Time to forget Wenger, his bizarreness and occasional fibbery, time to get the tissues out, it’s fantasy time!

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Ok I have said all I need to say about Arsene Wenger and his inability to understand what the fan base actually want, namely a few decent players and the odd trophy.

And save stating the obvious that we should do a January swap deal with Real madrid for Jose Mourinhio which we clearly won’t, I want to talk today about what could happen should the ‘odd one’ luck out with this team, the returning players, a spud/chav collapse and if he’s involved in a massive smash up with the ‘abitofcommonsensejuggernaut’

So this is the team we could soon have lining up to pick up the points and win trophies.


Sagna Vermaelen Mertesacker/Kozzer Santos

Diaby Arteta Wilshere

Oxo RVP Gervinho

Bench of Theo, Ramsey, Song, Coquelin and Fabianski

Yes I left out Song for Diaby because with Jack and Arteta we would have a midfield that would and could swap around and be where they are needed, not to mention skill over lack of pace and fundamental absence of any footballing knowledge.

Also, it’s time to bench players if they aren’t pulling their weight, either because they aren’t good enough, aren’t good enough yet, or complacent because they have no competition. Either way we are neither a nursery nor an indulgence, time to man up and manage.

The back four pick themselves but Mertesacker, Kozzer and Vermaelen should be vying for the centre back role and not the full back fill in, with Santos and Sagna back we will be in good shape, with Yennaris and Gibbs as back up as I think Jenkinson has crock written all over him.

The forward line needs someone in it that can attack, cross and find the goal. If the manager thinks Oxo will get fatigued he should have saved himself £15mil or left him in the academy all season.

Now if he did something like that, dropped his hapless favourites and sold his sh!te signings Chamakh, Squillaci, Bendtner, Denilson, Djourou, Park, Almunia and Rosicky we would have the money to reduce season ticket prices, as we know that as long as he’s in charge we won’t buy a decent footballer.

For years Pedro and I were telling him to get rid of Eboue, Senderos and Denilson, he wouldn’t, he played them over and over and over again, he even made up stats for them! (most completed passes in the Premiership was a classic for spinning head) Then one day they slipped out of the door quietly and he said nothing, have we missed them? My ring piece we have!

All I’m saying is he will eventually get shot of the crap I mentioned so why not now?

Ok that was a bit of fantasy but as now the whole footballing world has realised our manager tells porkies, shifts the blame to whoever is nearest, doesn’t listen to his coaching or medical staff and has complete control over our board and football club, then I may as well move onto something else, being proved right eventually gets a bit boring, so I am now going to indulge my fantasies!

I would take Mourinhio, I really would, but Ancelotti would do, anyone would to be honest as long as it wasn’t Phil Brown, Sam Allardyce of anyone connected with Tottenham or David Beckham.

Bergkamp with Steve Bould would do it! There I go again, fantasising!

Barca/Madrid was funny last night, it took Cesc all of 4 months to turn into a nasty Spanish card waving at the ref tosser, way to go Cesc, I hope you feel at home. Who taught you that, or was it in your DNA?

Finally I watched Liverpool and Man City last night, not a kid amongst them, so what chance do we stand fielding them, it’s a waste of a cup the way we play it, good luck Cardiff!

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Have a great day Grover’s next up, Villa in the cup!

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  1. IvoryGoonz

    Ha. 4th trophy.
    Who’s laughing now?
    People don’t realize how much effort I put into missing first spot just to get the 4th spot trophy…

  2. Joppa Road

    Yep, total fantasy.

    What I wll say to all the Daglish knockers (not me) is that at the end of the day who is the more likely to have a trophy in the cabinet?

  3. Escobar

    Diaby over song? I knew this was Geoff as soon as I saw that. You’re almost as bad as wenger. Song is as important to that midfield as Arteta & Wilshere. Diaby has slowed down/killed 500,000 counter attacks since his Arsenal debut. No lie. Decent post.

  4. abnet

    Sagnaofficial Bacary
    Hello my friends..hope you’re all good and healthy…very exciting day for me as back to full training with the team for the 1st time.
    your fantasy team is coming true

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    geoff how can you legistate a fit diaby over song… evryone knows he will never be fit… and if he ever did, he is toilet! he is slow, make instantly wrong passes, quite frankly he is not a player we vcan hope for!

  6. James Taunt

    Now if he did something like that, dropped his hapless favourites and sold his sh!te signings Chamakh, Squillaci, Bendtner, Denilson, Djourou, Park, Almunia and Rosicky
    Arshavin not in it? Geoff, do you think he can improve?

  7. Goonerfied85

    Good morning all,

    I see the nutter professor has been at it again calling for a Ban on any club loaning anyone out over the age of 21.

    Where the hell does he get this crap from.

    Would any of you not consider Rikaard?

    I also think our scouting network needs changing we don’t seem to have the egde on any club anymore so what are the scouts actually doing?

    Sunday is going to be interesting, I hope to god we win but if we don’t it will be interesting to see how the crowd react.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    oh yeah the newcastle incident… nearly a year ago now, please tell me how many games has he played diaby in the past year?

    bearing in moind its cost around 6 million?

  9. apanama

    Yeaah swap arsene with jose. And get ready for The Invicible 2.0.

