be awesome, that Diaby would be awesome, that Gibbs would be awesome, that Jenkinson would be awesome, that Vela was the new Hugo Sanchez, that Bendtner was the new Van Basten.

    You probably work yourself into a state every weekend convincing yourself that you are guaranteed to win the lottery every weekend.

  10. Dan T

    Totally agree gambon.

    He has bags of potential. But as Van Persie was saying the other day you can’t expect too much from him, he has been great recently but he will go through bad spells and may even turn into a Walcott with a lot more bad games than good. You can start to judge him after 50 games, not 5.

    Hazard is proven, AOC is nowhere near proven….yet.

  11. Hasaucha

    If Robin van persie thinks he has paid us back completely,after we persisted with an arrogant,injury prone guy like him all these years,he can fuck off..He would have been sold by almost all top clubs.

    Robin Van persie owes us another full season at least..If he chooses to stay with us for 3-4 more years and remains fit,he’ll be bigger than Thierry Henry.. Robin’s game is not based on pace so if he can stay fit,chances are he’ll keep on scoring in a prolific way till he’s 32/33..I hope he chooses to become an immortal figure at Arsenal rather than chasing some trophy.

    And we’re not gonna catch spuds..If we play well,we may manage to get that 4th spot because chelshit and LFC look just as poor..

  12. gambon


    So youre banking on Walcott, after 200 games of shit, suddenly playing that well every single game?

    Do you have intelligence problems?

    I know, why dont we just keep the same team…..surely they will win 7-1 every single game?

  13. fanboy

    Hey gambon, anyone can dream can’t they?
    Anyway its too early to start predicting young players futures, we have too many examples of players that didn’t fulfill their potential.

  14. Emeritus

    We can Catch Spurs , if we aim for that target m, and we all know we want them in “the side mirror” , never know we could make second as well , why do we give up so easily , there are 42 points to play for and unless I am mistaken , I think Arsenal has gone unbeaten in a season . Who knows ,we could do it!!!

  15. gambon


    Yeah, ill give you a good stat.

    80% of Chamberlains games have been at league 1 level.

    100% of Hazards have been at the top level.

    Hazard has won 1 top division league title, Chamberlain hasnt.

    Hazard has won young player of the year twice in the top division, Chamberlain didnt even win it in League 1.

    Hazard has won senior player of the year in the top division, Chamberlain hasnt, and absolutely certainly wont in the next 3 years.

  16. gambon

    “and unless I am mistaken , I think Arsenal has gone unbeaten in a season .”

    Pretty much sums up the issues amongst the so called “fans” at present.

  17. James Taunt

    Anyway it’s time we told Robin to sign on the dotted line or stop talking about what a great team this could be, it will be a far better one with you in it mate, do something outrageous and show the fans the same belief they have had in you your whole career.
    I did point this out yesterday.

    It is no problem that Robin praises someone like Walcott but Robin has still not signed his contract. A touch of hypocrisy there or may be armtwisting tactics. He might just stay at an inflated salary.

  18. boomergooner27

    couldn’t have said it better mate. spuds are due for a fall and have a tough run coming up along with european football a day closer to the weekend than us (ha-ha). the fact that we are right there with chelski after our horrendous start is the only reason i need to believe we’ll be looking down at them come may. let’s win fa and (with a bit of luck) make a serious run at champions league glory.

    it sounds crazy but a villa-less barca doesn’t induce the usual fear of cheating catalans and barring what would frankly be an uncharacteristic performance from cr9 and los blancos i’m not too worried about anyone else in the competition (assuming we take ac). while my predictions are dripping with a glass-half-full mindset, i think a healthy arsenal is a force to be reckoned with.

  19. miki dora


    1. Stop using the caps lock for peoples names. It fucks me off no end and it makes you look like your studying for your GCSE’s.

    2. Your comparing a guy whose had a few good games with two players who have proven season after season that they’re brilliant. It’s no fucking wonder that players emplode with people like you around.

    Jesus get some perspective.



    Seriously chamberlain not playing top level ? what are you waffling there
    leigue 1 any gd?? name me the last french team to win the champs league TOP level my arse i think chamberlain will win young player of the year anyway EASY

    CHAMBERLAIN proved against united he can do it at the top level . did u see him go past evra ?????


    thats the bottom line because eddie mcgolddick said SOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  21. Dream10

    If Adidas cut their ties with Liverpool because of the lack of success during the last five years, Nike can do the same to us.

  22. James Taunt

    AOC also had an ordinary game earlier in the season against Olympiakos. AOC is learning fast but still has some way to go before judging him. Right now, he is a pleasure to watch but it could be because of surprise element. He is one for the future.

  23. gambon

    Blimey the embarrassment that is AKBs are really out in full flow after our 7-1 win, it just took them a few days to crawl out from under their Wenger propaganda laden rocks.

    – We arent scared of Barca or Madrid in the CL
    – AOC is better than Hazard
    – We will finish 3rd

    Carlsberg dont do delusion….

  24. Pete

    wooooooah there camel!! I said WOAH!

    Far too optimistic. Wish it were true but if we snatch 4th it would be like winning the league at the moment. All the teams round us have bought and improved their squads. 5th at best.

  25. Hasaucha

    Its ironic that Hazard winning the title for Lille is a great achievement whereas gervinho out scoring,out-assisting him and also winning a title is not an achievement because its an ‘inferior’ league…Its also laughable that Joel Campbell performing in France should not mean he’ll perform in england but eden hazard’s stats in france should be regarded impressive..

