7th place, 12 adrift of the spuds, lost 8 and goal difference of +6, impressive

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‘I am here to make all of the fans happy and when I do not manage to do it I am, of course, not happy’ Arsene Wenger.

Ok well a quick look at the headline will sort of illustrate that we are not happy, today the fans will attempt to show their dissatisfaction by putting black bin bags on the empty seats.

I’m not sure that will do much, if of course it is allowed by the Stalinesque stewarding that Arsenal football club will no doubt deploy today.

I think the only effective way to protest is to simply stay away, that’s the only way the board and the media will take any notice, I did of course, but one seat in 60,000 probably isn’t noticed.

Wenger will find it very, very difficult to talk his way out of that sort of protest.

He has blamed appalling injuries on this seasons results, he won’t see it as his fault, even though he could have and should have addressed that in the transfer window, he not only didn’t, he rubbed our noses in it by buying a 19 year old German crock for 400k, and that was after he told the world we didn’t need anymore midfielders.

So the only way I can see success, we haven’t won the league for 8 years and clearly won’t this year so that figure now goes to 9, and we haven’t won anything since 2005 which means 7 years.

This is indeed the lowest we have been at this point is the whole of Wenger’s 16 year reign.

So today we need to win and we need to win big, we can still get 4th place because I do believe in miracles, we just 5 points behind the chavs and the spuds will blow up at some point, so hope is there, today we play Blackburn and nothing short of a big win will do.

But please don’t tell the world every game is now a Cup Final, because your recent record in Cup Finals has been, well crap to be honest.

The great news is Chamakh is on his way back says Wenger, the bad news is he’s on his way back to us, it’s like thinking Squillaci is like a new signing.

This is the team I would put out assuming we have no injuries.


Sagna Mertesacker Kozzer Vermaelen

Coquelin Arteta Yossi (yes, give him a go)

Henry Robin Oxo

So I would give Ramsey a rest, drop Song and give Coquelin a chance and put Henry on from the off, with Oxo on the wing. If Henry is still not fit the why the hell did we sign him, him and Robin could cause mayhem out there with Oxo supplying them and it would be interesting to see the two of them on the pitch at the same time.

Yes it’s time to drop Theo, him and Song are way too big for their boots and if they put that effort in a pub side they would get dropped, well they would if it were my pub side.

We are 7th for a reason people and it’s not because I want Wenger out, it’s because he refuses to change, spend money and keeps playing average players expecting them to turn into Lional Messi and Xabi.

Finally back to todays protest, I’ve been thinking what should the fans do, it’s Ok for people like me to say don’t turn up, when you’ve paid your money that can be tough, so maybe the fans should do something else, like go down to the bars 15 minutes early, it’s cold out there and the bars won’t be open, but it will show the club how you all feel, that or come out 15 minutes late for the second half.

I did that a lot last season, not so much in protest but to hoover up all the free beers Pedro and I had accumulated in Club level, beer after Arsenal is my real love and I can’t leave someone I love behind.

So if you decide to do it at the start of the second half, get a couple of pints at half time and not one.

Have a great day Grovers, early kick off, big win and enjoy the protest, whatever form it takes.

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  1. follow the money

    I wish I could get terribly excited about beating Blackburn without Samba but I can’t. Kean must be trying to send a message to Venky’s about how important he is to the side or something. The window is closed and it’s plain ridiculous to leave him out. Blackburn may well have thrown this game away. Nice to see someone other than VP get some goals however. The Ox is impressive. Makes you wonder if Theo was once as good as the Ox and got Wengered or if he was never any good and Wenger has stuck by him. Either way he needs to come good or get lost. It’s ridiculous waiting years and years for players to come good. A proper team wouldn’t let him near the pitch until he could contribute and improve

  2. albo

    Geoff – for a man so happy to throw insults around you are terribly sensitive to one that only unintentionally impacts on you

  3. Geoff

    That’s because I’m a real cockney, we don’t like cunts making false claims to our heritage, nothing sensitive about that, as far as insulting people, the only people I insult are condescending arsewipes.

    I hope that clarifies my position.

