Arteta out for United… FFS x2 | Jack back in 3 weeksish | Fulham for Rosicky

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Good morning Grove fans, first thing to tackle this morning is a bad case of too much too young for Pedro Bothelo. The man disgraced his and my name when he got pissed at the weekend, crashed into a police car, then drove off. He was caught, busted and sent back to Arsenal (Or that Velcro club we banished Wellington too). You’d have to wonder what career at Arsenal he has left. He’s another of the overhyped we’ve read about but seen little of, and in all likely hood, one we’ll never see much of. Big mistake from him and yet another example of the Spanish feeder club set up not working…

In injury news things are not looking good for Arteta. The Express reckon he hasn’t trained which doesn’t always mean a player won’t play… Lesley (<- I saw that mistake and liked it) King rarely trains between games being an example… but you have to fear for his chances all the same (that said, I’m not hearing this from anyone I speak to).

It’s a big loss but not one we didn’t see coming. I’ve been saying he needs a rest for about a Month. I even suggested he might pick up an injury before I knew about it on Sunday. We’re back to that giant squad, lack of quality issue. If you don’t trust your squad, you end up running the good players into an injury. Aaron Ramsey is another… He’s played and played and played… But what’s the alternative? A midfield of Ramsey, Rosicky and Song doesn’t fill me with hope this weekend.

The Guardian are reporting Jack will rejoin training next week and could start playing in two. They’re hailing this as a miracle… not sure how coming back a month and a half past schedule is a miracle… that said, it seems a minor miracle that a rest for Arteta has turned into a calf injury. I’m looking forward to Jack’s return regardless of when it is. I just hope he’s honest with himself and ignores the temptations to rush himself… much like Cesc did last year with disastrous consequences.

Vermaelen returning will at least give us some full bacary cover… Though Sagna is unlikely to make it this weekend. The return of those three players is a massive boost for the run in. They’ll transform us if they can deliver their usual form.

People have been talking about the disaster that’s unfolding at Arsenal. I agree things are looking precarious again… but of the worst happens and we drop out of Europe, it wouldn’t take much to rise again. We have a very good core of a squad. If we shipped out the muppets, brought in a few up an coming superstars… and most importantly… finished out of Europe… Even with a small squad we’d make top four the next year. Most of our issues are centred round not having a squad deep enough for two elite competitions. Totally the fault of our manager of course… but we’re not in a squad situation like Chelsea.

I do wonder with the board… are the giving Wenger the rope to hang himself? He has money, we know this… We know they know what we know… Yet no obvious pressure? Seems odd that business men smart enough to make six figure salaries, who know football and understand marketing, would let this happen without a plan… because believe me, everyone at the club sees what we see… bar Arsene and Johann Djourrou.

I caught the El Classico last night. It was a fiery affair as always, but the unbelievable quality of Messi broke Madrid in the end with a superb pass to Abidal who buried the winner. Those two sides have unbelievable quality, which is why it’s so funny to watch Mourinho lose time and time again!

Oh, apparently Fulham want to buy Rosicky. I’m not fussed either way, would seem an odd move considering our squad size issues,  but £3million is a hefty price tag for someone who has never really hit the heights his reputation suggested he would.

Right, that’s all I have for you until Monday. Geoff will be taking over, so enjoy!

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  1. Keyser

    YKY – No, you dopey cunt, depending on who we sell him to, and the way we’ve stopped controlling the ball as efficiently as we used to plus counter attacking football was our main weaknesses anyway. The transition football Theo seems to thrive on.

    Theo who is exceptionally quick, up against Slow lumbering centre-backs or a left back who doesn’t like tracking back, would be exactly the sort of player who’d come back to haunt us.

    fucking hell I had high hopes for you, until you mentioned King Lear as highbrow..

    HIGH Hopes.

  2. frenchie

    as for the pictures: i would venture the person holding any photos would be diaby, given the fact he is automatically written into the side once available.

  3. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Frenchi is right…Stan is the type of football manager that takes action when the ship has already sunk. Apparantly the fans are so disillusioned with the team that they won’t even go to watch the matches anymore. He waited until it was total disaster before trying to turn things around.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    look i’ll say it… i want spurs to win the league, then that may show our people who make the decisions what this lunatic has done to a once fine club, for a fraction of the budget , he has built a team in 2 1/2 years…

    wenger has had three goes in that time!