    Not saying OX is better than Hazard but be fair,you wanks..Hazard is over hyped talent who’ll be nowhere near as good in England..Not worth 30M in any way..Around 15-20M at max..

  26. boomergooner27

    and 1 more thing; we really need to lose the wage structure…or at least allow for some flexibility. i just might be the youth policy’s biggest fan and understand that outrageous salaries aren’t synonymous with the arsenal way, however, losing our captain would be nothing short tragic. i am patient and sympathetic with my arsenal but should the unthinkable happen i doubt many other gooners will share my feelings.

  27. GunnerPete

    Gambon…most of the time I can just read your idiotic remarks and just smile about the bias of youth but when you rubbish a kid like Jenkinson for no reason other than he dint cost £10 mill plus, I have to stuff you. This lad came in and was stbbed by berks like you from the start. ‘He will never be another Sagna’ comments were made etc but he not only came into the side with no preparation due to Sagna’s leg break but very soon was (A) outplaying big foreign stars in the Champs Cup and holding his own in the PL. After five or six games he was attacking more than Sagna and crossing better than Sagna ever did…..then he had a spine injury and is out…..so why the knifing? I have been a Gunner for 62 years mate and I can tell you that this lad will be one of our best ever buys. So become a real Gunner and support the lad or go forth etc.

  28. gambon

    Haha Eddie, you are definitely gay arent you. Your posts resemble a 12 year old girl talking about Justin Bieber.

    AOC will not win young player of the year, i can GUARANTEE you that.

    And if your definition of class is “going past Evra” then you truely are a looney. You will find that 50% of all PL players have “gone past Evra” at some point.

  29. BOOZY

    Fantastic geoff.
    I hope he is reading this. Even during his injuries, RVP was already my second best arse player of all time, ahead of bergy, but i never thought he could carry the team like this.

    rvp would easily become the greatest ever if he wins the champs league for us.

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    WilyBilly Alert… Stay indoors, avoid unnecessary travel and resist the urge to engage…

  31. @9icekbee

    Its only a matter of time before the shit spud hit the low button and we are taking over 3rd spot with pleasure. If no one had told yet, let them know now that we’re right behind chasing with a PRADO JEEP and accelerating at 180KM/h. Hazard? I don’t so, even if RVP make it part of his contract negotiation, it won’t just happened unless the unexpected miracle do it for us. Anyway, HAZARD or not ARSENAL will always be and so gooner will I be till football stop existing.

  32. @9icekbee

    Its only a matter of time before the shit spud hit the low button and we are taking over 3rd spot with pleasure. If no one had told them yet, let them know now that we’re right behind chasing with a PRADO JEEP and accelerating at 180KM/h. Hazard? I don’t so, even if RVP make it part of his contract negotiation, it won’t just happened unless the unexpected miracle do it for us. Anyway, HAZARD or not ARSENAL will always be and so gooner will I be till football stop existing.

  33. Olumide

    I think some fans are just obsessed about chamberlain. The fact that he won d man of d match on arsenal.com shows dt. Rvp was d man of d match.

  34. gambon

    OK and Gunnerpete the geriatric teen lover has a crush on Jenkinson.

    Lots of gay man love on this blog right now.

    Jenkinson is absolutely awful. Theres a reason even a league 1 charlton didnt pick him, he was a back up even for them.

    One of the most ridiculous signings the king of ridiculous has ever made.

    But dont worry guys, he’s interested in signing Hazard.


  35. Toni Segera

    Its good to ne optimistic,praise the team if they do well and critisize them when they are crap… Its simple,this team has agreat foundation i even want teh team to drop out of the top four then we can challenge next season, i still think AW96 is the man to take us to the next level… Hazard is better than Chambo but 2 season form now they will be at par if not better

  36. Stian Van Zweden

    It should not be Hazard or The Ox, We should have both, and we do have the money.. That would make us a force.

    The Ox is going to be the real deal no worries..

    Why the discussion Hazard Ox ?? Both please

  37. Emeritus

    Gambon you are too negative and live in a world where all has been lost. Not sure why ! There has never been any harm in dreaming and hoping else we would not waste anytime being on earth since we all know we will die one day.

  38. miki dora

    Dearest Eddie,
    Your true colours have been shown. Shouldn’t you skip along to food tech now, it starts in five minutes doesn’t it?

    Lets get one thing straight. I am not negative on what is an incredible talent. But lauding the guy to be better than players who have been consistently brilliant for two seasons plus is just embarrassing.

    P.s. I am sitting down. I’m not sure where your going with that.

  39. James Taunt


    Talking about beat Read Madrid and Barcelona is taking it too far. I am afraid right now we are too incoherent with a few important players on injury table or slowly coming back. To be a formidable team in Europe, the best players of the team need to play together and get a few wins against a lower opposition. Lets start with Sunderland.

  40. duvee

    I actually think Jenkinson is a decent player. The man can cross better than any of our full-backs. I’d say he runs a further distance over the course of a match than any other player and he actually comes across as down to earth which I think is crucial for a player’s development. I think he could be a top class full back in a year or 2. The 2 players I’m most excited about are couquelin and Chamberlain. Couquelin has great heart, not afraid to but his head where it hurts and boy can he go past someone.

  41. Josip Skoblar

    Oxo better than Hazard? Lol!

    I like our Oxo very much, but let’s get real… I wrote it many times on this blog. Hazard always makes things happen: a fantastic assist, a spectacular goal, a free kick or a penalty. On an off day, he never fails to do something decisive for his team, on a good day, he simply is one of the most exciting talents in world football at the moment. How do you explain that Barca, Real, Chelsea, Spurs and ManU have all declared an interest in him? Our chance is that he wants to play in England (he is right as he seems more suited to our more direct and attacking style of football) and that he rates Wenger. So, Arsene,it’s time to splash the cash once in your life!

