Patronising Wengernomics | Gazidis says we’re in 3 competitions? | Jack injury worse than feared

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Back in the game… sorry for the down time… I’m rubbish at moving websites. It’s sorted now.

Welcome to the future, or the present for the next few years. This is the new Le Grove. After 2 months development, a failed move and some seriously massive obstacles (like moving 1 million comments), it’s here! Teething problems are bound to happen, so bear with us and let us know… but hopefully the experience on the site and on mobile is far less clunky than before. The hope is that you’ll spend as much time here with Geoff and I, putting the world of Arsenal to rights as you did before! What do we have to talk about today? Very little… Ryo has been loaned out to Bolton. We signed the cheap version of Gotze… big deal. Is he for now, tomorrow or yesterday? Who knows! What we do know is that once again the managers thoughts were on the bottom like… He’s in the press again extolling the virtues of a bankrupt Europe.

“I don’t know if you have seen the numbers in Europe but there are 1.6bn Euro losses [among football clubs, according to a Uefa report], that’s not debt but losses. “That is absolutely amazing. That means tomorrow if you had to stop your activity, half of Europe would be bankrupt. “It means that football has to respond and I don’t know if financial fair play will come in, but it looks like economically the whole of Europe is becoming a bit more cautious.”

He’s so patronising, like getting a degree makes you an elite thinker. Arsene, I earned a degree in finance a fueled it with Apple Sourz. Here’s my thinking on Europe vs Arsenal. If the rest of the continent is bankrupt and Arsenal are sitting on a huge stash of cash, we should be in prime position to spend.

1) Because you can drive a harder bargain when you know the seller is weak

2) there are a lot of weak sellers

Out of the top 5 at the moment, we’re the weakest squad wise. We should have signed full backs on Jan 1st, we didn’t and so far in 2012 we’ve accrued no points. No points, but we’ve saved £360k in wages. Brilliant business. I wonder how important those 9 points will be in May. I wonder what £90k a week for 5 months will look like versus losing £40million? Counting the pennies and losing site of the cash mountain… what’s the business term for that?


Ivan Gazidis has also been chatting in the press in embarrassing fashion again. He reckons City would love to be competing in the three competitions we are. Err… Ivan… which 3 would those be? The Champions League? Are you kidding me? We haven’t been contenders for that competition since we lost in the final in 2006. Competing for the Premiership? Again, which league table is he looking at? The only competition we have a slim chance in is the FA Cup… and that’s only if Wenger doesn’t decide to place his priorities elsewhere last minute.

He also went on about the sustainable business model, ignoring the fact that we’re already being out manoeuvred on that front. If we don’t have a decent team on the pitch by the time we negotiate the new commercials, how sustainable is our model going to look? How can we generate decent commercials if

1) We’re out of the Champions League

2) We can’t demand £50million a year in shirt / naming rights.

The reason we moved from Highbury was to compete with the big boys. So to hear Ivan say we make superstars is extremely disappointing. I know we can’t compete with certain teams on price or salaries, but I’m not unrealistic enough to expect us to be in for the elite. I want us to be in for Hazard early, Gotze at the start of the summer and I’d like us to pay the extra for players like Juan Mata. Making superstars is only sustainable of you’re supplementing them with world class players you can’t home grow. Look no further than Cesc and Nasri to tell you that. If we’d signed Arteta and Mertesacker last season, how many more points would we have made up?

News has leaked that Jack is out for the season with another fracture. That’s what I’d heard was the fear at the time and why I said we shouldn’t be too quick to judge the medical staff. Obviously more news will come out over time but if he’s picking up these types of problems without doing anything too physical, it could be a genetic make up issue. Let’s pray he doesn’t have a disposition to stress fractures.

Big Dave from the comments pointed me in the direction of Jack and the gambling tweets that have got him in hot water. I can’t for the life of me understand why you’d need to gamble as a footballer. If I was earning £80k a week, I’d feel like I was winning the races every pay day! Where does the satisfaction come from in winning a £10 bet if you’re hugely wealthy? The club need to seriously have a think about employing me to come in and teach the players the rights and wrongs of social media tools. It’d be fun…

1) Don’t take pictures of your genitals to share with female admirers, even if they are totes hot.

2) If you’re not allowed to gamble, don’t tweet that you’re checking the odds. It’s a big give away you might be involved in betting, although many of the 1.1million following you might not catch on, some will. Instead, ask Arsene about the stock market, his insight and knowledge will give you far better wins than a crappy ten pound bet will.

