7th place, 12 adrift of the spuds, lost 8 and goal difference of +6, impressive

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‘I am here to make all of the fans happy and when I do not manage to do it I am, of course, not happy’ Arsene Wenger.

Ok well a quick look at the headline will sort of illustrate that we are not happy, today the fans will attempt to show their dissatisfaction by putting black bin bags on the empty seats.

I’m not sure that will do much, if of course it is allowed by the Stalinesque stewarding that Arsenal football club will no doubt deploy today.

I think the only effective way to protest is to simply stay away, that’s the only way the board and the media will take any notice, I did of course, but one seat in 60,000 probably isn’t noticed.

Wenger will find it very, very difficult to talk his way out of that sort of protest.

He has blamed appalling injuries on this seasons results, he won’t see it as his fault, even though he could have and should have addressed that in the transfer window, he not only didn’t, he rubbed our noses in it by buying a 19 year old German crock for 400k, and that was after he told the world we didn’t need anymore midfielders.

So the only way I can see success, we haven’t won the league for 8 years and clearly won’t this year so that figure now goes to 9, and we haven’t won anything since 2005 which means 7 years.

This is indeed the lowest we have been at this point is the whole of Wenger’s 16 year reign.

So today we need to win and we need to win big, we can still get 4th place because I do believe in miracles, we just 5 points behind the chavs and the spuds will blow up at some point, so hope is there, today we play Blackburn and nothing short of a big win will do.

But please don’t tell the world every game is now a Cup Final, because your recent record in Cup Finals has been, well crap to be honest.

The great news is Chamakh is on his way back says Wenger, the bad news is he’s on his way back to us, it’s like thinking Squillaci is like a new signing.

This is the team I would put out assuming we have no injuries.


Sagna Mertesacker Kozzer Vermaelen

Coquelin Arteta Yossi (yes, give him a go)

Henry Robin Oxo

So I would give Ramsey a rest, drop Song and give Coquelin a chance and put Henry on from the off, with Oxo on the wing. If Henry is still not fit the why the hell did we sign him, him and Robin could cause mayhem out there with Oxo supplying them and it would be interesting to see the two of them on the pitch at the same time.

Yes it’s time to drop Theo, him and Song are way too big for their boots and if they put that effort in a pub side they would get dropped, well they would if it were my pub side.

We are 7th for a reason people and it’s not because I want Wenger out, it’s because he refuses to change, spend money and keeps playing average players expecting them to turn into Lional Messi and Xabi.

Finally back to todays protest, I’ve been thinking what should the fans do, it’s Ok for people like me to say don’t turn up, when you’ve paid your money that can be tough, so maybe the fans should do something else, like go down to the bars 15 minutes early, it’s cold out there and the bars won’t be open, but it will show the club how you all feel, that or come out 15 minutes late for the second half.

I did that a lot last season, not so much in protest but to hoover up all the free beers Pedro and I had accumulated in Club level, beer after Arsenal is my real love and I can’t leave someone I love behind.

So if you decide to do it at the start of the second half, get a couple of pints at half time and not one.

Have a great day Grovers, early kick off, big win and enjoy the protest, whatever form it takes.

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  1. Higz87

    Thats been a long time coming, last time we were giving a team a spanking we ended up drawing 4-4. Lets hope this gives the team confidence to play like that week in week out. Just hope Wenger doesn’t think we are amazing again, we are still in a major crisis. We are in 5th!!!!!!!! having played a game more than the two teams below us.

  2. incesc

    ramsey hasnt been awfull all season

    he was great 2nd half vs villa

    he has been shit last 1 0 games apart from that.

    loan would be a good idea, and he isnt an AM. Should be backup to arteta.

  3. kay

    And yes.. a goal less draw between ppol and spuds.. 1-0 to mancs against chavs.. 0-2 loss to newcastle..Will complete this week with a very big smile..
    I am from india.. Got a new away jersey three weeks ago from arsenal direct..
    Will wear to work on monday happily.. 🙂
    BTW superb work P&G for the site..

  4. Thomas

    This is how we should play when everyones fit:

    This is how we should play when everyones fit:


    Sagna Kos Vermaelen Santos

    Wilshere Song Arteta

    Gervinho RvP AOC

  5. SUGA3


    funny that you mention Ramsey being a backup to Arteta, what I saw in the previous game is that they are pretty much identical players, hell, they even walk in exactly the same manner!

