7th place, 12 adrift of the spuds, lost 8 and goal difference of +6, impressive

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‘I am here to make all of the fans happy and when I do not manage to do it I am, of course, not happy’ Arsene Wenger.

Ok well a quick look at the headline will sort of illustrate that we are not happy, today the fans will attempt to show their dissatisfaction by putting black bin bags on the empty seats.

I’m not sure that will do much, if of course it is allowed by the Stalinesque stewarding that Arsenal football club will no doubt deploy today.

I think the only effective way to protest is to simply stay away, that’s the only way the board and the media will take any notice, I did of course, but one seat in 60,000 probably isn’t noticed.

Wenger will find it very, very difficult to talk his way out of that sort of protest.

He has blamed appalling injuries on this seasons results, he won’t see it as his fault, even though he could have and should have addressed that in the transfer window, he not only didn’t, he rubbed our noses in it by buying a 19 year old German crock for 400k, and that was after he told the world we didn’t need anymore midfielders.

So the only way I can see success, we haven’t won the league for 8 years and clearly won’t this year so that figure now goes to 9, and we haven’t won anything since 2005 which means 7 years.

This is indeed the lowest we have been at this point is the whole of Wenger’s 16 year reign.

So today we need to win and we need to win big, we can still get 4th place because I do believe in miracles, we just 5 points behind the chavs and the spuds will blow up at some point, so hope is there, today we play Blackburn and nothing short of a big win will do.

But please don’t tell the world every game is now a Cup Final, because your recent record in Cup Finals has been, well crap to be honest.

The great news is Chamakh is on his way back says Wenger, the bad news is he’s on his way back to us, it’s like thinking Squillaci is like a new signing.

This is the team I would put out assuming we have no injuries.


Sagna Mertesacker Kozzer Vermaelen

Coquelin Arteta Yossi (yes, give him a go)

Henry Robin Oxo

So I would give Ramsey a rest, drop Song and give Coquelin a chance and put Henry on from the off, with Oxo on the wing. If Henry is still not fit the why the hell did we sign him, him and Robin could cause mayhem out there with Oxo supplying them and it would be interesting to see the two of them on the pitch at the same time.

Yes it’s time to drop Theo, him and Song are way too big for their boots and if they put that effort in a pub side they would get dropped, well they would if it were my pub side.

We are 7th for a reason people and it’s not because I want Wenger out, it’s because he refuses to change, spend money and keeps playing average players expecting them to turn into Lional Messi and Xabi.

Finally back to todays protest, I’ve been thinking what should the fans do, it’s Ok for people like me to say don’t turn up, when you’ve paid your money that can be tough, so maybe the fans should do something else, like go down to the bars 15 minutes early, it’s cold out there and the bars won’t be open, but it will show the club how you all feel, that or come out 15 minutes late for the second half.

I did that a lot last season, not so much in protest but to hoover up all the free beers Pedro and I had accumulated in Club level, beer after Arsenal is my real love and I can’t leave someone I love behind.

So if you decide to do it at the start of the second half, get a couple of pints at half time and not one.

Have a great day Grovers, early kick off, big win and enjoy the protest, whatever form it takes.

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  1. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    oxo chambo . oh my….. Might aswell sell arshavin to makalililaland now as gervinho will be back in a couple….

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Oh that boy Ox…what a show off….

    Keep Ramsey out of the first eleven for the rest of the season!

    Van Persie HATTRICK

  3. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    6-1 vp hattrick.. bossing it now! Will do us a world of good, but we’ll have to listen to the diatribes of wenger with a smug look on his face after the game 🙁

  4. cloggs

    Walcott finally gives some good assists and OX proves he’s arsenal worthy.
    Time to get RvP out before some shitkicker stamp on his ankles.

  5. Geoff

    I hope we sell him in the summer, we can clear our debt and be super sustainable.

    Then we can grow a few more superstars, Ryo will be like a new signing.

    Robin’s due an injury anyway…

  6. Bade


    So he got 1 great through ball, with another 50 missing the target ….

