The squad is poor Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry we lack sparkle Theirry Henry, Thierry Henry we need players

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Last night Arsene Wenger used the tactics he should have exercised against Fulham last week. He loaded the team with capable second string players, dashed it with a bit of youth but most importantly, he left some explosive pace and class on the bench. Those heading into the ground yesterday may have been disappointed Thierry didn’t start but that was tempered with the excitement sight of seeing Oxlade on the wing.

Andrey set tone with three early chances, Chamakh providing the best from outwide which saw the Russian blaze over from a central position. Ignasi had a freekick headed wide by Squillaci. One thing you can’t knock the Frenchman for is his nose for getting on the end of a set piece.

Arsenal were using the width of the pitch really well for once, we created a number of solid chances, the best coming when Arteta was played in by Rambo after some smart interchanges, his shot teasingly hit the outside of the post.

Down our end some indecisive defending form Miquel and Koscielny let Leeds in for a shot that was put over.

Chamakh summed up his threat in front of goal when he was played in from outwide, he was flagged offside, but still contrived to stick his six yard tap in over the bar (do bear in mind I haven’t seen the game on TV and I was down the other end).

Coquelin made things interesting on 35 when he hobbled off with an injury. He was replaced with Yennaris.

We went in level at half time, I said to the people around me the last thing we needed was Thierry coming onto save the day. I wanted the players we had on the pitch to prove a point by showing a bit of initiative and class.

Well the second half started with more vigour. Oxlade showed his skill with a surging run that ended in an effort just wide of the post. Andrey also shot wide after being fed in by Miquel. Arteta slipped a passed shot at the bottom corner after Chamakh laid of an immaculate 3 yard pass, the Leeds keeper did well to get down and save.

I felt like inept performances were conspiring to set the stage for the king to return. You don’t believe I thought that? Well, I tweeted it…

Stage being set perfectly by inept performances. #Thierry #Arsenal


Le Grove

Andrey beat his man outwide, flew at the byline and crossed to an empty box. I screamed, ‘where is Chamakh?, the guy next to me said, ‘he should be at the ACN’… At the time I thought that was hilarious. On reading back, not so much!

Anyway, the crowd began to buzz, Thierry stood on the touchline. The ball took an age to leave the pitch, when it did, Walcott was first on, then the red carpet camera flashes pinged like mini fire works, a hero had returned, the crescendo of cheers erupted… he was back!

Within minutes you could see the visible difference in the intelligence of the runs he was making. He straight away looked more mobile, which considering his age was an utter slap in the face of Chamakh’s inability. Alex Song perked up, he floated a long ball into Thierry that was just a touch too far. In typical Thierry fashion, he didn’t clap the ball.  Song had to do better. On 86 minutes he did, he picked out his run perfectly, one touch for Thierry and bang, curled into the bottom corner.

Goal 227 and our first of the night. You’ve never seen so many people hugging and back slapping. It was like a hippy festival of love.

Leeds tested a few nerves at the end, but no one was going to spoil Thierry day. The whistle blew, the crowd roared and burst into Thierry’s song! Most who attended hung about to salute his return! Walking back to the pub was amusing because of the crazy amount of man love going on outside the ground as well. Joy is a beautiful thing. The King was back and we all loved it!


I guess we learnt a few things last night. Namely that your career isn’t over at 30. Experience and class are so very, very important especially when trying to split a tight game that should never have been tight. We also learned that the crowd respond well to heroes. Since moving to the Emirates we haven’t had much in the way of that. The buzz of a new player will never match the one for Henry, but I bet it would come close. If we felt like that, how did the players feel? That squad needs help, it needs an injection of quality and it needs it for longer than 6 games.

Our second string played as we expected them to. There were some stand out performers. Arteta had a blinder. His class and resilience was on show for all to see. I thought Ramsey was excellent. How anyone can knock a player with his tenacity and drive is beyond me. Once that finishing improves he’ll be a force. Even Andrey put in a shift. It’s default to exacerbated by him, but he worked hard last night and deserved
more. Did you see him get geed up by Thierry? Finally a man who can motivate Andrey!