  6. GUNNER786

    7-1 win against a poor Blackburn side and we’re world beaters?

    I can’t believe the mentality of some people on here.

  7. zeus

    RVP made up his mind for Henry to have the goal in about 2 seconds. He started to run forward centrally then decided to circle Henry and pull defenders away.

    Wish we had people that thinks as quickly as him.

    When Cesc was about to move, Wenger might have comforted himself with the ‘at least we have the world class Robin’ argument.

    That’s not the case now. Surely we won’t let him leave by not surrounding him with talent EARLY.

    Probably a good thing the stadium was empty-ish too.

  8. Foreheadinho

    Frimpong has done his knee again. That’s him for another season. ACL ruptured again I would think. Not good for him.

  9. kay


    I know that its too much.. But i wish it happens.. Spent 25% of my dec 11 monthly income on that jersey.. Wish it happens.. Fingers crossed.. 😉

  10. Foreheadinho

    Frimpong will be shattered. The commentators were talking ankle but I can tell you that was his knee giving way and that means another surgery and a season out without developing any further. Poor lad.

  11. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Well, you play a schoolground club and you should whomp a schoolground club. Some positives for sure to be taken away today.

    1. How many here in August ripped Wenger for signing the Ox? Quality signing!

    2. Walcott played as he should, a feeder to for others. He’s no goal machine and today showed that big time

    3. RVP is Arsenal and there can never be any doubt. Whatever he wants, give it to him!

    4. Ramsey never touched the pitch. And that is a very good thing. He’s lost and out of his element, whatever that may be?

    5. Great to see Henry pick up a goal. Don’t care about the signing, his attitude is what you wanted, not the production at this stage of his career.

    6. Arsenal had fun!!! How long has it been since we have seen that?

    All in all, a predictable day and empty seats aside, more “Arsenal” like.

  12. azed

    Lets all enjoy the moment!!!
    OX >>>>>>> Walnutt.
    If the Ox doesnt go to the Euros and Theo goes Capello should be hanged!!!

  13. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Of course, no Arsenal match is complete without the obvious…

    Geez, but that defense is awful beyond awful!!! We will never move forward, truly forward, until we address our awful defensive system (if you want to call it that). Giving up even one goal to a 10 man, decimated Blackburn squad is telling as to just how vulnerable they are.

  14. chpgooner

    adam you are a complete idiot. they scored when they were 11 on the pitch and it was a direct freekick. United conceded 3 against blackburn and lost? What the f… is your point??

  15. goonermart

    Well that was a surprise. Well played the Ox

    Expect to see a cock sure weger and smug smile later.

    Not going to wet myself just yet. wait and see after liverpool, milan, newcastle and the scum games

  16. kapslock

    The Ox is quite some player. Walcott actually had a good game. There’s a surprise. Still not worth a new contract imo. He needs those performances to be consistent. Not much more to say about RVP. Pure class. Great win.

    Wenger not bringing on Park for the last 20 minutes in a game where we’re winning by such a big margin just shows how little faith he has in him. Why was he bought? It was not a marketing ploy for me, I doubt it raised much revenue from shirt sales etc. It was an awful signing on which we are probably spending £50k+ a week on. Large squad, yes. Littered with quality, no.

    However, not to dwell on to many negatives. Good win even if it was against 10 man Blackburn.

  17. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah toilet paper…

    think Dwyer’s had a much better run of late, but then he’s got sinclair in behind him while Hoilett has ????

    blown away by how poor their midfield was today, just didn’t seem at all interested.

  18. Damole

    damole, it means true arsenal fan that goes to the games, doesnt stream them for free and then criticise the prices, doesnt boo his own players and gets genuine enjoyment from a great performance. It doesnt however mean AKB, or GKB. Having my own mind is extremely liberating!

  19. Gunner2301


    If you’re not an AKB tell us where you think Arsene has gone wrong and what do you think should be done about it. Or are you one of those fans who just goes to matches for entertainment value only so today everything is rosy in the garden?

  20. Damole

    Incesc, no bin bags from what I could see, i dont think the stewards would have allowed it anyway, I get told off for standing up or showing any real emotion, so i assume any form of protest would be out of the question! Plenty of empty though. I think the bin bag idea cam from people that dot actually go to games!

