Arsenal go to Wales! | Arteta possibly injured | 1 Million comments this week

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Bore da gyfeillion Le Grove.

That’s a big fat welcome in the good language of Welsh. Why? Because Swansea is in Wales and I want to celebrate diversity.

I’m looking forward to this afternoons game because we know Swansea will play an open game. They’ll try and hit us on the wings with their pace and they’ll certainly leave gaps. According to the stats, Swansea are more efficient at the passing game than United, Liverpool and Spurs. They might not be as adventurous, but a super stat all the same, top 4 stuff from a newly promoted team is testament to the excellent vision of career manager Brendan Rodgers. Another interesting stat for all the muppets that slag of the Premier League and its technical ability is that the Premier League is more effiecient than La Liga with accurate passing in the final third according to Rafa Benitez and his data analysts.

Today is a prime game for Theo to showcase why he’s the best player in the universe and it might even be a good game to unleash the raw talents of Oxlade-Chamberlain.

My gut feeling says that Wenger will go for experience over the folly of youth. So I’m expecting him to start Theo and Arshavin out wide… and possibly Thierry through the middle. It feels like the sort of game we should be resting Robin, trouble is, outside Thierry, all we have is risk. That said, he did take Park Chu Young off in midweek, so maybe we’ll get to see the explosive marketing talents of the Asian dream. We know he can finish because we’ve seen him score before. Question is, will he be able to handle the rough and tumble of the Welsh?

In defence, things are still looking about as promising as the French credit rating, so the midfield will have to muck in at the back. The wingers will also have to offer as much cover as they can. JD returns to the side, he certainly doesn’t need an invitation to play like a rusty nail. At left back, I’m guessing we’ll opt for Miquel, who looks like Pires, Benny and Rosicky all rolled into one. Let’s be honest… he’d make a marvellous Gooner paternity special on the Jeremy Kyle Show… my money would be on Bobby, the man oozes reproduction.

The centre backs will be Koscielny and Mertesacker. I’m pretty sure those two will deal with Swansea. In midfield, Ramsey, Song and Arteta will probably start again. I’m not sure when Arteta is going to land a rest… maybe when Diaby comes back? Which will be next season. Let’s hope he powers his way through another game… his experience in the middle is hugely underplayed at the moment.

Word has it that Arteta may have picked up an injury, so he’s rumoured to be out the line up. Who we slip into the middle now is a mystery. Kind of an ideal game for Frimpong. As he’s not there, things really do look precarious. Do we move JD from right back into the holding role and move Song forward. Do we move JD into the centre of defence, bring Yennaris in and play Koscielny in the middle of the park. Or do we slip Rosicky or Benyaoun into the middle and hope they give us the same stability Arteta does. I know our injuries are bad at the moment, but it’s not like we don’t have these same issues every year… we should have more players to call upon to deal with it. Instead, we’ll have to patch up the midfield with a damp, soggy plaster.

Wenger always tries to work through with the bare minimum and invariably, it always bites him on the arse. I’m reading the Alex Fynn book on making Arsenal a superclub. Great book, but reading the last 5 season back you end up bashing your head against whatever is nearest.  It’s ground hog day over and over again with the same pitiful excuses. It kind of worked at the start, apparently Wenger couldn’t play Theo for the first year we signed him because we couldn’t afford the initial first appearance fee. We also had to defer Robin Van Persie’s transfer when we first went in for him because we were skint. However, from January 2008, we’ve been caked in cash for him to spend. We had £18million to go into market with in 2008… and it’s roughly been the same or higher since.

The manager is complaining about the transfer window again and the pressure it brings…

“Everybody becomes nervous in November until January. Then players maybe think, ‘If I don’t play then I will leave in January’. They are already less committed to the cause, it gives them an opening.

“We have gone from a period where we knew if we didn’t play we had to be committed to the club, had no other option but to fight for the place.

This is true, but it’s not something we haven’t been aware of since 2002. Moaning on about how hard it is just feels like deflection tactics again, because interestingly enough, we can’t find players in the summer either. Now, we’ve either got a manager who has totally lost the ability to identify players or we have a broken scouting network. We could blame the board, but they seemed to pull it together quite nicely when Wenger was under pressure. Remember as well, the board when it comes to transfers is Gazidis. The rest are obsolete or figure heads.

