7 behind the spuds, level with the chavs, this Grovers is do-able

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So of course the above is all based on us beating them both at our gaff, there’s no reason at all why we can’t, we already beat the chavs and the spuds were lucky to beat us when we were shite and they were flying.

After watching last night I got this sudden belief that if we can stay fit, if the right players return and if Harry goes and spends some quality time with his (so called) cockney mates, then we could nick 3rd.

Don’t forget the spuds will get injuries and they will blow up at some point, Ade has never gone so long in his career without being blown up for offside, so that can’t last (I counted 7 minutes last night).

So providing we don’t play like we sometimes do (badly), and we realise that this team will slide down the pan if we don’t qualify top four, then we have a real chance.

So Wenger is doing what Ivan and his cohorts have begged him to do and that is to start making it look like we are in for Eden Hazard, shame on you, shame on you, that just as season ticket renewal arrives, like clockwork you are out there bigging up the signings we crave.

If it wasn’t so sickeningly predictable it would be amusing, the fact that he has sailed through the last two transfer windows and bought no one of note and starts talking about the big name we all want just before he demands your money is nothing short of wicked, shame on you Arsenal, shame on you.

Anyway it’s time we told Robin to sign on the dotted line or stop talking about what a great team this could be, it will be a far better one with you in it mate, do something outrageous and show the fans the same belief they have had in you your whole career.

I have always had faith in your ability Robin, but last season I was calling for you to be sold because your injuries were becoming farcical, must the same as Rosicky, Diaby and Gibbs’ are.

There comes a point when you weigh up the good times against the bad, you have had just over a season of greatness, you look like the injuries are finally behind you and you will be 30 when your contract runs out, so do the right thing and sign on for the rest of your career, make an Eden Hazard signing part of the deal if you would, but time to show us how you feel.

Henry had to come back, and know matter where you go, you will regret going, money aside.

I think that would lift the fans big time, that would lift the team and we could kick on, time to pay back the rape allegations and the injuries Robin, time to become a legend. I think you will!

That’s it for today folks, have a good ‘un.

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