Arteta out for United… FFS x2 | Jack back in 3 weeksish | Fulham for Rosicky

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Good morning Grove fans, first thing to tackle this morning is a bad case of too much too young for Pedro Bothelo. The man disgraced his and my name when he got pissed at the weekend, crashed into a police car, then drove off. He was caught, busted and sent back to Arsenal (Or that Velcro club we banished Wellington too). You’d have to wonder what career at Arsenal he has left. He’s another of the overhyped we’ve read about but seen little of, and in all likely hood, one we’ll never see much of. Big mistake from him and yet another example of the Spanish feeder club set up not working…

In injury news things are not looking good for Arteta. The Express reckon he hasn’t trained which doesn’t always mean a player won’t play… Lesley (<- I saw that mistake and liked it) King rarely trains between games being an example… but you have to fear for his chances all the same (that said, I’m not hearing this from anyone I speak to).

It’s a big loss but not one we didn’t see coming. I’ve been saying he needs a rest for about a Month. I even suggested he might pick up an injury before I knew about it on Sunday. We’re back to that giant squad, lack of quality issue. If you don’t trust your squad, you end up running the good players into an injury. Aaron Ramsey is another… He’s played and played and played… But what’s the alternative? A midfield of Ramsey, Rosicky and Song doesn’t fill me with hope this weekend.

The Guardian are reporting Jack will rejoin training next week and could start playing in two. They’re hailing this as a miracle… not sure how coming back a month and a half past schedule is a miracle… that said, it seems a minor miracle that a rest for Arteta has turned into a calf injury. I’m looking forward to Jack’s return regardless of when it is. I just hope he’s honest with himself and ignores the temptations to rush himself… much like Cesc did last year with disastrous consequences.

Vermaelen returning will at least give us some full bacary cover… Though Sagna is unlikely to make it this weekend. The return of those three players is a massive boost for the run in. They’ll transform us if they can deliver their usual form.

People have been talking about the disaster that’s unfolding at Arsenal. I agree things are looking precarious again… but of the worst happens and we drop out of Europe, it wouldn’t take much to rise again. We have a very good core of a squad. If we shipped out the muppets, brought in a few up an coming superstars… and most importantly… finished out of Europe… Even with a small squad we’d make top four the next year. Most of our issues are centred round not having a squad deep enough for two elite competitions. Totally the fault of our manager of course… but we’re not in a squad situation like Chelsea.

I do wonder with the board… are the giving Wenger the rope to hang himself? He has money, we know this… We know they know what we know… Yet no obvious pressure? Seems odd that business men smart enough to make six figure salaries, who know football and understand marketing, would let this happen without a plan… because believe me, everyone at the club sees what we see… bar Arsene and Johann Djourrou.

I caught the El Classico last night. It was a fiery affair as always, but the unbelievable quality of Messi broke Madrid in the end with a superb pass to Abidal who buried the winner. Those two sides have unbelievable quality, which is why it’s so funny to watch Mourinho lose time and time again!

Oh, apparently Fulham want to buy Rosicky. I’m not fussed either way, would seem an odd move considering our squad size issues,  but £3million is a hefty price tag for someone who has never really hit the heights his reputation suggested he would.

Right, that’s all I have for you until Monday. Geoff will be taking over, so enjoy!

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  1. Yippee Kai Yay

    James, Fergie has always bought the right sort of cheats, beligerent card waving, ref pressuring,etc. However having a 30 million striker who won the golden boot on the bench also doesn’t do any harm.

    That is where the game on sunday will be won IMO, both sides have shakey defences, but who has the better striking options? I have to say that United more than edge it once you look past Rooney vs RVP as 1st choice.

    Wengers plan b has always been the same tbf, it’s called his ‘post match interview’.

  2. Yippee Kai Yay

    Match true enough, but it was easier to attract ‘talent’ when arsenal were fighting for league titles not for 4th.

    So my question is still valid, as good as Cavani is why would he come to arsenal currently? I have yet to see a compelling reason so far this season.

    Ba I could see as more likely, but for different reasons. But even that won’t happen.

  3. Lurch LeRouge


    sorry i’m struggling to get your point, or origin – you start with highlighting my question to Thomas as an indictment of the ‘modern’ fan then go into one about the board…

    what I get from that, is that you now agree that my initial question to Thomas is pertinent – by surrendering to the logic that a ‘modern’ fan must be informed of the finances to make qualified criticism of management.

    I’m not really sure what we’re discussing if I’m honest…

    is the club in crisis?

    well depends on your definition of crisis I guess, Pompey faced a crisis, I’d say were in fairly deep shit.

    If we want to discuss the board I think we need to clarify what the ‘board’ actually means, because right now from my reading, there isn’t one.

    We can harp on about past patterns of behaviour attributable to the board under Fiszman but how that relates to today’s ‘board’ which are just a bunch of powerless figureheads under the direction of Ivan Gadzidis I don’t know, it certainly doesn’t help to clarify the way forward for me.

  4. Stephen Walnuts

    Morning all. It’s been a while since i last posted but. . . . . . . We’re hearing Thierry Henry has managed to pick up a calf injury and won’t be fit to face the Mancs.


    He has realised this team are nowhere near good enough and doesn’t want to be part of the inevitable thrashing we’re going to get. – again!