Either way, it’s looking bleak for January action. As for Saad Al Mukhaini… what the hell is that all about? Wenger now seems to be going to comical lengths to be seen as the wizard of value… You’d have better chance of finding a good left back over Hackney Marshes.

I think the key today is our finishing. The team isn’t performing in front of goal at the moment and confidence is shot to pieces. The longer missed chance go begging, the less likely we are to break the deadlock… especially with players like Gervinho and Chamakh (oh I jest) missing. I’m confident it won’t come to that, I’m hoping that the Leeds game will spark a bit of inspiration in the rest of the side and I’d like to think we’ve been working on finishing over the last week.

We have a chance to push further ahead of Liverpool after another draw from them and we have the chance to catch two points on Spurs (well played Frimpong). Tomorrow isn’t about excuses and bitching about the conspiracy of referees, complimenting Swansea on being a major force in the Premiership or blaming injuries for our woes. It’s time to take the season by the scruff of the neck and kick it up the Arsenal. At the end of the season, only one thing matters… that’s points. How you get them or lose them is totally irrelevant. So let’s push on and make sure we seize the day.

Just to keep you up to date… we’re on schedule to have a new site up and running by the end of the month. I think it’s looking smart, and hopefully you will too when I let you loose on the BETA version in a couple of weeks time. A nice touch is that next week, it looks like we’ll break a million approved comments before we leave this home. We’re 2400 away from the magic number! If the millionth comment is from a London based Grover who goes to the game, I’ll buy you a Peroni before a pre match. If you’re based abroad, I’ll give you a lovely cyber high five! A million in a little over 4 years… very exciting, so a big thanks to everyone who has contributed to that number!

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Right, enjoy your day, let’s be having those three points lads!

P.S. Take a look at Rambo’s appeal in the press for a missing man.

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  1. Gunner4Real

    Anytime I tell my friends Arsenal is at its lowest, the club just proves me wrong. They always find space to go lower.

    Totally outplayed and outclassed by Swansea.

  2. ivorygoonz

    Socrates: it’s obvious there was no french players in the invincibles, and there were more english players than french ones…
    people just shooting on easy targets forgetting simple facts.
    who’s paying Wenger to keep doing his crap?
    the french maybe?

  3. Ramgun

    Song has not played defensive midfield for two years. One of the reasons he gives away free-kicks and accumulates yellow cards is that he is usually on the wrong side of attackers. He is so slow in his play. Song is a purveyor of constipated football.

  4. Socrates

    Joppa Road- “It’s not just all about ability – heart and passion can get you a long way too.”

    Agree, but you have to look at ability first, heart and passion just gets you over where your ability reaches not the other way round. And an English spine doesnt guarantee heart and passion anyway.

  5. BENJI


    me 2 mate i was looking forward to the milan game. now wish i wasnt goin.
    fuckin we need goals and he puts rosicky on who hasnt scored in two years LMFAO this is a joke

  6. Gunner4Real

    To force the hand of the manager and board to improve this team will cost fans a few quid, but it’ll be worth it.

    Boycott a few games. No other way to make a statement. £150m sitting in the bank can be used NOW.

  7. frenchie


    do you not remember the last years of george graham? it is easy to create gods after time has passed, but be careful with this apotheosis…if i recall correctly, he was not a saint, purchased shit players his last two years and took kick backs as well.

    wenger is cunt and it is going to take some time to get rid of the shit players he has stuck with over the last several years. shifting big, useless cunts on 52k per, or big gay, lady dog walking metrosexuals on 60k who are incapable of controlling their box…i feel for arsenal and the next manager stuck with his horrible beliefs in horrible players.

  8. Arben

    I forgot to add something more about french they are mercenaries too , you have all the rights not to like that but is just fucking true.

  9. f4phantomphreak

    I simply cannot see what Ramsey has? If he would’ve chosen Utd over us he wouldn’t be playing for them right now much less in their starting 11 for petes sake…. He is nothing more than your run of the mill average footballer, average at best period!!! He is only one cog in a machine full of broken, useless cogs. I look at the other clubs fighting for a top 4 spot, I then look at our starting 11 and I wonder if any of them would start in their starting 11, well I think we all can answer that one can’t we…. Anyhoo I have never, ever, never ever…said this before on here but I think it is time for Wenger to collect his retirement pension and hit the highway, go back to France and manage the national team or something……….