  5. Radio Raheem


    Did the basis stuff years ago…sometimes teach them. Yeah there are many many texts on them, got a shelf full…prefer reading academic journals though, more up-to-date

  6. arsenal1886-2006


    I understand that, but you also take into account the love affair billionaires have with money.
    At the end of the day whoever owns Arsenal wants to make money, whether Stan or Usmanov.

  7. incesc

    he does make loads of money from us.

    thats why we never get world class players but pay out through the ear or the nose

    whatever the saying is

  8. Bergkamp63

    We all know who is going to win the title this year, and we are playing them on Sunday. Unless we score 3 at the weekend, we all know the resulting outcome.

  9. Yippee Kai Yay

    ‘dopey cunt’ – how dreary your life must be.

    Theo would not return to avenge his departure, you cannot polish a turd.

    As someone said earlier, 1 in 13 is hardly the stuff of heroes. And that one goal, after a million squandered chances this whole season is more than enough ’empirical evidence’ for me

    btw, using gems such as ‘transition football’, ‘theo’ and ‘thrives on’ in the same sentance one again prove that you can listen to Andy Gray / Talk shite all you like, but he’s also talking shit most of the time and so consequently you haven’t got a clue about actually playing the game.

    As an aside I had no hopes for you at all btw, it patently obvious how low-everything you are from day one.

    As I said, not your fault.

    But do read that book I recommended, my attempts to at least give the undeserving a sporting chance to learn affords me a continued moral high ground in the face of such paucity of intellect.

    Might stop you phoning up 606 along with the other idiots who clamour for thier ‘five minutes of being wrong on the radio’.

  10. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal that’s bullshit. How can you want spurs to win the league..maybe you should find a spurs blog and type that rubbish there

  11. Lurch LeRouge

    if only richard branson was interested in us.

    I’d love a shirt with Virgin on it, think of the cheerleaders!

  12. Bergkamp63

    I’m not certain these billionaire’s are in just to make money, I mean, what can’t you do with 11 billion that you can with 12 billion. The only thing they may be lacking is fame ?

  13. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Arsenal is a business like everyother footy club but our board make it a dreadful, misery filled business while the chavs and city have a blissful, wonderful business. IMO i’d rather hav a blissful, wonderful business than anything else

  14. arsenal1886-2006

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal says:
    January 19, 2012 at 14:33
    look i’ll say it… i want spurs to win the league, then that may show our people who make the decisions what this lunatic has done to a once fine club, for a fraction of the budget , he has built a team in 2 1/2 years…

    wenger has had three goes in that time!


  15. Keyser

    YKY –

    “But do read that book I recommended, my attempts to at least give the undeserving a sporting chance to learn affords me a continued moral high ground in the face of such paucity of intellect”

    Take your head out of your ass, though the light that shines forth would obviously brighten my dreary life and think about how you may come across from this one parapgrah.

    Theo scored 13 last year and I think had a similar amount of assists, because he had someone to pick out his runs, we don’t create half as much as we did, or not with the same quality, so it’s not really Theo’s efficiecy that’s changed but the team as a whole.

    I don’t even think he’s that good, it’s just right now we don’t have too many options.

    It’s obvious you’re more like the image of me you’ve created in your mind than you think you are, yet like most self-obssessed narcissists can’t recognise it.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    look 1886… it pains to say it, but if our board want to win the league without buting 35m players then they should look at what harry has done down the road…

    he has turned them around playing good football litle monies spent…

    if it takes spurs winning the league to get rid of wenger then so be it.. i wont go to a ground to watch them again buy any merchandise from the shop untill we rid the club of that devil!

  17. arsenal1886-2006

    Bergkamp63 says:
    January 19, 2012 at 14:42

    Agree with some of what you said, the prestige is something they are looking for, but money for them is not something you throw away willy nilly. They want some kind of return.

  18. incesc

    kroenke must realise that arsenal has a great potential to grow as well though.

    thats why he employs all those yankies like fox

  19. arsenal1886-2006

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal says:

    I was only pulling your chain, I agree with what you are saying.
    It needs something drastic to waken this club from it’s slumber.

    And anyway, it only happens every 50 years or so. We should treat it as an event, like Haley’s comet.

  20. Yippee Kai Yay

    Berkamp, in theory yes but with the caveat that the one thing missing there is scale.

    Stan Kronke net worth is currently estimated $3.2 billion (forbes sept 2011), up from $2.9 billion the year before, the difference is, in part, is the increase in value on his stake in Arsenal, amongst other sports franchises so that $3.2bn is made up assets off setting the property business losses. It’s not like he has $3bn and owns sports club / franchises.