    With Fergie soon to retire, we could rule the world again.

  10. gunnerfanatic

    its hopeless relying on diaby i say we ship him out at the end of the season loan or outright sale and save the that money what is that amount again 65 or 70grand a week?

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i pray to god we lose on sunday, get this season over and done with for good!

    no europe next season please!

  12. nuudles

    Geoff, that is actually a very good team you field. ‘Problem is Santos is out for a while still and Diaby is always injured.

    I read Theo is going to sit down with the manager to discus his view of the future. I hope he tells him he would have been an even worse criminal because he only runs up blind alleys. There have been rumblings in the past about Juve wanting Theo, we should sell him to them or to Lpool as he only offers pace. Any quick fullback would just push him wide all night long and thus neutralize any threat he might have been.

  13. Alex

    I only disagree with Rosicky as he showed this season some good stuff. Apart from him you made no mistake. Looking at the first team you made and bench with 3, 4 quality signings (not Wengers quality but real quality) we would be good, very good. As for now I’m back to real world…

  14. Lala Moagi

    I wonder what Song ever did to Geoff..Surely Diaby is not halt the player Song is. You just hate Song for reasons known by you only. Diaby has never shown that he deserves to wear red & white. yeah! go ahead and block my comment (FUMING)

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so geoff thayt team and bench kills afobe, aneke, bartley!

    are you discarding the yoof like the prof moron does!

  16. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Diaby should be sold this summer and Gibbs should be sold at the end of next season if his health doesnt improve.
    We dont need a squad full of Kieron Dyers thanks! Sicknotes out!

    Good post Bear! Id have Song in my team though. Its a fkn shame we dont get to see that team week in, week out.

  17. marcus

    Ok…so if Im reading this right we should drop Song because he has no football knowledge or pace (even though he creates the most opportunities out of anyone on our team, hence why he leads the team in assists, and hes faster as well as far more physical than Diaby). And we should play with no defensive mid and employ Wilshere as an attacking mid, even though he’s scared to shoot in the final third and doesnt score, ever….Good luck with that!

  18. Wiseman

    Geoff is trying to vindicate the last 4 years of telling us Song is shit by blaming our current form on his “fundamental absence of any footballing knowledge “? – BS in my opinion. This is not an I told you so moment. He has been one of the most important players for us this season, and while he has some poor displays, so have a number of other players, but we don’t hear you telling us Ramsey has no “fundamental absence of any footballing knowledge”.

  19. Arben

    Song or Diaby either one are shit


    Sagna Vermaelen Mertesacker/Kozzer Vertoghen

    Arteta Wilshere

    Gervinho Oxo Santos


    Bench of Theo, Ramsey, Song, Coquelin and Fabianski

  20. Pollux

    Top post. I like the part on denilson. It’s exactly what happen and ass wenger is always trying to hard sell a mud stone as a raw diamond. No chance for trying to cover up for the truth will always be uncovered ultimately. Very soon, this self-deluded very rich man will soon find some reasons why Europa league is such an important league to be in as well.

  21. Moray

    I can’t believe we’re arguing about Song or Diaby. Neither are good enough to play at Arsenal Football Club.

    I know the original team was picked with players that we have, but this is indicative of the depths we are now plumbing. Diaby is a clown with no football brain, and Song is a clumsy clown with no football brain.

    Our midfield used to be the thing or legend: the link that kept the metronome ticking, the engine purring and the ball moving quickly between defence and attack. What do we have now? Rosicky giving the ball away, Arshavin walking pointlessly around, Theo charging into dead space and Song giving away stupid fouls at the edge of the box. Basically, no pace through the middle, no passing ability and no acceleration up the wings. Oh, and no real steel either.

  22. nuudles

    abnet, that is fantastic news, we need to keep JD as far away as possible from the field. He is a truly terrible defender, decent in the air and quite ok positioning but he has no fight or desire to close players down.

  23. James Taunt

    Alex, I think Rosicky would not last a full season. Moreover, he is inconsistent. Yes, sometimes he does a great job and he has been the creative force for his national side. But for Arsenal has he done enough all these years? I mean after the Leeds game, some fans were saying Arshavin is back but everybody knows Arshavin is a no-hope.

    Let Rosicky have a continuity of few games and then we can judge. Right now I am not sure .

  24. Goonerfied85

    I don’t think we will see Diaby this season.

    Song does a job but I can see why some people don’t like him but I don’t think we have any one better.

    Maybe Coquelin could do a good job I don’t know?

  25. hitman49

    morning all..

    the biggest problem is whos manager geoff ?

    as the current one would struggle to get that lot to play well as a team….

  26. Stuart

    i think we need to bring players in that come from a hard working background- to give the team more hunger and drive

    players like asamoah from udinese, his power in midfield would be an assest instead of diaby who is sitting on a physio bench

    i like the look of the turkish striker Burak Yilmaz he is a similar player to benzema, but with probably more work rate

    i would also love to see us revert to 442

  27. nuudles

    Moray, hopefully soon both Song & Diaby are gone. I honestly think Le Coq & Frimpong will soon be good enough to replace Song & Diaby. They both also have much more fight & passion, and they appear to be less brittle than Diaby (Frimpong got a nasty kick in the face over the weekend but I believe he is back in training and available to be picked, Diaby would have been out for 4 months if the same thing happened to him, not that he would ever put his body on the line like Frimpong did when he picked up the injury).

