Time to forget Wenger, his bizarreness and occasional fibbery, time to get the tissues out, it’s fantasy time!

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Ok I have said all I need to say about Arsene Wenger and his inability to understand what the fan base actually want, namely a few decent players and the odd trophy.

And save stating the obvious that we should do a January swap deal with Real madrid for Jose Mourinhio which we clearly won’t, I want to talk today about what could happen should the ‘odd one’ luck out with this team, the returning players, a spud/chav collapse and if he’s involved in a massive smash up with the ‘abitofcommonsensejuggernaut’

So this is the team we could soon have lining up to pick up the points and win trophies.


Sagna Vermaelen Mertesacker/Kozzer Santos

Diaby Arteta Wilshere

Oxo RVP Gervinho

Bench of Theo, Ramsey, Song, Coquelin and Fabianski

Yes I left out Song for Diaby because with Jack and Arteta we would have a midfield that would and could swap around and be where they are needed, not to mention skill over lack of pace and fundamental absence of any footballing knowledge.

Also, it’s time to bench players if they aren’t pulling their weight, either because they aren’t good enough, aren’t good enough yet, or complacent because they have no competition. Either way we are neither a nursery nor an indulgence, time to man up and manage.

The back four pick themselves but Mertesacker, Kozzer and Vermaelen should be vying for the centre back role and not the full back fill in, with Santos and Sagna back we will be in good shape, with Yennaris and Gibbs as back up as I think Jenkinson has crock written all over him.

The forward line needs someone in it that can attack, cross and find the goal. If the manager thinks Oxo will get fatigued he should have saved himself £15mil or left him in the academy all season.

Now if he did something like that, dropped his hapless favourites and sold his sh!te signings Chamakh, Squillaci, Bendtner, Denilson, Djourou, Park, Almunia and Rosicky we would have the money to reduce season ticket prices, as we know that as long as he’s in charge we won’t buy a decent footballer.

For years Pedro and I were telling him to get rid of Eboue, Senderos and Denilson, he wouldn’t, he played them over and over and over again, he even made up stats for them! (most completed passes in the Premiership was a classic for spinning head) Then one day they slipped out of the door quietly and he said nothing, have we missed them? My ring piece we have!

All I’m saying is he will eventually get shot of the crap I mentioned so why not now?

Ok that was a bit of fantasy but as now the whole footballing world has realised our manager tells porkies, shifts the blame to whoever is nearest, doesn’t listen to his coaching or medical staff and has complete control over our board and football club, then I may as well move onto something else, being proved right eventually gets a bit boring, so I am now going to indulge my fantasies!

I would take Mourinhio, I really would, but Ancelotti would do, anyone would to be honest as long as it wasn’t Phil Brown, Sam Allardyce of anyone connected with Tottenham or David Beckham.

Bergkamp with Steve Bould would do it! There I go again, fantasising!

Barca/Madrid was funny last night, it took Cesc all of 4 months to turn into a nasty Spanish card waving at the ref tosser, way to go Cesc, I hope you feel at home. Who taught you that, or was it in your DNA?

Finally I watched Liverpool and Man City last night, not a kid amongst them, so what chance do we stand fielding them, it’s a waste of a cup the way we play it, good luck Cardiff!

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Have a great day Grover’s next up, Villa in the cup!

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  1. dennisdamenace

    Joppa – Doesn’t it leave a nasty taste in the mouth though when OGL spouts on about wages preventing us from competing when he’s on such a fucking earner?

  2. dennisdamenace

    Fuck me ragged!!

    Fucking prices for flights to Malaga!!

    Must be the same fucking ticketing agency that work for Arsenal…..

    Fucking rip-offs!!

  3. goonerDNA

    DDM, Usmanov is so in with the Russian politicians and mafia he doesn’t need to become a big figure in the west and doesn’t need to hide behind a football club so I wouldn’t compare the him with Abramovic.

  4. arsenal tom

    lurch… you trying to out doom me now mate!? ha

    either way it doesn’t look great for us as long as theres no real pressure or on Wenger to achieve anything or invest whats available to him.

    Dont really know how ambitious Stan is a club owner but the fact he’s over here about once every six months says allot his genuine interest.

  5. Lurchlerouge


    I’ve read all that Craig Murray stuff and I still think Usmanov is a reasonable option.

    Are you aware that wallmart, insure their employees in the event of death? They make more money employing retirees to collect Market trolleys in catparks from their deaths than it costs to employ them, they don’t share any of the payout with the families of the employed either.

    It’s absolutely disgusting and that’s Kroenkes company. The fact remains financial success of that order comes through flouting human rights regularly, no billionaire is innocent.

    Isn’t also a little weird how Mr Murray has made it his life mission to wage a vendetta? I don’t want to defend Usmanov but there’s a load that doesn’t stack up.