3) Don’t offer someone a fight online. Ask Arsene Wenger how best to intellectually battle someone. 4) If you can’t spell, ask Arsene Wenger, he has a degree in economics.

5) If you’re going to cheat on your girlfriend, use a landline… twitter leaves a trace. Don’t ask Arsene for advice on this.

We have a game tonight against Bolton, it’s away, it’ll be freezing cold and Owen Coyle has his side on the way up. This is a potential banana skin as it proved last year. There are no injury problems to report, so a fairly strong line up is to be expected. I don’t really care what happens as long as it follows a similar trend to the second half against Villa. We’ve been slow out the traps in the last few games so if whatever has been said at half time could be said before the game I’m sure the away fans would be muchly appreciative!

Good news in the race for fourth, Chelsea dropped points again, which was marvelous and City lost ground to United against Everton. The bad news is that Spurs continued their good run of form and Liverpool won again in convincing fashion. It’s going to be tight and there are going to be tumbles from here on in… we’re not out of the race for top 4 yet! If you’re up there, have a great night, if you’re watching it at home, drop a comment on Le Grove during the game!

P.S. Any constructive feedback you have on the site is welcome. A big thanks to Phoenix Studios for knocking the blog together bang on brief, a massive thanks to Tagadab for managing the move and a big thanks to Geoff for putting together the new logo, it looks superb! Also, if you’re on the mailing list, please be patient, I’ve had to merge two mailing lists into one… so I’ll be shutting down the both of them today and starting up a new one… which, when you’re technically retarded like me, could likely spell disaster.

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  1. Gunner2301


    Just read Wengers interview. I’m sure the man is insane. Some highlights

    “we produced a decent game against a difficult opponent who gives you the ball, marks tight and waits for their chance”

    Boltons defence was wide open in the first half players were finding themselves in so much space it was untrue.

    ” In the end we took a gamble to play four strikers and we nearly got caught”

    It sure didn’t feel like we had 4 strikers on the field.

    “Of course. In the end you could see as well that we had one day less recovery than Bolton”

    Tidy excuse

    “They defended very well and as long as we didn’t score, they were not in a position where they had to change their tactics.”

    They have one of if not the worst defensive records in the league quite close to ours actually, Why is he bigging up their defence?

    It’s obvious that Wenger feels no shame and tries to elevate every match that we should be winning as a mammoth task and that we should feel grateful we came out of it with something.


  2. Gunner2301


    Sat is Blackburn at home but I could see us struggling with that one as well. I think the one where it’ll kick off is end of Feb when Spuds come and batter us.

  3. incesc


    we could easily lose to blackburn, we already have once. If arsenal can lose a league game 8-2 anything can happen now. Spurs could beat us 6-0 in a few weeks

  4. Keyser

    I’ve been saying it for ages, Wengers taking us back to the glory days, we’ve got a real defender at the back, and a goalscorer who we rely far too heavily one. No real squad and wingers who promise quite a bit, but don’t really deilver. Just like Helder.

    Our midfield scores about as frequently as Jensen.

    If you look closely Bendtner’s going on the sort of rampage around Sunderland, Merson would in London.

  5. Gunner2301

    I reckon Blackburn will be a draw at best Spuds we’ll probably lose 3-1 or 3-2 I’m glad I don’t attend matches these days.

  6. Doublegooner


    Can understand that. After going to watch that turgid shite tonight, I cant stand by & see what that french cunt is doing to our club.
    I’m planning to contact some ‘big hitters’ who spend fortunes at the club 7 are not happy.

    I seriously reckon we can harness a lot of fans quickly & arrange an open meeting at a North London venue that would attract at least minimum 1000 fans. The message would be to get the Gooner supporting press boys involved,

    The executive box holders are considering down grading to just using their club level tickets. Many club level holders also have regular seats 7 will give those up & regular season ticket holders give them up or just all stop spending any secondary areas. We/ the fans can have a serious affect on income, added to what the club will lose from no CL, this will weaken the club value Kronke will shit himself. Usmanov will get to hear about all his. He will be in a position to pounce on Kronke.

    Wenger will automatically fall by the wayside. He’s more than a spent force,

    This is what Ive been discussing with some ‘monied’ old time fans I know.

    I need as many fans to all come together. WE, Proper Goons can start to get OUR Club back.