    He is a developer at heart, and so Arsenal fits his ‘portfollio’ of other sports ventures. So your statement doesn’t really apply to Stan as he is not a $12bn rich owner who is cash rich as well.

    And in essence it is not the same as a russian oligarch or oil rich sheik trading off ‘state assets’.

    On the plus side he has the higher moral ground for his net worth than the likes of abramovich, if that matters to anyone.

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    morals don’t put food on the table, they just stipulate eating with knives and forks.

    neither really relevant to arsenal plc cause it’ll be drip fed by end of next season.

  22. Yippee Kai Yay

    Seriously Keyser, read that book, it will help and isn’t a joke. In fact I’d recommend it to anyone, although I imagine quite a few here read it a long time ago.

    look here’s a link for you:

    See? not joking.

    As for the ‘head out of my ass’ comment, a little rich from someone who’s head is firmly rooted in the sand / wenger’s / theo’s crack isn’t it? I am perfectly self deprecating to those who warrant it.

    Although I’m guessing, and this is just a hunch, you are more reluctant to lose ‘Theo’ because you would have to change your twitter name, which you are probably no doubt proud of, as you got in early enough to not have to use numbers.

    Something like @ihearttheo perhaps?

  23. Bergkamp63

    That’s very true about the scale, but the principle is the same and at the end of the day, you can’t take that money with you to the grave. It’s about the ride. Does anyone on here think that if Usmanov who is worth around $12 billion took over, he would really give a shit about a few hundred million in return for a spot in the limelight worldwide, I very much doubt it. Not that it would cost him a penny as I have mentioned before, look at the RM model with shirt sales and much enhanced commercial deals.

  24. Bergkamp63

    If you think small, you are small. We have already lost some great players to other clubs because of our lack of ambition, what do you think will happen with RVP this year when we drop out ot CL football come the end of May. He is 29 and won’t see CL for for at the very least another 18 months.

  25. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    I doubt that spurs winning the league would even get rid of Wenger…he’s already talking about congratulating them if they win it on the clubs site. I’m sure they’ll just spin it off for the Akb’s someway and as usual those clown will fall for it hook line and sinker

  26. Rutu

    Great post!
    Wanted to ask this which young players are you looking forward to watch in the Euro’s?
    Wilshere is certainly one for me , Yaan M Vila and Goetze for sure.

  27. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Imagine usmanov taking over @ spurs since he can’t get Arsenal, then going on to win the CL with pep as manager and Hazard as top scorer/ best player…

  28. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    That’s a very colourful view of the ‘goings on’ at the club!

    The board have stated many times publicy, and in the published accounts that the decision on buying players is with the manager and they make funds available to him, plus any profits from sales. Of course he’s got to work within that remit (size of fund & Salary payable).

    On the summer dealings it is clear the board was influential in letting Fab & Nasri go.. Nasri made it clear at the beginning of July that he wanted a move. He told Wenger that. (On record from Nasri). Wenger refused to accept it and tried to convince him to stay and run down his (or sign a new) contract. The board I’m sure intervened at some point and said under those circumstances SELL.

    Hence Wengers surreal press conference when he told the world that he expected the two of them to be Arsenal players knowing full well they were off! The next day it was announced Fab was off.. He looked like a fool right? Actually it was his was of saying, that this decision was taken from him. They made business decisions to sell them. For Nasri they accepted the money rather than let his contract run out. For Fab, once he (finally) accepted that he was going, he then convinced the board to lower the price! Again Fab is on record with that.

    Now it’s too damm late to replace them! Hence the last minute scramble and the arrival of average players. Arteta is decent but not ‘world class’ by any means.

    If you’re a Wengerite one will look at that and try to blame the board. If you are not one may take the view that the manager’s judgement was in question when he knew so early that Nasri and Fab both wanted out. He refused to accept it. Either way the end result was that the team was ill-prepared for the season kick-off and the bloodbath that followed. 8-2 anyone? Who’s guilty for that?

    All in all when people like me are calling for spending we do it with some knowledge of the funds available and based upon the public utterances of Gazidis etc. Why would he say we have money available when we have not? Why would he say we don’t spend because the manager doesn’t see the need? Why would he say all profits are available if they were not?