  4. OPG

    I don’t see why people want another potentially burned out young player, like Wilshere going to Euro 2012 despite the fact he’s probably out for most if all the season.

    I’d start Young and Johnson perhaps over Theo still.

  5. Geoff

    I hope I spelt arsewipe correctly, it could in theory be arse-wipe, I’m never sure with punctuation so I’m sorry if I have caused offence.

  6. Frogman

    Unbelievable… we are more concerned about the meaning of a Cockney then talking about a 7-1 win!!!
    Of course this performance does not take away all of the previous issues and problems but a win is a win and a damn good win may I say but silly me I should be more concerned about the exact heritage of a cockney!

  7. Goon from BD

    We have singned Arteta to play as DM and Song as an AM. Song has been poor defensively for some time but looks like the only player capable of finding a through pass and Arteta plays the simple ones and defends well.

    Rosicky had a decent game too. Looks like Iniesta to me after having watched Ramsey.

    RvP is well RvP.

    Hope Koscienly is fine and gets a rest. He looked a bit tired in the last few games.

  8. Frogman

    OPG: I agree, Wilshere (or the damn media) should not even be thinking about the Euro’s at the moment. It should not matter any way as England will most likely bow out of the group stages anyway!

  9. HumAnimal

    Brilliant performance today, it painful though cos thats how we could have played the whole of january if we spent some cash. Anyway nought we can do about that.

    Im watching gervinho for cote d’Ivoire cos i need something to complain about today… and my god hes been poor.

  10. Goon from BD

    Hoping Ivory C get out of it(sorry, IvoryGoonz!!) sooner so I can see Gerv and the OX play. RvP would enjoy more space with Gerv’s movement. Walcott got 3 assists but I still think he is a shit player.

  11. Keyser

    We can’t go half-arsed into this England/ Arsenal B-team thing, either Walcott goes or no-one goes.

    I don’t want great link-up play down the left with Gibbs – Ox and Wilshere then Crouch pops up and misses.

  12. Goon from BD

    Theo was never as good as Ox. He is absolutely terrible most of the time with the ball. The ox is simply brilliant with it. Ox- one of the most interwesteen qualidees he has is his movement and intelligence without the ball. Good passer too. Nothing that I ever felt Theo has. He makes good runs at times but its too irregular to think of it as a special quality he has.

  13. incesc

    to be honest, im not to fussed about the euros.

    might be good that ox and theo need to play well to get in the squad but we all know the spanish will win it

  14. Ricky

    If i had to pick a england team right now walcott wouldn’t come anywhere near it.

    Luckily for him, he’s got the rest of the season to make amends.

  15. Keyser

    Nah, he started last year pretty well despite being left out.

    Seriously we need to build Ox’s fitness up, Wilshere’s going to be coming back from injury, the Euro’s could leave them both messed up for next season.

  16. goonermart

    will piss me off a bit though if theo turns it on for the last couple of months to impress capello. First they should want to die for the Arsenal cause.

  17. Ricky

    Might fire him up for next then incesc..

    Remember what happend season after the world cup? You’d think he learnt from that.

  18. OPG

    Theo was promising when he was younger though had alot of hype, I think he’s been mismanaged by England and by the club early on and suffered some injuries not that I’m making excuses for him.
    He did start last season well then got injured I think after the 2010 World Cup when he wasn’t picked same with Nasri though..

  19. incesc

    i dont think its motivation with theo, hes just a bit shit

    we bought him for his pace, not his siky skills, but we dont play counter attacking football anymore and even tho he is fast he often slows down counter attacks we do have with a shit pass.

  20. telarse


    I have to find out for sure about the avatar voodoo shit!!

    Why didn’t Park get a run out today?
    Surely the 2nd half at 3-1 up v 10 men was ideal?

    Benayoun and Henry didn’t need the easy run out as much as Park.

  21. albo

    telarse – totally agree with that. Why does Thierry need game time? He’s gone in a few weeks anyway! Give Park a chance to get some confidence. If he’s not worth 20 minutes in a game like this then we our striker situation is even more ridiculous than we think!