  10. kwik fit

    Supporting Arsenal these days feels like supporting a corporation. Wenger can only speak about the world recession. Listen Wenger people support football club’s to get away from the recession not listen to your shit every time you open your gub. Fan’s pay good hard earned money to see quality players not fucking restaurants and’ jolly good show’ shit that goes on at the Emirates.
    Your legacy is that you have single-handedly pulled the heart and soul out of the club when your great vision brought us away from the Highbury. You head is right up your Arse!

  11. Ricky

    gambon says:
    January 15, 2012 at 19:12

    Until wenger leaves I won’t be putting another penny in the direction of the club.

    + 1

  12. Samir

    And what is this about a POTENTIAL TICKET INCREASE?

    Average players!
    Average Manager!
    We should be paying average prices…

    BUT, we’re paying the highest ticket price IN THE WORLD! Shouldn’t we be the best team in the world then? If we were…I wouldn’t mind paying over the odds…BUT WE AREN’T!


  13. ivorygoonz

    Arben: fair enough. all Arben’s are assholes anyway, so that tells you how much I give credit to your comment and how usefull it is.
    I wonder how many of you are actually english, and how many of you actually managed to read the Lord of the Ring or Silmarillion in the original text and understand every word, not many I guess.
    what kind of godly touch did you receive to be allowed to do such wide statements without even trying to substantiate your extreme views?
    based on such statements, that would be my right to say that all english have no education, no manners, no class, are violent alcoholics without respect for anything. that’s just plain shit.
    soon I’ll learn Richard I the LionHeart was born in London and bread by a West End Queen.
    you’re as english as you are french or german.
    and you don’t even realise it.
    sad, really sad

  14. Arben

    I bet even Wenger felt happy When Dain left the club He thought he can do any shit he like with this club, and you can see that very well.David Dain was hated for being a passionate footballer that’s why he was booted out, Arsenal doesn’t feel like a football club anymore, sad day for proper fans.

  15. Charlie Nick

    Enjoying the political nonsense being bandied about. I agree that there are better English players out there that we could/should have been in for (Parker, Cahill and yes Joey Barton!) I’d take both of those midfielders over the perma useless Diaby and Cahill over Squillaci any day and before people go on about Cahill’s wages, why don’t we use the same formula we used for Campbell, big signing on fee and then wages commesurate with the structure. As for English forwards would anyone like to see Andy Johnson, Kevin Davies or Grant Holt as a back up striker over Chamakh or Park??
    On the flip side I don’t agree that nationality is a tried and tested measure of grit and determination. No one can tell me that Vermaelen, RVP and Chezney lack passion or hunger and they are foreign. We do however seem to attract a lot of players who seem to pass the buck (and based on today’s rubbish,not the ball) and look for others to change the game. Kudos to Koscielny who was MOM in my opinion and Rosicky who at least looked like he had purpose and wanted to be positive when he came on.

  16. DialSquare

    Quote from OGL

    “They played well but their keeper kept them in it at certain moments and we would have won the game with a bit more composure.”

    When the fuck was that?????????

  17. frenchie


    he did not say that? what fucking planet is he on? was he even watching the same match?

    and the head in sand award goes to…

  18. Hitman

    That’s it seasons over. Will finish 5th-7th. Couldnt care less now.

    What is the opposite of St Totteringhams day?

    .Its been so long I cant remember what is is called!!.

    Some time late March to mid April at this rate.

  19. ivorygoonz

    kwik: what really piss me off is whenever Wenger or Gazidis refer to “the group”.
    football in that “group” is only a product, and not the main interest anymore.

  20. Arben

    I don’t give a shit or credit about your comments too,I’am not English by the way ,this is Democracy everybody has a wright to an opinion if you like it or not ,this is my opinion about French, it doesn’t mean I hate them you fucking idiot.

  21. kwik fit

    After the stupid ref give that joke of a penalty you just knew that the writing was on the wall. Just the same when DJ got sent off against Fulham. Arsenal have not got the ability to stem a game that is going against us. No leaders on or off the pitch.

  22. Goon from BD

    What a disgrace! They deserved to win you fucking old lunatic!!!!!! Taught you a footballing lesson about how to organize a team and also play top class football. The top quality work by the management clearly shines through.

    Got what he deserved>> Watching his bunch of braindead players getting outplayed on his knees.