    One does not need to have explicit inside information to take those comments at face value and look at the accounts and deduce that money is not being spent which could well be. The quantity of that money and the competition from other clubs is a whole other argument once you get over that hurdle that money is in fact available which is not being spent! In the end whether it is 15m, 50m or 100m the point is lost because Wenger refuses to spend it anyway. He puts his faith in his current squad. And ultimately he will be judged on that decision!

  29. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    I’ve heard stories about Yaan M Vila but i can’t say i’ve seen him play…if he’s that good why hasn’t he been linked with a move that will never happen to Arsenal yet?

  30. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Thomas. it’s up for grabs now… says:

    “Why would he say we have money available when we have not? Why would he say we don’t spend because the manager doesn’t see the need? Why would he say all profits are available if they were not?”


    Bcause he’s a fucking city fan…that’s why!!!

  31. Jamal

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is looking at working at a restaurant in Manchester, we believe it is the only way he will get close to silverware. He better get going then

  32. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Iffy the mighty…!

    A City fan! Explains it all!

    at least I know someone bothered to read through it!


  33. Bergkamp63

    Almunia – 50k
    Squillaci – 50k
    Rosicky – 70k
    Chamakh 75k
    Bendtner 50k
    Denilson 40k
    Diaby 60k
    JD 35k
    Arshavin £90k
    Dog Eater 30/40K
    Flappy 30/40 k

    I know the numbers might not be correct but do you think this is why we are not buying anyone !!

  34. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    What has Ivan does to warrant the trust of any faithful gooner? Just one thing please and i’ll change my mind about him

  35. Ricky

    Bergkamp63 on January 19, 2012 at 13:36 said:
    All this whining is all very well for getting it off our chests but what good is it actually doing other than making us even more frustrated, knowing there are so many more of us out here feeling the same is not solving the problem.

    We need to protest and let the newspapers or sky sports see it outside the Emirates if anything is really going to change ?

    As long as its behind closed doors they can complain as much as they like – PHW

  36. Bergkamp63


    It’s a good job we have a few more points on the board at the minute or I would be looking over my shoulder !!

  37. Lurch LeRouge

    Ivan at the very least, managed to claw us away from the Austrian bunker sex tour and to the South East Asian sex tour.

  38. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Who sure beats going to Austria to play team crapshite every pre season. Who knows Africa could give the boys a different perspective on life and make them a bit more eager for success

  39. Bush Gooner

    If I was Theo I would look at my performances this season and ask myself “Am i really worth 90k per week?”

    Lets compare Theo and Alex curent stats.

    Theo’s Stats
    20 3 4 49

    Alex Oxlande Stats
    8 2 0 25

    Only one more goal than Alex and he has played 12 games more than him.

  40. Radio Raheem

    When it comes to spending, it is stupid to extricate the Board from Wenger’s actions and vice versa, they are both in it, they are complicit in whatever success or failure we experience. After all, Wenger is answerable to the Board, or rather Kroenke, who pays him and, strictly speaking, not to the fans! However, accusing Wenger of being tactically inflexible is one criticism I’ll endorse.

    One of Gazidis’ responsibilities, and Dein’s before him, is to connect the business side to the technical side of the club, perhaps, as a means of exercising some control.

  41. Danish Gooner

    If we can get 3 mil for Rosicky we should take the money and run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,.run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run.

  42. Nick

    Sorry to say, but I don’t see Jack’s return sparking us to greater things. It will be too little too late this season.

    I think Arteta missing Man U. is gonna do major harm as mentioned, Ramsey has been run ragged and the Swansea game was a big indication that the boy needs a rest. But who can fill in for him? I do we play AA in the middle like he’d prefer? or Benayoun? Either is a gamble but I’d honestly rather see Benayoun at this point. I’m done with AA23.

    I think Fulham is a great fit for Rosicky and if we can make a spot in the squad and get a little $$$ for it then that’s a good move for both.

    About El Classic Divo last night. I am a Real Madrid fan when I’m watching LFP and it’s amazing to me to watch them play Barcelona because it’s completely different from every other game they play. They don’t resort to those tactics and thuggery against anyone else. And it’s only after they go down a goal to Barca that those schenanigens come out. Sad! Barca showed what you can do when you hustle off the ball and force turnovers through pressure and stay call when on the ball. Take notes Arsenal. Cesc was impressive except for a few passes. Pedro is a disgrace! Serqio Busquets and Alves are both C*&#s!