  22. Gunner2301


    We better sell Theo quick then. I always said he was shit and Ox was better than him as soon as he arrived. Rather than an increased contract, I’d like to see him sold but Wenger will concede like he always does.

  23. Pedro

    Albo… I think Park is sadly part of a wider push for memberships… he doesn’t get games because he’s a relegated Ligue 1 kind of striker.

  24. albo

    Yeah, you could be right Ped. Shame, his one goal for us so far was a lovely finish!

    And I suppose the Thierry decision was also sentimental. Just occurred to me that without a loan extension this would be his final Emirates performance since we play away from now on. Nice to score with his final kick in the final minute of his final emirates match!

  25. SUGA3

    So the side who won 7-1 today beat the side who won 3-2 against the side who beat the 7-1 winners, 8-2.

    The 8-2 winners lost 6-1 against the side who lost 2-1 to the side the 8-2 winners beat 3-1.

    But the 2-1 losers beat the 7-1 winners 1-0 who beat the 2-1 winners, 5-3.

    The moral of the story?

    Fernando Torres is still shit.

  26. incesc

    we shouldnt really sell theo unless we replace him properly

    which wont happen

    and he is still very young. If he can set up rvp another 10 times like that this season he’ll be a lot of use

  27. OPG

    I don’t know about Park by then you thought it was too late to get a quality backup cause of the mess of the summer but Wenger doesn’t even trust him or he’s a PR move.

    People are a little harsh on Theo I think even though I don’t think he’s at his best yet, shame about Nasri who seemed to be fulfilling his potential and perhaps has more talent but then got burned out and left in the summer after a long saga.

  28. Leedsgunner

    That was an unexpected and pleasant surprise! Well done Gunners that’s what I’m talking about! Before AW starts sInging his own praises and deluding himself all is well with the world – this result just about rights the travesty of Old Trafford in the summer so let’s come back to earth Wenger…. consistency please and a few more of this thrashings to lower opposition (esp to Tottenham).

  29. albo

    It is a little bit depressing how dead it becomes on here when we win well. Don’t really understand gooners who seem to not be interested when we win!

  30. roaaary

    rosicky is a complete waste of space on the pitch. anyone else think that sticking the ox in there and gervinho out wide would make sense? when he joined, i heard the ox was a central player

  31. Gooby

    SUGA3 February 4, 2012 20:13:22

    So the side who won 7-1 today beat the side who won 3-2 against the side who beat the 7-1 winners, 8-2.

    The 8-2 winners lost 6-1 against the side who lost 2-1 to the side the 8-2 winners beat 3-1.

    But the 2-1 losers beat the 7-1 winners 1-0 who beat the 2-1 winners, 5-3.

    The moral of the story?

    Fernando Torres is still shit.

  32. Gooby

    is it safe to say that we’ve got the best 2 English talents at the club?

    Is it also safe to say the Francis coquelin is one hell of a player?

  33. chozzer

    Pedro, fuckin great being there today, wasn’t it?
    I know it’s only a flash in the pan but still, fuckin brilliant. 🙂

  34. albo

    Gooby – understandably Ox, Rvp and maybe Thierry will steal the headlines, but I thought Coq came of age today. Sensational going forward at times, and very impressive in the tackle. He’s not a right back, and yet I’d say he may actually be our 2nd best RB even when Jenkinson is fit… (And I like Jenkinson!)

  35. albo

    roaaary – were you there today? Actually Rosicky came close to a goal on a few occasions. Looked like a goal threat for the first time in a long time.

    I actually think right now he is exactly what we need, and what he wasn’t last season – the kind of dependable squad player who will come in and do a decent (if unspectacular) job. He chases hard and closes down in the midfield, keeps the ball ticking over etc. And today looked dangerous going forward at times…

  36. gazzap

    does wenger honestly think The Ox a couple of months ago wasn’t good enough? what even when Theo and Arsh were playing like wankers. Still not good enough to get in the team?
    Just shows how bad his judgement is these days IMO.

