Serious Jack Wilshere News – Arsenal are looking to buy – Players back in contention

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Good morning Grover’s, last night was awash with rumour and counter rumour regarding the fitness of Jack Wilshere. Well I can confirm that the stories were right, I’ve been told there were issues on Wednesday and that he’s likely to face a minimum of 3 weeks on the sidelines. No one knows the extent of the problem yet… so it could be more serious.

I mentioned last week that his return was going to be hugely complicated, now that statement has come to fruition, we’re in a spot of bother. The good news is we’re looking to bring in players now. Much like the last window, losses and issues have forced the boss and the club into a corner, so hopefully we’ll see a busy end to the month. You’d have to hope someone creative can be snared and certainly another defender has to be under consideration. Santos is back in the country, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near and return date yet.

This Jack return has all the hallmarks of the Vermaelen return last year, the only stroke of luck is that Jack broke a bone… just pray he didn’t fracture the same bone again because then we’re talking a career threatening problem.

The news isn’t all bad. We should have up to 7 players returning over the next week, I’ve heard that Arteta could be back for Sunday and our full back issue could be mostly under control the week after. Still, a week is a long time in football, so don’t get your hopes up until you see the ink on the team sheet. Sagna returning is the big one for me, we’ve missed his solidity and professionalism down the right. If we can get Gibbs in, at least we’ll have someone mobile in a position that demands it… even if he is positionally weak at times.

Sunday is looking like a massive day for us. An FA Cup would salvage our season to some degree and maybe Arsene’s career. Kenny Dalglish has been receiving lashing of over the top praise from Liverpool loving journo’s in the papers and I’d imagine calls for his head are at a premium, even if his huge outlay only returns a Carling Cup.

We need to take the competition seriously, we need to go at it with the right attitude and we need to get this club back to winning ways. Geoff and I went on a run of FA Cup finals back in the day, some of my best memories are from that competition, from Newcastle in 98, to just about everyone bar the Liverpool debacle after that!

Champions League quarter-final versus an FA Cup win? It’s FA Cup all day for me!

I recorded a podcast with Alex Fynn last night, sadly, it didn’t upload last night, which means I’ll have to sort that out this evening. Hopefully I’ll have that up for you tomorrow morning and with it, a nice offer on his book (Arsenal – Making of  Modern Superclub).

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Right, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Happy Friday!

P.S. Don’t go too crazy on the club before you know what the injury is… the return was complicated, set backs were inevitable, let’s just pray to Herbert Chapman it’s only minor. Before I go,imagine if Arsenal did this to us (Bayern)!

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  1. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    Evening all. I guess JW getting injured is as good as bad news gets, since our back is undeniable against the wall, again.
    Everybody wants Hazard of course. Not sure if we’ll swing it.
    More realistically we’ll put a bid in for Gourcuff I expect.
    More realistically still, we’ll tell Rosicky he’s the new starting creative AM.
    Most realistically, we’ll just play with 10 men until Diaby’s available.

  2. azed

    Arsenal are the most followed club in Nigeria followed closely by untd. I think Untd got about $1.5m from there tour of Nigeria and i think we can make as much as far as Gazidis knows what his is doing.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    azed…Isn’t Nigeria a place where American artist go and have sellout shows? Imagine Arsenal in town, I’m sure they’d make a lot of money…don’t under-estimate the power of International die hard fans.

  4. Bergkamp63

    Wenger’s probably thinking if only they had played chamakh, they would be through and I could have watched more of him !!

  5. Joppa Road

    Thomas: I enjoyed that. I was 15 when we played that game at Anfield in 89. I watched it with my friend Miles who was a Liverpool fan. Got up and hugged the TV when Thomas scored that goal. My boy is named after GG. Great night. Happy memories.

  6. Joppa Road

    Ivory I will point out that my son wasn’t born until 2001 but I always remembered that promise I made myself back in 89.

  7. IvoryGoonz

    “Together with Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn and Steve Bould, Adams was part of the “famous four” that lined up in Arsenal’s defence, which under George Graham was renowned for its well-disciplined use of the offside trap. On 1 January 1988, he became Arsenal captain at the age of 21;[3] he would remain club captain for the next 14 years until his retirement.