    We’ll be lucky to finish 5th this year, and we’ll be trophyless – again. Just what the hell are they doing over there?

  5. Squirrel


    “it will forever continue to be so because arsenal is not as ‘rich’ and prestigious as all the clubs listed above in WOLRD FOOTBALL”.

    Dis-agree there,how can you say that?
    A 60,000 all seater stadium sold out every other week,season ticket waiting list for years,a membership list with 100,000 on the waiting list,history of winning titles and cups

    not as prestigious as chelsea man city psg? do me favour

  6. Tobes

    You are optimistic as always (great attribute to have if one is to be an #AFC fan these days). RvP will leave at the end of this season and that will be the end of Arsenal’s presence in the top four for the forseeable future because the other clubs around us in the table will NOT STOP spending…

  7. Santos

    When RVP departs, it will surely be a very sad day. If there were players of their ilk to complement their dexterity, we would have been immense right now. But Wenger and PHW just lied and lied to us and rather embarrassed us by playing them alongside indolent and overpaid below par players. Imagine we had DeRossi, Alonso, Villa, Kompany, Silva, and Joe Hart. These players were affordable and transferrable back in 2008.

  8. dennisdamenace

    Watch Wenger bitch about injuries after we get battered by ManUre, yet the same man will state we don’t need players because we already have a big squad.

    The spin is mind numbing.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    evan… but we forget its all about money, a player that says he wont sign an extention, their choice, .. that same oplayer devalues 20 million in 5 months,

    they will sell.the board..its 20million loss ffs… money is the new goal not a rippling net…

  10. James Taunt

    YKY, Berba is definitely quality but he is inconsistent and does not play in the first team regularly. So not sure how Fergie feels about that deal. Or perhaps Fergie considers it part of cycle, you get some good players, some average ones, and a few rotten. It all averages out well if you keep winning the big trophies.

    About the Sunday game, yes our midfield is light without Arteta. Need not mention about defence and striking options.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    thomas… did he not spunk more in 2001… jeffers, wright, and van vbronkhurtst? seem to recalll them all on the fron of the programme1

  12. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Lurch! Sorry I missed your Q!

    hmm.. I personally wouldn’t be primarily concerned about our net worth per se.. as impacting upon the share price, like a house; negative equity only hurts if you sell.. I guess this would impact Stan if he has secret future plans to sell out?

    But the impact would be an economic one from lack of exposure in the countries that our glorious marketing department are targetting, reducing opportunities to grow revenue in all streams, renegotiating sponsorship deals under less than favourable conditions, and so on.. the domino effect of success breeding success, and failure becoming a habit! It’s a dagerous risk to take, that is; gambling on getting back in there and almost certainly having to spend to do it.. why not spend now to retain it!

  13. Lurch LeRouge


    Figureheads with respect to the squad I think is more accurate.

    Tim Payton makes a valid point regarding Ken Friars value to the real estate side of the PLC.

  14. Lurch LeRouge


    Its ok my question was rhetorical, it was a way of shifting the light onto the manager and away from the owner…

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    lurch, i agree with you, the ship is rudderless, just going round and round in the ocean, i like you agree that the group of people meant to be steering us are indeed scared of wenger, for why? are they worried his outdated tatics will be taken elsewhere and be a success ? are they afraid another team will take him on and give him the same amount of power he has here and run them in to the ground…

    as the classic song goes the first cut is the deepest, we need to do the first cut of ties with wenger…

    the board we cant do much about, its shares and old network ties… but wenger we can.

    if you was a player now and for two games running your manager has blamed officals for the last two games you have lost, what would your opion be of him?

    the media vultures have started circling around wenger, he knows it,,,

    what will happen we will beat united (sic) and he will come out all smug again, the fans will be all happy ignoring the swans and fulham game…

    its time for a change the fans know it, some members of the board know it…

    deep down so does wenger…

    thank the lord we have blogs like this where we can voice our concern…. even with spelling errors!

  16. Pedro

    Big Dave, I’m not sure Stan is hugely interested providing we keep selling out every week.

    I’d imagine over the next year we’ll see Friar exit along with a number of others from the board. We’ll see Tom Fox on the board with Dick Law I reckon… then the club will get shaped from there.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    remember we would not go half a million more to signn for ronaldo who united dsold for 80m./…

    wenegr again too many hands on the money rules!

  18. Evan

    RSPC Arsenal: The horrible thing is i think we will sell him, however

    You have to assume that we are aiming for champions league (despite all the excuses phw)

    Would we not have a better chance of achieving this with RVP?

    So lose 20 million at end of season or have RVP for the final push?

    Wenger will assume/hope we get that spot and then likely tell RVP the fans that new signings will happen in the summer and hope he signs an extension. I’d prefer to keep him

  19. Lurch LeRouge


    yes agreed. Figureheads is perhaps a little disrespectful but its an efficient container nonetheless.

  20. jay4741

    we were linked with Kompany for a number of years, wanted to come to arsenal, orignally we was looking at him as DM, but wenker declined to sign again.

    were gonna get spanked on sunday same old same old.

    Valencia to Roast our temp left back whoever it maybe. (highlighting even more what c*nt weger is for not signing a LB)

    Arsenal 2 Man 5
    Rooney to ruin us as usual 2 goals maybe hat trick,what the hell throw in a koz own goal as well due one

  21. Match


    you talk shit and always have.

    buy this buy that. sack this and suck on that.

    if united really wanted to buy a player that arsenal wanted you think arsenal would be able to compete? if chesleas wanted a player that arsenal wanted would arsenal be able to compete? if city wanted to buy a player arsenal wanted would arsenal be able to compete?

    what load of shit you are.