  28. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Rosicky is coming to the end of his contract apparently so with any luck, aged 31, he’ll be gone.
    Never lived up to his potential with us, for various reasons.

  29. Goonerfied85


    I agree as well as the ability of the player you have to look at the desire & I agree Le coq & Frimmers have more passion & fight about them.

  30. nuudles

    James, Rosicky is a very good sub to have. With Arteta & Jack fit he would not start unless we need to rest Arteta & Jack, but his tackling has improved a lot, he looks much fitter (made some good runs against ManU), he is versatile since he can play from box-to-box right up to on the wing. He also keeps the game ticking at a good pace unlike Ramsey of late (he should really work on keeping the pace up since regularly he turns so slowly on the ball or passes it backwards that it kills our momentum, probably due to a severe lack of confidence)

  31. Pedro

    Geoff… Diaby in midfield? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    I also think you’re a bit liberal on the manager front… I don’t think it should be anyone… Wenger can’t get out of this rut, but that doesn’t mean anyone would do better. We need top notch… or top up and coming.

    Great point about Oxo-Chamberlain! Knackered at 18! haha!

  32. Foreheadinho

    Morning Joppa,

    King Kenny of the porcelain throne deserves plenty of shit for flushing such vast sums of good cash down his throne and plunging in to pull a range of turds out and presenting them in Red shirts.
    A Carling Cup and 7th for that spend is hardly worthy of respect.
    Who needs trophies!
    We do,
    Oh trophies we need you!

  33. RedVIII

    It always makes me laugh when people say we only need a few quality signings! We have been saying that for the last 4 years and it still hasn’t happened. Instead we are treated to the likes of Chamack and Park!

  34. nuudles

    Goonerfied, true. Le Coq has also really impressed me with his range of passes. Frimpong also did well for Wolves in a slightly more advanced role (more in the box-to-box role) than where we play him.

    In Jack, Arteta, Ramsey, Le Coq, Frimpong & Rosicky I think we have a decent midfield, preferably we would add one more truly creative player, my pick would be Hamsik or Gotze as I think both of them can also play in the hole in the games where Jack is injured/rested.

    Sell Theo, Diaby & Song and spend the money on one of Hamsik, Gotze, Eriksen or Hazard while “promoting” Frimpong & Le Coq.

  35. home and away

    Diaby ? D – fucking – iaby ? are you on drugs ?

    Put Coquelin in he’s got more desire and work ethic and just as much ability .

    diaby LOL

  36. Dan T

    So we get rid of a load of players so we can drop the ticket price? Then what happens when we get a few injuries? This season we have fielded 30 different players – mostly not out of choice. So if we sell we have to buy, and unless you want average players in again then we have to pay more for the replacements than we will get for selling. So more likely to be the opposite I think – sell the crap players and season ticket prices go up.

  37. afc53

    Song is better for the side than Diaby who in my opinion is out of his depth with us and always injured.

    If Song is not prepared to sign a new deal same as Theo then get rid of in the summer.

    I think we should look at the LB position again I have said it till im blue in the face but – GET US LEIGHTON BAINES

    Also get RVP a partner of quality the like of Poldoski/Cavani/LLorente/Pato/Higuain/ now thats fantasy football


    Sagna Vermaelen Kozzer Baines

    Arteta De Jong/Le Coq Wilshere

    Oxo Cavani RVP

  38. TopGoon

    I’d probably take Mourinho if it wasn’t for 2 things… 1) He’d sod off if he actually achieved anything with us 2)would he be able to be as successful with a far smaller budget/someone’s leftovers. Not so sure.

    Would much rather go for an up and coming manager… Less pressure and less of the spotlight.

  39. Dan T

    What happened to Denilson?

    He was such a prospect when he came to the club. Captain of all Brazil youth teams he had been in. I can understand Wenger persisting with him for a while – Often it works and the player suddenly becomes great (gareth bale, Koscielny).

    Agree it did go on too long – there has to be a point when you cut your losses. He should have been on loan years ago.

  40. Moray

    nuudles : yes, Le Coq and Frimpong with Wilshire could be a great midfield triumverate for us in the near future.

    Until we start to train them properly, though, I think we will still struggle. With ability and no discipline, then you get Ramsay and Song. Players who run around all day but achieve little more than giving the ball away, committing important and costly fouls or getting in the way in the box. When I close my eyes at night, I can still see Diaby heading over Almunia from outside his own area and with no opposing players around him. The guy is a liability.

  41. James Taunt


    Yeah Rosicky has been performing well occasionally but I think Arsenal as a top club deserve better. Rosicky would be a great player for a mid table team like Fulham. He should be sold off.

  42. Match

    Why Wenger sold his invincible team? WHY??? they won almost everything apart from CL.Back in 2007 and 2008 Arsenal had no money. Not enough to pay Van Persie and even cant play Walcot because the club would have to pay his former club the bonuses.

    But didnt Wenger sell all these players and recoup money from Anelka and Vieria and Henry and the club had no money to pay Van persie and walcot and other expenses? But how come it is just now in 2012 we are begining to hear about this?