  6. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    “Lurchlerouge says:
    January 26, 2012 at 16:34
    Not sure Atom,

    I’ve the suspicion SKE are acquiring franchises with a view to bundling sports products into their own online channel when it all goes that way.

    They’ve seen the writing on the wall, there’s more revenue to be made eventually through merch and broadcast rights with an expanded global Market so their amassing content. Economies of scale in distribution etc….

    Which if you think about it is DOOMier than fattening us up for eventual sale.”


    This. Absolutely. It’s called Kroenke Sports Enterprises, not Kroenke, A Guy Who Loves Watching Sports!

    At the same time, remember that you pick your own poison. Did not the board let him buy more and more shares so that Usmanov wouldn’t be able to take over? It’s a little sad, but it was almost like a tug-of-war of billionaires vying to take over Arsenal. Feels like the club itself is a little lost in all of this…

  7. dennisdamenace

    Me? I couldn’t give a toss.

    I just want an owner that will oversee investment in the playing dside for a change.

    An owner who is more interested in winning trophies than in the re-sale value of some random fucking player.

  8. paul mc daid

    Wenger,Primovic,Rice,PHW,Ivan the clown,Stan the wank and the rest off the gutless board have destroyed the team,it is only a matter off time before they destroy the club,we need a takeover our we will die.

  9. Honest Bill

    The problem with Diaby, in my opinion, is that despite his obvious skill and talent, he is a bit slow. Doesn’t ever see the bigger picture, and would prefer to show off than actually help Arsenal win a game.

    All of that could have been learned with some experience, but that only comes with a decent run of games. He never gets that because he’s always injured.

    Is he better than Modric? Not in my opinion, but either way who cares? Modric actually plays the game, Diaby doesn’t.

    I know which one i’d rather have

  10. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    DDM – Well, that’s unfortunately unlikely. Everybody wants financial return as well. But I’m with you. If you own a football club, you should just be fucking happy that you own a fucking football club!! How many people can boast that?! I wish owners were more like their fans: willing to pay for their entertainment and fulfillment. I’m not saying you should go broke pouring your fortune onto the pitch, but come on, you should expect it to COST you money. You should be paying for what it’s giving you. Not trying to squeeze money out of it. There are a lot of *much* better industries to turn a profit in, if that’s what you’re after.

  11. Joppa Road

    Agree DDM, priority should be trophies, not profits.

    Wilshere and Modric are different types of players IMO.

    What a fck up this whole season is.

  12. Lurchlerouge

    IT billionaires stand a better chance it’s true Kush. I imagine that genius billionaire out in California building electric vehicles and space craft is also fairly clean.

    Just make sure you pay your taxes properly when you get there 😉 oh and I’ll have a seat in your box at arsenal in exchange for culutural advice!

  13. Lurchlerouge


    Yeah the club is a bit lost in it all, new concrete stadium, no footballing men on the board responsible for future planning…

    I think the clubs identity will re emerge when we win some silverware though. Right now there’s no history at the Grove. Part of making a fortress is the history a stadium emits and right now we’re a bit of a blank page.

  14. Lurchlerouge

    Lol Kush,

    Your Lear jet might be busy, he lives in Australia with his mother.

    He’s half Indian though so you can teach him about his heritage.

  15. IvoryGoonz

    John: ok, one quick one on the way home, ref Jenkinson.
    So he’s a worldclass player right according to you?
    Now let’s compare to actual ex Arsenal players, at same age, in same positions.
    At 19, Ashley Cole took over Sylvinho when the latter went on long term injury. He actually kept that position even when Sylvinho came back from injury. He won the PL twice, FA cup twice.
    Clichy? In his first season he was part of the Invincibles, whether some like it or not. At 18 and 10 months Clichy was the youngest player to ever get a PL medal. Cole still was the first choice for 3 years before he became first choice.
    And you’re basically saying Jenkinson is in the same class as these 2?
    I don’t know what you’re drinking, but if it’s not Wenger’s piss, I’ll have a pint of the same.

  16. Lurchlerouge

    Doubt it, he’s on scholarship at a school of gifted nerds. Besides he considers himself Australian, being born there and all.

  17. arsenal1886-2006

    What a F*****g hypocrite………… John Cross column yesterday criticising Arsenal fans for getting on Wengers back.
    “Why it’s the Arsenal fans who don’t know what they’re doing, not Arsene Wenger”.


    And from last week.
    “That’s where Wenger is letting himself down. Those fans, loyal to the end, should be listened to and respected. Surely they want signings and deserve signings to try and get the club back into the top four.”



  18. Lurchlerouge

    Haha. I blame AW kush, United were winning everything while he was at school in islington and he’s a contrary little shit. I’m sure it was more of a wind up than real passion and he likely prefered pokemon more than United if it’s any consolation.

