Arteta out for United… FFS x2 | Jack back in 3 weeksish | Fulham for Rosicky

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Good morning Grove fans, first thing to tackle this morning is a bad case of too much too young for Pedro Bothelo. The man disgraced his and my name when he got pissed at the weekend, crashed into a police car, then drove off. He was caught, busted and sent back to Arsenal (Or that Velcro club we banished Wellington too). You’d have to wonder what career at Arsenal he has left. He’s another of the overhyped we’ve read about but seen little of, and in all likely hood, one we’ll never see much of. Big mistake from him and yet another example of the Spanish feeder club set up not working…

In injury news things are not looking good for Arteta. The Express reckon he hasn’t trained which doesn’t always mean a player won’t play… Lesley (<- I saw that mistake and liked it) King rarely trains between games being an example… but you have to fear for his chances all the same (that said, I’m not hearing this from anyone I speak to).

It’s a big loss but not one we didn’t see coming. I’ve been saying he needs a rest for about a Month. I even suggested he might pick up an injury before I knew about it on Sunday. We’re back to that giant squad, lack of quality issue. If you don’t trust your squad, you end up running the good players into an injury. Aaron Ramsey is another… He’s played and played and played… But what’s the alternative? A midfield of Ramsey, Rosicky and Song doesn’t fill me with hope this weekend.

The Guardian are reporting Jack will rejoin training next week and could start playing in two. They’re hailing this as a miracle… not sure how coming back a month and a half past schedule is a miracle… that said, it seems a minor miracle that a rest for Arteta has turned into a calf injury. I’m looking forward to Jack’s return regardless of when it is. I just hope he’s honest with himself and ignores the temptations to rush himself… much like Cesc did last year with disastrous consequences.

Vermaelen returning will at least give us some full bacary cover… Though Sagna is unlikely to make it this weekend. The return of those three players is a massive boost for the run in. They’ll transform us if they can deliver their usual form.

People have been talking about the disaster that’s unfolding at Arsenal. I agree things are looking precarious again… but of the worst happens and we drop out of Europe, it wouldn’t take much to rise again. We have a very good core of a squad. If we shipped out the muppets, brought in a few up an coming superstars… and most importantly… finished out of Europe… Even with a small squad we’d make top four the next year. Most of our issues are centred round not having a squad deep enough for two elite competitions. Totally the fault of our manager of course… but we’re not in a squad situation like Chelsea.

I do wonder with the board… are the giving Wenger the rope to hang himself? He has money, we know this… We know they know what we know… Yet no obvious pressure? Seems odd that business men smart enough to make six figure salaries, who know football and understand marketing, would let this happen without a plan… because believe me, everyone at the club sees what we see… bar Arsene and Johann Djourrou.

I caught the El Classico last night. It was a fiery affair as always, but the unbelievable quality of Messi broke Madrid in the end with a superb pass to Abidal who buried the winner. Those two sides have unbelievable quality, which is why it’s so funny to watch Mourinho lose time and time again!

Oh, apparently Fulham want to buy Rosicky. I’m not fussed either way, would seem an odd move considering our squad size issues,  but £3million is a hefty price tag for someone who has never really hit the heights his reputation suggested he would.

Right, that’s all I have for you until Monday. Geoff will be taking over, so enjoy!

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  1. Yippee Kai Yay

    beeb quoteing an £18mil bid by wenger for Ba.

    Their source…………

    Joke friday has come early again.

  2. Yippee Kai Yay

    regarding Jack, there is always an issue for players who come back too soon or too quickly.
    Even if back in a couple of weeks he won’t be match fit for a couple more.

    Seems to be a lot of pressure being put upon his return by both the club and the fans.

  3. Yippee Kai Yay

    lurch, ticket price increases are inevitable.

    The club have set themselves up to preclude any form of accountability, therefore the only way for the club to recognise the situation is some form of direct action.

    The way things are currently, the fragmented nature of disconsolate fans only serves to allow the club to continue in the same vein ad infinitum.

  4. Azed

    Wenger said he was resting Arteta so he’d not be under pressure to buy. The man will do anything(lie, run players to the ground) just to avoid spending money that aint his.

  5. Arben

    Some years back Wenger said his phone was very busy because too many players were looking to come to Arsenal. What happen now has his phone gone off?

  6. Lurch LeRouge


    are you suggesting the club are capitalising on the signals that we have no money? signals broadcast by the managers refusal to spend?

    thats one hell of a firestorm brewing right there.

  7. Stuart

    I hope we fall out of the top 4 – this club needs a complete re-vamp

    we have far too many players that are not good enough but on a big wage:


    Get rid of the deadwood!!!!

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    that calf injury will be the one done byt the leeds player within the firsst 15 minutes of the game where arteta went down in a heap!

    dirty leeds! always have been always will be!