  21. Damole


    In my “opinion” wenger has made a few mistakes, in that he often gives some average players a chance for too long, ie Denilson, Bendtner, Alumina, Diaby (because of injuries). However on the budget that he has been allocated and the budgets that he is up against he is playing with different rules to the Mancinis and Mourinhos of this world. I also agree that had we bought a Centre back a couple of seasons ago, we may have a couple of trophies. And yes, I think an extra stiker in Jan instead of a 2 month option in Henry would have been great. HOWEVER, people are very quick to forget what he has done for our club since his carrer at Arsenal began. Yes he had the established back four when he took over, but he has built a team and brand that is recongnised worldwide now. Without the brand of football and his previous success we would never be able to dream of selling enough season tickets to justify our stadium or attract some of the top youngster and established players in the world as Highbury income would not have supported the demanded salaries. I can only assume most people on here are too young to remember having to put up with the Brian Marwoods of this world, and would prefer that we had a tax dodging cockney incharge that would be willing to put our club in a position of financial risk for the sake of a decent season and then abandon us for a international job via a stint in a cell

  22. incesc

    i think you are living in the past damole

    he has very little financial restrictions put on him now, and the restrictions he does have are self inflicted

  23. kwik fit

    Fair point damole.
    I ‘m too young to remember the ‘brian Marwood’s of this world’ but I do remember the Denilson’s, the Bendtner’s ,the Squid’s etc etc etc.

  24. Lurch LeRouge

    yup give him 4 years on £150K or 3 on £200K and spend £50M in the summer, maybe more depending on the JW and Diaby situation, with a new assistant manager, a defensive coach and a couple of football men on the board, he might just decide to stick it out.

  25. incesc

    i will give wenger this tho

    people say he only did well because he inherited a great defence but he built the invincibles defence from scratch and lehman, campbell and gilberto were great buys

  26. Gunner2301


    You sound like you used to be an AKB but got a little disillusioned along the way. How did the Arsenal fans get divided like they are now and what involvement has Arsene had in that do you think?

    By the way, we don’t play great football anymore and haven’t for a long time.

  27. Damole

    Shame you didnt go to the stadium today Gunner2301, you would have witnessed great football in front of your very eyes and goonermart perhaps Marwood was a bad example. Ill replace him in my statement with Ian Selley!

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    I don’t see the logic anywhere that justifies reserving criticism of the manager and club for their failings. Its a strange passive mindset that admits mistakes but quietly files through the turnstiles turning ones cheek to reality. As if a poor history justifies a poor modernity.

    It reminds me of the modern plight of poor parenting, unruly children pushing boundaries and getting away with murder in public because the parents are too PC to be seen to exert control over their offspring and eventually turning to blame societal factors while never personally assuming responsibility.

  29. goonermart

    No one questions what arsene has done in the past, but now we have had seven years of decline. It’s just his time to go. But go he wont. Stubborn cunt

  30. Damole

    I dont think getting behind the players and not booing them would be classed as a blind eye. Its called be a FAN, unlike those on here who dont go to games which would make them followers of Arsenal, not fans.

    And it was nice to watch Theo prove all the doubters wrong again.

  31. goonermart

    one good game does not prove anything, lots of shit ones do.

    Most of the people on here that want wenger out or Arsenal to buck up their ideas do or have been to lots of games. Seems to me most people who post on here in support of arsene have never been to the emirates.

    It’s the players and managers job to try and win, if they do not try to win they should be booed, fans pay their wages.

  32. frenchie


    under your definition, do those individuals who can only afford to attend one or two games a season fall under the category of followers or fans?

  33. albo

    Well that was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon! Chamberpot sensational, but the player I really feel came of age was Coquelin. He was fantastic, both in defence and attack. In fact, with their build and haircut etc being so similar, it was easy to mix the 2 up. On occasion after a fantastic bit of skill to beat a man you’d be about to say how good the Ox was, only to realise the skill was Coquelin’s. REALLY excited about him.

    I know this isn’t a day for negatives, but I have 2. Firstly, the substitutions. Why on earth didn’t we bring RvP off the moment he got his hatrick? And why didn’t we give Park a run out? If he’s the guy we’re relying on if RvP get’s injured, SURELY we could have given him some game time at 6-1 up!? I loved Thierry getting another goal, but we really didn’t NEED him on, so why not give a full squad member some time?