I also thought Yennaris did well. Going forward he was totally unfazed. He held his own and you hardly noticed his youth bar the fact my sister is bigger built than he is.

Our problem was true defence splitting creativity. With that though you need defence splitting movement. For me, Chamakh doesn’t have that in his locker. We need more sparkle in midfield and we need a long term solution to our back up strikers who are clearly not Arsenal quality.

So in the end, we lived out the cheesiest American sports movie ending you could conceive. Actually, the cheesiest ending I can concieve is Thierry scoring the winner against Spurs before leaving us… Sorry, my point being, we loved it regardless of the flaws it flagged in the current squad. I just hope Wenger wasn’t overawed by the occasion, I hope he sees that he’s treading a dreadfully wobbly tightrope that could end in us falling out of the top four… something tells me he can’t see what we see.

Onwards and upwards, Villa  next at home in the cup, hopefully we can put together a nice run because we all love the cup!

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Happy Tuesday! See you in the comments!

Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry,Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry,Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry,Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry!


Le Grove

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  1. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    Well it’s because Wenger likes to buy and develop players. He’s been able to do that previously but now he needs immediate impact. I’m pretty sure he just doesn’t know how to operate like that. It’s not his thing. He can pick up potential talent all day, but it takes a little while before they’re high-level. I hope he realizes that he can’t make a good economic move on every single transfer and just buys for need. Sorry AW, if you want the good players, you pay good money. And you don’t have time to buy the potentially good ones.

  2. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, it’s like every flaw I find in your point the next post it’s used as a reposte to me.

    Where was your context Paulinho, you’ve been all over the place here and you still haven’t defined it, Fergus invariably has good squad rotation..

    Yet in a year where they’ve had their best half season start ever, they’ve been knocked out of the Champions League at the first hurdle, lost to Crystal Palace at home and been battered 6-1 by their cross city rivals.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Trickygonner, Scotty P could have been useful for the mancs and Chavski as well, we can’t get it all, we are not losing because we don’t have a decent Defensive MF, so losing out to the spuds in regards to Scott Parker, isn’t a head ache for me, Gary Cahill, same thing, we got Per and he works for me, I’m waiting to see what the Chavs do with him, No one wanted him for 17m quoted in the summer, …what we need now is a creative outlet, and that’s tricky for everyone ATM.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    …everyone who needs one that is (re creative outlet…We, Manure and Chavs could use a creative mid fielder)

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Bar AOC’s defensive frailties, he should be ahead of TW14 evidence on how he can easily beat his man and still burn rubber…But because he exposes the right back a lot in games i’ve seen so far, Theo ahead of him for experience and that duty to come back and defend.

  6. Shepp

    Is doesn’t add up!?!
    whats the point in waiting until we finish 5th or 6th and out of the CL to then struggle to attract big players, we’d need to pay them more money for them to want to come.
    surely its worth trying to get some big players in now
    this is all so wenger can say ‘I built the emirates’ when it’s paid up

  7. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    @Dale Tevez’s agent reportedly told Inter that Tevez wanted to play for AC. Amazing how stuck up and douchey they are. I have a feeling he’d just be a baby and quit rather than be sold by City to a team like us. Or almost any team for that matter.

  8. Paulinho

    Keyser – You have an ingrained myopia that is both hilarious and disturbing in equal measure.

    Context? Compare trophy hauls.

    I know your context, but it’s been to done to death, and Wenger is incapable of using a large squad anyway. He wouldn’t be able to juggle 22 experienced players who are not indebted to him for a career. Look at him now with Chamakh and Walcott. The mess he’s made with them two – plus plenty of others – has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with his ego.

  9. Samir

    Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has issued an apology for saying in a Twitter message that team-mate Aaron Ramsey looked “like a rapist”.

    What a funny guy!

  10. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mate, you don’t have a clue about your own context, let alone mine, you’re like a child/ politician the more I grill you on it the greater your resistance to wanting to answer it gets.

    It’s like when you get called on Van Persie, you want to swtich to something more favourable, it was Walcott back then, and now you get called on something again you go back to Walcott.

    See what I mean about comfort zones, at one point you’ll question Walcott’s talent and now it’s Wengers management of him.

