Arteta out for United… FFS x2 | Jack back in 3 weeksish | Fulham for Rosicky

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Good morning Grove fans, first thing to tackle this morning is a bad case of too much too young for Pedro Bothelo. The man disgraced his and my name when he got pissed at the weekend, crashed into a police car, then drove off. He was caught, busted and sent back to Arsenal (Or that Velcro club we banished Wellington too). You’d have to wonder what career at Arsenal he has left. He’s another of the overhyped we’ve read about but seen little of, and in all likely hood, one we’ll never see much of. Big mistake from him and yet another example of the Spanish feeder club set up not working…

In injury news things are not looking good for Arteta. The Express reckon he hasn’t trained which doesn’t always mean a player won’t play… Lesley (<- I saw that mistake and liked it) King rarely trains between games being an example… but you have to fear for his chances all the same (that said, I’m not hearing this from anyone I speak to).

It’s a big loss but not one we didn’t see coming. I’ve been saying he needs a rest for about a Month. I even suggested he might pick up an injury before I knew about it on Sunday. We’re back to that giant squad, lack of quality issue. If you don’t trust your squad, you end up running the good players into an injury. Aaron Ramsey is another… He’s played and played and played… But what’s the alternative? A midfield of Ramsey, Rosicky and Song doesn’t fill me with hope this weekend.

The Guardian are reporting Jack will rejoin training next week and could start playing in two. They’re hailing this as a miracle… not sure how coming back a month and a half past schedule is a miracle… that said, it seems a minor miracle that a rest for Arteta has turned into a calf injury. I’m looking forward to Jack’s return regardless of when it is. I just hope he’s honest with himself and ignores the temptations to rush himself… much like Cesc did last year with disastrous consequences.

Vermaelen returning will at least give us some full bacary cover… Though Sagna is unlikely to make it this weekend. The return of those three players is a massive boost for the run in. They’ll transform us if they can deliver their usual form.

People have been talking about the disaster that’s unfolding at Arsenal. I agree things are looking precarious again… but of the worst happens and we drop out of Europe, it wouldn’t take much to rise again. We have a very good core of a squad. If we shipped out the muppets, brought in a few up an coming superstars… and most importantly… finished out of Europe… Even with a small squad we’d make top four the next year. Most of our issues are centred round not having a squad deep enough for two elite competitions. Totally the fault of our manager of course… but we’re not in a squad situation like Chelsea.

I do wonder with the board… are the giving Wenger the rope to hang himself? He has money, we know this… We know they know what we know… Yet no obvious pressure? Seems odd that business men smart enough to make six figure salaries, who know football and understand marketing, would let this happen without a plan… because believe me, everyone at the club sees what we see… bar Arsene and Johann Djourrou.

I caught the El Classico last night. It was a fiery affair as always, but the unbelievable quality of Messi broke Madrid in the end with a superb pass to Abidal who buried the winner. Those two sides have unbelievable quality, which is why it’s so funny to watch Mourinho lose time and time again!

Oh, apparently Fulham want to buy Rosicky. I’m not fussed either way, would seem an odd move considering our squad size issues,  but £3million is a hefty price tag for someone who has never really hit the heights his reputation suggested he would.

Right, that’s all I have for you until Monday. Geoff will be taking over, so enjoy!

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  1. tippitappi

    iffy come off it.

    Didn’t wenger say it would be stupid to drop points to have no full backs well e is stupeed

  2. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    Just saw tommy smyth..#presspass. People seem to forget that Arsene is criticised for @ least 5 seasons of complacency not just the current season. All that judge me in May stuff is bullshit

  3. iffy the mighty goonasaures

    I av a feeling we won’t lose on sunday. Much as i hate Wenger right now, beating the mancs will be very welcome indeed..

  4. kwik fit

    When was the last time we’ve seen an Arsenal player have a shot like that has even gone close. Our player’s haven’t got the ability to even shoot on target these day’s never mind score.
    8 points dropped against weak team’s over the past couple of week’s represent’s one quarter of our points total this season. All because Wenger picked Santos in Greece!

  5. zeus


    Just checking in and see that we are in for Traore.

    Kudos to you boys for having the strength to post on here EVERYDAY around the clock about the same failings and the ridiculous message that come from the Arsenal management.

    Say that peach from PHW yesterday as well. Shocking. Why oh why has the American bought this club? Why oh why did Fizman see him as an ideal candidate to take the reigns?

    Arsenal staying stagnant.