    Secondly, and I know its an unpopular point on here, but the fans were hugely disappointing again. Credit to the lower tier of the north and south banks who kept starting up songs etc, but for much of the final 30 minutes (when we were SIX-ONE UP!) the place was basically silent! Of course there was noise when we were banging goals in, but once things got a little calmer the place was like a library. If you can’t sing when you’re 6-1 to the good there’s something wrong. Furthermore, from the 80th minute onwards HOME fans were streaming for the exits?! Now I know it was cold, and I know the Vic line is down, but if you can’t stomach 30 minutes of queueing inconvenience to applaud your team off the pitch when they’re 6-1 up there’s something wrong. By the time Thierry scored the 7th the upper tier was probably 3/5 empty! (More fool them of course, since they missed that moment…) Pretty pathetic in my opinion…

  34. nishanth

    Alex Chamberlain played three games for the first time in his career. He had a stiff neck at half-time, so I did not want to take a gamble with him. Then we had a problem with Koscielny, and I wanted to give some playing time to Benayoun.

    So playing time for benayoun is more important than RVP’s fitness??Anyway it was a good performance from.Considering how poor we have been recently its nice to see the team score some goals even if it was against this piss poor blackburn team.

  35. Geoff

    Damole, he isn’t a Cockney and like most of the Muppets that think a Cockney comes from Bow, they don’t and he isn’t.

    The Bow Bells are in Cheapside, not Hackney.

    A bit like the person that thinks a fan can only be a fan if they go, I don’t, after 25 years I gave up my tickets because I won’t follow a French has been that won’t listen, people that do that aren’t Arsenal fans, they are Arsene fans. Or sheep who don’t mind losing.

    I suspect you are one of them.

    I have been a Theo fan since day one, but this season he has been bad, as well as financially greedy, I suspect his game today was more about the fear of being upstaged by Oxo, rather than finally coming good.

  36. albo

    By the way, also credit to Givet – the only thing he was interested in doing before leaving the pitch was apologising to RvP and checking he was ok. Touch of class…

  37. Gunner2301


    Maybe but when we started to look like we would concede on every corner with Almunia in goal, I’d had enough. Wenger won’t be there forever. When he’s gone and things change I’ll consider going back.

  38. Lurch LeRouge

    poor damole,

    stuck on that really long train journey and the internet drops out just at the inconvenient moment when people are politely questioning his rationale.

    how truly frustrating that must be.

  39. Geoff

    Ha, ha Lurch, you don’t actually think he goes do you? Probably a schoolboy who’s sneaking internet time to try and lecture real Arsenal fans.

    It happens a lot to young ‘uns that have known nothing but Wenger, he’s father like, ask Cesc, Samir and Henry.

    Oops, sorry not them, they all fucked off as they stopped believing didn’t they.

    Try Denilson, Bendtner or Almunia.

  40. albo

    Incesc – it was a poor challenge, but these things can happen if a player is frustrated with the scoreline etc and has a rush of blood to the head. Everyone makes mistakes, but how we act when we make them also means something. A lot premiership players would have been haranguing the referee about how he hardly touched him, or got the ball etc. Givet didn’t, and deserves some credit for his behaviour after that poor tackle

  41. Gunner2301


    Some good points. On your second point consider a wife who’s been battered for years being brought a bunch of flowers by her abuser as a way of apologising. It might have made an impression in the beginning but after years of abuse it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    Maybe the fans have had enough and a 7-1 bunch of flowers aint gonna cut it anymore.

  42. lordbergkamp

    Damole’s been talking the same shite all day. Unless you’re there every game you can’t have an opinion!

    For someone who goes to soooo many games it is amazing how little about football he really understands.

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    haha, don’t know what to think Geoff,

    just doing the ol reverse psych 1,2 – but I’m sure you’re right besides theres its quite satisfying watching a neighing jackass slowly slide into quicksand.

  44. lordbergkamp

    Gunner2301 – couldn’t agree more.

    We’ve beaten Blackburn. We’re just flat track bullys – unless we can start beating teams in the top 5 regularly, then one-off big scores don’t count for shit.

  45. albo

    Kush – yeah, its the down side isn’t it. I suppose it cuts down on scrolling, but if you make a post early in the day but then come back later you can’t easily find replies by searching a name etc etc

  46. fanboy

    Great win today, playing like it was a ‘cup final’. Hopefully we see the same amount of concentration and imagination for the remainder of the season.