    I’ve been thinking about the potential transfer (lack of) in of players and who’d I’d have as a striker to pair up with RVP and my favorites are Ba, Podolski, and someone nobody every mentions speaking of Real Madrid (No…. not Higuain or Benzema but I’d take either in a heartbeat) Alvaro Negredo. He’d honestly be my #1 over Podolski & Ba. He’s a monster in front of goal, strong as hell and scores some fantastic goals. The type of quality, experienced player that’s not a huge name that could really help our squad.

    Come on you Gunners! Lets take down the Mancs and turn it around! Give Sagna, TV5, Jack the Lad, etc something to build on when they get back.

  43. Bergkamp63

    for the money, Ba seems to be ok, he does well for an average team and has good goals to shots ratio I think. He can take a good freekick too.

  44. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal you’re screwed if a lot of people get their hands on your sort code and Bank account details..yeah there’s a few more Nigerians with an affinity for other people’s banks codes but not EVERYONE..

  45. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Yep Alvaro Negredo is the shit and i too will take him over that big game flop/ local champion Podolski anyday

  46. Radio Raheem

    What a fucking cunt that Pepe is…good thing his own fans whistled him out. barca might have a few cunts themselves but I so enjoy watching Mourinho lose again and again and again…

    Lol @billionaire with morals. Is being a billionaire not morally abhorrent, thus, making the description, ‘billionaire with morals or with moral high ground’ redundant? Except, of course, you are giving it all away like Bill Gates

    best not to mention morals when citing a billionaire me think

    25cm nail? Wow that’s big. If is true could it be that Ba benefits from this? I’ll back metal over bone in a collision. He’s a cyborg, sign him up Wenger. So far he hasn’t been out injured much so I’d like to know how cyborgs cope with the ‘Arsenal way’. Will he end up like those useless humans, e.g. RvP, Arteta, Wilshere, Sagna, Diaby etc., or not?

    OK over and out!!

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    iffy.. was merely mimicking phone jacker… surely in this day and age, people dont give this infomation away? i thought most were security concerned…

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    bergkamp, no we are not run by monkeys, after a period of time monkeys get it right, we are run by old eton boys and the guvonor money, they never get it right….only for themselves!

  49. Nick

    I’d love to swap Rosicky for Dempsey but that would kill Fulham, he’s one of, if not the best players they’ve got. He needs to be on a better team if he’s gonna improve any more than he has already.

  50. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Much as losing van persie will really sound the alarm bells @ arsenal i don’t want to see him go. His quality as a footballer is pure. When i think about wenger flogging Joel campbell as van persie’s replacement it almost brings me to tears

  51. Lurch LeRouge

    arseblog arseblog
    RT @gunnerblog: Lukasz Fabianski concerned about his place in the Poland squad for EURO 2012, has been granted permission to leave on loan.

  52. itchyballs

    all talk no action.remind you of anyone?we can bitch till the cows come home but unless there are protests in & around the ground(the way other clubs fans do)nothing,NOTHING will change.expect nothing it will cause less stress…

  53. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Almunia is better than flapianski in my opinion, @ least he has some decent games. remember when flappy came on for CL game..disaster!!

  54. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    itchyballs you hav a point but i think i gotta thank Legrove. In a way i was beginning to lose it, not wanting to watch the matches anymore and stuff but since i started talking about Arsenal here i kinda know that i’m not the only one hurting, and like they say a problem shared is a problem half solved…or something along those lines!!

  55. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    mind you i did not type “itchyballs”, i just copied and pasted it so i’m hoping it’s not contagious

  56. Gooby

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal says:
    January 19, 2012 at 14:33
    look i’ll say it… i want spurs to win the league, then that may show our people who make the decisions what this lunatic has done to a once fine club, for a fraction of the budget , he has built a team in 2 1/2 years…

    are we still on an arsenal blog?

  57. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    This is pretty funny too: Adidas won’t be Liverpool’s kit maker anymore because they think the team’s performance doesn’t match the amount of money they want for the sponsorship.

    Liverpool’s solution? Do a pseudo-ManCity and get the most valuable sponsor deal in history with Warrior Sports–which, American speaking here, is completely unknown even in the US. So why Warrior? Well they already have a deal with Fenway Sports, owners of the Red Sox, and, yep, Liverpool.


  58. michael

    would rather jack be sub for the next 6 weeeks after he comes back
    defo shouldnt be rushed back listen up wenger

    all these loan players mostly foreign so they cant make the quota
    and now it seems most wont make the grade wenger has to take the
    blame for the money being wasted

  59. kwik fit

    Good evening Grovers.
    Any good rumours out there? Are we close to signing any players that are needed to give us a chance of top 4?
    ‘arry has made a few inquiry’s and he thinks there are a few ‘triffic’ players out there.