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    whats the latest on Diaby anyhow? besides a crocked hamstring?

    is it true he’s on a pilgrimage to mecca or something?

  20. Lurch LeRouge

    oooooh like it.

    need some quality coming in the other way though… he’s worth the odd assist now and then….

    its gone awfully quiet – could something be brewing??

  21. frenchie

    twatter suggests julian draxlar was scouted. he is good, will be very good. he also stated that being linked with arsenal made him “verry happy.”

  22. frenchie

    rico wrote about possible hazard and vertonghen.

    but nice to see that the hazard and vermaelen are cousins rumour was debunked.

  23. dennisdamenace

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    January 26, 2012 at 18:23
    whats the latest on Diaby anyhow? besides a crocked hamstring?

    is it true he’s on a pilgrimage to mecca or something?

    Lurch – I can report that as of 18:58 today About Diaby is still a cunt.

  24. Lurchlerouge

    I thought it was rebunked?

    As in distant cousins…3rd twice removed blah blah

    Later, off to park my car on the m25.

  25. follow the money

    Good post but the Mourinho idea is totally unrealistic. He’s a mercenary which I could care less about but the reason he would never come to Arsenal–at this point in tine anyway–is he’s an opportunist. He looks at teams that have most of the pieces in place for the type of team he wants to build–which is for lack of a better term Italian style, with defenders like Maicon and Walter Samuel or John Terry or Ricky Carvalho or Sergio Ramos. He prefers veteran players. Men, if you will. He would never work with “kids” and would demand big money to spend, which is why we will never see him at AFC in the near future. It’s unfortunate, because he could return us to winning ways and would be perfect for a return of the one-nil to the Arsenal. It’s just not gonna happen

  26. Xagu

    Lurchlerouge says:
    January 26, 2012 at 15:35

    Fact is you should stop watching just Arsenal games… Slightly above average PL standard IMO.

    Presumptuous and non sensical. Your opinions worth shit new boy till you establish some credibility so perhaps some manners are in order until that time arrives?

    Nice one… I’ve been on here for two years smartass, ever since A-mania went totally AKB. I only have a rear opportunity to actually post, but I read the blog everyday.

    Some of us have work to do, you know… Besides if you want to check my credibility read some of my posts today.
    Fact is you don’t know me, I’ve been supporting this club and seen almost every game for the last 15 years. I could probably teach Arsenal, I was one of the first onto the Wenger out bandwagon, and I don’t have to prove jack shit to a squirp like you.

    Pardon my french, but I could not care less if you don’t find my comments “credible” just because this is the first time you see them. In fact you should probably be a little careful just listening to what you see as “credible” sources, cuz using that line of thought will quicly leave you without any credible sources , my friend.

    Hope that was PG enough for you?

  27. arsenal1886-2006

    Following this Redknapp tax affair should open a few eyes amongst the fans of all clubs.

    “He said his co-defendant had not wanted him to sign Crouch in the first place.

    “Mandaric told me ‘He’s useless. I think you are going to have to pay me 10%’,” Mr Redknapp told police.
    Milan Mandaric Serbian-born Milan Mandaric is now chairman of Sheffield Wednesday

    When England striker Crouch was sold on for a £3m profit, Mr Redknapp said he was due 10%.

    The court has already heard he was unhappy after his cut of transfer profits was reduced to 5% when he took on the managerial role at the club.

    But Mr Mandaric paid $145,000 (£93,100) into the Monaco account as an extra “bonus” for the deal, according to Mr Redknapp, although Mr Mandaric claimed this was an investment, jurors have heard”

    I would like to know if Arsene gets a similar deal? It would explain a great deal about his purchase of cheap players and his selling of our best players. Does he take “Bungs” from players agents to bump up their salaries to the extraordinary wages we pay some of the dross on our books?

    This is not just about Wenger but all the managers on the Premier League roundabout, just look how many have been sacked for being shit, but then they walk back into a job the next day and re-sign the dross that got them the sack in the first place.

    This case has got me thinking that what Harry has done is nothing new, he was just unlucky to be caught.

  28. IvoryGoonz

    I’m sorry, that’s a long one, skip it if your name isn’t John or silly Bob or silent stan.