  42. Goonerfied85

    Morning all,

    I think Chamberlain is a great player & will become a great player but in time so I am not getting carried away.

    I definitely think our squad does need real world class investment in the summer though.

    I think Hasaucha makes a good point about Gerv vs Hazard.

  43. Josip Skoblar

    A good positive post, Geoff! It’s nice to read and good for the morale. You’re right, it’s do-able. Come on AFC!

  44. gambon

    “who will win young PLAYER of the YEAR???????”

    Erm, Balotelli, Sturridge, Welbeck are all miles ahead of AOC for this.

  45. gazzap

    Spuds need to lose a couple including to us to affect their belief. They can blame it all on Harry’s court case but we need doubt to creep into their minds. There could be a collapse. 3rd is doable. But Arsenal need to stop dropping stupid points having battered teams like Bolton.

  46. Matthew Thomas

    From Robin’s point of view it would make no sense at all to stay at Arsenal. This is why:-

    1)A lot more money is on offer at other clubs.

    2) He has a better chance to win some trophys else where.

    3) His next contract will take him up to his 30th birthday and Arsenal have a track record of treating their older players very badly.

    The bottom line is we can’t expect players to stay out of loyalty and we would be mugs to think that they will. If our best players are leaving we need to place the blame with wenger and the board for not offering terms that are competative enough.

  47. boomergooner27

    and leave eddie and his optimism alone. hazard has “proven” himself in a far weaker league and to be short, we don’t need him, particularly for the price. ox has time and as long as he keeps going at this rate he’s got a great shot of turning into something really special. personally, i think his physique makes him much better suited for the premier league and his willingness to play both sides of the ball is something we’ve been lacking. he has had stellar performances on the international level, as those quoting his lg 1 stats have clearly forgotten, and he did quite well against united.

    get off the hazard hype cos it won’t happen and rightly so. he’ll go for an inflated price to another super-club but i’m happy with the ox.

    let’s get behind him without heaping on the pressure.

  48. James Taunt


    Too many youngsters with promise, hasn’t that been the problem of Arsene always. Jenkinson does cross well but he is learning, nobody can deny that. Once Walcott was very promising but he did not make a great player.

    I am not losing hope on the likes of Ox, Coq, and Frimp, they can all achieve. The thing is it is all in future, not now. Cesc and Nasri did not stay with Arsenal when they became ready. So supporting the development of world-class young players is another thing and actually winning the title is totally different.

  49. Stian Van Zweden

    Fingers crossed for Parker getting injured!! He was imense last night, Pool would have all the points if it wasnt for him. Also it looks like Le Cunts are starting to have some injuries finally

  50. Dream10

    Gambon & Josip

    What are the chances with KRoenke selling his stakes in the summer to Usmanov and Wenger being forced to spend money?

    Side note: Kroenke is trying to buy LA Dodgers (baseball team) and if he does, he may move his football team to LA.

  51. David Andreassen

    Gambon, I just have to ask…why the hell do you support our club? Seriously, I’m curious?

    I’m not saying your not right in some of your statements but really, more miserable of a fck must be hard to find. Your world must be painted all in black?

    I’ve NEVER seen you post a single little line of optimism here, when was the last time you where actually happy being a Gunner, even for a moment?

    You constantly complain about Wenger (that one is mostly understandable theese last seasons though), all of our players and to top it off, all other fans commenting…

    It’s your choice of course but as a fellow human being I get worried, wouldn’t it be better for you if you spent your time doing something you aactually find some enjoyment doing?

  52. duvee

    You see Gambon is actually Remi Garde and Wenger has hired him as supporters relationship manager. The problem is, is that’s he’s not very good at it.

  53. Josip Skoblar


    My honest answer is: I don’t know! Gambon should be more enlightened than me on that. What I know is that AFC should have both: players: Oxo and Hazard! Both are great talents, but the latter is more experienced and has already proven than he is world class; the former has yet to prove that.

  54. nuudles

    morning, love the positive slant. We are all very quick to gloom and doom (me included), but when you take a step back and look at it from a distance then you are spot on. Both the Chavs and Spuds are very beat-able, especially if we play them at home.

    I know we should not count on the returning players but if we have the majority of our top 7 defensive options available (Kozzer, Tommy, Per, Sagna, Gibbs, Santos, Le Coq/JD) AND we keep Chezzer fit then we are quite solid at the back, especially so if Arteta (critical) and Song can stay fit because of the protection they provide to the back 4.

    I really think we should give Oxo a run in the hole. I am not saying play him there every game, and with Gerv away we should leave him on the wing but I think he can be deadly in the hole.


    Bench: Flappy, Per, Le Coq, Ramsey, Rosicky, Chamakh, Arsh (or Yossi if we sell Arsh – the Russian window is still open)

    Oxo should start every game, but I would start him 2 out of every 3 with Ramsey/Rosicky fighting it out for the other spot. This gives us the luxury of dropping Gerv/Feo if they are out of form and playing Oxo on the wing. If Jack comes back this season it is a bonus and a nice hard decision to make as to where to play our young stars.

    I still think a fit RvP is absolutely crucial to our chances of finishing top 4. That and our home games against Chelsea, Spuds, Lpool & Newcastle. We also need to improve our away form against the mid & bottom table sides.

