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Well, well, well… January has been the total opposite of exciting so far, it’s not often you go into a Thursday with this little news to work with. Today’s post will be a bit like making a Sunday roast with two ingredients today, but providing those two ingredients are beer and meat, we should be ok!

So first up is the story that made its way onto the Daily Star site about Oxo wanting out. I firstly thought it’d be a play on words… Like ‘Oxo wants out of the cupboard Thierry locks him in after losing a race’… but on opening the article, it went all out in a ‘he demands a loan move due to lack of first team opportunities.’

How queer I thought?

Well, the Daily Star forgot about the awesome power of Twitter and watched on in embarrassment as the little scamp outright damned the report.

Just to confirm, any rumours about me wanting to leave are completely false, couldn’t be happier at Arsenal #AFC #VictoryThroughHarmony


Alex Chamberlain

Go Twitter, go the truth.

Why anyone would write a story like that when Arsene played him against Leeds and is on record as saying he’ll get games. Now, I’m reasonably excited about watching him start, but a big fat dose of reality needs to be taken. He won’t save our season, he’s not built for that pressure yet and being young doesn’t mean he’s as capable as Anelka was at that age.

*Do check out his Twitter background on his home page. It’s all very London Riots. If anyone saw him stealing chewing gum, don’t report him, it’s a 3 month custodial sentence.

Ryo Miyachi would have suited the Daily Star story a little more. The one thing we know about this chap is that he’s at least shown he can play in a reasonably competitive league. He’s started featuring on the bench after injury issues and as far as I’m concerned, pace off the bench is always a great thing to have. He’s a skillful player and again, I’ve heard exciting things about him from people who’ve watched him train recently. He’ll be a very good player if accounts are to be believed.

Rumour were flying around yesterday after people caught wind that Park Chu-young had been yanked off at half time. Was it injury? Was it freshness preparation for a weekend start? was it because he’s an utter disaster of a player? Who knows…

One thing is for sure, everytime I ask my lady in the tea room, she says that he’s not a bad player, he’s just not getting game time because of the risk he’ll struggle. Wenger isn’t indulging new players this year unless he knows they’ll fly. In seasons gone by, we’d be complaining an impending Oxo or Frimpong breakdown due to over use, not this year. Oh, and remember, Pam was the one who told you at the start the training staff had high hopes Koscielny could be better than Thomas Vermaelen. I’m not saying he is, but judging by the embarrassing amount of damp pant blog action over the boy, you’d have to say he’s coming good.

Big Tone of ex-Captain notoriety has been on the charm offensive. He likes Big Per, our German centre back. He likes him a lot, he interests him in a most philosophical way, a way in which only a defender could interest him.

“I’ve seen Per Mertesacker a few times now, he interests me and I think he is a good player,”

“I think he is very intelligent and he knows how to play central defence.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him because I don’t think Thomas Vermaelen has actually played enough with him just yet. But they could be a fantastic central defensive partnership and would certainly excite me.

Well I’ll be damned, Tony says all the things I say about Mertesacker. He is intelligent, he is a good player, he’s just slow and football fans equate slow with crap. Which is a shame, though I have no fears about his future, he’ll be a very important player for us over the coming years.

In other news there was quite a fearsome debate had last night on Twitter. It seems the fan hangover has finally started to kick in. The haze of Thierry euphoria is slowly dying down and the realisation that we’ve only hot him for 5 games has settled in. For me, I’m not sure there is a player out there who could come in and lift us in the way he will over 5 games. He knows the league, he’s world-class and he has a presence. However, the relentless gonnerganda on Arsenal.com tells you all you need to know about how little we’re likely to see on the transfer front this January.

Fans are sentimental, not stupid. We should be pushing the boat out to ensure we have a squad capable of overhauling Spurs. They’re doing well because they have great players and a great squad. They’ve done it on a budget and they’ve done it with the oldest team they’ve had for 8 years.

Was Scott Parker a risk over the length of his contract? Yes. Was he as risk on the pitch? No. Was he overrated? No. He’s the sort of extra body we should have been snapping up. Instead, we allowed our summer to carry on in shambolic fashion and we are where we are.

Now its January, the month we were all told the manager would definitely know what needed to be done and Thierry is the only ‘major’ signing. Not just that, but we’ve now got Bobby Pires back at training. Is there anyone we won’t invite back to the squad to remind us of what we’re now not?

“Will I make it like Henry? No, it’s sure. It’s not at all my intention, nor that of Arsene Wenger. His team is complete in midfield.”

One player I have enjoyed this season is Arteta. Though he didn’t replace Cesc in any way shape or form, he has shown Arsenal fans what could have been. Why he wasn’t in our squad last year or the year before utterly perplexes me. Diaby should have been relegated to second string long ago for a player like Arteta. Our trouble over the past 5  years is that we’ve normally got a very capable first team 11, outside that, we don’t bring in the players who can make a difference. Arsenal fans say, ‘where do you expect that striker to play’, like rotation isn’t a tried and tested concept.

Talking of Diaby, who we should rename, Diaby Facesfreshinjurysetback… He’s now out in Qatar getting more treatment. Delist him. If he comes back, loan him the Beveren. He’s a waste or £60k and a waste of a squad number and undoubtedly his injury record combined with Wenger’s faith has cost us over the years.

Just to perk you up more than a double shot of espresso, how about me telling you about the left back we might be signing. His name is Aly Cissokho, he’s supposed to be quite good and let me tell you for free… the boy knows how to smile. JD has competition on his hands.

[twitter-follow screen_name=’LeGrove’ show_count=’yes’]

This guy makes sadness smile

We’ve also seen this blog about Suarez the non-racist and his so called pre-contract which I’m not sure I believe.

Finally, I thought I’d leave you with a cracking poster of Jack Wilshere to get you excited about his impending return. I couldn’t find one of Jenkinson for some reason?

Jack poster

P.S. This video of Nasri getting ripped by Liverpool fans is also a day cheererupper.

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  1. gambon

    Dale is more annoying that that JLo fiat advert.

    Don’t you understand…if we are winning. Trophies and paying well, no player, not Hazard, no-one, would leave us.

    Don’t you think there’s a reason our best players ALWAYS leave us??

    You really are a spastic.

    By saying we shouldn’t sign anyone like Hazard you are basically saying we should avoid signing any decent players in the future.

    In other words you want an average Arsenal finishing mid table.

  2. David

    Rohan says:
    January 12, 2012 at 12:54
    One top class CAM and we’re already as good as Utd. and not far off City imo. I’m sick of trying to convince people that it’s the biggest hole in our squad


    Actually we still need a Striker.

    Also our back ups are kids. And they arent good enough.

  3. 037

    Spurs got extremely lucky this season by getting Ade for only paying half of his wages.
    He’s been the source of over half of their goals.
    They’ll be way worse next season when he’s gone, safely assuming that Ade won’t settle for reduced wages.

    Parker… oh boy… overrated.
    He’s only half as useful as Arteta. Same work ethic and tackling; worse offensive set of skills.
    Buying Parker would/would’ve been redundant. Song is a much better fit for Arsenal, and so is Ramsey-Wilshere.

  4. zacharse

    no one’s afraid of us, walcott, chamakh, ramsey, arshavin….. not exactly striking fear in the hearts of PL defenses

    at least buy another really crazy looking player like gervinho