    It is hilarious. Why has he made a mess of Walcott/ Chamakh ? and why would Fergus squad rotation have made all the difference ?!

  11. kwik fit

    RVP’s replacement lined up in the summer…Matius suarez

    Shades of summer 2007 Henry with a then unknown Eduardo.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    So….is this Suarez thing true? I mean it would be typical of us to get an unknown, unproven…I sure hope he won’t be a Park of Chamakh…

  13. Gunner2301

    @Gambon 9.42 Your spot on mate. Agree with everything you’ve said. For me it’s been all wrong for the last 6 years. It’s been patched up teams, making do and penny pinching all the way. Mismanagement of the wage bill and team of the highest order.

    Thierry in 10 minutes of play reminded us I hope of how we’ve been conned for the last 6 years and cynically manipulated by Wenger and the board into accepting mediocrity.

    When Thierry scored my first thought was WTF has the last 5 years been about? It’s time we said enough is enough as nice as Wenger is and as grateful as we are for what he’s done, we need to part ways and embark on a new direction without him.

    I criticise a lot of the team mainly because I know they are not the standard of player we should be allowing to pull on our shirt. Wenger believes if he makes the team so bad we’ll be grateful for the likes of Djourou, Ramsey, Gibbs et al. We need to raise the bar so that Arsenal once again has a standard.

    Tinkering round the edges is not good enough and that is all Wenger is good for. There is no strategy, there is no direction, there are no tactics, there is only doing the minimum each season to qualify for the CL and make a profit.

    I’m for root and branch reform and if it means we miss out on top 4 in order for us to restructure the team and wages then so be it but we can’t allow Wenger to keep on doing what he has been doing for the last 6 years with a massive wage bill when we can barely muster a first 11 and a bench of subs (considering the Spuds wage bill is 50mill lower).

    I would also look at cutting the reserves or limiting it severely. How we have so many that never make it I don’t know, surely someone must be able to assess ability early on and I would only be looking for those who can achieve the old Arsenal standard not the one Wenger has embarrassed us with.

  14. Gooby

    I don’t get it why people moan about having a lot of kids in the academy, it’s a blessing.

    We have a lot more chances of finding decent players if we have a large squad to pick from.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Gooby, some would like to rid the academy to get the next Nasri or Tevez, it’s well worth it to throw 150k a week to a mercenary who would act up in say 2years than waste a few 2500k a month or week to a teenager who may or may not turn out well. Priorities are different…some like to peer over the fence…

  16. Gunner2301

    Oh Pedro. What happened to Player ratings? 🙂 There were some good displays from some of the youngsters yesterday.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Not saying we shouldn’t go after such players like Tevez, Aguero, Silva, but not at the expense of the academy, whether they will make it or not, I’d rather we find a Wilshere in 15 youths than buy em all at 24 evertime…some joy in the fact that we bred a few stars

  18. ritesh

    Rambo works his socks off every game and I like that. When you work so hard, you are always going to make mistake until you build up your resistance levels. Kudos to Wenger for giving him the chance.

    JW cant do the Rambo stuff all season, between them, they’ll hold the fort.

  19. Gooby

    Always agreed we need to invest in the squad but some of the names and number of players is insane, who signs 5 world class players within a window?

  20. Gunner2301

    Gooby its a blessing if they’re there for the love of it and not the massive wages Arsenal pay youngsters just to attract them in. Can you imagine how much money has been wasted over the 14 years of Wenger? We have only brought a few players through and if you go back to my other statement the only players that I would say would have got into the team if the bar was where it should be is Wilshire and Cesc.

    Not a good return on the investment, I don;t think. Wenger waste management at the extreme. We gloat about an academy that isn’t producing and isn’t value for money and out of those on the verge of breaking into the team how many would be worthy to get near the invincibles team? Because that’s the bench mark.

  21. Gooby

    Well If we have massive amount of money in the bank the investment isn’t that important after all we need to attract them somehow.

    Nobody seems to find a problem with attracting seniors by offering high wages, why not youngsters? Who i precise still don’t earn THAT much comparing to the money we have in the bank.