  55. miki dora

    How many times have you heard he’s the new Messi, Ronaldo, Ronald Mc fucking Donald? They always self emplode with the pressure.

    He’s none of these. He’s The Ox and he will be brilliant but fucking hell chill out.

    After watching last night I feel even more pissed off we didn’t buy Parker. Ol twitchy got a good deal there.

  56. Squirrel

    Is Wenger’s comments on Hazard exactly the same as the tapping up that he hated by Barca and City?
    Anyway why don’t we just go and agree a contract with Lille and Hazard and have it done now?
    And Geoff surely a big win against a shite Blackburn team has not changed anything,we are average and will not make top 4 and will not catch Spurs.

  57. gambon

    Davin Andreasson

    So tell me wise one, what is there to be positive about?

    Cos last time I checked, these were the facts:

    – We are 6th in the PL
    – Every other team in spending and improving while we are selling and regressing
    – We sold our 2 best players in the summer
    – RVP wont sign a contract and will leave in the summer
    – We will not sign anyone of note
    – None of the management give a fuck about winning anything
    – Our manager has a severe mental illness
    – We are charged the highest ticket prices in world football
    – We dont win anything, and even manage to collapse when playing relegation bound Birmingham

    So what is there to be positive about?

    Not only are we poor, we are regressing. 6th this season will be 8th in 2 years, and 10th in 4.

    “I’m not saying your not right in some of your statements”

    Well no, im right all the time, yet still get shit from idiots like you.

  58. Olumide

    And eddie already know chamberlain will be better than cristiano who has been in d last 5 gala award night. You’re putting too much pressure on d boy.

  59. gambon

    Kroenke has never sold a stake in a sports team before I believe.

    The chances of him selling are beyond remote.

    Him and his pathetic board & manager are here to exploit fans and hoard cash for the long term.

  60. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Easy Geof,

    Look at you being all optimistic, you’re only going to upset the “arsenal fans” on here that love to say I told you so when we loose.

    Gambon, are you the same in every aspect of life? Do you continue going to a restaurant that you claim you love yet every meal you’ve had there for the last 7 years has been terrible. You of course predicted that the meal would be terrible, yet you continued to pay over the odds prices for each dish regardless. You then go home and look up stats on other restaurants, only to find plenty of other restaurants that are investing in more expensive ingredients and more experienced members of staff. Do you continue to eat shit sticks in your brick bollock bag of a restaurant?

  61. Dada

    I agree that Chambo has the potential to be great but how many times have we lost great young players through long-term injuries because we over play them too early? They need other special/proven players around them not only for competition but also to rotate the team. Is Hazard a special/proven player? U bet! But I have to agree this is the usual bait for season ticket renewals but would love for it to be a pleasant surprise, combined with the return of David Dein.


    I agree Geoff, I think we can do it. I may be blinded by the glory of smashing Blackburn 7-1 but it would feel wrong as a gooner to not cling on to the ‘ I think we can actually do it’ attitude that engulfs me every season.

    Usually I’m proved wrong and am hideously disappointed by seasons end but fuck it! This is our season! 3rd and an FA cup please! (No seriously, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top X 1000)

  63. James Taunt

    Comparing AOC and Ronaldo is being foolish. AOC has a long way to go before you could think of making that argument.

  64. duvee

    People are underestimating the importance of the 7-1 win. The reason why it was important is that it will give the players the confidence again to put the ball in the net. We had enough chances against Bolton to win but you could see that there was no confidence there to finish. The one player I do worry about and especially the fact he didn’t play on Sat is Ramsey. I think it is time to drop him for an extended period of time. Playing in his position he should have at least a half dozen goals this season.

  65. Squirrel

    Geoff,I’ve been looking for them everywhere but can’t find em.
    Hope your right and we scrape 4th and make the right signings in the summer to push the team onto better things but i can’t see it.

  66. nuudles

    Should we have a good summer & spend some money at long last (after shipping out the deadweight), with not too many changes to the squad:
    _______Le Coq__Jack________

    Bench (from): Flappy, Martinez, Santos/Gibbs, Per, Frimpong, Arteta, Ramsey, Ba, Diaby (I know, I know, absolute last chance for me), Campbell, Ryo, Afobe, Aneke, Vela (also last chance saloon, he has the ability, can we get someone to force it out of him?)

    So that means we sell the following: Chamakh, Bendy, Arsh, Rosicky (maybe keep him, Arsene has made rumblings about Rosicky as potential coaching material), Almunia, Squid, JD, Song, Denilson

    So we buy Hazard & Ba and throw as much money as possible at keeping RvP. Although I think Le Coq is going to be a fantastic DM I can see us either keeping Song for another season or getting an older, more established player in the meantime, M’vila is not much older but he would be fantastic, Biglia is a long term rumoured target, and thet Yacob guy from Argentina. I would also like it if we went for Shaquiri (or was he sold this January – I heard the deal fell through), I like his no-fear attitude and he has a thunder left on him.

  67. James Taunt

    Against Blackburn it was an enormous win, a day when everything clicked. It would be nice if we could see the team get couple more wins before raising the expectations.

  68. David Andreassen

    Gambon, I think your missing the point…your listing reasons for this season…I’m talking about NEVER seing you post ANYTHING positive on Le-Grove…that’s a looong time going around being pissed….why not just stop and in doing so..not only hopefully becoming a happier person but also doing the rest of us a favour not having to stand some of the personal remarks you love throwing around as soon as someone doesn’t sing your praise.

    You’re even more arrogant than Le Prof….amazing.