    Adams’s strong discipline of the defence was considered a factor in Arsenal winning the League Cup in 1986–87 and then the First Division championship twice; the first in 1988–89 after a win over Liverpool in the final game of the season; the second in 1990–91, losing once all season.”

  8. TonyS

    >>TonyS says:
    >>September 7, 2011 at 20:52


    >>I was told at the weekend that Wilshire is proper fucked. Dont count on seeing him anytime soon. Hope its not true 🙁

  9. Lurch LeRouge

    sharp intake of breath…

    wtf happened to 6 weeks Dial?

    ok silver lining, could that give us the opportunity to sell him!?

  10. IvoryGoonz

    an injury that should have lasted a couple weeks end up lasting a season.
    like Vermaelen.
    almost as long as Eduardo.
    and you seen Eduardo’s injury?
    steroids anyone?

  11. IvoryGoonz

    Mikel Arteta (Calf)

    Last Updated: 27 January

    Speaking on January 27, Arsene Wenger said: “He is very close to full training, Thierry Henry as well.”

    Last Game: Arsenal 1-0 Leeds – January 09, 2012

    More Mikel Arteta Stories

  12. IvoryGoonz

    I wouldnt be surprised if he won’t play, and Wenger just avoid saying it loudly to not force buying players, then in 5 days, tell us he won’t be back before 3 more weeks

  13. kwik fit

    Sometimes yes somtimes it ain’t easy. Cos Le Boss talk’s in riddles and those riddles are full off poppycock. But let’s face it we love the shit, fuckin love the shit .,Cos Arsenal Football Club is more important than Arsene Wenger more important than life it’s self! FFS!

  14. incesc

    what a bad month, we lost 3 games in a row then we found out wilshere is gone,


    ooooooooh to be a gooner

  15. Mohd Isa

    So Wenger says all his players are good enough. The results don’t lie. Makes sure they win against AV.Otherwise it will be back to the drawing board and more excuses.

  16. incesc

    im a bit drunk but if i remember correctly they had already written parmas name on the cup

    but our defence was insanely good and then alan smith scored with a perfect volley off the post

    we tried that volley in the playground all summer

  17. kwik fit

    incesc a game we should never have won. They had 3 of the best players in europe at the time. Can’t remember the names. We had a depleted team(just like today) our midfield was , if memory serves. (wait for it) Selley Morrow and hillier.
    That was one we got lucky in!!!
    Just one mind!

  18. kwik fit

    Sometime’s we reflect and realise what we were. Arsenal FC lives for ever!
    My first memory alan sunderland 1979 , my last PV 2005
    But the real memory’s are still in front!!

  19. kwik fit

    This next video contains scenes of strong language , sexual image and something that will give lurch an erection!

  20. kwik fit

    Last year I was in Seville in a pub and I had my arm round Kone!

    He was about to go to levante . And he said that he would dream about Arsenal and I just laughed!!
    Believe we are fucking real big ! But i think Charlie George and Liam Brady Ian Wright alan smith rocky rocastle michael thomas and the fucking gezzers!

  21. Moray

    wow, Kwik, that was a 30 post uninterrupted musical masturbation…

    Have we signed anyone yet? The news about Jack must have been leaked: normally Wenger would announce this kind of news only AFTER the transfer window shut, just like he did with the Verminator last season. Perhaps someone at the club is urging him to buy.

    So Arteta has shown signs of injury through being over played. Next will be Ramsay, and then who? cocks!

  22. ashvin

    Are the AKBs actual retards or do they pretend to be?It seems Rvp said ‘NO’ because of the crowd’s reaction rather than the substitution.How deluded can a person be?

  23. OPG

    Already had the warning signs with Cesc and his injuries now it’s Wilshere and Ramsey and Theo are being over played and over relied on now. People keep calling out for Wenger to play more the youngsters but it’s all cause the rest of the squad isn’t good enough especially when some of the better players and best players have left over the years.