    Bringing though a wilshere or a fabregas every now and then is worth it. Not to mention others as well

  22. Gunner2301

    Dale Its not about peering over the fence. The only reason why I mentioned getting rid of the academy is because it’s not value for money for what has been produced out of it over Wengers tenureship and you can’t deny that that is true.

    This in my view means somethings not going right, either with the scouting, the type of players we are bringing in or the training methods but someone needs to seriously look into the return from the academy.

    What I would really like to see is a policy of ruthlessness brought in across the board. I’d like the bar to be set high, if players dont reach it tough get them out. First team players in particular give them a settling in period but it they are not performing they wouldn’t be getting their contracts renewed.

    Most of our team are on rolling contracts regardless of performance or contribution and this can’t be right either as many have had periods of consistent under performance. It doesn’t do anything for the culture of the Club if players know were an easy ride. And I’m sorry if playing for the shirt isn’t motivation enough get them the fuck out.

  23. ritesh

    When we bought Chamakh, it was to use him to lay off balls for Fabregas to tap in. Now that the DNA has gone back, we can sell Chamakh.

  24. Gooby


    It’s not a perfect world ala football manager, getting rid of the academy is insane at the top level.

    the Academy isn’t something we can “get rid of” it’s part of the foundation, the community and the reason why a football club exists in the first place.

  25. Gunner2301

    Gooby mate I’ve never played football manager. Sounds like you’ve lowered your expectations to the joy of the board and Wenger. I know the world isn’t perfect it doesn’t need to be. A little less stupidity in the signings department, less waste in wages and more productivity from the academy if we;re going to go forward with one. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even as if we produce our own we take from others so it really begs the question what these people are employed to do. If we’re taking from Southampton and Barca what are they doing that we aren’t?

  26. Gunner2301

    Gooby missed your other post. How is the investment not important? Considering we are a club that is so tight and always talking about prudence. I think that ups the stakes a bit in getting your signings right for one and two not tolerating mediocrity for so long adn three making sure any money you do have is managed properly. These are the catastrophic failiings of Wenger over the last 6 years add to that selling our best players on a yearly basis even to our rivals, and paying shit players so highly you can’t get rid of them, What is it all for? Profit?

  27. James Swift

    The latest on Matias Suarez….

    Closed matter 10/01/2012

    After numerous tries during the day, eventually Pasion de Multitudes managed to get hold of him, just whenwe thought we were not going to be able to reach him Matias Suarez answered the phone.

    He sounded very tired; he arrived in Turkey to Anderlecht winter camp on Friday, after 24 hours flight from Buenos Aires, and has been training since Saturday.

    He has not done so at full speed with the rest of his team mates, but it sounded clear that he was not fully recovered from that odyssey.

    However he was ready to talk, and very friendly, answering every question and not hiding behind the usual “no comment” we are used to hear from clubs, agents and players when a transfer is discussed.

    He told us that he was very happy at Anderlecht, that the club has been magnificent with him since his arrival, but it was time to prove himself at the highest level.

    To prove his loyalty to the club and to finish the job he and his team mates started in 2011, he will stay until the end of the season.

    However, he also confirmed to us that he has signed a not so “secret” pre contract with Arsenal for the summer.

    He has also had discussions with Galatasaray, And Marseille, but money was never his main incentive. He, in fact said, that if money was an issue the Galatasaray offer was much better than the gunners’ one.

    This pre contract favours Arsenal in many ways.

    A) They have secured a player that they wanted

    B) The gunners have the right to not take up the contract if the player either gets injured or has a dip in form to an unsatisfactory level

    C) There are no clauses or rights for Anderlecht and the player to change their minds. So for example if Matias has an even better second half to the season, they can not ask for more money or higher salary or sell him to another club.

    D) Plenty of time to apply for a work permit, however they are confident to get one through a panel.

    A panel for a work permit application is called in the following cases. “Where an application does not meet the published criteria, a club may request a panel to consider the player’s skills and experience. In these cases the sports and entertainments team, UK Border Agency, will refer the club’s evidence to an independent panel.

    Where possible the club’s supporting evidence will be sent to the governing bodies in advance for their consideration in order to allow an informed decision.

    The panel will normally consist of representatives from the relevant football governing bodies together with up to three independent experts.