  9. Gus J

    Am I the only one who find Real absolutely unwatchable…what a despicable bunch.

    Strange how Mourinho can transform even the best players in the world into brainless thugs.

    Why any neutral support this lot is beyond me…

    This is definetely not a defense of Wenger, but I know that I would prefer to see Theo prance around aimlessly (and ultimately underperform along with the whole team) rather than seeing him assault anyone on the pitch including the ref.

    Shameless man Mourinho… The end justifies the means mentality in its worse shape and form. Wow…and how FIFA or the Spanish FA do not act on their antics is beyond me.

    Sorry for being a bit off topic, but feel this puts things a bit in perspective in the sense that there are alternatives which are even worse than our current predicaments (which are horrific in their own right).


  10. Tuslow

    I don’t know why wenger always like to lie to we fans, the other day he said he was closer to getting a full back,when i really don’t think he ever had plans,last summer he kept on claiming he wanted ‘super quality’,yet took 8-2 at man u to make him spend, and any time he tells us a player will be out for 10days,its always turns out to be 2months.. Wenger Wenger Wenger

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i’m glad you concur with my thoughts pedro, finishing out of europe would be the best thing that could happen to us in years… we can only go up from there….

  12. Tuslow

    I don’t know why wenger always like to lie to we fans, the other day he said he was closer to getting a full back,when i really don’t think he ever had plans,last summer he kept on claiming he wanted ‘super quality’,yet took 8-2 at man u to make him spend, and any time he tells us a player will be out for 10days,its always turns out to be 2months.. Wenger Wenger Wenger.

  13. Jamal

    messi got battered last night, stamped on by pepe and coentrao punched him in the head but he kept goin and got a spectacular assist

  14. Pollux

    I can imagine nani And Valencia tormenting our fullbacks these weekend if vermaelen is not back by than. Rosicky, song and Ramsey unlikely to thrill much… So it will be alot of sideway passing and misplaced pass in the middle. Hope for the hopeless walcott and arshavin to turn up. Can’t always depend on the captain to deliver the goals.. Despite me getting fed-up with wenger for his 1 type tactic and negligent management style, I still do hope for a gunner win this wkend. COYG!

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    yippee, i agree bring him back in march, this season domne, let him play a few looseners mar apr, may then have a good rest and back for our charge next time out!

  16. nuudles

    Ba is interesting, he had a medical at Stoke before he joined Newcastle, which he failed for undisclosed reasons. I cannot remember him picking up an injury yet but it sounds dodgy, aka a perfect Arsenal player. Ha!

    We should contact AC and ask about Pato. We should tell them we will throw the CL game and give them £10m if they give us Pato (not much chance in any case of us going very far in the CL). Someone on here said yesterday that Vela is just as good as Pato and that both have the party-problem. I dont know Pato well enough to disaggree but he regularly plays and performs well for AC. Vela has undoubted talent but he looks very much like a “what could have been” player.

  17. nuudles

    On Vela: I would be very tempted to recall him from his loan and give him a number of games between now and the summer to really see if he can cut it. If he cannot we should sell him in the summer. (oh and we should tell him to cut back his party-ing, fine him if he turns up late for practice or if it is clear he is not performing due to his extra-curicular activities, he is immensely talented but he still acts like a teenager wanting to win popularity contests with his friends)

  18. Yippee Kai Yay

    Hitman, It would seem inevitable that they will be going up, there are still sufficient fans who pay their money, many of whom don’t even bother turning up (remember last year and the booing of the official attendance announcements) who are perhaps the ‘perfect fan’ – pay their money and then cost the club nothing to maintain them.

    This problem didn’t occur overnight, 10-7 years ago the club capitalised on the fact that in ‘the city’ an Arsenal season ticket was just another ‘status symbol’, the continuous jacking up of price only went to show how much more valuable it became, increasing it’s demand.

    Every one in any block at the emirates will have seen the increasing number of ‘blackberry fans’ I’m not saying all of them aren’t die hards, but I would suggest that a significant number aren’t.

    But with the current state of things, the club needs money, it has a waiting list of several thousands and can ‘afford’ to drop ST holders knowing that they will find a way to eek revenue through other official streams, and that they are easily replaced.

    It’s callous, and it’s calculating, but it is logical business sense to maximise on your value whilst you still have some.

    They also know that protesting about an increase after the event (of raising prices) will be small scale (and at the end of the season where ther eis little opportunity for direct confrontation) and many will simply swallow it and carry on.

  19. Tuslow

    Another thing i’m concerned about is hillwood’s comments yesterday, it only proves the people who run the club care nothing about football, everyone knows we can afford to do without CL for a season from a financial stand point, but i’d have also like them to care about what being without CL would mean to the players, and most especially, the fans. Clearly the board runs arsenal as a business,and not a club, clearly they’d only be concerned about us not being in the CL,or going trophyless if it meant the club making a loss.