  7. Keyser

    We won’t make the Champions League, but will go far in the Europa League, and several years down the line, Marc Overmars jnr will score the only goal in a win at Old Trafford, and we’ll go full circle.

  8. Keyser

    “WE, Proper Goons can start to get OUR Club back.”

    I’m telling you just stab a couple of AKB’s release it to the press that it’s because of Wenger and he’ll leave almost immediately.

  9. incesc

    i do think we have the basis of a promising young squad if he did go, for a new manager to work with.

    probably get stuck with grimandick though with wengers face painted on the pitch.

    we’ll never be rid of the guy

  10. incesc


    we used to get goals from all of our strikers, wrighty, merson (deep lying striker), smith, campbell,

    campbell scored more than cunthmakh and parcuntk



  12. Doublegooner


    You just sit in your cozy home & marvel at our once great club. There are real fans who will be prepared to make a stand where Kronke will have to take notice.

    Of course fans like you can just mock..



  14. Keyser

    To be honest I’m starting to feel like I used to back then with goals, there’s no real build up, Wrighty used to just get it in somehow.

  15. Keyser

    Doublegooner – Mate, I appreciate you were out there in the cold, I was out today and the freeze seems to have hit tonight, supposedly -11 according to the papaers.

    I have a quite a lot of respect for you for going, in perspective because it should be something you enjoy not a chore, it just annoys the absoulte fuck out of me when you say ‘US’ fans or ‘REAL’ gooners, and then call other Arsenal fans ‘cunt’s because if I was standing next to you at Bolton and you turned to me and said you’re not a real fan, what sort of response would you want from me ?!

    I mean I’d help most people if there were in trouble, if it’s an Arsenal fan all the better.

  16. Keyser

    Incesc – I started paying real attention around 93-94, I remember Limpar but only from the odd Match of the Day I was allowed to stay up and watch, or when you got some Cup action, or on Grandstand.

  17. Doublegooner


    When I say real fans, I mean there seem many that either do not think the club has a major problem or just dont seem that bothered.

    However many are moaning on here & other sites how bad things have got yet do nothing.
    So when I say ‘real fans’..I’m asking or calling fans who care what is happening to our club to join together, not just as a mob outside the ground but to garner real fan power & as ‘customers’ use our power to make a stand.

  18. incesc

    i really do believe we have a better team than we are seeing

    its like collectively we are so badly managed we add up to less as a team than our individual parts should

    walcotts finish today was baffling. He didnt look like he was trying or wanted to score. Ramsey has regressed all season long, mertesacker keeps getting caught out where his positioning was stronger at the start of the season. Gervinho started off full of confidence and looks shit now, same for chesney. Chamakh we all know about.

    the shape of the team is crap, we never have a midfield, we barely had a shape with cesc last season so that doesnt surprise me.

  19. Keyser

    It’s your opinion, if someone shares it then get together and you do what you have to, don’t try and alienate others because they don’t share your opinion.

    My little brother goes pretty regularly now, more than he should really, he went away first time last year to Old Trafford in the FA Cup, and depite us losing he loved it, he’d never heard the away fans together or been apart of such a spectacle, do I rip the shit out of him because he actually liked it ? Do I call him a cunt and say you don’t care about ‘MY’ club ?!

  20. Keyser

    “its like collectively we are so badly managed we add up to less as a team than our individual parts should”

    See, we’ve probably discussed this, but I see that everywhere it’s not specific to our club, we’re just following the same trend now. We’re falling in line, no team adds up to the sum of their parts anymore, you have to have 3 top strikers, for every one you had before.

    Remember Wenger used to get value where there didn’t seem to be, he tried to keep that going and now he’s stuck, either follow the trend or stick it out hoping ffp works out.

    I don’t think Wenger will be around much longer anyway, he’s tried what he could, unless we manage 4th or something.

  21. Keyser

    Wright stood out a fair bit, as did Bergkamp, Anelka was only here a couple of years then Henry as Bergkamps legs faded.

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Nothing more needs to be said, the score yet again says it all. Long on excuses and short on results is now the hallmark of Wenger and his teams. A very heavy sigh. I won’t give up or give in, but quite honestly I hate having that same awful feeling come every February that just does not end.

    This one is Wenger’s team all the way. His talent, his spending, his coaching/managing, his everything.

    I’m not angry, not upset, not anything any longer…just indifferent – for my own well being. I can’t live to die another day because of what Wenger does to my beloved team. My shirt will go on just as it has every game and it will come off and be folded away after every game. Tomorrow is another day.