  6. kwik fit

    Good article incesc…’ Arsenal prefer not to speculate to accumulate’
    Sums up things perfectly. We are supporting a business who prefers the status quo.. This is not the mentality of a Football club. If their policy continues it is doomed to failure because mis-management has created big salaries for poor players and the balance they try to achieve is as far away as it’s ever been!

  7. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    I’m all for sustainability, but the fact is a football club isn’t a rational business. Makes little sense to run it strictly with monetary goals. If that was the case we should just be a training academy. (Some might suggest we pretty much have been the past few years…)

  8. Al

    Hey Guys, first time i have read le-grove since after the Swansea game…

    But if Wenger plays that formation with Benayoun in the middle against United we will get hammered…..I mean who the hell was helping Song mop up….Ramsey bombing forward with no regards to the defensive aspect of the game… god i’ll stop cos i am just getting angry again…

    Just wanted to share this it has prob been seen but just look at that passion, fight and hunger….exactly what you need instead of the likes of rosicky who are happy to pick up an unearned check…

  9. kwik fit

    Agreed Al Yossi was completely out of his depth against Swansea.
    We really need Arteta back but if h’es not available then it has to be Rosicky, by default.
    Ox must start IMO and I would give RYO a run out as well. Bench Theo and Arsh and use them as 25 min sub’s when the game is stretched. Hopefully were still in it in the last quarter

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    1 GK Manuel Almunia
    2 MF Abou Diaby
    3 DF Bacary Sagna
    4 DF Per Mertesacker
    5 DF Thomas Vermaelen (vice-captain)
    6 DF Laurent Koscielny
    7 MF Tomáš Rosický
    8 MF Mikel Arteta
    9 FW Park Chu-Young
    10 FW Robin van Persie (captain)
    11 DF André Santos
    12 FW Thierry Henry (on loan from New York Red Bulls)
    13 GK Wojciech Szczęsny
    14 FW Theo Walcott
    15 FW Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    16 MF Aaron Ramsey
    17 MF Alex Song
    18 DF Sébastien Squillaci
    19 MF Jack Wilshere
    20 DF Johan Djourou
    21 GK Łukasz Fabiański
    23 MF Andrei Arshavin
    25 DF Carl Jenkinson
    27 FW Gervinho
    28 DF Kieran Gibbs
    29 FW Marouane Chamakh
    30 MF Yossi Benayoun (on loan from Chelsea)
    31 FW Ryo Miyaichi
    39 MF Francis Coquelin

    Work out what 1,2,7,9,18,20,21,23,28,29, are paid and add it to
    what Mannone, Bendtner, Denilson and Vela are paid and that’s the reason why we fail. 14 players sucking our resources. If they are on an average of 40K pw then that’s £30 million per year on wages (£21 million if 30K average).

    If people like Walnut want £85k pw then they should bloody well put in the performances to warrant that money.

    We could easily have 3 superstars earning £120k pw if we didn’t pay dross stupidly high wages.

  11. OPG

    Not forgetting the lack of quality and consistent attacking options, someone like Mata would of been just the investment instead of some of the current players on the books. Only other thing would have been another quality striker and maybe a LB you could rely on, but that is something that has been discussed since the summer window closed. Replacing Cesc directly as we know is not easy cause he is world class as he has shown in a side like Barca.

    There are even disagreements between some fans about who is good enough for the club, could you say some have lowered their expectations while some have high expectations?

  12. kwik fit

    Yes.. I Know I shouldn’t bother my Arse…but here goes..

    OliPriceBates transferaddict
    #BREAKING TRANSFER NEWS Arsenal have made a formal enquiry for Lille winger Eden Hazard. Chelsea in talks, Arsenal now involved #AFC #CFC

  13. Maciek

    Funny or maybe very sad I should say, because if we would have been more ambitious we would have signed Hazard and Mata by now.

    Cahill is 10 times the player Merte will ever be and he also is a Gunner, he wanted to play for us. Imagine where we could have been iwith Cahill, Hazard and Mata?

    Now they will play for Chelesa. The same Chelsea team which is ahead of us in the league.

    Bye, bye RVP. Take care. You deserve better.

  14. tippitappi

    just watched the Frimpong clip I don’t remember passion of that intensity in the red and white it’s been there at times for us but probably has been having it sucked out of his game I really don’t think there is a less passionate group of players in the EPL thanks to wenger there’s far too much crap wengers crap at club on and off the field and it shows, along with the scandalous way this club has been run

  15. choy

    We must be the only club that has 4 fullbacks out with injury!

    on a lighter note;

    Belarusian winger Alexander Hleb accepted that he has wasted the best years of his career on his return to Camp Nou after yet another unsuccessful loan spell.