    Oh! and no more corners to turn please

  47. albo

    Ox speaking really well in interview with the BBC – huge talent and seems to have a good head on his shoulders too. Exciting player to have on the books…

  48. Ricky

    Good performance today!

    See what we’ve been missing akbs?!

    We could be watching that sort of performance week in week out with a few better players.

  49. Geoff

    Albo, don’t be a prick, he was the one who berated fans as not being fans because they don’t go.

    Read the comments before you point an accusing finger.

  50. albo

    Geoff – Let’s face it he’s hardly the first person on here to claim superior fan status because they go to games. You used to use it as a badge of honour yourself – the amount you paid for your club seat giving you the right to criticise etc etc.

    Its still fairly childish to simply declare that he didn’t go to the game just cos he’s saying things you don’t agree with. Playground stuff really…

  51. Geoff

    It wasn’t just that Albo, it was the perhaps you’d prefer a tax dodging cockney and all the other AKB shit one gets.

    I used to say I had the right to complain because I paid to watch, he is saying people that don’t go aren’t fans, big difference, I never said people that don’t go are not fans, read the comments before you call me childish.

  52. SUGA3

    AOC, what a fucking player, let’s hope Theo takes notice and ups his game…

    seriously, if I was Theo, I would be like ‘Shit, I really need to focus, can’t dwell on being the fans’ English poster boy anymore’

  53. albo

    Have to say, they won’t get the headlines but guys like Arteta and Rosicky were excellent today. Also Koscielny – yes he gave away the free kick for their goal, but apart from that he was yet again immense, One great moment when we might have been caught on the break – Blackburn had punted it forward and pretty much only players in our half were him and Hoilett (I think). In any normal situation you’d expect the attacking player to burn off a CB. Instead, 2 seconds later Kozzer is about 3 yards ahead, not just gets the ball, but shakes off Hoilett and starts us off again. Cracking player!

  54. goonermart

    Fans already talking about the ox going to the euro’s ahead of theo, and not just gooners. Now we will see what theo’s made of.

  55. incesc

    arteta was my favourite player today

    really looking forward to seeing him with jack

    didnt get a chance to post much this week but how the fuck did jack break his heel?

  56. albo

    Geoff – you’re entitled to say whatever you want to him of course, but for me there are plenty of worse posters in terms of content etc on here than this guy, but because they say ‘Wenger is a cunt’ at the end, they are treated like they are coming out with pearls of wisdom. Clearly the cockney thing pushed a button for some reason, but hardly the greatest sin to a) slag off Redknapp and b) call him a cockney!

    Anyway, no point going on about it. 7-1!! YEAH! 🙂

  57. albo

    Also Song actually – has a cracking eye for an incisive pass. Watch how many players he takes out of the game when he passes through for Theo to set up the 2nd goal. If Fabregas had done that the pundits would be going crazy…

  58. DialSquare

    Love it when people decide to stay in the bar after half time or leave early only to miss goals, plenty of that today, hope you njoyed your drink

  59. OPG

    If only they could play Blackburn every week without Samba and Yakubu! Good win but long way to go yet it would be fickle to forget the last 4 results or predict doom. This is the many Ups and downs of a season.

  60. SUGA3


    if Theo ups his game, we may have some serious threat on both sides of the striker, but I guess we will need another central striker in RvP mould…

  61. goonermart

    Thats why song will always be average, really awful against bolton, good today.
    same with diaby, one game he looks awsome next five average.
    Cesc was consistently top quality.

  62. Ricky


    To be fair song had al the space in the world today.. He’d look an absolute beast in italy or a country where they give you time on the ball.

    Ox is really going to put capello in a dificult situation this summer.. Wally better get some form together or he’s gonna be left behind again & the worst thing about it is, it could be for a team mate he looks to as one of the youngsters, Lol

  63. DialSquare

    Anyone have stats on Paul Robinson v Arsenal. He does seem to spend a lot of time picking the ball out of the back of the net against us

  64. Geoff

    Albo, I find it insulting (bent Harry) because I am a cockney, a real one. Unlike him.

    As far as anyone calling Wenger a cunt, it’s hard to disagree with them, so I agree with your pearls of wisdom there Albo. Good call.

  65. SUGA3


    you know, the usual, mass brawl, flurry of bans and point deduction…

    failing that, a draw, that way both lose 2 points each, let’s not be greedy, shall we?