    1) “Show some respect for christ sakes to Arsene Wenger! “
    yeah, eventually, if we disrespect Wenger, Christ is gonna die because of us… We always knew OGL is Jesus. One fact: you earn respect by showing respect. It’s not a given, and you eventually lose it if you don’t maintain that relationship.
    2) “The man is our greatest ever manager its quite obvious the stadium has affected us greater than people expected”
    You sit in the past and on promises. Who did a shite job at assessing how much the move would actually affect us? Dein by saying we couldn’t sustain trophies and move stadium at same time? Or Wenger by actually proving it couldn’t be done? Wenger mis-sold you a product, keeps claiming it does all it promised. You’re being scammed, and you don’t even realise it.
    3) “Even now look at our income apart from our stadium we make dont generate alot of income. Poor commercial/Sponsorship deals, wage bill is increasing (Wilshere, Szczesny etc signing new contracts). They only way we are going to keep up with the rest is by increasing ticket prices or selling players.”
    Where to start on that one? Whose fault is it that these deals are not renegotiated, and who made the actual deals? Whose fault is it gonna be when the times comes to renew them, that we haven’t had any success on the pitch the last years to command better deals? Usmanov I suppose? The only way we are going to keep up with the rest is by selling first all the crap taking dust on our shelves and getting rid of your idol. Even if that means giving them to charity.
    4) “We still have a net debt of £98M. I can see why the club dont want to provide funds for the manager”
    how much was it a year ago, and the year before? You’re totally dissociated from realities , as Thomas posted earlier, just look at how much money is going in, and how much is going out. You’ll realise a lot of money has gone to repay the debt, and directly on the cash account to make interest money rather than reinvested in the squad.
    5) “We dont make alot of money apart from gates so it would be risk o spend money increase the debt rather than trying to clear the debt off”
    which is clearly due to the shit deals Wenger and his clique set up, and reason why Wenger spend his time selling our players? Reason why we make like 15m profit on players transfers this year. Selling all the dross will free more than 100m between the cash of transfer money, and the lower wage bill add to that the transfer kitty of around 60m, I don’t understand why AKBs keep claiming we don’t have money. Then you can rebuild. But we all know Wenger will only ever rebuild with Mark II. Not with the actual model he should have picked from the start. And that would be just more paper over the cracks, and more dross to sell.

    6) “Peter Hill Wood has said “We have been planning not to qualify for the champions league every year” That suggests the board havent given Wenger money just in case we dont qualify and lose more money.”
    Now, that clearly says we have plenty of money on cash account to absorb a year without CL money. That’s not saying they didn’t give money to spend. Just that on top raising the ticket prices, and the existing transfer kitty, they also managed to save enough money on our asses and on OUR club’s success to do without it. Also, the more you prepare for something to happen, the more likely it will happen. If we had focused on winning, rather than avoiding to lose, we wouldn’t be there.
    7) “Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is an 18 year old winger FFS! Of course hes not going to play 90mins on his first start! Even for the England under 21s Pearce has taken him off at the 70-75 min mark”
    So was Clichy when he started, so was Cole. And they were playing full games at that age. Are you saying kids these days are less resistant than previous generations? I thought the academy level was supposed to improve, not to decrease player’s level. If he couldn’t play 90mins at 18, which manager in his own right mind would spend 12+3m on him? The same scenario happened with Walcott, 5m+7.5m, the most expensive 16yr old ever at the time. That’s already 25m that could have gone to class players like David Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. What’s the point of the youth project if you spend almost more on buying youngsters for the future, rather than improving your first 11?
    8) “There is money there isnt sufficient funds available. People forget our transfer budget covers the players wages +Fee. So if you sign Hazard for £30M you have to pay him £5M wages. So thats £35M gone.”

    Ok, first you say there’s no money, now we have. Make up your mind, or do like our Le Grove accountants, and go check the figures yourself in the annual reports.
    Taking us for simple minded is really offending. You assume we do. We are perfectly aware. But you are wrong on your calculation. You will only fork out 30m. wages payments are usually split over 12 months, not payed as a lump sum. Finally, nothing prevent you from offering 10 cash and 20 over 4 years for transfer fee.
    More chances at trophies and the rest … every win and draw in CL brings more money than EuropaL. Trophies brings more money than penny pinching. Man U is a direct proof of that. Finally, a 3m player will have almost no impact on shirt sales and broadcasting, and sponsorships. If a 3m player with rank 25 in the pick list generates 120k in shirt sales, a 30m player in the top 5 of the team will generate at least 10 times more. The greater the asset, the higher the re-sellable value. Buying a player 12-15m at 16-17 and selling him for 25 at 24-25 or 15 at 28-29, is a huge fuckin loss of money. There will always be at least 10 times more people wanting a Fabregas shirt than people wanting a Jenkinson shirt. And the benefits exponentially grows over the years. When you spend 30m in transfer fee on a player, you shouldn’t look only at how much it cost that’s just plain dumb, and very Wenger. How much it saves you, and how much more you will earn if you do are the question you should ask if you had a positive attitude to the market. While Wenger let our club stagnates, because he refuses to adapt to the new financial situation around, and expects Platini (who’s never been a friend of Wenger btw) to enforce to the slightest detail with FIFA money against Oil money in the courts so that he can keep profiteering the board and himself? Our manager chose to stick to his economics rule of buying low and selling high, ignoring the big picture, and that he still plays with pocket money when there’s plenty in the cash account and kitty transfer. When he spends 15m for Arshavin, he doesn’t even play him at in his natural position while at his age, it takes a lot of his training and motivation to adapt to another position when there’s already someone better at that who can play there.
    “Wilshere will look at Hazard’s wages and go “OH I deserve more money than him”. Wilshere will demand £120,000 a week wages increase. Chamberlain will ask for £130,000 etc. Wages would inflate straight away.”
    With Wenger in charge, maybe, every other decent manager would look at quality/wage/position, and apply a strict skills/performances scale as well as refuse new contracts to players that have spent more time injured than playing, and are impeding the growth of the other players. Every decent manager wouldn’t pay higher than the relative importance of the player in the squad. Every decent manager would pay Sagna at least 60k basic weekly wage. Not ours. Every decent manager would have given Havard Nordtveidt (sorry for the non Norwegian letters) his opportunity in the first team after he did all he was asked to, and shone in the german league. And you talk about Jenkinson? You’re kidding me right?
    Look, tell me how much you can get for these players, how much you think they cost in wages, and you add it all up. Then give us all a figure, and let’s have a laugh around how we would spend it:
    GK: Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone,
    DF: Squillaci, Djourou, Jenkinson, Gibbs, (Mertesacker)
    MF: Denilson, Diaby, Arshavin, Rosicky, Benayoun, Lansbury
    ST: Park, Chamakh, Vela, Bendtner
    Youth: Ansah, Brislen-Hall, Hajrovic, Henderson, Hoyte, McDermott, Meade, Angha, Rees, Wynter, Monakana, Bihmoutine, Glasgow, Charles-Cook, Fagan