    The former Arsenal man, Alexander Hleb, returned to the Camp Nou dressing room after an unsuccessful six-month loan with VfL Wolfsburg.

    The winger failed to adapt to German Bundesliga where he initially made a name for himself, with VfL Stuttgart.

    Hleb had a measly return of 4 league appearances to show for his time in Germany after continuing to suffer at the hands of injuries.

    On his return to Catalonia, the dejected winger admitted that he has wasted the best years of his life and cannot blame anyone but himself.

    “If I’m honest, I’ve given away with the best years of my career and I have nobody else to blame,” he told Stuttgarter Zeitung.

    “I was annoyed when I did not play,” he admitted. “Now I know that Barcelona is so great because every player holds back his ego. At that time I could not see it.”

    “You want to play a one-two but then do not get the ball back,” he explained. “That made me angry sometimes, I reacted badly.”

    With the left-winger returning to the Catalan dressing room in the wake of David Villa’s long-term injury, he is still unwelcome at the home of Spanish champions.

    Manager Pep Guardiola has told President Sandro Rosell that he does not want a player in the squad who can be a destabilising element in the roster and will not add anything positive.

    It has been reported that Rosell was quick to ensure the tactician that under no circumstances will the once coveted winger play for the UEFA Champions League winners.

    With the club threatening to leave him on the sidelines and no guarantee of playing action, Hleb will be on his way out of the club again, with several English clubs keeping tabs on him.

    The BATE Borisov youth academy graduate has failed to adapt to Spain, featuring a paltry 19 times since making a 15 million Euros move from Arsenal. He has been shipped away from the club on three occasions and they were not quite as successful as he would have dreamed of them to be.

  16. Al

    tippitappi says:
    January 19, 2012 at 22:50

    just watched the Frimpong clip I don’t remember passion of that intensity in the red and white it’s been there at times for us but probably has been having it sucked out of his game I really don’t think there is a less passionate group of players in the EPL thanks to wenger there’s far too much crap wengers crap at club on and off the field and it shows, along with the scandalous way this club has been run
    Totally Agree. The point is fans hate seeing their team lose, but there is a way a team can lose when the fans will accept it and in some cases applaud their effort and that is when the players play their hearts out….

    We have to many players whose character comes into question, my personnel opinion is that apart from Sagna, TV, RVP (maybe Kos & JW ) the rest of the players lack serious heart, fight and passion. These are players that want to win…the rest i dont think care that much on wether they win or not….

  17. IvoryGoonz

    And that was before reading the convo…
    Seriously, would be a very good addition for our right wing, especially with Gerv at the AcN, and would be a fantastic cheap player until Oxo is ready, probably would be a brilliant tutor for both Gerv and Ox too.

  18. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So management has now said its not the end of the world if Arsenal fall outside of Champions League qualification. So what does that tell you? Tells me they have given up on this season.

    No signings in January, running players into the red zone resulting in an abnormal amount of injuries, RVP’s contract expiration coming up. Not a lot of good things going on right now. Not an awful lot to look forward to, except perhaps more losing. Sigh.

    I’ve been a Gooner for going on 35 years now. Seen the good, the bad, the ugly. Two seasons in a row now with a flicker of promise only to be extinguished by stunning and spectacular failure. Heavy Sigh.

    Oh to be a Gooner…I’d rather be one than to not be one! Wait till next year!

  19. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    @Ivory: more importantly, he scores goals. But seriously, Fulham’s not about to sell him, even if we were going after players. Wenger has so many “Like a new signing!”s to return to fitness in the coming months that I doubt he’s got any interest.

  20. IvoryGoonz

    Lurch: only means that we need to bring in one more hg in the squad or delist one more player. The full squad need to include 8 “English grown”, that means trained in England for more than 3 years before 21st birthday, and that covers home grown as in club grown and nation grown as in trained in the rest of England.

    The rule says that if you can not comply with minimum rules you must leave spaces in the squad selection, and what it means is that if you’re missing 3 HG you need to leave 3 spaces which is what Wenger did.
    If he removes that slot with Manonne, he can not use it for a non home grown and Henry spent his growing at Monaco.
    So it can only mean he delisted another player.

    Considering Wenger’s love for his puppy Diaby, despite the injury, he won’t delist him. Neither Park, unless he goes on loan and we buy a better striker which won’t happen. So we’re left with Squillaci, and this one, I tell thee, has been delisted and Wenger is trying to sell him.