  20. Gidy

    @Arben you are very right mate. wenger seems to think that people have short memory. i still wonder wat happened after he said that his is very active on the phone. Its a shame to arsenal club as the manager tend to tell alot of lies which go on without queries from us fans

  21. Yippee Kai Yay

    rspca, don’t forget that jack’s focus is more likely to be gettting back to being fit for the euro’s in the summer, having already seen this season decline.

    I would suggest that the closer to June we get, the more RVP and Jack will ease off the gas a little, in order to avoid ‘Metatarsal May’.

  22. IG


    “but of the worst happens and we drop out of Europe, it wouldn’t take much to rise again. We have a very good core of a squad” –

    Not sure I agree with this assessment…. think about the money Wenger would spend when Arsenal is out of european football. And do you really believe we have a good core squad??? I might be in minority here but I for one sincerely believe that Arsenal is a very mediocre team at the moment who has achieved more than they should have this season so far. With the quality we have we should have been around mid table by now.

    I don’t see how this team is going to improve with Wenger in charge.

  23. Goonerfied85

    Morning all my fellow suffering Gooners,

    Bit slow generally for news out there.

    I read that Ba thin but take it with a pinch of salt.

    Shitmack has come out & said he does not want to leave Arsenal & wants to fight for his place?? Fuck off you two bob dick head you are not good enough.

    With any luck with all that Gel in his hair & the heat in Africa he will catch alight.

  24. Lurch LeRouge

    got to respect Pardew though, if there’s a chance Ba is off he prepares for the worst and signs cover (Cisse) early, rather than wait for the bolted horse to die of dementia.

  25. IG

    G85- If I was Gazidis, I would be sitting in swiss alps and counting all the stacked up money Wenger made for me… lol
    Having said that nothing would give me more pleasure than to kick wenger’s nuts… 🙂

    Just another suffering Gooner…

  26. nuudles

    Lurch, thanks for the info. Can they not operate to fix it? (I know the nail is likely in there to fix a previous break or similar but in most cases they can put a nail in without much pain. Perhaps it is different for footballers because of their high levels of fitness and long hours of running & fitness/strength training.

  27. nuudles

    Gazidis should make sure his foot catches himself in the nethers after he kicked Wenger…

    I think I would prefer Usmanov & Dein & Wenger over Stan & Gazidis & different manager. Obviously best option would be Usmanov & Dein & other decent manager (such as Guardiola, Klopp, etc).

  28. Pollux

    Im in the opinion we will have a very weak bench this Sunday. Let’s hope we do not need to count on them to make the difference !

  29. Bush Gooner

    flinky says:
    January 19, 2012 at 09:40
    lady nina was right… fans must protest against the policy – kroenke – hill-wood and wenger


    Lady Nina should have sold her shares to Ushamov instead of PHW then maybe things would have ben different at the club..

  30. Lurch LeRouge


    “Surgeons hammered a 25cm nail into his leg as part of the operation to save his career and there were fears he would not be able to play again”

    a 25cm nail sounds like major surgery, the kind that would risk missing on a season if not two, not exactly a 3 month window of recovery is it.

  31. nuudles

    Lurch, only strange thing is they cannot use Cisse now because of ACN. But the biggest advantage of that is probably that you can buy an ACN player cheaper just before the ACN (or during), so you cannot play the player for say 2 months but you get a bargain.

  32. Goonerfied85


    I agree, I think changes are needed from the top too.

    The stan, PHW, Gazidis & Wenger connection is no good for our club.

  33. Match


    “”I do wonder with the board… are the giving Wenger the rope to hang himself? He has money, we know this… We know they know what we know… Yet no obvious pressure? Seems odd that business men smart enough to make six figure salaries, who know football and understand marketing, would let this happen without a plan… because believe me, everyone at the club sees what we see… bar Arsene and Johann Djourrou.”””

    The previous owners did have a PLAN. They had a MIGHTY good plan. The planned to moved to emirates, built up arsenal assets base. Relied heaviliy on Wenger genius to maintain top 4 position and CL money machine. Gave the manager no money to buy and only buy youth and even so second rated youth.

    Then they bailed out by selling to Kronke for the money they sold for. Bracewell came out all guns blazing last year criticizing the board but hey why wasnt she opening her mouth before the sold her lot?

    This is a business plan. They made lots of money for their long term plan. But it its their RIGHT to do it. Because they put out their own money in the first place to own the share in the club.

    Mike Ashley could have gone bankrupt with his ownership of New Castle. Owning football club is a very risky business. You can buy a player for $50 million just like Tores and he doesnt deliver.

    Wenger only got the money the last maybe two years and even so the money was not enough. With the cash avaible from Cecs and Nasri it was too late in the transfer windows to do anything.

    If Wenger doesnt invest in the CASH this summer then arsenal can kiss good bye to 7th spot next year.

