7th place, 12 adrift of the spuds, lost 8 and goal difference of +6, impressive

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‘I am here to make all of the fans happy and when I do not manage to do it I am, of course, not happy’ Arsene Wenger.

Ok well a quick look at the headline will sort of illustrate that we are not happy, today the fans will attempt to show their dissatisfaction by putting black bin bags on the empty seats.

I’m not sure that will do much, if of course it is allowed by the Stalinesque stewarding that Arsenal football club will no doubt deploy today.

I think the only effective way to protest is to simply stay away, that’s the only way the board and the media will take any notice, I did of course, but one seat in 60,000 probably isn’t noticed.

Wenger will find it very, very difficult to talk his way out of that sort of protest.

He has blamed appalling injuries on this seasons results, he won’t see it as his fault, even though he could have and should have addressed that in the transfer window, he not only didn’t, he rubbed our noses in it by buying a 19 year old German crock for 400k, and that was after he told the world we didn’t need anymore midfielders.

So the only way I can see success, we haven’t won the league for 8 years and clearly won’t this year so that figure now goes to 9, and we haven’t won anything since 2005 which means 7 years.

This is indeed the lowest we have been at this point is the whole of Wenger’s 16 year reign.

So today we need to win and we need to win big, we can still get 4th place because I do believe in miracles, we just 5 points behind the chavs and the spuds will blow up at some point, so hope is there, today we play Blackburn and nothing short of a big win will do.

But please don’t tell the world every game is now a Cup Final, because your recent record in Cup Finals has been, well crap to be honest.

The great news is Chamakh is on his way back says Wenger, the bad news is he’s on his way back to us, it’s like thinking Squillaci is like a new signing.

This is the team I would put out assuming we have no injuries.


Sagna Mertesacker Kozzer Vermaelen

Coquelin Arteta Yossi (yes, give him a go)

Henry Robin Oxo

So I would give Ramsey a rest, drop Song and give Coquelin a chance and put Henry on from the off, with Oxo on the wing. If Henry is still not fit the why the hell did we sign him, him and Robin could cause mayhem out there with Oxo supplying them and it would be interesting to see the two of them on the pitch at the same time.

Yes it’s time to drop Theo, him and Song are way too big for their boots and if they put that effort in a pub side they would get dropped, well they would if it were my pub side.

We are 7th for a reason people and it’s not because I want Wenger out, it’s because he refuses to change, spend money and keeps playing average players expecting them to turn into Lional Messi and Xabi.

Finally back to todays protest, I’ve been thinking what should the fans do, it’s Ok for people like me to say don’t turn up, when you’ve paid your money that can be tough, so maybe the fans should do something else, like go down to the bars 15 minutes early, it’s cold out there and the bars won’t be open, but it will show the club how you all feel, that or come out 15 minutes late for the second half.

I did that a lot last season, not so much in protest but to hoover up all the free beers Pedro and I had accumulated in Club level, beer after Arsenal is my real love and I can’t leave someone I love behind.

So if you decide to do it at the start of the second half, get a couple of pints at half time and not one.

Have a great day Grovers, early kick off, big win and enjoy the protest, whatever form it takes.

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  1. SpanishDave

    He won’t drop Walnuttcase,where do the goals come from RVP poor soul is on his own. This is Wengers lowest point guess who made this happen?????? or dick head manager. More stress today as usual. BTW its 2C here in southern Spain with wind chill its -5C WTF is the weather doing.

  2. Sabeel

    Top post geoff

    Like u said, stay away from the games, but some guys on the blog just dont understand,as it is very tuf for there to give up there season tickets,keeping in the benefit it would,in the bigger interest of the club.

    so,to protest,i think we need more ideas like coming 15mins late 4 second half…etc etc….any more such ideas would be nice to debate?

  3. GregChamba

    Wenger showed against bolton that he doesn’t have it in him to inspire and motivate this team. It doesn’t matter if this predicament is his fault or the board’s, they’ve been playing the fans for fools for too long! As much as I have lost faith in wenger and his project we have to support our team: 4th is still critical even if some PWH tells us otherwise. If wenger can’t do it then let’s shows everyone that the fans can get the team there!!!

  4. BHGooner

    Wait a minute…you cannot seriously suggest that people at stadium protest by going to the bar??? Surely the point is NOT to spend any more money…by going to the bar and spending 4 quid on slice of fucking pizza with nothing on you are putting even more money into a greedy bastarsds coffins…it’s exactly kind of protest they want…

    The only way is to let Wenger destroy everything and h’s only few inches away from that. I trust him completely to ruin the club. Only then will we see the REAL change.

    Sad but true.