    A very heavy sigh.

  23. albo

    I do think one thing people HUGELY underestimate on here is how hard it will be to replace Wenger. Granted, nothing like as hard as had he left in 2004 or 2005 with his reputation un-touched, but one look at the problems Villas Boas is having with Chelsea is enough to show you that a lot of the saviours touted on here aren’t GUARANTEED success.

    Several posters on here regularly reel off lists of all the managers they regard as way better than Wenger, but I have a feeling that unless the financial situation at the club changes at the same time as the manager, even the really highly rated ones, will struggle to take us straight back to the top.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly at a point where I’d be happy to see a change in the summer. But Wenger simply isn’t as bad a manager as extremists like Gambon would have you believe, and whoever replaces him will have his work cut out to keep fans with high expectations happy…

  24. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @albo…It won’t be as difficult as you believe to replace Wenger. When the game has passed someone by it often opens up opportunities to bring in a fresh face, fresh perspectives and new ideas. Wenger has become, shall we say, stale. His ideas are antiquated, his coaching techniques are open to quick and easy counter attacks, it just does not work any longer.

    Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is that a team becomes complacent because it can. That is Arsenal today – settling for second, third or sixth best.

    I’m not saying that it will be quick or painless, but sometimes it just stops working. If you look at the record over the last number of years, you could make a pretty good argument that it no longer works, not long term or for effective spells. In my opinion, its time for a change. This simply put, no longer works. Wenger is no longer effective nor capable of succeeding to a level that is commiserate to winning trophies. Today’s game has passed him by, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  25. Gunner2301


    I’m in my third year of not going to matches that was my protest when I saw what was happening before a lot of others and understood the best way to make my protest was to not give them my money until what we get on the field equates to what we are paying.

    If you’re gonna do this you’ll have to galvanise support online in one place and I don’;t mean here i.e. a specific Facebook group or something. Get a set of objectives agreed and what you want to achieve etc. There will also have to be a point in the future or a trigger for any planned protest e.g. We miss out on 4th or worse, but there has to be a trigger that all are united on.

    It could be a graduated protest whereby for instance if we lose to Spuds at end of the month, everyone agrees to miss the next home game and build from there, but have a specific action that everyone will carry out and leave the big protest till the end a finale if you will.

    It also needs to be agreed on what action you are asking for as there will be a multitude of different viewpoints. I’m not sure if any of the existing groups like Blackscarf will be interested because they seem to be specifically about ticket prices, but help from other groups will help as long as they share the same views.

    I live up North but would come to a protest if say we miss out on 4th at the end of the season. Everyones situation is different try not to be so hard on people you’re trying to gain support not isolate people from the cause. Like I said I’ve already been carrying out my own protest the last few years while many were asleep.

  26. Gunner2301


    I don’t think most fans have high expectations, I believe the majority are realists and anyone who understands the extent of the damage Wenger has done to the Club and how far his reach is will understand how long it will take to turn us back around. The start is to get Wenger out. Then we can work on putting the Club back where it belongs.

    I’m sure we’d give any new manager as long as we’ve given Wenger. I don’t think the fans would mind being in the wilderness for a few years as long as they know what the plan is and it’s coherent.

    I’m not going to name managers that we could get, but the manager we do end up with will probably give you an idea if the Club is going to change policy i.e. if it was a Maureen type he wouldn’t be coming unless there was a decent transfer fund whereas someone like Bould could be fobbed off with following in Wengers footsteps. If it’s Wengers protoge from Grampus 8 then we know we need to protest against it because it will be Wenger MKII.

  27. Bade

    We aren’t able to close the gap on the Chavs?

    Heh, we were lucky Scousers and Geordies were so shite, otherwise we would’ve been 8-9 points adrift from any European football spot

  28. Bade

    You should all say, Bade said ……

    As I said it was draw all over it

    I said we’re heading to 7th

    I really didn’t lose my nuts when we won the game against Villa

  29. Bade

    I don’t want to address any player’s performance …..

    But when all we have to throw in are and old Crock, and an older legend, that sums it all

  30. Bade

    So now Arsene’s ruing missed chances eh?