    The panel’s terms of reference are:

    To consider whether the player is of the highest calibre.

    To consider whether the player is able to contribute significantly to the development of the game at the top level in United Kingdom.

    The panel will make a recommendation to the UK Border Agency whose decision will then be relayed to the club.

    E) Gives Arsenal full use of the player who would have been cup tied for European competition.

    He said he is really looking forward to coming to London, but he must concentrate on delivering for the club that has given him the opportunity to be where he is today.

    The deal will not be officially announced until later on in the season, as there are still a few bits and pieces that need to be ironed out.

    Arsenal wanted him to move during the January transfer window, but will be happy to have reached a compromise that sees them securing a player they have admired and watched many times last year.

  28. Simon

    Wow, just spent half an hour reading and mulling over the comments on here. So many interesting opinions. Love it.

    Definitely agree about Ramsey not being good enough at the moment, I’m relieved because I honestly thought I was the only one who feels like this. I bought a shirt with his name on it last year as I had such high expectations but honestly, every time he gets the ball I just know he will lose it or pass it backwards or sideways, never creatively forward. Great work rate though and I do think he will get better.

    One more controversial comment perhaps, I really want to see what Diaby is capable of, if he can stay injury free for long enough. If my memory serves me right, there was a time he looked immense (before the injury problems properly kicked in). Good feet, surging runs forward going past players like they were statues, mean shot and much more. I actually think the likes of bally tottenham scum would snap him up if we chose to sell him and make us regret the decision. Okay maybe I’m wrong but we need to give him a chance to show he’s still got it.

  29. eastofthelea

    That one millionth post coming up. If you could bet on it i’d
    go for Kwik posting a bay city roller vid 3 am this sun.

  30. Gunner2301

    Simon Damn right that’s controversial 🙂 I was a big big fan of Diaby for many years and always hoped he would come good and always gave him the benefit of the doubt. I think a lot of us fans have been too sentimental over the years at the end of the day should we care so much if their careers don’t take off?

    After the waiting we have done for Diaby he’d have to be the next Viera for it to be worth the wait and I very much doubt he is so for me he can go. Get him fit again and sell him on. We need a new more ruthless regime otherwise were just going to stock up again on dead wood.

    My god we’ve missed out on the likes of Yaya Toure if Wenger can live with those sort of regrets then I;m sure I can live with Diably being sold. Just think of the 60k pw savings and if you average that to say 40k pw over his 5 years with us divide that by the 109 games he’s played that’s about 95.5k per game. Maybe that will make you feel a little bit better if we sell him.

  31. Leig

    Regarding the FFP rules whats to say that citys main sponsor etihad which is owns the club as well doesnt increase the sponsor deal from 100m to say 300 instead that means that they are within the rules because FIFA dont have the legal right to control such sponsorship deals,correct me if im wrong its just me thinking and sometimes im unlucky when i do that

  32. skandibird

    James Swift: yes, but, since then Javier has tweeted that ##considering RVP agent has already had talks with Real Madrid# so now what eh??? who to beleive it’s all bollocks in my eyes

    and.. Cahill allegedly has agreed a £80k per week to join Chel$ea for £7mill, and we’re NOT interested considering our desperate state of defence??????????????????????

  33. Gunner2301

    Pedro Ramsey being ready for the first team has to be looked at in context. It;s a team that is nowhere near the invincibles, where the bar has been lowered considerably and added to that there is a lack of competition or should I say Wengers favourites are played regardless of form or contribution. What you need to ask if Ramsey contend to get into the midfield of the top 5 or 6 Clubs in the world if the answer is No then to me he’s not good enough to be in our midfield.

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    “I don’t know what you heard about “T”, but a Gooner he will always be, he flew back from Mexico City, & scored the winner for the world to see”.

    😳 sorry Away Boyz.

    TH12 said he arrived back in London from a holiday in Mexico just as a fan to see his team play, & just like Charlie George, jumped the fence & actually played.

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m still dining out on the TH12 cameo. People I know who just take an interest in footie are talking about the Prodical Son’s winner. I reckon, just as a marketing exercise, Arsenal has gained a heap of new fans from around the world.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    The distraction of seeing TH12 back out plying his trade must be good for Gooners like Sabeel, Kushie & bnsb,etc. It will help take their minds off Sad Sachin & Co, chamonneeee!!!!