  5. nedox

    Great post Geoff, like you, I was thinking same..give TH12 a start in place of Walcott and put Oxo there too, Oxo is always going to drift in so it might look good for us and he has an eye for a pass too! Buh knowing Wenger, he will pick Arsh and Theo, and Song needs a deserved rest too!

  6. zaraki

    my opinion is tht Ramsey has been average, Song of late has also not been up to par, its lyk exhaustion is creepin up to him, wud luv to see park given mre game time, the likes of theo walcott jst aint cuttin it n i hate being frustrated tie n time again, mayb theo is stallin on contract so tht arsene cn tempt him with game time..frustrated fan here, a big margin win wud do 2day

  7. Big Johan

    coquelin in for Ramsey is a good call, but dropping Song?!!!! You must be joking. He has been at the heart of most of our best play this seaso

  8. Azed

    Boo Wenger every game till the end of the season. Singing ” you don’t know what you are doing” will really piss him of cos he doesn’t like being challenged.

  9. Azeez Oladimeji

    The fans who go on matchday need to understand that we the fans are the one who really care about this club and we need to act fast before it gets even worse.As Pedro pointed out yesterday even the players said we are’nt tough enough on them

  10. Richard Smith

    I have lost all hope, and, what makes it even harder to take is I don’t know what the solution is, and, I don’t think anyone else does either.

    Management, coaching, players, and booing fans are to blame for this fiasco. There needs to be a complete overhaul at every level. I fear for us

  11. Geoff

    We all get behind the team, it’s the ,manager that doesn’.,

    I am amazed that people still stick up for Song, try watching him for 90 minutes and see how often he gives the ball away, doesn’t track players and gives away free kicks.

  12. SUGA3


    good post Geoffrey, a man of his principles!


    I love you dude, but you are talking out of your bum regarding giving up the STs 😉

  13. Sammy p

    To protest I think the best thing to do before the game is to gather everyone all the way round the stadium n sing we want our football club back or were not a business were a football club?

  14. Sensible old chap

    ‘getting behind the team’ does fuck all! They’re getting paid millions they should be motivated enough already!!!

  15. arcastic

    If Theo and Song played with that attitude in some of the pub sides i’ve seen they would probably catch a right hander one off the brickie who played at left back.

  16. Sammy p

    Geoff song primary job is to break up play freekicks etc but with Ramsey looking dead on the pitch he’s trying to create play which has saved up at times but he is due a rest as he’s doing a very big job for the club at the moment

  17. Sensible old chap

    Too many AKBs in that stadium, I’m tempted to rip the T off the arsene we trust banner. The cunts don’t even make a noise till we score or are winning!

  18. Geoff

    I agree with you regarding Ramsey Sammy but Song causes more free kicks than he breaks up. Watch him, you’ll see.

    Scott Parker is what we should have had in there. Someone who’s more interested in the game than his haircut.

  19. Richard Smith

    I meant to include the players in that list of people to blame.

    Booing doesn’t help the club in anyway whatsoever. The only person it helps is the person doing it, and that is selfish.

  20. Damole

    How often have you heard a player say thar the fans were like the 12th man today….. The idea that our team will start to improve by us abandoning them as suggested by Geoff is in my opinion counter productive. Its easy to be a fan when things are rosy, a true test of be a fan is getting behind the team and showing them we are in this together. Its not the players that are refusing to buy Hazard, Goetze, Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona and Pele, its the board. Anyone going to the game today, please show them we are behind the TEAM

  21. Arben

    Top post Geoff , as you just mention the best way to let the board know is by not going to the games,boycott , for some who refuse to withdraw they are as guilty as these in charge.

  22. Squirrel

    I like that line up geoff (oxo might not play due to a knock)
    Imo Song is crap and will never be any better than average,can’t understand all the hype myself.He constantly gives the ball away and he sort of orchestrates the laid back lazy passing if we are one up so the crowd start ol’eing (is that a word?)
    Also any protest including bin bags leaving early booing anything is good imo it shows the club we ain’t happy.
    The only defence people have against this is that it doesn’t help the team out but it’s not like they’ve been pulling up trees without the booing is it?

  23. Sensible old chap

    What is wrong with booing??? They are GROWN MEN not an under ten team! If they arent putting in enough effort to justify the crazy prices I pay then I will boo as much as I like

  24. Sveg

    Good post Geoff.

    How about getting people to come to the Emirates and staying outside the ground for the first half?

    Then show up for the second half, very much as the team has been doing.

    I think it would make a great statement.