    OH gambon shit i forgot. ARSENAL WILL definitely be able to …. why ? shit gambon is putting his hand in his pocket and coffin up with that $XX billion dollar and buy out Kronke and then he is going to sack wenger the next minute.

    Hey everybody. Gambon is arsenal messiah!!!

  22. Becks

    Is it just me or am I not alone in thinking we are going to get another hammering on Sunday? because, it’s as if there is no spirit left in the team and I don’t think I could stomach another loss?????

  23. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Lurch, Pedro…
    The club, IMO, is at a very significant crossroads now and AW (and IG?) is (are) taking a huge gamble..

    Rather than protecting the club, as he preaches, by not spending, I would say now he is in great danger of doing exactly the opposite and damaging the club by a greater multiplication of what he could spend now to rescue/safeguard it…

    It’s a gamble that may pay off.. But I see it as a gamble and not as a calculated risk. I see him as a once great card player who skinned the casino many times who is now living on his reputation rather than results and taking a risk and calling for a card when he’s on 17 in blackjack!

    He may turn over a 4.. then again he may turn over a 5!

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    how many time has wenger been successful in keeping players who have told him they want out?

    RVP is in the form of his life, one big last contract, a team with limitless money come knocking, the prem this year, the CL next…

    rvpo wants trophies, manchester /chester is a lovely area to live for 4 years..

    good luck to him…

    serves the memberrs of the owning group for not tying him down for a longer contract when he was last out injured…

    all the money they have spunked on long term contracyt for dross, one decent player comes along and they cant hold him again…

    i dont love arsenal with this current management1

  25. Lurch LeRouge


    we’re on the same page regarding management. I imagine that AW has plenty of credit with SKE still though so I’d be surprised if anything changes within the next few years.

    when it comes to players and spin I think its fair to say that todays player knows that his manager fabricates soundbites to shift the attention away from the real problems, its part and parcel of the game.

    Players are coached in media skills from a young age so I don’t think we can jump to conclusions with what goes through their heads when AW makes excuses in public, be they of referees or otherwise.

    The most likely effect, is they value his loyalty and protection more than anything as a result of his spin – which for me, kind of breeds complacency.

    I’m drawn to the Warnock & McCarthy school of propaganda though.

  26. Gooner Ale

    We are a sinking ship n Arsene (whom i dont trust) has led us into a massive iceberg..i really dread this coming fixture!

  27. jay4741

    Match says:

    January 19, 2012 at 12:14

    spot on , arsenal would not be able to attract players if them other clubs were in, they pick the MAncs & chelski everytime

  28. Evan

    Mykelgunner: Arsenal is the 5th richest FC in the world.Match do your research before you comment

    Forbes: Arsenal is the third most valuable association football club in the world as of 2010, valued at $1.2 billion,

    We are now out of the top 3 even in the Profit league, downward spiral lol

  29. jay4741

    spot on , arsenal would not be able to attract players if them other clubs were in, they pick the MAncs & chelski everytime


    Juan Mata perfect example

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    lurch i agree, complancey is the biggest illness at arsenal, a manager who openly says 4th is good, will take second for ten years sends out wrong signals, so the players think they are acheving things if they finish 4th , manager happy board happy, % of fans happy because of the goal CL football…
    stark reality we are being robbe, more money per season to watch, more games on tv, no rebatre for the games that are shown on telly which there should be to the ST….

    all because of complancey,…

  31. James Taunt

    spot on , arsenal would not be able to attract players if them other clubs were in, they pick the MAncs & chelski everytime

    For some half a season at Manc is better than a full season at Arsenal……eg Nasri

  32. Evan

    H Lurch, that would be a good signing, but he wants 100k a week.

    True a free transfer would free up money to pay stupid wages, but it would upset poor Theo and co. I also think Coquelin will benefit from a pre-season and likely start pushing for that spot

  33. TheBayingMob

    I think price increases to tickets can only really be decided on when we know our european fate. If we win the trophy again this year (4th) then rises might be a possibility, the board would be beyond suicidal to see us drop out of the top four, lose CL football then put prices up!!!

  34. Bade

    Pedro, Nuudles

    I know you were referring to the current core, but if Arsene keeps acting (should say, inaction) the way he does, this core will dismantled the way the previous cores were

  35. Evan

    Falling out of the champions league is bad news, wake up Arsenal

    Liverpool’s kit suppliers Adidas have walked away from negotiations to renew the deal because the team’s performances have not been good enough.

  36. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...


    Don’t be too sure! (price increases when we know our fate!)

    This is about Tom Fox our commercial director.. The 2nd Para may interest you!! It will come down to business in the end.. although I do think it will be extremely difficult to ‘sell’ a ticket increase without CL football!

    He quickly was overwhelmed by the differences between the EPL and U.S. sports leagues. For example, the EPL plays 380 games a year, with 138 broadcast live and 142 games not shown at all. He could not wrap his mind around the fact that Arsenal games on Saturdays at 3 p.m. weren’t televised. Similarly, he saw that the team had a season-ticket waiting list of 40,000 fans and thought the club was leaving money on the table by not maximizing demand.