    Well, soon he’ll be ruing Ref decisions and injuries

    But you can’t say you didn’t know Arsene

    Bade said ……

  31. nishanth

    Chamberlian is going to be some player..In Wilshere,Afobe,Coq,Bartley,Szczesny we have a great bunch coming.A new manager coming in had a good base to build upon

  32. Doublegooner


    I feel your anger.
    What’s going on at our once great club is so upsetting. This club has been a major part of my life for over 40 years,

    Wenger makes me sick what he’s doing.

    Kronke is a disease.

  33. James Taunt

    Every time the team has played two quick matches this season, the result has been a draw or a loss. The reason (I think) being lack of quality in depth/too many crocks. Is Wenger going to again start AOC-RVP-Walcott on Saturday? I dont see Yossi as a starter, he is too slow!

    Oh dear, Arsenal may slip down to even 10th if we the scene is similar to second half of last season.

  34. fanboy

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claims every Premier
    League game is now a ‘cup final’ after his side’s
    goalless draw against Bolton.

    Yea like against Barcelona or Chelsea or Birmingham…good motivation *rolls eyes

  35. Bade


    Sometimes I just can’t breath out of steam and anger!

    I can’t sit and see this nutty manager ruining my club

    Blimey, I was supporting Arsenal since I’m a teenager, although being born and lived thousands miles away. I was a fan well before Arsene came, before the spoiling-technology era, when you barely could see games live if your abroad, and you were waiting for those highlights or recorded games once in a while

    Now that I have the ability to each almost every game, and I can afford myself 1 annual trip to London to watch a live game, I can’t do it any more, because there’s a nutty manager destroying every good bit of my club.

    I’m losing the joy of watching my team, being so sarcastic during games

    Can’t bare it any more

  36. Bade

    To be honest, the only way to remove Arsene can come through our players

    Robin should confront Arsene publicly, then the rest will follow

  37. Geoff

    Wenger has now made us a top 7 side, which is good because if he has any pride and he leaves at the end of the season, the new manager won’t have to play in Europe and can concentrate on the other competitions.

    But he won’t, what a mug, he could have bought in help and new players but he didn’t, what a bell-end.

  38. gambon

    This club is dead, Arsene is finished.

    Its like watching an old cunt with Dementia. The guy is embarrassing the club, and no one seems to care.

  39. OPG

    The club had a solid foundation that left in the summer and weren’t replaced properly, Cesc and Nasri were senior members but still young and quality players.
    Some players are already getting burned out as usual cause the squad isn’t good enough, there may be no more Bendtners or Denilsons but there are still alot of underperformers in the squad.
    But hey not like there are better players round.

  40. gooner-pak

    losing rvp for definitely and put jack on december transfer list

    when we lose arsene says we didn’t deserve to lose and now when we’ll end up out side top four at the end of season he’ll say we didn’t deserve to be outside top four

  41. Bade

    Apart from Arteta, we have no proper midfield

    Last year we had Cesc, Nasri, who both left due to the manager’s obsession with kids and underachievers, and Jack, who’s our for the season because at the age of 19 he was played to the ground because shite like Denilson, Diaby and Rosa, couldn’t perform

    Now we lost those three and didn’t replace them. So why anyone thinks we can get 4th? Last season with them we were lucky to stay 4th, why to think we can retain that with them going

  42. Bade

    This year has already the same hallmarks of the previous one, but in a much worse grade

    Last year we had a bad start, then pulled a nice run, then the other teams fluked so we were in a touching distance from the top of the league, then came January and it was obvious we need to add few in order to be competitive, Arsene didn’t he said the important player being out will come back, then he didn’t came back, then we ended in a major collapse and we were lucky to keep 4th

    The only difference this season is that our starting point is much worse, we’re already 7th, and we still have the late crumble to come on us ……

  43. Bade

    Hope today’s post will highlight the gratitudes of Le Grove for Arsenal’s first point this season, we need to look at the positives while they’re there!

  44. James Taunt

    Bade, once Arsenal move out of top 4, moving back in is even tougher. Look at Liverpool and how they spent insane amount of money. Suarez, Bellamy and Luis Enrique have clicked but there are duds like Downing and couple of others.

  45. Bra Widza

    We are getting what we deserve, nothing more nothing less. The players seem not to care. They don’t to each other. Keeper made a mistake did not seem to care or apologize to his teammates. Theo & Ramsey failed to convert chances & they didn’t apologize to their teammates. Song was stuffing up all & did not seem to care. It looks like it’s a each man for himself & no team work. IMO Theo, Ramsey & Song should be ‘rested’ for a while.