    9) “Apart from gate revenue we are not making enough money (Blame the board 6/7 years ago) to cover expenditure”
    apart form players sales and flat sales. Spend wisely to earn more.
    10) “The new FFP rules are coming in which could help us out massively if it works and everyone rrespects the rule”
    yeah, was waiting for that one, tell me, God said don’t kill your brother. Still doesn’t prevent some from finding ways to do it does it? How FIFA is gonna say sponsors they can’t spend anymore as much money as they want on football? They’ll just go and spend it elsewhere maybe? Great. Good thing. I’m sure the sustainable model will save us after that when Man U, Chelsea, Man City, are told they can’t get more than 5 sponsorship deals, and not more than 10m each.

    11) “Sebastien Squillaci if you at his CV you would think hes a £50,000 week a player but he simply just hasnt adapted to English football. I remember him for Sevilla when they won the UEFA cup he was fantastic for them.”
    I remember him as playing shit. Sevilla had already won the Copa del Rey the year before he went there and was considered as one of the best teams in the world between 2005 and 2007, (was first at the IFFHS at that time for very long periods) before he came. He then played 32 league games his first season there, they finished 5th. The next year they won the Copa del Rey, he only played 16 games in the league, and only 1! In the Copa del Rey. For sure he was fantastic for them. We just don’t have the same notion my fellow Gunner.
    12) “Abou Diaby is a top top player”
    Abou Diaby is an ok player when fit. He’s way too stupid to ever reach Gourcuff’s level when Diaby is fit, and Gourcuff injured.
    13) “Kieran gibbs is 21 another great prospect”
    at same age Ashley Cole and Clichy were playing week in, week out, and we were winning trophies.
    14) “They will get over their injuries”
    and get other ones. There’s no coincidences.
    15) “They are still young and more importantly full of quality”
    Quality without end product is just shit. Whether you like it or not (looks like you do), shit is still shit, and facts are what they are. They are injured more often than others, and for some, more often than not. We need first 11 and 25 man squad quality. Not 52 average players.
    16) “Look if you have a mortgage on a house for your not going to spend money increase your debt your going to save money and pay the mortgage off before spending”
    your money doesn’t brings you more money in if you spend more. That’s a very bad comparison.
    17) “If you thought we had money in 2005-2008 you are naive and fickle.”
    See Thomas’s post at 13:46, and every other detailed analysis from that Arsenal fanatic whose financial awareness is way beyond Wenger’s Bac+2 in economics.
    18) “At the time Arsenal before the stadium were competing winning things but it became obvious when the move was going to happen we would be affected.”
    When the move happened, we ended up with a much bigger attendance capacity, a higher ticket price, and still didn’t challenge for first..
    19) “We had to slash our wage bill straight away and rely on Champions league to cover expenditure”
    Like what? Selling Fabregas and Nasri? Raising Diaby?
    20) “Our sponsor/commercial deals werent providing enough.”
    Whose fault really?
    21) “We also had a 10 year loan repayment structure.”
    And so?
    22) “Stan Kroenke has never sold a share”
    you’re right. He gives them away to his kid instead.