    “You look at those two things as a U.S. sports executive and you think two things: one, you’re not charging enough for tickets, and two, you’re leaving money on the table by not showing games on TV,” Fox said. “I spent a lot of time trying to understand that.”

    It took Fox time to appreciate that Arsenal had one of the highest season-ticket prices in the EPL, practically double what its London rival Chelsea charged,

  37. jay4741

    we need to get rid of these players, but with the wages there on how can we, what do u reckon:-

    Almunia – 50k
    Squillaci – 50k
    Rosicky – 70k
    Chamakh 75k
    Bendtner 50k
    Denilson 40k
    Diaby 60k
    JD 35k

    under estimated? over esimated?
    serious money be wasted everyweek on pure dross
    i sure theres a few more could be added to the list aswell maybe
    Arshavin £90k, but on his day still think hes class

  38. Lurch LeRouge


    yeah saw that, thats the deal he wants from city though – a club thats offered him 4 starts this season….

    demands might differ with a club that can guarantee many more games…

  39. TheBayingMob

    I would like to also say this: I don’t think it’s the case that we haven’t got money; only a nailed on fuckwit would argue so; but if you look at the mismanagement of the wage bill then you can see why Wenger has run out of wriggle room.

    Consider thus: we were paying Henry 120k a week in 2006, Fabregas 110k+ in 2009/10, Chamakh 75k a week now, Wenger 115k+ a week now

    Now consider further … we had to run away like a scared little chiwawa from the Mata and Cahill deals when Chelsea got involved, not because we couldn’t afford the wages (those figures show that we can and do pay players big wages) but because there is so much money being taken up on the wage bill by the likes of big-balls-billy-Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Almunia, Fabianski, Arshavin, Diaby etc. that they can’t afford the inflation.

    Cahill would have been a good signing, but what happens? He comes in on 120k a week then the first thing that happens is Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker come to the table and say, “you wot!?? Where’s my wage?”. Gazidis and Wenger have banged the drum for so long about our consistent wage structure, on a moral basis they’ve ruled themselves out of running for players that want more than 60 to 80k a week to sign; City and Chelsea have raised the bar, and we can’t go with them.

  40. jay4741

    we need to get rid of these players, but with the wages there on how can we, what do u reckon:-

    Almunia – 50k
    Squillaci – 50k
    Rosicky – 70k
    Chamakh 75k
    Bendtner 50k
    Denilson 40k
    Diaby 60k
    JD 35k

    under estimated? over esimated?
    serious money be wasted everyweek on pure dross
    i sure theres a few more could be added to the list aswell maybe
    Arshavin £90k, but on his day still think hes class

    adding on

    Dog Eater 30/40K
    Flappy 30/40 k

  41. Foreheadinho

    It really does not make any sense at all not to invest in players to keep Arsenal marketable and hence more profitable.
    I don’t understand how any of Kronke, The Board, Gazidis or Wenger would not be keen to keep the team competing at the highest level.
    Investing in the quality of the team is essential to the success of the business.

  42. Lurch LeRouge

    I wonder if there’s a clause in player contracts that protects them from de registration? a serious financial penalty?

    have we had it explained yet how TH12 has managed to get registration while our 17 non homegrown slots are occupied?

  43. leon

    i feel the real mistakes were made in the summer it is always very difficult doing business in jan, wenger had real oportunity to go and get top quality signings but he opted to go for cheap players once again particualy with likes park and benioum.i have read alot comments that wenger should have signed cahill i am not sure if he can player in other position either way he would want garanteed first play the big problem with that is arsenal have at least 2-3 cbs who are as good as him may better if you say he want play him dm position fine to start but i think song is as good him i think better.i like cahill but suspect he would not want be squad player

  44. James Taunt

    jay4741, I okay with others but this

    “i sure theres a few more could be added to the list aswell maybe
    Arshavin £90k, but on his day still think hes class”

    He should be paid for only those weeks then. I recon those are not more than handful.

  45. Keyser

    There is a certain element of deja vu to the site now, yeah I know happens every year, where we build up to a crescendo of disapproval especially as we go through the period where the team falls apart on us, that must get soo tedious and exahusting for the dissenters ? Surely you’re not going to let it fizzle out over the summer again ?!

  46. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Lurch.. I don’t know definitively the answer to that question… All I know is that twice a year, the club must submit it’s squad on 2 Sept & 2 Feb…after each window closes…

    I guess, and it’s a guess, there must be some dispensation for players who arrive in during the window itself. i.e. once registered they can play.. but the numbers must stack up on the 2 Feb… I don’t think we have to actually delist anyone for the moment. I tried to find info on that a few weeks ago but the PL rules seem to be some kind of state secret. You certainly won’t find them on the PL site!

  47. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Good afternoon my fellow disgruntled gooners. First off, nice post. Today my disgruntleness (if that’s indeed a word) lies with that man city fan we have on our board that keeps selling all our players to manchester city. If you don’t know already his name is Ivan Gazidis, raised in manchester since the age of 4 and appointed as CEO of arsenal in 2008/2009. Since the appointment of this person to our beloved club we have seen a slow and steady decline. Our project youth which would have flourished and waxed the ego of our eccentric manager if one or two squad tweaks were made ended up making arsenal the laughing stock of the footballing world instead .