  25. Liquor & Poker

    He has absolutely lost the bloody plot! To get into the top 4 AW feels we need to go unbeaten for the rest of the season! No shit sherlock! But in case it has passed you by Arsene – we are struggling to win a single fckng game! First and foremost I would like to start with a win! It may be too much to ask to dominate a game at home, bury our chances instead of bottling it in the box and maybe just maybe, dare I say it…look like a team of professional footballers when we are in the lead and the game is drawing towards an end!
    If I see Theo whinge about one more bloody incident with his arms out wide Im am gonna go and bloody hang some flower baskets on them! GET out there and show the raw passion and desire to tear your opponents apart! How is it that someone with such pace is hindered by it. I dont understand how he has to take so many touches to go past a player. He clips th eball with the outside of his boot to go past a defender and he seems to veer to the right on a diagonal away from goal towards the corner flag….therefore making it the job of a contortionist to get your boot around it to whip it in……!! Take Marc Overmars…..his view “Im absolutely RAPID….therefore Mr Full Back, I am simply going to take 1 or 2 touches max to knock this ball into that gaping abyss of green grass behind you and smoke the hell out of you to get to it!” No fancy shit…..no treading water…..just simple….knock and run!

  26. sidney896

    Top post Geoff, I agree with being angry, we all are, but I can’t stand behind something during the game. Players need o know if they give it their all, so will we. They are precious little souls after all…… Ego needs massage.

    I do believe we hold protest against the board and the manager, that’s the right thing to do, but how? Stop buying kits? Delay ST purchases till the last minute, stop going on pissy stadium tours?

    It’s money they want and money we have to choke to make any difference…….

    Seasons done for me, was in Milan this week and AC supporters I work with are over joyed to have got us in the CL.

    They see us as the weakest side…. Twats. If only I could argue!

    Anyway, get behind the players and wrap up warm, remember, there is no such thing as cold weather, there are only the wrong clothes.

  27. babatundey

    nice post geoff….wenger is simply stupid giving chance to players that are playing below par and benching those on form i cant simply get….and we need backup for various position on the pitch ala songs position and on the fucking wing


    Very good post Geof! ,but I opt for Song to be in the side cause the only trouble for me is Ramsey and Wallcot.
    The first being culprit for too many defeats,and lost chances besides his obsession to score,causing inteferance with others and Theo is looking shy of having a go at any defender,and when he does nearly always leaves the ball behind him.
    Besides all this ALL the team needs to show desire as they did against Villa in the second half

  29. Mike

    Agreed – coquelin I have high hoPes for – potentially very good . I’d drop theo for how bad his misses were the other night . Him and Ramsey – banjo – cows arse . End of

  30. kc

    Fan Boy,spot on
    Boo also when those crap players name are being called so that they will know that their services n wanker are no longer needed in AFC

  31. Honest Bill

    Good post, but i’m not sure i’d agree with the signing of the kid from Germany being some sort of message from Wenger.

    It’s just a young player with potential, why wouldn’t they sign him?

    I agree with you that Theo should be dropped. He’s like a nervous wreck when he’s on the ball. Can’t dribble, can’t cross. All he’s good for is to keep the full back from attacking, and personally i can’t see Bolton adopting that kind of approach regardless.

    I agree about Ramsey too. He’s just not cutting it. We can all see he has potential, but his passing is poor. I don’t know if it’s nerves or what, but either way he is not the man to be playing that position.

    Coquelin does deserve a chance to play in midfield. He’s gifted with the ball and doesn’t give up possession easily. He also has tenacity and pace. The only problem is that he’s a bit over eager and commits himself too easily, so i’m not sure i’d want to rely on him as the last DM.

    As for the bin bags thing. Well i applaud the fact that supporters want to make their opinions heard, but i think the bin bags will just get removed, and even if they didn’t, black is not exactly the stand out colour that will get it noticed.

    I do appreciate that it is one more idea than i’ve had though, so i don’t want to be too critical.

    And fair play to you for giving up your ticket. I don’t blame you to be fair.

  32. babatundey

    Geoff i dont agree with your criticism of Song,i think he is shouldering two responsibilities which is that of breaking up play and helping with the attack that Ramsey should be doing.You will observe hes usually tired towards the end of the game.I think the problem is Ramsey,hes been given too much attacking responsibility in the team after his injury.Hes not prepared and too young for that

  33. Damole

    Anyone that boos their own team is a disgrace. When things are going against you, your board havnt recruited adequate team mates for you, your manager isnt motivating you sufficiently and you have 5000 away fans screaming at you and cheering on your opposition, I can imagine having 55000 of your own so called “fans” booing you is extremely motivating. Well done anyone who is doing this or protesting INSIDE the ground as you have just become the 12th man for the opposition. Morons

  34. Dom

    Is this even written by an Arsenal fan?

    Everyone knows that Ox isn’t even a concideration for this game.
    Arsh will likely start and leave us wide open to Junior Hoilett counter attacks.

  35. kc

    Honest Bill,
    Geoff n I are not happy wit d German crock signing coz Freeman,JET,Lansbury,Nordveit,Watt all have potential,Where are they??