    ->Kroenke agreed to turn over control of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche to his son, Josh, by the end of 2010, and he must give up his majority stake in both teams by December 2014. The NFL does not allow its owners to hold majority control of major league teams in other NFL markets.[4]

    After a dad who doesn’t really come to games, and doesn’t really care about how the club is managed or run, as long as it makes money and the share doesn’t drop, what kind of kid are we gonna get? He’s already got Wal-Mart empire to prey upon. What does he care about a football club, it’s not even HIS football, it’s just soccer.
    Hmm. Great. Sustainable model and ambition.

    23) “Hes actually a sports fanatic”
    Hence why Kroenke obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Missouri. He’s a mogul. Not a sports fanatic.
    24) “LOL deadwood: Bendtner, Vela, Rocky, Arshavin, Almunia, Diaby, Squilacci, Denilson, Mannone. Again fans being fickle. You cant have a 30 world class players in your squad.”
    When is the last time you have seen play 1 of them shine for us? Seriously? You can’t have 30 world class players. But you can have at least 11. and 11 in good shape to become world class.
    Do the maths yourself, and tell me how many world class players we have that would walk in Barca first 11. Come on, I’m waiting for you.
    25) “When you have injuries of course inferior players will come in”
    now because you like apparently maths, and invoking the good old injury excuse, go and check Man U‘s position in the league, and how many injuries to first 11 players they have. Some of their ‘inferior players’ are way better than some of our first 11.
    26) “Unless your city and can afford to pay bench players £90,000 a week”
    so with your logic, Liverpool has beaten Man City in the cup because Man City can put 90k/wk players on the bench right?
    27) “Rosicky has been brilliant this year”
    Past his prime, and clearly not good enough for a title challenging side. He’s one of those players who never won a medal with Arsenal,
    28) “Bendtner is an international hes 23, Vela is an international hes 22, Denilson is 22, Mannone is 23”
    all past the age at which they’d already have bloomed at the Arsenal if they were good enough.
    All out on loan because they aren’t good enough for first team, and “too good to be sold” for Wenger and the likes of you. But it’s Wenger, the likes of you, and those players, that are holding the club.
    29) “It amazes me when fans write off young players saying they are this and that lol Did Bendtner and Vela ever play 4 games in a run as a striker for the first team? Diaby’s problem is injuries not quality Almunia is leaving contract expired likewise with Mannone i think as well fabianski.”
    All these are young players? They are no more young players. They’ve all been long enough at the club to know they aren’t good enough. When you’re paid what they are paid, there shouldn’t be any remorse. They are all professional players at that stage.
    What does Bendtner do instead of scoring goals after goals on loan to prove is worth to Arsenal? Insult pizzeria owners, destroy cars, insult the club. You think Mourinho would still have such a player on the payroll???

    Fuck I’m only up to 10:54? You kidding me right ?
    · · AC Gooner says:
    January 26, 2012 at 10:58
    LOL, it takes a lot of quile and cunning skill to make fourth consistently.
    Thanks, that’s great to see the support of the fans in my achievement, and I will try again. J
    After all, 4th is still a trophy, and I saved some money by being connected 20s less than the first one J

  29. Keyser

    arsenal1886-2006 – Apparently it’s 13% of all transfer profits, don’t quote me on it though not quite sure of the figures.

  30. arsenal1886-2006

    I bow to you Ivory, the best and most concise response I have seen on LeGrove or any other blog.

    Thumbs up……

  31. Bra Widza

    Did we actually buy Gervinho because of shooting skills? He is really embarrassing Arsenal at the moment with the many chances he is missing right now

  32. Evan

    Whatever happened to Stewart Houston?

    Wiki: In August 2008 it was reported that Stewart Houston was back at Arsenal, some 12 years after leaving the club, when he was rumoured to be scouting for the club. The Daily Mirror claimed Houston had been keeping tabs on Ipswich striker Danny Haynes (im from ipswich and glad this didn’t happen, but is he still a scout?

  33. OPG

    Kalou off injured he’ll fit in then. He’s got a good international record but he’s so inconsistent in the league.

  34. IvoryGoonz

    arsenal1886: thanks, that’s too much honour, I can’t take it though I’m afraid, I have to be honest 😉
    I’m sure there’s been other great posts over the years.
    But I sure became expert at answering W.B.
    How about Pedro and Geoff dig us a top 10 posts over the first 1 000 000th first comments?
    Challenge for them, (shit load of work 🙂 ), treat for us, great overview on the history? anyone?

  35. Evan

    Ivory ha ha ha, we got beat down that game, brilliant by Houston

    He went on to say that ” also, Olympiakos showed in the last 3 games that they have no plan when going forward. They all attack with with no plan, leaving the defense exposed. This transition game will cost Olympiakos dear..”

    Who’s defense was exposed?