  21. IvoryGoonz

    Yeah, Squil is the perfect candidate in that squad.
    -injury prone
    -over 30
    -too many mistakes
    All combined.
    If he only had 2 of those, he’d stay forever.

  22. IvoryGoonz

    And whoever doesn’t have those 3 qualities is also sure to go (Cesc).
    What’s the fun bringing in a player that is perfect, you can’t improve him and make more money, so the more flaws…

  23. IvoryGoonz

    One more on favour of Dempsey.
    He’s a yank.
    He’d be great to show Kroenke how much we appreciate Americans, and that he should spend his fucking money. That would be brilliant coup for the US Market. Go explain him Pedro.

  24. IvoryGoonz

    And it doesn’t matter fulham doesn’t want to sell.
    He’s worth what? 3m? 40k/wk?
    Think Fulham board has anything against profit?
    Only reason we couldn’t do that would be pennny-pinching again and that’s just why we are were we are. I mean, if you offer them 7m you don’t have a player? You must be kidding me.

  25. s j little

    We the fans must rebel this close season. Wenger has in every Arsenal fans opinion over 15 rubbish players earning crazy money and not fit to be in a top team.
    On top of that the tactics are non existant,or obsolete.
    And what other club has an average of 7 or more players always out
    On top of that what sort of board have we that dosnt stop Wenger
    lying ,insulting and embarrassing us fans,
    The fact that Wenger wont buy anyonein the mid season window means he hasnt learnt a thing from the last 5 seasons.
    He is now becoming a pathetic figure and the board should
    make him change his tune and his assisstant.
    At least Pat Rice could show a bit more life on the touch line, after all, watching Wenger now is just sad.

  26. Pollux

    why are you guys still discussing over new signing? If Wenger has any intend on the LB position, he would have filled it up within the 1st week of Jan. Definitely not now with Gibbs and Vermaelen coming back. As for the striking department, there is no hope either. Wenger being an egoist seldom admit his mistakes. He will continue to have strong belief in Chamakh and Park to deliver when bring on and will be quick to find excuses for them when they play like cunt.

    Note the difference on how SAF kicked out Saha and Owen Hargreaves over their injuries and how Ass Wenger continue to shower Diaby with inexplicable love. I bet Diaby gave him a blow once every week.

  27. IvoryGoonz

    And sorry again if I just insinuate, bot, actually say, that what Wenger does is just as good as child slavery/trafficking.
    Buying kids (yes, under 18, they are kids) to send them on loan to shit clubs in Spain to get work permit if they make it, not be HG with us, and end up signing with them for maybe a little more money, is just that. Making money on the back of kids. The actual first 11 does not profit.
    Buying a player over 15 that is not HG and out of europe/needing visa, and send him out to get a permit, does not work. Name me only one player we bought after 15 who went on loan for at least 3 years to get his permit in France or 2 in Spain and who plays for us now.

  28. Lurch LeRouge


    er yeah thats what I said, did you miss the post about loaning out fabianski, ie one non homegrown +21 year old out.

    thanks i’m aware of what homegrown means, wasn’t born yesterday but where does it say we ‘have’ to register 8 homegrown players? thats a misconception.

    the rule is: no more than 17 over 21 yr old non homegrowners & no more than 25 over 21 year olds in the squad total.

    which means the squad can have a maximum of 17 +21yr ‘foreign’ players, which leaves a maximum of 8 other berths for players over 21 which can only be filled by HG. These 25 can be supplemented by an unlimited number of under 21’s, regardless of homegrown status.

    we don’t have to fill the homegrown quota if we don’t want to, but we can’t have more than 17 ‘senior’ foreigners. I can’t find anywhere the suggestion that not filling the 8 hg slots incurs a limitation of the squad size, can you link me up?

  29. IvoryGoonz

    Arsenal 1886: why do you think Traore laughed when he went away?
    Not because he was signing for a much better club, not for first team football. Traore just knew Wenger would have to bring him back.
    And then he laughed. Loud.
    Traore Knows.

  30. IvoryGoonz

    Lurch: yes, I did miss your post on Fabianski. Didn’t know, quite hectic these days.
    Still was right about everything apart the player.
    And my main point is still that Mannone didn’t leave his place for Henry technically speakin Mannone+another player did.
    There’s no lee-way. But nothing prevent you from delisting say 5 players you want to try to sell, bring Henry in, and then only relist what has not been sold-1.
    Hence if Wenger said “Mannone’s place went to TH” he’s lying.