    How come the board didnt come out in 2006 and 2007 and state they had no money? So Wenger had this reputation for not spending money because of?

    How come Wenger didnt pay that $1 for Ronaldo and REDNOSE came in and pay that $1 and took him away? How come?

    But the point is why did he sell all these players and had no money to reinvest in the team back in 2006 etc etc So he had to go and invest in youth. But the youth he bought are shit. They couldnt deliver and failed the last 3 years. These youth players are second rated players because chelsea and man united and all the others gobbled up all the first rated youth. WHY? NO money. So we are stuck with these players now and cant get rid off them? WHY? Money.

    Arsenal had no money to buy top rated youth players after the move to the emirates so they bought second rated youth players. Now they are stuck with them .. but they are so shit they still finished fourth everything … but fourth is not good enough.

    So only since 2008 Arsenal had some money in the bank for wenger to spend. So why isnt he spending? Why didnt buy a replacement when he knew Fabby and Nasri were to leave?

    I think he did. He wrote recently how he ‘loves’ MATA. And last summer Arsenal agreed for a deal for Mata. However, guess what? MONEY. Barcelona negotiated hardball for FABBY and Man City negotiated hardball for Nasri. They waited and waited until the very end before the deal went though. But Chelsea came in and took Mata away.

    As soon as Nasri and Fabby deal went through and the money were in the bank Arsenal went shopping but it was right at the end of the transfer period.

    So my point is money. With no money in 2004-2008 they team had to go shopping and betting on youth (risky). Wenger actually sold players during this period but they still had no money. And some players such Pires wanted to leave and handed his transfer in. Wenger didnt want to sell him. This is the same with Diara. Arsenal made money from his sell on clause.

    Famini left and people questioned why arsenal didnt agreed to his salary demand to keep him. Well the club had no money.

    They invested in second rated youth players. And now u get second rated players.

    It is as simple as such. MONEY MONEY MONEY.

    But does money guarantee success? Guarantee success 100% no. But in the long run the probability is that it will. But Kronke didntbuy the club so for him to pull his hand in the pockets to grab money out to invest in the Club.

    The previous owners sold him a business model. This business model is ‘self sustaining’ model. Why is Kronke so quiet and comes to Arsenal once or twice a year? HEY its a ‘SELF SUSTAINING’ MODEL. WHY THE HELL I NEED TO BE IN LONDON ….

    Changing the manager can bring success ? maybe. The degree of success is greater if the club changes its ‘self sustaining’ model.

    Or bring in Ususmov who has advocated spending to bring success.

    What you get now is because what you invested before. If you had no money and invested in shit players then that is what you get now. SHIT players can only get 4th place and CL football. Nothing more.

  43. Dan T


    Totally agree. I can’t see Mourinho having success with no money. I don’t think he would take the job anyway if he wasn’t going to have any money to spend.

    I would probably opt for another up-coming manager aswell. Though AVB hasn’t exactly been the revolutionary he was touted to be.

  44. Joppa Road

    Forehead: Easy to knock Dalglish but lets remember this is his first full season back. Aside from some silly 0-0s at home Liverpool which I agree have been poor they have practically matched us this season. What did you think? They were going to win the title.

    I think they are doing ok and will only get better. Can’t say the same about Arsenal at present.

    They showed heart last night.

  45. afc53

    AW is a dithering idiot anyone that cannot see a weakness in the side is an idiot AW is king of those idiots.

    He is a manager that used to turn water to wine but now wont admit he is wrong.

    2 seasons of building we could deal with but we are not re building at all under him sad to say but we must move him upstairs for the sake of the team.

  46. James Taunt

    Dan T,

    AVB or for that matter Ancelloti were amenable to the overzealous Abrahmovic and so they have suffered, burdened they were with a calamaity called “Torres”.

  47. useroz

    unfortunately the evidence – far as fans could point to – suggests wenger taking AFC exactly his “nursery and indulgence”…

    AFC is not yours, wenger, nor SK’s not completely anyway….

    we want CHANGE

  48. Ice

    Ask any pro or ex pro ( including some of our present coaching staff)what they think of song and they will openly tell you he’s not the worse technically but he is a loser lazy with no will to win….not even the best player at Bastia lucky to be making a living in the game… Oh yes pat wants out tony a would jump at a role at the club

  49. Taxi for Wenger

    Geoff nice post not Diaby though biggest waste of space at the club . And if were honest Cesc was always a snide little shit not missed one little bit .praying that Wenger fucks off to Madrid and Maureen comes the other way why not!!

  50. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Match – have you read the accounts over the years?

    Pedro, ‘Thomas up for grabs’ and others have all gone through the money side of things and its been shown that money has been available and AW has chosen not to spend it.

    AW himself has even said that he chose to follow a strategy of youth development, albeit, due to the financial restrictions of a stadium move to begin with – this ruled out 30 mil transfers but there was always money for salaries and 5-15 mil purchases.