  23. frenchie


    earlier, i saw a juventus player (arturo vidal i think) booked for simulation for essentially the same foul rambo committed on dyer. one person’s penalty is another person’s dive.

    miquel will have nightmares over dyer for a few months.

    but yeah, not one player took the others by the collar and said let’s get this done. not one. we really miss tv5 and a proper leftback.

  24. kwik fit

    ‘It’s going to be a long, hard battle but we’re right up there. Just 4 points behind Chelsea, really not a huge gap at all.’ Wenger

    Senile old Fucker!

  25. Hitman

    Monday morning board meeting @ a club with accountability:

    Chairman: Right you fukker. Why aint you buying any decent players in this transfer window when we are struggling? You’ve got 2 weeks to buy some decent quality and get us up the table. Otherwise your out. I will tell the press you’ve got my vote of confidence.

    Monday morning board meeting @ AFC:

    Gazidiz: The sustainable business model is working fine and achieving wonders but will will need to factor in the season ticket increase for next year. Can we finalise your bonus for this season Arsene?Your doing a great job. There are no other items on the agenda.

  26. ivorygoonz

    Arben: it doesnt mean you know them either.
    judging all members of a nationality based on one media-focused individual who makes a fool of himself just makes YOU an idiot.
    how many french have you met or lived with?
    did I say you hate them?
    Are Wenger (born in an area disputed between Germany and France for centuries) or Sarkozy (hungarian descent) examples of French? or Diaby (ivorian descent)?
    France has been influenced by all european countries around it.
    saying french are mercenaries is silly.
    they are as mercenaries as Swedish strikers playing in Italy or diminutive Argentine geniuses playing at Barca.
    that’s football.
    in football these days, loyalty is a fee.
    and the situation is such only because of the lack of organised youth coaching.
    otherwise, maybe if you actually explained what makes you say so, we could actually discuss it. but I suppose there’s no discussion anyway.

  27. ivorygoonz

    kwik: he actually refused to coach the french team at that time and fucked off to Japan. Since he did that, giving a finger to French Football Federation, one can’t really say French want him back as coach (ref F4).
    He’s the most british of the french after all 😉

  28. kwik fit

    This time 8 years ago swans were bottom at division 3 and arsenal were top of the prem! When I heard this stat earlier I feared the worst. And then when bade when to that pub on match day I knew we were Fucked !

  29. Hitman


    The French are white flag surrender monkeys. It is in their DNA.

    They have got no bottle. They keep making the same old mistakes. Never learn from the past. Blame others.

    I think we can all see the relevance of this.

  30. Arben

    Wenger has never broken any contract, he is no stupid is he £7 million a year how can he. Big money has taken the soul from football ,I bet he was speaking about himself wasn’t he ,tight fucking French cunt ,shameless fucking prick.

  31. frenchie


    at least he admits we lost because of defensive mistakes and that swansea are good. does not excuse the fact he believes their keeper kept them in the game…our shit play gave them the game.

  32. Hitman

    I agree Arben. Wenger is only hanging around for the money. Its the money. Cant be the football, can it.

    He couldnt sign his 3 year contract extension quickly enough.Highest paid manager in EPL. Joke.

    He has lost his desire and motivation. Rubs on on the players. Obvious to see.

  33. Gunner4Real

    There is so much desire and passion can do for players if you are average.

    We are loaded with average players

  34. Gooner Sam

    Not good enough as usual and yet Wenger will carry on. I hoped he had turned it around but every day that goes by he proves he’s not the manager he used to be. Nothing will change until the board and Wenger goes. Bring in Usmanov and Dein to sort this mess out because Wenger and the toothless board are destroying our club.

  35. Thomas

    So many shite players in out squad I can’t even believe it. What are the likes of Miquel, Almunia, Chamakh, Squillaci, Bendtner, Denilson, Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky, Park and Djourrou even doing at the club. Fuck me.

    They are fucking sunday league players!


  36. CowleyGooner

    Wenger your a cunt, your mum thinks your a cunt, your dad thinks

    your a cunt, your kids think your a cunt, your nan+grandad think

    your a cunt and if there was a ‘Biggest cunt in the world competition

    you would come second’??


    Coz your a CUNT!!!!

  37. Arben

    I Know them so well, I worked with them ,I lived there is my right to come up with such an opinion and I don’t see any problem with that, look like you are the one who seem to be an idiot .