  31. IvoryGoonz

    Lurch: Didn’t mean to hurt you regarding the hg rule, that bit was more meant for other readers to clear that up. I know you’re very knowledgable in the Arsenal matter, and you proved it again, about Fab out. I just didnt know till i re-read it, and I’m on that bloody iPhone which takes bloody ages to load and go down and up… (proof that its not the videos, there aint many videos)
    Hope that clears that up.
    Sorry again. Next time I’ll add ftlkr (for the less knowledgeable readers)

  32. IvoryGoonz

    The reason we can’t have more than 17 foreigners is because in any case you need to leave slots free for each HG not registered to reach a total of 8.

  33. Lurch LeRouge

    “The reason we can’t have more than 17 foreigners is because in any case you need to leave slots free for each HG not registered to reach a total of 8.”

    yes exactly, but what was this all about then?

    “The rule says that if you can not comply with minimum rules you must leave spaces in the squad selection, and what it means is that if you’re missing 3 HG you need to leave 3 spaces which is what Wenger did.”

    I can’t find a justification for it anywhere online but it strikes me you must have read it to feel so strongly about it?

  34. Lurch LeRouge

    aha ok then…

    10) Similarly, clubs do not have to name eight ‘home-grown’ players if they do not have enough, but this would mean submitting a reduced squad.

    literally this is the first place I’ve seen this.

  35. IvoryGoonz

    To let Henry in, he definitely had to get at least one more player out with Mannone, as we have too many of these foreigners over 20.
    So I insist, if you read his sentence, and that was before the Fab story was out, he’s either lying by not sayin Henry took Mannone’s place and at least another player. What we need foremost is English experienced players.
    And I’m not even saying it for the sake of the English quality, but for the sake of the quality of the squad itself. We can’t even name a real 25 man squad.

  36. Lurch LeRouge

    no hurt Ivory, just always suspicious of personalities that have a ‘preacher’ tone.

    I prefer an argument that presumes a reader is informed but also allows for one to be incorrect.

  37. IvoryGoonz

    Or replace 1 for 1 which is always an option, but buying experienced English player would let us really use that 25 man squad rather than actually 22.
    Imagine you could add a Baines to that 22 man squad without costing you a foreign spot.

  38. Lurch LeRouge

    hard to believe the Guardian would let him get away with a lie, its more likely that we’re missing something, which is easily done when you look at the A & B squads registered for the ECL, it still includes Samir & Traore with no mention of Mert, Yoss or Arteta.

  39. IvoryGoonz

    I don’t know how to formulate that but Liverpool and Man U were right to bring in 2-3 HG that could play first team football week in week out. even if that meant paying more than 15m.

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    I don’t think it makes much difference that we have a forced reduced squad because we have so many on the cusp of graduation from being U21, Ramsey, JW, LeCoq, Frimpong, Gibbs(?), Miquel, Bartley….

    so we need to leave room for these guys anyhow.

    the priority isn’t filling HG slots, its clearing shit foreigners over 21 years.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    Either the Guardian cut the sentence because no one is allowed to talk about the real Arsenal deals while they are being done, either Wenger didn’t say it because he couldn’t know it would be flappy out. Could have been any of flappy, lamu. or Squill or even Chamakh being at the ACN during that time, sounded more like Squill with all the rumours about him leaving.
    I could well believe he delisted the 4 of them and hoped for someone to buy them, but didn’t want to say anyone to avoid lowering their ego/self-esteem/image with the fans, avoiding to answer question when he’ll inevitably field at least one of them againX

  42. IvoryGoonz

    For me that was the 3rd place I saw it, first FM, 2nd on the actual FA PDF file but I couldn’t find that on my phone, and 3rd on that article. Probably one of the most clear article in the matter, and so hard to find, had to combine so many words I remembered from that rule it took me ageszzz -anyway?’c job done 😉

  43. IvoryGoonz

    Lurch: I just like to inform. No preaching intended.
    I wouldn’t go against you unless I knew it for certain 🙂 I don’t like to be proven wrong 😉
    Cheap as Wenger I know…

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    you really believe there’d be no noise about players getting delisted on the quiet?

    this industry is littered with ITKer’s and nothing comes out? meh.

    as crazy a manager we may think he is, thats reckless management of an extreme order – delisting players in the hope of shifting them only to find you couldn’t but can’t relist them because their slot is occupied by TH12. Their agents would have a field day.