  51. Bentern

    One lesson learned from the United/Swansea matches was that we are unable to play 4-3-3 with our current squad. We have pacy wingers with some ability to engage in 1vs 1, but are unable to hold on to the ball and do enough smart passes.
    We are emulating a Barcelona side who has amazing passing ability and where everyone could be the one who gets the goal. None of our players with the exeption of RVP has the ability to hit the net and our offence is stagnating in lack of creativity. RVP looks alone in front, none are able to support him. We score on the lucky occations more often than when we build an attack.
    We would be far more dangerous in attack by utilitizing the pace of our wingers and supplying RVP with a partner so he could get away from the defenders more often. Only with the first team squad free of injuries have we looked comfortable in a 4-3-3. And since that is more of a dream scenario than reality Wenger should address this situation and change formations in the matches we play the players with less control of the ball.
    Diaby is devastating for our team as he kills counter attacks by holding and eventually loosing the ball while our team is attacking, leading to counter-counter attacks. Song has better vision and pace, plus is a better defender and passer. Ditch both of them and do Arteta and wilshere central.

    TLDR: When our offensive wingers are unable to attack along with RVP we should utilitize their pace in a 4-4-2 and get RVP a partner.

  52. fanboy

    Not a bad fantasy line-up although for me Kozzer over Mert and Song = Diaby + hair.

    “with Yennaris and Gibbs as
    back up as I think Jenkinson has crock written all over

    I think this is his first injury (no?) so calling him a crock is a bit premature

  53. potter

    I’m no lover of Diaby however I don’t think much of Song either, Diaby has just been a drain on resources and contributes little on the pitch when he plays. Song however does a lot more but often deserts his position and gets caught out frequently. He is strong but clumsy, gives away free kicks to sum him up , there’s better out there.

  54. John

    Show some respect for christ sakes to Arsene Wenger!

    The man is our greatest ever manager its quite obvious the stadium has affected us greater than people expected

    Even now look at our income apart from our stadium we make dont generate alot of income

    Poor commercial/Sponsorship deals, wage bill is increasing (Wilshere, Szczesny etc signing new contracts)

    They only way we are going to keep up with the rest is by increasing ticket prices or selling players.

    We still have a net debt of £98M. I can see why the club dont want to provide funds for the manager

    We dont make alot of money apart from gates so it would be risk o spend money increase the debt rather than trying to clear the debt off

  55. Ricky

    Wenger needs to be careful about how he useses that fatigue excuses to cover he’s own back…

    Look what happend to chamakh.

  56. Match

    @Martin Hayes Never

    yes the club has money now. 2012. but they didnt have money in 2005 – 2008. they invested in shit players and these shit players are still here.
    now even with the money in the bank we want top top players like hazard and gotze. because these are the players that can improve the team. But are they buyable if they are valued at $50 million from Lille and over $30 million for Gotze? And with that price range the salary is around $200,000k a week.

    Arsenal self sustaining model can support such players. So you need to get rid of the self sustaining model ….. It would not work.

  57. Fed

    my dream team if everyone was available right now:


    sagna vermaelen kozzer santos

    oxo song willshere gervinho

    arshavin RVP

    bench: mannone, mertesacker, coquelin, arteta,
    rosicky, walcott, henry

    squad players: park, miyaichi, flapianski, yennaris
    and supplement with more yougsters if needed.

    pretty exciting and balanced team though not too much depth 😀


    players I would try to sell out (for anything that is paid really 😀 even getting rid of their wagebill for good would be a huge bonus!)

    ramsey, almunia, squillaci, djourou, gibbs, diaby, denilson, chamakh, vela, bendtner, lansbury, campbell

    the players shipped out are pretty much crocks or dont offer anything special to the squad bar being awerage in some things..


    players I would try to bring in!

    baines, honda, podolski, cavani

    the players brought in would patch up the holes in the current squad:
    another reliable left back, a fast direct and hardcannoning left flank, a strong and balanced spine player with good vision and some goals and lastly a striker with some quality and ambition!


    I probably dont need to say that selling 12 players and bringing in 4 is also moneywise a pretty good decision not to mention that having 4 more world class players to a squad of allready 21 players (+henry) is far better than having 12 additional players who have high upkeep costs and will never make too much of an impact…..

  58. John

    Peter Hill Wood has said “We have been planning not to qualify for the champions league every year”

    That suggests the board havent given Wenger money just in case we dont qualify and lose more money

  59. John

    Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is an 18 year old winger FFS!

    Of course hes not going to play 90mins on his first start!

    Even for the England under 21s Pearce has taken him off at the 70-75 min mark

    Theres obviously a worry about his fitness.

    He does look a bit overweight needs to trim down.

    If you at his twitter page he likes going out eating meals. He needs to cut that down

  60. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Match – lay out your evidence for no money between 05 and 08 then please? Or is it just your opinion?

  61. Match


    You talk abut selling all these players because they are shit. So you expect other clubs to buy shit players from ARSENAL.

    And Arsenal go and buy these other players you listed? What kind of commerce is this? You take our shit players we go and get great players.

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    looks like you have done a ”hoover” offer with the diaby statement geoff, never before has a current arsenal player provoked more anger when suggested as a main sytay of the team!

    we wont get much for him so trade him in a swao deal with some french club!, where he may still be held in some high regard?

  63. James Taunt


    About Jenkinson, it could be a gut feeling. He is so young and already has a long lay off. He might come out strong and never get injured but what are the chances. It is entirely possible that he will end up a crock.