    And and and … what is there to say Kronke wont bail out from ARSENAL ? He is waiting for a big offer i am sure. If Saudi Arabia comes with an offer of $2 billion … i am sure he will bail. JUST LIKE ANY SMART BUSINESS MAN.

    If Kronke sits on an asset base like arsenal and with money in the bank … Arsenal is worth much much more then he bought it from the previous LOT.

    All this talk about Wenger being TIGHT … he wasnt TIGHT during the early years when he came and bought lots of players. He only became TIGHT or was forced to be TIGHT when the club moved to Emirates.

    As for Areta, i wrote before he is Arsenal most IMPORTANT PLAYER IN THE TEAM. Because there is not one player who is fit in the club can replace him in the team.

  34. Ice

    Only 4 months to go till Arsene goes…now common knowledge at LC so expect this season now to be written off…and Andrey is being bombed out any day now and Wiltshire won’t play till April earliest….

  35. SUGA3


    the thing is that Wenger could have told Gazidis and Co. to sort out Cesc and Nasri situation pronto and leave at least a month of the summer TW for him to pick his players for them to deliver…

    well, maybe he did, and they deliberately set him up by dragging out the process of selling the two prized assets?

    something does not make sense here and it does not make sense big time!

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    cheers lurch… yippe, i would like jack to have a good euros,
    that piece in the sun yesterday must have touched a nerve with people at arsenal…

    the man is a meglomanic!

  37. arsenal tom

    25CM? thats nearly a foot long! gotta be a typo!

    man utd are gonna murder us, they have no problem beating us at our place when we’ve got our best 11 available let alone with the rabble we’ll be throwing together on sunday.

  38. apanama

    Peter Hill-wood comment yesterday: “We have been planning for not qualifying every year, so it’s not a disaster, but it would be nice if we could.”
    yeah I bet Wenger will be relieved to hear that.

  39. Match


    I believe wenger was sold out big time by the board or whatever there is. Wenger would not have made all these comments about selling Nasri and Arsenal big a big club thing like he did in the summer. And came out talking about wages etc etc …

    And i wonder why the club cancelled the shareholder Q&A with wenger. Did Wenger cancelled it or the CLUB cancelled it.

  40. BENJI

    AFC does not have a strikeforce. they have one man doing the business of 3.

    When we won titles we had partnerships Henry. Bergkamp…

    Where the fuck is van persies right hand man.

  41. Bade

    Jack’s coming back a miracle?


    Wasn’t he supposed to be back round X-mas? It is a miracle then when he’s delayed by a month or so, say the least

  42. Bade

    Funny to read Pedro talking about the “core”, totally denying that this “core” keeps changing as Arsene is dismantling it time and time again …..

  43. Evan

    Lets face it the board were skintflints wayback in 1996, we needed a new manager and they opted for a guy that managers the mighty Grampus Eight, we were lucky Wenger was good back then.

  44. Lurch LeRouge


    The ACON factor likely signals that Cisse’s a longterm replacement rather than destined to play along side him imho.

  45. Match


    if i want to sell my house. i would make it look as good as possible so come auction day i sell it at the highest price as possible.

    The previous owners did exactly this with ARSENAL. They planned everything and courted KRONKE to buy the club at the highest price possible. They achieved their AIM.

    NOW Kronke will be doing the same thing. WHY wouldnt he? HE is a business man. His wife is wonder of WALMART or part owner. Business people main objective is making $$$.

  46. gambon


    Give it a rest.

    Wenger has refused to buy year after year after year.

    Theres is so much evidence of this, and NO evidence to the contrary.

  47. fanboy

    “From a financial point of view, not qualifying for the
    Champions League is quite a blow,” he added.

    “We have been planning for not qualifying every year,
    so it’s not a disaster, but it would be nice if we could.”

    And what exactly are these ‘plans’?

    “On the rumour front, there’s a nasty one doing the
    rounds that the club are looking to up the season ticket prices again this year”

  48. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    “A season without the Champions League would be a catastrophe for us” said Arsene Wenger, before the Udinese game….

    I agree with this assessment.. such a domino effect would ensue:

    Vanish from the TV screens around the world who show the CL.

    Reduced appearances on TV screens around the world who show the PL. (much less exposure being out of the top four).

    Loss of 40m+ revenue. (Andersred estimates 45m!)

    Reduced income in 2012-13 driving the wage bill up over the FFP threshold.

    Inability to attract top players.

    Inability to hold onto top players.

    Wage bill over the FFP benchmark (60%) = reduced ability to pay wages to top players to get us back in there! (it’s now 55.2%). The only positive future financial impact is the Queensbury Road project as this income will appear on the books in the 2012-13 season..

    Falling attendances at the Emirates.

    Fans are already complaining at the ST prices which include 6 CL & FA Cup games.. would they accept the Spudsday league and another ST increase..