    ACON is only 6 weeks long, surely a team can’t delist for 6 weeks then relist, what would be the point of lists if they could be rejigged every month?

    my rule of thumb is the easiest reason is usually the right one, and thats that we are not seeing something obvious.

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    I believe you, i don’t play video games… and its not on the Barclays rule FAQ’s or in any of the articles related to Scudamore’s press releases of the introduction of the legislation.

  46. IvoryGoonz

    Lurch: I’d have said it doesn’t matter because we would only get more dross and eventually a good player out of 5 so the chances of getting that are thin.

  47. Lurch LeRouge

    nah I’m not convinced on the more dross angle.

    mert, Areta, & Santos were good signings, as was AOC.

    Park was a stupid buy and Chamakh came in off fairly good form, I think he’s just a mental freakshow – we clearly didn’t scout his private life well enough – being Muslim perhaps he disguised it better because he’s used to doing to it among his own culture… I’m not convinced the manager doesn’t still have an eye for quality, what I am convinced of is he tolerates far too much preferential treatment to players that aren’t cutting the mustard.

  48. IvoryGoonz

    Ref priority, combining both is the idea. We have to clear the dross anyway. And there’s pretty much 15 of then if not more and replacing them with players like Baines would have been ideal adding quality, EPL experience, and HG status.

  49. IvoryGoonz

    All transfer rumors that come on those unwanted players are not made out of pure thin air.
    And there is a clear rule from Arsene that no deal should be discussed.
    I can’t wait for him to be gone so that all the truths can come out. Seriously.

  50. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah but last year Baines would’ve been a £20m player. We saw what Moyes got for Lescott… he’s a good player, but £13m ish got us Santos and Mert…

  51. Lurch LeRouge

    thin air?

    your suggesting caughtoffside and the like don’t generate substantial ad revenue inventing total bullshit?


  52. IvoryGoonz

    It’s your opinion 🙂
    I think Mert was bought too late to correct his main weaknesses, and we had enough money for Hummels which is pretty much the same player.
    I think spending that much money on players over 27 should not be done. That’s spending 10m (just exagerating in some case, not for mert though) here and there that could have been used to get a long term solution if we spent a little more. And contract wise, that’s where you start to have trouble, to sign players at this age, you will be bound to give them contracts over 60k and some will ask more money than they actually are worth, see Walcott, and when they flop or play half a season that’s a lot of money lost.
    I also believe players over 1m90 should be avoided, see mert, and those who have some decent injury record, see Mert, arteta, and I believe Santos.
    I know all this seems drastic and all that, but all those small changes add up.

  53. IvoryGoonz

    Actually I’m not. I’m glad he’s trying to sell them. I just think sometimes he holds onto players too long in the window by penny pinching.

  54. IvoryGoonz

    Nite too. Battery’s dead anyway and need to go to sleep if I’m to wake up to a great day with a resignation letter 🙂

  55. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    MoRnInG DuDeS….
    Ivory, Lurch.. you probably won’t see this as you were very bad boys and stayed up late…

    I think Lurch’s definition at 1.01 is exactly how I interpret it also. This is the one I would put a 50 spot on in Ladbrooks!

    I searched for the actual PL rules before but can’t find them. I can’t rely on sources such as The Mirror! For example he is wrong when he says we must register 8 HG in point 2. Then contradicts himself in point 10 when he says this is not necessary! Which is exactly what we did when nominating only 5.

    And TH12 is allowed to be registered (for the CL) because UEFA allow, in the gap beween the qualfying group stage and the first knock-out round, a club to nominate a maximum of up to 3 new players. But someone previously listed must be delisted.

    For the PL: There must be a provision that players who come in on loan or transfer during the transfer window can play once registered as a player in the UK. I don’t think anyone is actually ‘delisted’ for this. Otherwise we would have seen many headlines along the lines of: XXXXX loses his place to YYYY (player in), Manager delists him and signals he’s for sale….

    The list submitted on 2 Feb however will be the one for the remainder of the season and cannot be changed! So when TH buggers off we cannot add someone else!

    I really would like to get sight of the EPL rules and not rely on some dork who writes shite for a living in one of the rags!

    Lurch, this is our mission! 😉

    BTW, here’s the link to UEFA’s rules.. you’ll find it at the bottom of page 23, under player eligibility…

  56. Richard Smith

    I’m sick to the back teeth of the way our club is being managed. Everything that is bad about Arsenal is caused by incompetent management. We need a string puller who cares just as much about winning trophies as making money. Can none of them see we can make even more money by winning trophies. They need to speculate to accumulate.