  38. ivorygoonz

    and there’s never a foul on Ramsey by Dyer.
    Dyer uses his foot to control the ball, he can’t see Ramsey’s foot, and it’s Ramsey who catches Dyer’s heel.
    the big difference in that game, was having 2 able wingers. Dyer+Sinclair. Ramsey’s size was against him this time.
    the other thing, it’s Song+Djourou who fail to deal with Sinclair, let him pass it, and force Mertesacker out of the box to cut Allen ready to cross, both Song and Djourou just jogg back in the box . just re-see that goal, you’ll see how clear it is.

  39. kwik fit

    Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    we’ve Got The Right To Choose And
    there Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose It
    this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
    we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
    don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
    you Don’t Know Us, You Don’t Belong

    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    oh You’re So Condescending
    your Gall Is Never Ending
    we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You
    your Life Is Trite And Jaded
    boring And Confiscated
    if That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do

  40. Arben

    When Wenger and his compatriots don’t give a shit about me and our fans why do i give a shit about him and his compatriots or fucking wankers who compliment him.

  41. fanboy

    How can we challenge for any trophy (even 4thplace trophy) if the starting 11 is at least 4 quality players short – without even considering injuries?
    Does Wenger secretly bet on Arsenal losing games?
    Why the f*ck haven’t we signed anyone yet despite all the injuries?
    How can the board be satisfied with this?
    Has my Arsenal now become a mid table club?
    How many games (screw-ups) does it take to realize that Walcott, Arshavin, Ramsey and Song don’t cut it?
    How long before Wenger realises that CF’s/CAM’s should not be played on the wing?
    How long before Wenger/the boards eyes are opened?
    How long before he gets the boot?

  42. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Swansea were the better team, how shit have we become? At least try!! How comes they looked fitter than us? Dyer ripped us a new arsehole. What did our international wingers do? Disfuckinggusted!!!!

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    I guess the real gauge of the state of affairs @ Arsenal can be measured from the comments by the commentator of this fixture, who stated, when Theirry Henry was @ his peak, & Arsenal were 1st in the PL, & daylight seperated us from Manchester Utd in 2nd, Swansea were bottom of the “old 4th division”.

  44. CowleyGooner

    Cant wait to listen to Talkshite in the morning!! Them pricks will be

    cumming in thier pants!! Gotta face all the yid twats at work aswell.

    Thanks Arsene you complete fucking mug. =(

  45. Per Santos Park

    All my bookings on games have officially been cancelled… i will wait till that N goes out of Arsenal, life like this really sucks!!! P&%%€#”!!!!

  46. IvoryGoonz

    Arben: I had a long answer prepared but well, that last trojan was too much, and locked my pc, had to get rid of my xp, and guess what, I’ve installed Vista.
    in short, generalising behaviour on nationalities is just plain dumb.

  47. IvoryGoonz

    Arben: and Im not here to compliment Wenger.
    just to try to make you understand the difference between insulting Wenger, and insulting all french.
    you don’t even say your nationality, that’s how proud you are of it.
    Surcouf (
    summed it up nicely,

    Discussing with a British officer:
    “You French fight for money, while we British fight for honour.”
    “Sir, a man fights for what he lacks the most.”
    On spotting the much more powerful Kent:
    “The reward will only be fatter!”

  48. Doublegooner

    Home after a 435 miles driving, exhausted & now accept the once special Arsenal are a team not guaranteed to beat ANY team anymore.

    Wenger cant even motivate, has no tactics & worse of all players not fit to wear the shirt.

  49. Doublegooner



    I walked out as the final blew. There are still cunts who called 5 Live saying any fans wanting Wenger out are not real fans.

    The players are completely clueless & years of hearing the same bland words from the boss fall on deaf ears.

    I wont lower myself to calling him vile names but wenger must call it a day.

  50. Bade

    Our manager is such a useless cunt

    We get hammered on the pitch while he’s freezing out there setting alone like a total nerd

    People who don’t recognise him would have not thought he’s the manager. He looked more than one of the medical staff.

  51. jlp

    “At 2-2 I thought we had a good chance to win as we looked dangerous and the keeper did well to keep them in the game and made some great saves, and we missed some unbelievable chances.”

    This is a quote from an ESPN article I just read and if it is accurate then it is a clear indication of how fucking wacked Wenger is. 2-2 lasted for 35 seconds from what I recall.

    Fucking Swansea battered Arsenal…
    How the fuck???

    And he actually had that player from Oman on trial. I can’t figure out whether I should laugh or cry anymore.I thought I was numb to it but in all honesty, it just keeps kicking my ass.