  36. IvoryGoonz

    lol, I’ve been told by a colleague who still talks with the ex-bitter colleague he replaced that I’m only good at access databases.
    if she only knew me, she’d wonder if she shouldn’t add another lock on the door.

  37. SUGA3

    well, every genius must be a little mad, usually, it’s a case of continuous struggle between the former and the latter, the subject is perceived on the basis of which one wins…

  38. IvoryGoonz

    hm. not a massive shit.
    a concise answer to one who did a long diarrhea one over more than 8 hours while some are actually working, but he won’t say I didn’t warn I’d come back to start answering though … – John or whatever his other IP is – who just ignore all these years of Pedro and the Bear blogging.
    I mean, if you don’t have anything to do, and you don’t like the discussion, but you are bored, have a go, check the old posts, and feel the vibe.
    or at least try.
    just pissing some names like that, and opinions, without even the slightest knowledge of football, to me, is someone who needs to have a hard shock first to learn. look Keyser, he’s almost become civilised around here, almost says hello.
    (Hi Keyser ! – no offence Dale?!)

  39. IvoryGoonz

    Im not even talking about some who talk about banning AKBs while plenty of them are still there reading or posting, and no one killed them or banned them. the fact some AKBs were banned was more due to their general behaviour towards Pedro, Geoff, and Le Grove in general, than their actual opinion.

  40. SUGA3

    dude, I am actually complimenting you and saying ‘thank you’, as I am currently unable to fight the AKB hordes with my typing capabilities severely limited by a little accident 😉

  41. frenchie

    masturbating to your own lady killa status when showering is detrimental you your health, sug. just saying.

    oh, and geoff band that word…dood. 😉

  42. SUGA3

    when was Jack due back again?

    if it was not anywhere near this time, it’s just another transfer window story, if he was due, say, mid February, it may prove correct, IMO…

  43. IvoryGoonz

    JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    Don’t believe what @Afobe you lot know I would never watch such rubbish #IhaveAlife #Growupbenik
    24 Janv
    strangely, I do believe Benik 😉

  44. zacharse

    why not have vermaelen/koz play in song’s role
    it seems like a shame to not have both on the field whenever possible- the trio of koz, mert and verm are the REAL CORE of our team

  45. IvoryGoonz

    SUGA3 says:
    January 26, 2012 at 21:04


    oh well, guess who has a couple of nurses coming around to feed, bathe and roll fat ones for the poor suffering patient? :mrgreen:
    🙂 send me some (ladies, got the rest)

  46. kwik fit

    Have a gut feeling that these wilshire rumours are true. Also wouldn’t be surprised if everything was kept hush hush until the window closed.
    If so the guys running our club are tossers of the highest degree! (as if we didn’t know already)

  47. IvoryGoonz

    what Wilshere setback? he’s always been planned to miss most of the season. whoever told you contrary was just lying.
    there’s no way with such an injury at his age he could recover his touch, balance, and fitness so quick.
    especially spending lot of time exercising his thumbs on Fifa12.

  48. IvoryGoonz

    excuses and more excuses.
    when someone fooled you once, they’ll try again, if it still works, they’ll keep doing so until you say stop.
    if you keep paying, what’s the chance they’ll stop taking it?

  49. IvoryGoonz

    how many times has Wenger used the handbrake excuse?
    has he found it?
    did he file a discovery report? I didn’t see anything, but I must admit my head is deep inside Wenger’s ass, so I can’t see any more. not my fault.

  50. IvoryGoonz

    Can we have a good old booing at half time and after the game but not during?
    at least cameras are still there, there’ll be lot of publicity, stewards can’t stop it, players will know it’s not for them, they will still feel support when second half starts till end, and AKBs won’t say we don’t support Arsenal.
    no more excuses.

  51. BIG AL

    Maybe the Hazard rumours are true because Wilshere has had a setback and Arsenal don’t want it to become public as to get the Hazard price to increase…

  52. kwik fit

    Silent Stan and the board must go . All our efforts must be directed at them. Leave the team and the manager alone (for now).
    The Yank does not give one fuck about Arsenal FC , our club or our history. He is a greedy bastard who sponges of the back of others. The board are yes men who knee in front of their master. Yes get the greedy yank out!

  53. kwik fit

    The Hazard rumours are complete tripe because 25/30m is 25/30m more than Silent Stan want’s to spend on our club.

  54. IvoryGoonz

    DS: even last season, 3 weeks from now in the calendar we beat Barca 2-1 home. can you just even imagine it happening this year? after the return game against Milan, there’s only 8 EPL games left.
    it’s 7 years it’s warranted.
    7 years it’s postponed.

  55. frenchie


    two words: sponge and bath.

    nurse! oh nurse! not only do i have an itch…down there…i may need wash too.