  60. arsenal1886-2006

    Dan Ahern (@topical_storm) says:
    January 19, 2012 at 18:05

    Based on performance eh! Get ready for our new kit from primark then.

  61. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    If i found someone foolish enough to pay me £80,000 per week when all i can do is head the ball then i wouldn’t go anywhere either. Pity Chamakh doesn’t have 3 heads (one for each foot) he would av been a very good footballer

  62. IvoryGoonz

    Incesc: not sure if it’s been told yet, but Mannone’s place went to Henry.
    If Henry only stays for 3 weeks after the registration, we’ll have that space when he leaves…

  63. kwik fit

    The injured team.

    Jenks Sagna Verm Gibbs
    Arteta Jack Coq Santos
    To think they used to call us lucky…..Now were just possessed .

  64. IvoryGoonz

    And more realistically ref VP without CL, the thing is as a striker, VP’s biggest ambition has to be the Golden Boot.
    Seeing that even when he beats Henry’s record he can’t get anything, would it be too far fetched to imagine he’ll get the golden ball at Real next year?

  65. kwik fit

    8 points already lost because of lack of full backs… Thank you Arsene.

    Young/Valencia/Nani against our full backs on Sunday…Not going to be a pretty sight… Thank you once again in advance Arsene.

  66. IvoryGoonz

    Frenchie: Taye signed for QPR? We’re truly fucked…
    Unless we get Cissokho, a class LB, a creative b2b, a left winger, and a striker that is.
    I think we can clearly state it. Her comes the 6th spot trophy.

  67. Gunner2301

    RSPC. If you don’t see what the problem is with Walcott either you haven’t been watching him although he’s been a feature of the team over 5 years or you’ve been taken in by Wengers bullshit hype. He has the same fundamental problems with his game now that he had since he first started playing with us, hence the view that he has not improved or progressed to where he should be.

  68. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    @ kwik Well then, looks like Traore could be available! What a young, exciting prospect! Looking forward to Traore being (re)bought by Arsenal now!

    (and by “looking forward” I mean “hanging myself with an electrical cord in the garage because it probably will happen the way things are going”)

  69. Lurch LeRouge

    johncrossmirror John Cross
    it should come as no surprise that #AFC are in advanced negotiations for a loan of #QPR LB Armand Traore

  70. IvoryGoonz

    Dan: please make sure you donate your leftovers to the “Fuck you Arsene” charity if you do.
    But surely, he can’t live over 120, so it’s up to you giving your life back over a total wanker, just return your ST if you got one, refuse to take one if you’re on the list.

    Anyone’s got Wenger’s personal adress? Wouldn’t mind havin a shit on his doorstep.

  71. kwik fit

    Our man Traore may yet get his chance for revenge against united on Sunday… Come on Arsene make it happen. Provide the doctors with conclusive proof about your madness. 🙂

  72. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    “Anyone’s got Wenger’s personal adress? Wouldn’t mind havin a shit on his doorstep.” – Ivory

    Hahaha. Actually, we should begin replacing all his belongings, furniture, vehicles, etc. with shittier versions gradually over several years. We’ll auction off the nice stuff and pocket the money.

  73. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Breaking News: Alisher Usmanov says..”I’ll bring Lionel Messi to Arsenal if it was in my hands..”

    ok seriously…just think about it though..thats prolly what we could expect from the Uzbek if he was in charge…Glory glory glory!!!

  74. arsenal1886-2006

    Dan Ahern (@topical_storm) says:
    January 19, 2012 at 19:40
    @ kwik Well then, looks like Traore could be available! What a young, exciting prospect! Looking forward to Traore being (re)bought by Arsenal now!

    (and by “looking forward” I mean “hanging myself with an electrical cord in the garage because it probably will happen the way things are going”)


    Don’t do it Dan, if Traore does come back on loan then I believe that even the most diehard AKB’s will call for him to be sectioned.
    Surely he won’t do it, will he?

  75. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    “Anyone’s got Wenger’s personal adress? Wouldn’t mind havin a shit on his doorstep.” – Ivory


    Now why didn’t i ever think of that one

  76. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Arsene did give certain criteria for finding players in january and traore fits into the “players not playing regularly for their club” bracket. So why not…we need a left back and Traore is a left back