    I’m happy with the successful one, that was the unexpected bit

  7. Geoff

    I just hope we don’t get a chorus of one Arsene Wenger.

    10 man Blackburn is as bad as it gets, I’m delighted, don’t get me wrong, but nothing has changed, he still makes stupid substitutions and still on 67 minutes.

    Obsessive, compulsive and somewhat childish.

  8. Foreheadinho

    Ox is off because he has yet to build match toughness and he took a knock into the game and we need him. RVP should definately be rested too though.

  9. gazzap

    Isn’t this any easy game against 2nd bottom 10-men Blackburn with their best defender refusing to play?
    dont get too excited.

  10. Evan

    As we are scoring freely surely it would make sense to bring Park on and see if he can get a goal, strikers thrive on confidence not the bench..

  11. Keyser

    Nah fuck his hat trick, he’s got a career load of games to get more goals, his fitness is far more important.

    Sagna’s got a game, hopefully now take RVP off.

  12. Geoff

    There’s the real dilemma, all those seats are sold, so to leave them empty really show you how pissed the fans are, but as you said, short sighted, greedy, stupid and arrogant people would give a rats arse.

  13. zeus

    I guess this means Keane won’t be on sky sports talking about how he scouted the Arsenal and found there weaknesses like last time.

    Should have been fired after we shouldve in September. It took a few months, but now he can be on his merry way..

  14. frenchie

    so, does rvp keep the game ball to commemorate his hat trick, or does he do the bigger thing as captain and give to the ox?

  15. zeus

    This just papers over the cracks, but I’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

    Some advice, don’t readjust your expectations up because of this.

  16. kwik fit

    Wenger didn’t want to go down the tunnel!!
    Hanging about taking in the applause!
    Down the tunnel Wenger and let the player’s enjoy the applause. None of it’s for you you tight fucker!

  17. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    frenchie – ”bigger thing as captain and give oxo the match ball? When did it become custom when you’ve scored a hat trick to give your ball to some one who’s scored on their debut, therfore meaning you’d be doing the bigger thing?

    Have a word, son….

  18. sensible old chap

    fuckin hell its been so so long since we scored this many goals in a game, we used to do it about twice a season. Feels good though, finally a MOTD i can look forward to!!!

  19. frenchie


    really disappointed with wenger on that point; it could have resulted in a grave situation, worse than santos. pointless for rvp to remain on the pitch.

  20. Keyser

    “he should get the ox to carry it to his car and them make him clean his boots”

    Well said, hopefully Oxo has double maths for getting frenchie to suggest it.

  21. Foreheadinho

    My plan is for us to beat Sunderland next week and then to beat Milan, then progress in the FA cup and then mash the Spuds. It’s a great plan.

  22. Danny

    I know they played with 10 men for nearly an hour, but we played with 10 men the whole match! Rosicky either doesn’t take part or when he does he he completely fucks it up. Must stop playing him.
    Great scoreline though.

  23. incesc

    Jamie Sanderson@YoungGunsBlogReply

    Mikel Arteta a delight for stat lovers: 90 passes, 94% accuracy, 100% long ball accuracy, 3 tackles, 2 interceptions and 1 goal. Class.

  24. Goon from BD

    Ox……..what a playahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Between Arteta and Song……who is the holding midfielder and who is the creative one?

  25. frenchie


    never. my comment was more sentiment regarding the great play we saw from ox, nothing about bucking tradition.

  26. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    incesc – i agree on the Rosicky notion, but fuck me he’s a much, much better option then Ramsey there at the moment. Ramsey still looks like he needs a loan away for a season. Been piss poor all season.

    We do need a top quality play-maker in the middle of the park if we are serious about any resurgence. because aiming for fourth breeds room for complacency and failure.

    BTW, I hadn’t seen that Gazidis interview where he pipes on about how city are jealous of us etc. Fucking plank knows fuck all about football. Him and Arsene are now known as Clegg & Cameron, bunch of cunts!