  56. frenchie

    Renato Julian Draxler: “I’ve read about this [Arsenal watching me]. That has made me very happy …”

  57. geekpie

    poor ol’ ‘arry can’t write, he’s never even sent a text message, fax or filled in team lines. he’s the most dis-organised person in the world. You gotta laugh at that nonsense. Shortly after being let off he’ll write a book about it.

  58. Lurch LeRouge


    cage well and truly rattled.

    did you read that bullshit back before posting it xagu?

    Your right we don’t know each other and its quite funny really because in one breath you accuse me of not knowing you – of course, how could I? – but by the same token you don’t know me, yet in your first address you presumed you did

    “Fact is you should stop watching just Arsenal games… Slightly above average PL standard IMO.”

    Interestingly, your preaching to me like your football knowledge is somehow superior because you watch games other than Arsenals. But hang on we don’t know each other right? are you so guilty of hypocrisy that its spewing out over the floor by your second post?

    Preaching seems to be a recurring theme with you doesn’t it?

    ” I could probably teach Arsenal” – quite frankly thats hilarious, I love that kind of grandstanding because it says more about you in one paragraph than it might have taken weeks to otherwise glean.

    Your literally poring yourself out to me chest pumped aren’t you and the vulnerability is palpable.

    “i couldn’t care less if you don’t find my comments “credible””,

    lets add short term memory loss to you shrinks to-do-list shall we.
    Because lets not forget It was you that brought your credibility into play not me, thats what IMO means by the way. Its a linguistic device that rely’s on the reader being familiar with the poster’s knowledge, hence my credibility statement. So asking me recognise your opinion is simply futile, doubly so if you’ve just been ill mannered enough to presume my knowledge is limited to Arsenal.

    I also love the old ‘some of us have work to do’ excuse, its up there with classics like Wenger’s ‘I didn’t see it’. You are aware that in this digital age many people work at terminals all day long yeah? its not so difficult to manage a few lines of text now and then is it?, maybe it is for you, I shouldn’t presume to know you, after all maybe multitasking isn’t your strong point.

    Then you throw in stuff like squirp & smartass and I’m starting to get a pretty clear image of you & inferiority is a recurring theme to be honest.

    Strange to think all this fuss because I made a disposable comment about Kozzers ability, which wasn’t even really directed at you. You were just waiting for an excuse to pull your little cock out and attempt to piss on someone.

    yup I didn’t know you before, but i really feel like I do now.


    and what was that crap about leaving me without a credible sources?! pure gibberish. I’ve got this picture of bile brimming over lip as your little sausage fingers smash random shit into your keyboard trying to exorcise a circular thought demon.

    nnnngghhhhhhhhh credible, nnnnggghhhhgggghhnnnnghhh

    credible, credible, credible.


  59. IvoryGoonz

    remember, this was our squad just 10 years ago

    Pos  Name
    G David Seaman
    G Stuart Taylor
    G Richard Wright
    D Tony Adams
    D Sol Campbell
    D Ashley Cole
    D Lee Dixon
    D Martin Keown
    D Oleh Luzhnyi
    D Igors Stepanovs
    D Matthew Upson
    M Edu
    M Gilles Grimandi
    M Junichi Inamoto
    M Lauren
    M Fredrik Ljungberg
    M Ray Parlour
    M Jermaine Pennant
    M Robert Pires
    M Giovanni van Bronckhorst
    M Patrick Vieira
    F Dennis Bergkamp
    F Thierry Henry
    F Francis Jeffers
    F Nwankwu Kanu
    F Sylvain Wiltord

  60. IvoryGoonz

    gambon says:
    January 26, 2012 at 11:46

    So do you think maybe its better to say….”Arsenal arent willing to pay market rate.”

    -> Hail Gambon, Hail!
    exact same reason I’m going back to Paris for work. 6 years of unrewarding servitude is enough.

  61. frenchie

    psg continues to buy, buy, buy. it must be soothing, knowing that your billionaire owner cares to invest in the product he purchased.

    alex to psg tomorrow…

  62. Lurch LeRouge

    isn’t he at Milwall?

    sounded like such a good idea, toughen him up.

    alas he just disappeared into a housing project never to be seen again.

  63. IvoryGoonz

    to me the bit that sold me john is his we-way

    “John says:
    January 26, 2012 at 12:28

    If we spend money our expenditure will increase and thus ticket prices will go up we are struggling to find new ways of increasing income.

    Highbury house profits have gone back into paying loan repayments

    Queensland hasnt even started yet.”

    right. missed that one. fair enough.
    all right.
    if we spend money=expenditure will increase. it’s the same thing.
    but no, it doesn’t mean ticket prices would go up. just that sales have to keep growing which is what you then say “we are struggling” (or that we have to sale for equivalent amount in fee+wage freed but that’s just an idea like that, never been tested really…) despite this, THEY still got paid nice bonuses.