  36. Munitionsman

    A simple chant “you don’t know what your doing” from kick off to final whistle would do. It doesn’t target players. Just the dickhead. He won’t last long under that kind of pressure. He dOesnt do pressure in any of it’s forms.

  37. kc

    Funny how people praise Song for doing Ramsey job,I had lost count of Ramsey chasing players that Sondinho sud had been chasing

  38. Mike

    Boo wenger not the team . boo his bad decisions . Just stop going to the matches and for the love of bergkamp , DO NOT renew the season tickets !!! It’s the only way we can really get their attention . Bastards .
    Just got a new job – lots of spuds fans – and they actually feel sorry for me cos we are so poor at the moment …..

  39. Damole

    @Munitionsman How about a chant along the lines of “come on arsenal” “were by far the greatest team” “Red arrrrrmmmmmyy” “He scores when he wants” “what do u ur fink of tottenham”…….. or I suppose we could just go with your suggestion and shout hate and negativity towards our own team, as the opposition fans help to drive their team foward.

  40. Yippee Kai Yay


    Define ‘Disgrace’

    As I happen to believe persistently telling lies to the fans, and using misleading, disingenuous and pejorative statements is disgraceful.

    I also believe that the clubs stance in making themselves unaccountable for any of their actions with the manager and the owner equally complicit to also be disgraceful.

    I happen to think that the fans do genuinely want to get behind the team, but the fact that booing is the only available avenue left to the increasing majority of discontented fans is booing, due to all of the above.

    To make such a dismissive paltry statement is of course your opinion, which you are more than entitled to, as much as anyone else, including those who wish to publicly display their displeasure to the club.

  41. lordbergkamp

    Damole – mindless support for a team doesn’t help. Telling the team and the manager where he is going wrong is helpful.

    And as he refuses to listen – damn right you’re gonna boo!! That’s the only way people listen.

  42. charles

    I agree 100% with dropping Theo and Song. Theo because he is shite and belongs in the championship and Song because as you said lately he turns out crap performance after crap performance and he needs a bloody rocket up his arse.

    unfortunately OXO probably won’t start … because he is “injured”.

    can’t understand for the life of me why we loaned out ryo. Lets be honest he can’t do any worse than theo or arshavin, at least he tracks back a bit. I also hope rosicky starts in place of ramsey. imo rosicky has been playing very good lately, he seems to have pace again (more than ramsey but that isn’t saying much) and he keeps the ball moving and is very good at winning it back. The pairing of him, with arteta and le coq would be great I think. Nice mix of skill and tenacity.

    I would go for:


    ————-le coq———– arteta———–

    Henry——————————-oxo (if fit)

    basically the same as geoff’s but with rosicky in for yossi.

  43. Damole

    Yippe ,

    If you and Geoff feel the need to show how furious you are, then perhaps a protest outside the ground would still be seen and heard by the board. As they are the only ones that can make the changes that you desire.

    My point is, that inside the stadium is about winning football matches and booing our team as opposed to getting behind them is counter productive.

    No team wants to play away against a team whose fans are 100% behind their team for 90 min vocally.

  44. pat

    Mr Wenger you are right it is hard times for everybody outside of football but not for you and your players they are still coining it in.
    i had to borrow money for my season ticket and the fact that my hard earnt money has not been spent on the team to improve it i just cant warrant feathering sub standard players anymore
    when we had the great players i never even thought of the money as its was fun but games are just not like that anymore
    i have follow the arsenal for over 40 years and i thank you for what you have given us but lets be honest we dont even play nice football now.
    its simple, the players we have most are just not good enough
    how many would get into our great teams?
    how many players excite us?
    why should failure be rewarded?
    i thought your stlye was to entertain?
    can you please answer one straight question do you have money to improve the team or not!
    can hill wood please keep his plum filled mouth shut as he knows as much about football as he does real life

  45. fanboy

    A simple chant “you don’t know what
    your doing” from kick off to final whistle
    would do. It doesn’t target players.


    I’m not a fan of Song for sure,but he’s much better than Ramsey at the moment,and with your argument if Song only delivered a pass to Henry in the cup,was his only good achievement for the team how about the chance lost by Ramsey when well placed by Robin against Bolton
    Besides,don’t forget that Ramsey cost us the game,when first he commited a penalty,and after that he lost the ball that permitted Swansea to seal their victort,and that means that Ramsey cost 6 lost p;oints

  47. Mike

    I think henry will start today . Surely we cannot lose this game ???
    One thing that has changed so much , amongst many other things, is that we have such little pace in the side , arteta , Ramsey , song , they are not pacy . Why we haven’t bought a top creative midfielder is beyond me
    Wengers lost the plot
    Last time I felt any pride was that gutsy performance , albeit a loss , at man city…

  48. goonermart

    Quality Post

    Geoff February 4, 2012 09:39:41

    I agree with you regarding Ramsey Sammy but Song causes more free kicks than he breaks up. Watch him, you’ll see.