    I read the other day that TV fitness is also questionable.

  64. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Match – 2005/06 players in

    Mannone Atalanta £350,000
    Diaby Auxerre £2,000,000
    Adebayor Monaco £7,000,000
    Walcott Southampton £5,000,000*
    Rosicky Dortmund £6,800,000

    Over 20 mil spent..and only Viera sold for 13.

  65. Geoff

    Ha, ha, it’s interesting how Diaby and Song split the readership isn’t it, me I would ship ’em both out, Parker, Diarra or Flamini were and are all better.

    Lala Moagi, you are a racist, would you like Diaby any better if he were white? Grrrrrrrrrr

  66. John

    There is money there isnt sufficient funds available

    People forget our transfer budget covers the players wages +Fee

    So if you sign Hazard for £30M you have to pay him £5M wages

    So thats £35M gone

    Wilshere will look at Hazard’s wages and go “OH I deserve more money than him”

    Wilshere will demand £120,000 a week wages increase

    Chamberlain will ask for £130,000 etc

    Wages would inflate straight away.

    Apart from gate revenue we are not making enough money (Blame the board 6/7 years ago) to cover expenditure

    The new FFP rules are coming in which could help us out massively if it works and everyone rrespects the rule

  67. SpanishDave

    Our owner is achieving his goal, and that is to reduce the loans as quickly as possible so the asset value is growing fast so he can sell it. He is not interested in buying players because this lowers the asset value, particularly with the dross Wenger has saddled us with.
    Wenger buys cheap to satisfy his ego and prove he can do this, also Stan is not interested in winning because it involves playing football which he has no knowledge of.

  68. Match

    @Martin Hayes Never

    Arsenal moved to Emirates when they borrowed money from the bank to pay for this stadium. When you go to watch the home games and sitin that studium it was paid for by Abramavoic. That stadium is still owned by the BANK. They hold the deeds until the loan is paid of completely in 20 years time.

    Please read PEDRO post yesterday.

    But the point is why these facts start to come out in the open now in 2012 … when the board didnt come out and say we dont have any money in 2005 – 2008. No money to invest in top top quality youth player and instead got the cheap shit and these cheap shit is still at the club now and we all want them ship out so we can buy top top players.

    What you sowed in 2005-2008 is what you get now.

  69. Grassy Knoll

    MATCH – it’s *not* cheap shit – it’s expensive shit!

    Why do you think we can’t shovel any of the shit out the door?

  70. Xagu

    I see a lot of you rate Rosicky and see him as a good choice on midfield… And I just have to ask, are you mentally chllenged in any way? You even describe his role as captain for his national side as a positive… Have any of you actually seen him play for his national side? He’s worse there than he is for us! He singlehandedly orchestrated a loss to Norway over the summer, a game in wich he was so horrendous he made the Norwegian 2nd team midfield look like they were Barcelona. Rosicky is Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!

  71. gunnerfanatic

    lets get rid of the dead woods and count our loses if we want to get out of this nasty position the club’s in

  72. John

    Look if you have a mortgage on a house for your not going to spend money increase your debt your going to save money and pay the mortgage off before spending

    If you thought we had money in 2005-2008 you are naive and fickle.

    At the time Arsenal before the stadium were competing winning things but it became obvious when the move was going to happen we would be affected.

    We had to slash our wage bill straight away and rely on Champions league to cover expenditure

    Our sponsor/commercial deals werent providing enough.

    We also had a 10 year loan repayment structure.

  73. Match


    the board from yester years are all gone or sold and cashed out. Lady whatever and co have sold their shares for massive profits.

    Kronke will sell … he is not in football to make money. Which football clubs in UK you can count with five fingers that have made money the last few years? If you invested $1 billion and you get $10-$50 million that is not making money? You put $1 billion in the bank or US treasury bill and you get more in return with less less risk.

    For Kronke to make credible returns is to lower the debt completely as soon and fast as possible. Then he will have 100% equity. Then he makes money or Saudi Arabia comes and make him an offer he cannot refuse..

  74. Bentern

    @ John
    We could still sell alot of players which by now are deadweight in this club to reduce wages to compensate for wages given to new signings and the increase of wages for our youngsters. It cannot be as bad a situation regarding wages in a club where we at the current situation are playing youth with low wages. We have to have the finances to increase theese wages to the level of professionals? Any other PM side plays half the youth we do and still have the economy to play their players.
    Sell the senior benchwarmers like Bendtner, Vela, Rocky, Arshavin, Almunia, Diaby, Squilacci, Denilson, Mannone to make room for wages to new blood.
    Its what we all do when playing Football Manager of Fifa right?
    Please do not make a discussion about FM and real management, its only ment as a wague comparrison.

  75. Xagu

    Geoff says:
    January 26, 2012 at 10:33

    Ha, ha, it’s interesting how Diaby and Song split the readership isn’t it, me I would ship ‘em both out, Parker, Diarra or Flamini were and are all better.

    I second that opinion!

  76. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Sorry Match, I don’t really understand your point?

    One thing I think we do agree on though is that our youth development has been poor. Is that due to poor coaches, poor players or favouritism..or a combo of all 3!