    Geoff/Pedro: Funny how some of the other guys get remarks or get suspended when jumping on ppl for expressing their opinions but not Gambon. Why?
    Are the rules that you can only be outrageously insulting in your remarks on other commenters as long you post enough to be on the top 3 commenters list?

  69. Philbet

    Gambon is a reality check for all of us, he posts such unintelligent drivel on such a reguler basis that his sole benifit is for the rest of us to realise how lucky we all are,the very fact we can rationalise and see both sides of an argument,that we can find things which please us,comfort us and even enjoy, make us all far superior to the likes of gambon who truthfully would not be happy if some multi millionaire Oligarth fond him,(somehow), took a shine to him and gave him Arsenal football club as a Monday morning presant, allowing him free reign on how the club was run,it is a certainty that he would seriously mess up but good old Gambon would have the nerve and increduality to blame his benifactor,never himself.

  70. Albo

    I agree, the timing of comments about Hazard is scandalous. It is blindingly obvious what their aim is.

    However, the suggestion that Wenger has not made any decent signings in the last few windows is hugely inaccurate. We haven’t necessarily signed the player that has been hyped, but for the most part we’ve done very well. For example, Wenger has been lambasted on here for dithering with improving the CB roster, and now all of a sudden we realise he bought one of the best CBs in the league a couple of summers ago.

    Wenger was lambasted for wasting yet more money on a kid who hadn’t even played in the top flight, and now all of a sudden we realise we might have the next Wayne Rooney on our hands (but with our the potato head and the granny fucking).

    And going back further, don’t forget the consternation amongst gooners when Wenger failed to buy in a big name to fix our defense but instead bought some dude called Vermaelen no one had heard of and who wasn’t even a centre back!

  71. Cygan's Left Foot

    Great post indeed.


    If we want to catch the Spud and do well in the FA cup, your team just take Theo off and play Le Coq there, yes I will play him in the wing he will give us a better user of the ball, better attacking and defending than Theo no brain.

  72. Azed

    Ox better than Hazard
    Denilson better than Alonso
    Theo better than Messi

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Wenger and the akb’s come out with something new!!!

  73. 87gooner

    There are much more important signings to make over Hazard. I’d rather take Fellaini in the Midfield and get someone like Podolski who can operate both wide left and as the central striker. Thats your £30mil there for those 2

    Its quality squad depth that we are screaming out for, as when our 1st 11 gets a few injuries we look threadbare with the replacements



    HOW AM I PUTTING TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON THE OX . HES NOT MY GAY LOVER… Im talking with you lotnot the ox himself . he is going to be massive

    agree with on gambon sturridge being a conteder for pfa young player of the year the other 2 i dont

    hazard is a good player but he has to prove it in the premiership not ligue 1

    im still waiting on the last french team to win champs league ??

  75. gambon


    I gave up my ST after the collapse at the end of 07/08.

    Thats when I decided I wanted wenger out, and nothing has changed since.

    There is little positive to post about.

  76. gambon


    Putting Oxo, Coquelin & Wilshere together (18, 21 & 20) as our CM will set us back 4 years.

    I dont get this obsession with kids.

    28-30 year olds win titles, 20 year olds win the odd game.

  77. Hasaucha

    David Andreassen
    Gambon is a fictional character used by Pedro/Geoff to keep the arguments going here at LG…Don’t take that character seriously..

  78. Albo

    Re Hazard – he’s a decent player in a lesser league, but in many ways I prefer the Ox’s build for the Premiership.

    And this from Hasaucha absolutely sums up the contradictory nature of Gambon’s posting style. Anything Arsenal do MUST be a negative, anything we don’t do must be hyped to the heavens:

    February 7, 2012    09:44:09
    Its ironic that Hazard winning the title for Lille is a great achievement whereas gervinho out scoring,out-assisting him and also winning a title is not an achievement because its an ‘inferior’ league…Its also laughable that Joel Campbell performing in France should not mean he’ll perform in england but eden hazard’s stats in france should be regarded impressive..Not saying OX is better than Hazard but be fair,you wanks..Hazard is over hyped talent who’ll be nowhere near as good in England..Not worth 30M in any way..Around 15-20M at max..

  79. knaus

    Nice to see such a positive post from you Geoff. 3rd place above tottenham at the end of season would be amazing considering the season so far

  80. Wenger out NOW

    “and unless I am mistaken , I think Arsenal has gone unbeaten in a season.”Pretty much sums up the issues amongst the so called “fans” at present.

    Amen to that Gambom

  81. James Taunt

    Eddie, Suarez was in Ajax who have not won the CL recently. It is fruitless to gauge an individual from team’s performance.

  82. Turn

    C*nts spunked it up! that’s right… spunked it up.

    Too right on the summer ahead. I wanna know when will football be more important than profit at Arsenal again?

  83. zdzis

    Arsenal have a number of crazy games ahead, most of them with teams that surround them in the table. They need to be watchful of the points they might lose at a weak moment.
    Let’s face it – we won’t overtake Spuds. They got all the luck, that’s it.
    As for Hazard: it is a legitimate question. Wenger seems to gamble on Miyaichi making it in the EPL. This could mean he’ll drop the Hazard idea and opt for using the 4 players he has: Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlain and Miyaichi, waiting for another teenage prodigy to make it through the Academy or the poaching system. Though I wish it was Hazard; then maybe walcott could leave for Spain (or Italy).

  84. Albo

    Gambon is a fictional character used by Pedro/Geoff to keep the arguments going here at LG…Don’t take that character seriously..
    Haha, I like Hasaucha! I’ve always felt that was a possibility myself…

  85. gambon


    Surprised Albo, the mug whos been wrong almost as much as A, has the nerve to post here.

