Chamberlain to inspire Walcott form? | Wenger to France talk | Doubts over Bould for assistant role

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Short back-lift demonstrated

Good morning one and all! It’s nice rolling into work on a Monday morning with your chin firmly up! I think most Gooner fans have the wherewithal to know that Blackburn are a terrible side and that the score line doesn’t indicate we’re about to destroy all competition put before us for years to come. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the result. It doesn’t mean anyone else has matched that result this season against Blackburn. It also doesn’t mean the league can take away the 3 points and the 6+ goals we earned.

The weekend was good to us on many levels. However, we’ve been here before with false dawns. Turning the Villa game around in 45 minutes was supposed to be a new start, then we dropped two points against Bolton. This weekend we take a trip to the North East. Home of my late Grandfather. He’s not dead, he was just always late. Just kidding, he really is dead. Sorry, I thought that was funny. Anyway, Sunderland are a force to be reckoned with this year (I know, it pains me to say things like that, but welcome to Arsenal 2012). If Liverpool win their game in hand, Sunderland will be one place behind us. That’s kind of embarrassing, but it does make it a game we can’t take lightly.

Hopefully the attacking form of the weekend is back for real. Teams are playing a far more open game against us of late which needs to stop. I miss people parking the bus. If we can get Theo and Chamberlain playing to their potential then Robin could find himself with the easiest job in football! Those two getting in behind full backs and feeding Robin is an exciting prospect. In fact, those two in form might even see a goal scoring return for Chamakh (Double LOLz as the kids would say).

It is going to be interesting watching how Theo transforms his game over the coming months. We know he’ll be desperate to go to the Euros and we know he can see the major threat of that not happening playing on the opposite flank. Chamberlain is a special talent, one that looks special enough to ignore the hype and deliver on the big stage. He plays with the hand brake off and looks totally at home in our first team. He’s a one off, like Jack Wilshere or Wayne Rooney. Wenger made things difficult for him by giving the new boy the highest praise possible…

“I feel he could play central midfield, he could [also] play second striker because he has something that is exceptional – he has a short back-lift and so when he has a shot on goal it’s difficult to block,”

You know when Wenger busts out the short back lift observation, he has a mind hard-on for a player. It’s literally the highest accolade he can award. Robin, the scorer of more goals than Dennis Bergkamp in about half the games also had high praise for the young winger

“He is a fantastic player already, he’s only 18 and is so young. He’s good on the ball, he has everything.

“Alex is quick, has movement and technique. He can score a goal, give an assist. He has a great future.

“In the future (he can make the England team), definitely. He’s a big prospect. Everyone is enjoying watching him, I do, you do and he brings something extra to the game and people just love it.

Even Arsenal blogger Geoff couldn’t resist but praise the new boy…

‘Oxo reminds me of Rooney when he burst onto the scene, except nicer, less prone to obesity and with brains.’

Gervinho will also return to the mixer shortly, which leaves Arsene with something we know he hates… a selection headache.

I’d imagine he’ll likely drop Gervinho. Wenger did the same when Gilberto dared to be Brazilian. He doesn’t take kindly to international tournaments mid season and with good reason… our players often come back totally broken.

One winger you do feel might opt for the easy route out for the club is Arshavin. The Russian transfer window doesn’t close until mid-Feb. He might opt for the mega roubles and industrial town of Anzhi while he still has a chance…


So it was amusing to see Villas-Boas share a tactical master class that could have been scripted by Wenger. 3-0 up after 50minutes, then back to 3-3 with a gut wrenching thud. Very amusing. Totally deserved as well considering his pathetic defence of his captain and his failure to cut out the powerful old guard at Chelsea. I like him before he went to Chelsea, now I find him irritating in a Gary Linekar kind of way…

United did have the help of Howard ‘I love to award Fergie a helping hand’ Webb, a Premiership standard these days. But all in all, another poor result for Chelsea that throws 4th wide open again. We’re all as bad as each other. How the chasing pack play against the top 7 will determine the outcome in my opinion. Let’s hope we can turn it on and finish well.


Rumour has it that the French FA are looking to poach Arsene Wenger this summer. Blanc is at odds with the Chairman of the French FA. They all love Arsene… A match made in heaven if Wenger wants to answer his families call for a return home. Into his mid-sixties, you’d have to say that his families wishes are probably quite low down his priority list. The man has pulled a masterclass in getting his own way… take note under the thumb blokes. Taking a role with the national team would be a massive surprise. A lot will be dependent on where we finish at the end of the season I’d imagine.


Apparently Kenny Samson’s old man was suspected of involvement in the great train robbery, newly released Government files reveal. Turns out he didn’t do it, but he did feature as the 8th most suspected suspect. What an achievement.


There’s a story doing the rounds that Steve Bould is in line to become the new assistant at Arsenal when Pat Rice retires. This is contrary to everything I’ve heard about his career path. You’d think if he was held in regard that highly by Arsene, he’d be training the first team. So far, I don’t think he’s been allowed anywhere near them. Odd considering his experience and stature. It sounds like this really will be the last year Pat Rice sits on the bench saying nothing… I have a feeling if Wenger stays longer than the summer, it’ll be a player he made a start coming in as his side kick.

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Right, that’s all I have… see you in the comments!

