The case for Henri and let’s talk about Theo’s box!

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I read an interesting article about Henri Lansbury yesterday and how his worst day in football was the 8-2 mauling at Old Trafford some years ago I’m told.

It was good to read, the passion of an Arsenal fan, the worst result of the century and what it meant to him, losing, it went on to say he had the micky taken out of him by Welbeck, Smalling and Jones and that was walking off the pitch, then it went on with text messages on the bus.

I would have Lansbury in our team over half of those we currently have, he has heart, skill and bags of stamina and he would rather go out on loan that warm the bench at Arsenal, Wenger take note, that’s what this team needs, some backbone and grit.

Although he plays for West Ham, he is going to the game tomorrow and hopes to watch it from Theo’s box, Theo’s box! Doesn’t that tell you something, years ago players gave a few friends and relatives a free ticket to the game, nowadays they get to sit in their luxury boxes, further evidence of the pampered life of an Arsenal player.

I wonder if they still get a win bonus? We need to start winning again, stop whinging about injuries, buy new players if the ones we have are broken and try and buy players that don’t keep getting crocked.

Pretty simple really, tomorrow we need to show the Mancs that we are a top team, we need to show the fans that too and beating those arrogant mancs would send a real message out to the rest, win the home games against the teams above us and we will qualify to play in the Champions League, fail to do that and we won’t, tomorrow will show us if that’s possible.

Injuries have been a factor with us for the last 7 years, if the manager can’t deal with that then perhaps it’s time to step down. That or change the training methods, as it’s either that or the inabiliity to buy the right players, you decide.

Have a great day and let’s hope the results all go our way and we have a chance to banish last weeks game to a bad memory.

And don’t forget, revenge is a dish best served cold!

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  1. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And on a serious note..

    Vertonghen signals he could be ready for a move.. Expect us to be linked but for him to end up at Utd, Bayern or similar..

    ‘There is talk of a contract extension, but not much has been said,’ he told AT5.

    ‘Perhaps Ajax will find it to be a good thing when I leave, I don’t know.

    .’But I think that in the future I could have a very good transfer.’

    Read more:

  2. Bade

    There are enough top players with a reasonable price tag that can lift us. But Arsene won’t buy those, he’s searching for a bid applauds for an unknown midgets, matter not he’ll get it right once in a 50 times ….

  3. Bade

    Today is a matchday, so we need to be positive. But I find it hard to keep my positive vibes running ….. I’m shacking

  4. Bade

    Reckon the same shite will feature. Nothing new under the sun, and to be honest it’s had to think of any new with the little quality players we have, it’s not that Park can come in and string a hatrick ……

  5. Bade

    So it’s either of those




    Theo and Ox can make more defence in the first set up, the Ox can hold the ball too, so he’s like some kind of another midfielder, and AA23 in the middle gives option for a fast pass forward

  6. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Morning Bade

    As a long time Gooner, I always looked forward to these big match days. They usually meant in the past that the winner was in contention for something.

    However, today I approach the game somewhat emotionless and numb. A strange feeling, symptomaitc of the realisation that this season is/will be a watershed in the direction of the club. A loss; well, ah.. won’t be surprised or too down.. A draw, well nothing special, still 4 points off 4th place. A win, a moment of elation, a brief moment of happiness and a reinforcement of why Iove the mighty Arsenal. But elated in the knowledge that there will remain some serious underlying issues with this team, and hoping to catch Chelsea as they transform to future title challengers. Hopeful we can take advantage of that while AVB restructures his team and philosophy at the Bridge.

    I know there are some that feel a loss might be a positive thing. I understand why that is so.. A catalyst for change in AW’s eyes. a realisation that he needs to invest. There may be something in that. But I doubt it. He’s already out there blaming injuries, bad luck and the referree’s for this season. His lack of activity in this window so far indicates that overall he is happy with his squad.

    However, there are no circumstance where I want to see us lose. Come 4pm today I will want only one result. Win, Win WIn!.

  7. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now.. I think you’re right. I never want to see us lose. It’s the manager and the board i hate, not my Arsenal. Hopefully the players will have the good sense to go for a draw today if all else fails