    Since his arrival on the scene the most high profile player Arsenal has signed is Mikel Arteta at a time when not signing a midfielder of some sort would have been a tad suspicious after losing two of the best players in the world. Unlike David Dein who brought Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Petit, Marc Overmars, Thierry Henry, Davor Suker, Robert Pires, Sol Campbell, Gilberto, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure, Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie and a host of other names to our beloved club, and oversaw what was the most spectacular period in our footballing history, Ivan Gazidis only plan for this club is to ruin it with expensive mediocre and unproven talent. So if his most high profile signing is Arteta and he’s been @ the club bordering on 3 years now, what exactly is his role @ arsenal? What value has he added to this club since he joined. Our sponsorship deals are one of the worst in the league, the only revenue the club leads in is ticket sales and player sales.

    He has created an atmosphere where asking for money to fund player transfers creates tension between management and the board, and our manager is such a suck up that he doesn’t say a word, instead he’s slamming water bottles on the pitch, pulling his greyed hair out and getting sent to the stands in the middle of a match because of his conduct when his players don’t can’t play the way he wants. David Dein was the perfect tonic for our conservative manager. These word of Keith Edelman (Arsenal’s former Managing director between 2008 – 2008) clearly show that the changes at the club are responsible for the clubs misfortunes…”During the years we were successful there was an alliance of people at the top who made the club successful – that was David Dein, Arsene and myself,’ he said. ‘I ran the business side and David and Arsene ran the football side. David did a phenomenal job for the club and I think they miss David’s role in encouraging Arsene”. It seems there were quite a few changes at Arsenal between 2008 and 2009 and it wasn’t just the players that were changed. True Arsenal men in the board were replaced with spies and figure heads, no wonder our cries and anger fall on deaf ears. If by some miracle we manage to remove this cancer called David Dein from our club he will simply be employed by man city who i feel he is currently working for anyway.

    Please don’t just write this off as a conspiracy theory because even though i don’t have the facts the evidence is clear for all to see. Perhaps if some of you have shares and are willing to sell to Usmanov to get to 30% we will begin to uncover some truth behind the transformations that are taking place at the club.

    Why is it so easy to do business to city, yet we wont sell an established player to any other top 4 rival. Arsene categorically stated that we won’t be selling nasri to united during the summer, so why is selling to city any different.The last time we did an exchange with another top 4 rival was chelsea in 2006 and although we lost the best left back in the world, we weren’t so much worse off with william Gallas + 5 mil.

    Did we really try to keep Nasri. Nasri made it clear what he wanted before his head was turned. Arsene made it clear that he wanted to keep him and that we could not be a big club if we lost the two of them, then Gazidis went off and sold them both even after the manager’s statement. What does that say about this person’s intentions for our club when the whole world was listening? Clearly wenger’s statement was supposed to be a public warning to the board but they still did not heed.

    We really have drawn the worst luck with Ivan and it’s only gonna get worse until we target him and make sure that every ill luck that befalls arsenal if placed squarely on his shoulders then he will either sit up and begin to do his job or he’ll go back to his employers in manchester.

    Sorry about the long post but i’m still pissed off!!

  48. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Foreheadinho…think you could do a gravatar pic of yourself so we can see what that forehead looks like?

  49. gambon

    “Wenger was a useless old tosser before Gazidis.”

    You can analyse the club for 34 years and be a PHD in Football, and you will never come to a more succinct and correct conclusion.

  50. Bergkamp63

    All this whining is all very well for getting it off our chests but what good is it actually doing other than making us even more frustrated, knowing there are so many more of us out here feeling the same is not solving the problem.

    We need to protest and let the newspapers or sky sports see it outside the Emirates if anything is really going to change ?

  51. arsenal1886-2006

    Goonerfied85 says:
    January 19, 2012 at 09:49
    Morning all my fellow suffering Gooners,

    Bit slow generally for news out there.

    I read that Ba thin but take it with a pinch of salt.

    Shitmack has come out & said he does not want to leave Arsenal & wants to fight for his place?? Fuck off you two bob dick head you are not good enough.

    With any luck with all that Gel in his hair & the heat in Africa he will catch alight.

    That last line has made my day……….

  52. incesc

    wenger wont get sacked this summer, kroenke is in love with him, thats obvious and being out of europe wont affect our league position in a positive way

    its not like competing in europe was the cause of the shit performances last 2 league games.

  53. Yippee Kai Yay

    The Tom Fox quote is interesting, it would seem that the brand is seen as sufciently strong to be saleable on a global scale. Viewing rights will be the next big thing.

    It is not hard to envisage that the baord are probably are working on a model which shows that even with CL they can make a profit from running Arsenal for cash generation if run in a lean and efficient way. So no real competitiveness needed, as the brand itself is strong enough.

    The Henry return is a coup in that department as the american market is only really starting to cast it’s eye towards europe in any significant numbers (always had following, but the involvement of espn has ‘pushed’ profile).

    And you only have to look to how much money Liverpool made on their preseason tour to wonder how they can afford to spend millions on even bigger dross than the likes of diaby et al. Hence the recent announcement for pre-season in Nigeria.

    In fact the one thing the club needs is fans who will follow it unquestioning of any title / trophy aspirations. And there are still plenty of those around.