    Scott Parker is what we should have had in there. Someone who’s more interested in the game than his haircut.

    Don’t say that while keyser is in the room, he will never forgive you 🙂

  49. Gunzsp

    “we only want to sign quality players that improve the squad”

    “arsenal have announced the signing of 19 year old Eisfeld”

    Fuck off

  50. lordbergkamp

    Damole – winning football games isn’t something that we do so well at the moment. You screaming your head off won’t change that dude.

    What will is making Arsene understand how disgruntled we are at the shit he’s serving up.

    and it is, currently, shit

  51. Yippee Kai Yay


    Think you are confusing negativity towards the team, and the negativity towards the manager and board.

    They are two distinct things.

    maybe the fans could take a leaf out of the swedes book.

    Make it clear in advance that it is not the team , but the state of things as they are which is becoming intolerable.

    Silence for 15 minutes and then an eruption of noise, that way it is clear what is being objected to:

  52. fanboy

    A simple chant “you don’t know what
    your doing” from kick off to final whistle

    or I suppose we could
    just go with your suggestion and shout
    hate and negativity towards our own

    Damole, you sure you can read?

  53. Gunzsp

    Whether we finish 7th or 4th we won’t sign any gamechanging quality players. It’s his philosophy. Rvp will leave, and he will say ” why should I sign someone? We don’t rely on rvp, plus we have bendtner coming back, and denilson”

  54. SUGA3


    I am sorry mate, but you are talking shit, if you see a bunch of millionaires making no effort, of course you are going to boo, having just paid an arm and a leg for your ticket!

    Eboue got booed, he upped his game and the crowd have more than compensated him for that…

    Villa game, they got booed off the pitch and they came out with more conviction in the second half, ay least forcing errors leading to two pens and a lucky goal…

    if they can’t hack it at this level and they are too brittle to take criticism on the chin, fuck them!

  55. Gunzsp

    Whether we finish 7th or 4th we won’t sign any gamechanging quality players. It’s his philosophy. Rvp will leave, and he will say ” why should I sign someone? We don’t rely on rvp, plus we have bendtner coming back, and denilson”


  56. wardo

    ….talking of scott parker, what are the odds of him becoming England captain??

    that would be a kick in the teeth wouldn’t it. Could have got him for 7mil ish

    is the footie on tv today?

  57. Wenger out NOW

    Has anyone ever been on Arsenal holic? I went on last night to post a anti wenger comment and apparently Im a…..One brain cell moron. A spud. A chelski money mad prick. Loser with a small prick!! I had comments like…The air stinks in here. If you bring a bin-liner I will put you in it and bin you. And my fav from someone called takeabowson which was “Im off now you sad sad man. Got to get my voice in tune, so I can sing one Arsene Wenger at the game tomorrow”
    I still can not beleive these people love the man and can not see what he is doing!!!

  58. Damole

    Fair point from you there. Lets all sing you dont know what ur doing and booo for 90 mins. Then Arsene we suddenly wake up and think “oh they are right, we should be scoring more goals and conceding less” Okay guys Mr Lord Bergkamp who sits at home watching the games on free stream has pointed out that we should be playing better. WHY OH WHY didnt we think of that, this guy is a fucking genius. Thank god Everyone abandoned us in our hour of need and concentrated their efforts into chanting hatred at the manager and not supporting the players

  59. Albo

    Have a feeling it will be very empty today. Alongside all the on/off pitch bollocks with the club it is a) fucking freezing and b) the Victoria Line is down!

  60. Damole

    Fanboy, Arsene is part of OUR team, whether you like it or not.

    Not that you would understand that

    Forum is full of GKBs today!!

  61. Bade

    We will win today, probably

    Other than that, we’ll miss winning for sometime

    I do believe in miracles Geoff, hence why I believe Arsene’s reign came to an end

    January was, hopefully, his last trasnfer fuck up!

  62. lordbergkamp

    Damole you twat – everybody IN THE WORLD has been able to see we’ve not been able to defend for the last 4 years.

    Everyone’s been able to see the youngsters who are the future of the club weren’t good enough.

    Everyone could see Fab would leave. Everyone can see RvP will leave.

    Any yet you sing in your stupid, mindlessly idiotic way that everything’s fine.

    That my friend is the epitomy of retarded stupidity.

    Be the change you want to see my friend – or accept the status quo for the next 5 years…


  63. Zorr0

    Dial, know anyone who might want a spare, I might have 2 together, 50 quid for the pair total. Just waiting to see if my match is called off to see if I can go!!