    Even your old AKB buddy CescsMyBoy was on a few days back apologising and admitting he was wrong all along.

  86. James Taunt


    “28-30 year olds win titles, 20 year olds win the odd game.”
    If I am not wrong, you were asking to buy Goetze who is 19. So your argument does not hold good there.

  87. nuudles

    Josip, agree. The problem I still have with that squad is lack of depth, but because that squad has a lot of the deadweight removed the depth should be a bit better.

    Gk: Chezzer, Martinez & Flappy – pretty much the same but Martinez is better than Flappy from what I hear

    Fullbacks & defence: No change, ship Squid & JD out will hardly harm our depth, especially if we “promote” Miquel, Yennaris (also DM) & Bartley. Better hope for not another injury run like our fullbacks suffered.

    DM: Le Coq, Frimpong (when he is back from injury) & one of Song, M’vila (yes please), Biglia or Yacob, pretty much on par although Le Coq & Frimpong will both be older and Le Coq more experienced (really feel bad for Frimpong, he just started to look a lot better)

    CM: Jack, Oxo, Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby (see above) looks a whole lot better than our 2011/12 options of Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky & Yossi

    Wings: Feo, Gerv, Hazard & Oxo looks a whole lot better than Feo, Gerv & Arsh

    CFs: RvP, Ba & Campbell looks a lot better than RvP, Chamakh & Park.

    All in all I think we have slightly better depth, especially in midfield & up front and those small changes could be what are required to take us from also-rans to serious contenders.

  88. Albo

    Nuudles – can’t remotely agree with dropping Arteta to the bench. The guy has been top quality for us and is exactly what our team needs – a cultured footballer but with plenty of grit and fight. If we’d bought him a few seasons ago to play alongside Fab in place of Denilson we’d probably have won something I reckon. (Similarly, if we’d bought Alonso when we had the chance…)

  89. andy

    Guys dont forget hazard is a dumb and arrogant young guy whos of course a good footballer but nowhere near of a needed brain for playing in england. I dont think hes gonna make it at all in epl maybe in italy. I dont think theres a need for a winger at all, we have ox, theo (of course if he signs on), ryo (this guy will be good after his loan) and gerv. More than 4 are waste. We do need back up for rvp, but its hard to find a real good player who is ok with sitting on the bench …

  90. gambon

    Gotze and Hazard are slightly different, the 2 biggest talents in world football along with Neymar.

    Also the further back you go Attack-Midfield-Defence, the younger a player will generally play at the highest level.

    Wenger even acknowledged this, before he lost his marbles.

  91. gambon


    Theo is shit
    Ox is 18
    Ryo will not make it and is 19
    Gervinho is the Eboue of strikers

    If you really think we have the required quality on the flanks you are fucking insane.

  92. David Andreassen

    Absolutely gutted about Frimmers out for the season, thoguht he’d have a great run with the Wolves and come back to the Emirates as just the pack of controlled dynamite we could use on the bench for when the going get tough. Just hope he has the strenght to pull back fromt his one to.

    Also think the Hazard train left the station a long time ago, should we have signed him it should’ve been 1½-2 season ago, now it is nowhere near enuff bang for the buck so to speak.

    Rather see our top top top prio to be decent back up for RvP, next after that a ready made brilliant creator in the CAM spot, after that a better left back to replace Gibbs (with defensive duties his primary strenght) to balance Santos.
    Fourht priority should be replacing JD with a 3/4 option as CB and after that it is mainly to enhance the squad and shifting out the likes of Diaby/Rosicky/Arsh etc to be replaced with decent squadplayers.

    All of which we should be able to do without busting the piggy bank wide open and probably come out in a better shape than we are wage bill wise

  93. Squirrel

    “I have been a Gunner for 62 years mate and I can tell you that this lad will be one of our best ever buys.”

    Carl Jenkinson from the non league who played a handful of games for Charlton in league 1?

    Oh dear

  94. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Last French team to win the CL? (Marseille, but irrelevant)

    The champions league is won by one of the clubs in the deloitte money league top 10. Only once in the last 14 years has that proven to be unture… (Mourhinho with Porto).

    There is no French team in the money league top 10. We are, and we are only one of two clubs in the top 10 never to have won it.. (Chelsea being the other).

    Your focus should be on why we are not doing everything to eradicate that statistic. And can we use our ‘defined’ financial muscle to move in that direction. Eis Eis Baby, Jenkinson, Campbell and all the other prospects move us no closer to that elusive dream.

    And this is no slight on the prospects. I’m all for them.. But they have a place in the 5th richest club in the world, and they should be top-class to break into our side. Ox has started well, But he alone won’t win us trophies. Strength in depth is the answer and we can buy that AND develop in from within with good signings like OX. Unless we are broke that is?

  95. nuudles

    gambon, so a midfield of
    will not be able to win you titles because they are too young?

    Name a better midfield three in the 28-30 year old range than the above (who are 21, 23 & 24)?

    Also note that I said although I think Le Coq is the real deal we might want to wait another season and play Song (or if he does not extend then sell him and go for M’vila/Biglia/rumoured Yacob/etc). I think Le Coq is already better than Song, but I would keep Song on the bench or trade up for one of the other options, Parker would have been a perfect option but it is now too late…

  96. Hasaucha

    Nuudles – I like your team list and optimism,but you’re wasting your time posting your dream team in each of your post,mate..We always have injuries so we’ll never get a chance to play our dream team..Even the team we have at the moment is much better,provided,all the players are fit but that is never gonna happen.