  54. Cygan's Left Foot

    Have anyone heard this Welbeck @ Manure wanting 60K and Manure only offering him 45K a week.

    Why is average Theo want 90K aweek? We should offer him less than the 60K a week he is getting in the new contract.

  55. Yippee Kai Yay

    iffy, I think you got your ‘gazidis’ and ‘deins’ mixed up in the middle there.

    But I get the principle of your conspiracy. However, the problem I have with most conspiracy theories is that when you look at the people involved and ask the question ‘are they really that clever to be doing this?’ invariably the answer (and again in this case I suspect) is ‘no’.

    After all the same conspiracy theorists have previously cited Commoli as a ‘spy in the camp’, sent to other prem teams to do arsenal’s bidding.

    But in reality he was just a tit who embellished his acheivements and other stupid people beleived what he actualy said.

  56. nuudles

    I know it is probably rubbish but there are rumours about us going for Morata. He is the kid who lead the line so well in the u/19 for Spain last year, right? Also scored some epic finishes if I remember correctly.

    Dont get me wrong, we should rather focus our attentions on chasing a top established CF rather than just potential. What if RvP picks up a knock over the weekend and is out for the rest of the season? Then we have to rely on Park or again use Arsh there, or Theo, or play Afobe (is he fit?). None of those options fill me with confidence and it is not as if things improve massively when Chamakh comes back…

  57. incesc

    we could offer walcott 61k a week easy

    city, chelsea, barce, madrid wont want him

    maybe liverpool but if he wants to go there then sell him

  58. arsenal1886-2006

    No champions league revenue next season? sell Van Persie to cover the loss.
    No Champions league the year after? sell Jack to cover the loss.

    When we lose our most competent players we will be left with the incompetent ones, our spine could consist of Almunia, Squilacci, Diaby, Chamakh or Park.

    Now that is f*****g depressing.

  59. Keyser

    Imagine Walcott up against Mertesacker or Santos, we need to add to the squad rather than pull it apart again. All season we’ve seen Walcott be wasteful than all of a sudden his finish against Swansea was the sort of calm collected one we’ve wanted.

  60. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Yippee Kai Yay i think it’s kind of obvious that city’s money has been in the middle of all this. They couldn’t do united..for obvious reasons, they couldn’t do the chavs cause of the dude @ the helm, liverpool was already doing themselves and no one could be bothered with spurs.

    Their entire transfer policy has been bordered around reducing the quality of their rivals wherever they can, and aresnal was in a period of transition when they got their money. Ripe for plucking, and Ivan Gazidis is their gardener or farmer..that sort of thing

  61. DaleDaGooner

    We could use Pedro Botelho right about now, but he wasn’t given a work permit by the British Home Office, the geniuses.

    Arteta out for Sunday makes me cringe, now I gotta watch Ramsey do his fancy back heel to Giggs. Or Benayoun struggling to control a mid field, or Rosicky prancing around the mid field.

    Ox should start in attack, Arshavin should be given a go inthe hole, if he doesn’t pull his weight (no pun) then yank him, but i suspect he’ll do well if played in the hole. Ramsey should be shackled to play defensive along side Song and both should be told DEFENCE first, Song can create a lot better so I’d give him a little license. The key issue here is the RB and LB situation, and that is the Achilles heel. Djourou at RB? Miquel or even Vermaelen at LB? how will they deal with Nani and Valencia’s speed?

  62. Yippee Kai Yay

    incesc, you are of course entirely right.

    Kronke does loves Wenger (he is a compliant cash generation manager for the club after all) after all what shareholder doesn’t want his investment to keep generating money.

    The only way things will change is if the cash cow becomes a dog or worse for the board the problem child (given the current regieme’s reluctance to invest high values in order to extract a bigger market share).

    Until then the board have to toe the company line and support Kronke’s man.

    And for all the many and varied reasons by many logical and knowledgable people here, Arsenal will continue to generate money, and will seek to find new ways to increase revenue, even in the face of loss of CL as it will probably have a few more years of trading on brand around the world, China is probably the next big one to crack, so expect a signing of the ‘next Chinese Pele’ in the summer.

    Followed by the previous mentioned season ticket rises at the tend of the season.

  63. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Bergkamp63 to be honest i feel that way too but the truth is that the most i can do right now is whine. I don’t work @ the press, i’m not in England to join the protests, i can only hope that someone feels my pain and does a bit more for the club i love

  64. nuudles

    Agree Gambon, Theo is not good enough for us and should go to Lpool or similar.

    A front 3 of Oxo/Gerv-RvP-Hazard/Hamsik/Gotze would do well. I would even take Hoilett. Recently read he only has 6 months left on his contract…

  65. Keyser

    gambon – Theo’s a puppet, he needs someone to pull his strings, as long as he keeps his pace and someone can do that for him consistently he’ll be a threat.

  66. incesc

    wanst what wenger does part of what attracted kroenke to arsenal?

    and one year out of the champions league which is the main aim of the club is hardly sackable for a man like kroenke that has no emotional tie to the club at all.

    they have loads of money in the TPA which will cover losing out on the champions league revenue.

    sacking wenger has probably never even crosses kroenks mund

  67. DaleDaGooner

    We need someone in the middle pulling the strings and creating chances after chances for Theo and co, Hate to say it, but we really miss Cesc Fabregas

  68. Yippee Kai Yay

    Keyser says:

    January 19, 2012 at 13:54

    Imagine Walcott up against Mertesacker or Santos
    OK, right, so I’m imagining one shit player up against another shit player or someone who’s been injured for too long to make any justifiable comparison.