    Fuck me, for Wenger, or any manager that comes in, this loss of revenue would make it more difficult to regain this status.

    Gaining that top four spot, and with investment, would allow this team to actually challenge for something. Next season we should be looking to win something.. Not aspiring to get into the top four like Spuds, Liverpool, Villa, Everton, Newcastle etc..

  49. Match


    their is this big thing about David Dein and how he is so great… Well he sold his shares in ARSENAL for a big pay cheque too! And dont forget His son made a few $$ on the vlub managing arsenal players.

  50. Gunner2301

    Ice where did you get the info on Wenger going?

    It says it all when we’re touting Arteta as crucial to the team. A man whos best years are behind him and wouldnt get near our best teams of the past. Oh Arsene what have you done to this once great club?

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    the metro says weneger will buy steve dann if we lose to united on sunday… lord i hope we lose..!

    why would he buy a player now that he could have bought for cheaper in the summer?

  52. Match

    @Thomas. it’s up for grabs now

    its no big deal. he already sold his share for massive profit in the club … he is just a figure head at the club anyway. he has no day to day nor any input in how the club is to be run.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    thomas… nivce points, however i still iwan us out of all eiurope games next season as i stated last week, it will benefit the club on rthe field, finacially they will have to dip in to the reserved rainy day fund!

  54. gambon


    Good assessment, but i cant help thinking ‘DOES IT REALLY MATTER’?

    Even if we come 4th we wont spend any money to compete. Even if we found £20bn buried under the pitch wenger would carry on making dogshit signings like Park.

    We may as well fall down the league as then at least theres the hope wenger will get sacked.

    Im virtually at the point where im hoping we fall out of the CL, cos quite frankly we deserve it for the pathetic way wengers run this club into the ground.

    Its a pointless competition for us anyway. We cant win it, and we dont even use the £££ it generates for us.

    If we fall down to 5th nothing changes does it.

    We will sell RVP….so what, we always sell our best players.

    We wont have money……we dont spend any anyway

    We wont win the CL……as if Wenger will ever do that anyway

  55. arsenal tom

    yes david dein made a fortune from arsenal… but he helped build the club for years to reach that kind of valuation so why shouldn’t he make money from it? its not like he was sitting back on his arse for 20 years then cashed in!!

    dein got things done, no one since has been anywhere near as effective as he was.

  56. Evan

    Brilliant, excellent news

    I am relaxed about my future. I’ve spoken with the coach [Wenger] and I’m staying with Arsenal after the Africa Cup of Nations,” Chamakh told the Daily Mirror.
    “I think Wenger has confidence in me. It was that reason that I left Bordeaux to join Arsenal. I had some good performances in my first season and it’s possible that I can repeat those.
    “My agents have had calls from other clubs, but I want to show what I can do in the next few months.

  57. gambon

    Gunner 2301

    Dont listen to Ice, hes the biggest bullshitter in the history of bullshit.

    Hes some 12 year old that pretends hes part of the inner circle at the club.

  58. gambon

    David Dein did make a fortune from Arsenal.

    However you miss a few things:

    1- He totally deserved a £75m ‘pay off’ for what he did for the club. He is the only director in recent history that gave a fuck about the football side of Arsenal.

    2- He didnt want to leave, the board forced him out cos his football ambitions didnt fall in line with their ridiculous prudency.

  59. Frimpongballs

    Is he treating returning injured players as new signings? If so then fuck that. Sorry but theres a severe lack of quality in this squad. WENGER IF YOU ARE READING THIS THEN BUY A PROPER LEFT BACK. Gibbs will come back and get injured again as he usually does. Santos is shit and Vermaelen is a centre half. Poor old Pedro Botelho slipped up now too it seems. Someone needs to grab Wenger and shake the shite out of him to make him see sense. Money in the bank is fuck all good. SPEND IT.

  60. James Taunt

    Arteta injured, what next? I agree with Pedro he is a suspect case who had played way over his limit. God knows how long he will be out, you cannot really believe these official versions.

  61. Lurch LeRouge

    Thomas its up.

    Can you imagine what effect dropping out of the CL would have on the clubs gross value?

    if we’re estimated at @£900M odd now, could you envisage that a drop in prospective revenue and brand exposure would impact our street value down to say something in the region of £800M?

  62. Match

    Whats this who ha about Demba Ba. They guy had half a decent season so far. He didnt exactly perfrom for West Ham did he???

  63. Pedro

    Bade, it doesn’t matter of the core has changed… it’s there now.

    Verm, Kos, Chezzer, Mertesacker, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta… maybe Robin.

  64. nuudles

    Bade, I think he refers to our curretn core. This probably consists of: Chezzer, Tommy (and in my book Kozzer), Sagna, Jack, Arteta, RvP.