  37. OPG

    There have been so many ups and downs in the past 12 months, there is a sense of realism after the last previous results and with a long road ahead.
    Things are not great at the club but not that bad, if only the squad had a couple more quality players!

    I find it a hard to gauge some performances to try avoid going top overboard especially in the 2nd half against 10 men and Blackburn were poor but it was still a good performance though that had to take advantage of that.

  38. OPG

    He’s only 18 gazzap hasn’t played in the Premier League so his fitness levels and isstill a work in process that’s why Wenger brought in Benayoun on loan but it’s baffling that Arshavin can’t even get off the bench now when they could have sold him and brought in another quality midfield or winger.

  39. Rohan

    Coquelin is the player I am most excited about. Rarely do you see someone with that much defensive nous have so much quality going forward. Has everything in his locker and more.

    Rosicky played well as well. Ramsey not playing meant Arteta and Song had a little bit more freedom and there was more variety in our play. I think that should be our first choice midfield.

    Ox is exciting as well. Loved Song as well. As Cesc tweeted, Songinho is becoming quite a top player. There isn’t a DM out there who can make attacking contributions like he does. If he could develop a solid long range shot on him, he’d be fucking dangerous.

    Koscielny as always was immense and Veramelen gave his best performance at LB. Can’t wait for Santos to return. We’ll be so much more fluid then.

  40. Rohan

    Wenger’s being careful with Ox. There is a marked improvement in his fitness, ability to sustain involvement in a game without flitting in and out as well as defensive contribution.

    Wenger has his flaws, but there is hardly anyone better than him at developing young attacking players.

  41. albo

    Yeah, can’t moan about Wilshere’s stress fracture and then moan that we haven’t played Ox enough. He’s taking care of him and that’s been the right thing to do

  42. gazzap

    come on there’s a difference between not giving a player any games and playing him every single game. there is a happy medium which wenger fails to achieve.
    If The Ox plays 3 and then misses one or only comes on as sub people will accept that. Our league position would be a lot healthier.
    Remember the Ox was ripping up the Championship last year. Physically he could have handled PL from day 1. Sure his consistency would improve with age but sitting in the stands for 3 months doesn’t really bring much improvement.

  43. gazzap

    the thing with wilshere was that even the layman could see he was fucked from around March. he desperately needed a rest which never came. That was poor management.

  44. albo

    Gazzap – yeah, fair point, and I agree to a great extent. I can see Wenger’s motivation for persisting with Arshavin. If he could have nicked a couple of goals and got his confidence up then maybe he could have had an impact this season. But in retrospect he gave him a couple of chances too many for me…

    That said, the Ox has come a LONG way since his first performances for us.

  45. Bade


    I’m sure about that

    If you don’t change it back before the next game, be sure Arsene will accuse you when we fail to win away at Sunderland

  46. Bade


    Amusing to watch Barca miss a goal due to a stupid offside by Alves

    Feels like that save from Bendtner when we played Scousers in that CL quarter final

  47. LeMassiveCoq

    RE: Walcott.

    I think Hansen summed it up well a couple of years ago by saying he has ability but no real footballing brain. He is quick enough and occasionally displays good feet, but his decision making is awful 90% of the time.

  48. SharkeySure

    I thought ..oh look some sane convo on LG (for a change?). Then I get to Gazzaps comment/rant.

    Who does he think signed Oxo..??


    Hey Rohan, Choz Sug…and hello to Albo. Albo…you’ve done really well fighting the good fight today. In time though you’ll realise its pointless, but I’ll still praise you for your efforts.

    We win 7-1 and Geoff slates one misplaced pass from Song late late in the 2nd half, whilst ignoring everything good he does. That’s what you’re up against. its maybe 3 yrs and counting now

    And as for comments like ‘enjoy the protest’…well that would be pretty ridiculous if he was even joining or supporting the protest. But to say it when you’re not….oh dear.

    Pedro’s a really decent bloke who I’ve met a couple of times.

    Alright..tin hat on as I head for the exit !!