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  1. OPG

    Cesc played far too many games early in his career but Spain has so much talent in their squad he’s not a even a starter , not sure about earlier in his career. Wilshere got that extra burden though definitely.

  2. SUGA3


    “Is that a man hand-cuffing himself to a goal post?!”

    “This is going to be a really lengthy delay, it’s going to be really difficult to find a pair of bolt cutters during a football game in Liverp….

    Oh wait, nevermind”

  3. Samir

    Who would you rather have?
    Bale or Hazard?
    Personally, I think Bale has a better build for the prem…And he’s British!
    Could see Hazard doing a “Nasri” in a few years with his attitude!

  4. Bade

    Carroll: “I was going to control the ball and complete the turn, but lost my balance because of a look of a peroni I spotted in the cop”

  5. Keyser

    Police sources say an elderly cockney gentleman was arrested at half-time of the Liverpool – Tottenham game trying to attain admission to the awayd ressing room.

    He’s been detained on suspicion of ticket evasion.

  6. Bergkamp63

    If we want anyone to score it needs to be the spuds,

    I’d rather be 4th behind the spuds than 5th behind anyone ?

  7. arsenal1886-2006

    Bergkamp63February 6, 2012 20:52:56
    If we want anyone to score it needs to be the spuds,I’d rather be 4th behind the spuds than 5th behind anyone ?

    I hope your’e drunk and don’t mean that.

    That is “Heresy”

  8. Bergkamp63

    this site if full of neanderthaal’s !! You must all be Spurs fans !!

    Would rather watch Spurs than talk to you idiots.

    I’ll come back when real people are back on the site.

  9. arsenal1886-2006

    I don’t even know how anyone here can watch them, just the sight of that fucking badge, the fucking cock makes me vomit.

    I fucking hate them C***s, and to see them above us leaves me suicidal and depressed.


  10. WengersSweeties

    If this is what the best footballing team in the league has to offer then sweet oblivion…….. swallow me up!!

  11. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    Spuds drop 2 points, pleasing. There were a few hairy moments in that game…but thats enough about the cat…

  12. DialSquare

    kwik fitFebruary 6, 2012 22:00:22
    I bet you weren’t expecting to see some pussy tonight

    Did see some cunts though

  13. OPG

    Sadly would have to say that’s a good point for them all the pressure on the home team to win as Liverpool had drawn 7 at home already oddly they score little and concede little.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Leonardo claims Wenger was their number one choice, but he turned down a higher salary and large transfer budget…Does this mean Wenger prefers to be tight rather than a high salary?

  15. OPG

    Not sure what to think about clubs agreeing a deal for a player that’s still under contract during the season.
    Bit like Matias Suarez allegedly but hard to believe these deals at this point.

  16. arsenal1886-2006

    DaleDaGoonerFebruary 6, 2012 23:12:27
    Leonardo claims Wenger was their number one choice, but he turned down a higher salary and large transfer budget…Does this mean Wenger prefers to be tight rather than a high salary?

    He might be sharing a bank account with harry.

  17. Robert

    Just quietly, 3 of our ‘panic buys’ have become our most important players after RVP and arguably kos.

    Arteta, mertesacker and the ox are all looking the goods.

    Still want AW to sail back over the channel.

  18. Robert

    If we had added mata, a semi non-retarded striker, and gourcouff, we would probably be sitting 3rd now.

    I know people always come up
    With unreasonable trade
    Lists but



    Podolski or something similar
    A full back

    We would be so much better off

  19. Robert

    In an ideal world, we should be able to loan our young players with good potential.

    Guys like jenko, Ramsey, Gibbs, should not be starting for a club that wishes to challenge in the EPL and ECL. Simply Aren’t good enough right now.

  20. sixx pac

    Deh ya inuh Suga3. @Robert not sure how you can call Oxo a panic buy mate. Been tracking him for a bit. I havent been here for a while so Im not sure what the opinions on the Kozzer are but I know Rohan must be as proud as I am πŸ˜€

  21. SUGA3


    it’s called ‘spin’, you know, taking the good bits and presenting them as a part of something bad for the latter not to look as bad as it does πŸ˜‰

    counting on people’s short memory much, Robert?

    AOC was a ‘planned child’ and was not signed on the deadline day, was he?

    as for these that were, most people on here don’t consider them to be bad signings (jury still out on Per, mind you), the beef is that they were signed too late, whereas they should have been signed on 1st July and allowed a proper pre-season…

    and don’t tell me we did not know Cesc and Nasri were goners, this was about he worst kept ‘secret’ of the close season, ffs!

  22. Bade


    So after all and despite my preliminary estimates, the results played to our favour, partially. Chavs and Scousers both dropping points at home were great things to watch.

    Now the next round of games is crucial for our 4th credentials.

    We play Sunderland away, while Scousers play the Mancs away, the Chavs play away at Everton and the Spuds hosting the Geordies. A golden opportunity to see our main rivals dropping points again, which means a win at Sunderland is a must in order to gain the psychological edge on them.

    Keeping in mind our next PL home is the Spuds a5t the Emirates and then Scousers away, and before both games we travel away to Milan in the CL and then away at the FA cup, our next games sits nicely on the “changing season momentum game” category