    What an unsophisticated, lackluster football club this tit has built and getting worse every year.

    Good on him,he deserves to be remembered for this.

  52. IvoryGoonz

    grr lost all my FM2012 saves in the operation…
    and there’s no way back.
    Hazard, Doumbia, Caicedo, Leandro Damiao, Willian, Fernandinho, Vrasljko, Leandro, Cissokho, had them all… bugger.
    have to restart it all now, haven’t I?

  53. Bade

    As any mid-table team, you get your decent run throughout a season, so you can talk about it, but after the buzz you shrink back to your real size……

    In the last 6 EPL games, we managed 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, with a shameful -1 goal difference (7-8), so it’s 7 points out of the last 18 ……

  54. Bade

    Keep in mind we still have our major force (Robin) fit all season

    When his inevitable spell on the sides come, and it will come in the worst timing as we all can foresee, things will get really bad

    Saying that, If people on here thought they saw it all, will wait on a bit longer boys, the ugly stuff still ahead

  55. Bade

    And the most pathetic part are those fans thinking getting ready for Thursday nights, as if the 5th is in our hands…….. We’ll bee dropping to 7th very very soon

  56. Bade

    I was stoned couldn’t hold myself there, that’s why I didn’t post for the last couple of hours up until now…..

  57. Bade

    We lost 7 out of 21 games, that third of our games, looking at 12-13 losses the whole season then …… and now w’ere looking ahead for the Mancs game….. Anyone thinking 3 losses in a row ???

  58. Bade

    Song is back to his best, shite as he is.

    Rambo was an embarrassment. Shouldn’t start games that often. But who you’d play instead?

  59. Bade

    We were outplayed in the aspects of the game now, by Swansea, so how can we blame anyone but ourselves? Blimey Arsene you bastard, how??

  60. Bade

    This was a total embarrassment. You couldn’t point out one player that really did well tonight

    It’s all known and familiar, the Arsene Wenger complacency epidemic is spreading…… The “spirit” is dying now, our last resource

  61. Bade

    Go on Arsene, keep caving, denying, blaming the tube schedule or the angle of the sun or the security men or the hell knows who. Blame’em all, but not yourself your spastic dimwit

  62. Bade

    I hate standing form the side seeing the team I so much love getting ripped by a mentally ill person!

    Fuck off Arsene you damn cocksucker

  63. Bade

    I said Arsene should be sacked, time for people to realise if this doesn’t happen now it will be too late too little in a very short time

  64. Bade

    We will end up without European money (I say money not football, as footballing wise we have no real chance of winning anything in Europe, we’re only generating money there)….

    We will end up losing Robin. Not only him, but any chance of top club appeal, we won’t be able to attract more top players. That’s it, they all will call the bluff Arsene Wenger is

  65. Bade

    And the best part of it, is that if we don’t get the usual hammering from Red nose boys, he ain’t going to add!

    This is mad!

  66. Bade

    Anything less than a Manc riot, say 3-0 or 4-1 home defeat, will see us going through January with no other reinforcement than Thierry

  67. Bade


    What I see there is us and the Mancs level on injuries, which was the case almost the whole season up until now, yet they’re 12 points ahead of us….. 16 games to run in this one apart from the impending head to head clash

  68. Bade

    Time to go to bed now

    Thanks in advance for another nightmare Arsene…… Can’t help but hating your guts and wishing you a worse night you donkey Arse

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    Its ok for me here, I can just tune out TBH. My other footy season starts in a month of so. But the real issue is that once its official that Tottenham Hotspurs have qualified for the CL next season, all you Gooners in Blighty, AKB’s included, are going to cop it for a minimum of 12 months.

    Lets be honest here, Arsenal won’t finish Top 4, & if that performance against Swansea & the 2nd half against Fulham are any indication, Arsenal won’t get past Milan.

  70. tony

    i hope fucking wenger dies thats the only way he wel go i hate this mother fucker. hes out off date and overrated manger and over paid for the shit hes doin. die mr wanker

  71. GoonerGaz

    I want Wenger to move on, but wishing death on him is out of order.

    Something I read earlier about Djourou, since the United game, when he plays we have lost 50% of those matches, when he isn’t in the team we have only lost once, spurs away.

    He isn’t a RB, but he isn’t Arsenal class either.