  49. incesc

    i dunno

    i wont ever like song i dont think, just because he makes a nice pass in an easy game.

    we have just been through a massive slump and as a senior player he did fuck all for me. Cant play without arteta helping me, hes a luxury athlete not a footballer.

    i hope coquelin steals his spot sooner rather than later, a much more natural footballer

  50. Lurch LeRouge

    Coquelin completely owned Hoilett today, no small feat – a player who in the past has torn Sags to shreds.

    If song rid himself of that ridiculous barnet and cut out the stupid fouls I think he’d buy a load of breathing room.

  51. OPG

    Scouting Giroud and Javi Garcia and he said the club have the money for the latter.

    Yeah Hoilett is another talented but inconsistent player not sure he is what the club needs, he’s a free agent in the summer though.

  52. Keyser

    “Coquelin completely owned Hoilett today, no small feat – a player who in the past has torn Sags to shreds.”


    At least on Coquelin, earlier against Tottenham watch him shadow Modric in midfield, made it very difficult for him to go anywhere, he’s probably more agile then Falmini if without the strength and aggression.

  53. Keyser

    Honestly is it wrong to despise your national team soo much that you’d rather Wilshere retired right now ? Or it some sort of transference where I can’t vent my anger at Arsenal so the National team is a viable option.

  54. Keyser

    That’s what I like about Stuart Robson, he has turned into a snide ESPN pundit at times, but he sees Terry for what he is to.

  55. Keyser

    The Song hates bollocks, but it’s funny with Theo, last week you had Suga3 not wanting to acknowledge that Theo had managed to dribble past a player, or any player.

    Today, Theo sets up 3 and he still gets battered.

  56. Keyser

    Nah just in general in reference to Terry when he’s commentating on some of our games, he mentions how over-rated Terry is, that he’s got several weakneeses that have been masked by playing alongside far better and able defenders.

    Not that he thinks he’s racist scum or anything, though I like to think he says it off air.

  57. Lurch LeRouge

    I think JT’s vocal presence generally masks a lot of his deficiencies, he’s got a knack for a good header when the chips are down as well.

    should be quite funny seeing him disintegrate into a fat ugly unloved nomark in time.

  58. Lurch LeRouge

    lol thats not bad news, at least we’re protecting an asset.

    if that leads to RVP having the confidence to sign its a small cost.

    Wally’s got time to improve, I just hope its not 90K a week.

  59. Keyser

    “should be quite funny seeing him disintegrate into a fat ugly unloved nomark in time.”

    I think maybe that’s what grates, he’s on 170k a week and he wasn’t that good to begin with, the vocal sides over-rated, Gallas absolutely pissed over him as a defender, it’s not like Terry organised a defence like Adams did, yet the comparison is made.

    There’s no real satisfaction anymore in Sour grapes knowing they couldn’t care less about what people think of them.

  60. Keyser

    Suarez admitted it, If Terry was caught wearing a spiked white sheet over his head, carrying a burning cross running through Hackney he’d try to deny it

  61. OPG

    They would have had players back and the fixture throw in a random date to add to the congestion, still think they would lose though but it’s not snowing later today can’t be certain.

    Has anyone else read Chris Samba’s rant about Venky’s promising big signings like Ronaldinho, but they ended with some random Ligue 1 striker, Olsson’s Twin Brother and Bradley Orr this past window lol.
    “”They don’t understand football in this country and they don’t realise how much I’ve given to Blackburn “

  62. 037

    “Yes it’s time to drop Theo, him and Song are way too big for their boots and if they put that effort in a pub side they would get dropped, well they would if it were my pub side.”

    Funny how those 2 players were key to our victory today…

  63. gnarleygeorge


    You need to fire up every pre game post from now on till the end of the season 😈 You stuck a rocket the size of Apollo XI up Theo & Song & it worked. There must be some free beers waiting for you @ the Club for your services, & judging by the signage arounf the ground, they will be Carlsberg. Yummy!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  64. WengersSweeties


    In the subject of Arsenal fans being the real cockney’s. Is this true. I over heard this somewhere else….

  65. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @chpgooner…So I’m an idiot because you don’t like what I wrote. Quite frankly I’m surprised…I was completely unaware that a neanderthal such as yourself could event write, let alone read!