  64. wardo

    Albo, i been to games when its been colder than this. I’ve been to games where i have got soaking wet on the way to the game, during and after!

    My ticket today is £35 only………..but, i can’t support a self sustaining modelat home if i waste £35 to support a club that shows no ambition at all in even making an attempt to push fwd in the league

    I was hoping that they would offer man city £30mil for tevez during the jan trans window…………i must be insane !! keep hoping for the same type of thing and keep getting left dissapointed

  65. Goonaboona

    Guys. Do really think protesting my not turning up or staying in te bar is a sensible idea. First , we are THE Arsenal ! We need to support the boys is red and white come rain or shine. Second, why waste your hard earned money on a ticket and then not go.? Stupid !
    Wenger will leave at the end of the season- its obvious in his demeanour / body language . If the club has no money like people really keep saying , who will want to come and replace him ? No none of any credence ! We are fucked but we have been worse off before and still come through ! Come on THE Arsenal !

  66. Yippee Kai Yay

    damole, if anything it is all about communication and organisation.

    A protest outside of the ground would not be seen by the board or the manager, that is why the stadium has a back entrance / exit.

    The club will not allow any defining banners in the ground to clearly demonstrate what fans object to, and yet allow any material which supports the manager and the status quo, unlike any other club in the EPL.

    Inside the stadium should be about two things, the fans and winning, but it is the club which have pushed the fans into a corner.

    They can equally dismiss anything outside the ground as ‘minority’ as they have done already, because if they aren’t faced with empirical evidence to the contrary they don’t have to justify it.

    They will win the battle in the face of the mass media until such things as the removal of Ox instead of the ineffectual Walcott throw up the kind of direct confrontation which they cannot deny.

    Don’t blame the fans foo wanting more from their club than being bled dry ‘on a promise of jam tomorrow’.

    As an aside, the pre-match interview was all about positioning, so that after today’s win (which should be at a canter, because blackburn are very poor, even accounting for the farcical game early on in the season) they can say:

    – I told you to trust the manager,
    – there is no issue with attendance.
    – there is no discontent amongst the fans, it is a handful of people.

    They already pointed to their 60K attendance figures in recent games, conveniently ignoring that the number is not those their but those who bought a ticket.

    And when you go later on today, have a look round and see if when they announce over the PA that there are 60K people in the stadium if they are liars. It is yet another mechanism to prove their point, because they refuse to acknowledge the reality.

  67. goonerDNA

    I have to say I don’t have much faith in the squad, you can’t drop Theo for Henry the old man is like Wenger, way past it. Prove me wrong Thierry coz I would’ve gone for Di Natale instead.

  68. Danish gooner

    For a man that never looks back but only forward it sort of startles me when asks for the spirit of the invincibles wasnt this team expected to do better then the invincibles ?????? And The Invincibles try having the same spirit with players that havcnt won or achieved any sort of success in their career and with players like Song and Rosicky,he must be fucking mental.

  69. Arben

    I will boo until somebody will listen to us ,i will boo until somebody will respect us,and i will boo until somebody will be accountable and responsible for the mess they have brought us in, this situation can’t be tolerable any more, enough is enough .

  70. Yippee Kai Yay

    albo, On the plus side you should at least see quite a few goals, which does give all fans something to cheers about, regardless of their thoughts on the state of the club.

    Am going to look up odds on an RVP hat-trick today, as he’s due a hat full, and frankly Blackburn are very poor at the back, especially without samba.

    A win at least will gloss over the bad bits for a while. More than anything though, a better performance would be more preferable.

  71. Mykelgunner

    The best way to protest is to stay home,and if it’s a beer you want,buy it the pub and watch the game there.
    Oh! I heard the Eisfeld kid was injured in his debut match after 46munites(what a crock he is).

  72. Damole

    Lord Bergkamp,

    You dont seem to understand. Im not saying that I think all is well with the team as it is. But yuo sitting in front of your screen shouting discontent, will not change things.

    If you want to make your point, may I suggest that you buy a ticket, watch the game, support the players for 90 mins and then at the end of the game you, Geoff and all the other armchair fans can sing u dont know what you are doing.