    Sorry, did you have a point, or are you here just to lower the average IQ ‘in the room’?

    Just sit in the corner and read for a bit, there’s a good chap, sit on your hands if it helps. You never know you might yet learn something.

    And if your really lucky, someone will help you take your Theo poster down tonight, so you don’t have to look at it and cry about your shattered illusion.

  69. nuudles

    gambon, so true about Theo, just the pther day he was clear through on goal with a much better chance than against Swansea and he couldnt have done worse even if he tried.

    Much like Mertesacker’s miss against Swansea when the ball fell to him not 6 yards out straight in front, at least his excuse is he is a CB.

  70. Bergkamp63

    I don’t know why they don’t put oxo on the right where Theo is normally and give him a go down the middle, I know he’s shit and couldn’t finish his breakfast but surely that has a better chance ?

  71. Match

    @Thomas. it’s up for grabs now

    $15 million and $16 million in 2004 is worth much more then 2012 now.

    1. Inflation***
    2. Players valuation is much much higher now cos the market has moved on caused by big spenders.
    3. There were no chelsea and man city in those days
    4. Not just chelsea and man city but even the lower bottom clubs are own by rich non british dads aston villia and liverpool and sunderland and others. in 1994 which club were had non british owners?

    So Wenger has spent the money before. And because of that arsenal competed at the top and won a few championship in the early years.

    And like you mentioned he has spent money now ‘number wise’ yes.. but the “””other clubs””” have spent bigger money. Hence arsenal are left with second rated or they gamble with young players. Even then they buy second rated young players.

    Historically speaking you need a few super players in a good team to make the difference and win. Marid have 25 super player and a super manager after $400 million investment and hasn’t won anything for a few years. OK they did .. the equivalent of carling cup.

    My thinking is as such.

    The previous owners made a deal with Wenger. Keep us in the top 4 for the next 5 years until we sell our shares to a new owner. And we will guarantee your employment. (wenger made lots of money for the previous owners when they cashed out) … But for the next 5 years the transfer budgets and wages depends on how you make from player transfer out from the club. You need to BALANCE the budget. And if you look at the spending from whatever years WENGER has really ‘BALANCED” the budget. The UK Treasuer would have been proud of him.

    So now that the club has been sold. And guess what? The new owner comes in and makes another deal with the coach. If you keep us in the top 4 … without me putting my hands into my pocket to buy super star players i just leave the running of the club to you and GZ.

    You do whatever you like just dont expect me to put money into my own pocket and be sucessful. Successful meaning TOP 4.
    Hence wenger came out and made comment such as top 4 is a necessity. FA cup is a bonus etc etc… The guy is not stupid. He knows when to say things givining little hints here and there.

    AND ‘silent STAN’ Kronke doesn’t need to speak and pay attention to the club. He doesn’t have too. He doesn’t want too.

    Like i said Wenger knows how to play the game with the media and the club. But there will be a point. And when it reaches that point he will come out and pull something out of the hat. I am sure they will spend in the summer.

    So Wenger agrees to the Challenge from the previous owners. I’ll balanced the budget but let me do it my way. And this model of business has continued with the current owner. WHY??? Because that was is the business model the previous owner SOLD IT to Kronke.

    Well thats my own short view of the plot at the club from AFAR. No one knows exactly what happened or is happening. Maybe one day Wenger will write a book of his time at the club and reveal all.

  72. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    lol @ “China is probably the next big one to crack, so expect a signing of the ‘next Chinese Pele’ in the summer” but you’re right tho

  73. frenchie

    theo represents our lost cl money. king kenny will come knocking along with his excellent nose for finance and a deal. bite his hand off.

  74. arsenal1886-2006

    Kroenke will not sell Arsenal. The big money is still to come from internet streaming of games and he knows that. With Apple lining up a bid for Premiership games how long before youtube, google and others come sniffing? Charge a fiver a game and you are rolling in the money.

    Why do you think big money billionaires are buying up the clubs? it is not because they love them and feel passionate about them, it is because they have a long term plan for massive revenue generation. The internet is the biggest prize out there and they know that.
    60,000 in the stadium and 60,000,000 worldwide. That is what whets their appetite.

  75. Yippee Kai Yay

    ‘Keyser says:
    January 19, 2012 at 14:04

    Even if it’s for a year, we need excess in the team before we trim it down until it’s lean.’
    Lol, and there you have it, folks. The encapsulation of why arsenal will be fine, it’s because of idiot fans like this. Who will pay their money and wathcthe team get progressively worse, from behind their rose-tinted specs.

    I suppose people should really be thanking them for their ignorance in some ways.

    Note to Keyser: You’ve started ‘typing’ again. Stop it, you only make yourself more more stupid each time you do it.

  76. Chris

    I am so bored with the phrase ‘if Wenger doesn’t spend the money this summer we will be bang in trouble’ – every year we gear up for the coming summer to be THE summer to make or break arsenal.

  77. Keyser

    Heh, this is almost as good as Tiarnan was for the blog, except he actually put some effort in.

    “OK, right, so I’m imagining one shit player up against another shit player or someone who’s been injured for too long to make any justifiable comparison.”