    Either way, as a business, I would say be have a poor ‘return on investment’ in many areas of the club.

    7 million a year on the manager for starters…

  77. John

    Sebastien Squillaci if you at his CV you would think hes a £50,000 week a player but he simply just hasnt adapted to English football.

    I remember him for Sevilla when they won the UEFA cup he was fantastic for them

    Abou Diaby is a top top player

    Kieran gibbs is 21 another great prospect

    They will get over their injuries

    They are still young and more importantly full of quality

  78. Goonerfied85


    Your point about the board not freeing up money for Wenger & planning not to qualify for the champions league is a bit pointless.

    You speculate to accumulate, will you be happy when it gets to the point when we can’t spend as we have to prepare ourselves for possible relegation.

    A bit far fetched I know but the same principle, you have to strengthen instead of speculating about what could happen.


    I’m a little confused by “leaving out Jenkinson because he has crock written all over him” but including Diaby. I’m not sure where the logic is here…

  80. Goonerfied85

    If you speculate about what could happen then more than likely it will if you don’t put up barriers preventing bad situations.

    As they say prevention is better than a cure.

  81. Match

    @Krassy Koll

    You know there re two things i am very afraid of in financial valuation.

    The term ‘PRICELESS’

    They are so ‘expensive’ shit they are ‘priceless’. That means they are worth nothing and its shit.

    If other clubs cant afford the expensive players at club arsenal tries to off load then they are worth shit …

  82. AC Gooner

    love that team, Pedro, but I wonder when Diaby and Santos will really be available. Physioroom (i know, they’re crap) say Mid March for both of the them.

    Arteta, Henry back on 29th
    Le Coq, Gibbs, Sagna on 31st
    LJW on Feb 16th

    At least we wont need to play CBs at FB anymore.

  83. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    John – Ive just shown that we spent 20 mil on players in 05/06 so how am I naive?
    Ok we sold Viera for 13 mil so we lost 7 mil.

    The season after –

    Song Bastia £1,000,000
    Denilson Sao Paulo £3,400,000

    Cygan Villareal £2,000,000
    Stokes Sunderland £2,000,000
    Lauren Portsmouth £500,000
    Larsson Birmingham £1,000,000
    Muamba Birmingham £4,000,000
    Aliadiere Middlesbr. £1,500,000
    Henry Barcelona £16,100,000

    22 mil profit…

    You and Match need to lay out some numbers to back up the opinion we had no money during that time. That arguments been ‘busted’ over and over…

  84. fanboy

    “You even
    describe his role as captain for his national side as
    a positive… ”

    Isn’t that the same excuse Wenger used for bringing on Shava for Oxo?

  85. Wenger out NOW

    All you song lovers out there look how many times over the last two years he has lost the ball or a player has gone past him and gave a way a stupid free kick which the opposition has scored from!
    Song is shit as is Diaby. Ya ya isn’t bad though, Scot parker…Great footballer, that prick didn’t rate either. Go figure…..

  86. Geoff

    Henry, who says my posts have logic?

    Diaby has scored some cracking goals for us and when on form reminded me of Vieira.

    Jenkinson played 8 times for Charlton, went into our first team and has been crocked ever since.

    Now if that needs explaining, you need help, can you see the logic in that?

  87. demon

    Wenger is an COMPULSIVE FN LIAR!!!!!!

    he doesnt learn that to compete on 4 fronts you need a good squad of atleast 22 players not a good to great 1st 11 n the rest are shit….

    the reason for injuries is OVER COMPENSATING…..when you injure one leg you overuse the other leg to get you through right….but then sometimes you tend to injure that leg aswell because you put all your body pressure on it.

    he does this with the squad aswell as he cant let go of his babies who are always injured (Icase in point:DIABY, ROSICCKY,GIBBS,DJOUROU,VP, Ramsey.

    not only does this cause injuries to others because theyre overplayed as their isnt a suitable deputy as was with WILSHERE,SAGNA, Fabregas who have all been overplayed because their isnt a decent deputy or they are always injured diaby,ramsey and djourou.

    even if they arent injured, not havin deputys affects performance as vp is knackerd after an incredible year…..ramsey has jus come back from injury i fear a stress fracture like wilsheres which is likley to follow my hypothesis,(1st injury(WILSHERE) overcompensating with ramsey hes now visibly fatigued and may lead to a injury while being in the red zone and then wilshere will be thrown right in as it was done with fabby4 which as history shows leads to more injuries.

    wenger needs to buy solid good backups not waiting for injured players to comeback as it affects us. its lyk going to war with 22k against 22k but half of the army have swine flue or not fit for purpose……the 22k will crush the 11k army its just simple logic!!!

  88. John

    Stan Kroenke has never sold a share

    Hes actually a sports fanatic

    LOL deadwood: Bendtner, Vela, Rocky, Arshavin, Almunia, Diaby, Squilacci, Denilson, Mannone

    Again fans being fickle. You cant have a 30 world class players in your squad.

    When you have injuries of course inferior players will come in

    Unless your city and can afford to pay bench players £90,000 a week

    Rosicky has been brilliant this year

    Bendtner is an international hes 23, Vela is an international hes 22, Denilson is 22, Mannone is 23

    It amazes me when fans write off young players saying they are this and that lol Did Bendtner and Vela ever play 4 games in a run as a striker for the first team?