    Our core is competitive (when they are fit, ha!) with the best out there. Then add to that we have some very useful first team players in Santos (especially on attack), Song (when he is on), Gerv & even Ramsey (when he is not overplayed/too much responsibility thrown on his young shoulders).

    Apart from missing Cesc I would say this is the strongest “core” we have had in a number of years. Chezzer, Kozzer & Jack are better in their respective posisiotns than anything over the last 4-6 years. I also like the solidity Arteta brings to our midfield.

    Our problem has been the lack of quality supplement players, this has been a problem since the Invincebles were dismantled.

    No matter how good your core you cannot rely on all of them to be fit for the full season, especially not if you are playing in 2 big competitions and in two cups.

    We seriously need to get rid of Chamakh, Arshavin, Squillacci & Almunia at a minimum. They dont all need to be replaced, for example I read that Martinez is rated very highly so no need to “replace” Almunia.

    I think we need a world class winger. Oxo has the potential but asking too much too early of him might be to his detriment. So I would go for Hazard, Hamsik, Gotze or similar.

    We also need a top CF cover for RvP.

    If we do that we can have a good squad for next season, especially if we we do not have CL football to claim more bodies.
    Next year’s core: Chezzer, Sagna, Tommy, Kozzer, Arteta, Jack, Hazard/Hamsik/Gotze, RvP
    Next year’s supplement players: Per, Santos, Song, Ramsey, Oxo, Gerv, Theo, CF cover for RvP
    Next year’s fringe players: Ryo, Le Coq (looks mighty promising, hopefully he can seriously challenge Song soon enough), Frimpong, Lansbury, Miquel, JD, Joel Campbell, Afobe, Aneke, Gibbs (if he is fit for extended periods he will move up the list), Oyzakup

  65. gambon

    Oh dear,

    Match yet again showing he doesnt know what hes talking about.

    He scored 7 in 12 for West Ham last season, and 15 in 19 for Newcastle.

    Thats 22 in 31, second only to Van Persie in the last year.

    Dont comment if you dont know what youre talking about.

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    lurch … your comment have identifeid what is wrong ewith the club and the way its brain washed the supporters in thinking about the fianance side of the club… yes its important bu however, its a side i dont think the supportes want to know, all we want is good, football with the odd trophy, and we are not at the moment …

    we the supportesr can do nothing about the monies, dont let them send you on red herrings, the board are gangsters in suits!

  67. OPG

    2 weeks turns into months etc etc I don’t trust these injury prognosis and time lines for returns until it actually happens.
    Look at Barca though, some say they didn’t need Cesc or Sanchez but now they do but they are on another level though with big ambitions.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    nuddles… you havew taken a big bite on the arsenal propaganda apple, them fringe players wont cut it, well the english ones anyway…

    if any club is due a supporters revolution then its arsenal is shocking what is happening on the pitch.!

  69. capo

    i dont buy this wilshere our saviour stuff. For christ sake he is not there yet and imo he is a box to box mid….what we need now is a world class attacking midfielder

  70. gambon


    At least 2/3 of them will be sold before they get the chance to get us back into the top 4.

    Also Mertesacker, Koscielny & Ramsey…….the core??

    God help us.

  71. Lurch LeRouge


    I don’t get how you come to that conclusion, look at it another way and my question becomes relevant to the ongoing criticism of the manager.

    the point i’m angling towards, is the owner is facing a substantial devaluation – which means little if he doesn’t look to sell or leverage debt against the club – but in the light of risking this much money off the bottom line do we really think he’s holding existing transfer cash back from the manager to compete with?

    I don’t, ergo the board (IG) aren’t dealing AW a shit hand.

  72. Santos

    I dont know what to say that hasnt been mentioned. I am just a suffering gooner. Psychotherapists have deduced that the current state of Arsenal and its management could cause depression and suicidal thoughts. The day the board gets reshuffled, glory will find its way back to this sleeping giant. We act so immaturely in the transfer market and lesser clubs take us for granted. Pedro HillWood has taken senility standards to ridiculous new levels after that inane rambling he gave for an interview. They will realise that we are going to spend double of what we ought to have, if we fall into the Europa League. We will end up buying mediocre players at inflated prices just to make the top four again. More and more torture ahead.

  73. James Taunt


    “Psychotherapists have deduced that the current state of Arsenal and its management could cause depression and suicidal thoughts”…to supporters? or are you saying players and management

  74. rob green

    any injury news on united. I found tis on physio room

    P Jones
    D Welbeck
    C Smalling
    A Young
    D Fletcher
    N Vidic
    M Owen
    T Cleverley
    T Bebe

  75. blanco

    On what basis do we get into the top 4 with current squad next season. RVP will leave. We would need a new front line. as Gervino does not score or Walcott (if he is still with us) or Chamakh or Park. Liverpool, Newcastle and the current top 4 will all be better than us, plus Swansea and Norwich could make us look useless at this rate. We could not attract top class players with such rubbish in the squad. Mid table mediocrity for us next season, unless Wenger goes.