  37. SebHogdin

    anyone that got any thoughts on Eden Hazards twittermessage after the game last night?! wrote “Merci T.Henry”.. i hope its a sign that the King is talking him over to us! 🙂 peace from sweden!

  38. SebHogdin

    and cant understand all the bad comments about Ramsey from gooners around on the web.. pure class to me, such an engine in midfield and what a future we got with him and Jack! COYG

  39. OPG

    Despite the euphoria after yesterday feels like the club gone backwards in reality, I don’t think January will be able to fix so many problems with the squad, goes back to last summer again which will be drawn out into this summer.

  40. The BearMan

    Arsene needs to open his eyes to the potential of players like young Alex O Chamberlain. He has to be given a few games in the Premiership before he can prove his worth. Sending him away on loan would be a waste, the lad is ready and learning quickly. Like Henry when he first came to Arsenal, he needed a few games to properly adjust. Alex is better than Arsene realizes! Come on coach, trust your instincts n stop using players that will be Ok for one game and disappointing in the next.

  41. LAzer

    So we will get Bac, Jenks, Santos, Verm, Gibbs, Jack, Coq, Diaby back sooner or later.

    That’s quite a list.

    We need firepower up front. Arshavin will be playing for a contract and start every game if he can till Gerv is gone. Henry and Alex of the bench then, VP up top per usual.

    When Song leaves who plays now that even Coq is out?

    We are short. And 10 days into the window and seems like we won’t be getting anyone.

    Btw anyone have a review on Joel Cambell? Hows he been doing? 2 goals in 14 apps does not look good on paper.

  42. Moray

    so basically, these days we are either in for kids who will not be Premiership ready (like Oxo, Campbell) or for stop gap geriatrics (sorry, Henry, Campbell, Lehman), or for players who can’t cut it at our rival clubs (Kalou, Silvestre…) It’s small wonder that we are struggling to compete for 4th.

  43. Rohan

    Song is not leaving. Cameroon did not qualify.

    Joel Campbell earned some rave reviews earlier in the season. Think he’s doing well.

    Also don’t think he’s playing up front.

  44. David Bolo

    In Real Madrid’s recent Copa Del Rey match they were trailing 2-0 at half time and Mourinho lambasted the team, telling them they were all rubbish and he would replace them all if the rules allowed. He then made three subs at half time and Real won 3-2. Wenger, did you read that?

  45. Gambon

    That is why if Arsenal fail to clinch the 4th place,Wenger should not be given any more time. His time is up.Time for some pragmatic manager who will put the accent on winning with direct football and not dancing and pattern weaving and a thousand passes before shooting.

  46. Pedro

    Gooner Dave, you have to give context what you say… when you say respect, you mean, get respect from you. Because as a blog, Le Grove is pretty well respected by everybody… even those who don’t agree. Journalists, the club, the newspapers (broadsheets and tabloids), the BBC and Sky, all the people who comment here and no where else…. so I’m not really sure where you’re going with that one.

  47. Match


    i agree. the team need a creative genius. Because they team lost a creative genius Fabby.

    where to find his replacement in world football is difficult.

    wenger thought he could play nasri in the middle when he allowed fabby to go home. but in my opinion nasri is not a creative genius.

    actually i think nasri is not that great. he is good but intelligent wise and vision wise he is not in the same league as fabby.

    nasri actually slow down the play. he sway to the left. he sways to the right and he goes backward. slows down the play. allowing defenders to get back into position. Gerv is actually better as he goes forward into the box. This is ger first season in the league so he will improve for sure.

    but where to find that creative genius ….. its difficult.

    bergkap was a creative genius and he cant score goals

    fabby is a creative genius and he can score goals but not as good as bergkamp. but he is only 24. still has time thiugh he is scoring for barca now regularly.

    i dont think hazrad is that creative genius nor is gotze.

    wenger knew that he would have to start building the team again once he couldnt persuade fabby to stay. hence i think he was extremely disappointed.

    there are not many players like fabby in world footy.

    so who ?