    Diaby’s problem is injuries not quality

    Almunia is leaving contract expired likewise with Mannone i think as well fabianski.

  89. Xagu

    Martin Hayes Never Missed says:
    January 26, 2012 at 10:50

    John – Ive just shown that we spent 20 mil on players in 05/06 so how am I naive?
    Ok we sold Viera for 13 mil so we lost 7 mil.

    The season after –

    Song Bastia £1,000,000
    Denilson Sao Paulo £3,400,000

    Cygan Villareal £2,000,000
    Stokes Sunderland £2,000,000
    Lauren Portsmouth £500,000
    Larsson Birmingham £1,000,000
    Muamba Birmingham £4,000,000
    Aliadiere Middlesbr. £1,500,000
    Henry Barcelona £16,100,000

    22 mil profit…

    You and Match need to lay out some numbers to back up the opinion we had no money during that time. That arguments been ‘busted’ over and over…

    Thank you Martin!!!!

  90. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    How can Diaby be a ‘top top player’ when he never plays?

    Gibbs is a good prospect but so was Kieron Dyer – what career has he had really? At some point you need to move them on. You cannot justify these players salaries if they are un-reliable and expect supporters to keep paying over inflated ticket prices.

  91. Xagu

    I’m not even going to bother replying to any of the inane “examples” sat out by John. Suffice it to say he does not know jack shit about this team this game or the financial viability of jack shit!

  92. John

    And on the pitch Arsenal have competed have got to finals.

    Look at the champions league final. If Henry scores that sitter would have been Champions league winners.

    I bet people were blaming Wenger for not signing a striker

    Carling cup, been close to the league.

    Small margins is the difference between winning/losing.

    Ultimately thats football. People have to accept with glory comes defeats

    At the start of the season we had lots of empty seats we started doing well surprise surprise games were being sold out

    And IMO those fans who have come back and of all sudden the atmosphere has turned spiteful again

  93. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    I still stick to the opinion that Geoff and Pedro have 4 or 5 other user names for this blog and write absolute twaddle just to get arguments going!!

    Or are there really people out there who think AW is taking us forward and we have been skint for years??

  94. Wenger out NOW

    Xagu says:
    January 26, 2012 at 10:57
    I’m not even going to bother replying to any of the inane “examples” sat out by John. Suffice it to say he does not know jack shit about this team this game or the financial viability of jack shit!

    How dare you post what I was just going to say. lol

    John is a spud windup…Must be!

  95. John

    Wenger has been asked a question and hes answered it

    He said big clubs shouldnt loan players to other big clubs within the league because they could help (Indirectly) the parent club by taking points off the parent club’s rivals.

    Hes got a point. Bendtner to Sunderland is for experience. They arent our rivals

    Benayoun has hardly played this season


    Geoff, I think Jenkinson deserves a chance – he’s not even been with us a season, picked up one (<– I could be wrong on that) major injury and he's being written off as a crock.

    I agree that Diaby has put in some great performances but when was the last time he's been injury free and able to get up to that level of great form? It's been that long I honestly can't remember how good he is/was.

    All this aside I'd definitely take that team any day of the week over the one we've been cobbling together of late.

  97. Geoff

    John, we are sold out every week, people just haven’t been taking their seats.

    What is it about losing you like so much? I’m intrigued.

  98. John

    If Adebayor scores the winning goal in the last game of the season and wins Spurs the league do you think thats right? YES WENGER IS NUTS #Knob

  99. Xagu

    Wenger out NOW says:
    January 26, 2012 at 11:03

    Nope I was wrong about john….His an AKB

    Jupp I think you nailed it the second time, he is a plant from Arsenal. com… Wouldnt surprise me if thats another thing the club wastes money on these days, web moderators infecting fan forums with lies, they are spies all spies, and they tell lies all lies.

    (Did that sound manic enough?)

  100. Geoff

    Henry I didn’t say he didn’t, but Yennaris looks good already and isn’t injured.

    However, we shouldn’t be waiting on second division hopefuls, look at what Barca’s right back did yesterday, that’s the sort of talent we should be after.

  101. Ricky

    So john,

    Just cos bendnter & vela are young internationals that makes it okay to be complete shite does it?

    If I remember rightly nb had a run of games for us a couple seasons back, missed a bunch of sitters until wenger had to put him back where he belonged, the bench..

    It’s funny that you make excuses for these players when it’s clear that if they were good enough they would be here & not loaned out to the first bidder..

  102. skandibird

    I was hoping that my thoughts of no signings this window would be wrong, BUT, I seem to have been proven right. What a totally shit transfer window that could have been so different had he (Arsene) sold off some of the dead wood (as Geoff calls it) reduced the ”25” and allowed for new players to come in. Mumblings on Twitter last night that Rosicky due to for talks on contract extension??? So here I go again, repeating myself in every transfer window – I give up!- wish I didn’t have to. ;-(

  103. gambon

    “Look at the champions league final. If Henry scores that sitter would have been Champions league winners.”

    Hahaha, how emarrassing!

    If i picked the 6 correct lottery numbers every week id be a billionaire.

    AKBs are such cunts.