    And Yippe (who at can at least put a point across without the need to weaken it with swearing). If there is enough of you that are unhappy, a protest outside the ground will be noticed and picked up by the media as they to love negative stories, as they sell papers. And im assuming that at least one board member is told about these type of things happening outside the stadium. Surely you dont believe they are oblivious to things outside of our home. And if it still worries you, prtotest next to the directors entrance

  73. kc

    I do understand,I had been a big fan of Ramsey but lately he is not cutting it out,he need to be dropped,I did not say that Song had not contributed anyting this season,he had,but he had fallen by standard since that LEEDS game,though d team had also fallen
    All I say is dat Coq replacing Song is a good call coz Coq had been one of the consistent performer anytime ha got d chance
    Le Coq over Song is a good idea but Rosicky over Ramsey is not that a good call coz jus like Ramsey,Rosicky will not score or assist

  74. Jamie England

    I can’t believe we’re contemplating protesting.. I, as much as the next fan, am distraught watching my beloved Arsenal going into what seems to be into decline, but the transfer windows shut.. These are the players we’ve got we have to get behind them.. I watch my local side the mighty Bristol Rovers.. Who have been struggling in league 2 after being pre season favourites. The atmosphere has been poisoness, every player us nervous.. Not because of importance of a game.. But purely because of the fans.. They and we are making it harder for our own players.. As frustrated as we are.. Are we not becoming part of the problem? Imagine what the Ox is thinking? 60,000 people booing and moaning every game? It hurts but we have to SUPPORT our team come win, lose or draw. If we don’t we will only be aiding there downfall….

  75. Yippee Kai Yay

    Theo will play, perhaps more because Ox is injured than because he deserves his place based upon performances to date this season.

    But RVP is going to have a beast of a game, somehow always seems to play better when it’s cold, prob because he has to move more to keep warm. hmm, only 6-1 to score a hat-trick, maybe I’m not alone in thinking he’s due one. Still, worth a ‘score’.

    Having said that, today is not a good day for hamstrings if you sprint from cold.

  76. SUGA3


    funny that, I thought the fans were paying for the tickets to be entertained?

    giving the crowd something to cheer about is the players’ stinking duty, no two ways about that, don’t expect the cheers when they see clueless manager fielding a bunch of poor players (with a few exceptions) without any idea about tactics, etc.

  77. lordbergkamp

    Damole – I swear at you because you show the density and level of denial that is pretty special.

    You are also presumptuous – I started going to games in the 80s, through the 90s and into the noughties. Then settled down at the other side of the country.

    Let me ask you this: if you went to a restaurant and they served you a steaming turd garnished with some parsley and charged you £90. By your logic you would happily pay, and then tip 50% and keep going back…

    Not a terrifically logical or intelligent approach.

  78. Albo

    I love this idea that people would be happier on a blog where everyone agrees with them. ‘You’d be better off on an AKB blog’. Intellectually that’s a rather sad statement, that you should just go somewhere where everyone will nod along with what you say and never challenge your opinion. It’s called an ‘echo-chamber’ and it happens a lot on here. People hear the same hyperbole over and over again and start to believe it’s actually true!

  79. fanboy


    So he throws his 11 on the pitch, then sits down on the edge of his seat and all he does for the 90mins is punish his water bottles for his players shortcomings, try to tell the fourth official what to do and make his customary 67min subtitution. Right, that make him part of the team? Please, he is in charge of the team and not part of it.

    Its like the war in Iraq; people were against Bush for sending the troops out but that doesn’t mean they didn’t support their countries soldiers that were doing the actual fighting.

  80. SUGA3


    if his body language suggests that he is a goner in his own mind, he can always pen the resignation letter now and let someone else assume the caretaker duties until the end of this season, yes?

  81. Damole


    I a far from being a AKB, to be honest I think it is time for a change in that department. I too want Arsenal to win trophies and believe that a change of manager could be one of the ways of achieving that (although I think more wholesale changes are needed). Players like Denilson, Park, Chammakh, Almunia etc… are not of a high enough standard to play in a team aiming for top 4 and above

    I just think that booing during the matchis not gunna help the team play better. If people need to booo, wenger and the board will still here it, if it goes on for 30 mins after the game. Although people will be too bothered about getting to the front of the train queue to stay the extra time….. But at least this way, the team will feel that the fans are behind them and may get confidence from that. Ha to be better than booing wenger for 90 minutes and ignoring the players

  82. Ricky

    Totally agree with your line up Geoff.. Drop wally & pansey, those two wouldnt stand out in the lower leagues with the way they have been playing.

    I think it’s going to be a long hard struggle for there to be a change at the club. Reason? The fans are way to divided!

    I’ve never seen anything like it before. Things are so obviously go bad & many supporters are being ripped off but it seems a large number of em are happy for this to continue.

    I’m sure that there are better ways of protesting but if it’s the black bags then so be it.

    However, I can see it getting quite messy up there today. Anyone on here going up there better be prepared for a tear up.

  83. Foreheadinho

    I would like to see Coq given a game in midfield. He has vision and toughness and could really be something special. Wether he comes in for Song or Arteta depends on how Arteta is after his calf injury.