    Erm, that’s what sprung to mind eh.

    Theo up against Mertesacker what could be a problem there.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    look why does everyone put fanatasy names on the team shhet, when /if they are signed then cool otherwise you are tormenting your self….

    a amanger who does not change or reshuffle his back room staff seven years with out a trophy speaks an arogance of ‘wtf you going to do about it…. nothing then pee off”

    wenegr know he could get iup and storm out of a board meeting and they would all chase him down the road tro say sorry….what can we do to help you…

    what does he want? it aint money to spend …. his yoof policy failed, his over 30 policy failed, his over paying to keep players failed…

    where do you draw a line in the sand and start again…

  79. frenchie

    arsenal 1886-

    silent stan might think further about selling arsenal. pull up newsnow and you will see the massive troubles currently experienced by his other football club. he needs a complete rebuild of his team and the man is even considering moving that team. both of those considerations take money. i hope that he gives into the temptation to cut ties with arsenal in order to salvage his other problems, which would likely help salvage ours.

  80. Radio Raheem


    Cash cow, dog, problem child? you’ve been reading some strategy/marketing texts I see.

    Whilst I think there is potential in China I feel it is over-hyped most times

  81. Lurch LeRouge

    tiarnan would’ve imaged a sexual tryst with feo between BFG and santopants and Keyser popping coins in the perv booth.

  82. Cygan's Left Foot

    AW will never be sacked, he has to walk out, to which he will never do and lose 7 mil a year.

    AW is a very SMART man, he put himself in a position where he is “UNSAKCABLE”. He thought a head for a day like this when people will call for his head and planned the way out by getting rid of all the football people in the club that will stand up to him and tell him he is wron. Kept Pat to shake his head with agreement and make his tea.

    In Ivan he has a puppet MB that doesn’t understand football or have as many contact in the football’s world as my cat. This Ivan knowledge about football next to ZERO. As for Stan, until he pulls Billy Bean out of his ass and AW stop making him money, he would not give a shit about trophy or no trophy.

    Lets say we sacked AW, do I trust those two clowns Ivan and Stan to make the right choice? Just look at the yanks owners, they are more obsessed about British manager as most posters here about English players (yes I am looking at you that wanting us to sign any crap English players like Bridge and Cahill). Liverpool signed Dogson and Kinky Dogleash, Aston Villa signed Long ball O’crap and MacShit. Mark my words our two clowns would go for British, it will be any British would do as long as the media happy.

  83. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    why has theo failed?

    is it
    he is a poor player, or just complanment…

    bad managment?
    bad traing not focusing on areas he needs to improve?

    played out of postition?

    look the best we have seen of him is the start of last season when he was dropped ny enngland, he had fire in his belly, its evident that the management are not motivatinbg him for games,, but hey he is a pretty lad and is probarly in the top 3 of shirt sellers at arsenal sokeep picking him….money again…

  84. Bergkamp63


    I’m not convinced Konke is not a man of his word, I have an awful feeling he could be around for a while. Let’s hope I’m wrong !!

  85. incesc

    what i meant to say is this will be the first year wenger hasnt met his targets set by our unambitious board, every other year he has delivered.

    kroenke has no emotional tie to arsenal but he loves wenger and has said the way wenger runs the club attracted him in the first place.

  86. Yippee Kai Yay


    Keyser, Theo is shit, (I almost sorry to have to shatter your illusions), Mertesacker is also shit and also slow.

    So what would Theo vs Mertesacker prove, other than that both should be sold, thus rendering the point I beleive you were trying to make completely, well, pointless.

    It’s not surprising given your propensity for veiwing the world through rose-tinted glasses.

    And yes, I know it’s not your fault you’re dim, just stop inflicting it on other just because you have a keyboard.

    Be a nice chap won’t you, not for me but for everyone else. I have to travel in a while, so can you save all of your rubbish up until then.

  87. Lurch LeRouge

    “no emotional tie to arsenal but he loves wenger and has said the way wenger runs the club attracted him in the first place.”

    definition of an AKB.

  88. Tony

    Ron Burgundy : I wanna say something. I’m gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back……………… I want to be on you.

  89. frenchie


    maybe the board is not as out of touch with reality: perhaps they understand they got in bed with the devil and feel the only way out is to sacrifice wenger.

  90. goonerDNA


    “no emotional tie to arsenal but he loves wenger and has said the way wenger runs the club attracted him in the first place and a top cunt about it.”

    definition of an AKB.

  91. incesc

    wenger is the board frenchie, he has them all wrapped around his little finger.

    maybe he has photos of them all with diaby,

  92. Yippee Kai Yay

    RR, nah, did them years ago, along with other basic stuff ‘porters model’ etc, thought they were now common place these days as media often reference them.

    I cna recommend Dr Adizes – corporate lifecycles if you want some good business / strategy stuff. Fills time in an airport lounge at the very least.

  93. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Seems all that theo’s goal against swansea did was remind people of how often he doesn’t score

  94. arsenal1886-2006


    With the franchise system in the states cities tend to offer sweeteners to get sports franchises located in them. They realise the revenue this will bring to the city coffers (as well as their own pockets).
    With the premier league you have a worldwide audience and not confined to the US as with american sports, so I see his priority being with us, a global brand (i fucking hate that term), and not with a team that outside of the US is little known.