  72. TheBayingMob

    I was at Swansea today, good atmosphere, open game; we shouldn’t be shipping goals in 20/30 seconds after an equalising goal. Really deflating, but I would have to agree with what the AKB’s will say … who comes in to manage this team? Who could we realistically get now? I think Wenger will go in the summer anyway because he copped a squinny over the flack he caught in the summer, just sit tight, he’s digging his own grave, albeit slowly.

  73. LAzer

    so still blood on the dance floor then? I’ve had my head in the sand all day long. Its a downhill slope we’re on. We’ve been warning about it for years. Maybe if we finally lose that CL spot Arsene will leave us. Cause we sure as hell won’t get rid of him.

  74. Danish Gooner

    Once there was an Arsenal that gave everything who felt a certain pride in the shirt and fought like lions.Today there is an Arsenal so short of pride and ambition but rich on millionares not giving a fuck.In the old days my heart skipped a beat everytime we created a chance or scored a goal,when Graham scored that third goal for Swansea i turned to my mate and said that is it, there is no way in hell they are gonna claw themselfes back now but the strange thing was that i didnt get up to whack the Tv or throw a tantrum it was just the inevitable outcome of the game.I just sat there accepting that having just come back to draw 2-2 they managed to royally fuck it up…..again.I am so detached from this team that i dont feel for them anymore,i couldnt give a monkies ass if Wenger were fired tommorrow or if Arshavin and the entire team were sold of to Uzbekistan i am beyond numb,i will sadly admit that this current Arsenal is so bland and boring and littered with mistakes and woefully inept players that i am carefree if they win or lose.

  75. arsenal1886-2006

    They left the fight and spirit at Highbury. We are painful to watch sometimes with no zip to our game, we have become sterile predictable and stale. Where are the Parlours and Vieiras in this team? players who drive on and never give up. We are seeing why Vieira turned down coming back to Arsenal, I believe that he knows that things are rotten and does not what to be tainted.

    Also like to add that Dyer showed Walcott what wing play is all about.

  76. Post Rocky Dave

    jlp says:
    January 15, 2012 at 22:42

    Post Rocky Dave says:
    January 15, 2012 at 22:25
    The board are negligent if they don’t replace Wenger.

    your so 2009!

    Sad but true.

  77. A

    well…. errr…..overall I belieeeeeeve we showed gweat mental stwengph…..


    holy shit let me catch my breath…..


    god it would be so gratifying and satisfying to have Cuntene, gazidis and kroenke tied to chairs so I could walk around them, poking them with a stick asking them about MENTAL STWENGPH

  78. David


    We should realize by now that Arsene gets paid to polish turd.

    But this lot is so colossally shite that Arsenes knee deep in the filth

  79. Bade

    We still have 17 games this season, but it looks hard now, bearing in mind that the “easy run” of 5 games went on 2W 1D 2L, 7-7 goal difference against team where we should’ve battered and improved our goal tally …….

    Home games:

    Away games:

    I don’t see us winning many of those to be honest

  80. kay

    song was lethargic because he knows he’s guaranteed his place.. ramsey can keep on doing his backheel because he knows he’s guaranteed his place.. arshavin can keep on misplacing his passes because he knows he’s not going to be sold.manure have 10 injuries but they are 12 points ahead of us. how is it so? wanker needs to accept that his youth system is all fucked up. he almost has admitted it by buying arteta loaning benayoun and henry. why the hell did he not buy parker. why the hell did he not buy mata.. these are two players who would ve improved our current squad like hell. when will he understand that diaby, denilson, bentner, arshavin, rosicky , squid should be sold. when small teams can cancel contracts why cant arsenal do..

    the manager and the board are ruining the reputation of the club.. we will not be playing in the CL anymore.. its going to be fighting for europa league.. and if they think they will get 10/15 million regularly by playing europa league i am afraid arsenal is not a big clucb anymore.. its going to be a thing of the past..

    and RVP will surely leave.. i lost hope.. he wanted to be a legend like DB10 at proud clucb arsenal. but i wont blame him now if he thinks why would i want to be a legend in a now money minded club arsenal..

  81. Evan

    Skysports saying that Henry had some type of altercation with away fan. Fan shouts “wheres the passion and heart” Henry replies “get behind the team and stop being so negative”

    I like Henry, i like the fact he applaudes the away fans despite defeat thats class, but i don’t like that he is the ultimate AKB tho