  97. James Taunt


    What about DM and a backup for Chesney? Sometimes watching Song can be painful. I think It will take some spending to challenge for the Premier League again.

  98. Albo

    Gambon – you are routinely wrong about a great many things. You just pretend you never said them. After the 8-2 you said we’d be in a relegation battle (hilariously wrong!)

    And pretty much every season you’ve said THIS time we’ll drop out of the CL…and yet we never seem to have.

    It’s easy to be right half the time. I’m sure you can point to many posts predicting that Denilson would never make it. But I’m sure if we look at the summer posts we’ll also find some of you mocking Wenger for wasting money on Oxlade Chamberlain.

  99. gambon


    I think if we make the changes you recommend we will improve, but will it be enough? I dont think so.

    I would say we need:

    GK: We need an experienced head to backup Szczesny, and also to put pressure on him and play instead if he suffers a dip. I have been calling for us to sign Sorensen for years. Sell Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Shea.

    Def: IMO we need a versatile FB that can play both left and right, someone in the Zabaleta mould. Sell Squillaci & Djourou and bring Bartley in as 4th CB.

    DM: IMO we need a quality DM to play alongside Song, instead of him and provide depth. MVila would be absolutely ideal. Sell Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson & Lansbury.

    CM: We still havent replaced Cesc. We still need to, Ramsey is garbage.

    AM: We need someone top class, and we need to sell Theo & Arshavin.

    STR: Van Persie is our only option. We need someone that can both play with and instead of him. Ba would be ideal, as would Cavani, Falcao etc. We may even need a third choice as both Chamakh & Park HAVE to be sold, as do Bendtner & Vela.

    So the changes should be:





  100. Goonerfied85

    Some interesting & funny arguments going on today.

    I think the bottom line is regardless if you are an AKB or like me want him gone & for changes to happen is that we all want our team to win & be successful.

    14 Games left & anything can happen let’s hope we aim as high as possible but at a minimum finish fourth even though that is not good enough for the mighty Arsenal.

  101. nuudles

    albo, I am not for a second promoting dropping Arteta to the bench. He would still get tons of starts. He is no spring chicken, and Jack was also fantastic in that role last season, so I would rotate them a lot. I think Jack offers a bit more going forward while Arteta is a bit more solid on defence. I would love to see both of them play but I think in the long run Oxo is going to play in the hole, depending on how well Jack does there of course. Arteta has been fantastic for us this season and I would love to see the stats of our success rate with him starting versus compared to when he was injured/still with Everton. I’m not saying he is the main cause for the vastly improved success rate but he helps a lot.

  102. Hasaucha

    Gambon 10:53:04,forgot to include wenger in his OUT list…I find it amusing but agree fully with his team list..

  103. Mwangi Samuel

    One moment, the same retard wenger tells us he has money to spend on the best players, then the next minute he says it will depend on the profit we make this season. Fucking liar!

  104. gambon


    See that comment really let you down.

    Firstly there is a MASSIVE, MASSIVE difference between a midfield of 21/23/24 that you describes, and the pathetic U21 team you want us to play.

    Lets look at it:

    Cesc, Ozil & MVila:

    663 Top level games
    109 International caps
    68 years combined age

    Wilshere, Oxlade & Coquelin:

    119 top level games
    5 international caps
    59 years combined age


    If you cant see the absolute chasm of experience and quality between them 2 teams then you are dumb.

    Why are you so obsessed with kids?

    Maybe you should match more academy games & U21 internationals to get your fix.

  105. David Andreassen

    Jamee Taunt: The back up keeper I included in the squad improvement section since I believe Fabianski is on the list of players to be shifted out together with Diaby and the other dross. The back up doesn’t have to be world class, just decent PL standards with a bit of routine.

    As for the DM spot I’m one of thoose supporters who actually don’t think Song need to be replaced as much as he nees a torch up his Arse in the form of a thriving Conq and Frimmers on the bench paired with a older guy with more routine who’s might even be a bit passed his prime (much like we did with Arteta who I believe was bought with the pourpuse of being back up/guidance for Jack).

    Our midfield is, or atleast Wenger seems to try to transform it into, much more of a fluent organism than what’s considered standard in a 4-3-3 set up where the 3 players should be able to rotate during play deending on situation (much to the frustration of the fans during Songs offensive roaming spells), now we haven’t quite mastered it but I believe that Songs possision won’t as easy to fill while maintaining that idea…but then again, perhaps the idea is bad and should be scrapped while setteling for a more standard 4-3-3 where the DM is dedicated to that position and nothing more….

  106. Albo

    Gambon – I actually agree with most of your suggestions for squad improvement. I think some of them are absolutely crucial (striker for example) while other are more in the ‘would be nice but probably too many changes for one window’ bracket (DM).

    Re strikers – do Ba’s knees not worry you? He’s exactly what we need as a player, but knowing our luck we’d be buying the striker equivalent of Diaby. That said, after the weekend, Cisse looks like what we need too!

  107. nuudles

    gambon, agree on most of your squad assesments there. Unfortunately I cannot see us going for Falcao/Cavani because of price. We really missed a trick with Reus, he is going to be immense, already is fantastic, reminds me of a less injury prone, slightly less tricky young RvP, love his fight. Ba would be fantastic as he will not be that expensive (I know we have the money but we all know we will not spend tons).

    As I said I think our management sees a coaching career for Rosicky, so I can see him staying unless his agent gets too greedy, he is frustrating in front of goal but he still has class and can be an effective bit-part player IMO (especially in the early cup games & CL games once we have clinched the next stage).