  76. cavalry

    Have to wonder about our medical team. I’m sure that not many of you are au fait with gaeiic football in Ireland. It is an amateur sport but given the type of game it is those playing the game need to be incredibly fit.
    Anyway last February I was at a club game where one of the players had a real bad ankle break where the bone came through the skin. By the end of July he was back playing for his county against Tyrone in front of fifty thousand people and he has carried on playing ever since without any kind of break down. Now compare this situation with that of Diaby for example. Players who get injured at Arsenal seemed to stay injured. What are your thoughts?????

  77. Yippee Kai Yay

    Match, What a rediculous question. Why would Cavani join Arsenal currently?

    It’s a sideways move for an ‘on form’ striker, and as much as fans might want certain players, they kinda have a choice themselves.

    And have you seen the league table recently?

    A club can only trade off its history / previous performance of its manager for so long in the transfer market?

    Besides, Wenger himself has already said he won’t buy in Jan, and he wouldn’t lie to the fans now would he? 😉

  78. James Taunt

    rob green

    I also went through that list the other day but my take is that our injuries are to the first team key players like TV, LJW, Bacary, Santos, and so on. Without them, we will struggle to even have a chance. So we are more disadvantage than Man U IMO.

  79. Match


    canvani is way better then ba.

    when i say whats the big deal about ba in ‘regards’ to arsenal i want the club to go for the top of top players like cavani who has played in the world cup, played and won the south american championship. Played under tremendous pressure and DELIVER. and play in Italy against masters of defensive systems and defensive players.

    Da has never played for a big TEAM under big pressure .. in big occasions

    and more importantly Canvani plays in similar way arsenal is setup to play. he can run and play behind the strikers and by himself just like van persie.

    Yes he will COST more then Ba but buying Cavani is making a statement of intent for the Club as compare to BA


  80. James Taunt


    I am sorry for that but suicidal thoughts is taking it a bit too far. At the end of day everyone needs to try hard, play or support (whatever your role is) but it is a game. You surely do get very angry and anxious sometimes but in very remote circumstances, you would go all the way.

  81. Match

    @Yippee Kai Yay

    if you have the money 99.99% of human beings will come and join the party dont you worry.

    where was man city and where are they now? where was chelsea for the last 60 years before abramovic. money TALKS.

  82. James Taunt

    Azed did u post got snipped, I faced the same problem, may be some of the words cant get through moderation.

    Pedro, can u reply please?

  83. Yippee Kai Yay

    Rob, and James, there are two important factors when considering ‘who’s out’, one is ‘who is the replacement’ and ‘whos then on the bench’.

    Man U have:

    a) strength in depth

    and b) competition for places.

    That’s why number of players out alone is not indicative of which team is most affected by loss (a point entirely lost on idiots like Keyser) as it is part of the bigger picture.

    Painfully, even the recall of Scholes means they will still have a stronger bench than arsenal at the weekend undoubtedly.

    And if that doesn’t add insult to injury {sic} then I don’t know what does?

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Lurch not sure i do … the board are so diverse over wenger i believe, they cnat make up their minds whats best, remember 2010 they all came out in support of each otherto stay together and not seel their shates untill april 2013… then nina did, caused a bit of a furore within the camp,,,, are we trusting these people to manage a manager whose best years are so far away you would need a time machine just to see them, yet they say there is cah , he says there is not enough to compete with the big boys, i like wenger and thought he was great, now he is acting like the last house on the terrace while all the others have beenn knocked down, its his mentatily that is ruining the club, and moaning about officials is embarassing the players,

    i also cant trust the board who self appointed themselve as selling vendors of the old highbury to diastrous effect, losing a said 75 m…

    this club is in crisis, we need to reach rock bottom untill it gets better…

  85. gunnergetyou

    Pedro…you say we are not in the same position as Chelsea….well I guess you’re right because they have a bigger squad, a better first team and an owner who is willing to spend big when needed

  86. Yippee Kai Yay

    Match, that is correct, to a point.

    For example RVP won’t leave for money (after all he’s got more than enough already on the table with Arsenal), he will leave for trophys (and good luck to him frankly, he’s the reason Arsenal are 5th rather than 12th this season by my estimation of the ‘value of his goals’).

    Napoli are 10 point of the leaders, Arseanl are 10 points off 3rd place in their league. What will any striker question before moving, if they are good enough to be in ‘europes elite’, ‘what can I win?’ is as likely to be up there with ‘how much can I earn?’

    Plus Man City are about to lose Tevez, leaving the door ajar for one new import, probably a striker to suplement Dzeko, and Aguero. Who do you think will be top of their list?