    The Coq could also be needed at right back. Playing Sagna back to back could be a risk and no one wants to see Djourou at fullback ever again.

    I would not like to risk the Ox in this one if his knee is not 100%. Best play Arshavin on the left and see how he responds to the pressure.

    I would play Walnuts also and see how he responds. He will know that the return of The Forehead will see him on the bench if he doesn’t start showing end product, middle product and starting product.

  84. Raymie

    Ever since as a young lad I saw them beat Liverpool in 1949-50 on a little B & W TV (the only one in the road then)at the home of my little girlfriend Sonia I’ve been a fan. God that’s a long time ago. Where is Sonia now? But these are not easy times. What is going on is the question we all want answers to. This is an average team in an average position. Like many teams it wins sometimes and other times gets beaten by other average teams. To be a high flier you need special players. Cesc and Nasri left. Who replaced them. Ultimate humiliation of 8-2 disgrace forced purchases but no midfield generalissimo, no one who reads the game and makes decisions. Is it a Pygmalion complex which stops Wenger buying established figures, the need to mould unknowns to stardom.
    The issue isn’t just money but a mindset. A change of that or manager is needed urgently

  85. Damole

    Lord, god forbid you get a train. Im currently on a 4 hour journey to the stadium (which I have done for every home game for 6 years) True fans show it.

  86. sensible old chap

    ‘albo’ – what point are you making in that shit you just typed?

    when people are moaning and seem unhappy at the general opinion, then logic dictates that theyd be happier in an environment that agreed with their own general opinion. Simple as.

  87. lordbergkamp

    Albo – that’s because it’s tough to argue with AKB’s – it’s like a religious debate where you question a “faith”.

    Whereas many more of us remember a bigger span of arsenal history; and arsene is a small part of that. In that context, when you don’t have blind faith you can look objectively at what is happening right now.

    It’s not good. And remember this is exactly what happened in Monaco and they sacked him…

  88. Yippee Kai Yay

    damole, don’t think just because people aren’t happy they aren’t ‘fans’. Just because your definition is quite narrow, doesn’t mean it is right.

    Part of the reason for not buying a ticket is the moral fortitude of not paying money into a quasi-corrupt regime, because then you implicitly become part of the problem.

    There are many fans out there, and for some to not pay into the club is part of their ethos in taking a stand, something which is again their prerogative.

    Doesn’t make them any less of a fan though ,and to be dismissive as such belies something of a blinkered view as to entitlement to support the club.

    Remember the Club should be about the fans, and be bigger than one player, one manager or one particular set of owners, and from where I sit, it is less about the ‘fans’ and ‘winning’ and more about ‘revenue’ and ‘global branding’.

  89. Monkeyjeffrey

    I saw a comment earlier about giving up season tickets , I think it’s a good idea
    If you want them again it doesn’t take long now. I gave mine up 2 years ago and joined the waiting list (i think i was 30,000 on the list)was offered 2 new ones this season which as I still have no interest in paying to see this rabble I offered them on this blog and a few others . Guess what no takers
    So I guess if you change your mind you will get new ones no problem

  90. Gunner2301

    Morning Grovers. Nice Post Geoff

    Acceptance of Song as our DM is a symptom of how far we have fallen where we see such a player as vital. Song is not the quality of player we need. I believe Le-Coq could be in time but isn’t quite ready. I believe Songs contract is also winding down this Summer so expect him to get a 80k extended contract from Arsene along with Walcott.

  91. Ricky

    How about it?

    What if everyone stayed back after the game & sang “we want our arsenal back” or “FUCK OFF STAN KRONKE!”

    Or, “we want gazidis out” that could be much more effective..

    But knowing out lot they’ll be heading for the exit 5 mins before the final whistle.

  92. Yippee Kai Yay


    I know ‘true fans’ who would love to be in a position to go to the ground and support the team, some of these guys are ‘lifers’, but the sad fact is that they have been priced out of attending. They were there in the 70’s and 80’s, and since the move they simply cannot afford it.

    Don’t confuse ‘having a disposable income to buy a ticket’ with ‘support’. It is deeply patronising to a great many people who I would deem ‘true fans’.

  93. Maciek

    I think that it will be another boring 1:0 win for us.

    Aside from RVP noone in this team can score a damn goal.

    And if RVP is rested and OX is out injured we won’t sicore till at least 80th minute since Chamakh, Walcott and Park are all cr*p and they can’t even hit a barn door, let alone score a goal.

    Adebayor is 1000 times a player Chamakh will ever be.

    And if Hoilet will have a good game and they will defend well they can even win.

    We are THAT sh*t.

  94. Bade

    Arsene will probably run with the same team, making his subs at the 67th minute

    If we fail to score until the 60th minute, he’ll isolate himself, drowning in his polar coat