    CM, I dont think we can easily replace Cesc, can only think of Eriksen & Hamsik (and maybe Thiago, but he will have the same Barca home-sickness) as viable replacement options, but they are going to be VERY expensive (especially Hamsik). I think in Oxo & Jack we have two fantastic young players, they should not be compared with Cesc but if we can keep them fit they can be fantastic for us. Kaka for a couple of seasons would be ideal, he still has it, RvP would love playing with him, his wages will be high but his transfer fee not impossible, he will still have resale value to the MLS or to Russia (or even Brazil) after the 2 year stint.

    As I said I dont think my proposed changes will be quite enough as we will still lack critical depth but it will be a step in the right direction (and maybe if we are lucky with injuries it might just be enough, but one should not bank on that)

  108. BOOZY

    Hazard is a special player. there are very few players in the world with his technical level. He could easily become the top three best player in the world in 3 years.
    And he should be an arsenal player, no other transfer would be more annoying than missing out on him.
    i’ve always said we are only 2 player from a world class team.
    hazard and higuain, however they are now AVB’s main transfer target this summer.

  109. gambon


    I dont know enough about Bas knees.

    What i do know is he has been an absolute revelation since he came to the PL, and he seems to have everything.

    What i cannot fathom is what on earth we are doing with Chamakh & Park on the books. How can the man that moulded the careers of VanPersie & Henry (& Weah) think these clowns can play for our neighbours Watford, let alone Arsenal?

    A friend of mine made a good point on saturday. We are the only team in world football that when facing a striker injury go from the best in the league to the worst in the league.

    Arsene has always hated competition for places, but this just takes the piss.

  110. nuudles

    no gambon, your logic is faulty, you cannot say you need 28-30 year old mifield to win a title, I simply said that is wrong as there are a number of young midfield options who are more than good enough to be title winners

    I appreciate fully we cannot expect Oxo, Jack & Le Coq to be near Cesc, Ozil & M’vila, but that was not your statement, you said you need 28-30 year olds in midfield to win titles.

  111. Thorough

    Thanks Geoff, great write up, though I think too much optimism, but its understandable as fans. However I feel bad when people talk about Hazard as if he is coming to replace Ox. Nope, he’s coming to complement him. Our problem over the last five years has been buying a couple of average players where we needed one super talent. And I have no doubt Hazard is up there with the best. Even if we are going to spend 30mils, lets do, we will be glad we did. I imagine our team next year to be very very strong even if the Bank Manager signs only Hazard, but keeps VP. Our attacking trio will be Hazard, VP and Gerv, with the Ox in the hole. And we would have to select a pair of deep-lying midfielders from the amazing pool of Song, Arteta, Wilshere and Diaby (I love that guy). And I think we should get real, I believe Coq should be fighting the right full back with Sagna, the last 2 matches he has pocketed Agbonlahor and Hoillet and that is no mean feat. Yet he still contributes so much to the attack. Those his step overs are for an attacking full back or q winger, never would he have the chance to express his silkiness in the DM where you just clean up and pass to the nearest man. And Jenkinson? I dont think because he crosses better than Sagna makes him a good enough player for us. Our full backs are actually the worst crossers of the ball I’ve seen in EPL, so to be worse than them will make one piss poor. Send him on loan or something.

  112. WengersSweeties

    Wenger today:

    He added: “You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between £15m-£20m.

    “I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.”



    What a double yoker!

    And why is it imperative to make a profit of £20m?

    And to think the board get the blame by AKB’s!!

  113. gambon


    We wont make any significant channges so its all irrelevant.

    IMO we need to spend £50- £100m NET on the squad.

    This is due to years of neglect. If we had spent £20m in 08/09/10/11 we clearly wouldnt need to.

  114. gambon

    Of course we need to make a £15-20m profit, thats how much the stadium costs per year.

    What Wenger fails to admit is that we have made £140m in profits in the last 4 years, none of which has been spent on the team.

  115. nuudles

    I am not obsessed with youth, those are the best options we currently (for next season) have at our disposal IMO and if you think that Wenger will go out and replace all of them with 28-30 year old players of the required quality then I am afraid it is not only my intellegence that needs to be questioned.

    I am saying Le Coq is better than Song (or will be very soon, say next season), Jack and Arteta is a wash, depends on whether we are going forwards or backwards, Oxo is much much better than Ramsey/Rosicky/Yossi/whoever we play in the hole. Yes we can improve but I would rather we spend money on a better winger & better backup for RvP than spending it on midfield. If we are willing to spend after we made those improvements then by all means go and improve our midfield.

    Dont take my comments out of context, I did not for one moment say that is the best possible midfield out there. If we were willing to spend we could easily imporve it (especially with regards to experience), but Arsene & spending dont go together well…

  116. David Andreassen

    I really get suspicious about that Wenger comment too but I don’t see what you mean there Gambon, what does tha stadium costs have to do with it, he says profit, not turn over…hence the stadium costs are already paid..

    WHY is it imperative for Arsenal to bank 15-20 mil EVERY year in profits…who/what demands that money and where does it go?

    Together with Mr Winterburns comments the other day something very fishy is going on….AST for answers anyone?

  117. Bade

    I like the “IF” posts

    So the back side of the positive “if”, can be Robin’s out and then we’re fucked

    All those if miff the basic logic and our previous experience

    And mind you all, we already have Jack out for the season, and the midfield is our weakest link. We’re so dependent on a 30 years old Crock from Everton (that is playing great for us tbh), that it’s embarrassing