    So if money talks then that means that Arsenal have to fight for cast offs not deemed good enough for City, United and the chavs. And it might yet include Cavani.

    That is before you consider that Wenger is the lunatic running the assylum.

  87. Yippee Kai Yay


    Because this is not some ‘football manager’ computer game.

    As much as the fans would want to see both, it is unrealistic to even contemplate buying one, let alone both in the current climate.

  88. James Taunt

    Yippee Kai Yay

    Ok fair point. Frankly Man U have more versatile players and they continue to win even with 7 defenders (last time in FA cup).

    Fergie continues to buy and train the right kind of cheats! Wenger does not have plan B. Something like that!

  89. Santos

    Large squad and a balanced rotation has defined the success of Manure in the past. Fergie has his best eleven, but adds twists and tweaks to his line up and/or tactics. You could see that they are less predictable. That is what we need, a sensible bigger squad embedded with quality not dross.

  90. Josip Skoblar

    Gus J says:
    January 19, 2012 at 09:29

    I agree with your comments. Mourinho is a disgrace, a very unpleasant man. He obviously transmits his nastiness and negative tactics to his players and that shows on the pitch. Yes, he has been successful, but I wouldn’t like AFC to be associated with this man. He has a bad reputation in Portugal, Italy and Spain. Only a handful of British journos fell in love with him because they found him “funny”. He is not funny, he is just nasty.

  91. Arben

    We are in CL at the moment and lot of players don’t bother to consider playing for Arsenal, Why Arsenal is not anymore a preferable club for good players?

  92. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    if rvp sayy he wiont sign in the summer , selling him now for 40, or sell in the summer for 20… you do the math for our money grabbing board and manager… who mentioned victor moses…?

    i would lump 20m for sturridge!

  93. Match

    @Yippee Kai Yay

    arsenal has for the last wherever years have been fighting for cast offs.

    The been fighting for cast off young players too. Not just established players.

    When players that :

    Man united doesnt want,
    Real marid doesnt want
    Barcelona doesnt want
    Chelsea doesnt want
    Milan doesnt want
    Inter Milan doesnt want
    NOW PSG doesnt want
    NOW Man City doesnt want

    it will forever continue to be so because arsenal is not as ‘rich’ and prestigious as all the clubs listed above in WOLRD FOOTBALL.

    Henry was a cast off from Juventus,
    And Bergkamp was a cast off from Inter Milan
    and others from the invincibles were cast off players too. It is not big news that arsenal suddenly by cheap players or cast off players (mind you cheap doesnt equate to quality and cast off ….

    Tev is a quality player. City would love to have him i am very sure in the team.

  94. Evan

    RSPC Arsenal: You taking the piss

    Take 40 million for RVP under this current board and management no fucking way, it wouldn’t be reinvested in the squad. We sell RVP (which we will) will be a disaster, like Yippe just wrote we are 5th because of RVP without doooooooom

    We wouldn’t sign an adequate replacement or a marquee signing, we would be stuck with Chamakh and Pika Chu or even start playing friggin Theo upfront, we will fall down the league

    No replacement as Joel Campbell will no doubt be the Costa Rican Samuel Eto’o, when he arrives next season, Wenger’s next diamond wouldn’t want kill the kids career.

    We shouldn’t be selling our best players end of

  95. Squirrel

    @gambon 10.39

    Totally agree,i think we are just treading water,no direction and no ambition.
    All talk of who we should sign is getting boring cos Wenger won’t sign anyone,we qualify for cl but we’ve no chance of winning it.
    What’s the fucking point any more?
    We’ve got to look forward to get spanked by the top clubs and humiliated by the the smaller clubs.
    And the price to go to the games is so fucking high and likely to get higher.
    Disillusioned gooner

  96. gunnergetyou

    In my opinion we have 1 world class player, maybe 3 or 4 really good players, alot of poor players and a few promising youngsters. People have always said that we are just 2 players away from winning the league, but at the moment our squad needs alot work, but the current board dont seem to care

  97. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    In 94/95, the season before Wenger joined we spend 15.3m Net on players..

    Only once in all his years has he exceeded this, spending 16.65m net. That was in 2004 when he bought Reyes etc..,

    kinda refutes what you’ve been saying about his hands being tied since the stadium move. There’s a 16 year trend that points to him having an inhibition to spending big money on players!

    We are approx 18m in the Black after the summer, In the biggest slump in form in seasons, in danger of losing our elite status, and the reports are that he refuses to spend!

    There is no question that funds are available, or else the board are a pack of liars, the auditing accountants are crooks, and Deloitte are fabricating their football money league table!

  98. IG


    Because professional good players need money as much as they need success. At Arsenal they cannot get either. That’s why it has become a dumping ground for mediocre players on inflated wages. These players cannot get the money they are getting at Arsenal. And they know they cannot even dream about silverware cause they just arn’t good enough.